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Full text of "The Greek versions of the Testaments of the twelve patriarchs; edited from nine mss., together with the variants of the Armenian & Slavonic versions & some Hebrew fragments"

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R. H. CHARLES, D.Litt., D.D. 






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A NEW text of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs has long 
been needed. It is now nearly forty years since Dr. Sinker published 
a reproduction of the Cambridge MS. with the variants of the Oxford 
MS. Ten years later he edited collations of the Vatican and Patmos 
MSS. Dr. Sinker's own work was very accurate so far as it went, 
but he made no attempt to deal with the relations of the MSS. to 
each other and to the archetypes from which they were derived. 
The MSS. evidence was, indeed, hardly adequate for such a task, 
and, moreover, the presuppositions under which he worked — as also 
all other students of the Testaments till within the last few years, 
i.e. that the Testaments were written originally in Greek and by 
a Christian author — precluded the possibility of ever attaining to 
a satisfactory text. 

For deliverance from the latter misleading presupposition, that 
the Testaments were of Christian authorship, scholars are indebted 
in the main to the meritorious articles of F. C. Conybeare. By 
means of the Armenian Version this scholar established the high 
probability that all the Christian allusions in the Testaments are 
the interpolations of Christian scribes in an originally Jewish work, 
and therein confirmed the earlier hypothesis of Grabe and Schnapp. 
My own study of the Armenian Version has more than convinced 
me of the validity of Conybeare's contention. In the prosecution 
of this study I have spared no pains. I have used the collations 
of the three Armenian MSS. which Mr. Conybeare has cited in his 
articles, and which he most kindly placed at my service, and likewise 
six other MSS., two of which I have collated for the first time. 

For deliverance from the other false presupposition, that the 
Testaments were written originally in Greek, the first steps were 
taken by Grabe and Kohler when they put forward the suggestion 
of a Hebrew original, but neither scholar advanced any evidence in 
support of his hypothesis. The first positive evidence was furnished 
by Gaster, but since this evidence was so very exiguous in quan- 
tity—in all amounting to the explanation of one,jor at most two, 
corrupt passages in the Greek by retranslation into Hebrew — and since 
even the weight of this slight evidence was handicapped through 

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its connexion with extravagant claims on behalf of a comparatively 
late Hebrew Testament of Naphtali, the hypothesis of a Hebrew 
original was still looked upon as highly questionable, or even as 
undeserving of serious consideration, when the present editor under- 
took a close study of the Testaments. The firstfruits of that study 
appeared in the Encyclqpaedia BiUica, I. 237-241, and the grounds 
there advanced for a Hebrew original were accepted in the following 
year by Bousset, who at the same time contributed valuable articles 
on the Jewish authorship of the Testament& The sustained study 
of the intervening years has transformed a good working hypothesis 
of ten years ago into an indispensable postulate. Nearly every page 
of the Greek text exhibits passages which can neither be explained 
nor translated unless by retroversion into Hebrew. 

Some of the Sections in the following Introduction have already 
appeared in the Introduction to my Commentary. 

My obligations to friends and scholars are deep and manifold. 
First of all, to the Trustees of the Hibbert Trust for a subvention 
towards the cost of publication of the Text : to Dr. Sinker, who, 
when I informed him of my intention of editing the text, most 
generously lent me the collation of h, the first Mt Sinai MS., which 
had been made for him by Mr& Gibson : to Mrs. Gibson and 
Mrs. Lewis for the endless pains they took in securing for me 
a photographic reproduction of i, the second Sinai MS. : to the 
Directors of the Paris and Vatican Libraries for permission to 
photograph their MSS. of the Testaments: to Professor Lake for 
photographing the Mt. Athos MS. : to Mr. Cowley for his ever ready 
help in regard to the Aramaic fragments: and to Dr. James, the 
Provost of King's, for a collation of portions of Dr. Sinker's text 
with the Cambridge MS. My warm thanks are specially due to 
Professor Morfill, who retranslated into Greek for this edition the 
two recensions of the Slavonic Version : and, finally, I am indebted 
for the Greek Index to the kindness of Miss Poole. 

The Editor will be grateful for corrections. In dealing with such 
a vast mass of manuscript evidence in several languages he cannot 
hope to escape errors of various kinds. Some of these wiU be found 
in the list of Corrigenda on pp. Iviu-lix. I cannot conclude without 
recording my thanks to the readers and compositors for their skilled 
services in this most difficult Text. 


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§ I. Short Account of the Book ix 

§ 2. The Greek MSS ix 

§ 3. The Armenian MSS xii 

§ 4. The Armenian Version fonnd in two Receneione : . 

their Relations : their Affinities with the Greek MSS. xiv 

§ 5. Edition of the Armenian Text xvi 

§ 6. Translations of the Armenian Version . . xvii 

§ 7. The Slavonic Version xviii 

§ 8. The two Slavonic Recensions xviii 

§ 9. The Greek Version fonnd in two forms, a and /3: 
their Relations and the characteristics of their 

Representatives ... * xix 

§ 10. Editions of the Greek Version xxii 

§ II. The Greek Version — a translation from the 

Hebrew — H xxiii 

§ 12. a and fi derived respectively irom two lost Hebrew 
Recensions Ha and Bfi. Table of Affinity of all the 

Textual Authorities xxxii 

§ 13. Linguistic Character of the Greek Version . xl 

-^ § 14. Date of the Original Hebrew . . ' . . xlii 

— § 15* Bate of the Greek Version xliii 

— § x6. Title of the Book xliv 

'^1 17. Jewish Additions to the Text xlvi 

— § 18. Christian Additions to the Text xlviii 

§ 19. Midrash containing Hebrew Fragments of Testament 

of Judah li 

§ 20. Late Hebrew Testament of Naphtali .... li 
§ 21. Aramaic and Greek Fragments containing Phrases 
and Clauses from an original source of the Testa- 
ment of Levi and the Book of Jubilees . . • liii 


Brackets and Abbbeyiatioks xjsbd in this Edition . Ix 

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The Greek Text with the Armenian and Slayonic 

Variants i 

Midrash Wajjissau with Hebrew Fragments op T. Judah 235 

Late Hebrew Testament op Naphtali 239 

Aramaio and Greek Fragments— original source op 

T. Levi 245 

Christian Additions to First Slavonic Recension . . 257 

Second Slavonic Recension— S* 263 

Collation op MS. % where it diverges from h , . , 295 

Greek Index 299 

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§ I. Shobt Account of the Book. 

The Testaments were originally written in Hebrew by a Pharisaic 
upholder of the Maccabean priest-kings in the closing years of the 
second century b. c. In the course of the next century the Hebrew 
text was interpolated with additions emanating from bitter opponents 
of the Maccabean dynasty. In the early decades of the Chi-istian 
era the text was current in two forms, which are denoted by H"" 
and H^ in this edition. The former of these was translated not 
later than a. n. 50 into Greek, and this translation was used by 
the scholar who rendered the second Hebrew recension into Greek. 
The first Greek translation was used by our Lord, by St. Paul, and 
other New Testament writers. In the second and following centuries 
it was interpolated by Christian scribes, and finally condemned 
indiscriminatingly along with other apocryphs. For several centuries 
it was wholly lost sight of, and it was not till the thirteenth century 
that it was rediscovered through the agency of Robert Grosseteste, 
bishop of Lincoln, who translated it into Latin, under the misconception 
that it was a genuine work of the twelve sons of Jacob, and that 
the Christian interpolations were a genuine product of Jewish 
prophecy. The advent of the Reformation brought in critical 
methods, and the book was unjustly disparaged as a mere Chiistian 
forgery for nearly four centuries. The time has at last arrived for 
this book, so noble in its ethical side, to come into its own, and the 
text with all the documentary authorities is now laid before the 

§ 2. The Greek MSa 

<k Bodley MS, Baroccio 133. Quarto. This paper MS. contains 
several treatises by different hands of the latter part of the four- 

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teenth century. The Testaments occupy flF. *r79*-205^ Their 
title and those of Judah and Gad are written in red. There are two 
copies of this MS. on paper, one in the Bodley HS. Smith 117 
belonging to the close of the seventeenth century, and the second 
in Emmanuel College, Cambridge. This MS. is remarkable for 
a large nimiber of omissions, at times of entire chapters. A col- 
lation of it is given in Dr. Sinker's edition, but it is wanting in 
accuracy. It is cited by him as O. 

h. University Library, Cambridge^ Ff. i. 24. Quarto. This 
parchment MS. contains four works, of which the Testaments are the 
fourth, written on ff. 203^-262^. It is written in double columns, 
twenty lines in a column. It belongs to the tenth century. The 
initials and titles are in red except the fii*st, which is in gold. It 
was from this MS. that Grosseteste's Latin Version was made. 
His handwriting, according to Dr. James, is found on the margin. 
Grabe professes to have given a transcript of this MS. as his 

Of this MS. there are three copies. The first two are in the 
University Library and in the Library of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, respectively, and the third in the Library of Queen's College, 

This MS. forms the text of Dr.. Sinker's edition. Dr. James has 
tested its accuracy for me, and found it to be above all praise. 
I have therefore used Dr. Sinker's transcript of the MS. in the 
present edition. It is cited by him as C. 

c, Vatican Library, Cod. Graec. 731. This is a small octavo MS. 
written on paper with twenty-two or twenty-three lines on each 
page. Besides the Testaments it contains extracts from the 
Fathers. The Testaments are given on ff. ^'j^-16'jK The script 
of the latter belongs probably to the thirteenth century. This is 
the most important of all the MSS. A fairly accurate collation 
of this MS. by Guidi is given by Sinker in his sepai'ately 
published Appendix to his edition of the Testaments and cited 
by him as B. I procured photographs of this MS. for the present 

d. Vatican Library, Gk. 1238. This is a vellum MS. in three 
volumes of the LXX, belonging to the thirteenth century. On 
the close of the LXX follows the Testament of Job, ff. 34o"^349^, 
and on 350-380 our present text There are from thirty-three 
to thirty-nine lines on each page. Strangely enough, above the 
general title of the Testaments — ^laBrJKoi rlov ifi varpiapxSfy vOav 
laic(i»)3 — appear the words Acinus Fcvco-ca)?, which is one of the 

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titles of the Book of Jubilees. That there was a dose relation 
between these books we know independently. A collation of this 
MS. was published by Conybeare in the J.Q.B., Oci, 1900, and 
Jan., 1901^ but I thought it advisable to have the MS. photographed 
for this edition, 

e. Mount Athos MS. This MS. is written in two columns of 
forty lines each, in a good hand of the tenth century. The 
Testaments are given on ff. 19 7^-2 2 9^ This MS. is of great interest 
as it contains three large additions to the text, the first before icat 
M, vvpyov^ in T. Lev. ii. 3 consisting of a prayer of Jacob, the 
second after the word '^fitpOv in T. Lev. zviiL 2, and t^e third 
after r^ yijs in T. Ash. vii. 2. The third consists of two and two- 
third columns of certain Christian disquisitions on love and the 
Trinity. The second is the remarkable Greek Fragment, which 
we print in Appendix III, and which we show elsewhere to be a 
translation from a Hebrew work, which was probably an original 
source of the Testaments. Professor Lake photographed this MS. 
for me on Mount Athos. 

/ Paris MS. 938. This is a beautifully written MS. of the tenth 
century. The Testaments are given on the first seventy-two folios. 
Each page contains twenty-three lines. On fol. i^ there is a list 
of Old Testament names, including those of the twelve patriarchs, 
with their meanings. The Testaments proper Begin on i^. It is 
characteristic of this MS. that after the title of each Testament it 
adds the meaning of the proper name, and also that at the conclusion 
of each Testament it adds the number of years that the patriarch 
lived. In the latter feature it is followed by the first Slavonic recen- 
sion (S^). After the Testaments follow the Testament of Job and 
other writings. This MS. was photographed for me with a view to 
the present edition. Dr. Sinker collated this MS. as far back as 
1887, but never published the collation. 

g, MS. 411 in the Library of the Monastery of St. John the 
Evangelist in Patmos. It is a quarto MS. written on parchment and 
assigned by H. O. Coxe to the sixteenth century. This very 
inaccurate MS. was collated for Dr. Sinker's Appendix, by whom 
it is cited as P. 

h. Mount Sinai MS., No. 547, in the Library of St. Catherine. 
See Gardthausen, Cat Codd, Qraec Sinaitkomm, p. 132. This MS., 
'4*5 by io«35 cm., was written in the seventeenth century. It 
contains seventeen lines on each page. It is incomplete and comes 
to an end with T. Jos. xv. 7. This MS. has the following peculiar 
introduction: Iqkiwov tov ir<yrk efipaCov ctSiyo-ts rS>v Sco^kuv tu>v i^ 

Digitized by 



vuov Tov 7raTpiap)(0v *Iaica)^ fierauclipcurOeuTa ofrb 'lovSouicov SioXeirrov cU 
'EXXrjvucqv. The statement is true, but where the scribe got it we 
cannot determine. This MS. was copied for Dr. Sinker by 
Mrs. Gibson in Feb., 1892. This copy, together with photographs 
of the T. Jos. i-xii 3*, xv. 1-7, Dr. Sinker most kindly placed at 
my disposal 

t. Mount Sinai MS. This MS. was discovei'ed accidentally in the 
Convent Library in the spring of 1906 by Mrs. Gibson. She was 
searching for h with a view to a more correct collation on my 
behalf. Notwithstanding every effort she, like as the Archbishop of 
Sinai who had previously sought for it, failed to find it. Just before 
leaving Mount Sinai, however, she came across this second MS., and 
photographed the greater part of it for me, i. e. down to T. Ash. viL 6, 
when her camera broke down. Unfortunately the negatives of 
T. Naph. viii- 2Mx. 2^ ; T. Gad i. 9-iv. i, v. 3^-vi. 2^ ; T. Ash. i. 7^- 
^' 1j iv. 5-vi. 3<l were either lost or proved to be failures. When 
the photographs of this MS. reached me the first ninety-six pages of 
my text had already passed through the press. Accordingly I add 
in Appendix YI a collation of the Testaments of Eeuben, Simeon, 
Levi, and Jud. i-xx, where it differs from h, with which it is 
closely connected. This MS. was written not earlier than the 
seventeenth century It contains twenty-one to twenty-three 
lines in each page. * It has the same peculiar introduction as h. See 
preceding MS. 

§ 3. The Abmeniak MSS. 

There are many MSS. of this version. The first five are designated 
by the symbols attached tot. them in the Venetian edition of the text 
by the Mechitarist fathers. The rest .owe their designation to the 
present editor. When cited they appear as A% A% &c. 

A*. Mechitarist Library of St. Lazzaro, Venice, No. 345. This 
MS., 5x7 inches, was written in the year 1220 on paper. This 
MS. contains also the history of the Prophet Jeremiah. It belongs 
to the first recension of the text. 

A^*. Mechitarist Library of St. Lazzaro, No. 280. This MS., 
7^x11 inches, was written in two colunms of forty-two lines 
each, on paper, in the year 1418. This MS. is the worst repre- 
sentative of the second recension of the Armenian Version. It 
contains also the history of Asenath. 

A^. Mechitarist Library of St Lazzaro, No. 679. This MS., 
6x10 inches, was written towards the dose of the fifteenth century. 

Digitized by 



in double colamns of twenty-six lines each. It consists of 679 folios. 
This MS. belongs to the first recension. Its collation in the Armenian 
Text is not infrequently incorrect and defective, as I have discovered 
through Father Car^kin's copy of six of the Testaments in this MS., 
which he made for Mr. Gonybeare, and which the latter most kindly 
placed at my disposal I have introduced the needful corrections 
into the Text on the basis of Car6kin's collation. 

A<'. Mechitarist Library of St. Lazzaro, No. 229. This MS. Bible, 
8x10 inches, was written on vellum in double columns of fifty lines 
each in the year 1655. 

A^. Mechitarist Library of Si Lazzaro, No. 1366. This MS. Bible 
was written in the sixteenth century On paper in double columns of 
forty-three lines each. 

A^ This MS. Bible was written in the sixteenth century, and 
belongs to the London Bible Society. It is designated as B by 
Conybeare, whose collation I have used. 

A^. This MS. Bible, which belongs to the Gatholicos of the 
Armenian Church at Edschmiadzin, in Armenia, was there photo- 
graphed by Conybeare in 1891. The MS. is written in two columns 
of fifty lines each in a beautiful hand. Unfortunately the negatives 
reproduced the pages of the Edschimiadzin MS. on so minute a scale 
that it was impossible to print them. Moreover, a few of the 
columns were out of focus. Notwithstanding, the present editor 
has been able to decipher five-sixths of the text by holding the 
negatives between himself and the sunlight and studying the 
negatives letter by letter and word by word. This MS. is closely 
related to A^^, and has been of great service where the collations 
of these MSS. were slightly inaccurate or defective. 

As. This MS. Bible, which was written in the seventeenth 
century, belongs to Lord Zouche. I owe all my citations of its 
text to Conybeare's collation. 

A*^. Bodleian Library, Oxford, No. e. 30. Only five Testaments 
are found in this MS., and in the following order : Simeon (foL 168^), 
Levi (173*), Joseph (183^), Benjamin (195^), Judah (202*). The MS. 
is written in two or more hands, and there are two types of text. 
Fortunately the four first mentioned Testaments and T. Judah 
i-xiv. 8*^ (i. e. iay . . , . aurxpofnffwvew) belongs to the first recension, 
and only T. Ju4 xiv. 8d«-xxvi to the second. This MS. thus attests 
the same type of text as A«^^, but it is more closely related to A* 
#han to A^ 

All the preceding MSS. have been used by the present editor. 
There are three others of two of which he has no knowledge. 

Digitized by 



A^ A Vatican MS. of the Bible, cited once by Conybeare. See 
J. Q. Rf viiL (1896), p. 260. It belongs to the seventeenth 

A^. Mechitarist Library in Vienna, No. 126 (Dashian's Catalog der 
Armemachm Handschriftm der MechUaristen-Billiothek eu Wkn^ 1895, 
p. 71, 411 sqq.). This MS. was written in the year 1388. On the 
first 105^ folios it contains the history of Joseph and Asenath. Then 
follow the Testamenta Of these the Testaments of Beuben, Dan, 
and Naphtali are missing. The order of the remaining nine is 
peculiar, agreeing in the first five with that of A^. Thus we have: 
Simeon, Levi, Joseph, Benjamin, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Gad, 
Asher. A study of the titles of these Testaments given in Sinker's 
Appendix, p. 25, and the German translation of the T. Jud. zxiv-zxvi 
and T. Benj. z. 8^zii by Dr. Paul Hunanian, makes it at once clear 
that A^ belongs to the first Armenian recension, and furthermore 
that A^ is more nearly related to A^ than to A^ and to A^ than 
to A».' 

A). The Hofbibliothek, Vienna, No. 11 (Dashian's EaJtalog der 
Armenischen H88.y p. 19, 1891). 

§ 4. Thb Abmenian Vebsiok found in two Begensions : theib 
Bblations : theib Affinities with the Greek HSS. : its Value. 

The hoo recensions. As we have already observed in the preceding 
section, there are two recensions of the text, which are represented in 
this edition as A^ and A^. A<>, which is found in non*Biblical MSS., 
includes four HSS., A^^^, of which the last, A^ is known to the 
editor only through the translation of Dr. Paul Hunanian in Sinker's 
Appendix, p. 25. The relations of these four HSS. to each other 
can be represented as follows : — 


A» AJ* 

^ Thus the titles of the Testaments of Simeon, Levi, Joseph, and Benjamin in 
A^ agree with those in A*^, but that of Judah in A^ agrees only with that in 
A**. A*', like A»*», rejects the additions of A* in T. Jud. xxiv. a, 5, 6 ; xxv. ^ 
It agrees with A^ in T. Jud. zxiv. 5, xxyi. z against A*^, but with A*^ against 
A^^ in ZXT. 4. 

Digitized by 



A^ is a good MS. in many respects and occasionally alone 
preserves the true text, but it is disfigured by many small additions 
of words and phrases. 

A^, which is found always (?) in Biblical MSS., includes in this 
edition A^*^^. Of these A^* stands aloof from the rest. Its idio- 
syncrasies are innumerable, but in a few rare cases, where it differs 
from A«d«fe, it has the support of the best Greek MSS. Cf. T. Benj. 
xiL I. Unfortunately it was adopted by the Mechitarist editor of 
the Armenian text as his chief authority. The relations of these 
six MSS. might be represented as follows : — 


C L ^'* 

A«i Aefe 

Relations of the ttoo recensions. The variations between A^ and A^ 
are very great, but the bulk of them appear to have arisen within 
the Version. Very many of them are simply due to the confusion 
of like words with each other. Instances of this nature are pointed 
out on nearly every page of my text. Other differences apparently 
arose from an attempt of the scribe of A'' to abbreviate the text 
as it is found in A^.^ But over and above these there are certain 
important sections, where the differences between the two recensions 
goes back to the Greek, such as in T. Lev. ii. 7-10, xiv. i, 3-5, 
where A'' agrees with a against fi^ and one notable section, T. Lev. 
iii 1-5, where A<> is less corrupt than a and gives the nearest 
reproduction of the original Hebrew archetype. 

Affinities of A with the Greek MSS. Exclusive of such passages as 
the above, A, taken as a whole, agrees with )3S against cu This 
agreement holds in an innumerable number of passages and frequently 
on a large scale, as in T. Lev. v. i^ ; T. Jud. v. 6, 7, vii 2-3, 9, 
X. 5, xviii. I, XX. 2-4, xxvi 3; T. Iss. i. 11, vii. 9; T. Zeb. iv. 
1-6, ix. 7; T. Dan L 9; T. Naph. i 12; T. Gad ii. 3-5, vi 3; 
T. Asher ii 3, vi 6 ; T. Jos. viii 5, xvi 2-3 ; T. Benj. vii 4, 
viii. 2, xii In one considerable passage, owing to hmt., ie. in 
T. Benj. iv. 5, A agrees with a against p, and likewise in a number 
of unimportant phrases, where the agreement may be accidental.^ 

* Thus in the T. Judah the text of A^ is lets by a third than that of A^, but 
this is an extreme ease. 
' Ct T. Joa. iv. 5 (n. 35). 

Digitized by 



But within fi there are two types of text to which a^ and Mg 
belong respectively, and A agrees all but universally with hdg, 
when hdg differ from aef. In one passage, T. Zeb. viii. 6, A 
agrees with aef {vtrapivii) against a (irpwrtairov). Here hg differ from 
all the MSS. and Versions and d gives a text conflated from hg 
and aef. 

Value of A. The value of A will be best understood when we 
come to deal with the GhriBtian interpolations in the text. These 
are by no means absent from A, but they are present in a much 
less degree in A than in a and p. This is specially the case in 
the last two Testaments. But not only is A notable for its com- 
parative freedom from interpolation, but A<> has alone transmitted 
the purest form of text in T. Lev. iiL 1-5, and A alone preserved 
the text where it has been wholly lost by afi in T. Jos. xix. 3-7 ; 
T. Benj. ii. 6-8. 

But A is guilty of the sin of omission, and that almost on every 
page. These omissions are brought before the reader in my text by 
the iise of the brackets ^ ^. All words thus enclosed are omitted 
by A. 

Furthermore, the text of A is often corrupt. At times the 
meaning can only be guessed at. In my retranslations of A into 
Greek I have reproduced the irregularities of this Version* 

§ 5. Edition of the Armenian Text. 

Only one edition of the text has as yet appeared. This is given 
on pp. 27-151 of the Treasubt op Old and New Fathers: Non- 
amonical Writings of the Old Testament, Venice, 1896, by H. Sargis 
Josepheanz (p-uiti^jsiptuti ^pti L. %np luaifuit&ut^* y\* y^%^iuitntf ffi*^ 

^Alr uunuutunuAai^), 

This edition consists of a reproduction of A^* with variants in 
the notes from A^^*^. The editor could not unfortunately have 
chosen a worse MS. for his text Fortunately, however, in the case 
of the Testaments of Simeon and Levi, where A« and A^ differ very 
greatly, he has given, by the advice of Mr. Conybeare, A^^ on the 
left hand pages and A^*^ on the pages facing them. 

My study of this text has led me to form a low opinion of its 
accuracy. The editor is frequently careless as to the order of the 
text, and thiis represents a divergence between A and ap where there 
is none in the MSS. He is indefinite in his statements on the notes. 
Thus not unfrequently he says ' one line is missing ', and gives the 
reader no help in determining its length. Happily, by the aid of 

Digitized by 



A^Mr, I have been able to asoertain his meaning. The title of 
the T, Joseph is wrongly given for A*^ Again A^ is not infrequently 
wrongly cited, as the copy of this MS. by Father Gar^kin shows. 
I cannot help drawing the same inference with regard to A<^ from 
my stady of A«*, which are closely related to A«^, and with regard 
to A* from my study of A^, these two MSS. being made firom the 
same archety}>e. 

Notwithstanding, this scholar has rendered a great seryice to 
the students of the Testaments, and materially lightened the labours 
of his successonu But it is to be hoped that either he or some other 
Armenian scholar will undertake a critical edition of this much 
needed work, in which A^* will be banished from the text and not 
always cited in the notes. In the meantime the students of this 
literature must content themselves with the knowledge of A that 
is given in my notes. I have in my notes either silently or 
expressly corrected Josepheanz's text when needful, and so far as 
I am aware I have not omitted a single important variant in 
either A« or A^. 

§ 6. Trakslatioks of the Abmenian Version. 

Paul Hunanian. A German translation has been made by this 
scholar of the T. Jud. xxiv-zxvi and of T. Benj. x. 8-xii from 
the Armenian MS. A^ and is given in Sinker's AppendiXj 
pp. 26-27. 

Conybeare. The chief help towards our knowledge of the 
Armenian Version has been rendered by this scholar in his con- 
tributions to the J.Q.R., 'A collation of Sinker's Texts of the 
Testaments of Beuben and Simeon ^th the old Armenian Version,' 
1896, vol. viii. 260-268: 'A collation of Armenian Texts of the 
Testaments of Judah, Dan, Joseph, Benjamin' (viii. 471-485). 
In these articles Conybeare has retranslated into Greek or Latin 
the chief variants in the three MSS. A^ 

Preuschen: ^Die armenische Uebersetzung der Testaments der 
ZwOlf Patriarchen' in the Zeitschrift fUr NTliche Wissenseha/t, 
1900, L 106-140. This article gives almost a complete list of the 
Armenian MSS. and a translation into German of the T. Levi. The 
translator makes many good suggestions and attempts in some of 
the corrupt passages a reconstruction of the text. He has rightly 
shown that the editor of the Armenian text was wrong in making 
A^* the basis of his text. 

Issaverdens, The Uncananical Writings of the Old Testament, pp. 349- 

GH. PA. I|. b 

Digitized by 



479, Venice, 1901. Dr. Issaverdens has here attempted to translate 
the Testaments into English, but the task was wholly beyond him. 
It is not that his English was defective, but that his entire training 
was not apparently fitted to prepare him for such an undertaking. 
He ought to have followed closely the printed Armenian text, and, 
where this text exhibited two very different recensions, have rendered 
each independently. As it is, he ostensibly follows the longer 
recension, but frequently adopts a reading from the shorter without 
informing his reader. No hint is given that at times ten, twenty, or 
thirty words or even a whole page is wanting in the shorter recension. 
Sometimes he gives, as a rendering of the Armenian text, the 
rendering of the Greek text of Sinker, where the Armenian is at 
variance with the Greek. Occasionally he adds a clause from the 
Greek which is missing in the Armenian without even a hint to that 
effect. Finally, his renderings are frequently inaccurate. In short, 
this translation, while of interest to the general reader, is absolutely 
worthless to the schdar. 

§ 7. The Slavonic Vebsion. 

This version is late. It is based on the type of text represented 
by aef^ and of these three it attaches most closely to/; for S^ always 
and occasionally S' agree in making the addition at the close of 
each Testament that is to be found in / alone of the Greek MSS. 
But S has affinities also with other MSS. than aef\ thus in T. Lev. 
ix. I it agrees with a in reading rov irpoTrdropa rjfuijv which /3f A 
omit : in T. Gad i 4 a, S^ read inrdpx<ov vcos, wh^re fi, A have rpv^c/oo^ 
&v, and in T. Lev, xii. i i^ avr^s where ^, A read avrw: in T. Benj. 
iv. 3 c, S read Oeov where ^ has ayaOov, and in T. Lev. ix. 1 1 a, d, A«, S* 
agree in omitting six words through hmt. Such instances, though 
they are not numerous, are sufScient to prove that the Greek MS. 
from which S was translated had sporadically come under the 
influence of a. 

§ 8, The two Slavonic Becensions. 

The two Slavonic Recensions of the Testaments of the Twelve 
Patriarchs are primarily taken from the so-called Palea (Greek 
TToXata), which contain short accounts of events meiitioned in the 
Old Testament with the addition of traditional stories and comments 
of the Fathers of the Church. These Palea sometimes appear in 
separate collections and are sometimes prefixed to the translations of 
3yzantine chronicles. Their origin is certainly Byzantine. Of the 

Digitized by 



two recensions the short one has undei^ne many changes from the 
Greek original. The editor of the Palea has shortened the ' Testaments ' 
as they already existed in a complete Slaronic translation, and 
following a polemical course against the Jews, he has here and 
there introduced references to them. Besides the alterations 
mentioned the editor of the Palea has changed the order of the 
'Testaments', having placed the Testament of Joseph before all 
the others, and having connected it with the death of Jacob. 
Tichonravov, the Bussian editor, has not followed this peculiarity, 
and some variations have been introduced from a Palea on vellum 
of 1406, vrritten at Kolemna. The shorter redaction of the 
Testaments is contained in a vellum MS. of the fourteenth century. 
preserved in the Monastery of St. Alexander NevskL 

The Complete Becension is from a Palea of the year of 1477, 
preserved in the Synodal Library at Moscow, No. 210, pp. 146—189. 

Some variations from the complete redaction of the Testaments 
have been introduced from an uncial MS. in a Miscellany of fifteenth 
to sixteenth centuries, belonging to the Chief Archives of the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Moscow, and including among other 
things a part of the chronography of John Malalas. 

It will be seen that with the exceptions indicated the two redactions 

TichonravoVs work is entitled : Pamiatniki Otrechennoi Busskoi, 
Literaturi Sobrani i izdani Nikolaem Tikhonravovim '• 2 vols. 
St. Petersburg, 1863. 


§ 9. Thb Greek Vebsion foukd in two Fobms, a Aim p. Their 
Belatiohs and the Characteristics of their Bepresentative& 

The Greek Version is found in two forms which are denoted by 
a and P in this edition. I do not call them recensions, for I hope 
later to prove that these forms go back to the Hebrew. 

a and its charaderisHcs. a is represented by three MSS. chi. The 
relations of cki to each other may be represented as follows : 


I I 

c hi 

^ naMfliHiiKB OTpe^eHHofi jmepaTypu co6paHU h hsa^RU UHKOiaenb TiixoHpa- 
BOBmru St^Petersbnig, 1863. 


Digitized by 



hi are derived from one and the same parent \ but are late MSS. 
and show some signs of a mixed ancestry. In T. Zeb. i. 7^ii. i^ 
they supply the text of a which c omits through hmt These MSS. 
diverge occasionally from c : thus they support fi, A^, S^ against e in 
T. Lev. iiL 8 (n. 49) ; )8, S* against c, A in T. Sim. L 10 (n. 68) ; fi, 
(A), S* against c in T. Sim. vii i (n. 2) ; A A, S* in T. Lev. vi 3 (n. 8) 
against c ; )8, S in T. Zeb. ix. 5 (n. 27) against c, A. 

a is rather disfigured by omissions such as T. Beub. ii. 3^4^; 
T. Lev. ix. 2^ (n. 8), 11^ (through hmi n. 49) 14^; xii. 5-7 (n. 27) ; 
xiii. 2 ; T. Jud. iiL 4 (through hmt.) ; vi 1-2 ; xii 6-10 ; xxi *j^ 
(n. 64) ; T. Naph. viii 4^ 60. 

Though fireer than p from Christian interpolations, yet a, too, shows 
many signs of the Christian scribe's activity in this direction'. But 
we shall return to this subject in a later Section. 

One notable depravation of the text occurs in T. Jud. xii 6-10, 
where a has omitted the text of the Testament and substituted in its 
stead an abbreviated form of the LXX of Gen. xxxviii 20, 24-30. 

/? and its characteristics, P is represented by six MSS., abd^g. 
These MSS. are not so closely related to each other as chi^ but 
represent two diverging types of text. Of these 06/ show many affini- 
ties with Oy and hdg with A. As we have shown elsewhere (see § 7), 
S is derived from arf. It is noteworthy that o^/ exhibit one imiform 
type of text agreeing on the whole very closely with each other, 
whereas hdgj though undoubtedly exhibiting a certain type of text, 
differ very largely from each other. Thus g is remarkable for its 
large omissions, d for its large additions and conflations, and h for 
its frequent small changes of the text. Furthermore, hdg are remark- 
able also for large additions to the text in T. Zeb. Thus vi. 4-^, . 
vii-viii 3, ix. 8od are found alone in hdg. These, if not from the 
original Testament^ are from a Semitic source. 

We shall begin with h. In some cases its variants are due to 
emendation. Thus in T. Lev. xvii 2 the priesthood of an ancient 

* A is not deriyed from i nor 0100 verta ; for i omits where h does not, and h 
omits where i does not. Besides^ there is a laige number of variations between 
them. See Appendix YI. 

> In the following passages c adds irtfk x^ ( » irc^ xp^arov) in the margin 
(unless otherwise noted). T. Sim. vi. 5 (in text) ; T. Lev. iv. i, x. a, xvi. 3, 
T. xviii. a ; T. Ifls. viL 7 ; T. Naph. viiL a (on top of page) ; T. Ash. vii. 3 ; 
T. Jos. xix. 3 ; T. Benj. iii. 8, ix. a. Of the aboye hi omit the firat three addi- 
tions in the T. Ley. ; h omits the address in the T. Sim., and t the addition in 
the T. Naph. Otherwise hi agree with e, except that they go a step further and 
in all eases embody the additions in the text. 

Digitized by 



worthy is said to have been irXT^fnj^ fiera KvpCov, i. e. *^ D? D^B^, 
'perfect with the Lord.' But the scribe of b, failing naturally to 
understand this Semitic Greek, wrote irXrfprf^ fiera 4>6fiov Kvpiov. 
Likewise as an emendation we should explain the addition of 
(rj(r&r6€ in T. Jud. xyi. 2 against all other authorities, and the change 
of <nnrrp€x^i into awtpyti in T. Benj, iv. 6, of avyyarrj into <rvfjLW€ur$^ 
in T. Jos. yii 3 as also in iy. 3, of ButfiovXiov into Sia/SoXov in T. Ash. i. 9, 
of irar/Kurtv into Tripaxrty in T. Dan v. lo, of 8wr€i into Pwov in T. Dan 
y. 9, of axc^a-icc into dW^avcK in T. Ley. zi. 7 (n. 34), and of Trpdo-exc 
into fjLTj irf)6a-€X€ in T. Ley. iz. 9, in nearly eyery case with disastrous 
results. Again, without a shadow of authority, it adds kcu iOavfjuaiov at 
the close of T. Jos. xyii. 5. Finally, in T. Zeb. yiiL 6, it gives a most 
unlikely text along with g. On the other hand, in T. Jud. v. 2, the 
words icat vonov, which it inserts after ^txr/Awv, though not found in 
any other Greek MS., nor in A or S, are found in the Hebrew 
Hidrash which contains fragments of the Testament : see Appendix I 
(p. 237, line 4 Dn*in p • • . pwn). Li some cases it agrees with A 
against a, p-h (T. Naph. ii. 8 (n. 62)). Thus, on the whole, it is clear 
that, though in many respects & is a good representative of the type 
hdg, it would form an insecure foundation on which to construct a 

d. This is a most interesting MS. It exhibits peculiar readings 
on almost every page. First of all t2 is a conflate text. This is 
manifest in the titles of the Testaments, where it combines the 
readings of a and fi. Such conflations are common in d. See 
T, Jud. vi. 3 (n. 17) ; T. Zeb. viii. 6 (n. 22) ; T. Jos. iv. 7 (n. 44) ; xvi. 
5 (n. 23). In other cases d shows affinities with a. Thus in T. Lev. 
xiii. 8* d supports a against fi-^, A, S; a, A in reading axxl>iaf 
where ^3-d read avrq in T. Lev. xiii 8 ; and by reading vfuov, which 
P-d om., in xiv. 7 ; and a, A^, S^ in omitting a clause in ix. 11. 
Again, d agrees at times with oe/ against hg, Ct T. Gad v. 9 (n. 59), 
viii. I (n. 4) ; T. Ash. iv. 2 (n. 10). In one passage, T. Jud. ix. 5, 1 have 
adopted wapaOi^as into the text on the testimony of d, A. In another 
passage, T. Benj. vi 4 (n. 26), it seems alone to have preserved the 
original text. 

Thus d, which is naturally related to &, A, shows many traces of 
the influence of a and atf, 

g. This is a very corrupt MS. and is chiefly remarkable for its 
omissions. It is very closely related to A, and g, A occasionally 
agree against all the other authorities. T. Naph. viii. 4^, g, A 
along with e are right against a, cibdf. 

Digitized by 




We shall now attempt to represent, on a genealogical table, the 
afiSnities between the various MSS. and Versions :— 

In this table the main connexions kre represented. It fails, 
however, to exhibit the occasional influence of various descendants 
of P on hi. 

§ 10. Editions or the Qbeek Version. 

Grabe, SptcUegium Patrum, I, Oxon., 1698: and ed., 17 14. The 
text of the Testaments in this edition is given according to &, 
but inaccurately, and a few of the variations of a appended. With 
this was printed Grosseteste's Latin translation, for which two Bodley 
MSS. were used.^ 

Fabricius, Codex pseudepigrqphus Vet Testamenth I. Hamburg, 
1 7 1 3. This is simply a reprint of Grabe's text. 

Gallandi, BiUioiheca Veterum Fattwn, L Venetiis, 1788. This 
also is a reprint of Grabe's text 

' The aotiial 'copy' that Grabe sent to the press is preserved in Queen's 
College, Oxford (No. 914). See Sinker, p. ix. 

Digitized by 



Sinker, Tesiamenta XII Fatriarchanm, ad Jidem codicis Cantdbri- 
giensia edita : aeeeduni lediones cod. Oxoniensis. Cambridge^ 1869. We 
have here a most accurate reproduction of h, but we cannot speak so 
well of the collation of a, which is given in the footnotes. This 
contains many serious errors. 

Testamenia XII FatriarvJuirum : Appendix containing a Collation of 
the Roman and Patmos MSS. and bibliographical Notes. Cambridge, 
1879. These are the MSS. denoted by c, ^ in the present edition. 
The collation of c was made for Dr. Sinker by Guidi, and is on 
the whole accurately done. I have discovered four errors through 
the photographic reproduction which I had executed for me in the 
Vatican. On p. 4 Dr. Sinker has expressed the conviction that 'in 
any future critical revision of the text the Cambridge MS. must form 
the basis '. 6 is undoubtedly a valuable HS^^ but it can never again 
enjoy this distinction. 

§ II. Thb Gbebk Version ^a Transiatioh fbom the Hebrew. 

Apart from Grabe, no notable scholar has advocated a Hebrew 
original till within the last decade and a half. Even Grabe, though 
he declared for a Hebrew original^ advanced no linguistic arguments 
in support of his contention. It is remarkable that such an eminent 
critic as Dillmann could write (Herzog, Beal-Encyc^ xii. 362) : ' Since 
the publication of Nitzsch's study all are agreed that the book is not 
a translation, but was originally written in Greek.' The judgement 
of Dr. Sinker is still more pronounced {Test. XII Fatr., p. 31): 
' The Testaments in their present form were no doubt written in the 
Hellenistic Greek, in which we now possess them, presenting as 
they do none of the peculiar marks which characterize a version. 
Whether there were a Hebrew work, on which the present was 
modelled, a supposition by no means improbable in itself, we cannot 
tell, nor is it a matter of much importance.' 

To two Jewish scholars, Eohler^ and Gaster, within the last 
fourteen years, belongs the honour of re-opening the question of the 
Hebrew origin of the Testaments. Only Gaster', however, has 
offered any linguistic evidence. But his article on the question, 
though it contains a few excellent points, failed to establish his 
thesis. Shortly after the above articles were written the present 
editor began his study of the Testaments, in the course of which he 
early came to the conclusion — which he set forth later in the 

* /. Q. R., 1893, V. 400-406. 

• 'The Hebrew text of one of the Testaments of the XII Patriarchs* {Proceed- 
ings of the Society o/BiU, Archaeology, I>eo. 1893, Jan* 1894). 

Digitized by 



Encydcpaedia Biblica (I, 241, 1899)— that the bulk of this work was 
written before 100 B.a, therein confirming an earlier speculation of 
Kohler. Since that date a close exa^iination of the Greek text has 
brought to light a number of facts that puts its derivation from 
a Hebrew original beyond the possibility of question. The results 
of this examination will now be placed before the reader.* Before 
entering on this subject it is worth observing that both the Greek 
MSS. h and i state at the outset that the Greek is a translation from 
the Hebrew. See p. xi ad fin, 

I. Hebrew constructions and expressions are to he found on every page. 
Thotigh the vocabulary is Greek, the idiom is frequenUy Hebraic and 
foreign to the genim of the Gh'eek language. 

T. Seub. iii. 8 <njviwv cv r<^ vo^aa^ ^ H^m^ \1 ; iv. 6 ovic kv Koxp^ 
airrmv = Dnp N^a ; vi. II ^ avr^ iltKiiaro = nni U. T. Sim. iv. 4 
riyd7rq<rd fju€ crvv rois ^cX^ot? fJMV (a) = ^nM'Dy ^^^1M ' loved me aS (he 
did) my brothers '. So ^, A, S^ &9 tw oAAovs dScX^ovs. v. 4 ck Acvl 
d8tioJ<r<w<ri=^i'3 TC; V. 5 ov Sw^ovrai wpo? Acvi (j9, S') = *li>i> li?3> l6 
'they shall not overcome Levi'. The same Hebraism recurs in 
T. Iss. iv. 4 ; T. Dan v. 4. vi. 6 SoOi^axnrrai . . . cts Karawdrrfaw (fi) = 
DDnDi> « « « l^ru^ ' they shall be trodden under foot '. This idiomatic 
use of \r\^ is common. G£ use of D^tS^ in Is. x. 6. T. Lev. viii. 14 
cTTUcXi/^crcrai avrw ovofia Kaivov = ISHn D2^ J? N*lp^ ; xviii. 16 'A8afi= 
D*TN, and should here be rendered by dvOfxSnrmj^. T. Jud. vii. i {hi, P) 
6x^o9 j9opvs=*ia3 5>^n *a numerous army'; ix,' 8 ^€tf=n3, ic<5pcws= 
oma, v^i?s = HD^K ; xii. 8 Iws t?? ^^s /aov is clearer in the Hebrew 
than in the Greek, it = >^na * so long as I lived ' ; xx. 4 ev omy^ci 
6oTcW avrov, which is absolutely unintelligible, is full of significance 
in the Hebrew=1DVX; 2^2 *on his very heart'. In xxi, 5 ia-OUiy rrp^ 
T/MiTTcfav avTov = l3n7B^ 73K. Most probably the peculiar Greek Trpo- 
Koij/ovcrw hri kok^ ck ^rXcovc^tigi in xxL 8 is to be explained by retro- 
version into the Hebrew VTi22 yiijrp IB^DV < they will grow worse in 
covetousness ' ; xxv. i i^apxoi (nc^pfov=^ chiefs of tribes' (D^oaB^) ; 
XXV. 2 17 Tpv<f>rf Tov 'S€<f>OaX€LfjL = ' Eden (blessed) Naphtali ', for t/wk^iJ = 
py- In T. Isa V. 7 iKk-qp^^y h avToU {P)=nnb b^n^ru T. Gad ii. 2 
irpoatOifirpr avr<p ftMros = ^nN WB^ *nBDin *I hated him still more'. 
T. Ash. i. 5 €v oTs ra Svo 8ia)3ovAta . . SiajcpCvoyra avrd. Here hr oU 
. . . SuucpivovTa avrd appears to be a poor rendering of 03 D^na , ♦ , iirN. 
T. Ash. iii. i 6 $€0^ avajraverai €« ovr^y^rQ p\^ D>n5>K 'God hath His 

^ The present editor has already published some of the following results in 
the Encyd, Bibl,, i. 939-440 ; Hastings, Bibl Diet,, iv. 724 ; Hibbert Journal, 
April, 1905, pp. 56a sqq. 

Digitized by 



habitation therein'. T. Jos. ii. 3 c3o>k€ /ic 6 Ev/mo$ eis oiicnpiwvs 
cvonnw=^ifii) D^Dm!? ^HK fW (cf. Dan. i. 9) 'granted me to find mercy 
in the sight of; zii. 2 #cA.o7r^ l#cA.c^av=13^^ 31^2 ; xii. 3 woirfo-ov /ncr' 
avnn) Kpuny ■» ^y DDtS^ H&^y. T. Benj. X. 1 1 Karoiin^crc c^* ^^ilSt cv 
€^'=^3 noa^ Dirn 'Ye shall dwell securely with me*. The same 
misrendering is found in the LXX of Ezek. xxviii. 26 ; xxxiv. 28, and 

The above instances are sufScient in themselves to prove the 
derivation of our text from a Hebrew original. The bulk of 
the above expressions could hardly, on any hypothesis, have been 
written for the first time in Greek. But the evidence can be 
multiplied fourfold, both in quantity and in conclusiveness, as we 
shall see as we proceed. 

n. Dittographic renderings of the same Hebrew phrase, <md ecgpressions 
in ike Chreek implying diUographs in the Hebrew MS. before the transHator. 

In T. Sim. iv. 8 kXjovov vap€\€i ry ^jnjxS 'f<** rpofwv t^ <T<afJuiTi^ 
^lan TXn^ C^n m% and is thus a dittographic rendering of the 
first two lines, aypioi . . r^v ^XO^ '^^^ ^tfcijpct to <rSifiay though <f>0€Lp€i 
supposes n3K> instead of Tyn\ In T. Naph. iii. 5 oiro KaroucTfo-Ca^ . . . 
Ta^9 iV vi¥ ojoucriTov is a clear instance of dittography. The original 
here may have been ae^^ ^b^D, which has been rendered first as 
atro KaTouaff<Tta^ and a second time as aoiKrjTov. 

In vi. 2 {fi, A, S^) the impossible ftcorw rapL^iov iicroi vaurwv has 
arisen from a dittograph in the Hebrew ; for jj^arov rapi\iav = 
bWTO K7D, a corrupt dittography of D^n5>tD k5>3 = Ikto^ vavrwv.* 

Again, in T. Gad vi. 6 /lerayoci rov wX.rjfi/jLfX^a'ai els a-k kcu rt/iiycrct 
o-c icol ifiofiri&qa-erai koI ctpi/vcvo-ce {fi-Hi/y A, S^). Here the idea of fear is 
quite alien to the context, which deals with the case of a man 
repenting of the wrong he had done to a good man : <^o)3i7^cr(u= 
"nn;, a dittograph of "^Wsxti/i^ci. 

We should possibly explain T. Iss. iv. 4 in this way. Thus in 
cfficF hriki((ur$ai. koXXos Orjkeias we might take hrLX.4(a<rO<u icaAAo9= 
ira Tha and regard the first word as a dittograph of the second. 
Then the text would run ' he looketh not on the beauty of women '. 
Otherwise for cIScv (which c, ab read) we should read otScv with 
def (A). Then oKcv €7nA€^ao-^cu=nnni> PT, or, if hriS4(a(rOai (a, fi-fg) 
is original, we should have n«n^ 3rr=' cannot have pleasure in'. 

On the same principle we should explain T. Jud. iii. 3 rov 'Ax^p 
/3aa-iX€a=nnNn l^H, i. e. rov mpov /Saxrikeoj a phrase which occurs in 

' This &et was first pointed out by Gaster (P. 3, B. A.y Dec, 1893). 

Digitized by 



the previous verse and has been wrongly repeated in this verse. See 
notes in he. 

Again, the impossible text in T. Lev. viiL 14 voirja-ti tcparciav vcW 
Kara tov rwrov rSiV iOvwv cts wayra ra Idvrf is very probably to .be 
explained in the same way. The words icara tov r&jroy . . . iOvrf^ 
D^an bJ? D^n nb'A. Here I take uVi as corrupt for }^5)D=fi€o-tTT79. 
Then either we omit Q>13n or D^Un~^3^ as a dittograph. Thus we 
arrive at : ' He will establish a new priestiiood to be a mediator for 
the Gentiles.' The clause occurs in the description of John Hyrcanus, 
whom the author regarded as the Messiah. Moreover, throughout 
the entire Testaments the salvation of the Gentiles is confidently 
expected. But the most notable dittograph occurs in T. Naph. viii. 

*J^ay oSv Kol vfKis €pyaarrf<rO€ to icoXov, 
€vkoyiqa'ov<riy (ifmi ol Sj^pfwroi kojL ol ayycXoi, 
icat o &€oi So$aj(r6i^€raL iv r049 iOv€(ny SC vfxSiv, 
icai 6 &a^oAios <f>€v(erai &^ vfJuSwy 
KoX TO, Orjpia tf^P'tiO'qaxfVTax vfuii, 
teal 6 Kvpcof dyamTo-ct Vfia9» 
[koI oi dyyiXoi avOi^ovToi vfMtv]. 

Tov Si firj rroiovvTa to KaXov, 

KaTapdnrovToi airroy Kai ol dyycXoc ical ol ayOpfoiroif 

teal 6 ®€09 dSo^i/o'ci Iv toTs €$v&nv hC avroO, 

KOi 6 'BidPoXx)^ oiK€iovTai avrov (09 tStov cr/ccvos, 

icat nav Orfpiav Karoicvptcvo-ct avr<p • 

icat o Kvpcos /uai^u avrov. 

Here, if we compare ver. 6 with ver. 4, we see that the six lines in 
ver. 6 correspond line for line with the first six in ver. 4. The 
seventh line in 4 is thus against the structure of the stanza. It is 
also against the parallelism. On retiranslation into Hebrew we find 
that it=D3nn«^ DOk5>D1, which is a dittograph of CDarw^ D^nJjJO.' 

III. Paronomasiae which are lost in Greek can be restored ly 
retranslation into Hebrew. 

We can recover a dozen or more paronomasiae by retranslation, 
the most of these having to do with the names of the patriarchs. 
T. Sim. ii. 2 17 ftifnyp fwv iKoXea-i fi€ %vfju€wva on t^kowt€ Kvpcos t^s 

* The original line 4' is found only in eg, A*^**', S, that is in H^. The 
dittograph is omitted only by a and therefore goes back to H« and H^, that is, 
to H itself, the Hebrew archetyx>e. See p. zxxix. 

Digitized by 



T. Lev. yL I ounrtSa . • • &o kcu to ovofw. rov opov^ 'Aairi^ = 
nny inn DB^ p i^ , • • pny. Here the play is on different 
meanings of the same word.^ T. Ley. xL 2 iKaX&r€ to woim avrov 
Trfpmfij art €V rg yg '^fjuay mpoucoi ^/ack {fi, A^, S*)=D^'T3 ♦ . • DB^TJ ; 
xL 5y 6 fjL&roi . . . unuTO vaurq^ t§5 OTivayory^ Sta tovto iKoXccra to 
ovofia avrov Kao^ (fi^ A^=nnp . , • ^np. See Appendix III, 66-7, where 
we have the same play on the name implied in the Aramaic and Greek 
Fragments ; xL 7 ^KoXco-a aviw Mcpapct 6 i<m vucpia fwv ifi) = ^ • • niD 
nno ; xi 8 Iftiygg^S cycvn^ . . . ivSojoi yap i^imjv ifi)=^^ . • . fni?U T32I 
^3K 1333. """^"^^ 

T. Jud. i. 3 hnovofuuriy fit *lovSqy, Xc/ovcra* dyOofwXoyovfiai riS 
Kvpuf s mw , • • tTTiit** 

T. Iss. L 15 8ia TOVTOv Tov /jua^w iKkrfirjy Itrax^p = ^tOp^ 22E2 
"ISyg^ ; V. 8 T<S 8i FoS c8o^ dxoXeo-cu Ta hrtpxofJ^a ^ccpar^pta t<{» 
'lo/mi^X pn^Ta • • • *ij^. This last verse has by some accident been 
inserted in Issachar, whereas it ought, of course, to have appeared 
.in the T. Oad. 

T. Zeb. i 3 ZafivXwv Soo-k AyaJ^ = 31P TJI, • • • P^; "i- 3 ^ara^ 
Turrftrofjity axrryfVy iyff &y cTrcv ori ffcurtXciKrci lari = 3 iTfl^ ♦ , , iTTIJ 
(Late Hebrew). 

T- Naph. i. 6 Iv irayovpyuL iwoirfO't "Pa^^X . . . 8ta tovto ^kXi/^v 

Nd^ttXctfi 08-^) = ^i>nB3 ^riKnpi pi> • . • i>nn n^rw ; L 12 frocc r^v 

BoXXoy Xeywv JcaivdoTrov^og /aov tJ Bvyarqp' cvW»s 7^ rexOwra &nr<v3€ 

T. Ash. i. 2 dicovo-aTC, riKva *Aaiqp ... kcu wav to €vOk9 , . . viroSciifa) v/uk= 
D3r.K nniK . , , ng^n i?31 niW ^33 ^jrOC^ ; i 9 ^o-avpog tov SiaffovXtov = 

T. Benj. i. 6 Bcvio/mf, o iortK vios ^/tcpwv = PDn3 . . . pO'33 ; x. 8 01 
/tcv c& So^oF oi 8c ei« aTi/ttav=pi>pi> ni>Nl n33i> ni>K. 

lY. Mamf pcLSsa^iea which are obscure or whtMy unintdligible in iJie 
Greek become clear on retranskUion into Hebrew, 

Many phrases and clauses given under No. I could be brought under 
this head, such as those in T. Jud. xx. 4 ; -T. Jos. ii. 3 ; T. Benj. x. 
1 1, &c. But there are many more such. 

1 dtnris is a bad rendering, as }no means here body armour or coat of mail as 
in Sam. xrii. 5 ; 2 Ohron. xxvi 14. $&pa^ is given in T. Jud. iii. 5 as another 
rendering (see Midr. in Appendix I, p. 336, line 4), and is on the whole satis- 
fiictory, for in later times $ifpa^ appears to mean defensive armour generally. 

Digitized by 



T. Qeub. in, 5 ^rvcOfia i/rcvSov^ tcv diroiXce^ kcu (^^A^t rov TrXarrciv 
Xoyovs Kol KpviTr€LV Xoyov$ aurov diro yarov^ koX ouceitav. The context 
requires a parallel to diro yiyov^ kcu olicciW, which underlies, no doubt, 
the obelized words. These = HK^pl rttOK'S which I take to be a 
corruption of *<3j?Dl Wfc^p. Thus we get: 'The spirit of lying 
which aims at practising deceits on an enemy or rival and con- 
cealments from kindred and friends/ 

In T. Ley. ii. 7 we have the peculiar expression cTW iK€i vScup 
rroXv Kp€fjAfX€voy (a, A^). Here Kp€fjuxfju€yoy is surely impossible. In 
Py A^ (i. e. H^) where the text has been expanded into an account of 
the seven heavens, the explanatory gloss is added : aydfitxrov tovtov 
KOKctFov. Here Kp€fia/icvov=y^p1D which seems corrupt for srp*13, or 
rather jrp*11 = ^ tw <rrcpc<i>fiart or rather koX to orcpccD/io. The 
firmament or raqla is actually the name of the second heaven in 
the Talmudic account of the Seven Heavens (Ghag. 12^). In this 
earlier account the firmament is simply mentioned as being in the 
first (a) or second heaven (JS), 

In T. Lev. ii. 8 (a, py A^ the second heaven is said to be brighter 
and more brilliant than the first, ^ yap koI v^os (kcu yap {^09 ^, )9, A^ 
cv avTia aireipov. Clearly there is something wrong here. The greater 
brightness of the second heaven cannot be due to its greater loftiness. 
The error, therefore, lies in the {^09. This word = ^^ , which is corrupt 
for n^^=<^a>9 or <^e)709. Thus the brightness of the second heaven was 
due to a boundless light (<^a>9 &7r€ipov) that was therein. This light 
may have been physical, if we may adopt the Talmudic view which 
represents the sun, moon, and stars as being in the second heaven 
(Chag. 12^). The angel, ii 9, bids Levi not to be surprised at this 
heaven, for he will presently see a far brighter one. 

In T. Lev. xviii. 9 KaTajrava-ovo-iy ci9 ica/ca is a most peculiar 
expression but becomes at once clear on retranslation. Thus it= 
jnnb ^hm < shall cease to do evil'. 

T. Jud. iv. 3 t^cv^cpcoo-a/xcv r^v t Xc/Jpcov. Here, from the parallel 
accounts in the Midrash (Appendix I), Chron. Jerach. xxxvi. 6 and 
the Book of Jashar {Did, des Apocr, ii. 1176), we must regard 
X€)8p<ov=pnan as a corruption of iivn, i. e. Hazor. In the next 
place, since our text as well as the three authorities mentioned above 
have to do with the capture and not the deliverance of Hazor, 
iXevOepilxrafjxy must be corrupt This word=1^e^&n, corrupt for I^^DH 
or 13(^33 =^Xa)9o/A€v or iKvpicva-afuy, 

T. Jud. V. 3 ol cTTi rov Tcixovs . . . t€<^€Axv<r^<rav 7rpo$ ^/xas * Those 
on the wall . . . twere drawn downt against us*. This gives no 
satisfactory sense. We require some such statement as 'they 

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attacked us ' or ' drew themselves up against us ' ; for the sons of 
Jacob were scaling the wall to attack the city. Here then ^<^- 
mxr^i^cnxy = U*1K^ (cf. LXX in Num. ix. 19; Josh. xxiy. 31) which 
appears to be corrupt for \3")y=«x^Mra^ayro 'drew themselves up in 
array against us \ 

T. Jud. viii. 2 'hropcucoAicras h&oMci fu>u Here vapoKaXia-as can 
hardly mean 'invited', since it is already said that the king had 
talked with Judah and leram and had made a feast for them. 
Hence I take vapoKakio-as ScSoiicc = }n^1 Dm, corrupt for |ru ^nzi 
^ when I was heated with wine he gave me his daughter to wife \ 
Judah's drunkenness explains his marrying a Ganaanite. For 
another possible explanation see note in loc. 

T. Jud. ix. 3 KOi rfpBrf tvcicpo9 iv Sp€i Scctp, koX iropcvoftjevo^ cv *Avovipa/JL 
dirctfoycv {ft, S'). The words kcu iropcvo/tcvos . . . airiOaya^ are omitted by a 
as oninteUigible, and A changes it into cv & hropevovro ^64^ h *A.vav. 
But a comparison of the Midrash Wajjis. and the Ghron. Jerach. (see 
note 20, p. 79) shows that this clause belongs to the original text and 
in the form in which it appears in p^ S\ Moreover, these authorities 
help us to discover how the corruption in vcicpos arose. v€Kfi6^=- 
ibl^j whereas these have n^m = rcrpavjuarur/ACFo?. Thus Esau was 
wounded on Mount Seir and died as he was passing over Anoniram. 

T. Jud. xi. 2 {fiy S*) (rweirc<m trfm avr^v. Similar phrases occur 
in xiii 3 {fi-^ A, ff), and m T. Jos. ix. 5 (a, p-d, S*). The sense 
required is obvious: <rvKcirca-a wpos avrqy^^xh WD^, corrupt for 
n^ ^nbjD = ^njvrfti^ivqv avr^ This Sense suits all the passages. 

T. Jud. xiiL 3 ^ ica\Xc( ywaiKiov {fi) seems quite unsuitable here, 
and is omitted by a, A^. Perhaps there was a corruption of •T7n= 
' apartment ' into n^n = kcCAXci. Then we should render ' in the 
women's apartment '. 

T. Jud. xxi. 6 ol fxh^ firtv^vKcvovcrtv a^x/imXcarc^o/Acvoi, ol Sc 'TrXovroOcnv 
opiraj^orrcs ra dAAorpta. Here, instead of KivSwcvovo-t, we i^uire a 
verb forming an antithesis to vKovrowriv. KiySwewva-w = ^3D^ (late 
Hebrew). In earlier Hebrew it = tttwxcvowi. 

T. Dan i. 7 <rvK^f>yci fim keyov (a om.). avyrjfyyei is here impossible. 
It=TlT3r, which I take to be corrupt for n^y^ = ^«/>c 'stirred me up 

T. Dan L 8 (beg) tya wrrrtp ir(i[p8aXi9 t^Kftvfowra ^pi^ov, oi5ra« iKfiv^^i^m 
rw ^wnyfk. Here iKfwiav ' to suck '=pfD, corrupt for pm * to crush '. 
Hence 'to crush Joseph as a leopard, &c.' 

T. Dan iv. 4 tWpirci t^v oicoi/k, Kai ovr«t>$ 6Cvy€i tov vow. Here it is 
manifestly some hearsay that gives provocation 'and makes the 
mind keen to perceive '. Now t^« rrp^ SlkotIjv = nsnowi ^^*V^ where 

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pnn 13 corrupt for vy\^. Hence the clause =Hhe thing said giyeth 
provocation '. 

T. Dan v. 3 AyaTnTO-arc rov icvpiov Iv irmrg ry t f a)^ {c^ P~di A, S') vfiiav 
Kol oAAi^Aov? ^1^ aXrfOiyy xapSiq^ Here the parallelism shows C<^ to be 
corrupt, h d read ^xd> ^^^ ^^^^ looks like a scribe's emendation, 
though it gives the right idea. Perhaps D^^n ^33 or D3^D^ b^2 is 
corrupt for DanKD ^33 = * with all your strength *• 

T. Dan v. 6 fvirojcowrovrai rov iropcSpcvciv rots viot? AevL Here 
'will obey with a view to attending constantly on' cannot be 
original. vira#cov<rorrat = ^''?^!, corrupt for ^"TP^^ = * will conspire '. 
The latter verb occurs in the late Heb., T. Naph. ix. 2 (p. 243). 

T. Dan v. 10 (<z, heg) rrjv Ixhuaja-iv rov vlkovs SoKrct rots irar/xurtF -^/iSiv, 
Since the promise refers to the future irarpwriy can hardly be right. 
I conjecture that lJ^ni3M is corrupt for im^lK and that accordingly we 
must render here 'will execute an everlasting vengeance on our 
enemies '. 

T. Gad iii. 3 to fua-o^ irvif>XxMr€ r^ ^X^ aurov, a»s Koyia t Upkerrov Iv 
r(3 *IaK7^ {fi, A, S^). Here K&yta ifikarw h ^ 2 TIHIH ^DK D3, which 
may be corrupt for 3 '"n^? ^n« W. Thus we have: *hate blinded 
his soul as it blinded me also in regard to Joseph.' 

T. Gad vii. 6 6 yap irhnq^ . . . virep irdarrai firXovrei ori ovk ^€t tof 
Trepunraxrfwy rSiV /JuiTaiwv AyOpdnnay, According to the text the poor 
man is rich because he is free from the sore travail of men seeking 
to be rich. But what we require here is a statement that he is 
happy — not that he is rich — because he is free from disquieting 
cares. Here irXot/T€r=*¥?]pj, corrupt for "^^^J = fiaicaf)ttrros laru The 
LXX of Prov. xxxi. 28 implies the converse corruption, 

T. Gad vii. 7 ^f oparc ouv to "ffiMroi airo twv \lnrxpxv vfiSw koI aya7rqfrar€ 
dAAi/Xovs ev evOvnjri KopSiai, This chapter of Gad deals with envy or 
jealousy on the part of the poor man towards his wealthier or more 
prosperous neighbour. Ver. 7 closes the chapter with a general 
admonition bearing on the subject of the chapter. This admonition 
should refer, therefore, to ^^Xos or ^Oovo^y not to fwro^. The 
corruption arose in the Hebrew n^tsp (= {^Xo?) being corrupted into 

T. Ash. ii. I tjrvxrf iy Xoyotst d<^eoT«Mra to koXov wrkp rov kokov. 
So a reads. The text of /3-^, A Xcyovo-o, ffyqcC seems to be a corrup- 
tion of Xoyois d<l>uura : d^urraxra = il^i^DD, which I take to be corrupt 
for rODD = avrtXa/ifiayofjihrri. Thus we have ' a^ person may support 
the good with words on behalf of an evil design '. 

T. Ash. V. 2 810 KCLL rov Oayaroy ^ aliovioi iforj . '\'&yafUy€u The 
interpolations being omitted, this verse runs: 'Death sucoeedeth to 

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life, night to day, and darkness to light: wherefore also eternal 
life tawaiteth death.' h, p read dva/ici^et, c (A?) ZmfUvtu For toV 
before Sdyarov g reads fiera. This is a mere scribal guess, but 
it is in the right direction. Now Sia/xevct with its notion of 'con- 
tinuance ', eyen of ' continuance after death ', is not the idea that the 
preceding words suggest. It is that of succession, that we expect. 
huLiJusytt, may be an emendation of the impossible dva/icVct. I propose 
that the original ran as follows : iDlp^ Dhj;n"^'>n TWon *inx = /xcra 
TOK OayoTov ^ auln^ioq {o>^ oKoXovOti, but that this was corrupted into 
^^ D^yn «n nion MK = p. it appears that it was the loss or 
corruption of "^HK in H, or fierd ia a, p that led to the subsequent 
depravation of the text. If we could assume its loss in a, ^ then 
dva/tei'ci could be a corruption of dvareXcb 

T. Ash. yL 4 rk rcXiy twv ayOpannay Seucvvovo-i Tiyv Bucouoovvtjv avTiov t«ccu 
yvtapCf^ovraif tow AyycA-ow KvpCov koX tov BeXtop. fi'^gxe&d yviopiiovT€^ 
instead of koI yviaptiovrat which a attests, and dg yvu)pii6vTiay. The 
constructioQ in a cannot be right, nor yefc its sense. /3 is better in 
both respects. It is the souFs recognizing the angels of the Lord 
or of Beliar that makes it joyful or troubled at the hour of death, 
not its recognition by these angels. The participial construction 
of j3 is near what is required and may point to 2 with the infin. 
in Hebrew. In the notes on my text I have conjectured that 
we have here a confusion of Vnfl^yviopCioyTaL and ^^.^avuairrwrLf 
the same confusion as the LXX implies in Amos iii 3. Perhaps 
this is not necessary, but I think it gives better sense^ and, what 
' is more, it explains the impossible text of eu The Hebrew may have 
been D'»3i<i'Di> njn^ niya or n^^Mp Dnjnro. 

T. Jos. viii. 5 ^* ^*«t irfH}<f>d(r€<i}9 airqKhAyqv r^S klyvtrria^. Here 8ta 
Tpo^da-co)9, if it can stand, mifiBt either be rendered ' by (this) means ', 
or ' by a false charge '. But the latter rendering is questionable and 
the former would require the demonstrative pronoun. Hence I 
suggest that Sia irfXM^ca>9s=n3Xnp, corrupt for niKnp (the LXX and 
Yulg. imply the same corruption in Prov. xviii. i). Thus we have 
'praising God that I was delivered from the lustful desire of the 
Egyptian woman '. Gf. iii 10. 

T. Jos. xL 7 f^^ hrXrjOwey avrbv iy )(pva'u^ koX SLpyvpua Kal tcpy<{> (a). 
j8, A, S omit Kal Ipjia, probably as unintelligibla But by retransla- 
tion the source of the corruption springs to light. ^<ii=rn3y, which 
the translator read as n*lb^ (»lpya»); but which he should have 
read as rn^g = < household servants'. The entire clause will be 
found in the Hebrew, T. Naph. L 3 (p. 239), where Naphtali speaks 
of ' silver and gold and household servants \ 

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T. Benj. iv. 2 6 yap Ayafio^ ayOp<airo^ fovK ixei o-ncorctvoV ^^oX/toH*, 
i\€€i: yap iroKras. So far as I am aware the expression o-icoretvov 
wfiBaX/wv is unexampled, and seems to spring from a corruption 
in the Hebrew, wk ix^i a-KOTeivov 6^0aX/Aov=*]fi^n py 1^ pK. Here 
pK is to be rejected as a dittograph of J^y^ and Ifi^ to be taken as 
a corruption of nbn Thus we have i>Dn ^3 rwn pr )b aion B^Kn 
^3*^, 'The good man hath a pitiful eye, for he hath compassion 
on all!. CL Ezek. xvi 5 yby nbrsrh • . . px^ ybv nom^b. 

T. Benj. iv. 5 ry &yawiinm rov B^hfv t<rwrp€x«. Here oTivr/i^ci=p^\ 
corrupt for rftn^ * approveth '. 

T. Benj. viii« 3 wnr€p yhp 6 19X10^ ov fua/vcrat tirpo<r^)(«iyi^ hrl Konrpw . . . 
ouro) Kai 6 KaOapioi vov% iv toZs fiMLo-fiok 9% y^ crwcxoficKO? ftoAXov 
towco8o/Lt€^ avros 8i ov fuaCverau Here irpoa-ix^y (Cj i^/)='^nj'?? (cf« Sir. 
ziii. 13), but the word should have been punctuated "^^^I^S » Ao/iiraiv. 
Strangely enough / has Xa/xTrcm/ here, which is probably only a lucky 
hit of its scribe. Or irpotrixiav = b^ jTB^na (cf. LXX on Job x. 3), 
which should here have been rendered kapnTmy, Next, o2icoSo/icr = 
my which I take to be corrupt for nsT. Thus the simile in the 
text becomes perfect. 

T. Benj. ix. i toKavcQiftTo-cordc. Perhaps we have here a corruption 
of )ennn (= *ye will desire' or 'perpetrate*) not icnnn. 

In all the above cases we have dealt only with corruptions in 
the text, where there was no divergence among the HgS. or Versions. 
Yet the bulk of the restorations is so obvious that we might take 
as proven our contention without further evidence. And yet the 
strongest evidence is still to come. In the next Section we shall 
discuss only those passages in the text where the MSS. and 
Versions attest different readings, a generally standing in opposition 
to )3, A, S. By means of the evidence thus forthcoming we hope 
to advance a stage further than we have yet reached, and to prove 
not only that our book is derived from a Hebrew original, but 
also that the Hebrew existed in two recensions, H^ and H^, and 
that a and p did not originate in the Greek but are derived 
respectively from H« and H^. 


Hebrew recensions H<> and H^. Table of Affinitt of all 
THE Textual Authorities. 

a and p are not, strictly speaking, Greek recensions, for their 
chief points of divergence^ did not originate in the Greek, but go 

* There are of coarse some. omissIoiiB in a due to hmt. and others possibly to 

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back to two diverse forms of text already existing in the Hebrew, 
which we denote as H<> and H^. 

Of these two recensions, H<> and H^, sometimes one gives the 
correct text, sometimes the other. Whilst^ therefore, it is best to print 
a and add the main variations from p in the margin,^ the translator 
will follow a different course, and follow in one case a, in another p. 

I shall begin this list of variations hetween H^' and H^ with a 
few of the most remarkable taken from different Testaments and then 
proceed in order through the Testaments. The variants will be 

T. Benj. xiL 2 hcoifn^Or^ varcp KaX<f dirc^ovc ... Ik y^pci koX^ 
Here /8, A, S are undoubtedly right, '"QltD nyb3 HD. In H«, on the 
other hand, mi^ has been corrupted into n^^e^. The same corruption 
was present in both H« and H^ in T. Dan vii. i ; T. Ash. viii i ; 
T. Jos. XX. 4, and both Hebrew recensions are right in T. Iss. 
vii. 9. In the late Hebrew T. Naph. i. i, the correct Hebrew 
phrase is found. See App. 11. p. 239. 

a ^ ^ ^ ^ AA,S» 

T. Afih. vi. 6 €icr<f>€p€i avrov €ls iftnjy alJivujv vapafjLvOeiTcu avrov ev ^<a^ 

Here it is H<» that is right and not H^. The angel of peace conducts 
the good soul into eternal life. Here €l(r^^p€i=:nm^ which in H^ 
was corrupted into UW='irafia/wO€vrau On T. Benj. vi i we have 
confirmation of the text of H<^, which reads 6 yoif> Ayy^Xjcn 1% 
€lfvfvri9 oSiyyct tt^ ^hOCP^ avrov. 

a ^ . . AA,S*^ ^ 

T. Afih. vL 5 &r€ yap wonypg ij ^X7 ^^ 7^9 ferapayfiiyrj ij ijr, 

airepxerai ^iripxerai 

Here H^ is right. The troubled or peaceful condition of the soul at 
death shows its character. Here ncnyi=TCTaf)a7/A€i^ was corrupted 
in H« into npBn=7rovi7pa. 

a (aef) hdg, A 

T. Jos. iv. 7 &irr€<l}tXov€iK€i io'ulonnfa'e* 

Here H« read nnnnnn and H^ rwnnnn. 

T. Beub. iv. I /xo^^oiWcg iv Ipyoi^ KoXoii fM^Oovrr^s iv ipyoL^ Kal&jny 
K<u iv ypdfifjuurw irXaviofJLevoi, iv ypafifjuurw 

accident. These I do not inolade in the above, though some of them may 
have originated in the Hebrew. 
^ All the variants of a and fi are given in the notes. 

OB. PA. C ^ 

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Here a, which is in part supiwrfced by A, is clearly right and p 
corrupt. ^ Ipyots KoXo^=DnK''> D^WM, of which U'^IXT was corrupted 
in H^ into D^lfc')=icat d7ro7rXav<o/i€voi.* 

T. Reub. iv. 7 ^cpct . . . 'jro^a-KOfAfia T^ BcXiop (a). Here fi-af, A, S^ 
are right; irout . . . ycXaiTa 7raf)a T$ BcXiap. y€Xa)Ta=pnBnD (or p^nfc'), 
which in H« was corrupted into K^Pte. ^ 

a P'\ , 

T. Gad i. 4 xnrapx*^v vco? Tpv<^€po9 wv 

Here H« was "»S3 and H^ ai?* I^ is doubtful which is original. 

T. Gad V. 4 6 ^d/3o5 tov ^cov olfcct cv avr<g 6 ^. t. ft yucji to /ucros 

Here the context is in favour of ^, A, SS since it is dealing with the 
question of hatred. H«=1K'Dn inn, corrupt for TWXSth by^ (=vt»ca 
rh fuarosi) which stood in H^. 

a (A) AS^ 

T. Benj. X. 4 KaToXct/tATrovoi 8i8a(r#ca) 

Here H* was n^ap and was no doubt right It is found in late 
Hebrew, T. Naph. I 3 n^3D ^:«. In H^ this word was corrupted 
into n^ao or nniD. 

The above instances are sufficient to establish the existence of two 
distinct types in the Hebrew, H<> and H^. We shall now proceed 
systematically through the Testaments, adducing similar phenomena 
in support of this view. 

T. Keub. iv. 10 wovrfpov bparov 

The reading of H^ ^iKn is perhaps best here. *The God of our 
fathers delivered him from manifest and hidden death.' This was 
corrupted in H« into yi or j;B^"i=7ron;pov. 

a ^ ^,A,S' 

T. Reub. V.2 3ia rov trxrifJuoLro^ 8uya/xcii)g 

Here H«, i- e. *lin or in=<rxT7fuiTos, is undoubtedly right, as the context 
proves ; for it has just been stated that ' since they have no . . . 
strength (^vvaiuv) over man, they use wiles by outward attractions 
(trx^/juwrtv), that they may draw him to themselves. And whom 
they cannot bewitch with outward attractions, him they overcome 
by craft '. }n in H« was corrupted into p^<. 

T. Lev. iii. 2 "^fiepav KpLa-etas "^fiipay irpfxrrayfjuaxo^ 

Here irpwrrayfiaro^ may=n*l, corrupt for p*l=H«. 

^ Or we might take teaKots to besQuiiD, which waa corrapted into criooiBxal 

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In T. Lev. viii. 15 a has iropovo-ia avrov dyaTrryny , while /?-«/ A, S 
have wop, avrov a<l>paiTTOi. The former =1^^ which was corrupted 
into 1)0 = ^^pooTos. In * An Original Source of the Testaments ' 
(App. III. 83) Levi is called bn TT. We might also compare the 
Messianic phrase /wvoyeyov^ irpo^rfrov in T. Benj. ix. 2. There /iovo- 
ycvovsrrn^ir. Is this comipt for TH* ? 

In T. Lev. xiii. 5 o reads vytaa-fiivoi ^€=1KB'in, and )8, A^, S €v/ot^€= 
UORDH, hoth of which appear corrupt for nVKn=ft7cravpan;T€. Thus 
we have 

'Work righteousness upon the earth 
That ye may have it as a treasure in heaven'. 

T. Lev. xiv. 3 ^Aios ovpav^s 

Here H^ had D^^, which in H^ was corrupted into firD(r. 

a, aef, S hdg, A» 

T. Lev. XV. 3 Oi /UQ-oviycs ol ^ccjpovvrcg 

Here a has captured some of the MSS. belonging to fi, and 
=triOlbn, which was corrupted into Dwnn. 

a ^ ^ A A/3 

T. Lev. XV. 3 x^ifrqa-oyroL hrX rg dirtoX^uj^ vfiSiv <t>€viovTauL i.<f> v/juav 

Here H« was Vin^ and Hi^ rfv. 

a A A, S* 

T. Jud. xxvi. I Karixown KaTcvBvvava'iv 

This variation may have arisen within the Greek, but if not, it 
may be explained as follows. H»= 0^*1^8^ and H^ D''1?^!0. 

T. Zeb. i. g i^e^aliixra itrKJiraa'a iirC 

Here a has influenced oe/ and d. H^ = ^ WD3, which may be 
comipt for / ^W"}3 (or ^^t^) of H«, ' I made a covenant with my 
brothers not to tell my father.' But the original Hebrew word is 
doubtful here. 

f . . . , ^'^' 

T. Zeb. ii. 4 firj ^cpoy fyw Ttav oliAtayiav ctg oTictov ^\Ocv hfia 

A is vague here, but favours )3, S^ Here H<^ seems original, and 
may have read \n3 ^T\\Wl K^ which could have been corrupted into 
W hvt ^nta. It is true that NTJ «B^J in Jer. ix. 9, 17 means *to take 
up a wailing '. 

c, p-d d, A 

T. Zeb. ii 5 c'jgd/igct ^ ^copSta iOafiPy^ ij Ko^ta 

Here c, ^d are original, being derived from Jer. iv. 19 ^a^ "h noin. 

c 2 

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i$afipy&ri=Tror\f whicfa could be an easy corruption of Tto^y but the 
corruption may have arisen within the Greek ; for the agreement of 
hg with c is difficult, though possibly H^ may have had both 


a 0^/ A 

T. Zeb. viii. 6 to ■wpoo-owrov d^avtf ci tt/v vtrap^iy d^toFti^ct 

Here Ha=D^:& and H^ D^JIK. The context is probably in favour of 
the former, bg give here a text of their own. 

* T. Dan L 4 iOifirfv vepi Txw Oayirov 1780/iiyy ttc/m tw Oaydrov 
Here the variation may have arisen in the Greek, but it might go 
back to the Hebrew. See note in loc. 

a ^ j&, A, S» ^ 

T. Dan iiL I oMpf rrjv ^vp^ iKTapda'<r€i ovrj rg yfrvyiQ avros ytvcrat 

Here both H<> and H^ give good sense but the latter is more striking. 
The variation might be accounted for within the Hebrew. H^= 
^th nNT and H« tren HNI. Cf. Ezek. xxxiv. 18, 19. 
a, aef, S^ hd, A 

T. Naph. i. 8 cuXoytag 'PaxtiyX cvx^g *Pax*^X 

Here H<> read n^nn corrupted into n^DM. 

a /3,A,S* ^ 

T. Naph. iii. 2 oc airripi^ ov KoXv^owi o£ dor. ovk <iAAoun?o-t 

T^ To^o' avrwv r. raf ty avron' 

Here H^ has preserved the original text» ^S^ corrupted in H<^ into 
^6^5^ r= KoAvt/rovcru 
T. Naph. iv. 2. See note m foe. 

a A A, S^ 

T. Gad iv. 3 oTrcwSd^a diku 

Here H^ read f^Bir corrupted (?) into TBn^ in H«. 

a^ ^ ^ A(A),S| 

T. Gad vi. 6 i7<n;;(a<roi' /x^ i\iy$rj^ rfirurxpxrov firi cgocyy^ 

H« = raVTO bnn, H^ = oyDno inn, where the latter is probably a 
corruption of the former. 

T. Gad vii. 3 iiiraxrav KpL/xara Kvpiov 

Koi KaraXdfjul/€i , koI ov (&/om.) icoraXeu/rci xai ovk ^icaraXet^ets ^ 
xai ^crv^oo'ci ro ^la/^ovkiov crov. 

Here all the authorities are alike at fault The context suggests 
that in the corrupt verb we should have some synonym of i7<n;x<w-«, 
and the moment we retranslate we discover what is lacking. Thus 
* So by a change of one letter. 

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jcoraXcu^cc = t?|!, which is corrupt for TOJ = dyawawrerau Thus 
oFasxcucrcrai xcu 'qavxojcrtt. = tSpBH mD% which two verbs are conjoined 
in Job iiL 26. The corruption of m^^ into rfy* led to the insertion of 
the negative in the fi, A. On th€ other hand icaroAa/u/rci (a) pre- 
supposes t?!!, which is thus another corruption of the original mr. 
T. Oad viL 5 

a,P ^ A ^ 

€L &(^aip€irai avra iv kokoi^ ci dt^cupcircu rbv irXovrov iv kcucols 

This is a difficult passage. If A has preserved the original text, 
then we have the very unusual instance of a, )9 agreeing against 
A. In that case we must suppose all the existing MSS. of /? to have 
been corrupted since the Armenian Version was made. Since this 
is wholly unlikely I assume that A has simply restored the original 
text by conjecture. For that it is the original seems manifest. Thus 
in ver. 4 our author speaks of a man growing rich by evil means 
(cK kokSo^ Tt$ trXovriTcrct). Hence h kokois naturally means 'got by 
evil means', and the phrase irXovrw ck Kaxois^/Jjf? P'*^, which goes 
back to Prov. xiv. 11 ^nnD )in. Now this text lay behind the 
corrupt di^aipciTai avro, whi5h=in*l^D^ corrupt for |in TD^=d^atp6trat 

T. Ash. L 8. Here H« read pain (=irpo<r«oAXaT(u {h)) corrupted 
into ^3pn = vpofrXa^ifiayu {fi^ A, S*). For irpoo-icoAAaTat c reads koX 

a ^ i8,A,S» 

■ T. Jos. V. I dFcXu) Toy aySpa fwv j^apimKif^ ay^kia tov AlyvTmov xai 

KOX Xi^OfwI o-e ovTtoi vofiifua^ ki^Ofuu ere 

Here H<> seems to be originaL It=nDrD which in H^ was corrupted 
into npnn and transposed into the next clause. 

T. Jos. iv. 3 Tiyg SoXiOTTTTOg avr^ t^ Alyvirriai 

H«=nnnD'Tn and H^ nnxon. 

a, p-hg bgy A 

T. Jos. iv. 7 &yT€f^iXjw€uc€i l<rwnrq<r€ 

H« = nn"innn (so Symmachus renders (<^tXovcucciy) in Pa xxxvi. 1) 
which may be a corruption of H^ nennnn=^(ri(a7n;o-€. 

a A^f^! 

T. Jos. V. a ywoKTicc ort f/ui ^^ayycXoi cyo) ^^ayycXco r^v hrtvoiav 

vaxriy Trfv hrCyoiay aw ravnyv T^g axr€p€ia^ g-ov vcuriv 

Here, as in the last instance, there is a transposition of a word 
from its right clause to the adjoining one. H<>ss)n (i. e. yivwrK€), 

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while H/3 read yn (i.e. t^« dorejSctas) and placed it after noTD 

a AA,S* 

T. Jos. yii. a c0€pa7rcvo-€V avT^ e^cpaircwcv avr^v 

Here H« read nii^M and H^ nb\n vh or the former Wp''D2 (late 
Hebrew) and the latter rhbtiH nb. 

T. Jos. viii 6 (rvycixcro aTro t^? Xutd;? ^(rO€V€i diro t. X. 
Here H« may have read n«i>3D and H3 nn«i>5. 

c ^ AA,S^ ^ 

T. Jos. X. 6 ovic hrqp&rjv iv Kojcta ifierpovy ifiavrov 

Here H<^ read ^fit^fiS ^DDDn nb (that is, taking ^ Kaic<^ as a corruption 
of i/jMVTiOy L e. l/mvTov BB in p, A, S*). Or ^noon is a corruption of 
^riDDn.* Thus we have the phrase in Ps. cxxxi. 2 'I kept myself 
quiet '. From this we could explain the reading of p, A, S^ ; for 
€yx€Tpow=''nnD, an easy corruption of ^MDDn or indeed of ^notyn. 

T, Jos. XvL 5 80VS avTois dySoiyicoKra ^(fn^om Sovs avrots dyS. x- 

avtkaBero fJL€ avr IfJMv 

H«='>3Pip^. Was there such a form as ^B^n in H^=dKr' ift/ov. 

c P'(h^ 

T. Jos. xvii. 5 ^^cXw cKcXcvo-cv 

Here H^ =»<}?, corrupt for H« W=^«€\ov. 

From the above evidence, which could be enlarged, we must 
conclude that there existed two recensions of the original Hebrew, 
which we have already designated as H« and H^. Since in the 
main these recensions, as they appear in a and p, differed firom each 
other chiefly in^words and phrases, most of which are explicable 
through simple internal corruptions, the Greek translation of H^ 
must have been used as a guide by the translator of H^ or vice versa.' 
In a few passages, however, the divergence is on a larger scale. The 
reader will find such an one in the T. Lev. iL 7-iii, where the descrip- 
tion of the Three Heavens belonged to the original Hebrew archetype 
and is more or less &ithf uUy preserved in o^ A<>, the latter being here 
influenced by a. After H<> and H^ originated, the description of the 
Three Heavens was changed in H^ into one of the seven heavens. 

* The LXX and Vulg. read conversely ^noon as ^ncfory in Ps. cxxxi. 2. 

* In the Book of Daniel we have a good parallel. The variations between 
the versions of Theodotion and the LXX in i-iii, vii-zii of that book go back to 
the Semitic. 

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As this was done clumsily, naturally it has been detected. In many 
cases it is impossible to get back to H^ owing to the defective text 
of a. Cf. T. Gad ii. 3-4 ; T. Naph. i 12. 

There are many omissions in H» or a through hmt, and some 
where no such explanation is possible (cf. T. Gad yi 3, i. e. the clause 
liopurw; rav vov rov fua-ov^). In some passages H<>, in others H^ (or 
possibly only a or ^) omitted passages owing to the inconsistencies 
or unintelligibleness of the transmitted text. Thus H» omits a clause 
in T. Jud« ix. 3 because it conflicts with the preceding corrupt clause, 
but here H^, supported by the Midrash Wajjis. and Chron. Jer., happily 
retains it, while in T. Ash. vi. 2 H^ (or only j3) omits on the same 
ground a clause which happily H<* retains notwithstanding its 
inconsistency. Again, in T. Jos. xi. 7 mnys was omitted in H^ 
through some scribe misunderstanding it, or the wrong rendering 
iv Ipyfa was omitted in p because of its unintelligibleness. 

We are now in a position to represent by a diagram the relations 
of the lost and existing documents of the Testaments : — 

H(- Hebrew Archetype) * 

H"( 1st Hebrew Recension) 


H^(2nd Hebrew Recension) 

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§ 13. Linguistic Chasacteb of the Gbeek Vebsiok. 

I do not propose to discuss this question exhaustively^ but only 
to bring forward the chief characteristics of this Version. These 
I shall treat under the following heads : — 
L Peculiar use of certain nouns, &c. 
11. Peculiar use of certain phrases. 

III. Prepositions and particlea 

IV. Hebraisms. 

I. Peculiar use of nouns and other words. 

The translator's use of certain words is in some instances rare, 
in others unexampled. Thus he uses ro^a BS^Sopara in T. Jud. iii. 3, 
ix. 3 : oXtycH/rvxui (T. Gad iy. 7) in the sense of * hastiness of spirit ' — 
a use however which is established in the LXX : irXdxrfjua, (T. Naph. 
ii. 5) in the sense of inclination (^V^): a-K^irrpov (T. Jud. xxv. 1) in 
the sense of 'tribe ', but this is simply a Hebraism (being a rendering 
of D3fi^) : <^i\i7&>via seems to be used merely as a synonym of yfiovri — 
have we here a parallel of ^lAocro^ta and o-o^ia ? The use of v€iaT€f)urfjLo^ 
(T. Beub. ii. 2) in the sense of ' youth ' is, so far as I know, unexampled. 
h^Svfm is apparently used in T. Lev. x. 3 03) in the sense of jcaraircnur/ui, 
which is found in ou This seems to be quite an unjustifiable use of 
the word. The text may however be corrupt In T. Benj. ix. 4 we 
have a peculiar use of the word itrkoifm. The word properly means 
an ' altar cloth', but the context seems to require the meaning * veil '. 
This passage, however, is a Christian interpolation, and the use of 
the word may be due to an ignorant scribe. 

mpos is used in the sense of SXXoi T. Beub. ii. 3 (a), T. Lev. viii. 
12 (a) ; T. Jud. ix. 6, &c. 

II. Peculiar use of certain phrases. 

fiera hrf 8vo rrj^ rcXcvr^ (T. Beub. i. 2)=' two years after the death 
of Joseph'. This peculiar construction recurs in T. Zeb. i. i. It is 
found in Plut. Corioll. 1 1. A perfectly analogous construction with 
TTpo appears in the LXX in Amos L i, iv. 7, and the N. T. in John 
xii. I. 

A very interesting construction of lx«i> is found in four of the 

The passages are — 

^^X^ 0^) A, S^ l/icXXc a) rciccti^, T. Iss. ii. 2. 

cTxw fJ^ ^cXw, T. Jud. vii. .7. 

c[rcicvos ct^ov diroOay^iVy T. Jud. xix. 2. 

cvAoy^cu <r€ ^x^i (a), T. Jos. xii 3. Here )3 A, S^ have cvAoyiTo-ct cc. 

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d^oXvotu '^fias ^ci (a), T. Jos. XT. 7* Here aef, S^ have aTroAvo-ct 

^dg aTTcXiKrcv) i7/Aa9* 

We have here strange uses of ^o). In the first three cases we 
should have had Sv inserted in Classical Greek, but in N. T. times 
this omission is not infrequent : of. John ix. 33, zv. 22, xix. 11 ; 
GaL iy. 15^ &c. We have now to touch briefly on this peculiar use 
of exoi with an infinitive. 

Such phrases as we have cited above from the Testaments in 
connexion with l^x^ and an infinitive ^ are rather frequent in sixth 
century Greek writers, from whom Stephanus in his Thesaurus gives 
many quotations. But this usage was well established about 200 a.d. 
both in Greek and Latin. In Latin we find it in the third century in 
Cyprian, De dom. Orat 34 'manifestari habebat', ' was to be manifested '; 
Be Haerei. hc^iiz, 73 ' unum habet esse et baptisma', ' there must be 
also one baptism '; Ep. lii 3 'eici de ecclesia et exdudi habebat ', and 
many others. Earlier it is found in TertuUian, writing between 197- 
220, JResurr. Camis 27 'habemus allegorizare'; DePudic. 13 'erudiri 
haberent '; De Virg. veland. i ' nasci non habebat ', &c. I am not aware 
of any earlier instances of this use in Latin ; but there are in Greek. 
Thus it is extremely frequent in Clement of Alexandria (ed. Dind.) 
i. 4 cc fti^i yc Tov yw fu kvtrovvTOi ^cT xeipoy ira^clv Ix^ (quoted from 
Jannaris' Historical Greek Qrammar 553 sq. where some dozen of other 
instances from the same author will be found). Thus the usage 
existed in Greek towards the close of the second century. But we 
can establish its currency about the middle and beginning of this 
century ; for in Hermas, Sim. ix. 10. 5 we find luxpov ^ia &Kaip€6^i^aiy 
Kid voarra (roc hrikwrvi — ' I shall be busy for a little and then I will 
explain everything to you * : and in Ignatius, Bom. 2 ourc yap iyia 
iroT€ c^ Koipoy tovovtw Oeov hriTvx€w' ovt€ vfi€i^9 iay a-uainj<njT€, Kpdrravi 
Ipy^ ix"^^ ^typainjyai — 'for neither shall I myself ever have an 
opportunity such as this • . . nor will ye, if ye be silent, win the 
credit of any nobler work '• 

Thus we have traced this usage back to about 100 ▲. d., and now 
by means of the Greek Version (a) of the Testaments we are able 
to prove that it was in vogue full half a century earlier. The 
examples we have given from Hermas and Ignatius enable us to 
understand how €vXoyrjarai <r€ cxct in a = 'will bless thee', as indeed 
we find €vXoyrj(r€L o-c in j3. Perhaps an element of necessity may lurk 
in the phrase. 

1 Of cotine the use of lx« with an infinitiye in the sense of possum is Classical 
as well as HeUenistie. 

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^^cXc . . . dvcXciv, T. Reub. L 7=' would have killed'. Here av is 
omitted as in the passages just discussed. c^cXco is here merely used 
as an auxiliary, and is Classical. Cf. Aesch. Eutn. 429 ov SoOvai ^cAci 
=:ovK ^v 80117: also Aristophanes, Vespae 536. MeXXo) is used in the 
same way in T. Iss. ii. 2 (a). 

In the first three passages where the constructions cT^c tckcii^, 
c?xov • . . dLvcXciv, and cTxov airoOay€lv occur, we have simply the use of 
the same idiom in the past tense. To the omission of ay in these 
constructions we have already referred. 

III. Pre^sUions and particles. 

av is used with the pres. ind., T. Lev. xiii. 9. 

3.V = idv. See Index. 

iva with subjunctive as a periphrasis for the imperative, T. Iss. i. 6 
tva (Txw Toura as in N. T. Cf. Eph. v. 33 ; Gal. ii. 10, &c. 

cv. This is a very hard worked preposition : it occurs nearly 600 
times. In the bulk of these its use is normaL It occasionally 
expresses the instrument Two or three times it = €19. In a few 
cases its presence is superfluous, being merely a translation of the 
Hebrew 3, as after iKkeyofixu in T. Beub. vi. 1 1, or after dSuccIv in 
T. Sim. V. 4, or after Kkrjp6(a in T. Iss. v. 7 (fi), 

furd = DV in phrase wotrfa-ov fi€T avTov Kpuriy* 

avv apparently= * like ', being a translation of Dy in T. Siiii. iv. 4. 

xnrlp TovTov = wcpl tovtov in T. Gad L 8 (hi). 

IV. Hebraisms. Only a few are given under this heading. See 

§ ". 

diro Tr/xxrawrov rij? wcvrfpuis, T. Lev, x. 3 = y*Vl ^iSD. 

TOs . . . ov, T. Jud. XV. 4 ; T. Iss. vii. 3, 7. 

Ik T<av wvevfidTtav, T. Dan i. 7 (a) = ninno * one of the spirits/ 

Svo 8uo, T. Ash. i. 4 (v. i) = D^iB^ D^iK^, i. e. 8i<r<ro5. 

ty KaTcWvTt Tov €vo9, T. Ash. i 4 = imn nai nnxn. 

€v irpoiTots, T. Benj. x. 8 = N31B^K-n. 

Kara rrp^ ^hOCI^ avrov, T. Benj. iv. 5 =. 1B^33. 

ola . . . ovTws, T. Keub. i. 10, nNT3 • • • IBV. 

§ 14. The Date of the Obioikal Hebrew. 

The date of the groundwork of the Testaments is not difficult to 
determine. Thus Reuben (T. Beub. vL lo-i i) admonishes his sons : 
IIpo^ TOV Acut ^yyto-ttTC cv raTTcivoMrci KapSCas Vfuov Iva hi^yfo^t cvkoyiav 
iK TOV OTOfiaros avrov . • . ort iy avr(p ^^cXc^aro Kvptos PaariXevtiv iviinriov 
9ravro9 rov Xaov. Here a high-priest who is also a king is referred 
to. Such a combination of offices naturally makes us think of the 

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Maocabean priest-kings of the second century b. c. The possibility 
of doubting this reference is excluded by the words that immediately 
follow: Kol irpo(rKvinja-aT€ ro ariripfw. avrov Sri virlp Vfiiav iLVoOavttrai iv 
voXJfAOi^ 6paroi9 xol do/xtrois* kcuL cv vfjuv Icrrat PaariXw aicovios. A 
similar statement is made in T. Sim. ▼. 5. Thus the high-priest 
is not only a high-priest and civil ruler, but also a warrior. That 
the Maccabean high-priests are here designed cannot be reasonably 
doubted. But the identification becomes undeniable as further 
characteristics of this priestly dynasty come to light. It was to be 
a new priesthood and to be called by a new name (T. Lev. viii. 14 
'upareiav vcav . . . Siyofw. Kotvov). Now the Maccabean high-priests were 
the first to assume the title 'priests of the Most High God' — the 
title anciently borne by Melchizedek. But the praises accorded in 
this book could not apply to all the Maccabean priest-kings of the 
nation. As it was written by a Pharisee, it could not have been 
composed after the breach arose between John Hyrcanus and the 
Pharisees towards the close of the second century b. 0, Thus the 
period of composition lies between 153 when Jonathan the Maccabee 
assumed the high-priesthood and the year of the breach of John Hyr- 
canus with the Pharisees, — some time, therefore, between 153 and 
109. But the date can be determined between closer limits. To 
one member of the Maccabean dynasty are the prophetic gifts 
assigned in our text (T. Ley. viii. 15) in conjunction with the 
functions of kingship and priesthood. Now, in all Jewish history 
the triple offices were ascribed to only one individual, John Hyrcanus. 
Hence we conclude that the Testaments were written between 137 
and 107. For an attempt to define the date of composition within 
much closer limits see § 15 in the Introduction to my Translation 
and Commentary. 

§ 15. Date of the Gbeek Yebsion. 

We can only touch on this question here. It will be dealt with 
in some fullness in my Commentary. 

The a Version seems to have been translated first, indeed before 
50 A. D. ; for it is twice quoted by St. Paul. The first passage is in 
Bom. i. 32 ov fiovov avra iroiownv akka koi aw€vSoKOv<nv rots 7rpcunrov<rtv, 
which is taken almost verbally from T. Ash. vi 2 ort 01 Siirpoa-onroi 
Sco-cms "YKoXaiovTcu. (rd, dfjuoLprdyovo-i) ort kcu irpda'ax>v<n to kokov koi cruvev- 
Sofcovo-i Tot5 TTpdtro'Qva'iv. Since hg A omit the words Srt . . . irpda-aova-iVf 
we conclude that, though it is now found in a, adefj S\ it was origin- 
ally wanting in p and probably also in H^. For as we have 

Digitized by 



already seen (Table on p. zxxix) ae/ were early influenced by a, and d 
is conflate in character. Hence in reality the passage was preserved 
only by a originally. 

The second passage is the well-known one in i Thess. ii. i6 ^(^^curcv Sc 
eV avrov9 ^ ofryri ( + toi; Oeov DEFG Itala, Vulg. Gothic) cts re'Xos, which 
is borrowed from T. Lev. vi. 1 1 €<f>Oacr€v Se { + ^' P) avrous 17 o/ay^ tov 
$€ov ei9 rcA^. Here fi reads Kvpibv for rov ^cov. The ^i is omitted 
by a through a simple scribal error. 

On the ground of the above quotations we assume, therefore, that 
a was used by St. Paul, and that "H.^ was therefore translated into 
Greek at latest before 50 ▲. d. 

When H^ was translated we have no definite means of deter- 
mining. It was in all likelihood done subsequently to H<^. The 
translator of H^ appears to have had the translation of H<> before 
him, and to have followed it, unless where there were manifest 
divergencies between H« and H^. 

The wide influence that the Testaments had on the New Testament 
writers will be treated at length in my Commentary. 

§ 1 6. Title of the Book. 

The general title was probably ^ioBtjkol tw Uarpiapxav. So they 
are designated in A. But it varies in the different authorities. In 
a, bd it appears as Aui^kcu rSiv SioSeKa Uarpiapxlay tiov {hi, d om.) vUov 
'loKiafi ( + Toi5 Harpidpxov a) ; a at 8. twv l^ warp, irpo^ tovs vmws avrwv ; 
e om., / 8. orvv ^€<p Twv i^ vl<av rov Icucw/?, In the Stichometry of 
Kicephorus, the Synopsis of Athanasius, and the anonymous list of 
books edited by Montfaucon, Pitra, and others, the book is simply 
called Harpuipxcu* 

The title of the individual Testaments is very differently given in 
the MSS. a uniformly gives : — 

hiaBtjiai ^Fovfirffi rov vpon-orOKOv {irpuyrov t) viov *Iaic(i>^ (c om. tov . . . 
*IaKii}fi) KoX Actas, 

hiaOrfKri Sv/xcwv tov hetrripov viov *IaK<aP #cal Acias^ 

Sia^Ki; Acvt tov rpirov vtov 'ioKw/B koX Actas, 

SiaOi^KTj 'Iov8a TOV rerdprov viov *IaK<aP koX Acta?, 

hiaArjicri Aotv tov ipSofwv viov *I(uca>^ koI BoXAa?, 
and so with the necessary changes in number and name of mother. 
In p, A, the matter is more complex, a gives simply the name of 
the patriarch. A fuller form is generally found in hefg, while the 
title in d is generally conflated firom hefg and a. Hence we may, 
I think, neglect ad in this matter. In /there are generally additions 

Digitized by 



contaioing the interpretation of the name. These additions may also 
here be neglected, g takes a line of its own. Thus the title of 
Reuben is S. 'P., of Issachar S. lo-. €j anil of Joseph ta. Only that 
of Simeon agrees with h. In all the rest it takes a line of its own. 
Hence on the whole we may ignore it at present. In hef then we 
find the following, ignoring peculiar additions in ef\ — 

^laBrJKrf Aevt ir€pl Upwrvvrjs koI v?rc/n/^vcui9y 

Sco^Ki; *Iov8a ttc/k di^S/xias #cai ^iXoLpyvpias (c OHL k. ^iX.) koX vopn^eCa^ 
(f om. K. iropiv.\ 

iiaOiJKrf *Ia-axap irepi OTrXorrjroi (dya^on^ros e f), 

Stasia; Aay irepi Ovijuov koX ^cv3ov9, 

SuiBrJKff TaS ( + ^ 6) ircpt fiMrov^f 

BujL^KTf *Ao^p (+ 1'+ 6) fl-€pi Svo irpofriSmtay kokCos K€u opcr^?, 

Sca^m; 'Iokti)^ ( + la' 6) irc/Ji a-<iHf>po<Tvvrf^y 

In A the titles are — 
I. A*^^^ fi()3Xos Ttov 'n'apak€iirofiiywv, Xoyoi rov "P. husBrjic/i (+*' A®^*^), 

but A^ reads 8. *P. vlov *laKwP vlaiv *l(raJaK vioiv *APpadfi. 
3. A***^ 8. 2v/AC(i>v viov Icucoi^ vtov lo-ooic vtov *APpaai/jL, 
Ab^odft 8. Sv^^v ( + ircpl ^^dvov Aft). 

3. 8. Acvi ir€pi Upwrwrji ( + koX V7r€fnjff>ay€ias A^). 

4. 8. *Iov8a Tov TerdfjTov ircpi aK8/3ctas (A^'^ ^ucaioavvrji:) Ktu <t>ikapYvpias 

KoX iropv€ia9, 

5. 8. ^laaxdp, 

6. 8. ZafiovXiiv ( + VCOV 1o*pa^\ vtoS 1<raaic A**^). 

7. 8. AoK ircpi vTr€fnjif>av€Cas koX if/evBovi, 

8. 8. Nc^oAci/A ircpi ^ixruc^s dya^orv^ros (A^ om. ircpl • . • dya^.). 

9. 8. ra8 ircpi /lurovs. 

10. 8. *Aarfp irepl 8tirXoi79 Kae dpcr^s. 

11. 8. Ictfo^^ ircpi <^dw<w (Ab*cd om. IT. Kj^e.). 

12. 8. "BeyuLfii^ i^. 

When we compare t^and A, we discover that they agree in the 
titles of Judah, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, and with A^ in Levi, but that 
they are wholly or in part different in Beuben, Issachar, Zebulun, 
Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, and in most MSS. in Simeon. Since, there- 
fore, within fi there is a great variety of attestation, and since further. 

Digitized by 



even where there is uniiy in /9 as in hefj we find that A is more 
often at variance with &6/than in agreement with them, we may 
conclude that the part of the titles particularizing special virtues 
or vices are really later Editions. Hence the original title in Greek 
of the Testament of Beuben may have had one of two forms : either 
simply hiaBrjicq 'Fovfii^fji, or this with the addition tov irpcorordicov vlov 
*laK(i>p Koi Aetas as in a, and similarly with regard to the rest of 
the Testaments. The short title in a which gives merely the name 
of the patriarch is not original, but merely due to the desire for 
brevity which characterizes the work of the scribe of this MS. 

The Hebrew form was plK"j nH)XS. Compare Hebrew Test. Naph., 
p. 239- 

§ 17. Jewish Additions to the Text. 

A large body of these additions can be classed under one head as 
interpolated at a certain period and written with a well-defined 
object. The period is about 70-40 B.ay and the object of the addi- 
tions is the overthrow of the Maccabean high-priesthood, which in the 
first century had become guilty of all lewdness and baseness. The 
additions in question are : 

(i) First century b.c. Additions. 

T. Lev. X, xiv-xvi. 

T. Jud. xvii. 2-xviii. i (?), xxL 6-jtxiii, xxiv. 4-6. 

T. Zeb. ix. 

T. Dan V. 6-7, viL 3(?). 

T. Naph. iv. 

T. Gad viiL 2. 

T. Ash. vii. 4-7. 
These passages are more or less closely bound together by sharing 
in a common aim, i e. the denunciation of the present evil state of 
things under the later Maccabees, T. Lev. x, xiv-xvi; T. Jud. 
xxii ; T. Zeb. ix. 4-5 ; they condemn the nation as again guilty of 
apostasy, T. Zeb. ix. 9 ; T. Naph. iv. 4 ; T. Gad viii. 2 ; T. Ash. vii. 
5-6 ; they predict a second captivity, T. Jud. xxiii. 3 ; T. Naph. 
iv. 5 ; an ultimate redemption either by God Himself or through 
the agency of a Messiah from Judah, T. Lev. xvi. 5 ; T. Jud. 
xxiv. 4-6 ; T. Naph. iv. 5 ; and a blessed return to their own land, 
T. Jud. xxiii. 5 ; T. Ash. vii 7 ; T. Zeb. ix. 9. 

In all the above characteristics these first century b. g. passages 
agree with the Psalms of Solomon. In fact, the language in T. Lev. 
xiv-xvi. and T. Jud. xxiii. almost verbally agrees in some instances 

Digitized by 



with that of these Psalms. With them, too, the hope of a Messiah 
from Judah is put forward afresh, and the certainty of an ultimate 
redemption prophesied. All the old glories of the Maccabees are 
forgotten, and no doubt the expectation of a Messiah from Levi, 
which was so fondly cherished by the faithful in the latter half of 
the second century, was now regarded as no better than a delusion 
of the evil one. 

Another characteristic of these additions is their frequent citation 
of the Book of Enoch, as in T. Lev. x. 5, xiv. i, xvi. i ; T. Jud. 
xviiL I ; T. Dan v. 6 ; T. Naph. iv. i. Only in two other passages 
is this book quoted, i e. in T. Sim. v, 4, and T. Benj. ix. i. In the 
latter case this reference is omitted by A and may safely be regarded 
as an interpolation, and in all probability the former is also an 
interpolation, although it is attested by all existing authorities. 
From this frequent reference to Enoch, we may reasonably conclude 
the existence of certain sections in that literature which have not 
been preserved in the i Enoch (the Ethiopic Enoch), but have been 
republished in the later 2 Enoch (the Slavonic Enoch). 

(2) Oilier additions of variom dates. There are a few other 
additions which cannot be brought under the first head. They are 
of various dates and spring firom various sources. 

T. Reub. ii 3~iii. 3. This passage is dealt with fully in the notes 
in my Commentary, and is there shown to have been derived ulti- 
mately from the doctrine of Stoicism. It is manifestly at variance 
with its present context. It is difficult to determine when it was 
incorporated. The fact of its appearing both in a and ^, A, S^ is in 
favour of its having been interpolated in the original Hebrew ; but 
more likely it was first added in a and then copied into p. The 
chief reason against accepting the former hypothesis is the difficulty 
of explaining Tircvfia, which is here used repeatedly with a meaning 
confined to the Stoics, as that of a sense, organ, or appetite, nn 
was never, so far as I can ascertain, used with this signification. 
Tet it is possible to assume that some Jew did violence to the usual 
meanings of this word and used it, in the absence of any other 
possible word, as a rendering of the Stoic word irvcufia. This is 
constantly done by Greek Jews when translating from Hebrew. 
Some such document then as T. Reub. ii. 3-iii. 2 may have existed 
in Hebrew and have been added to the original text of the Testaments 
by some Jewish scribe. 

T. Lev. xviL 1-9. An addition from a Hebrew source. 

T. Beub. vL 7 ; T. Lev. xviiL 5^; T. Iss. v. 40, 6^ Scribal additions. 
The first passage relates to Levi only. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


T. Zeb. vi. 4-6, vii-viiL 3. ISee Introduction to my Commentary, §18. 

T. Naph. V. 5. A dittograph f rom ver. 3. 

T. Gad yi. 5. Probably originally a marginal gloss. 

T. Jos. X. 5-xviii. It is not improbable that this large section 
either displaced part of the original Testament or was added in the 
Hebrew. It was written in Hebrew as the rest of the Testaments. 
In addition to the grounds enumerated in p. 172 of my Commentary 
we should observe that, whereas the duty of truthfulness is empha- 
tically laid down throughout the Testaments, yet in x. 5'Xyiii 
Joseph lies several times to screen his brethren, xi. 2, 3, xiii. 6-9, 
XT. 2-3, xvL 6. Furthei*, the style of i-x« 4 is poetical, that of x. 5- 
xviii is prosaic 

§ 18. GUBISTIA.N Additions to the Text. 

These additions are found in nearly all the Testaments and were 
made at different periods. 

T. Sim. vi. 5 <u$ SvOponro^. The passage without this addition 
describes simply a Theophany, references to which are frequent in 
the Testaments, T. Lev. ii. 11, v. 2, viii 11 ; T. Jud. xxii. 2 ; T. Zeb. 
ix. 9 ; T. Naph. viii. 3 ; T. Ash. vii. 3. 

vi. 7^ ore 6 ^cos crtofjua Xa/Biav kcu awta-Oiiav dyOpilnroii ia-wrey dyOfMnrov^, 
A manifest Christian interpolation. 

vii. 2^ 0€ov Kol ayOpum-ov. 

viL 2® o-oKrct [TTovra ra Iftoy *cal] to y€vo9 tov 'lo-pai/X. So a, Ji. The 
bracketed words are a Christian addition. The author can look 
forward to the salvation of the Gentiles, but he would not set their 
salvation before that of Israel. See note below on T. Jos. xix. 11. 
A speaks here only of the salvation of mankind. The same inter- 
polation recurs in T. Jos. xix. 11 {c, fi) o-co^oiv [iroKra ra c^ koX] tov 
'hrpaT^X, where A has simply 17 a-wrrfpCa rov *I(rpa'q\, 

T. Lev. iv. i^ hrl Tw wdOei rov vij/urTov. This Christian addition 
transforms an account of the Judgement into a description of the 
events accompanying the Crucifixion. The addition moreover was 
made by a Patripassianist. 

iv. 4^ l<i)s hna-KefffToi Kvpios vavra to i&inj ck <nrXayp(vots 
[viodj avrov ctDS otcuvos 
[irXiyv ol vioC <rov hriPaXown xcijpas hr avrbv tov 
&vcurKo\o7ri(r(u avrdv]. 

The Christian interpolations here transform an account of God's 
coming to dwell with men (cf. v. 2 Im iXOiav icarouoToti) iv fUirm tov 
lo-paiyX) into a prediction of God's sending His Son, and of His 
crucifixion by the priests. 

Digitized by 



X. a tk TOK S«dT7pa T€v Koa-fjujv -xpurrov* The context deals with the 
wickedness of the high-priests in the first century b.g. 

xiy. I. Here a alone, by the addition of the words en-* avrov, trans- 
forms a purely Jewish passage into a Christian one. 

2. otriycs hrifiakovo'i rws X^<f^^ avrcoy hrl tok Son^pa rov Koa-fwv. An 
addition from the same hand as iy. 4^4 

xvL 3. This Terse may refer to the murder of some Jewish worthy. 
See my notes m loe. Otherwise it is a Christian addition. 

xyiL 2 KOi iv '^/Uptus X*^^ avrov hrl vumipCi;^ KOfr/wv avro9 ayaxrnfO'eraim 
This may or may not be an interpolation* It is unintelligible in its 
present context. 

xviii. 7 ^ T<p vSaru This slight addition changes a description of the 
glorification of John Hyrcanus into a description of the baptism of Christ. 

XviiL 968^ *Ia'payiX, IKamaBrpreraA Iv ayvwruf. 
Kol a-KOTurOtfareroL iv ircvtfci. 
An anti-Jewish Christian addition. 

T. Jud. xxiy. 4. Possibly a Christian interpolation. 

T. Iss. yii 7^. According to some of the DISS, this line is Christian. 
See notes. 

T. Zeb. ix. 8. This yerse in a, aef, A^ S^ describes a Theophany in 
very startling words — ' Ye shall see Him (L e. Ood) in Jerusalem.' 
But these words are found in the genuine text of Ps. Ixxxiy. 7 as in 
the LXX 64>&^€Tai 6 $€09 iy Suov. So also the Syriac and Yulg. 
This very phrase is found in T. Naph. yiii. 3. In bdg, howeyer, we 
haye the Christian addition iy <rxifjuvn iyOpwrw). 

T. Dan y. 10 ^ r^ ^vA^ [*Ioi^ koc] rw AcvL Here the inter- 
polator is clumsy. He ought to haye changed ^vA^ to ^Acok. 
Besides, the order betrays the interpolator's hand. In the original 
Testaments, when the two tribes are mentioned together, Leyi always 
precedes Judah. See T. Sim. yii i ; T. Gad yiii. i ; T. Jos. xix. 11. 

13 Kv/M09 IfTToi iy fUa^ airnj^ [rots <iy^/Minroc5 (rwavcurrpc^ficvos] 
KoX 6 *Ayu>« ^Icrpa^A jSturtXtwify hr* avr^ \iy TaircivoKrci koX Tmox^uj^ kol 6 
irunxvwv cir' avr<^ ^ao-iAcvo-ct iv tow &y$p<airoK iv oAi/^ciIji]. The text 
describes a Theophany as it does frequently elsewhere (see note 
above on T. Sim. vL 5). The Christian additions transform it into 
a prophecy of Christ. 

vi 7. p, S' add Som/p against a, A. 

vi. 9 lya SiirjToi vftas 6 Sorr^p riov iOvwv' i<rrl yap dAiy^s kcll fmKpoOvfio^, 
vp^ Kol Tomiyo^ koX iKSiSacrKmr Sta tw ipywy rov ySfWV Kvpiov, In its 
present form this is undoubtedly Christian. 

T. Naph. yiii 2 8ca yap rov tlovSo (ivarcAci 17 awnjpCa r^ *la-parjK, 

KOi iyf avrf cvAoyi/tf^crot *Iaxa»)3. 
Of. rA. d 

Digitized by 



viiL 3 8ia jTov (TtcifTrTpcv avrovf ^Orja-crai 6 $€09 [fcarouccay ck dyOfxinroisi] 

In my Text and Commentary I have, with Bousset, emended tov 
*IovSa into avr<uvy since the preceding words are hmlXcur^^ rois rcjcvoc? 
v/MJV Jya cvovrrou T<p Acvi Kot r^ *Iov3€u rov 'Iov8a would thus be due to 
a Christian scribe who likewise changed avroTs into avr^ and rSiv 
iTK-qTrrptav avrOfy into tov a-K7prrpov avrov. Perhaps, however, the 
singular is right throughout, and Acvc stood originally instead of 
lovSa, but T. Joa xiz. 1 1 is against this. 

T, Ash. vii. 3 lax? o5 q vi/rurros eirixTKhlrrfrax ttjk y^, koX avros cA.^i' 
[o^s ay$p<avo^ fjuera ayOp^jfiriOV i<r$iotv Kal mvoiv] icoi crwrpCfiiov r^v Kopav rov 
SpoKCVTOi hrl TOV v8aro9| ovto5 a-oKret tw 'Icr/jaiyA #c(u ircaa-a toL Iftny [tfco? 
€is av8pa viroicptvd/Acvof]. 

The original text described God's coming to earth and destroying 
the primeval dragon in the waters (Ps. Ixxiv. 13) and saving Israel 
and all mankind, as the chief prophets taught. The Christian 
additions are obvious. 

T. Jos. xix. 8. For a full treatment of this passage see notes in he, 

xix. II (oL, P) dvarcAci vfuv [6 dfM^o^ tov 6€Ov, 6 alpwv ryp^ afiapriay 
TOV icocrftov], a-(aiwv [irdyra ra HOvrj Kal] toi^ *Io'/)ai;X. 

The method of the interpolator becomes manifest if we compare 
the above with the text of A, i. e. dvaTcXei 17 amrripCa rov 'lo-paiJX. The 
order 1^ xal . . . Icrpai/A betrays the hand of the Christian inter- 
polator. See also next passage. 

T. Benj. vii. 8 (c, fi, S*) irepl rov a/jo^ov rov Btov koX a-inrrjpoi tov Kocfjuov, 
This is a Christian interpolation as well as the last words of the 
verse iv alfJuiTi 8ta^io;s eirt (Tityn^puf. iOvlay koX tov *Io'par}X koX KaToXwct 
BeXiop Kal tovs vTn/pcras. Observe the order ' Gentile . • . Jew '• A 
omits both passages. 

ix* 3^5* Obviously Christian. This is the only passage where 
A has admitted Christian interpolations in T. Benj. 

T. Benj. X. 7 (C, fi>) ripM avcumfO'Ofj.eOa . . . irpoo-#cwovKT€S tov fifwiXia 
Tcov ovpavanr [rou hrl yrj^ tf^vhrra iv pjoptfn^ &y$piajrov cv Ta?r€tv<iKr«, #cat 
CKTOt iriarevcrwa-LV avrw earl t^s yrj^ xoLpuro¥T<u aw avr^]. A omits the 
interpolation. The hand of the interpolator is obvious. 

X. 8 (c, 13) Kpiv€i Kvpt09 €V irpwTOi^ TOV *I(r/)a^X V€pl T^ a^iKiai [ori 
Trapay€v6pj€Vov Oebv cv aapKi ovk l7riaT€V(rav avr^]. A omits the 

X. 9 (c, P) Koi t6t€ Kpivei TTovra Ta H^yrj [ocra ovk ^«jT€v<rav avria Ivi ttjs 
yrj9 <^avcvn]. A omits the interpolation. 

xi. Here the interpolators have been hard at work. While one 
interpolator transformed the original, which spoke only of Benjamin, 

Digitized by 



into a prophecy of Christ (c), the other transformed it into a prophecy 
of St Paul (fi). The original text is preserved in A. See notes in loc. 


OF THE Testament of Judah. 

It is not necessary to dwell on this suhject. Only the part of the 
Hidrash, which has preserved fragments of the Testament of Judah 
is here given. The Midrash is reprinted in Appendix I from 
Jellinek's Bd ha-Midrasch iii. 1-3. The questions naturally arise : Is 
the Midrash based on the Testament of Judah ? or, Are both works 
so far as they relate to Judah based on a common original ? A com- 
parison of both works with Jub. xxxiv. 1-9 will, I think, make it 
clear that in the middle of the second century b. c. there existed an 
account of the war of the Amorite kings against Jacob and his sons. 
This account both Jubilees and the Testaments laid under contribu- 
tion, the latter more fully than the former. Further elements of 
this early history are contained in the Midrash just mentioned ; for 
these help to explain the over-abbreviated descriptions in both 
Jubilees and the Testaments. On the other hand, later elements 
have entered on a large scale into the section of the Book of Jashar 
which deals with this subject 

§ 20. Late Hebrew Testament of Naphtali. 

I have printed this Testament in Appendix II. My text follows 
the Oxford MS., which I designate as A. I have used Gaster's^ 
collation of P, which is a twelfth-century MS. now in Paris, and 
borrowed from his edition some readings which he in turn has taken 
from Wertheimer's edition (printed at Jerusalem in 1890). Further- 
more, for the sake of convenience, I have adopted the division into 
chapters which appears in Kautzsch's Apokr. und Pseudep, ii. 489- 
492. For the division into verses the present editor is responsible. 

Dr. Gaster, to whose text reference has just been made, is of 
opinion that in the Hebrew text which is printed in oui* Appendix 
'we have undoubtedly the original version of the Testament, free 
from any interpolation '. Further, he adds : ' In comparing this (the 
Hebrew Testament) with the Greek Version, we are struck by the 
great disparity between the two. In the Hebrew version, whole 
chapters of the Greek are missing, whilst in the Greek, the whole 
of the Hebrew is condensed into four-and-a-half chapters, the contents 

> (Hster, 'The Hebrew Text of one of the Testaments of the XII Patriarchs,' 
Fnccedingt qf the Society qfBxblkal Archaeology^ Dec. 1893 ; Jan. 1894. 

d 2 

Digitized by 



transposed and mangled almost beyond recognition. The Greek 
counterpart of the Hebrew makes no sense and has no meaning at 
all ; whilst the Hebrew is rounded off and complete, and perfectly 
clear.' These theses of Dr. Gaster have not been accepted in the 
world of scholarship. Almost universally, scholars who have worked 
on this field of literature deny the validity of his conclusions. In 
the first place, the style of the Hebrew is late. In the next place, 
even if it were early, it could lay no claim to being the original of 
the Greek 'Testament'. All that could be urged is that the two 
texts possess an exiguous^ amount of conmion materiaL In all 
other respects they diverge, and the evidence points to the conclusion 
that the Hebrew text is, in fact, based directly or indirectly on the 
primitive Hebrew text from which the Greek Testament was translated. 
On the following grounds we cannot accept the present Hebrew 
text as the original Testament of Naphtali. 

(i) The Hebrew Testament does not end as all the Testaments 
do in the patriarch taking leave of his children. 

(2) There is throughout the Hebrew Testament a strong personal 
feeling of hostility to Joseph. Thus his brethren complain that 
they have been exiled through his being a bond servant in Egypt 
(1. 10). Furthermore not a single word in favour of Joseph's personal 
character is uttered. 

On the other hand, in the Greek Testaments, wherever Joseph as 
an individual is mentioned, he is praised either explicitly or im- 
plicitly.* And this is true in the single personal reference to him 
in the Greek Testament of Naphtali i. 8. Where the name Joseph 
stands for Northern Israel, as in T. Naph. v. 7, vi 6, &c., the matter 
is different, and the attitude to Joseph in this relation is the same 
in both the Greek and Hebrew Testaments. 

(3) The account of the senses and powers of man in x. 6 of the 
Hebrew Testament could not be the original of il 8 in the Greek 
Testament. There are four Hebrew lists of the senses, including 
that in the Hebrew Testament (see notes in loc in my Translation), 
and the last is the most remote firom the Greek Testament, which 
can be best explained from the list in Berakoth 61^^. 

(4) The conceptions of Michael in the two Testaments do not 
agree. In the Hebrew (viiL 4) he is represented as the head of the 

^ The text in my Appendix amounts to five pages. The verbal ooincidenoes 
in these five pages with the Gi*eek Testament amount to about one-third of a 
page. In one or two passages, however, it is helpful in explaining corruptions 
in the Greek text, as I have shown in my notes. 

> T. Reub. iv. 8 ; T. Sim. iv. 4, 6 ; T. Lev. xiii. 9 ; T. Zeb. viil. 4, ftc, ke. 

Digitized by 



seventy angels^ who instructed the seyenty families that sprang from 
Noah in the seventy languages Michael's duty is to be the bearer 
of God s commands to men. But in the original Testaments Michael 
plays a loftier rdle. He is not merely the angelic patron of Israel, 
but the intercessor for the righteous of all nations, their protector 
against Beliar, and the Mediator between God and Man. 

(5) The late and conflate character of this late Hebrew rechauffe 
is shown by the fact that it contains two phrases drawn from two 
other Testaments, L e. in L 4 (' my silver . . . my gold ... all my sub- 
stance *) &om T. Jos. xi. 6, and in i. 8 (' the Lord and I are witnesses ') 
^m T. Lev. xix. 3. 

§ 21. Aramaic and Greek Fragments containing Phrases and 
cliaxjses from an original source of the testament of 
Levi and the Book of Jubilees. 

Of the Aramaic texts which are printed in Appendix III, the 
Cambridge fragments were first discovered by Mr. H. L. Pass in the 
Geniza collection of the University Library, and identified by him as 
a part of the Testaments of the XII Patriarchs. He subsequently 
published them in the J.Q.B.^ xiL 651 sqq. The Oxford fragment 
was found some time later by Mr. Cowley among the Geniza frag- 
ments in the Bodleian Library, and briefly described in the Catalogue, 
No. 2835, 27. The two fragments were written on vellum by the 
same hand, and not later, in the opinion of Mr. Pass, than the eleventh 

Both the above fragments were recently published in the J. Q. B. 
1907, 566-83, by Mr. Cowley and the present editor. The deciphering 
and translation of the Oxford fragment were almost wholly the task 
of Mr. Cowley, my part being limited to occasional suggestions or 
corrections, and attempts at getting behind the Aramaic and Greek 
fragments to the original presupposed by them. 

The Greek fragment was found by me in a tenth century MS. of 
the Testaments, which Professor Lake photographed for me on 
Mount Athos, and which is denoted by the letter e in this edition. 
This fragment is interpolated in the midst of a verse in the Testament 
of Levi, i. e. xviiL 2. This fragment is unique in Greek literature, 
just as the Aramaic fragments are likewise unique in Aramaic It 
is very remarkable that these Greek and Aramaic fragments agree 
word for word, where they coexist. Into their mutual relations 
I shall enter presently. So far as the Greek corresponds with the 
Aramaic, it is printed in parallel columns with it in the article in 
the J. Q. E. just referred to. These Aramaic and Greek fragments 

Digitized by 



ure reprinted with additional notes in Appendix III of my Text, 
and likewise another Greek fragment, to which there is no corre- 
sponding Aramaic. The last is now printed on pp. 250-52. 

There is also a small Syriac fragment of the same work, which 
was reprinted by Mr. Pass from Wright's British Museum Catalogue. 
This I have given on p. 254, and cori'ected by a fresh collation of the 
MS. the mistake that occurs in the Catalogue and passed from the 
Catalogue into Mr. Pass's reprint 

The fragments-^a source of the Testaments. A short study of the 
fragments serves to show that they are not derived from the Testa- 
ments, but are part of a work which formed a conmion source both 
of the Testaments and of the Book of Jubilees. 

We must now study the relations of the Greek and Aramaic 
fragments and, in case we discover that both are versions, determine 
the original language of the work. 

The Aramaic and Greek fragments are versions of a common original^ 
neither being a translation of the other. 

We shall now study these fragments alike in their relation to each 
other and to the Testaments. First then we will show that both 
the Aramaic and the Greek are translations, not originals, and that 
neither is a translation of the other. 

The Aramaic is a translation and not an original work. The first 
evidence in favour of the Aramaic being a translation is the appear- 
ance of a dittograph in ver. 69. 

The text twice states the reason for which Levi called his son's 
name Merari. ' And I was greatly distressed regarding him {^b ^D 
rnnp \ni7y) because as soon as he was bom he died' ( r.^P) . This 
statement is nonsense ; for Merari did not dia But the true text — 
a duplicate one for the most part — immediately follows : ' And I was 
greatly distressed regarding him (n^:d "^Tvhv "h n^no min) because he 
was like to die ' (nw). The simplest explanation of this dittograph 
is that we have here two renderings, one incorrect and the other 
correct, of the same Hebrew original. The difference in the word 
used for 'greatly' (N^ao and mvb) in the two cases is noteworthy. 
The second and correct rendering is supported by the Testament of 
Levi xi. 7 cfoAco-a avrov Mcpapei, o kari iriKpia fwv art *caty€ avros 
airiOvqa-Ktv (was like to die). 

Again, the peculiar style of the Aramaic fragment is against its 
being an original production, since it embodies Hebrew words, two 
of these being artificially Aramaised, two or more Syriac words, and 
words belonging to different types of Aramaic. To the explanation 
of some of these peculiarities we shall address ourselves later. 

Digitized by 



Finally, we might draw attention to the non- Aramaic use of jn in 
TBr, 13 in the sense of ' privilege ' or * right ' ; for the context shows 
that Kni^ru t^iaa, rendering of D^^PD DfiKlD in Deui viii. 3. 

The Aramaic is not a translation of the Greek fragment. This is at 
once evident if we compare the Aramaic of ver. 22 with the Greek ; 
for where the former =d7ro a-KwkrjKo^ kcu. totc Kafik avra' ovr(i>9 yap clSoy 
Tw *A^paa/jL Tov iraripa fwv irpo<rexovTa, the Greek has merely diro iravro^ 
fwXva-fJLov, In ver. 23 the Greek is again defective over against a full 
Aramaic text. Again, the Aramaic in verses 17, 25, 31 could not be 
derived from the corrupt text of the Greek. Nor could the correct 
Aramaic (=crv ywoMca) in ver. 17 be derived from the impossible 
Greek <rv tirpwTo?, nor in ver. 20 the Aramaic (=tov tovto) from the 
Greek okoKapfjrwnVf nor in 32 where it^ravfxo Potay and the Greek has 
ravpta T^ Scvr^Ntf. The above instances, which could be multiplied, 
will suffice. Finally, the comparative list of the trees in ver. 24 proves 
in itself the impossibility of the Greek being the source of the Aramaic. 

The Oreek is a translation and not an original work. The possibility 
of the Greek being the original is precluded by the fact that it 
exhibits several Semitic idioms such as tov iariv 6 kottvo^ avrayv (= 
D3C^ • • • ^C^), cKicouciV iv avT0?9 (D3 ^P^), iieyakyi diro iraxni% irapKo^ 
(1^3 b2D ni>na), Trp6<r€X€ o-cavr^ diro iravro? (i>3D lb IDB^n). Several 
of its corrupt or unintelligible passages, moreover, can be explained 
by retranslation into Hebrew. See notes, verses 13, 49 (i. e. Kpi<riv), 
17. Likewise the dittograph in ver. 17 (see note 13) points to the 
Greek being a translation. 

The Greek fragment is not a translation of the Aramaic. For in ver. 
17 where the Aramaic =yi;vauca, the Greek has TrpSn-oi: in ver. 19 
where Aramaic =& oUi^ Oeov, the Greek has iy roU aytW : in 20 where 
Aramaic =?ravrovro, the Greek has okoKOfyjrwnv : in 32 where Aramaic 
=Tav/Da> fioioy, the Greek has ravpta rw Sctrrcpo). Again, in ver. 27, 
where the Aramaic has an unintelligible expression, the Greek has 
cirl T^ K€if>aXrjs cJrnji. Finidly, the list of trees in the Greek (ver, 24) 
could not be derived from that in the Aramaic. 

Now that it is clear that the two versions are derived from 
a Semitic original we have next to determine of what language this 
original was. The determination of this question is complicated by 
the &ct to which we have already drawn attention, namely, the 
presence in the text of Hebrew words and of Syriac words.* There 

* Owing to the presence of the Syriac words in the text, Fraenkel (ThecH, LUtera- 
tuneihtng, 1907, No. 17, col. 475) maintains that the Aramaic is * undoubtedly ' 
a translation from the Syriac. But the facts adduced above show that the 
evidence in favour of his contention is extremely weak in comparison with that 
in favour of a Hebrew original. 

Digitized by 



are two Syriac words in the Aramaic, and with these we shall at 
once deal. The words in question, are H^ltn and KD'^fi^l To the 
presence of these in the text we drew attention in our article in 
the J. Q. B.y where we summed up in favour of a Hebrew original. 
First, though M^BI is a Syriac word, it may likewise have been used 
in the other Aramaic dialects. However this may be, it is found in 
the Book of Jubilees xxi. 12 — a book universally acknowledged by 
scholars to have been written in Hebrew. There it appears in the 
form diJranK Its appearance, therefore, in the present text need 
cause us no further trouble. In ver. 4 there is another word which 
can be best explained from Syriac affinities, but the word itself is not 
found in Syriac. Thus there remains only the one undoubted Syriac 
word K&n^3. If there was no counterbalancing evidence in favour of 
a Hebrew original, the presence of this word might form a presumption 
in favour of a Syriac original, but nothing more. But the evidences 
in favour of a Hebrew original are very strong. They are as follows : — 
(i) Five Hebrew words are- found in the text These are yni, n&, 
n^n, nn&tS^, Ktsnn. Here ynn is simply an artificial Aramaised form 
of the Hebrew )^n*l. It is found four times in verses 20, 21, 26, 28. 
How can we explain the presence of this Hebrew word unless on 
the supposition that the translator had a Hebrew original before 
him ? If he had a Syriac original, its presence here is inexplicable. 
On that supposition he should have transliterated the Syriac word 
before him by KHD or 3^fi^M. Kfisnn (ver. 7 2) is a like artificial formation 
from the Hebrew inn. Why did the translator use such a word, if 
he did not find it in the text before him ? The translator, who, it is 
clear, was most careless and slovenly or ignorant, knew quite well 
the Aramaic word for * month'; for xm^ is found in verses 68 and 
70. Again, nin (=* conceived') which occurs twice {66, 70) is a pure 
Hebrew word. Even a kindred root is not found in any Aramaic 
language. nn&enD (=' clan ', ver. 17) is also a Hebrew word and not 
found in any Aramaic language in this sense. Finally tD (= < bullock \ 
ver. 3 2) is a pure Hebrew word, and could not have been found in 
a pure Syriac original A good translator would have rendered it by 
ntn in Aramaic. 

^ On the other hand it is to be observed that the list of trees in the Greek 
corresponding to Bodleian ool. e shows several transliterations of Aramaic names 
of trees. But this argument is not conciusiTe. For it would not be unnatural 
to use, even in a Hebrew document in the second century b.c.,- the popular 
Aramaic names of trees, where a large number is given. Moreover, in certain 
cases the Hebrew name may either have been forgotten or have become so 
unfamiliar as to make it advisable to give the ordinary names which these 
trees bore even amongst the minority who knew Hebrew. 

Digitized by 



(2) A paronomasia which was manifestly intended is discovered hy 
retranslation into Hebrew. In ver. 67 Levi calls his second son 
Kohath because that 'to him would be the gathering of all the 
people '. Here the Aramaic words are HB^^S • • • nnp. Kow, if these 
are given in Hebrew we have an obvious paronomasia nSip • • • nnp. 
To prove that this is no mere imagination, it is only necessary to 
point to the fact that in the case of Levi's first son Gershom, and his 
third and fourth children Merari and Jochebed, and of Kohath*s son 
Amram (ver. 76), the paronomasia is manifest even in the Aramaic 
translation. But it was impossible to render the play on Kohath 
in Aramaic. It is equally impossible in Syriac. 

(3) Divergencies between the two versions, difficult ea^mssions and 
corrupt passages can he explained by retranslation into Hebrew. In ver. 
32 the Aramaic has pniM ^fi, whereas the Greek has rf ravpt^ rf 
Scvrcfxtf. The former = nifirn IB (cf. Judges vL 26), the latter ^Jjrn nan. 
Thus this confusion could easily arise in Hebrew. 

We have already drawn attention to the peculiar expression in 
ver. 19 KpuTiv UpQKTvn/s or Wll^na pT. Neither icpuris nor p can bear 
here legitimately the meaning the context requires The phrase is 
a rendering of D^^nsn t^SZn^ (Deut. xviii. 3). It cannot be explained 
from a Syriac background. 

In ver. 1 7 the corruption in the Greek <rv -hrpSn-os . • . AajSc <rcavr<p, 
where for vpSyro^ the Aramaic rightly reads ywalKa (nnn^N) can be 
explained by retroversion into Hebrew, but not into Syriac. irpu>ros 
=prK*l, a corruption of ne^. In ver. 27 we have the converse cor- 
ruption, where the Aramaic reads nc^ corrupt for ne^i, i. e. M^l = 
K€ifHiXTfj. In the same verse we have another passage which cannot 
be explained except on the hypothesis of a Hebrew original, /i^ P^p-q- 
X<ixn/9 TO (nripfui aov fiera tiroAAoiK, a corruption of vopviov, as the 
Aramaic (|tO^T) shows. But in T. Levi ix. 10 we find aXXo4>v\u}v i0yGfy, 
and this is the sense required by the context, and especially by Jubilees, 
that the priestly line was not to be defiled by foreign marriages. 
The text of the Testaments presupposes nn? which must have been 
corrupted to T\m (or n\3f) from which the Aramaic reading is derived. 

In ver. 37 the corrupt form dTroScScMru) comes from d?ro3€ucvv/u= 
rn^n. Here either the 2nd or 3rd sing. fut. is required, L e. n'3i\ 
But this can also mean * cast ' or ' sprinkle ', the meaning the context 
requires here. 

In ver. 20 the Aramaic reads irSv rovro, and the Greek oXoKapTnxnv, 
Here the latter = ftthy, which may have been corrupted into nwi^a 
= vSy Tovro. But this is unlikely. 

Digitized by 



Page i. 1. 3 of notes. For ^awOCi' read * <rw ^cw *. 

1. 7 of notes. For * ag read S. *Povfiifi {'Fovfi {sic) g) ' read * a reads 

•Pov^r/i, g 8. 'Vovp: 
1. 1 1 of notes. For ' S ' read ' T *. 

6. 1. 7" For * (Tvvuiiv* read * awimv '. 

7. n. 99. For * Eden ' read * Eder '. 
II. n.58. For 'S' read '8*'. 

15. For * l,vfi€iav * in title read * Sv/icW '. 

19. 1. 9. Underline oyKovfmi and add hi, j3 KOKovfioL in margin. 

25. 1. 7 in marg. For ' kvOptaOrjcrea-Oi ' read * Avt/mu^o-co^c '. 
n. 57. For ' a reads' read * c. hi read '. 

26. n. 22. For ' Jos. xix. 7 ' read * Jos. xix. 11'. 
n. 28. For * o7ru>9 KaC* read * ovrois. koi '. 

n. I. For *S' read's**. 

27. 1. 20 in marg. For ' cfg ' read ' efg \ 

n. 5. For '<Z =' read '(f adds',and add 'S*' after 'A\ 

28. n. 23. For ' adds .,,hrC read ' reads rots roixots for rct^ow *. 
32. 1. 7. In Aa add * <rot ' after * Sctx^ch-wi^ '. 

n. 2. For * oTvyvos ' read * Scivds '. 
34. Delete n. 45. 

37. n. 15. For'c, iA. abef vesA * c, d. h,ahef\ 

38. 1. 9 ab imo. Delete *h\ 

45. n. 80. For ' e ' read * a \ 

46. n. 8. After « A3' add 'S*'. 

47. n. 44. For 'af read 'a,/'. 

55. At end of n. 14 add * a om. lirX Kvpiov'. 

56. 1. 8. Middle column. Delete ' t ' before ' vircp '. 

57. 1. 19 in marg. Delete 'a, A^ om. Kara . . . ^acpdftcvoi '. 
6 1 . XVIII. 2b. For * ^i ' read ' cS '. 

81. 1. 14, col. I. For *T^v fiTp-poq' read * rrj^ firjrpos^ 

87. 1. 12 in marg. For *w/Aj(f>rfO€ia'av' read ' w/x^cv^curov '. 

99. 1. 2. For r 1 read [ ]. 

n. 5. After 'A' add 'S*'. 
105. n. 2. For * a. ' read ' a,'. 

107. n. 53. For * ir/joxco/xtT (w/kxtxco/ki of ' read * irpo€Xfop€i^ (irpoo^wpcr 

af, 'n-poxiop€ib\ 

108. n. 5. After * ahef add ' S* '. 
.110. 1. 4. For ' *0i' read 'Oi'. 

112. 1.8. For Vr read >V- 

116. In marg. after * fi-g ' add * A '. 
n. I. For 'aft«/' read 'bef. 

117. n. 27. Add * /J 'after* A'. 

Digitized by 



120. 1. II. For *8r read TS^T. 

124. 1. 16. For * r*<rw€<rtv ical' read * *<ruv€<Tiv ^koX\ 

1 25. L 4 in marg. For ' a, af read * a,/', and for ' VII-VIII. 2 ' read 

D. 5. For * W, g reads ' read * h, d reads Kp/wfidaiy g \ 
133. n. 27. For ' c, « read €is fuarav^* read * c, e read cts (cf «) fiurovg \ 
and delete (' cv/uub-cD? e) '. 

149. 1. 6 in marg. For * fi-g ' read * ^d\ 

150. 1. 9 ab imo in notes. For ^ ' read ' a^ '. 

151. n. 16. For 'Ps. Ixix. 10, 23 ' read * Ps. Ixix. 10 '. 

153* 1* 5 read dpfAeyi^ov (smooth breathing with e, def.), b {ag 1) give . 

the rough breathing. 
156. n. 8. For *T. Jos. xix. 7 ' read 'T. Jos. xix. 11 '. 

n. 32. Emendation suggested not necessary. Take av as lay. 
160. n. 69. For * Kara wayra* read ' #cal iraarra'y and for ' o^cv #cat. d, A 
add vavra ' read ' o$€V koI irayra \ 

162. n. 21. For *c' read 'c, A*. 

163. n. 1 2. For * KfuBi ' read * KptB^ koC'. 
n. 16. Delete ' (a avrQ)'. 

167. 1. 8. Add in marg. ' )SAs v/iwv '. 

1 69. n. 1 3. For * ^#caraA.€t</»^o77 ' read • iyKaraXtuffidrjfrg '. 

1 70. 1. 2. Add * before * lay \ 

1 73. n. 42. After ' e (reading Trpoa-KoXXofuvos) ' add ' A reads irpoa-Kok- 


174. ver. 4 (A). For ' cto-iv ' read ' €ur\y \ 
n. I. For *a.' read 'o,'. 

1 76. 1. 15 in marg. For * ^3, S' ' read * )8, A, S' '. 

177. n. 27. For db, S* ' read ' 6, S> \ 

182. n. I. For ' ahef, S' read 'read * a read 1(ik7t}</», 6tf/S' '• 

1 83. ver. 5«. For * Keu ' read ' koX '. 
n. 33. For * af read ' aef\ 

n. 24. For 'beg* read *6^'. 

192. 1. 6. For 'ovyycvp* read * ovyycvjy ', and likewise in n. 16. 

193. n. 58. For * avr^ ' read * avrov '. 

195. n. 37. For rnwn read nwn. 

208. 1. II. Bead ' 'HXcomroXccos '. 

211. 11. 5-7, col. 2. For ' [koI ot IXo^oi] . . . avra>v ' read '[xal oi eXa<^oi 

. . . aunovj , 
213. n. 30. For * T. Asher viii. 2 ' read * T. Asher viii. i '. 

216. ver. 6, 1. 3. For * avroi' ' read * avrov'. 

217. n. 14. For nplVD read p«tD and for n^'irh read p^Vnb. 

222. L 3. Underline ' irXan/s '. 

223. n. 43. For ' Si?rXov$ ' read ' SiirXa '. 

224. n. 12. Delete this note and the obeli before 'd7ra>Xcta' in the 

three versions in ver. 2. 
n. 16. Delete the suggestion and see the discussion of this passage 
in the Introduction, § 10. 

Digitized by 



H denotes the lost Hebrew original, of which, however, small frag- 
ments have been preserved. 

H<* denotes the first Hebrew recension. 

H^ denotes the second Hebrew recension. 

a denotes the Greek translation of H<*, and is represented by the 
Gi*eek MSS. chi. 

P denotes the Greek translation of H^, and is represented by the 
Greek MSS. ahdefg. 

ahcdefghi denote the nine Greek MSS. of the Testaments. 

A denotes the Armenian Version. 

A^ denotes the first recension of the Armenian Version, and is repre- 
sented by the Armenian MSS. A^^^. 

A^ denotes the second recension of the Armenian Version, and is 
represented by the Armenian MSS. A^*«^«ft^. 

^abode^ &c. denote the Armenian MSS. 

S^ denotes the first Slavonic recension. 

S* denotes the second Slavonic recension. 

hmt. = homoioteleuton. 

r 1 The use of these brackets in the text means that the words 
so enclosed are not found in A. 

( ) Words so enclosed are supplied by the Editor. 

t t Words so enclosed are corrupt. 

[ ] Words so enclosed are interpolated. 

The Text. The printed Greek text represents a except in a few 
cases. Where words are printed in thick type the reader is 
to understand that the text of fi differs, and that this is found 
in the margin. Only the chief variants are thus denoted. 

Digitized by 




Autd^tcri *T?ovfiriii rov vpwroroKOV vtov 'laKoijS icat AeCas \ 

I. *AvrCyf>a^v* 8iaftJ«;y ^Povfirjfi^ i<ra^ iv€T€CkaTO tois 
vlois* airov, ^*vplv rj^ ivoBaveiv avrov, *iv Ikotoot^'' 
*€Zico<JT4) TT^juwrry* Irei Trjs C^rjs avT(nP, 2. *M€Ti trri 

Mo Ttj^ Ttketmjs^ *l«a^+ "^tou dScX^u odrofi^'^ ippaxrrrj' /3-rf,A,S* 
<ra»Tos*^ 'PwjSiJ/x^', cn;w7X%<''«^" * itfiaKiylfaa-Bai avriy" 'I»o^ 

3. Kai" €tit€v airois^^^ Tiicva^ fiov, *I5ai iyi>" ivo- 

Qeneral Title, a, M as in text (sftre that h prefixes al, and 5d om. 
Tov «mp. and d om. rAr **). a reads td d, Tj&f i/S' varp. irp6t rovt vlovs abr&if^ 
f d. frvi^£ r«r i/S' vImt rov *Iaff^y ^ d. rAr vUim *leucmfi ijyovw rw MkiooL fmrffc 
€ om. A =s btaBSjfuu rmp mtrpuipx&P' 

^ Title of Testament. A as in text, but with 'Povfiifu c reads d. "Povfifip, 
Mu Aiaff (m). a comparison of the titles of two other Testaments shows 
that h is right, ag read d. 'Povfii/i ('Pow/S {tie) g\ hefd, 'Povfifj/i {f'?wpiip) 
wwfA ^mMMT ( + 'Plcw0V v2^ vprnrommf 'laxi^P jcal Mat s), <2 a d. 'Povfiljfi a 
ircov . . . , / adds 4pfUfV€vtrm 'Pov/S^y rrvo ^. A**'^ = pi0Kos r&v fropaXcnro- 
^mw, X^ ToO 'P. duiA^ny ( + a A'^), A^ = dui^ny icai Xi$>oi ^P. ofr^ r»» 
wapakuriifiinmiF PipKmff A^ dia^n| 2, vIav 'lax^ v2ov 'ifrodx v2ov *Afipa&fJL^ A° =s 
dio^ai a 'P. * a reads dyr/ypo^o, and in other Testaments. ' c, bdef. 
h, ag read *Pov0cfi. ' A reads ^r. A^^ s= <»r. '^ reads roi^v v2oi/r. 

* (X, a«/; ft^r read vpif^ d wp6 rov. ^^ reads h rf p • d reads dppwnrf- 

o-avroff y^ odrov €P rf iKoroar^. ' « reads kc' ^ t'. * This peculiar 

oonstmction is fonnd elsewhere first (1) in Pint. CcrioL 11, iu0 fifUpat 
Skiyag ^9 rov rorp^ rcXcvr^f. A perfectly analogous constmction with 
wp& appears in LXX, Amos i. i, iy. 7; 2 Mace. xt. 36; John xii. i ; 
Joseph. Ani*y xy. 1 1. 10. For ^ dvo r^r rcX. g reads tk thri rcX. ^^ (X, d. 
/3-if , A, S om. ^ (Xy A ahef read appwrromm, g dppwrr»w* d om. 

^ e/ OE, a read 'PH'/^. A ovrov. ^ o^or. bd, S^ om. " ^ reads avtnj^t. 
h mnufincm (no), d adds o2 ^Xi^2 aeroO. » ^, A* om., while A^^*"^^ 
trs. after vtAr ovrov. ^e. h,abe read o{ vco/. d om. with next six 

words. 4 om. next word (ovrov). g reads to^£ viovf . " c^, 6. o'A, a{^/ 
read ol vioi ^ rovf v2ovr. ^^ ^ reads ovrAr. " d adds fr/KMrxoX^ira/iffiiof 
nit v2o^ ovrov. A^* add oSrot oyoor^ imBurw koL A^ add 'Povfifnik. 
^ A* om* |{ adds itmorifrari /m Mk^ pmi mu Xci^ vfwr Tp^mr^ h^ tirrm. 

OB. PA. B 

Digitized by 



OvfifrKdi KoL vop€ijofJuu 66ij/** t&v^^ varifmv f«w**. 4* 

fi-dffyA, id€\^v9 a^ov, clirei^ avroir 'Avoonfo-oW' |i€^*, 5iras 
M\^ elvoj rois ^idcXi^oi; /utov jcol roh t4kvois^^ iwv, Sa-a Ixo) 
fKw(/A ^^ ''f? Kopifa /mov Kpwri^* *lbo\f yap ^KXefn'O) iwi tov 
S^om.). jnjv iyd^^. 5, *Kai iyocrr^y*^ fcar€^£\f7<raf oirois icol 

/J-<?,A,S* *€tir«r odws*'* 'Aicorfo-are, *aBcX<^i fioo xal uio( |mhi**, &«- 
f^ft^"' rf<rcur^c8« 'PoviS^iui^* toC irar/ws ifi&v 5<ra ''iyi''^^ ivriXkofUu 
Q^dg ifJiAV^^* 6, Kal** *Woi imfiaprvpoiKU vpxp rhv &€ov tov 

A^*«i«g oipavov <rfiii€pov^^9 *8wa)9 jn^ wop€V^T€*^ iv iyvoli^ vconyros ** 

'^' TOV 'ttaTp6s IWV 'Icucii^*«. 7. * A^yw 5> ijuiu^*^ «ri *lirX»|f^ 

S adds Xrfyoy fitra^oias koL ^c,hg read rcxyui. " ex, A. ahefgf 8* 

read cy», d &n ryw. ** (f om. but adds rrfp Mw in marg. A = ittrh 
nmpag pov but ^fV (^ /*^) ^'^ probably corrupt for qnuqli =: 6doy. 
" oi/ cm. ^g om. all ver. 4 and first seven words of ver. 5. * a, af. 
be, A read kqI ld»p. For Kol {d«^y . . . rois rttofou pou d reads rami ciir«»r 
mvoTcVofc Koi curcv* 'AKov<rarc odcX^' fiov leal rcjeva fu>v. ** e reads T, xai 

*A. xal 'I. " e reads awKmyaoroi. "^ 0-<^> A, S^ add as in margin. 

**a reads vlw with ddcX^r above it. "^A trs. before cV 1^ Kopdif, 

^h,af. hdt^,A,8 (save tbat A tlfiX iyi^) read ^xXc/iray (6 cVXcir^) ydp ^ 
((2 om.) tlfu tM TOV vvw* d supports text save that it om. tyi^ e om. 
entire clause, e* reads ^icXciVtf y^ iy^ lho\> a, r. r. ^d reads ir/io<r«Xav<ro£. 
'^ (X, {{ (save that h om. «u and d om. avTx>tr). |3-<2, A, S^ read as in marg. 
^ a, Ac, 8* (save that a om. /lov^"). i8-<%r, A***** read ddcX^ fiw, ci, A*^ 
TffffMi ( 4-fun; <£). ^ om. ^g om. <£, A insert koL before hm, d adds Tobs 
Xrfyow. / vJoi. •• a, a read 'Vovfiift. " c, «?/ A, M^, A, S* om. 

^ ^r om. »• a, (ty om. ^ ft A»l»d«s, S* (save that A^ om. tnifitpw and 
A^^ trs. it before t6» Qt6p), a reads riy ec^y rot) <w^ mi r^ 7^^ irporci^^ioi 
(sic) dfiiv (for frpor. vfiuf h reads inifupov). irporUffim may here = ^rD*ipn 
corrupt for ^MTyn = tmfiapTvpofiai. P could mean 'I call to witness against 
you the God of heaven' CJWl D^ni)R-n« Dgj *nVjn). Cf. Deut. iv. 26. 
But the context requires ' I charge you by the Qod, &c.' Hence we should 
expect (as in VI. 9 of this Testament) 6pK& vpas t6» Btdtr tov olpamni rov 

M nopivBijpm = lai^nnn h^ -n^K D^ni^na Df riya^^n. As a corruption of 

*nj?ae^n we might explain ^HDb = nparlBtfuu, the reading in a. ** ex. ^ 
reads rov fiij wopivOrjvtu. ^ For following koI d reads ^r ^fwr. A^^*^^ 
fsi €¥ vt^TTfTt, A^ om. ^dom. **/8addsr4». ^ e reads icimpr. 

^ d trs. before rov irorp^^r. *^ (X. reads Xcyw y&p vfuir, A iih tovto md 

Xryfl» v/uy, S {ffiOpTow irifv BaXXf t;^ dovXj; rov warp&s pov. ^ OCy dg, ef read 

tvfkriiiv p€, a i(€n\rf$t p€. b ivmkfi(€ pt. d adds Kvpiof, e 6 Bt^t. ^ (X, 

4ig. bdef read irXrryijr p^yakfip. A***^ = pMydXmf, but A*^ support text 

Digitized by 



*ir€pl ^fuw ir/Bos KiJpioy** iytfcX€** Krfpioy*^ dvcXcu; fAC. 
8. "'Hjuwyv y«kp** frw TpuiKovra Sr€ iirpa^ rb %ovr\phiv 
ipfivtov Kvplov^^* KoL ifiaXoKCa-BriP ^^ijvas iwra^^ (ms 
Bavirov* g. Kal *jui€r^ rovro^^ Iv vpoaipicr^i yjfvxris ijlov k, /3, S 

*iirra ftny** fJL€T€v6rj(ra ^ipdviov KvpCov^\ hf^ 

10. Kal** o&oj; #col crUtpa cvk iiriov, icol Kpias*^ fl"s^1il 
ovfc cZo^X^cv *fo T^ crroimrC^^ /mov ical irov*^ 4proy i^-i- ©^/a^ 
l^as** o*« ^♦aYoir«» ♦aXX' ^jn^iv'^^^ irei^wi; iwi 17} ifuxfwf^ y«''»r«. 
fuw^^ fuyikri yap ^v, *olo ofi Y^orcr iy 'Icr/xi^X oCrtos'^ a!^^d^ 

11. Kol I'ui'^ ixcf6<rari fuw, riKva (lov^, h^ fHov ircpl rav ^ird rov 
i«ro* irv€Vfuira>v 7^9 irX<iin/9 iv rp fieravoCq /aov*. 2. 'Eirri BcXfap. 
o2r* TTveUfwra iMOri'^ Korh rod M^f^mv^ koI ravri^ cJcrii^^** A» 8 
^oi m^ciXaI^^ rav ipyuof tov v€uyr€puTiuw^ lat^iaKfj* 

adds 6 Oc^r. ^(X, a/, bdeg read cV (d^^ M) rw (^ rw) XoyAiri. 

** (X. reads hrL "A = ^yiovrov^, but fmJu is corrapt for ij^i^u s 
li^Mv. ** (X, 0. <fy, A read 'I. 6 ironjp /lov, ahf, S^ *I. 6 ir. ^/lAr. For the 

Older followed in the text see also last verse. ^ eg read i^£aro. ^ojjr 
read vp^ K. vtfA cfiov. A, A^ om. wtp\ ipov. ^ ^ reads ^'Xiyacr. Before 
this word 5e/ add Sm against % adg. If the ^i is genuine here, it is as 
Sinker suggests a rendering of ^?. Qi. i Sam. xiv. 30 : also Exod. xxii 
23 ; Is. TiL 9. ^d adds 6 B€6u "* cx, dbef, A*M*8, &\ dg, A^*© read W. 
^OC adds ml rov tFaTp6s iiov. *^(X, g, fi-g, A, S^ read ima fujvas and 

0, A, 8^ trs. these words before i/MokaKurBti^^. ^(XflL /3, S om. 

•• A****^ trs. affcer Kvpiov. •• A om. Kvplov and next six words. •* c, 
A. ftS^om. **(X,(2e^read«pca. **(X. reads tZr r& in^/ui. *^0(,&. 
a^^ read v^wra. S om. *^ S om. ** e, A. A, 0, S read as in margin. 
^OLyd (bnt d reads ical for dXX*). P^,A, S om. *^^om. rest of Terse. 
^ c (save that for *l(rpa^X it reads 'IX^). e alone preserves the Hebrew 
idiom. Thns oU . . , our»s = T\Ht^ * * nB^ A = ml oChrorc cV 'I<rpoi}X 
yryorrr roiavriy. All the other Or. MSS. make the sentence fdtnre. abdrf, 
8 read xai olf fui yitnfrai h (+1*^ ^) 'lo^po^X ovrwr, "h ayraftotfii^ ytyotro cV 

IL * d om. jr om. next four words. * a, A'*'****. /3, A** om. S reads 
^Voi/Pilfi. rov varp^s vp&w. c adds mil dc^yifo-opai vficy. h om. next twelve 
words. * 8^ 1= 5f. *^ om. For fr«pl r&v hrrh vytvfiormtf S reads r<k 

«m& irycv/ioro. ' ^ adds dpicn fUH cis dftdcurieciXciay v/jl&p and om. to llj^ 9 

indosive. '(X. /3, S om. Arsyap. ^ c^^ read <d<S^<roy. '(X. /9, 
A, S add as in marg. *(X,<i. od^readoM. ^^OL,ef. Other MSS. 
H^U »*CX,/,Al»b*od, aMe;A*,S*t€4kiXi "ex. A==o2Aff. ftSom. 

B 2 

Digitized by 



[3. Kal frcpa" lOTi we^iiora iWA;" '"air^"'" *iwl 
Otom. 1^$ ffr£(r€«>9^^ tov thai iv ahois mp ipyov iofOfiimv. 

0-CW9 A€^€pov irve€/uux ^pcttf-ca)?, /i€^ 1(9 y^pcrai ivi6vii(a» 5* 

through Tpfroi^ irv€v/iia Ako^^ M*^ ^^ yfrcrai" ftiftcuricaX^a. Th-aprop 
inwjywt^* 6ir4>fr/i<r€6is, fifff" Jjs *yCpovrai yfHartis ie^fiivcu}^ 
*€i5 AXk^v*® i€/)o? fcai AvaTTVO^j**. 6. Il^/iirroi^ wrcv/wi** 
XaXia9« juicCr ijs ytycrai yv»0'i$. 7* ''C'c^o>^ irvcvjuui ytHar^ons 

l»ifff jjy *y£if€ro4 Pp&<ns^^ ^ppoifidrmv re icoi irofu4Ta)ii**, ical 
I^X^* ^ air^" icrfferai *Jri iv ppdfMa-lp iarw ^ ^rf- 
(rrcuriff 1^9 {crx^off'^* 8* 'Epbofwv tnffdfJM inropaf ical 

<rvifow<r6i9'^ jnetf* jjs mWpxo^***^ ^** ^^^ <^4Xiy5w6i9*' 
iLfiaprCai^^. 9. Aci Twro ^laxordv tart nji Krtreais** 

ical irpQrov rrjs vt&nfros, &n * iypoCas ireirXiJ/wToi**, fccU 

III. **Efl'i nao-u^ W* rovroi^ dyjoov" in^ci^' tw {inHyv 

The section 11. 3 — ^III. 2 which relates to the senses is bracketed as an 
interpolation. " d reeds MSriatm. ^^ A, /9, S. c trs. after jer^^r. 

Aom. ^ A corrupt = cirliRiyrttvffrMr/uSTwr. e adds a^. a om. rest 
of verse and first eleyen words of ver. 4 through hmt. ^*hd, S*. oef 
read i} Kanjins, d adds rov dv^pvirov. A s: iriiiwi n& Kwio'para, 8^ ss tA 
&fXittaTa. ^^a,a6, S. drf read didorat. A s: oMovcnu. "AssnS. 

'*a and A, save that h reads YtMnu. a&e/ S read ^<rnr (<M a6) ^ (b om.) 
>fft)viff dcdo/ucny. <£ cvMdw dftdo^icM^ (ac). ^ <X, o^ fttf read tit avtnkxqp. 

d ovMXjccar. ^ot. fi,A read im}$$. Perhaps we shonld read iKurvaqv. 

^h om. next seven words through hmt. ^h reads ycWro fip^tit^ 

^ (X, a. ^, S read Pp^tr&v re ml irorcv r. d /Sporfip ffoi «tSo-ct»ff. «y fipt^t/irm^ 
T9 ica\ irorar. A = fipor&v (cf. <Q rr mil iror^« ** (X, os/; <{ reads a^. 

i a^oiip. A s a&Tf or a^. ** There appears to be a doublet or a 
marginal gloss here. AssSnr^ fip&pa eWi Urxjot* ^ d reads frvvovo-iiHryum. 
" OC o^, S read otrMpxcm*. 6 otweMrcpxcrai. tf timtw. A adds wrongl j 
Wr dXXiJXovff. » A*^ loosely = a, /3 but A****** corrupt. Ah* wrongly 

adds iv j. ^OC, fifB read ^ dfuipHa, *^A = /mtA wam'a ravra r^ 

KTcVficmi — a loose rendering of our text* ** h reads ay^ot irtfrX^piiraro* 

''D(,&,S. <MEe/;Areadasinmaigin. ^ OU /S reads mc. *e,drt9d 

JJL ^(X. aef, AresA KoiM wa<n. bd,SMnwru *abf,A,S. treads 
il\hll0dofW¥, Cydom. 'A, daddr^. *Aom. 'c reads &p. 

*a reads to-jcorttr^. ^ o prefixes f. As tfTmrcr, vvttcrracrcf or ffrr/Mtifui. 

For ^v^rtfff A*^ read by internal corruption oU^twt and om. next fo«r 

Digitized by 




(TTfio?^* ya<rrp6s^^* 4. TpCrov mevfia*^ Mx^^ ^•^ ''V ?iron 

vror wev;iai^€/cn;^ar€£t&9^^ tva KovxaTcu^^ Kal fxcyoXo^poi;^ ^^ 
*'EicToif w€v/4a** i/r€ii?8ovs** t^v iirookflq koI C^Xyt^ row 
*»Ait7T€iv Xrfyow icoi Kp6TtT€iV X6yov9^^ ^aimnP^'' *ivi yhwvs^ 
Kci o2fc€£oav^* 6* "Efiiofwp inf€VfAa *iiiKCas» luff 1)$^^ 

words. * A := rovrotf rott odp imd, * A, a read irv/ifuyyvtroc. ^^ (X, 

00^. bd^A, S read rd inwv^. ^^ A reads rotr vXcSyocf. "A reads lud 

ff/Mtror. *■ OK, oe, A. 6, S read t6 t^s trap, d t6 frp^riff tramfptlas, f t6 

T^ mrnipiof irr. " A**** =s o^iojaci. *■ ad, A read ical ^y, "A = rois 
(A*^ om.) oiaBffroiS. " c reads Zyytfrtu, e eyiurtu, h fytanm, A ifrri 

" e reads dvo wvtvftara, '* M. A^ ci/ read oirXf/irruiff, e dirXiorcuif , c ofrXiT- 

aTf«i. ••OL a/ read ^^ yaar/M. Me, A, S read o t;^ ywrrpl. " a om. 
"a, d, A. fi^ om. *• A reads rpirw. ■* a reads 4p«<rjciiiv. d avra- 
patoKuu, * e, 6 read itayyaAas, A illegible. A = /y lutyyamiait and om. 
iMi dia wtpifpytias, but t&pir%m^p&tiup&mMt seems to be a conupt 

OompreSSioil of ^<. t&pirhmg^u ^ t^ph-m^L.pirmJ^ = mil payyoPttas um 
dtii wtpttpytias, " <2 reads d^. ^c,bf. ae read ntpupyias. d ntpttpytunt, 
h mpitpytl^ On A Bee note as* "^ ^ 0°^- ** ^ ^'- Other MSS. o^. 
"^i. af reeA inrtpqt^oHas. e, de vvtpv^tcuf^ias. h virtprf<lMUftUu *^ 6 reads 

ay$Tiu. For Kavxarat Kal A reads iunfx»tMt90f. ** a^&e. Ot, 4f ^&d M0^~ 

Xo^/MMi. a* ;M7«iXavx'&. •• e om. •* (2« read y^vdos, A (corrupt) =s 
(rxXiypoXoytaff. Bead umm^oun^pirmlt. ^ This phrase is corrupt. The 
context requires a parallel to anh yivmn mi olmnwv, ip dirwX. nai f^Xy = 
mopi rttora which I take to be c<MTupt for Wgtt «Jlbi> = ^x^PV ^ 
oTt{!pi^ < to an enemy and rival.' For dircoXci^ c^ c^^/ give the form an-oXcif , 
A reads ifarf iX£«. For fiXy A***** read ^ ftXf . " A, a/, A**^ (save that 
A adds ftayyapuig after XiJyow** and A**^ imply Ipya for Xrfywf**). So also 
e (ssTe that X^yotfs km Kpmrrtip is a marginal addition by the original hand). 
A^*, 8» support text but A*** om. X<5yw^* and S« om. Xoy.*» c, 6, S* om. 
Ml Kfvmnip X^yovf . d reads Kpvirrtuf \6yovs Koi wp^rrttp avroCs. ^ d^ A, S* 
om. d adds m;. c om. next four words. •• A reads anh trvyytp&p avrov. 
B =z Uk TOP oUrop. *<i,S prefix Twi'. A adds owrov. *®c reads ^at*a 
««. €KaiKkowaL " a, 06 (oyer erasure)/ 6, A, S read icXow^. d KKonijt. 

Digitized by 



"" *7<^J7« ^^qO^ «jj y^^ Miicfa <rw€/>yci** *TOis Xoi-jrois** irveSfiatruf 

iih rrjs do<roXtj^ias**. [7. *Ewl*' tocti ii** Tot?roi5 *tA 

ft^*^" weiJ/Ao" Tov iKrFou50 (rwdTrrerai^^ *« ^<m" *wXdKi|s koL 

9yioo¥ ♦aKToauis*'.] 8. Kol oiJrfioy iir((XXvrat TO9 V€(iT€pos^, 

ffXa^' * (Tvvi^v iv^'' T^ rojuup Tov $€ov *^ iuiT}T€^* AkoiJo)!^ "^ ycw^ccrfos** 

jcal^v- varifHop avrov^^ &s^^ iciyii ivaSov^^ iv r$ veaxrcpiaii^ 

raaia. ^^^^ g^ j^^j ^-^^^ T^Kva julw•^ T^v dXiftffiav Ayairare®* 

6tf,A ical aUriy*^ *<^uX<l^€i 6|iai««. 'AicotJo-are '"Xcfyovs"'** Tov/3?)fA 

vfjMu ^^* M^'^ 'npo(Tix<ET€^^ Sy^€i^^ ywoticcf^^* 

*• e (over erasure) /. oJ, S* read ypvnitTi»ara. OL yprpruurpara, d Apfforfis, 
A = ypfprurpa, S* = avKo(l>a9T9ia. **OL{h reading -a^) = JTaB^^. /3-gr, 

Ay S read iroijcn; (iroi^o-fft f) ^ m^. ^ <* reads awtpytiTm, d aurov 

avv€pyti, ** A = ndai roU, *• Of, O^ A. <i reads bt^pohplttias 7 irpoatt* 
miKf^jftas, e b<»poKfiitla£. h, S* doXoXrc^toff. *' c2 reads w. Ver. 7. This 
verse may be the model on which III. i, 2 were composed, or it may be 
due to the same hand. ^ (X, A. P om. 8^ reads koI before ini, ^d 
reads r^ irycv/iorc. ^ fi, S^ add as in margin against Ot. For rh vp^vfia 
TOV vtrvov T)ft ^yd. w. A gives rf ^yd<^» irvcvfAarc SXXo mmipcu *^ e reads 

avprnrrm. ■" c, a/, A. k,ef iari, W, S om. M^«i»#od«f^ ^^ ^ j^j^^j 

irXayi; mi (pavraffla, by S irXai^ Koi fjxumuri^ d Ttjt nXatnjt Koi Ttjs fjuwraa-iag, 
f irvcvfia leal ^vrao-ia. A^ irXdm; t&i' aifxump, •* A = WiJn/f. S* om. 

* c reads aKopirlC^v. "a. ft A, S* om. " = 3 }a. e om. preceding pri, 
" A* = ifvp/ov. •» d reads f»7d«. •^ CX. ahefy S read vira«>w«v. <i €1^0- 
Koimp, For oxovtty , , , vartpwf A**** read vovGmviuvot inch vartp^p. 
^e reads povBtvlap. •'« om, ^c,af, hde read ^inrc/i. A om. 

•* A = cVor^V (1). Cf. IV. I note 13. "a, de, A. cibf, S om. •• a. 
ahdefy A, S read aycanifrart. •^ S = ovrw. " A reads ^vXiS^orc. 60 

(but obelized in e) A^ add ( + cyoi A^) did(l(rK«> v/xar. A^ = xoi didaormo d/iaf . 
A^* = Koi dp M. V. Perhaps this clause was omitted by CX, adfy through 
hmt. S* om. rest of verse. •• a, aef, W, A om. ™ d adds «al cv«ri- 
iraaBt & MtUriM vpag, ^* h, A read kqI plj, ^ c, oW, S*. A reads it/hmtc- 
X»F'« e npoaixtToi, /ir/xJcrxcTf. S* = ipor€. "c. A reads ^if. euiefy tit 
Z^ip. b €p S^t. ''* e though in the form yvnoucta. A, A read yvpoiK&p. of 
yvpaucMioM, bdeg, S yvpauc6s. ^ OC, adf, beg read fuyW. '• a. The usual 
form would be avpdvdCert. fi-^, 8^ read idui(crr. d ldtdC*<r6€. g frhfcrid" 
CtTtu. A = * do not be advisers of ' or * do not confer with ' — a rendering 
which supports a. A om. next five words. " d reads difkwK vwapdpov. 

Digitized by 


ni.15] AUeHKH POTBHM 7 

1 1. El fjiii yiip €tbov iyi^^^ BAXXav XovofUvriv^^ Iv o-fceTru^^^' ff, S^ 
12. 2vAAa/3ov(ra yip ri hi6voi& lujv rrfv yvvaiKelav^^ yiyL- tl^^y, 

/3WAvyfui". 13. 'Ain^irros^a yhp 'laK&p^^ tov^^ mrp6s ^^ 1^^^, 

|M»** irpiff 'IirocUc riv varipa airrov, ovnav ^fi&v iv Taib^p^^ ag gi ' 
vA)7(rfoif>7 'Ei^po^a^* *<v B?|0X€C/x^^ *4r 4 BdXXa fu6uoeci<ra le^yiicZcr- 
«ot lir KOifuofi^i/yy hKaX\yKTOs^^ iv t$ icoirwi ''ovT^y""^^^ ^^%,i, 
14. ^EiotXA&r o8r fy^ xal OcflunSfMras^^^ rryv yHfiv^atv avrrj^ p a, S'- 
ivpa$a T^y da^9ciar, ^|i^ ai96ar^ur(t|s) aWjs^^°*, ico^, KarakiTToliV Mfi€iap. 
mrniv KotfuaiUvriv, iirikOov. 1 5. *Kal evdim^^ iyy^kos ^' ^ ^* 

MOV K<a ^X«i>vWT Wi^ilotrW* *i7r' i^oi"** M^«A-t *ainjs ftA,Si 
&^i£m€I.w"^ •^•'^'• 

A = Btiktunf vnMpw. For A^Xc/a^ c, read AyX/or. ^e, c^. €^he, S^ 

read foydc. a*/ 1^, ^ a'« read ircpccpyofccr^ •• oJ/. <fc, A*"*"** read 
wpa(€tt. OL S^* g irorc irp6innrw. A^* jniXXof mil vpd(tit. Text doabtfuL 
" a om. ''^ om. next three words. ^b. a reads awwvf, Cffaiapruff^ 
d (TKfircvf- e aiuntu^, h aimnay, Cf. Jub. zzziii. 2 in loco occolto. 
^ OL, df. dhgy S^ read cWirumir. e tmvrw. ^ d adds Ac cin^ir. ravrqv, 

" a reads r^r yimiuc^. " A reads yvfiptap (sic). ** c, e read lao-ry. 

''A om. ^Kfg om. ** A, a5/^. 0, e read /SdAXvy/ui. <2 iSdfXXvfui* 

(^ adds iwimw9 Kvplov, **0^ A and Jab. zzxiii. i Et abiit ad patrem 

snum Isaac, fi, 8^ read din^yrof. g compresses this verse and first ten 
words of the next as follows : rov varpds yitp 'I. i» r^ oUf fu) napdvr^s, 
ff^por B. fu6voprap k, KOifivfutnp^, ff{<rcX^y lirp. rfjp d. per* a^r. ** (X pre- 

fixes rov. A trs. after jraTp6s fuw. *^ A reads nu. *^ a, A. ^^ S^ read 
9fi«r. ^<i reads Tdd, See Oen. zxxr. 21. ^e reads irX7<r/tfn 

»e,6e,A'^*^*«. a/read E^po^d. dU^^poM. h'r<f>pa&d. A^'A^poro/, 
S^ 'E^^para. ** Of, cif, S^ 6 reads o&ov Bij^. de ml Bi^^ccfk Cf. Jub. 

xxxiiL I, 'The tower of Eden of Ephrath/ and xxxii. 34, 'Ephrath that 
is Bethlehem.' Cf. Oen. xxxy. 19. A = /y Btwofuip. ^^ (X {h prefixing 
cat), A. abeff Q} read B. ^v im&vowra mi KOifi* ( + «i2/) dicakvnTos (-«»( ae, 
dniXv^of h) KtKTtKMiro. d BoXXiky ^9 fuBu, itai icoifi. aKakiftrra jcorcjeotro. ^^^ (X» 
ftA,S» om. *••«. aWg/,A,S* as in mar^^. *~c. h reads f»i^ 

aivOtwifi ovi^r. /3, A, S om. ^** a reads ml c^^f. (f «v^e«ff d^ dfia 1^ 
vpa^' f» TifT OFopiav ravnp. *^ O^, A read Kvpiou. ^^ c2 om. A A, S^ 

add loKft/S which A trs. before ry irorp/. A adds 1)1^ ^pofi. ^^ A^mdds 
'lajc^. *•• X o&jf, A, S* read as in margin. definhSri (sic). ^^hdeg, 
A(!). a/readffif. Ap#. com. "®a. j3-^, S* read o^rd. a^t. g &^ 
0^. A =s ^. B<iXXoy, 

Digitized by 



^ofrXa- ^pyoty * KoXoif , ital* * iv ypiiiixao'i,, fcoi iv Tofe woifiyfoiy* ifjwiy, 
*' ^^^ im oJ'® *4 ic^pu>9 Wjy */au;" ^triCvyop, ^ir ovris ^^A«^', 

•l(w^. Tr/xfcroMTOi; adrou^^ $ XoX^crof *ruft tSv WcX^r" fuw"* ^*^*' 

Q gi rovs dv€i*«rfiorfs^. 3. *Kol ?«j** iw ^ owc£87yo-is** 

a/Maprlaf. lAOV^'' ow^x^i** fi€ iTfpi riff Anfklat^^ iwv. 4. Kofyc 

0H^,A, iroXXa'® *vap€iic<iXc(r^y" fA«** 6 iran{p juiot;*', ital»* r^Cfaro 

jcvpfow", jca(^c^$ icoi** ftctf^*^ Moi*^ irfptoj. *Airi 5i** rrfrc 

IV. ^(X,d (eaye that e om. fuw). /3-<2, A, S om. " adefreaA koXXh. 

* g reads TfvMMjoSff. (2 om. next five words. ^ « adds «t(. * a/ om. 

' a, /^-a^, A, S. o^read^cov. ^ 6 reads fu>x^<irrf r. As=/iox^crr. 'c. 
Bat A s duemoaviPi^ mil {i^rfcrc and so, though conflate and loose, sapports 
it. h reads nL /3, 8 ml ( + fu) 8^) diioirXay«fMyot. e om. next three 
words through hmt. 0) Here e Kokois mi ss 1 Dneh which was corrupted 
into D^^bn =s «al inrofrX(va»fiooc *A = MoffKoKiap ical r6 mnfi/awc^ ^PT^"' 
For ypamuMi 8^ reads f»6^. ^^ ot, cf^. oie/ om. '^ A, A A, 8 'save 

that d om. ^ hefore wptm and cb read d»ei ford«»ir. c reads doi; vyS» 
Kvptof. For the nine words that foUow e reads tls t6 iwuTKr^wBta ^fiar. 
^' d reads avCvyovs €tt yvmunav ^ aMff tffX^irft. ^* c, /9-6, A. e reads 

wcni^si. h QtttsBmnjfM. *' A adds hraBim. ^^ OL, fi-hd, A. h, 8^ om. 
<l reads Xrywy^v/wydri. ^'tt^^addr^f. ^''OL,de%A. €i^, 8^ read 
9^A«». d adds 'loK^/S. ^' ^ reads cfxo* ^* <I reads roO ar^mfpou € art" 
v€unu ^<X,d. a&/^, 8^ read irp^MTOv *Iaic«/3. e t6 np6ir. tov narp^s *l{uu 
A := rd vptkr. 'Iiue. tov irarpog fjbov* "^ A ^ wappufai^ roU <IdcX^off. ''(X, 
d0i A. a&/ 8^ om. " ^ reads frf/>^. ** A adds avrov. A/fuw. ""tti^/^, 
6^. (2 reads aXXA xal fi^ rov. a «al <<q»9 rov. A fo f»f. om. together with 
next four words. ^ d reads awifvtf. ^ h om. **« reads tnfPtxfw. 
horn. ''oc. /3, 8^ read as in margin. A may s either. *^a. AsiroX- 
Mxit. p, S* om. " a, /3-^. ^ reads ^Xa/cw. ■• ft A, 8. a om. '•A 
adds ml ccitck. ^ adds pXivww /m ovMmrr«ica»ra. ** (X, <2^. a^, A, 8^ read 
&n. » a, ft A***, 8*. A****^ om. a om. next seven words through hmt. 
^g reads mtkBg, ^A = din( crov but fi^t'i' ifl corrupt for j/At'if = «r' 
^fM)v.# "^ e^ read rov ^cov, but ^ trs. it before 1^ o/>yi7. ••c,A***. A, ft 
A*^**, gi Qm, 40^ pQ^ %t((r. (2 #/uiiX<Uur«. ^ d reads fic e adds 6, 
g aMg 6. ^ a, A. ft 8 om. g adds mi before dv6. ^ (X. This is 

at all events an ancient i*eading. But there are two other yarietiea. 

Digitized by 


lY.p] > AlkeHKH FOTBHM 9 

*imi ¥w^^ 7rap€<l>vXa(ifAriv*^, Kal ovx ilfAoprw. 5« ^*^ ^* ^ 

Touro** *T4KPa »io«", *rx^ V"'""*', <^vXd^ar€« '"ircWa''*» J)^"; 
foa irr^o/yiai*® ifw;, «ccU ov |a^ &fjLiprriT€^\ 6. *B^pos /3-^, A, 

yip iirri yjnjxv^ V A|M»pTia Tt|i iropi^cvas^^, \iaplCov(ra dvo*^ ^^ /«"'• 
fcoC jca2 irp<Mr€77ffcw<ra *rois cttciXoiy", &n wkt) *i(rriy ^" fx«^poT 
'xXavmaa rhv vow *fcai r^y ^Mbotov^^ icai icardyci^^ ycoyi- 6<^,A,S^ 

(TKOWf ciy oSryif, odiC fo KOip^ cAt&V. iropvcia.^ 

7. Kal yhp iroXkovs iv^ktcrev ^ voppehC Sri xiiv ^yipoav g^^^^ 

IcuTTY ^pci vapd Tods ulod« T&r Mpi&itm¥ Kal fvp^oitofifMi ry "'^f'^ '^"^ 

r^ dwA«* >a;i;€uictf9» fcai ras iwola$ iKa0ipur€V^^ Airi ir<l<njs** (^o^ <?«) 
90fiif€tas, ^Koi^^ €ip€V X^P^ ivdinov 6coo** ical ivOpii' roisvl6i$ 
ir«jf. 9. *Kal ycfep*^ voXXi. ivohjcrep avri^ ^ Alytnrria, koI r&w mh- 

liiyavs vpoatKiXtcrev^^ kclL ^^ApyuoKa air^ vpo<ri/jpeyK€^^* A T"s^ 
iwtidrj yhp ii^vKa^ cavrdy *I«Mn^ dmh vdarft. fi, A, 8^ Kvplov. 

Otff €mt moMtr. 5 pup. dg, A p/trwnmp {Asi ip fwmvoif ). S^ = o^». 
""creMLi^liH^Af^. A*^*' ss col ^vXii^7» or Ko2 irapff<^X. A^*=I^C»y 
«b1 c^X. or iK^M^X. ^ (X adds o^. '* d irs. after /vrcXXofuA vf^cF. 

g reads rcjcna fiov. ^^0(. g reads irapaiEaX«» i/iar. 0-^, A, S om. ^ 5 
reads ^uXafur^. ^<2 irs. after 6<ra. e, A onu "^s reads iptntKAfopf. 
'^ OC, <»/g^. b^ S^ read Vipi^<n;rc. cfe apapnirt (-«triu e). "* CX. So also of 
(saTe tliat of read ^ di^ r^s nopptuts for r^r iropM£ar)L Mtf^^, S^ read SXc^pot 
y^ ^rvxif (d om.) iorut^g iorX V^t^) i} wopptia, A = ^«^por (A*^ rcXcvr^) 
y^ ^Bw€^ iv\ ^x^p^ col 9 nopptitu f reads ^t ^pof yd|p V^x$^ ^^^^ 4 dpaprla 
9 di^ Tifff wopptiag and is thus a conflate text.. It is possible that fi6$pot 
and SXff^por may be different renderings of nnc^. " oc, dg. abef om, 

'*(2readsryBcXMiv». gtid^ois. ^OL^fi-bg^K, bgieAdiarl. "'^reads 
r^fjUooW. "d reads Korayownu ^^(X,d. fi^, Spread iAp ins y^p^p. 
g ccrv y«p«»y Ap. ^(X, d. /3-<{ read f. g adds cv? after c^cv^, "^ ex. 
9y A, S^ om. ^ OK. a/ read ipttburp^p iavr^ voif ! m^ rf {^^'^f) B* '^^ ^^ 
vJotf rw ai^. i^ &«tdor avr^ {airmp g) tnUi icol ytktpra nap^ ry B. ml rocf 
vfaSr tAp opB. <fo, a, S read as in margin save that A******* om. iqm6p. 
wp6a9opLfMa = B^O a corraption (I) of frtn^ (or pnto) = ycXttro. •*« 

(BaTe that A adds Tov after vc/h). /3, A,S^ read as in margin (save that for 
crctdy yc^ A reads TounfP ydp). ^ af, e reads inadapiitnPn h{gX) dKoBaipur^p, 
de i»Mpw€P. h om. "A^^ om. "a. ft A, S om. ••«. ft A, S» 
read as in margin. cr^b^edeg ^^^ •b c. A, /3 read vaptttakiaw. e adds 
KOI tpappoKoCt. A^ 4 Alyvirrui irffpi *U>(r^. '* CX, jS-^ (save that A reads 

ovroir for a^f )• d reads ovry dio^opa cfriycym wp ff^tXrpop avr^s dicyccpa* 
rovrw ^ouXo/ftm|t. avrf ^i^arwy vpovifprfSMP. g, A firpoa^Mymy ovry. 

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T^'~. 10. Ath Touro'^^ 6 tfcis rmv iraTifx^v v/aw^* ipp6<raro 

KOI. airrbv iirb vavrbs wwijpou^* K€KpviiyAv(W Oavirov, 

Pi A, S* II. 'Eoy yhp [xri icoTicrxt;<r€i'^* ^ vopv^la^*^ *Triv Iwoiav'^ 

ft S* *n V. Uovripai ^yip^^ eltrw al ywaxKcs, riKva^ fwv, *icai Ir 

fl^A S* ^oXictJovToi* iv ayriyMffiV^ 8voi>i^ aMv^ *7rpis tavras^^ 
dwdfi€i»s iTrunri<rovTai^\ 2. Kai" bv^^ bih *toO oxi^jiotos" oi*C 

...xara- j^^(,„(,.u,i« KaTaYm|Tcd9ao6ai ^^^ rovroi^^^ ii'^^ ivirris Kara-- 
'^a'!!'''' ywrfCowai". 3. '■''Ori'' fcafyc*® *v€/>i air«i;« clWr^* 

^^ A = dXXd. (X adds aMt. ^ h reads mrt dcfaro. " A trs. before r^ff 
^x5«- a adds ^. "a adds o^. '* c. A, A, S* read ^fiAv. p/uw. " a= 
jn or yc'n. This apparently was corrupted into ^. Hence ft A*****', 
S^ which read Sparov nal {g om.). d ioparov. A* =: Mp^s aoparov xou. A^ 
dpdp6s atr6 mlvov Sparov koL S^ adds nopiipov and om. KtKpvpjUvov, ''^ c, 
^yl/. K oib read Kantrxwm* ^ A s f vovtipia. '^ (X, bef. a reads r^r 

«wo«W. d iv rah ^x^- 9f A****** i^c tsof^ias. A^ = rAf civouv. " A, 

/^-a&. a5, S^ om. c, A^*' read 7fu»y. (2 7ft«»y xal cV rg d«iyo(f . A^ = rSar 
w$pmtr»v. ^ bg om. " OC. ft A, S read KariaxOcrtt. "A = ^fwir. 

V. * a. ft A, S* om. *^ reads wiwia, ■of, A (save that for aWff 
c read ovnovr and A a^cus). ft S^ read as in margin. 4^i>«od«r ^jj^^ 
For i(ouaiap •..€»■/ ^ reads di/F. k. i^owriav irp6s. * (X. A = Mpas. 
ahefg, S^ read r^y Mptnrov, d r&v avdpwraw. ^ d reads ttiKimmtn. ^ (2 
adds ndtfra Tp6nw hrufooviuvai. " a, d, /S-d, S* road fr&ff. * a, 3-c?. 

d, A read aXrrovs. ** c, df. A, 6«gr read irpit alrdt, a hr oMs. " a, 

P-fg* f reads nrunrdowmntu. g wtptavdiroPTM, A = laxoawirtp inunrda-atrBcu, 
*' A om. " d reads &y riw»i». " a. ft A, S^ read bwdium. a alone 
gives the right sense. <rx9/M means ' anything that appeals to the senses ' 
in the text. Hence a may = *Tln corrupted into fff] or ]1M s= ft A, SK 
" e A*********, e rei&ds Icrxvoy. ob/g, S* lo-xvcc A, A* «<rxworra». d «n-4<rxw- 
4r)o»o-(. ^^ 6. A reads ymfrtwraaBot, ft A iaxTaynvltratrBat, It is noteworthy 
that though A = /3 here it uses a different word for the xaraytiP, following. 
Possibly KarayoqnvaffBm s 7^i> which may have been corrupted into 
n73v = KOToymvUrairBai, But icaTiiyoi7rffvaa<r^ may be simply a corrup* 
tion of xcmrya>»^ocrAu. ^^ c{ reads rovrvv. ^' (2 adds r^s pandas Koi 

MP^s, ^* Cy <//; A. abg^ S^ read xaraywM^rrat. A ay»w<roynu. e ^JMrcy. 

** a. P-dg, 8\ d reads kuL g yap. A «i/, which with next two words 
it trs. after /um. ^A ^ mpl rovrov. ''A adds nai v€p\ rovrov. 

^ <2 adds ovTȣ ctv^y. ^ axovtrart. ** g om. adds ra/yc. ^ A om| 

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lUH 6 iyyckos rov &€ov, icai, ibSba(4 /*€**, &rt** al** yvrcukcff 
ijTTwirroi** *r^ TTveifiari ttJs iropifcias*' *ivip top IMpa^*, 

* hih ri\s KO<rfi'/i<r€a>s ^ vkav&<rw ^avriiv^ ** tA« dia- ^, A, S* 

icol rare *rw Ipyy** oIxfwiAawffotHruF**^. 4. Ov yap 

dlfvarcu yui^ * Av8pa fiidmu cis vp^ovnror diXX' & ox^lioan A A, S^ 
vopviKdis TOUTor varoufvycJcnu^^ 5. *AowAi^ ^€6y€r€ j^^fg^ 

TtKva fjLOV rj)v Tfopv^Cav^^ *ical irpoirriacrere*^ raxs yvpoi^tv maBm. 
vyMV^ KcX rals OvyaTpicruf ^vfiAv^^^, fra firj Koa-fuia-i,^^ 
ris*^ fcc^oAaff avrwr*® koI rets dr^cw** *ir^? iiriin}!^ 
5uiro(d9^^, Sr( m<ra yvi^^^ boKievoiUvri iv tovtois eZff ictfXcurcv^' 
aUviop^^ T€Ti/ifyrjTai^\ 6. OCras 7^** lO^X^av robs 

*Eypriy6povs^^ Wcvs^" vp6 row icaraicXvirjLiov- *lKeiroi yAf '* A A, S^ 
crw€x«s'** 6p«in-c5 ''airas''«> ^^yoyro*^ •"icai''" &«» ^irt^M^ **^^'^' 

** ^ reads «rXcoy ittt. A^ = sXcor. A* onu S* = ifintwrorrau " OC, a£<ly 
A. e reads rf na$ti rtjt vop, f t6 vpfvpa rijt mmipias, g €w rf ircpl rrjt 
wopvtias, S* = f tr njr vopiftiay. *• OL oW/, S* read vv€p t^ Mptonw, 
^ vwip r&w hfBpwtmw, d, A virfp rovs Mpat, g reads as abef bat pate 
immediately after ifrrSMfrat, * ^ reads di^ rovro. ^ « reads /aixopowrat, 
h ptixopiCorrai, S^ = iyflpotrm, *^ (X, ^/ a reads «. r«F mSpwrvw 

vycvfun-tf y both in same hand with M. above iff. ^ x. roi) mSpimw, 
A s= jcard r»ir Mp&tf. B^ M n&r dvd/Mi. ** c om. " <f reads di& 

yuV r. mxTft. A reads fb'^pt tig (^ ^^ riwas) which is oorrapt for 
t^Pt^ip = di& r^f icoor/ii7<rc«ff. ^ a reads avn(r. A om. 0, A, S^ add 
npirow which g trs. before avrdv. ** a adds a{xM<iX«M'i{ov(rai. " d 

reads diAdf. A = ( + co/, A**) ir/>wroF y&p dui. *^ A reads rov lov. '"e'A, 
heg^ A, S. <^(t), a/ read 4wmupmHnu, d iwunrtlpovatp and omits rest of 
verse. ** c, he, A, 8\ afg read t6 tpyw, h tlpyop, ^ a om. e adds 
oAtow, ^ 0( (save that e reads froprur^r for iropyucoiff). 0, A, S^ read as 

in margin* ^oc (save that h trs. ^cvy. after /«ov). /3-^, A, S^ read 
^cvy. oSp Tf^ nop, r. fuw. So also g, save that it om. pov and ti'S. rcxra 
before n^r irop. ^ d reads xal cVff'XXccr^. ^ irfMHrrorrcrc dc koI. ^ A 

om. fy om. next foar words. ^ <;, (20. A, ab, A, S om. ^ c. A reads 
mapfyrwrm. /5-« KoapmifTCLU e KOffprfirwrtP, *' A om. *" CX, A. ft S* 

om. *• ft S* add ovr&F. *• Of, /9-6 (save that (i adds t?^ before ^wj'.), 
A, a ft om. " A adds /li}. •* A*» add KOKUmir. " a. d reads 

oiMmoy. j3-<^ Tov alcorac. ^ A reads rrfpiCopTtu, ^ g om. ** b reads 
'Eyyp. •'ftA^Som. ^(X,d. /3-d, A, S read wawow. "ctrs. 

after ^p&rrcff. **A,ftS. c reads rt&r yvyaunv. Aom. *^(X, /3-^. e reads 
itt^yimn. A = ^iporro. «(X. ft A, S* om. «^om. e4^bi»»cdt^ 

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12 ^IA0HKH POTBHM [7.6 

a,/S^,S» a*T6M«*, Kci ffvviXapov^^ rp hvavola *rJ>y irpofu;®*' */i€T€. 

<Mp<»- i»^p^v * avrtti; avv^^^vovro o^raly •*• 7- * Kdiceirai "^fti^ ^^ 

now. iTrtOvfJuowrat *rj} dtovof^ r^y ^awao'ias''^ avr&v tr^Kov''^ 

ft^'S^ ylynarra^. *E<f>a(povTO yhp cdrrw''^ *ol ^Eypriyopoi''^ *im 

KaBap€lh- ^^ OVpOPOV <l>0iivOVT€S^^. 

ciFT^ VI. ^ki(aT€^ oSr* ivo r^y* vopv€(a9, koL *2ot« icaOa- 

*SI!2^' ptrfonrts* tJ Sioyoif- *^Xd{aTC Kal« *TAff aicF^<r€iy vfiwi/* AvA 

*i ft S* ivd/xlo-iv^^ 6fa kcU o^ai Ka0apci;a><r(^^ rp ^tovof^^*. 3. *Al 

p^gi airoiv^^ fx^j; i(m wJ<roy Arfiiroff", ^fwi;^* 8i *€ls oXcOpor 

2y«doff B<Xiap ical 5i«iSos oUStiok'^* 4. 'Ori ^'^ vopv^ta *o6r€ 


BcXmp al^ifiov, 

g reads f^r* avr«y. a, /3-$f, S^ aXXi^X^F (oXXi^Xoiff e). A^ om. ^ d reads 
ovXXa/StfiTffff.. •• ^ reads tJ irpd^i ^ e. h reads «arf <rx^fuiriforrB. P, 
A, 8^ mil (d om.) lUTtirxjnuKtiCwTo. **(X. ft A, S^ read atfBpwnvt. ^ d 
reads r£r (n/paff^pattfowrmv oMit. '° OC. ft-^, A, S^ read icaxciHtc ( KOKMonu 
''^C,affA^ be, S^ T]$ d. 7^£ ^y. d rckff 0av. ^ r^r diavo^ ml ^mv» A rg d. 
MBA ^oiraali^ ^* reads frocroy. ^/ reads ovroir. g om. ^^ ( reads 
'Eyyptjyoptu g adds €kh¥oi, ^'Cjft-ii, S*. A = iff ^AbviTff «fc wpowr. 

For 4>^' d reads ^i»*orrr£. A ^Aurorrof. 

VI. * OL ft-6^ read ^vXafurd^. iy, S* 0vXAr<r*<r^. • g, S* add rAwo. 
h adds ^ovrovff. ' ^ om. * a (save that I have emended Irm^ into 

thm). fi^, S^ read el $€Xm KoBaptvtw. e €w ^croi KoBapoi c&vu. a adds cV. 
' (X. a«/read <tn/\a(atr6€^ bd, S^ ^Xa<rcrffrr. ^ ^Xacraco^. ' c, a<2/ 

A***^. A, 6ey, S» read tAj a2ir^<r€iff. A** r6s V^x^ *^ «>i ^^ «^- 
' e. A s= murvir yvpaucwf, A, ft S^ read irdoi}t (A om.) A^Xcutr (^ ^mw). 
•a,/. /9-/read JcoiwiWf. »cfom. "CX,^. /5-^, S* read cprciXmraf . 

e iropoyycXXcTvu. ** a, <fe. a reads oi;ydouSC«y* ^^ ouFdudfcw. A"** read 
Jkp^ pm%m^ A^*^ sffrp^m%m£j:= yvfivovirSai which are corrupt possibly 
for ii!ffi^m%mi_=z (TVP^vaC^ip. A''^ read irp^fu^mhm^^ ipdouiCttp, B^ reads 
fierck d¥$pmrm¥ f or fu) , . . MpAatv. " tt. A = Mp&vw avrwf. fi reads 

apBp&noit^ "c, a5^, d reads iroAipevoiMraf. leaBapal cicro'. hyfKaOtt* 

pcvovaiy. " (2 adds e/piyiTyy ^x^^^' " ^> i3-d«. So <i but om. <rwi«x«*» 
reads cV yhp rats trwtxfU (sic) irvvrvxiaif, " A, /3-jf, A, S*. reads dex^j. 
^ irpoffX^i, ^^ ^ reads ovroir. ^' A*** = iivvapa. Other Armenian 

MSS. = p€>*ai,. "c,M/,A'*,S^ A.a0y,A'»*«>**readi^/ttr. »a 

(save that e reads ^«^po( rf ). /9, S^ read as in margin, saye that d adds 
wapi before rov. A = Awtdof /leya. '^ reads wwra, "A reads 4. «r^ 
t% A^^(= '^ ovdcy) which is oormpt for n^ i^m L ip^=: o9r< awtaup 

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9{v€<rw olJrc** '\€birifi€Voaf^^ ^et h iavrfi [koL^ ms^ ^Xo9 

5. Aid TtNho ""oJk X^tt Ofiur^^s f,X€J<r€T€*« ^Tohs vUAs /3-d,A,S» 

*iluA »*« icol *r^ Aciy** kcU r$*« 'Ia)(n}<^", *ro{; ei^oi €Zy« ^ ^ g 

Acvf, *8r4 ajn-iff ywJo-crai** v6^iov •eoo*^, kcX *8MiaT€X«i ft, Adia- 
cfe" KpUrw KcX dwTttiw" iirip tofi" 'IxTpaqk ^XP^ rcAc«4- J'^jJ'g 
(rctt>$ xP^pi^v^ *ipxi€pA9 XP'^rrrfff**, 6v*^ clwcy*® i** K^/>io$. frim-<(ff. 

«l^. *• = rnTOn which may be corrupt for WMHi or fvo-c/Srunr is 
c<»Tapt for c^Xa^f«lF as in Mic. yii. 2; Sir. xi. 17. ^*h reads aXXo. 
"« reads irpdff. Vr^ads olfcci: " (X, /9, A**, S». A*^"* = aerfiir. 

* <X (bnt A reads de for o^). d reads oSa ^«. A frm vfi«7f. /3-<£, A, 9 oin« 
^ a, S'. (X, hg, A read Ci^Aaart. d Cn^om. ef Ci^m^nrn, ^OC, p om. 

**«/&> 8*- A, Jtf, A read ftn|<rar€. CfdCn^lrt. "ft A. (X reads o^dK 

''A adds afty CrfrimfTe. ** Em. from c Ivxwnfn, k Urxyfraxt, adeg read 

hwnfir^^. hhmnfvwrBt. f hvptitnivBt. A adds virff/> ovrovr. ''^ reads 

cvpcoff. ^fi, OL reads iroefi: A = iwobiirt. *'A = cicXoy^y cf . •• Of. 

ftS^ read nA airaeaptur6€ ( + vfic7f ^). A om. together with next two 
words. •• A = W, ^OtfOe. hg, S* read icvpio^. / 6 xvpior. d xvpiot 

A M(. ^ d reads x<W* ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^® ▼^i^^ ^^ spurious. ^ a, 0/ 
o^y A read /mt' o^itSir (which A trs. before Tf 'I.). 6 fur avrAw. d fur* avrf. 
8^ om. ^or, (2. /3-<{ read icoftoc. d om. next three words. *^h. e 

reads rf raft. /3-hI ^r. *^€,d. h,fi^om. ^d itddn km rf A&f, 

*'a,/5-J. ft reads TW€6m«r/. A'***"* = fwr* oirwp. So also A** save that 
the J prefix Mu. ^eaddsoJV. ^*{f reads r^. ^ A reads onoy dioyvmmfir. 
For yvMcrcToi A reads yimpiett, S' awifftn. "^ OC. ft A, S as in margin. 
" c, /3-ft^ (save that d om. cJ^), S. Here duurnkti (= Wp) ci'r = * he will 
admonish in respect of judgement.' k, g, A read diorcXci cir ' will fulfil in 
lespect of.' ft dMurrcXXft cif. All these readings appear unsatisfactory. 
Perhaps &a(ir)rAf 1 <2f is corrupt for diort Xcov*. Hence buntk^irti icpUrut = 
DBTD iVr. In other words the civil authority of Levi (i.e. of the 
Maccabees) would be referred to here. Possibly dwirTfXf* may be used 
(uniquely t) as dmnXmrot ' he will issue ordinances.' A adds «il tU ^Uau 
''at(ctfMruvir),«»A,S'. of readB Bv/ueurti. hyS^BvvUu. d Bwiap. gBvtnt* 
••a. ft A, S read as in margin. "<i reads xpAw. ■• Emended frcMn 
h which reads Qpxup^ x^<ftov. c, ft S read apxupimt xP^orw {d mtpimf). 
A***'**'=s TW cZnm bpca iijf ftia^«i;ff xP«0Tov (A* n^pvicor). A*= tw <]mu 

Digitized by 



c XoXciy. 9. *OpK& vfiaj tov &€bv rov ovfMwov^^ tov^'^ woieip*^ i\ri$€iav 
^iKaoTos vfAs rhv Trkri<rCov avrov*' *ical ayiiniv ix^tv 
iKourTOS vpbs TOV ib€k<l>bv airov^. lO. Kol irpiy ror** 

Afvl lyyfcrarc*'' iv Tav€iv<i<r€i KapbCas ^iyL&v^^'', tva *bi(rj<rB^ 
rfAoyfov*^ iK roC** (rrofjiaTos avrov. II. Avroj yckp^*^ 

€vXoyi7<r€( rbv 'Icrpa^A. ical ror 'I(rt;5aif *&n iv air^''^ 
/3-/,S* ii^Xjliaro Kiiptos'^^ )8a<riXft;€U^ "^^ fociirioir'* *waKT^ tow 
wavTfup XcmjC^^ 12. Kai vpoo-KvyiJo-are'® *ri <nripixa^'^ aWov, 

VII. *Kai iv40av€ *¥ovp(ix, hrrciXi^ievos vols viols 
avTOV TavTa\ 2. *Kal iOtvro^ airov iv copf, *fo^ 

Up^a TTfg dtoBrftajf, I take it that the original text referred to Ps. ex. 4 or 
to the thought therein implied which was current at the time. " ef read 
a^. wA*add&€iVy, *• a,/, A*******"*. /3-/A*,Som. ••cadda 
nm rrjf yrjs. ^ om. ^h, fi,S read irm^irm, c XoXccr, a reading 
poBsibly due to Zech. viii. 16 (cf. Eph. iv, 25). A = ntpwunja-m 
oX^cc^ ^ a^ bdef (saye that e reads ficr^ rov irX.), A, 8^ ag read 

ixaarop wXrfviop aifrov. ^ OL, cu/(8aye that oe/om. ^x^xy^ ^ ^^d tKotrrw 

and 6 ft'^^ rov ^cX^v). (2^ read oydin^r ix^ ( H~ ^/MMwr cjccurrof Yr/)6f r, 
lid. a^v ^). b, S^ om. entire clause. A := aytanip ?x<rc irp&f rovs ddcX^ovs 
v/AMF. " A** reads rovs vlow. ^ d trs. to beginning of clause and for 
fad reads ti xo/. ^Odg* d reads 7fM»t'. /9-<2^9 A, 8 om. ^ A reads 
(ct^rc rv Xc^ (t) ^ otf/ om. ^ (2 om. ^* <£ reads Am^ aMp. 

" A prefixes 6. " a, <m/. 6fl^, 8* read /SacrcXcvcnu* '* c. A reads inL 
fi, 8^ om. ^' (X (saye that & om. rov), A. /3-/, 8^ read irarrwF ( + t6f 5<)r, 
8) Xcuoy. fvopra t6p Xa6p. ^ A, b, 8. O^ read vpoincvprfvrrt^ e wpoo'tcv 

ff^mirai, d npovKwija-at, g vpoiriafpri<niT€, A s= text or €16/1 ^ 6, i9-M. A, 

bd read ry oTFtpitari. "^ d om. next three words. ^ A, «/, A***"***, B\ 
C,ahg,A^reAd^tt&p. dom. «^a,i»-^, A^S^ A"***^** read AroAuwwu, 
d om. '^ (2 reads re rat. ^ oc, fi, 8^ read Herat cV v^u^ {^fup d). 

A = ftroirai ip hfup. »«, i. /3-<£, 8* road ^. a(*<&M»y. A = fiatriktU 

fd&pun* Here 8 makes a large Christian addition. See Appendices. 

Vli. ^ (X, «^, A. Bo also be saye that thej omit ravra. dg read nivra 
(mil ^) ipTttKdfUPos 'Pov/91/* rolr vkis alrw rrcXevr9<rc {MBopt g), and add 
wptaPvrrjg kbA vKtipis (sic) fiiitpSw, imapx^v irAp pK€. 8^ ^ ml ovr«»p cZir^ 
dfTC^M 'P. 6 irp&ros rov *I. vMr, jcai ?C7<''^ ^ po^''* S* rovra X«^ an^Bopt 6 
'p. 6 vpta/T^yopot rov 'I. j^fi; dc 125 ^n; ical ani6ap€* *d reads KarsStro dt 

' A, (^, Ay 8. e reads xoi. oi Im^ ^rov (<2 oQ. g e«p. ^ c reads c^'- 
yKoprn. g iiv^mprts. ^(X,d,A. fi^, 8* om. • e reads ^i' aopf X. 
Mu. Aom. ^g om, '/3-^, A, S^ add r^ diirXy, « r^ darXovp. * A, 

Digitized by 



ft-e' ipfv4yKavr€S* airhv i( Aly&jrrov tOayjfov aMv^ ^iv ft ^» S' 

ol ira- 

ALa6iJK7i tviiedv rov Scvrcpov vtoS 'Iaica>^ ical Aui5 ^. ''J^*. 

I. **AvTCYpa<l>op Arfywv* Sv/xcciif, &* ^AciAijcre roly vloiy sWt«.' 
ovroi;*, *irpd rov diro^avcur^ airrdv^ *iv Ifcaroor^ eiicoor^ ^ A^ 8* 

awroi;^^®. 2. *'Ap/)a)(n-oSjn"Off rot) 2v/i€a>i/ i}Adoir ivuTKi- ^^*^* 

ifrao-^at avrdir ot viol airoO^^ icol^* ^1/107(^0$ ^icddwre^^ jcat S^rcVuo 

II. 'Aicorfcrarc^, *T<iti'a |*ou*, 2t;fi€a>r rod varpds ipMV ^^^e&»fg 

of. Elo practically c /mt& rov varp^ avrov. i^ read imv o2 irariptt airov. 
^, A ^irov o2 vccriptt avrw, d Sirov Koi ol frar. atrrov KarmBifamf, & ^ rov 
9QTp6£ ovTOv. / adds 'Vovfiffv vli^ *laieai0 a v2^ Amu a t^tiatv Zni pii. See 
note I for like addition in 8. 

I. ^ OL (saye that h adds rov before 'loic^^). a reads Zvf(€«*y. h/g, A^, 
S^ read dia^. Zvft. /3^ (/ om.) flrrpl <l^vov {<l>66pw f) d \a conflate ^lad. 
2v;a. v2ov "Luctt^ luil A^t Uvrip. fr«pl f^9W\ alflO 6 dia^. Svfu irfpl <l)36pw* 
Zvfi««y vl^ *IaK«^ Koi Acof /S', A*'^^ := dia$. 2vfu lAov 'itucn^fi, vlov 'lirtuuc, vloO 
^APpadfu A**** dtoB. Sv/i. • h, abfg, 8\ e reada dio^my. de, A'^ dir/- 

Ypo^r dia^Ki^f . A^*^** ayriy. X<fya»y dMiA7«a;ff. *OC,hfg» a reads &y. deliaa. 
* Ot, «? om. next ten words through hmt. '/3-M, A^*"^**. 6 reads irp6 
ToO AiMiy. A*^^ =s ^r €f»cXXc oiroAiif cy« * af om. ^ a^/ (save that be 
om. €V), A**«*. g. A**** S^ read ^1^ rf /jmrooTY ?t*» ml «' (A** icf ). * A*** 
Itdd Kol drvr«pY Trci. 'tt. oM/ A, S^ read ^ f Irci. e cV In; (sic) ^. 

g om. together with next verse. ^ OL, d, fi^, A, & om. ^^ a, a/, 

save that A» q^ om. rov and / reads dpptMmnhm^ he, S^ read ^$w yhp 
hturKP^atrBai aM¥ appwrrovwra ol v2ol a^ov (6 om. o2 . . . alrov). A^^ = 
ijX^oi' ol viot airov hnaiu oMy apfma. and BO also A*'*'^ save that they om. 
ol vL o^rov. A^* = ml ik&dmt wwiix^'lfrcuf ol vl* o^rov Ario-ic. ovnSr. c{ and 
^ give a third form of text, d reads dppwrnfiras irpotricaktirdfifvot row vlov£ 
laiTov, g iipwrrriira'S (sic) ixSKtirtv avrovs, Gf. 8' iibSktirtv vlovf. 8' = ol 
>vp viol i$X^ hfurKv^$ai oMv. ^'A adds Sv/ic^. ^ om. the next six 
words. ^' Ot, «/ read ixaBrfaw, ^* h reads mro^^viv and om. following 
KoL ^^g reads ^i;o-l. b, A***, 8* add avrols. 

IL » c, fi^, A'*, if om. Ai A****'* add /««». « a, d, A. ^ reads rcuWb 
fuw. /5-<fflr, 8* read rvicMi. jS-e, A"*', S* add dieovcrarf . *0L ft 8* om. 

For A*** see next note. ^ e reads cVl Kopdlas pmf. d adds KfMrri, A^ 

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1 6 AIAGHKH 2TME12N [II. a 

2. 'Eya> tyannjOriv i( *laK&P *vlds ie^rtpos r$ varpl 

3. * Awards yhp iyevo^riv^^ atpaSbpa 

4. *H yjkp Kap^ia fiov ijv a-Kkripif 
Kol *ri {JTrari^'^ fAOV iKlvtira 

KoX rh <nrk6yxva puov lurvfxvaBtj^^. 
5. *'Eirei«ij icai" ^ ii^peOi" Aird" i^i^mw hOk^ai^^ 
hdg A, ''ow^^ Av^pcJiroty iv ^^x*^^ *'*^** (rApjounv. 6. **ErYAp 

Jlf.r'^ ft-i»« "^iryA^tta oMv 6 var^p fwu*^ ^mpk v4in-ay"'". 7, 

/3-a, S* *«^** ^anfptfa^*^ ^w'^^ avrdi; rcfc rfiraTd fiav <8<rr€^ ArcXco^ 

ij/iwi'. avr6vf *8ri 6 ipx<av^^ Trjs TrXjivrfs Kal'* tA m^cvfia rov fijAov'* 

p, A, 8^ enf^^Aoxr^ /«w rdr j/ow, */i?) irpoa-4x^iv^^ *air$ a»9 48eA<^$'^, 

Xar. ftiyJi'^ <l>€Ca-aar0ai *ry irarpf fiou *Ia#c<iSj3'*. 8. 'AAA' 6 

add ^oTytXAev Ifup, Ay* XryciT vfur. A^**^ om. See preceding note. 
' e. A reads dtvr, vl^ rov irarp<(f pov. fi, A, S^ read rod ncerpSs pov vl^ Mr, 
(dfvr. vl6s 6, A****). • €ig read «ot <2 A/o raivvp, ^J^'^ ^6 Svopa pov. 
^Kag read ^vpt&v. • A** = kgL " A*^ = t?^ fpyrpdy pxw. " a. ft 

A**^**, S* read dw. iy^vipipf. A"* =: nu €y€v6ftfi¥ dvtf, " cI adds irao-ay. 

'•« reads irpofrtt. "S* = €mi<rir. » A** = ^ kcmX^. "« reads 

dtrvpirdBriTa, ^ OC, fi reads ^n xoi!. A = iral ^i. ^ & adds /aov. 

*• d reads wapa. ^ ?»ff. "• a, /J-o^ (c, d giying the form dtd«rac). cibg, 
A^ S read d«3orat. ** « reads nw vtow r&v, A = irooty. " ft S add «r. 
•* a. (w/ read fV t^ Kmp^ ©^ h^ip^ r^t ve^rtirot eV f . hdg. A, S* ral ( + cyo^ A) 
ei' T« Kaip^ €K(iv^. "* A reads iCnpJuMra % * A om. M read ry. " c2 
reads cV ^^oi^ d«$re. *^ (X, A. i3-a, S^ read iiycoFa out, 6 varfjp fiii&v. 

a rjyatraro avT6g rf warpi "a. ft A, S* om. "A""^ onu ^OL,cf. 

be read ifrrtipuTa. d toKK^pupa, g Zirrfja'a, ^ e cm. **(X» P reads rod, 
•• d reads 6 yap ^x^''- ^<^^ ^PX^" A****** read ^yycXor. *^0i. g om, 

P^g^ S read osroorciXar. <2 2ar^ <iiro<mr(Xar. A^ = dircaraXi; /irl cfM rat. 
A* iKtmnri put tU ffkop koL A^*** oireWf lAc ri irvcvfui tow C^Xav ml, " «/* 

tead ftXouf . " c^ reads rov pti vpoa-. A****^** = pri atptU ( + fic A**) irpoo-. 
A^* = Koi pif d^iMi fr/xxr. A^ ral o^k ^ci frpoo-. '^ ^ reads ovr^i' &s 

ddcX^ and om. rest of verse. ^(X,d. fi-d Al, S* read ral /*^. ■• Of, 
A**, abef, A*******', S* read 'laic. row ir. fiow. d laic. roC ir. i7/bi«y. A"** add 
yflpatntmfTfn, ^ dg om. next four words through hmt. For next word 
^b*edo* read a*r«F. "A**** om. « S« reads rov varpds. ^oc. abefy, 

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n.u] AIAeHKH SYMEHN 1 7 

T^ SyycXor oiraS jcai** ippifraro^ airrdv iK rQv X^H^^ alrov, 
fum^^ 9. *ll9 yap*'' ^ <iro/>d»ipf" *iir Siic^iy** ftA,S' 

MyKOL^ iEXcvifia^^ rolj troifirfois** kcU •PwjSlf*" €&** Ao- it^p. 
Ba^Cii^, Svov^ rtt iyxfrtfCoiraW ijfup^^ koL irficra" ^ iirrf- ^^^^' 

Toij 1<rjuuii7\(rai$. lO. Kai *A "Pov^V AKoArof TBwm^ S-a/, S» 

lAinnJ^**- ^tfcX€«*>Apairdif«^diwy»Y«>**wpd5'-^lraWp«**- J^*" 
1 1. 'Eyi »^® *«ifiTa ano^tFoiin ApY(«^ W« rir ^« lotaov'* J|^ 
''(T^pa''^*, «ri^« (Swa oirdir ilWXvo-ep* koI '*' JiroA^cra iirfpai A**«*«*, 
•^iTf ipyiCiiuPa9 iv* oAtA^'^^ 12. Kofyc miPcvJdiW fM ^^^f^" 

*4 W/Hoj*» Kca iicitAwrfy 5paw^ x««P««' "^4^* ^f*o8^*®* *»n 
ri x^(p M<^ 4 ftffift iliJLC(rip09 yiyovwv hit iffiipas Ivri^. 

A*^, S» read ofifw, A'**'*^ o^rfir. <l, S« /iw. A**** add 1«cA^, •icwAic ital 
*Aja^Mi^ Ca., X indlflc. A*). **<X,A. ii5«^^,S*readAnKmOUiffr.ayy, 

avTOv. cE, S^ODL 'aom. ^a adds^^AorD. ^ A reads no/. A a 
oft". * reads Ari|XA>r. **^ Ay culf read o Zuo^f . g th 2iiaiiu)¥. 
emau ^ (save that jf reads cvtyxifv), A. d reads f»eyic€. h^Myica^ 

^<2 reads dXiSfi^iara. A^*" =: ^<4»fia«ip bat A""*^ agree with text ^A*^ 
s mw ir/Hi0ar«f «oipa4»v ^^. ""(X^d. 0hI reads *Pov0w». Slightly, 

ootmpt in A*''. ^ reads «u. A om. ^ a&, A^ « reads Awte^M- 

d Ao«i«r. «9 Aa&^t. f iLoBaniJU h onu A""*^"^ =: a^X^r i}m6^ bat A*^*^ 
agieea with text. >* e reads ^TMyiw. <20,AaddJ(r. ^/9^. (2 read 
XpNidiy. oc reads xriC"*"''^ 9 ^^ ^« "* ^ reads 4m^ ^^ ^^ 

««. A**-^ read *,rii.r. /9om. «c,/, A***** add «. «a. /3,A,S» 
read V^. «A*^» *I«Mr^(^. ** «. A is conflate cX^^ *PmV3i/i leai d»>^iraff 
tnuro. »,A''^,&i>M^'Vi>^^{Fwfiitid). A*^=i;X^'P.4ddcX^4p«^ 
»■£. Jadds nd ptSj tvpi^i^ aMif. ^dg add v^pcu **« reads i(X^. 

" A om. « «, A*****"*. A, a/ read diair»0^. 6%, S» dmirA^ai. A»* 

conflate = htavmom ml droyBytir. ^d^ j^*^^ ^^^ ^i^roO. ^ g reads 
>«V- '*«• A'^sA^y. A^**'***om. '"^readirp4$ff. "cfofom. 
'^A** read -Wr. A****** Aiir. «a. /3,A,S'om. '•ci reads Wn. 
^ac,0 (save that Ibr ^ir oMr sMa/ read a^, ^ aMv). A^ := ovri»f 
^^^ry^Mp ^* oMr ^f.. ir^. A^**^ ical i)v ^' oMp 6fry^6,uvos {A!* om.) 
fft. w. e, A***** add Art ry X^ nyvr^. ^ cirl rovro. d ircpl iww difo 
^teX^^np ^ «briMrctNK aMr. ^"(X. at^e/ A read «ci;/Nor. £]0r,S6Mr» 

'•A* ss ' efficacy/ A** mwd*, A***^'* = ' robbery ' (as if from bpAatrop^y 
^P trs. before 9pa9w against a. A om. d adds Xry«» yap vfup before ^ 
*^0L M^ sappori ieit, save that is^ read $1^ and d ryf mo for yfyoMy. aefi 
A****^, Qi jjg,, aappott text, saTC that they read ^v for yty. (which 
€ trs. befow 4p^) and f {^v^^^J) for f, while A****^,S' read (vpd^ 
OB. ri. O 

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KopUg Zki 


€r6vtis\ 14* "EyviAV^^ yhp Sri vovrjpdv irpayfia iv^Bv* 

firjOriv iv^iriov KVpCov^^ koI** **Iaici>j8 tov vaTp6s iioo^'' *Jii 

f, -f - III. Kol vOir, Wwa* fiow^ ^ditoAraW |iou iwd"'^ ^vX<lfaurdc^ 

^ 01 «« ivd *Tov VFc^iATot^ r$9 irXiir);; koI rot; <l>06vov, 2. KcU 

ffvffvfia- yhp 6 ^iifos Kvpi€fi€i ^vitnis rrfs hiavoCas roO ivOptiTfov^ 
*^^* ical oiK iufiCqinif'' airrdv ^offT€ ^ayeu', o6r€ vkiv* ofirc^ vot$(ra( 
n« dyaWif. 3. •AAXifc* *irdifror€ iwofiiXk^i^^ dvcXciy'* 

bi ff^ov&v iMLpatv^roi^*, 4. AtJo ""oSv^^* frij" *to 4K()3y 

A*^ = miW^p^(y^ M r/M^Uorra ^fitf pof . ** citf, A add fMv. ^(^readfl 
^iA*LTAyiidfX^y/iov. *^(X, #-«. 6 Kftdfl fUM ToOro cnW/Si;, A''*''^ <nW|9iy 
^crovro. A*"" = roOro ( A* om.) iniPf/*| /*ot. "A^om. ••A**'*'* add 
MKfAHn. w A*** add «itf«Hr». ^<x,d. /»-cl, A******, S* read rup^i* 

A^^'^sry^f •A'»*-*** = «i(. rfadda^Ar. ••a,(i,A***. oe/^ read 
ofromnravrfl^* (, S^ moKatairrairfl rifif x^H^ 1""^ ^ adds ms r& wpArtpw vyi^. 
A****** =s avoinrff<rni%. •» d om. ^a. beg mrdtrxopm. ab (in 

margin) df, S^ air((ox«fUM* A = m€irx6faf¥, *" A**^ =s d»& C<7^ov md mwr^ 
MoX. A^^'^^'^siMiroir. {i^XouieiafMX. *« cl reads ?yM». ^A*^=:^ou» 
»• flf om. •^ o&e/^ (save that bg om. f«w), A******^** (aaye that A* reads 
17^ and A*^ trs. *Uu, after ftov\ &K d reads itwmw ooeov tov varpAs ftou. 
a h Imr. Ty iraT/>i /lov. ^g reads ircpl 'ItMr. A*** om. •• (X, Wgr (save 
that g reads rov dd. fiov, A, <2^ o&nSp and d adds «iduMw). cu/, 8^ read r^ 
dd. i7fu»y, ipBmnfotK avr^» A^ s: ^Boviiaais rf dd* fuw (4fM«v A^) ^Iomi^ 
(A'^om.). A****** = <^or. nu* iWfX^^ MW. 

ni. ^ ^ reads rrxFMi. ' A, /3-i, A 0, 6, S om. ' (X. 0, A, S om. 

♦A**** add tAt ^X^ ifi&r. »a,A,S*. ft S* read rwinwfiarw. «4J 
/8-^, S*. A, flf, A****** read irdcraff rAr buarolas rov MpJmw, A*** iroi^ apOp^^ 
wov. ' 6 reads d^tov^v. •a/readnJ. A*** om. *d^, Som. 

^° tX, 1^-^, S. d reads frarrorv viro/3. rf <l)&opown dM». ^ irayrort vfro/3iiXX«Nr 
npbt thv ^. A*^ = viro^aXXei Mpimf nturorr. A****** fwtwf virti^aXXcc 
ii^f . Thns 5^, A point to the currency of some such reading as that of d, 
^A*^ add irdm. " «, jS (save that e reads ^M«r for ^i^m^). A*******^ 
ssKtAf pip ^^oM»0<ri, oSraf travrorc ap$€i' 6 bt f^BopwP 4>$iptw (a dittography) 
papaufmu A*^ mti 6 itip fuutdptot napnm ifuSos tip&tt, iym bi iff&op^ ^6ipm» 
iftapoiP^iaiPi " (X. ft Ay S^ om. ^*ht ft S^ add ^pS», g trs. ij/icpdr 
alter Kvpif^ » c om. ^* ot,/ A* /3-/, 8^ read «V y. r^y V^. /lov. 

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KvpCov^^ ixiiuoo-a * riip 'yfnjx'^v fiov ip vrftmCq^^^ xal fyvmp 
Srt ^" AiJcriy tow ^6pm) diet ^)9ow" l?€w" ylvrrai^. 

5. *ESjf ydp** Tiff M Kiptop KaTcupfiyrif *4irorp^X** '^ 
vopripdp wci)i^a dir' odrov^^ iced yCverai if ht/iuoia^ ko6^. 

6. Kal Xoivdy <rv/4«a^t** r$ ^oiwvfA^v^^. icol** auYYM"*i^«"^ ^» ^ 
*TOis iyaiwwrij/** avrrfi;**, iccU dJrwy'^ 7rai;crai tow 4^6pcv. y%9^Ku. 

IV. **Hy di < itottJ/) /uuw ^/kiotSj/^ ""ire/^l i/Aow"'* *«ri 
kApani lie a'KV$p(iiv6p^, koI^ (\,€yop abrl^^ *Sri rh {jirari jaov 
iyKOVfUu^ 2. *Ev4p0cvp yhp ^vofA viprat'' &n iyi^ 

iilirip^ alTiOff ^Ttft vpia-fois^ *lwrri<l>. 3» *K<>i ISt€^^ 

KOtrifiriii/iP €k AlyvffTOP, koH^^ fibyo-^^' fi€^' a»s KaritrKnyirop^*, 
typ^ttP Sri biKaCiOf vJurxo^ ^^ /col oix ikwoifiriP^K 4* *I<)^Mn)<^ 

"a/cm. »A,M0/A,S\ c, «^ lead <^49or. >* tx, /9-iI, S>. dreads 
9t9plev Bhw. a = KvpUw. ** ^ reads ryy^fnu. ^ 6 om* " «f reads 
r6 «»r. vMVfMi ^fvyft «r «hmn). A***** support text, bat A**^= ^cvyri 
pMff cM Tov iror. vwvfuirof • A****^ cm. next fifteen words «u y&nmu • • . 
oMr. Bat A^**^ attest them. » ^ adds rot) d^p^&irou, A^*^*^ adrov. 

^0 reads ffVfHratffir. f fmpMCoBfi. ** A*^ ss 6 ^tfovwr. A^ tf ^^MvOyn, 

^afom. "a^oe/S*. 5^, A^*^ == ov mmryii4<rmi, bat this giyes almost 
the same sense as the text. Neither seems right. tnrfyuf^Kn ss n^D^ 
which may be oorrapt for nDS^ = ' rejoices' or VQKf^ ' commends.' d = 
wMn jearayiv^mc ** Ot, a€/. &(%r s rAv irfox^nw^. ^d reads aM»y. 
••A**** = owmt rrfrf. A** om. A* om. last five words. 

IV. * OL abdgf read wXfy (+oJV 0) ipmrw h irar^p. For ^ see note 3. 
A* SB ^/Mtn|(rc fif 6 iror^p fuw, A.***** rrfrt ?» ipttr&w 6 ir. /low. • S* reads 
c/if. A om. ' tx, df {e reading UptucMP and d omitting pt)^ So also 
060^ save that they read /«pa (and 6 adds 5rra after trxv^.), ^ gives the 
verse so far as follows : Pkiwmtr it 6 warip pov r6r€ ipi tricvSpmir^ rfpAra irtfA 
ipov. A!* adds dtii ri tt vKuBptnU a^^pa ; A^*^'*' add mil mtKpiBrpf avrf» 
«<i,A'*'add^. »c,ci;A'»*"^. * reads /yA. abcfg,A'^,& om. A*** 
add irpotftAtrw, * e, h,d read Sn r. if. fiov Koicovpm, abefg r. if. fuw 
manivpM rf», A = r& Ayi^ r«y iTiraroiv pov, d adds ml diik rovrS elpi 
minOptnfAt, S' reads pSkw. ^ a reads irap^ wama, d wmfrorM. A*^ add 
Tofo ddfX^ovf fiov. The verse is thos given in g r/«^ yitp dt\ MvSow ms &v 
oSnoff TOV nurov. */adds 6, *K^ ^dd rov. (f reads iro^ vawrat clf 
t^. !• A.*** s ^ ytip. A** ^. gr reads «i/ »r and om. next word. 

»» A* adds "\9Hnti». " *, «W«, A, S*. c reads ©c r. / IBciacy. ijr ^Xmo-cit 
and om. preceding ttoL ^' A reads fioc. A*^ add fuSyov. ^* «, A**^ add 
««^ A**** add Mn. ^^**^^9 add toCto. "^ reads AwiJ^i,*. 

'^ d adds #»cidi|. ^* Of. hdeg^ A, 8 read or. ay. a/ oyo^df • ^* ^ om. 


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ftAa,S* ^6<nrkayxvot Kot iXe/iiJmp iiripx^}^^ o^k^ ijmfinKiKri<r4p 
ix\^ /Ae^\iXXa2^i}y(frr»yWfi€*^KT*AS€X*wf|*au2«, 5. 4h;Xi- 

*^*- ^AJww^ Kol wp€6€ire€ hf *iirX<fn)ri wifWat*^ fra d^^ 

?iS\v riff ice^MiAaff *MAr»«, jco^Aj'' »€T€»« *fo •«t«F^*»- 6. 

2|^»„ n(l<roff*<> riff ^fi^paj" oiic" AvciScimf ij/ios*' *ff€pi row 

TCff ♦•!«. airaO** jccU *ir>p rok wtoiff airw*^ iWfwfty" ^fiiw, wU** 
^2^/ *irXcwroy ical fcnjifi; jcal KOfmdp^ *^dpfo-aTO i^fiii'", 7* 

dcX^v * KcU i^&*^ T^Kini ^ow**, AyoinJoraTc** iKoum? riv ddcX^v^ 
a*sw' **^**^** ^^ ^y^ «<V*^» "<»i *iir(HrT^<m«i i^* il||*w ri 
avry. ft A, S^ trSo-iy ijfuy. 

^0 inr. after ^o<;. '^ a, if. iAe^, A}"*^" tttA iw i<mr^. daddsmL 

"* a. a, A read mi. Mef|7» 8^ om. ** ^ reads ov y^. **6d«read^wb 
gsLddBir^. '*(X,^,A. aM,S'readaxX^«i^ ^iSXX^H^or. . "•ft. 
i3,A**'^S'read^r«^f£Juwf<S^cX^Nlfc(+a^o»«/+|MvA*^). A^»^ 
irdrras to^ dd. o^rav. A*'*^ 4f ir. rovt SKkavt id. airw. "e, dg read 

Ktik itjktU and tra. aftar t^km ^100. A, eHbef & om. pr trs. ver. 5 after yer. 6. 
»^b*ed.%^ <i^X^ ml Wicyo. M<2 rwdfl ^(. "(2 adds «i^£ icol iiMt 
'4«Nr^ 6 irarp<idcX^ i}^ c'^^Xo^ Jcvr^. ^^ QL &i^, S^ read irXifr. 

A'**''*'^:=iialinAv^«i^>% « om. nezfe six words. »j^, A*^, S' (nve 
that A*^ read ad«X^ 4^). A***"***^ read rir ^X^ ini&w *ttMr^. 
^ r^ woerpabtk^ vinSur (+'10^19^ 0). cf t^ oiuftitrUaKw aSfraii Mii Mitft^ Mart 
99 ovr^y pm» luii vfuU noUirt wairag tkf ^/tiipat r^s {m^ vfuof. ** h^ afg. 
c reads JWi. hd ^. eddnrtu *" A om. d ttdda xvptot. ^gom. For 
VfMv d leads fiiAmp. "^Z reads matf. ** oc, e/ a6^y 8^ read cS9ft«» 

ii d€d»ic€. •• a. A*** =: ^p 'li^r, wpax^. ft S» lead fV a^. A*****'" a 

airrfF. (2 adds r«Kir/« ^lov. "• e, bdg, A!''^. A, fl^, S» read wi utiirat. A***^ 
as flraaof yap. ^d,A add rjr C«*9^ aurov. ^ 6 reads dXX' oU. It it 

possible that yer. 6 should begin with oIk ^id. and that ir^<r«v r. 4f^P^ 
belongs to ver. 5. "A***"* add owW imuiinu i/ur. ** x /9 reada v^ n 
X^yov rovrov. So A******, but in gen. plur. A**^ = Kork ro^ \6yow rovrvvt, 
or possibly xOL. g om. next seyen words. ^ d adds fuXXoi^. ^ e reads 
^ouroi) 1^. ^ 6, A»»*«*-* add icn'. « A reads «*5/da^ (f ) « A***** om» 
'^ a, ft S^ (saye that e reads jmpoc (sic) and ft S^ mfrnvs). A.*^^ = irXoCfw 
( + jcoi A**) Knivmv col ttapmiv. A*****' a= irXovr^ Kriyiw m^ n^^my. ■ « (^')» 
n/ read t^. irturti^ ^. fte, S^ nwpir 9. ex. <{ i|« «X' P' ir<&if« f. ex* As= cx^ 
1;. 9wnv which A*^ trs. before vXovrov. ^ M, S^ add o^y. (^ om. together 
with next two words. ''Aom. ftaddsilyinr^T^ A*^^om. next nine worda» 

Digitized by 


Y.i] AUeHKH 2TMEI2N df 

twOftA Tov ilMpw^. S. "Or* w iypm toSto" rijy y^K^v^^ f J^^ S» 

dioro/Niirirci^* t^v V^^i^ oiriw, mi iicdpoeiirOai rd <r«»fMi iroUi, riy(WoF 
ical Ip TOfMxxi ^ivwvlCu''^ t6v vow, koH &9^ iivc^Aa vamipbv <>^~ 

*if *^<«» *rt* owe iyo£Ki}<rfy^ *& air^^ ovSiv* Tam^v* ix ^^^^ 

''pr reads ^yvsrarr. ** d reads irX^/oi». ^«|f read vfU»l^ "^ot,^, 
^b#«te%^ O&f/^ S^ read dirocrr^arf crX. e ib wfiy < mi<M vftAr ti^ «v. ro9 f^Xov. 
A'^^^Man/n ^6 nomipov ifMHw. "prom, » «, «M^, A'**', S». 

« reads rwrf. f rovr^r. A^^* s ^yor which A*^ trs. before iyptoL 
••A**'*^aBfA oAyia. A'*=srii' Mpmmw, but text is corrapt. d om. 
next fire words. ^ A s r^ir V^x^. pr adds mU. A*^ om. next ten 
words. '*a,0(8aye that (X reads rf du^A^ and (cfy r^ ttafiovkun). 
^b*«d«« ss ^t ^p/i) mI irtfXcfi^ c2irt rd dm^ovXia alrov, & supports t j»xt SJetTO 
thatitom.^pyii«. "A**"** om. •« rf reads aJJio. A**«^*= ^|iAr. 
*<1 trs» after Smmmov, ^A reads fJmp^ ss n&r obt^/MNrof oormpt for 

fJfmiOk s r. duboKv. A*^*" om. rest of chap, and v. i, a. mj^^*^^^ 

om. For avpcmy ^ reads ovi«»89<rir« 6 om. ^v and for 4p9pyw g reads 
dpiipmir, *fie,A^*^'*^. ^ reads <SXXa r^r vvrar o^aipcftnu. a/om. (breads 
«XXik w^iTo A/3ouXMf ml ^x^swff frpoTTf t* o^oipccrcu dc. '*cl reads icXomSt. 

scXMor. ^d reads i>V^»'«»i^ *"«»'• "CiA**"^. A, a/ read 
fo yr. U^, S^ fo «K yr. 9 ^fr%. ^e reads {9W. <{ ^^ rtr. ^ e, 
is/^y A^**^. od read o&rfiy. A om. For tuuciat aM» ^awr. d reads ^wrSCi^v 
dbrmf Ktmimf a<^p«f. ** A, /3-c2^. reads ^omfcrcu. <{ (see preceding 
note)^^H^<^- A'**'*^=*«^dffTa4ita*'or0aFriSfw. '•com. A******* 
add oMr. '*/3addsA^. Spreads woi^iM. '•A**'*'*ssirapa. 

•^^MTMy bnt^ip/L^itfi- may be corrapt for jm^ s dtan^NSovci. '^c. 

k, fi^S read UvinfiCwBai^ A"** =s igBpimaBai ftoUi but ^mp^nupir^ 
gmt-fftAk may be oormpt for qmpPnijfm%k = ^ww'fif*. ••«, 6«y, 

A*****8*. a/ read fir, d fioirtp. " ^ reads riir/3oXi}r. ftS'addlxw. 
A****^ Ixiw ^ ^ovry. ••areadsoJro«^a(*w'* •• ci adds i ry i"^ 

V. * d trs. before *lmr. • A**** trs. according to Armenian text after 
In odff, but not so A**^. g om. together with next two words. ^d reads 
ff ir/MNrd^f hdru * A(f), 06/, A***"^. 4^ read haum. C, d c'Wwrrcr. 

"M^,A^**^. areadsf^oMr. ttfu^ '^ trs. after nsq^. dom. 

Digitized by 


22 AIAeHKH 2YMEX2N tV.t 

yiip ** 1719 rapaxtj^ rod wtiiiMTos rit vp6<r6i7rov 817X01 ^ 2. Kal 

*AyaB6vaT€ rhs Kopdlas iia&p^^ hntviov Kvptov^, 

KaV^ €iOiivaT€ rhs iboifs ^w iviiiriov tQp^^ iafOpivav^^ 

Koi la'€fr0€ €ip((rKOVT€i X^^ *ivmiriov Kvplov ical iv* 

A A, S^ 3. * *wXiif»<rtf€ 081; ^« * Awi r§s to/wcCb* ", 

\oiplCpv(ra^^ *iarA row** dew Koi vpotreyylCwo-a*^ r$ 

ftA,S 4, *E4paKa yhp fy«** & x«P««^/« y/Ki^n^** *Ei»«Jx» *"* 

^^ ^""'^ ol" viol ^M^v" **»' iropwf^*' <l>0ap^<rovTai, koI *toi« ulo^s 

AfS. ^""^^ ^iibuc^ifovinv h ^iul>atq^\ 5. 'AAA' oi bvini^ 

. o-oimu irpiy Atul Arrwrnif^i'*, 8n ^ir6K€fiov Kvptov iroAe/jtijcrci'* 

J[j^ ical viirt{(r€( ^m<rcaP^ vcLp^pifiokiiv^ iiJMv^ 6. Kal itrovroA 

'IwcAfi. 6Ktyo<n'ol^iv^pL€ptCiy^oi^'^ *iv ry »« A«;l icai *^v t^»» •lo^a*^^ 

6 vai^p ^iiAfir** irpoci^ijrcvo'cv^ *fo raty** cvXoyfois*** 

^ (X. /9-<l read itc y. rapaxis, d cV y. rapaxg. * d readfl di^Xct. ^a, S^ 
cm. "dreads 4^. "a, ft A**'*'*=^oi). "com. next five 
words. " A reads tfiw mi^ " dg, A***^* om. next eight words 

through hmt. ^'iX. ethf^ S^ read ^ov xoi <Mp«sr<»r. irap^ ^f mil omms. 
^Qt. /S-e, 8^ read ma ^Xaa<rc<r^. € ml ^vXdfur^ A s= ( + «it A**) ^Xa- 
(qifrBt, ^^ Cf A. /9 read rov /ii) fro^vciy. A rov ir/i6 r^f irapw^w (t). 

"A'^sirfn}. "flf reads fiflCoy. »i3, A,S* add ff^wiir. » treads 
JkmoTtplCovtFa, ^c^d. h reads dfn(. o&ef^ om. " c^ reads iyylCwtnu 
*^h, fi (save that a reads rov for rf), A. e.reads rf M9(SX^. ""at, A*^. 
ftA^*** om. ^P~g^ (X,g read ypaxpUk, Is ypa^tHk a dittographio 

rendering and ypa^ an emendation t '^ 06 om. ** (2 reads ijfi&v. 

g om. iif<7 add fw^ vfiat. 6, S m^^ v/itty. d fuff ^t against (X, e, A. 
'"d reads ^ vopmliu ^OL, fi-g^ A, 8 read as in margin, g reads ikuu 
ii^abh _. fropc^iroyriu ^p pop4^ (^or npn^ is COrmpt for ugm^* *^(Xf 

A. ft 8 om. ** A reads voXc/Aovmit iroXcfUMv ()). A'^ s iroX. x. AroXcfiow. 
A****** S» iroX. K. iroXcMoi. •* ^^ ^ ^,^1. " c reads irptHrfiaKlfw. A******* 
internally eormpt but A**** right. ••<? reads oXiyo/xM. A***"*= Mofn 
6fuc^ d^ ^XiyooTo/. ''a reads /icpi^SfMyoi. A^^ om. **/ reads nrt 
»» a, a/, bdeg om. *• a, a/, hde, A**"* read Acwl ml '10%. ^ A. ml rf 'I. 
^b*cd.f,_.i^^^^ «ftom. **c. ft S» read •Jr 4y. Amin^- 
Mowi. A = ^fid^. **a,A. aftcl read fuw. ^|7,S'om. ft A*"*^ add 
'l«cA/5. A***** trs. it before 6 iraTi}/N **« trs. after €^oy(a»ff. *»a. 

a(e/|7, S read or. dom. ^d A^iawtpi Atv\icai*lovdo. Aaddso^ov. 

Digitized by 



VI. *lMf dlnxa* tiyiw wivra*, *ivfiis iucamOm &nh rqs AS* 

^Oipov KoL im<rar •«\iM>«c«p«ar*. '^ 

icol^« iff icpfroj; *^ irilpf MW^^ fe 'loKiip, ^^.^ 

Koi^cl Kk6l6oi^^ avT&p^^ fls luucpiiv ifrovrau ft A, S 

3. Trfrc AwoXctrai*® rA*^ cnr^pfia Xavcub i^jcedpot 

'^ical ivoXoOiTOi v6vT€s ol Kamro^^ Jxot^ ^ 

*icai 9r(iin-€ff ol Xcrroibt ifoAotf/)€V^<rovra4**, A»^ 

Kol TOf 6'* Aao9 imoktXrai* 

Trfrc icaraira;^<r€( *ira<ra ^ y^*® iwi ra^x4^> 


5. Trfrc" t<n]/i€i6if (2iJfA 6rf) 

VI. «a,A,8". ftS'readirpoc^TRa. ^AreadsrotVo. S> om. ■«,«*, 
A***** (Bare that reads vdwn^ for t?* and A****^ add iy» after dutmtt^). 
jS-e, S sapport text bat add rAir ^x^ ^^^ ofioprtas, and d reads M for 
iM and ^fjAw for df««y. c* tM wdmit afi. r&u ^. vfi&v, A*^ = r^ a«aydaXa 
tm^vlA^lfAw. *A**om. A"* = «i^ A**'*^ = )«^. •aft^,S\ (X 

reads it^XivBau d o^Xfinu. e a^XTnu. / o^cXcrf . A*^** add rovro. 
^OL fi^ ^^♦•'•tf p^ad as in margin. A**^ om. with fonr preceding words. 
* d reads Trfr* ;»f. ■ A*^** = Mfitrowrip ol vUA iii&v koI. • A om. "A**** 
om. "A'»*=3ftcr««- "6^,A(saYetbatA*^om. /«w),S^ A,i/om. 
e, a read Ar . " <2 adds 4 «^«dui a<ov- ^^ «, adfg, A^*"^^. A, 6 read vrXi;- 
Bvp$fifnTau € vktfiwBiiirttr^ai, A^ == rifii/^cnu. " (X. ft A, 8, read as 
inmaigin. **<f,A"*om. "a. ft A, S* read c«»( al»M>ff. *" A reads 
ol jcmXiidcff. »(j,i8-rf,S. Ai A'**'*'» read a*rov. dalT6p. A^—*\Ma. 

fi^wdAtm. "^ereadscnroXurai. '^ft^^A'^om. **Aom. ""or. 
fi om. ** A om. For KamraMiuu ^/ read Kmnradmrf p. " A*^ s= mi2 
ira^iF TOif t6p€m9. " A om. A****** s «a/. "0 reads # cXci^. def 

iKk^i. A^*«^=/f>Xo^pfvtfi}<rcnu. »Areads^x4- '^ot.cZrs/i/. ab 
om. ^OL^defi^*"^. ab read i} 77 irSow. jr irwwi y5. •*A***=^. 
"<;, 0. Bat text may be a corraption of aibdfgy S^ otptofAif. h reads ovpamvt. 
•«6B« T^€ in A**^, S* and ml Srt of g are secondary. •*«, a^, 8*. 

Digitized by 





p6iuvo9 M Trjt yrjs 
^^4»* [iff ivBfmirosy^ 


, fcal r<(r€ Si^fi jvdo^iour^- 

fr i K^pcoff 6 iS>€6s, iJidyas rov 

rot]** iirlyrjs [ical] ^avi{- 

Sri K^/MOff i &€6s, fU' 
yas^^ rov ^lapajikp 4xu» 
p6iA€P09^ iiri" yijs [m$ 


- 4»ain{<rcTm M yfjs [&9 
jcal inSfct*' toirdff ir<iXivt. 

^om. H A""*"^^ read Z^fi. A^ Zi^. S^crwut^ It is imposnble to 
determine with any certainty what stood in the original. S^tf ia simply 
cormpt for S^m- Hence the choice lies between <nipiccbv and S^M* ^ the 
latter (which is clear in meaning but less strongly attested) were original, 
it would be difficnlt to account for its change into the obscure inifMibr. 
On the other hand, while the emendation of tnnmw into S^ is easy, it is 
hard to see why a Christian scribe should give a more Jewish character 
to the text. If oi^fwcbv is original in (X, fi, mnUiov Mo(. may be a rendering 
of 1^ *13a; which should have been read as |^ "^99^ s do£cfcrct Imp. 
The subject of the yerb would then be ficyw rov 'itrpaqK, Thus we have : 
'The Mighiy One of Israel will glorify Zion.' Even if Sbem is original, 
the above change of ^ydofiur^. into doffSo-ci seems necessary. In favour 
of S^/A might be cited Jub. vii. la, 'Qod shall dwell in the dwelling of 
Shem/ and the Onkelos Targum on Qen. ix. 27, 'May He cause His 
Shekinah to rest in the dwellings of Shem/ *" Bead dofScrvc See 
preceding note. **(X. The text is ooxrupt for fUyas rov *hrp. which is 

rightly preserved in ft A****** S* though trs. into the next clause. A'*'' 
om. this clause. '^^ reads Mil ^c and for cnifu Mof, reads do£a(r^i|(rrrai. 
^ OL only. Probably interpolated. "* Christian interpolation, though 

found in (X, fi--a, S. a om. ^ h reads aJt<r€i, . ^ (X^be^fy. d reads iw 
o^. a, 8^ cV iavT^. A*^ = oMg. The phrase seems in some form to 
be original. But ^ o^ roy 'Ada^ =r DXn U, where I take U to be 
cormpt for 17, which should then be rendered covr^ ^^ omitted. See 
T. Lev. ii. ii, note. T^ 'Adafi is here used of the human race— a use 
intelligible in a translation from Hebrew but not in a piece of original 
Greek. The Greek equivalent of the phrase occurs in T. Lev. ii. 1 1 in the 
same connexion. ^ A dittography from the preceding line. ^ g om. 
^^^ reads ^oMivcMyoff. ^^addsi^f. ^ af rotid iaurf. ^^ Possibly 

Digrtized by 



6. Trfrc Joftjo'crtti** wivTa ri irvc^/jiara Ttjs vXijnis^ d? 


7. Trfrc 4wurr»yo-rf/jia4** ic4y«^*' &*• €ifil>p<Hrllvjf 

Kcd cJAoy^oi^^ r^ir fhlfurrop ivl^^ rots OavfiairCoii avrov 

*fir(oa'€P 4jftffKiirow**]» 

VI L Kal rw, Wjcya^ fiov, liwiKoJaaTi* to«' Ac«l ital tow* Ji^ (A), 

"^'^ leovcrf 

Kol^ fii^ tiraCpfO-Ot^ M riff Wo y«»^^* rcrtJray, rod Acvl 

2. **Aycun^a'€4 y«t/»" K^pioy^* iic** row A€vl iff" ipX^P^^ Xi^fwi^ 
*«a ^k" toS 'I<rtf8a" iff^« iSoiriX^a" [Gcir icol /W/w- ^^''^ 

^fy«^«*^4 18 oorrapt for ^IrgtHMgk = (r^lMrf i. As a result of the above 
oritidsm I propose to restore yen 5 as follows : 

T^ Zi^fi (or Zi^y) do^cTfi firyos rov *I(rpcu}X 

^1 Kv/NOff 6 6f6ff ^ayijovroi M r^ff yfff 

Kok odMrct rovr v2o^ rov *Adii/«, 
Bat /iryaf To0 1. may be an interpolation. It is omitted by A^^**. In that 
case r^ the first line as follows : 

TiJrff SiJ/i (or 2Ml>r) do£dir^(F(roi« 
^(X. fi reads do^iroyrm. « A*^^ add rov BwXtap. ^ A reads irordiravo-iy, 
g tm. A*^ ^«/rir«^«r s SktBpw cormpt for ^nlmn^Jt (so A^*"^*^ = text. 
"a5 om. **A*^ read mpq. (A^ om.) ^^vw iii) eorrupt for tTtuptj^^ =s 
M^iMTOi, "^ reads /SooiXf vowr*. daddscV/. "A****^** readirow«ir 

r*r. "s om. ••A = avaarntriiuBa. " « reads iyv^. ft A, S* om. 

" d om. '* A s= ffvXoyiJcroficy. "^ 6 reads fv. A^ om. with next three 
words. A* with next two. •* hdfg om. g om. next word. nj^*^ 

add v»/wrar6y ni/. •• Je/y, A*******, 8^ a reads ?<r. ovrrfy. a fo. ovrovf. 

<i (TM^rri 4Mp«irovf. A*^ om. 

YII. ^6 reads rrjo^o. 'c. h,f read vKOKowran, abde, S' viroiEovcTf. j^ 
£vanRNr«rr. A** add fUM ^ A^ koi ^«. S* om. • a, ef. a reads rrfr. 
<ty, A*^, S» ry. 6 om. A****", S« = ^. *c. A,ftA,S read 4p. 

•S»=r'l«Nn}^. •A,ftA***,S». c alone om. A******* = Xvrp<A<r<5/»f^* 

A^ add ^t ^JC y^nvf o^rov ytwmfiriirtrtu Kvputs 6 Btis. 8' = limii Xvrp«Mrtf • 
* A**^ om. ' e, read nrtptvBt^ h iwatpiaBai. * (X. ft 8 read ^vXdf . 

A s odfX^vr. i<^e reads o^rov. ^ c, i/, A. h, aheg, S read v^. 

^ A onL ^ ex, befg A, 8. a reads oyaon^o-ci. d «u oKurr. ^* e om. 

»dread8&/i^. A*^ read r^y AcW. '*(^om. '^ d reads ^k d«'. 

Digitized by 


26 AIA0HKH SYMEflN ' [VH.a 

otros*^ o-Aaci *[iw{ifra ri Wwy icai] ri y&off nw 
3. Ai^ Tovro raura^ Jin-^XXo/yiai i/xu;" fva** icol ifx€& 
djco/ ivT4XX€<rO€^^ TOis riKVois ifjL&v^'^, &rft>5*^ ^Xil^criv avra** 
3, A, S* «^5 rcty '^^ ycvc^i^ afirfiy *^ 

*"^ ^^ VI 1 1. * Kal A« * fnnf€T4k€<r€V ^ ^vfic&v ivT€XX6iA€Vos^ rois 

J^^f' ^j^-j4 ainw*, iicoi|iitOi|' *ft€Tcfc r«y varip<AV airrw^ * Av ^w 
p«'. Ixar^ flitpcn*. 2. Kol iOriKOV avrhif iv ^Orjicg {uXirjj*, 

stx^' *^ awYaYciK tA dorra afirofii* fo X€)3p«4v. Kai iinyyayoy" 
atr^my. *^^Mi ^^ noX^ AlyuTrbiir Kpu^^^ 3, *Tct yap 6<rra Tov 
a,tf,A»*» 'Ia)o^<^ iipifXaTTOp^^ *ol AlytfwTioi^* iv ro?y |iii4|MWi" r»r 

<iMiyayf iy atrdy. (X atrroy rV icpv^ tA mrro. A A, S^ rofUCiW. 

" reads ^v. ^* ^ reads /3a<nXcvffcv. A adds «ii. ^(X,fi (save that. 
A prefixes «i/), A***'* (save that A* prefixes Kat% S». A*** = mi ^oti oCrof 
Mff. A*^ s luii &€69. 8' «■ «u Mp^trw. Bracketed as a Gbrietian inter- 
polation, "a, 18-6. (, S reads o(^f. A»*=«i/. A***'*'* = ical oCw. 
''OC^AS. Asrinim Mpmwow (y^ A^*^*'^) Mil ?^ MpJ^m^. I haye 
bracketed irami r& I!0m7 mij as an interpolation. Cf. T. Jos. xix. 7. Oar 
aatbor can look forward to the salvation of the Qentiles, but he would 
Aot set their salvation before that of Israel, d adds yvwar^y oZv ttnm on. 
■' e, aef, 8*. b reads irayro. A by internal corruption = iyA. h, dg, S* om. 
•* d adds ndyra ravra. » A***'** om. d reads 5jiw. ^(X,g. a reads 
imktur&f, b iynCKiiaBt, df cVtiXcir^f . e «iT«tXa<r^c. ""A* add an xal 

avToi ffyrctX«»yra« rait rtKPon aSfrmf. 80 also A* according to Text, but this 
is probably wrong as A"* om. * d reads l»a, h Sv»s tud. ••/reads 
rmhra. A = ravras (A****** om.) rhs ^oKds. * 6 om. •* Here 8* 

makes a Christian addition and at its close gives a duplicate edition of 
chap. Vn. after recension jS. 8ee Appendix. 

Vni. ^C,5r,A\ A,/3-^,A»»»*'^* Sxead«it d &£ W. ^S^^ravra 

cZir^r ajTf^awr. ■ A*^ = rAr c'lroXAf rovrw. A'****'* = tAt (A** om.) 

cvroXof. ^ A, o/^ read rtKPoit, ' 8ee note i. d adds c^/nw rov£ ir^dcif 
cdn'ov, ' c, d. A, $~d, Af 8^ read «il cirm^^. (2 adds jeoI vpomriBti, 

'^ 8^ s= ey rf oImv/^ vriy. ' C. A reads hw bi pi. abf S' tKor^v cZcoo-ft /r&y. 

c?^ X/^'^>' (^ oni-) vfr<£px®"' ?*f • «/> S* ^^ P^' j^tUbodMit ^ ^ ^^ ^j ^^, 
r^r Ms a{fTov, A^* =: picc' ir&v. Here A is wrong throughout. * (X. 
6? reads {vX^ ^jiq/. a6«/ ^^jcj; ^mp. g OtfKg and omits the rest of the 
Testament, substituting in its stead cvv mf^yayop ovr^y Ba^mvm ^ Xtfip^v 
/i*tA t&p naripw airov. ' /3-<2^, A*"***, 8 add a(n79rr«y, d iurijim^ against «, 
A^*cd.flr 10 ^y^ A*****', 8. a, d, A''* read *Jff tA (&» rov d) «b«y. a Wy. 

^* OC, e/ a6i read om^yfy/cay. ^* i3-<2, 8. So also A which = avr^y iv xpu^^ 
«y iroX. AiyvnTiW. oc has here an ungrammatical text omt^ ip i^nr^^ ra 

Digitized by 


la] AIA0HKH AEYI 27 

fioffikiiov^^ 4. "EKeyov yhp ^abrots^^'^ ol hraoiboC^^, Sri h A ? 
<f»y rw^« 6<rT&v *la,irii<f>^ l<rrai h vifrji *rfj yii^i ^Kiros p^^ 
Koi yp6^s Koi *Kkr}[yii^ luyikri*^ vols Alywnlois, &<rT€ ftcra avr&p 

IX. *Kal licAovo-ai^^ ol' *viol Sv/accdi'' t6p varipa vMow, 
«*rfir*. Kd licrav *€l9 AlyvnTOV* la>9 i^fi^pa? i(6iov AS* 

odrfir • * fo )(cipi Mwjorj ''. j»f Ai- 


^ avrov 

Aui$TJKri Acvi TOP rpirov vtov 'loicwjS icat Atas*. 2J^^ 

yvtr a^ 

I. *AvT(ypa<pov k6yuiv^ A€vf^ 5<ra W^cro* ro& vlo&^^^J'W/ 
o^ToB* icari ircii^a &• iroii^crovo'tv^ ical Xcro (rwcarr7J<r€i avroTs a^ov 
*Jft)y riiUpas KplafcdsK ■ 2. TPyiafrtov* yip*^ iji' fre c/3^, S*). 
iK6\€<r€P airovs »/dAs iavnfv' * dwitciXdfOn 8i" avr^ ^* ^n. 

^a which d emendB into rii i<rra a^ov h nok. Aly. ip Kfm^. d adds ita\ 
ffAnffcnr oMp h rf awtikai^ tf diirXf inrov mi o2 nartptf alrov MBif<raw. 
Of. ^ in note 9. ^c^ reads ^^vXarroF^ avrov. i^A*"*^** om. d adds 
Tk6ora*lwF^, ^OL a reads ro^MtW. hfrafMloit, derofiiois,. A^*^*^ 
supports p. A*^ s oUanuun. >* i^, A**^^) read /SiuriXc W. " (2 reads 
ourAy. A, A OUL **({ reads a^Ar. A*^^=: o2 AlyvirruM itai ol ^ootdoi 

a^«r. A"^ 02 ^ocmM «a ol ;idyoi. '*a,A. ^ om. ^'Aadds^^ 

AfyvvTov. »a,A******^. i^A''*,8*readT7>lyvin-Y. The rest of Ogives 
conflate readings, afriyi Alyvimw, de yg Alyvnrov {Alyvnrf d). ** A*^ 
trs. before KtA yp^^ and oni« next three words. "^ adds (r^pfiu 
^b«c4#» ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ uf reads XixF^p. » d, A***'*** add 

dvKur^ "of read haarw. A^ = rir. ''/reads r«y ddeX^y. 

IX. » (i reads IjcAaiwar tWfvt. « 5 om. » A»»***** =r ^X^ol 2v/if^ 

ml ol vioi. *p, 8^ add as in margin. After nMovt d farther adds 

fi ^fupm, mai mirrpc^rar tU Af/uirroK. * d reads iicti, * /3-<f » S add i( 

(ar* 6) AlywrTw. M reads r^diOtf 9/idr M£d dr aUum. /, S add 2v/ic^ir 
vl&f 'Iami0 /S" vUff A(cw ( -h/ST. jr^^crcr tfrt^Jncf). 

I. >(X. Attestation of/3, A divided. A^ read dta^m; Ami irrpi lr/MMrvn7ff. 
J^, A**^, S* d. A. irfpt Upwrvptit m {mtptf^op^uu (+A«vl ipfMnivtvertu Mp ipov 
lUffB&tf). a AmvI. de present conflate texts, ds^ A}"* d. A. vl6s {vUw e, A*"*) 
rprroff {e, A^* om.) ^hucibfi irepl Up. kkA vwtpti, ' d reads dia^myf. A ss 

tantepiauuf X^y which seems to be merely a dittographic rendering of 
X(&ymPm ' h adds nv rptrov vlov 'Iok. ioA A^iaf, and om. next seven words. 
A*** om. next five words. * A = I3«mcc. • ci sk np^ rov oaroSarw air6p. 
efg, A wp^ rift rtXcvr^ ovrov. * g reads mro. ' a adds ovro/. * k 

reads ^ 17/Mpf jc A*^^ om. ^Yer. 2 is very confused in A*^ and 

Digitized by 


28 ' MAeHKH AETI (l.i 

«»i, II. 'Ey^i Afvli fe Xa/)^« JytHOiiP^ ital* iJX^oir' ir^y t^ 

Xtutpdtf iyW jrdir cIico<rt» *imiI -rfTt^' iTroCqa-a^^ *t^¥ iMai^w licrd 

ravro. 3* *^^ ^^ jiTO^fyuuvov ^^ jy ' A^cXfioot^X ^^ 9vc€^ <n)via-€iAS 
g.A, S Kvpdw ^0€V iir* i/i^*^ icai *i$€fipow vivras iv^/Kiirovy*^ 

ri^piM^ — ■ 

ajvuf, P, A^V, 8* &n rt 1x7 (ttdf rttxi^) fKodSiufirtp imn-g ^ iduaa km iwl 
wvpyovt 7 itrofdn Ko^nrau 

defective in A^*. A*^^ss lud {A^ om.) ^ i(r oMg (then space in A*" in 
which ^ir%qJu%/^{^ {fywUnttf) probaUy stood originally) «t^ (or «rf«H 
Xvtp^) avrf dpcuriff ^i fuXXfli (fiAXcir A^). AcaXco-f ir/>^ iavr^ ro^ vlovp 
fl^ov, coi fo cnw7x^|(ra9 irpAf aibrim^ e£r«F ir. odrovf^ A^* om. vyudvmp and 
ihe next seven words with the exception of yap, ^ a, A^*'*^. A S^ om. 
U(x, A"^. <l reads dirtic. yi^ a/^t<^ a/, beg, S' ^. >«^. ^'A''* add 
diA rovro «&ny wwiyciy ro^ odtX^ovr mi) vloty^ ovroO. "/ reads ore d^* 

^^♦od,%_ ^j /y^wo «w. "A*^, ff add np6f oMk «»ff reads «pl 

n. ^de read AtWr. c^ adds 6 nari^p 4fi«K 'oft. c, ((f read Xa/ipcl. 

J^ eg Xapd, A, S read this Xapd as x^v*? <^ A adds h Xappdw also after 
^ycvM^r. > ex, A*^. P reads owcX^^y «ii /rcx^ ^««« (<«f i /rex. / mx- 
OTlly ff). A******* = avmkrf^Sii¥ teal Mx* iw Xapp^. S hpi^HV ««^ iytwnfit^. 
8^ adds Kok Ifp aifiap6fitPos hf rf ^tiey rov warpds ftov. * (X. ^ om. i9-<I, A^'*'^, 
S' read mu /i«Tt& rovni, S^milcirc/. A^* tM. pur^ 6KTit Krif. * e reads i/X^r. 
s Atf^. ^ oIkAt. ' cx, d^ a oftef^, 8 om. ^de read /y. * A, 0^. 
e reads Stwcq^io. «6 2/m|<o. d ludpMt, f Z^x^fia. A^* adds ml fo ^ftcv ^ 
tuiipou. •<? reads fJ^. ^•S^om. »^om. »cx,<fof, A''**^. 
ft reads «^£. o^ om. "a. 0, A, 8 read orv . ^cx,/3, 8. A = ^0117- 
aapMw, "(X. /3 reads fMn& 2. r^w iMaiViP. A =s r^i^ Mac. iym mi SvfMo^y 

6iSdcX^fiou. W(X,/9 (save that a6ff read Alw), A*^* 8. A'»*^*= 
A. r^ff oA. ipAw. ^^ cx, e. a<(^ read mr6 roO (/ om.) *E/4^. 6 cM r. *Eftfi»p, 
A s cM TMT *Apoppamw, which it trs. before r^r oArX^r. " ( reads 

Arpyio/wiyMF, A**^ a i(9 Ar Tf iroc^i^ ^fuN^, aod om. next eight words. A^ 
om. ▼. 3, 4. **a6y, S. a, «•/ read *EfidkpaaCX. *^(t), A****** 'A^cX- 

lioovfi. ^e reads cfio/. *^i, A. c reads i^npow M. fi^, 8 naprat 
iJ^pow opB. d mofras w4, iOtmpcfw, ^ CX, fi-d, 8. d reads JiTOf il^aii«tf 

tfi i^ aSfT&¥* A SE i^paptadtwras (or fr» ^^rur^irair) mtf iiois mirmp, A*^ 

cm^ rest of Terse and first nine words of yer. 4. ** cx (save that k adds 

Digitized by 


IL6] AUeHKH A£YI tt^ 

*fiiup kmoin/Ems^ *tMp yhnvs r&v vlttv r&v^ ivOp^inAV P,A>*9, 

6. Kcu Hob Jbc^ftycrov^ ol oipavoC *»«cai iyytAot Kv/)£dv'^ o^ g 

TOUT after the first M). fi, A"^, 8^ read as in margin saye tbat e om. fo, 
ftr imrrif which a/om., li reads h abr^ tg 6fi^, e immjt, g fV iavt^ ; for otkda 
t reads nwCa, g Mmda; for M wvpywf A*^ read «f irvpyof, A^* ^ M 
vitffiyor; for ^ipofiiii A^*"**^ reaid i2^ic£b, A^* M iftut^; fbr mMTrm reads 
im&qnK g om. 4 before ibofiui. Seibre «il M* nvpyavf makes the 
following long addition. T^e ^ hrXwa rA tfidt^ fi«v, od xaitiplirat aM 
if it^an Mofiapf^ mi Skot tkowrofufp ip vdan fi^n, ni2 v6a^ fib 6doCt /toy 

Q^pop^, ml r6 OT^pui /lov ^^Mifa flal AdXi^' mA ro^ dacrtliAoiiv r«r x^^P^ 
pom mi tiit X^*P^ f^ Joftr ma a tit aklfBttap ^i r tw r i rdr 6yim^ nai ffv(dpifp 
cai c&nf Kv/Mc yip^k^tr irdaof r^ rapd^f ud waprat rai^ UiAayurpo^ ippvmp 
(sic)* av fg&pot ^Urramu: mi pvp rtian pav ptr* imn* mi bAs fUM mitnit 
Mit ah/Btias* pAxprnnp itr ipuA Ka)yNf rh wpt^iim rb idmop Hqii btakoyurpAp nfiv 
wwnfpAp mi wopmituf* ml vfipof tm6oTpv^p tar ipov, Anx'^tt poi Aiofrora 
fb VMvyia fi Sytop* mi fiavXijp tuA ec^iiop md yv&^w wtii Itrxip ^ pm mui&t/k 
rb (sic) mpimtoprd 4m ml fiijpffiir x^P^ hmtnim vmt' mi lipup nbt \6ymft o«e 
puT ipav Kvpntm mA pi^ mermrxva^rm pn tfot aartant wXiMpipnd pit ^iofb r^ At^ 
emr aA A^dr pt ml wpbe^ytryf pit tbnl aav M)Xm ml Xurptvvtd vec mk&^ 
ttij(ot ^ip^piit ow y w i yO b i KMckf piom* ml VKtmi 909 rl|r bwrtmrttat oKwau i lf 
M irorr^ mmv. wupabms M A^ ml ri^ ipopiap d^wjfw Utb xAro&tP tod 
ti pflxO ' ml awn0^#«i m^r hropiap imb tepovSmnf r^r y^t' maSapuntf ripf mpdim 
ptn Aiiw m o m awb wifivfr mtfiyivtaf * ml wpfo dpoiiyiei irpdc •« oMr* ml /4 d*e* 
9Tpiy^tt9 rb wp6tnm4ip 9w i^b tw vhv wtMs irov 'Im^ tf^ K^ tvk6rpiintt 
wbp 'AfiptAfi vartpa |iov mi litippbp fBjripa pav* ml Ant Mmu o^nMff vttippA 
fttmiop tilktyiipiptp «^ ro^ WApoff* cMmviror di ml rfip ^«*^t fw wtMt mm 
Afvl yomrAtt trei ^ryvr, ml piroxop wohi9w roSr Xtfyoiv vov VMrar «yUaw dX^^ 
#fr c2ff ffdirm t^ «Idm, 4pi abI to^ vMt f»v th itAtrat ritt ytp^bt ntp m l dtrnt ^ 
ml ;i^ omrr^ft r&r vUr rmf iroidifff vdv iM tov ttpo<f^ww oov mWot fiAt ^p^^ 
fwaUtPotr mitinAmi9mhtMiMPot. a om. next two verses. **a(6aTe 
that e reads c2^ for 4^), A"^*''. A A"**', B read Jkp»aCptip. '•ot (save 
that e om. second rftr), i|f|^ (save that they add nm before yApmfty and/ 
leads ««^ for Mp}. b$, 8 read ircpl nm 7. W^ dutf. A^'^'^^s ^inr^ rA^ 
fttmprmp ip$. '^ d hdds ravra &tt^mp. *'a. fi^ rttA wpif. d wp6& 

Mipiop. A*^rf ^andadditoli^d^rvVo^^- »a,AA*^\ A^*"^ 
« 4r<^ fl&rovt (A*^ gm.). S^tnemaw. "* Sf read Amrfy. **«. it 

reads |Mi» fihr*ipii. "A adds n. '■ou a is snpiiorted 1^7 A"^ 

Digitized by 


28 ' AUeHKH AETI [T.i 

X^,, vpds airoAs^^ 

5«i II. *Eya> Awl* fr Xoppaj/" lytrr^p* ital* jJX^w* (ri^ r^ 

ravra. 3. *I29 Si ivoCiuuvov^^ iv 'A^eAfAOOl^X ^^ nvcOyyux <rvv4a'€a>9 

P>A, S Kvpfou ijA^cy iir* ifii^^, koX '*^i$€<&pow vivras ipOfxivovs^^ 

Q g * i4>avl<ravras rifv dbiv avrmv^, koL *hti rtixous oUoSoficiTO 

uct^ S. 4 V<ftRT(a Kal hA wdpyouf ^ dSucCo Ik^to^. A. Kal 

^„^i6«i:- — ^ 

§apr», Pt ^^^^1 S^ &n r^ix^i (odf ruxos) ^icod6tufj'tp iavrg ^ alUida km M 
vvpyovt i ipoidn Ka$ffTim 

defective in A^*. A*^ s ml (A*^ om.) ^ l(r oMg (then space in A^ in 
which (f|r^^pwkr^(s (fyuMumuf) probably stood originally) «t^ (or «rcMi-( 
>v^^) avrf 6pain9 Sn lUXkm (fUXXcic A^). «VaXf(rc ir/>^ lavrfty row vlovs 
mbroO. mu Sv€ wmixj^ow vp^ o^cSy, wbnp ir. odrovr. A^* om. vyudpmv and 
theneztsevenwordswith the exception of yap, *•«, A******. ftS^om. 
wa,A**-* rfreadBArfit.>d^ af&4^h4. ft<y,SU.y^. "A** add 

diA roOro c&n r crvwiyf iy ro^ <idfX<^o^ mi) v2o^ avrov. ^f reads ^f dc. 

A**'^*^ wi iyimro ^. ^A"^, ff add np^ oM^ «ff reads frfpl 

T$f X^f^Mir cv t;§ Itpmewg Ka\ wtpl npo^n/nlag IXffrv irpiF oiro^oPKr. 

n. ^ citf read A«Wff« d adds ^ iran)p ^f^m 'oft. c, (£f read XappcC. 

J^ eff XaptL A, S read this XapA as x^v*? <^ ^ acI^b /r XappAf also after 
iytmniOtiv, •«, A****. /9 reads iJvrcXij^Ayy Kal MxOtpf ini («c«t Mx.f, Mx. 
only ^). A^****^ =: <rvMXi9^Ap ml Mx. iif Xappi^, S ipf^f^ tal rycw^r. 
8^ adds mI j(y av(ai^p€i>o9 iw rf qjixy rov varp6i pw. *(X, g om. i9-<I, A^% 
S' read mil /i«ti& ravro, 8^ ml cirv(. A^* add puf^ dicrm hif, ' e reads lyX^r. 
e AAi^. g o2K«r. * cx, d^ A. oftef^jr, 8 om. ^de read ^. * A, eg* 

e reads Svmifui. «ft 2/irifia. d SoetfUM^. / 2^«ijfui. A^* adds ml &n ^ptv h 
XutipMs. •« reads fl^iirr. "S^om. ^gom. "a,<fof, A****^. 
ft reads «^/. ag om. ^(X. 0, A, 8 read orv . ^oc^/3, 8. A = «roc]7- 
aapMP. ^^ (X. /9 reads ftcrA 2. n}r iMaimw, A =s ri^ MiV. iym ml 2vfie«by 

^<id«X^/«>v. ''(X./^ (save that a6ff read ^iW), A*^%S. A'**'^^: 
A. r^f dd. 7fi«v. *^(X,e. od/^ read «rd rov (/om.) *E/4^. 6 air& r. *E/ijtU^p. 
A ss oird r«r *ApoppaiMP, which it trs. before r^r ddfX^f . " 6 reads 

AwH^/i^yitfir. A**^ s j^y Ar r^ voipUf ^pmtf, and ont next eight words. A^ 
om. V. 3, 4. »• 06^, 8. ex, ey read •EjSoXftaoiJX. d^{1). A****** 'A^cX- 

lioovfft. '^e reads «poU *^ &, A c reads i&fJ^pmm M. fi-d^ 8 vaiTaff 
4«povr <M. </ mnrac iM. Mvpow. ^ (X, /3-<2, 8. d reads Jvras il^aii«tf 

f;g 6d^ vArSanf. A = i^Munadtwras (or frc i7^aWo^<ray) raic 6docf o^Ar. A*^ 
om^ rest of yerse and first nine words of ver. 4. ''ex (saye that A adds 

Digitized by 


116] AUeHKH AETI ft^ 

6. Kal Iboit ip^^^qaav ^ ol ovpavoC *» kqX iyyt Aos Kv/)£dv ^ o*^ g 

TOUT after tbe first Ar^ /S, A"^, 8^ read as in margin save that e om. ^rc, 
for lavrS, which a/om., li icads ^ evrg tg 6f^, e iavnjt, g cV iatvr^ ; for odiWa 
t reads jnutia, |^ evdwcui; for M frvpyovt A*'*' read «f irvpyof, A^* «f M 
^eufTfm; for ibofiia A^*"**^ reaid iSdw^ A^* M iftut^; fbr iM^rm e reads 
^BoA^Ok ^ om. 4 before ibo^ Before «il M wvpymfs e makes the 
following long addition. Ttfrt ryo^ lirXvya rA l^nd |iov, od Kofit^irw aM 
if ^hem KoBapf, ml fiUw Aovov^iiyv /r udors ^fiin, ml ir^farar fib S^aus fiov 
Aie i iyg tt cMrW r^ ro^ itlMk/juuvs pav mii ti& ir/iAnMri^ fuv l(/>a wp^ r^ 
aipopAf, ml r6 irr^^ /lov ^potfa ml cXoXiymi' mil ro^ iagtvKofm tmp x^H^ 
fuom col tor x'H^ P"^ mw S r m n tit akrfBtuof t^a nrnpn rAr 6ylm^ ml fiv(6§upf 
mi ff&nf KvyMc ywtiN^mir vatras rhg mpdiat «al mSrror ro^ UiAsyuFpo^ mvwr 
(sic)' ^ ftApos htiaromu* ml rvr rfxra pav fMr* nwv. ml d(S« fUM mitnit 
Movff oXifAfcw* pAKfnmm Jhr ipou Kvpit r6 wptwfim r& <ldMW ml dioXayurfMpy nfiv 
9onipmif Mil 9op9tUuf* m3 iJlSpir OK^orpt^w aw' ipmt, AttxB^» poi dJiirmra 
jQ W9wpik fi lyior' ml fimikipf ml tfo^W ml yvfi^iy ml Irx^ ^ fM iroi^crM 
f^ (flic) i^p^morr^ «m ml ^fptw x^fi^ h^ptnh wmt' ml otwtF ro^ Xtfyovf o«» 
p/rr ipuoA Hvpu* mk ^ mrv^i^vo^a ^ irm irimwat irXop^^Fa/ pit d$t^ r^f 3M 
sr«v* ml cX^dr fM ml vpbedytryf pit tW trov d»i)Xof leal Xarp^vrtd «w mXdc* 
f«c;(Off «S^ifMyff ow y w i yO b i muX^ /loy, ml tnchnf 99m r^ dwmrrrW ^ m i etf ifa w 
imh 9uwr^ KtmoiK wmpadms dai di) ml rip Jbopin ^^«c^ ^irA ftiin>tffy tod 
•jyNswv* ml avvn0U#«i m^r ipQpi» M irpv^^hrav rfs y^t* moBapwop riff leapdUm 
pon Ailr som dv^ wifivfr mfepffint* ml epAf dpoi^iei irp^t •« oMr* ml fii^ d*e^ 
0Tpiy^ ri irpdinm^r ««v m4 rov vbO ««id«Sff irov 'loK^fi. ^ Kii)pit «6X)^yf0aft 
f^ 'Afipm^i woTtpa pov Mil S«/ijp^ ff^P^^ |mv* "b^ vbw ddvmi tdmit crtptppa 
dimmp ^dkayi fpim p th rovt Mtnt tMacmrtntf hi ml lijf ^••vfr fvv woiMc miv 
Afvl yfi«<rAtt (ret ^)7Vfy Mil pmxpip wohfovw roir Xtfyoiv vim wmh KpUrm dhfB^' 
#fr c2ff 94prm v6p Mm, ipi abI nAg vkvt pav th ftturof riu ytmiK rm» tlkmafi 
ml pMi Mrorr^vyff rh» viibp rov froMt vw tM rov «/>e<r6irov aw inmu rAt 4/*^^ 
ff«v oijimr ml com^m In dt^^Myof* a om. next two verses. **cx (save 
that c reads Ciller for 4^), A^*^. A A^*', B read .c^XMny^/i^r. '*0[(saTe 
that e om. second r6r)» ij^g (save that they add rov before yMvt^ and/ 
leads wtpl for vrf»» is, 8 read irtpl rov 7. W^ diitf. A^*''*^^ (nrip t» 
tfttrTArii^. "(f adds mvni tfftipwr. ''cx. j9^ read lev/i/fw dwp^ 

Mi,piop. A'^T^Bt^9isii9MfcaiiTfpf6ptfPwap'iiimw. »a,/3,A*^\ A^"^ 
«« v«^ fl&rovt (A*^ gm.). 8 s (rw^A^ir. ""flf read hninw. .^ck 
reads |m» fihr'ipi "A adds n. •■ou a is supported 1^7 A"^ 

Digitized by 




[II. 7 


7. *Kal clor^Xtfoir 

rhv Trp&Tov ohpavhv 

mX €Tbov iKtl ISbtiip 

8. Kal hi ftbop 
Scvrc/ooy ovpavhv 
iroXv <lxar€iviT€pov 
Kal if>aApiT€pop* 
*i}y yhp koX ^{^jfos 
iv airif^^ ilrtipov. 

9. Kal ttmv r£ 

ToSka otrmti ical 
cTir^ fioi 6 &yycXo9* 
"^M^ ^av/uui^€ irepl 
toUtov, iXKov yap 
oipopitf ihlf€i ^ot- 
hpiT€pov KoX ii<r6y^ 


7. Kal d<r€Xtf«if«« 
lya^ €ls rhv itpQ/rov 
oipavhv 8. tKoi 
irapi'W€[iylf€ ijveyKi 
pL€'^^vpd9 rhvM- 
T€pov* 7* ^^ 

eZSoif ^icei Vtm^p iroX^ 
Kp€fii^vov. 9* 

Kot ctirop avrf * Tf 
j<rrl rovro, K^pic; 

i8. A^ S» 
7. Kal €laiiK$ov^^ 
iK ToO Itp^TOV oh' 
poPov eiff rhv beSr€' 
pop^^ ical cttov** 
jic€i {S8<»p xpe- 
liificpw ivifuirop 
Tonirov icdfcc&ov* 8. 
Kal In** cZ^or rpf- 
Top^^oipopbp iroXv*^ 
^T€iP&r€pop * xal 
<l>aiJbp6T€pop*''' iraph 
TOWS Wo* ical *'yckp 
ti^09 i{v ^y a^^ 
inKipop^^. 9. Kal 
cTiroif r$ iyyik^f^ 
AiarC ofirws**; xal 
ctircv 6 iyy^kos 
*vp6s /*€**• Ml) 

which = «al 4ffiiyr /r rf ^ip^ A A^*', S read rovro (of rft / + t^ g) ^poc 
Anr(do« (dov^F ^, A***"^ {^titFTi A'**^ ^HSfuirc S') ip 'AfitkpaavX («V'E0cV; 
A**** ''poowfi, S* corrupt). A*** s? rovro Spot ^ ecm ^y 'A/ScX^uiovm. "a,/. 

Other MSS.4i>«^X- A***^ add ^101. >4A^s 9Xtff»«pdc/ic^Xoff tftov mu'. 
For Kvp^ov d reads rov tfiov. *" A^ om. d om. rest of verses, vers. 7, 8 
and first twelve words of ver. 9 through kmt. ** OK. /), A, S read AcW. 
A*^ add 7^ '' It will be observed that a and A^ agree almost word for 
word. The latter text has been dislocated by the insertion of a portion 
of ver. 8 in the midst of ver 7, For iraXv Kptfi. c reads iroXX^ Kptfifiafjbtww, 
^e adds r6. Sense is quite nnsatisfiietory ; why should this heaven be 
|>righter because of its loftiness t Hence the error appears to lie in v^. 
This s rOi corrupt for njll s ^ryyov or ^pAs. This is fitting as the holy 
ones live therein. ^ Probably the substantive verb was* lost after 

the participle Jmirmi^ (= WovX^tfr). Then the text would = tlaiiKBw^ 
^ This corrupt clause together with next three words are a fragmentaiy 
imrvival of ver. 8, but may have been wrongly transposed here owing to the 
influence of A/9. ^ A^ s W<r«X^r. <> A^ add o^poMJr. ^/ reads S»op, 
^ 6, S* om. ^ In A^ ^ptp ir^ rpSrw) could easily faU out before t^p^plf 
(=s ohpaM). f om. next word. *• A^ om. ^ ah, A*, 8' om. S* 

reads ml icaBapirtpw and trs. after dvo, ^ g reads v^os nvcv/mirvr tAp 

iartlpwp. ♦• A^ s= d^ ion rovro ovrwt. " s^ om. •^ This clause is 

lost by A^ which also wrongly omits the initial uoi of the next versci 

Digitized by 





Tois, ikKovs yap 
*T4a'(rapas ovpavobs 

povs^^ *jcal iavy- 

pCov arrjaji, Koi Xct- 
TQvpyhs avroC®* Itrji 
Kol patar/jpia avrou 
i(ayy€X€ls Tols dv- 
Opdvois^ Koi v€pl 
"^ XuTp«So€«i« Tou ®^ A S rov 

1 1. KaL bih <rcfv koL tov^ 'WJa itpB^trerfu K.iipio$ tots*' Xw-pov* 

aaat r6¥^ 

Kpvrov^\ IO,Kal" 
h r$ iv€K$€tv irc 
^jcci, oT^irp** iyyifs 
rod Kvptov 
Koi ksa-cvpyos air 

Kol iiwm/ipia airrov 
i^ayY€k€iS rols 

Kcl V€pl trov /A^X- 
Xoifro^ Xvrpov- 

/MI^X Krip6(€iU 

xcU cTWi' /bu)(* lO. 
'£if r$ i];€X^€ir <r€ 

TTtov Tov KvpCov kclL 
loTi X€iT<3vpy6s cdfToO 
KoX rh lUWovra 
pwrrripia airov i^- 
ayyekels roU iv' 


^2AC<av +& iavriff mv y4vo$ hfOpAi^iAv^^^. 

Vers. xo*ia. These verBes seem oat of place here. Both as respects 
substance and form they would read well after IV. a. Moreover, as m. 
J implies that Leri has already seen the heavens, we should expect 
a description of the third heaven here. But these inconsistencies are due 
to the writer, not to subsequent. transpositions of the text; for according 
to V. 1 Levi is not admitted into the third heaven till he has heard the 
long disquisition in II. lo— IV. "ot. Lost in A«. "Em. from h 
Irrwfm. e reads eircMrr. Bight reading preserved in /9, A^, and originally 
in Ao. See note 55. With the statement in this line compare Juk 
xxxL 13, 'Cause thee to approach Him to serve in His sanctuary.* 
^ A reads aXmv. " Text altered by a Christian scribe, fi has sufPered 
similarly. As K^ omits, A^ alone preserves the original = Xvrp&tnmt^ 
^This oomipt reading is due to an internal corruption of ^uygl^l9 (or 
^mtfifiru) s vrtfoff into ^irggiru = Cvni^ ^d reads iavpaCtts, /erases* 
'^d reads oupapovs vtrip <Km» S^u, S reads ovpeamhs S^i^ m curt vkainjnu 
KoX 6poftaCotmu fimu, ^A^ add rovrtty. ^d reads mil dmr/KpiTmHpovf, 
g davytcpirmt, S^ «• $avf»4urTOT€povt ovrdv. d adds Xeym yap trot and om. 
next three words. *^ A^ adds y6p. ** The insertion of ^1 here gives 
a different turn to the context. « A***' om. A*** reads Kvpiov. •* d 
reads vUnt rmif MpJnrmp. ^ So A^. /3, S read corruptly as in margin. 
••a. /J om. •'oc /3-€^ A, S read cF. <iom. '^Aa om. rest of chap, 
and A^ cnn. next line. ** This dause s Dnwrb^ O Ttr*\ where I tak^ 

Digitized by 




[n. u 

A^" omit 
ver. 12. 

12. *Kal iK ixeplboi KvpCov fl C^^ a-ov'^^t 

jcal avris loroi ox)i^* iypos''^ *Kai ifiv^Ki^v'^^ 

III. *A.KOv<rov 
dvv^ vipl T&p 8ei- 
\$4vr^v <rcM oipa- 
rcii'* J icarcirepos 
*8i4 rounf crof iori 
tnvyvds, f)r€«85)*ip§ 

T&v ivOpAirfov* 2. 
Kol fx^i itvp \i6va 
Koi^ KpiaroKXov 
iiroiyuaurpAvov^ tU 

III. "Kkovo-ov 
dSv irepl r&v dei- 
\BivT(av +3/Ml<r€a)iF** 
6 irpSroir'^ oipavbs 
bA TovTo +ftp icarc- 
i^oY^o-as^ (rot fireiU^ 
t inipas * dSiic^ff 

itiAv. 2. 'O 8i 

beST€pos fx^i wOp 
icol xuhfa KoL KpC- 

/3. A«. 8^ 
III. "AKCva-oif 
oJtv^^ iwpl iirri cif 
pavQv. **0 icar<iS- 

OTvyvirfpii^^ itr* 





vtav. 2. *0" 

U to be corrupt for yb, which may = ' for HimBelf/ or may be an instance 
of the redundant expression of the pronoun before the noun (an Aramaism, 
but found in Hebrew. Cf. Gen. ii. 19 ; £xod» ii 6 ; Jos. i. 2, &c.) 
Hence read 4avT^ or simply om. Cf. Sim. yi. g. A om. entire line. 
For ip 4avTf of «, A {eV^ 8' read cV ovrf , irfg, & iavr^, h cr ovroif, d om* 
For MpJnrw h reads Mp&ww. ''^ Cf. Isaac's blessing of Levi, Jub. 
zxzi. 16, ' Let His table be thine.* For iupiio$ S^ reads i^r. ^^ a, dfg. 
abe read crov. ^/3-a, A^. a corruptly reads jci]pir<$ff. a^A^ ^poL 

^oc^ad^g. 6,S*read4^ir€XAr. A = il^]r«X<&ip»r. '*a,«V>A^- /3-^»«*,S* 
^m. ^^ c. A, fi, S^ read kc^mto^. A^ Mopnituuf^ ^* 0, a^. A reads x/nMr/ttr 
and Qpyvpimtf. hef^ S^ x/wcrW ^ipyCpiw. d^ Afi read «al (-f A|<ravp^ A^*) 
j^pvaiiov jc«u apyvpiov, 

m. 'Areadsdf. 'AreadBJliar/c(iTlaruyi^,iirff(. 'Aydom. ^Aom* 
* A reads ^roifMie/MMi. * Corrupt for ov/Muwy. * This word is only found 
elsewhere in c2. * So Ao i»/r l^ttp^kf'f which may be corrupt for 

mfttiup t ss iTTuyp^ ^<rriy or ttp fmmttmf^mfJi/tA t ^= ^ mr^tpos* Ll the 

latter case A^ would be akin to d (see note 15) but the 6 KorArfpos is in 
this case trs. from its place before wpopou A^ therefore = 6 vpSn^ ovpavU 
hUi rodro irrvyntfc ion or 6 wp&rot 6 ttantrtpot hih rovro, being in this latter 
case defective. * This corruption, as the last, is native to A. ^* An 
intrtt8i<Hi owing to which we have the genitives r^c odix. and r«r Mn 
Hie word ^pS-v may be a corruption of the missing word for arvyif^^ 
See note 8. ^d om. ^*d reads 6 wp&n£ o^or Kor^anpos, See note 8^ 
" d adds nu* ^^ A^, 8^ read arvyv6t, ^ g reads ovpop^. i o^ror wapd^. 
^*df A om. ^^6^, A om. ^^ S^ ss pvorrfpta, though S' supports texU 
!?A^.adddf^ *®e reads x«^«X«^* A^ inserts «a/ before and after xm^kk 

Digitized by 





r^ dticaioicpMrCf rw 
0€ov' iv avr^ yiip 
clo-i v&vra rjk m€6' 
lAora T&v ivayiay&v 
tls iKbUaia-uf t»v 
iaf0p4iv<av. 3. '£v 
a T^ b€VTifHf^ €laiv 
(divifiiAfts T&virafi^ 
ۤjLfioK&p cl rar 
\04vT€S €ls iiiUpav 
KpUr^ias 7ro(i}(rai iic- 
ilKfi<rw TOis m€6' 
fMun T^ff vkivTis Kol 
rod BcX£qi/>* Kcd iir* 
aircpus dinv ol 
Syioi. 4* '^ ^$ 
ivwrifHf lik TtianiAV 
KardkiiLOLTiP^ il^ /xc- 
ycSAiy b6(avTr€pip(i»^ 
viaris ayt/irtpros* 


tQv TrpoffTayfidrwf^ 

4. *•0^^«yl09«« 
ray hylmfi<nMTf€p' 
6»<A vixni$ iyiinf- 


froifxa" *€fe ^fi^- 
pov**^ vpofrriyiJLaTOf 
Kvpiov iv T^ ducoio- 
Kpi<rCq> Tov 0COV* jy 
air<p** fieri ircbra 
ret nvdi/^ra *rciif 
ivaytay&v^^ €l9 ^«c* 
S^iyo-iy ray dy((- 
M«y«>. 3. *Ey" 
T^ rpCr^^^ €laiv at 
duy<(fi€i9 ^ray vap* 
€fi/3oXQ»y *^ * ol 
raxdivT€S ^IsiiyApav 
Kpl<r€t^ ^ m^i^o-oi 
iiAlKqirw^^ *Tois 
meSfuuri rrjs irX6r 

riv TirapTov ol** 
^<iywrot^fi»y iyiot^ 
cio-iy. 4.'Orilyr^ 
iaf<ATipt^ vJarrtavKO' 
Tak6€i Tj*^ fAryaXri 
iit€piafiA iratnis hyii- 

*> c. A reads jwroXvci dc 7. **&. e om. ''A. e om., bat jS, A, S^ 

sapport A. ** The plural has probably originated in A^. Here A« 

agree with fi, A^, which have vpoar6yitannf whereas (X has KpUrtms. Both 
words are independent renderings of OfiBto. " Cormpt for iw Aylf. 

"0 reads irotfuuriUm, ^d reads flo-iy €y 4m<P?* ^d^Afi add dc. 

i^A*" s cir ^^idfiovf (t). $r om. rmw. "^/S-a, A^, S*. ^, S' aii^. a lir- 

^^«y. "^, A3 prefix Ml. '■^addsovpoiY. ^A^hBAJ-mdmltml^mg 

(ss rwp xp^"^ which may be corrupt for fuAm^mg =s r«r napepfiokAw, 
**Afi=s Ktu TtToyfuvtu tUrhf tts humoupwla^^ but the Armenian for AimMMpurMy 
is intenially corrupt for nptpoM icplirtm, dg read ol rux^Brivai (-cmtoi ^) for 
•Irax^. »5(^add^r. •■A/' = rAr^iim^FirXiii^ (corrupt). "A***** 
s<M. A*^Qm. "^lom. Asm/. ^aef,Afi. hg owu «{ reads M 
ovpta^w and cl^r cm. fir. rovriiy. For ol • . . nim»r A^ s oc tlaiw tp mtipmpa&i 
tdrov where /» t^tmlim %»pm is corrupt for ^ ^lrf %Mgm s: htiam rwrmir, 

GB. PA. ]> 

Digitized by 




[in. 6 

5. ^Ei; T^ ll€T toi- 

ycXoi ol XciTovp- 
yovifT€s Kot i^ika* 
(rK6fJL(voi vpbs Kt;- 
pu>v ivl Tria-ais rais 
iyvoCoLS T.Wf hiKoL 
iov, 6. npoa'<f>i' 
povT€s T^ KvpUf 
SiTfiiiv €vo>8£a9^' Xo- 
yifc^v^ ical dveUfio- 
icToy Ovclap* 7* '^^ 
di r$ viroKcirw 
clcrli;** AyycXoi ol 

il>4pOVT€S iwOKpCc^iS 

Toiff dyy^Xoi9 Tov 
vpocdirov Kvp(ov. 
8. *Elf » T^*« /x<t' 

VOL #cai*® i^ova-Uu, 

tf cy irpoa-<f>ipovT€S^^. 

T&v iyy4XtAV €lal 


5. **Ey T^«« fur' 
avritf^^ ol** dyyc- 
Xof dcri *roi5 itpwr^ 
cSirou** Kvpfov*^ 
ol X€irovpyo{)in*€9 

voi^'^ ir/)is Kvpfoi^ 
iirl irdo-aiy*' raiy 
*iyvoCats r&v hi^ 
Kolwv^^, 6. npo<r» 
4^pw<rt hi Kvptf^ 

*koyu^v KoX ivtU* 
fULKTOv Trpoar<f>opiv9 
y.*Ev bi r^ v^rojcdrco 
€l(rlv ol^^ iyyeXot 

ol <l>4pOVT€STasivO'-' 

KpCa-fis *rois iyyi* 

Xois^^ Toiv vpoa^irov 


8. **Ei; » T^ fjLiT* 

oMp^^ cJo-i *0p6voi 

f *4€i iJfiyoi** t4> 

^A^ add TOV ^ov. ^^flfom. ^a,c2. /3-<fy, A^ read oMr. Here and 
in Ter. 8 aifrm^ seems corrupt. ^ c adds n^y. *^ c. A reads XoyMcfr. 

^'Aaddsol **A. reads r^. *'c,«. &, ^readourf. oc-^ a^<$v. 

^'A om. ^'c. A, in dependence on /9, reads v^oot r^ ^. irpwr^poi>rat, 
"^ This phrase seems to be drawn from yer. 3. *^ Apparently a free 

rendering of ver. 7. ^*A^ koL ""jS-ify, S^. d reads ovrm^. ^ ovrf. 
^d,Afi om. " cJ = TOW. •• A^ sso^v. d om. next two words. 

"8' om. but not B«. Afi om. the koI. "/ reads nmn». A*** om. 
^* (2 reads aZT^o-c Twr ey ayiH>iigt ccr^aXftmiir rots dixa/btf. In A by adding 
m% before ^mmLfiirm% (s= •yp^ffi) WO obtain liyMtf. ^A^ trs. after 

cvtf^iW. *^ c2 reads tUMip, ^d om. ^(f reads t&p cSyycXaAv. 

*' o^, S^ deg read ^y df t^ ficTck rovrt»v {e avrmtt, g a&rf), A^ = mi lur* 
ovrovff. '"a, A^. Me/; B^ read ^/kSmu cjotNT. ^ ol dip. ai cfov<r. ^orffff 
Afi, b reads v/mu ati. d a<l vpvoikn, ^h adds 4. ^ A. reads rpc- 
./M0/i«y, ** c. A reads Sfiwnrph ^ d om« A^, B =s npt^ipawri^ ^^ dt 

8« KcU ^iimvovyres 
r&y Ri;pioF, 7* ^ 
jcai *irp€(r^€is dcri 

Digitized by 


IV. I] 



9. "Orav oSy iirt- 

fjfias ol ir6vr€9 rpi- 
lwiA€v^ Kci 6 ovpa- 
vhs Koi fl yrj Kcu 

Vfioawvoo r$$ ftc- 


9. "Oray 081; im- 
pkiy^ KiifHos M 
iraacof Krltrw, i<ra- 
kdi6ri(rav ol oifpcofol 
Kal fl yrj kqX al 

TOi^^ 9, •'Oroi; 

T€S fllA€lS (TOXCVO- 

8 ysvtf- 


ofipopol Kol ^ 717 jcal 

irfKMTciirav''^ t§9 fic- 

10. 01 bi vUX rmv iudp^nfAV iv^^ TCfArots^^ iaKua0qTovvT€s^^ 
iLfjMprivova'i *Kai vapopylCowri rhv t^wrrov^^* 

IV. Nw aiv yirawKe^ Jri iroii}<r€i Kl^/xos KpCaw M rovff /5-^, A, 
vlo&9 rw ivOpAitfAV, 

Koi Tov ^\(av ^PcrrufUrou^ ^) A 

KoX HAtc^v^ (yipawoyAviAV 

KcX TQv^ irvpos Kora'Tni/ia-avvTos'' 

xal viaiis rrji * icrfcrco); KXovovii/ivrjs^ 

jcal" TOV i^bov o-wXevo/ji^yov" [*wi t$ iri^ei tov ^fcnw]** ^^^» -^ 
*ol ivOpoiiroi dirci0otfKTis JirtfAci^ovo-t row Wiictoiy*** vrovyrer. 

read /vii9(Xcfcc ^cl adds <S tfc<$r. ^* c^ adds «al 06 fudw ^ftcik dXXiL 

'^ A/' om. ^ adf, h reads ol. eg cm. ^ (2 reads fu) ipiporMs tov. 

^<l adds ajrrov mii. ^ 5^. af read av. iroXcv^^frovrac. (2 r^s tnrtpPa^Xoitnft 
M^. A^a^rov. "^cif. hdeg, S read iwL ^Afi 9ddffSuru^. »A 

reads JMuoAiToviri and A^ cm. rest of yerse. A^ add ^ roSro.. ^All 
MSS. of A om. but A***. 

IT. ^ OL, g. 0-g, A read yw^xm. * e reads Ka\ Sri. The following 

clanses in the genitiye absolute are rendered in A by clauses with verb^ 
in the future indicative. '«• h^P, S prefix r«r, ^ A, A read 

inKkiTftCo|Mi>oiii. *CX, A. ^ prefixes rior. *A^om. ''A^haa at^maJbm^ 
mtf/i ss awtihi&qfrtTm. A^ has ttmifimm^mug^ ^^ \9vKhp Zarau *Oi,fn 

^f, A om. * A<> has aimmm^iruifPb = inroXovrroi being corrupt for 

mmmmltiruifpi = jcXoi^iromi which appears in A^. ^^ A reads icrMr/«Sn»K. 
» A**"**** have ^mgmS4ruif/f% = dM>x^<^omu corrupt for ^miirujf/,lb{m> A^*) 
s r^^omu. ^' h om. This line is transposed before the preceding one 
by A^. " a reads o-m/XXo/icrov. ^^ Bracketed as a Christian inter- 

polation. For r^ m^t g reads t& ir<IA>r, and for {f^iurw d reads xp^anA 
and for cir/ r^ads cV. ^^ For this and the following line. Afl reads mi 

P a 

Digitized by 



bih Twro iv ^T^^* Ko\dir€i KpiBiqirovTau 

♦rot) ^icX€il/*Ve airi«* ibudas^^KoL y€piir0ai airy «»*vliy 
Kol $€piiroPTa^^ kclL Xeirovpyov^^ rov vpocniirw airod* 
A A, 8 3. <M5 26 y„,5a««« " ^rictf " * *v r^ *Ia«cS/8 ", 
JJTX '^^'' ^^" ^""^ *^^'* ^^^"'^ cnrfp^ari^ *I<rpaijA. 

'^ '^ A« 

Kal y€in(<r€rai & rais i- 
(rxirats ^ijJpais viix^jffi 

oirkdyxyoii [ylov] *• ov- 

[nXi)if*^ ol vlo( <r(w ivi" 
/3aAov<ri x^lpas * iir' 
airoy** *rou &vao-/coXo- 

a, jS, A^, S 
4« Kal fto^<rcraf 0*01 cvXoyfa 
* Kol irayrl r^ fnfip^rl 


J 0€O9 

[r^i^ vtdi^ avrov] rov fr4^€W 
rh KrUriiATa 

[koL tioC (Tov iviPaXova-i 
Xelpas KoX ivaa-KokovC" 
a-Qva-i avriv] 

<jir«r roOro tMig cfircr /loc. I have read miBovwrts With a, (i. /3-cI, A^, S 
read mrMTTovyrf ». Before nuff abd, A^, S add cy, and for rais A^ read rais 
mSmus. Afi read ol dc a»tf . for ol cM. " a. ft A om. ^^ Before c i<n}jr. 
A adds liov, d ow dc. ^* d^ A om. ^ reads ywp. ^' c reads cvx^r. 

"A = «ii iifiXf. w^addar^r. "A^sdno/aW. »a^ff,A,S. d 
reads airoi). arwavrf, h <ra» air^. ^ om. ** Ot, ft A**, 8. A« = ^fw- 

irovra. A^**' «2f ^/Knroira «ai vMr. "A^ add rcor^. "{^prefixes 

ar«. A***** prefix Kol. ^ abefy, S add ^wwJi', (i, A** awfw ^ttriM^i', 

A*^"* avrov, A« KVpUm. •• 6egr, S. CX, <rf, Af read ^«yricc, d ^mritrtis, A« 

^«m'{ffi (TT. With yer. 3 we might compare Jab. xxxi. 15 where Tnaee 
blesses Levi — 

'And they will declare thy ways to Jacob 

And thy paths to Israel' 
«•«. ft A-* S read ^F 'laic. A**** == ^^rturiir Tf1«cA/3. A« om. ••Aa 
om. ^(X,4, ^g,A,8reeidmsi, g wrtL **ft ex reads cV. A*- 
imXJ^iylr€if. "^ reads fJHtrL ae, A add rf . "^ <x reads av^pim, 

" c, €20^ A^, S. a reads mil ry <nr. trov. £^ jcal iravrl cnr. aav, h M rf uw^ 
«rov. ^dg read m« of. '''A, o^. 0, d read ffsrMriec^mu. bfiwunoir 

^fnfnu. e hrL ^ This might be a Christian modification of voy rh tBpot^ 
the latter meaning Israel. The genuineness of imt cirio-xc^at cr^. 
is sapported by v. a, where Ood is represented as saying c«»r cX^«^ 
KQTouaiv lerX. '' 6 reads vloi dg rov viov. Bracketed as a Christian 

interpolation. The text deals with an 0. T. theophany. Of. v« 2U 

Digitized by 


L"^-—L" .«L_'*-.^JJilA-JJ»__ 


5. '"Koi"'** hih TOVTo hibwaC^^ <roi*« povkii Kot iriv€tns 
Toiv <rvrcr4(rat roifs vMs (tov*^ *V€pl rcrtfrov**. 

*ical 01" KaTap<iiJL€Voc "^cdrrhv^ diroXowrot**. ciXoyw 

V. Kol +^1; iWry^ ^voi^ fxoi* *6 iyyeXos' rets iriXas ]uvos. 
roO obpapov' Kal cldoy rov ^Ayiop flfurriM^ Ivl Op^roo KaO^- 0, A, S 
|i€»r*- 2. Kai cTW fi04«- AcvC <rol« ftwjca^ *''^^5Sl.i 

cvXoy£a9 r^ff UpartCas * l«s ® iX^cbi; ^® • Korotjojira) ^^ * iv ^\ e^^ 
lU<rf^^^ Tov 'IirpoiJX. 3.* Trfrc^^ 6 fiyycXos" Kanjyay^j;" i^vWfiyff 
/yi€ iirl Ti^y yrjv, koI ticuKi^^ fwi * Sirkop koX ^iMf>aCav^'', Koi Jrwrror, 
€M fwi*'* nobi<rop iKhUaiirw hf Sux^M** iv\p Aeivay*® 

^OC,i^. o^, S read ds al&va, dAfi th almm td&pog. ^A adds o^. 

This line is a manifest Christian interpolation. It is in conflict with 
both the form and matter of the text ^ d om. a adds yr. ^b reads 
ToS dwoowokmUroi, A^ = ml avairitoXofriaowru **A om. ^^C^bd, h {H), 
a read Manu. 6f didorai. ^ didffToi. ^ d trs. before df dvroi. ^ A*"* 

om. ^(X, C^f, S. 5(2^, A^ read w, a^rov. Ao = p^ dpaprd^tuf cV a^({y. 

^OL, A« ft A^, S read 6 c^Xoy»K "^ Apparently a corruption for at 

(Schnapp). «a,A«. ft A^, S read fiXoyiwii^w. "Aa. i3-^,Ai3,8 
read Iffrm. ol om. For c^Xoy. ?(mu g reads f 6Xoyi|tfi}<rirm. With this Terse 
compare Isaac's blessing of Levi, Jab. xxxi. 17 : 

'And blessed be he that blesses thee, 
And cursed be eveiy nation that corses thee.' 
»(X,/3-M,A. Mreadoidc^ «^S' adds Jc<airc6 Acvlir/HHrcr^irf X((y^ 

rou vloU ahw, 

y. ^OL Aa =s tlw^ TOVTO. ft A^ ODL *€ onu 'A^ trs. before 

^poift. *oc(save that A reads Ko/ for v^urroy). ft A*^, S read ko^ r^ 

Syttm (j^'<mi. r. ^.) mu cri ^p<{pov W^ tAi' v^rMrrw. A******* = wtAif r^ Sywp 
nd TiAr t^^wrw hn BpAnv d^s. *<{ reads 9p6g fif. * c, « read av. 

Here a adds : do^awrai ml r^ av^pparl <rov roD Xf inov/iyciy rf ir^Urrtf iw piotf 
r^s y9«* «eal c^iXaercca^ 9^ M. rmg aymtiau r^f y^f r^. ^ tt> a, A^. 

a(/j/, S read d«l»«i. d did^fu. A^ s ^dorm, bat by emending t into 
iti/; A^ is broaght bto agreement with abfg. ^h, /3-e, A% S\ c reads 
n&ff IffMrrtiiar. A^ = dvMfuy Uparttag, bat qopmup^fit% (ssduMfur) is corrupt 
for *qop^ma.p^fn% s fvXoyloF. * M add o^. ^* Ao =: Af vtrofiiu mi. 

" % a/tfg. M read wapouofom, Afi may render either. A<> s Jn-omXv^^ 
vo|Mu. ^*ot» <{0/. fi'-def read ippta^. ^d reads ml i^rr. A^ s ml 
|MTck ravra. e adds cX^r. '^ c^ adds 6 avpnap&p poi, A^ add rot) jrvp/ov 
and trs. after fyayc fw. "c,dA. oAef, A, S read 4^yoyf • ^*a reads 

bt^mu. ^^ Aa = pofi. ml Miop, ^* CX, c^, A. fi-^, S om. A^ add 

/k$iKai. ^A^ssAlyvnriois. A^ = Suufunuf. "^aid. area Aipof. 

Digitized by 


-^^^ I 

38 AIA0HKH AETI [V. $ 

-^"^ *T$5 ib€k<l>ri9 (rov^^, ic4y«b** fa-ofuu [ttrJi trov^, Hn Kvpws 
Uail' *4W<rr€iX^y +fi€**. 4. ical vuwiAfoat** ry Kat/>$ ^iccfi^y 
^,MS» *Tob9 vUA9^ *E/u^p*^ ica^wy yiypairrai iv wXo^i*^ rfii^ 
ftSs* ~^^^^- 5- Elvoir » aer^8<>- A&fxaf crw'S KlJpic'^ 

ff/#C ^^'V^«*>^*^* ^' ^^ flwc*'^®' 'Ey** eJfw * 4yy€Ao5 4 * wapai- 

yivoWf —^—^^.^^^^-^ 

d irpourrafMvos rov yivouss li^S^' varaYBrjpot, ,p^, Afi,S^ irarojat a^ovr «Ztf 
rcXor, in nav mnvfta ir(wi|p6r cis aMv vfwrpdKkti* 

abf, Afi Adaff, g 1^9 A^vw. A« om. *^(X,d^A. fi^, 8 om. ** A reada 
f y^. " Att om. next four words. ^ OL, adf, beg read oircorvW (+»'«) 
/if. For fu we should expect trt. If /u is right we should expect mi 
ovnvXfVtt to follow as in A^ and not k. owcrcXco-a as in /9. See next note. 
S* trs. next three verses after rAi* irfturrop, v. 7. •■See preceding 

note. A^ =: avmktfrd^aji, hut ^mammpirug^tt IS COrrUpt for ^mmaupirgfig 
=: <rvirrffXcfr«» or ^mmmpir'gfi = <nw(rfXff<ra. A^ om. next twelve words. 
■•A^ s= €f fwVy T«r v(6y. •*%. cx, orf/ read 'E/w/j. "a, M. cm'/ 
read irXcS^cot. i;r npafttn. jS-^ prefix rmr. '^(X. /), A^, S* read as in 

margin. ^d reads o^ot;« '^a, (2/ A. abefg om. '"(2 adds /lov, 

" a. /3-a, A, S* read Wire /iw. a f Zir/ W. •* ^, A^ read xai. •• «, cfo^. 
A, ab read ^irueoXcVtffuu. / ciriniXoDfUK. **^ reads croc. « om. ''d, A 
add fww. * cw i«ad cW /««. » /Sr<f = Dy^ paiB. The text is un- 

certain, d reads frpoumS/cnw rov yhovs which ^ tDPTTvy pi2 (or HCDV* 
Cf. Dan. 3di. i). Is d original and fi-d a corruption of it, or is /3-{{ 
original and d an emendation due to Dan. xii. i ? Next (X reads nap€n6* 
fupos rov yipovf, which might he another rendering of Wrbv ^W in the 
sense ' attending on the nation '; cf. i Kings xxii. 19. The LXX renders 
^ npy by fiatfimp in Esther viii. 11, ix. 16. But vap€w6iu¥os may be 
either a bad renderilig or a corruption of irapmrov/MMw. See parallel 
text in Test. Dan. vi. a. Finally A = ^vXa^ (or vfmar6iu90£%) rov 
y€vovs and S^ fr^mw r. y., which are nearer to d than to ^-d, la 
fact d^ A imply the same original; for t^ut^mt^atA (=s ifwka() is corrupt 
for mgut^uimtlt =s ^ffKunrioT^ff. On the other hand, A supports ^ /3^ 
in the parallel passage in Test Dan. vi. a. After ycW adg add rov. 
^ Can hardly be right unless we take it in the sense ' that one may not 
smite.' Ay which = irorax^Mu, and S (= dio^^ipfor^) are right at least 
in sense, and are supported by the parallel passage Test. Dan. vi. 5, 
6 dy/«Xor (i.e. Mi^ai^X) hurxwrti r&y 'lirfMujX, firj tfimatuf tdrov ^Is rikos Ktucmp, 
^ h reads ovnjy. /3-ci, A^, S^ add tls riXos, fc vop (a, A*** om.) irvcvfia 
vomjf}6v th oMv {a^ovs a) irpoo-^dXXci {vptSdkXti g), A^ add €ls rikog only* 
i2 om. rov ^4 . . , fr/>ocr)3(2XXcf. "<fy om. ^({ adds dr. i^, S^ add 

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TI.43 AlAeHKH AEYI 3$ 

VI • Kol^ «5 'fjpX^R^^ ^P^9 rbp iraripa fwv ^tpov iinrCba foiriv 
XoXKfjv *Si4 Kttl tA Si^o ttj« Spoilt "Awis* *« Im-iK^ lyyds ^^^^'^ 
r^fidk, U Scfidr *APi|id\ 2. Kal <nnfen^povv rovy X<$yov9 rovfwror 

TvArws ip rp /capd^ /umw, 3. * MctA U touto inn^PoullciMro^ * ^oS^d ^ 
ry worpf fjMw icoi • ry ^ 'PouP^|a « 6fa cfirjy • * row vlois^^ *E/DifxcSp^* A^^b ' 
ToS" jA^j" *v€piTiATi&fipai avTcrfs", »ri^* *fi}Xa><ra *aia ri y«wTo5 

Kiyi** iaf€i\oy riv 2v)(^M 'j' irpcJrow *icol Sv/utccbiF'^ rip rwrr&i^ 

SyofM TOW Spovf Xcy«rat^Ainri( 5 ttrrip t/yA Tf jSciX. ft S* /y« <rvp€fiov' *"i ''^ 
Xffwa. A| p, A| S^ 'BDv/9^fi rf ddfX^ fiov. 3, A^, 8^ ^v 'lirpaijX. 

ficnrcp. *«ft A^, S» add «il (+fAX(Jyi7<7a S*) tAi» ^Xof ( + a*n>w A***"* 

but not A*^ r6r vapaiTWfU9oy [d ir/Mocnr^foyrn, A ^vXa«a, but A is here 
corrupt as in note 39 for vrffpcunrcoT^v or npomnriCoyra, S^ a^Covra) t6 ycVor 
(rov yf yovs 5) *I(rfMn)X (rov *I<r. dg) xol (S^ om.) iravrtfr (irdvra ^, cp vairir S^} r«M» 
( + r)0yfuiraM^ r6v A^) twaL»9 (q/; S^ om. r. diir., for which reads diicaiov). 

YI. * {2 adds lya'ffTo. * save that ^ om. koI and that «{ adds ixakuro. 
The text of (X is given in the margin where iy» is coirupt for iyyvs. 
A^ =s dto Tovro cffdXecra r& (Ero/ia rov lipovi €kupov "Avirit, A^ = did Mil rov 
opow ^Affirct t6 iifOfMa ixakti. With both A^ A^, compare d (note a)« 
'6 reads ^. *aef,Afi. i, S' read 'A/3iXa, <2 'Afn^/Sa (in which fi and 

fi are trs.). ^ A^ifui (where v may be due to a mistake of the collator). 
A*** ss 'AfifptL (X om. cK d. A, * oc (save that e reads rovry for rovro). 

ft Aa read jcal (/9 om.) ^ dniM/SovXcvcra. A*'^ om. A*"*"^ = ical ^mow. Afi 
om. next three words. *A^*^ om« 'a. /9om. ' All authorities 
but c add as in mai^gin* *tt»/3-a^, A^. a, Abroad cZn-flHri. g M, 

^ g retidB Tovs vhCt. *^0C. e^dbeg. h^ df read *Eft»p* A:=*Af»oppaioWf 

" A^ =s co/. " The negative seems right though it is found in c only. 
Simeon advised against the circumcision of the Shechemites as he 
intended to avenge the outrage done to his sister* Jub. xxx, 1-4 and 
Jos. AfU, I. xxi. I omit all reference to the circumcision of the Shechem* 
ites. *^A = vtptrtiuw rh aJ^iiara air&w {avrovs A^). ^ A^ = jcm ^1, 

^Afi =s ^or, i.e. %m^m%l comipt for %m^mm = pbiKvyyM. We must 
further supply ilmm% = dui before this word. " A« om. " a. This 
is supported by A« which = r^j ab$kfp^s pav. j8-^, A^, S^ read h ^lapmjk. 
The latter may be due to Gen. xxxiv. 7. g om. ^' d reads ml €Urtk$tbv 
iyj,. ••(i,A**4X€. « ^ adds € W o5n.*. "A^^s: 

fKeop...KaL ^OL,d. Aszfffuuf, fi-dyS^ om. **0L d reads flra(ray. 

fi-d,A om. *6 reads poincftaias. ••A« = dKovaas. ■'a. ^-rf, S* om. 

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40 A1A©HKH AETI [^,5 

P-<?» 8* 5. Kal ftera ravra ik66ifT€S^ ol ilkXif^oC fwu** ivira^av 

S^ omit 6, Kol ^Kovo-ci;** 6 varrip *|4ow ^Touta"* ^ *icai 6pyur$€ls^^ 

A A xal * ical iv tcSs €ikoylais^ f-n^TUv ^^w^. 
f^l^ 7« *^«^* ^iiipToii€P lv€ihri^ irapa yvAiixiv cirov toOto 

8 A S^ ir€iroi^icafi€v^. icafye 4|iaXaiu<F0i|^^ h; r^ ij^i^Pf jiee6;7/. 8« 

iSKKmt *'AAX' ^«^ eZSoy Jri iiro^oo-isr (?€ot; ^v ds kok&^^ huAn ijOekop 

ft Afti ''foripa fiimv^ (ivov &ra** «col Kareir<Jw7<Fav** r^ woffxvia*^ 
Ltfl <Jy«o^M€J'o*' *^a*^» «ai 'Ei3Xai>y*« riir «Jicay€jf§" airaS** 

ft A, S* ' 


d,A,&^i,imp. "a. ft A^, S* read «i) A^i'trft; «»'. A« om. »A^ 

has upmJmlr^mL. (= ^x^^"T7i^) wbich ifl COXTUpt for mpmJt^mv. ^ cXvir^^. 
A^ add v<f>apa. ••A adds /v irptfroip. ." ft A, 8* add ficrA ravrtt 

(rovTo ftcty). "^ reads orctfoiv. ••d om. A^ = M ncol ^ twr cvX, 

19/Moy. A/S = di^ rovro «il r^v c^X. avrov. ^(X. /W^, A, S^ read Skktn 

arolrffMP (A« om.). ^ iXkcvt Aroiijcrnr. (2 om. "« (sare tbat they read 
fjftaprmfiMp), ft 8^ read fffuipnfttp {fipapua\uv df) yitp Sri. A*^ ss mi ^fuU 
iyvnfirip/e9 bbcatot Koi Sn. A} ttdi rffult adcX^d duuuM Koi Sn, A^^^ fjpApniup 
uhfS&s in, Ao is an internal cormption of the text in A^. **a reads 
warouffKt. " c, 6. A, p-ft, A, S* read iiiakaxMiip. " a, P (save that a 
reads Kvp/ov for ^cov, and <)f o2Sa for c2ftor and f<rrir for j^, and d inserts ovni 
before fp). A* = «il cZSor ti^ cSm^^o^iv r^f opyl}( tw ^ov. A***' = oXX* 
€fwv ld6prot iri An6<l>a<nt kokIj $r ntpl aiirmp lie ^v. A*** ^ oXX* /fiov ^Mmop 
air6<lHurtw, KOKij fp mpl avr&p iic &tov. Here ircpl avr&r is an intrusion. 
After KMa ft S^ add as in margin, A M Zuciftfnv. ** a. agrifi^ 2appap 

{iappd g), 6, S^ .ci( r^v lapp&p. df ttxA r^v Scyipiii'. 6 mH rg ^app^, A adds 
«Mravr«of. *<^a. ft A, 8^ om. ^C. h read ^hniP. cMf A/yar. e A^. 
g om. A om. 6v rp6inw to irorcpa ^/lAir indusive. ^ o, /^-e. A reads r^v 
fld. ftov. e tJ ab€\<l>S ift&p. *• a, tf. /3-e om, ** M add oiVi»(. **^, 
A« om. next six words. *• 6, 8* read Konirdrtitr ap . *' if adds alrov, 

^(X, ode read iyit&pxpa. hfg oytt6pMpa, **/3 adds ^ir* ovr^. ■•<?• 

a reads *l€ir/3Xa/. 6'lficj3Xaff. (2 Tc/SXacy. tf'Hf/SXoipF. f*UPKm(p. g ^Epak. 
{h donbtfol). Ao = ftpfioka, A3 ^ApPkaffp. g adds mc. 8^ cr^ir avrotf . 
'^a5(l. Cfrfread oUoytprip. g oiKoy€Pop, h (iyti^. **cl om. ^A<* om. 
^^. (X read ^McVqyro. abalKura^o. d aLoftr. € iidtr, f rjicla: ^ I reads 

ovntr. A^ovrmydp. ^ bd read nanat rout $€P0V9, "A(+«m2^ 

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Vn.a] AIAeHRH AEYI 41 

lO, *Kafy€ oBrm^ ivoCow *ira<r4 rois (4vois^\ *iv^^f*^ 

oirilff***. II. *'E^^CMr€ Si avroifs ^ ipyii rov $€0V cIs avr»¥> 

-'^^"- '^^: 

VII. Kai €hov^ [lyi?* r^ mrpt fiov^ "loitiSp*, &ri iv aol f^" 
i(ovi€Piia'€i^ KHpios^ robs XoivayaCovs'' koL btiati^ rfiv yrjv Aa),icwpi« 
oirrAv <roi fcal rlf (ntipixarl <rov /icril <re. 2. ''Eoroi y^ dwi ( + fMw 

^. A/^ ijpirafov. ^(X,af. hckg, A^S^ Te&dtht yvpauutgidfT&p {eg om,). 

Aaom. rest of chap. (2 om. next three words. '*h,Afi. e reads i$€\6Tow. 
W9 jfi^XoroMTcff. a (tvrikarotmyns. The verb here with its suffix =s 
pm^ which means both to banish and to seduce to idolatrous worship. 
(Cf. Deut. iy. 19, ziiL 14, xzx. 17, &o.). The Oreek transktor wrongly 
followed the former. We might perhaps render eamrkam^ oMs. In 
Juh. zzx. 7-17 the penalty of death is ordained for intermarriage with 
the heathen in connexion with thi dutruetUn of Sheehem. Cohabitation 
with a Gentile was regarded as equivalent to worship of the Gentile 
idols. See my oommentaty on Jub. xxx. 10, note. ^oc, 6, 8^ read 

a&ravt and adefg om. A^ could =s aMt or abroCt. ^ <X (save that h 

ouL o^Tovf ), aef (save that they read Kvpiw for roO tffov). b^ S^ read l^^oirff 
N 9 3. K. nr* avnvf th r. dg dtit rovro {jg om. b. r.) t[<l>$an (4-^' g) *rf ovro^ 
9 d. «. dr r. Ao om. and A^ is defective and =: t^Boffw M ht aXnw^ mU rcXor. 
This verse, as Grabs {SpieUeg. FtOnm, 1698^ L 138) saw, was adopted 
by St. Paul in i Thess. ii. 16, li^Aurfy M ^' o^ro^ i^rmiStov (D£FG 
it, Vulgate, g,o but most other authorities om« rov ^ov). Our text 
pppears to be based on Gen. xxxv. 5 and presupposes, as Bonsch {Bnch 
ider JubUiien, pp. 390, 391), npn JDJ instead of TlCin W. The LXX 
follows the Hebrew : mu wyAmro fl>6Pos 6m in\ ras vAcit r^ KVKKf airtnf 
and so also Jub. xxx. 26. 

YII. 1(2 reads ffbw. >(X. /9,Aom. *6,A^om. «a. /9-fr,A, 
8^ read as in margin (save that d trs. ^laxAfi before fu}). h fii) 6py. Kupu. 
"This word must here be taken to mean 'destroy,' but A has followed 
its usual meaning 'to despise.' It may be a rendering of OO) or 1^, 
or of the latter word as in Prov. xxvii. 7 which may mean ' to tread 
under foot ' or ' to despise.' * d adds 6 tfr<k. ^ Aa (by an internal 

cormption) ss tits ndktK and om. the rest of the verse. * A^ add jcvpcof . 
*(X. 0om. ><^c A reads 4 z^^. fi^lliaifta. 6 Zuuft. ^^(2 reads 
eviwrfir. Ct Sir. L 26, 6 XeAs iimp6t 6 Karoat&if h luUiwu. " A<i om. matl 

. . . ^t through hmt. " d reads iiowtp, , ^^ h reads x^«w» d ^XnMifff c. 
>»AreadsaMr. '*^ieads>V«a(. Aom. . ^'(X,/3-i. &,S' reads 

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rYo^fX- VI I L Kdicci wdAuf clSov^ *ipaita iy* ri vpJr^pov fieri 
dirap^ *Ti iroi^crai jj/uwy iicci' fjfUpas l/38o/unJicovra*. 
Tfr(fjra- 2. Roi clSov* iirri Ardpos* fr ^o^^rt'' Xev#cg* ^kiyovris 
P*"^'^^)' ^i». *Ai;a(rr2t9 fodwoi rriv aroXiiv 'rv^s UpartUis, Koi^^ riv 
A0 omit arii^ov ttjs ItiKaioailinis^^, *icai to X^Jyior^* T§ff <ruy^<rcft>s 
f^fj* ical riv wodiypij*' rrjs iXji$€Ca9 icai ri WroXov^* 1^5 irfoTca)^ 
irpo<^i^' * Ktti T^i' fiCrpav^^ triif Kc^aXi|f t^^ icoi ri i^ov5 r^ff wpo- 
''•*«• ifniT€(as* 3. Kal*^ €&" UouTTos air^if^^ fiwrriCovr^^ 

*^<ro» Kol*^ iviOriKip fioi*^ ical ciTrrfy" (iOi*'« 'Awi tou 

fuofoi. A3 =s jcai iideoKOf, odf, & add Aiivy. A^ om. together with next 
three words. "a, Afi. ft S* read ^fUtv. "a. adf read htapmwrtt 

{aitApapTts d)o^{^ a), A^ = durApaprts dc i^Wtw, Afi = ^ifwc dc. 5«^ 
read as in margin (save that hg om. A/mzf and g om. cmi^ and cSfni/Mivref). 
For Aaapamts . • . Bc^X S^ reads ml di^ rovro ^ 3fyy4 rov la/filov ^^tjjKSt kot 
nirw m\ 6 Syytkos rov UxVP^ ifioififitnv iyuoL ^ d om. "^ O^ read 

Bai^X. S^ makes here a Christian addition. See Appendix* 

Yin. * def read {ftov, * b reads vpayfia Sktnrtp, For ^po^ui • . • wp^n* 
por S^ reads d«iin7v nm j^nir. * A, a^|^, A. 80 also e (save that it om. 

ffMiff). &, S^ reads rA iroi^^Fin. <i om. ^A^ =: i(n^o¥nu "A adds iictu 
*e,g,A* h, P~g read MpAwmft* € trs. before ^frn^. ^/ reads iv^Sftrwu 
^ac^iAg, A, de read Xafisrp$. / XfiwaSp. *c trs. before cr f<r^. reads 

^pomt fUH, and om* next seven words. 10 ^i^^^ ... |„^ ^irii^fp. A" om« 

^^ Aa add nri^t «nrl r^r m^ip <rov. " 6 reads tcai row XcSyor. A^ ss foai 

r^v hm>k^¥, A^ om. next five words, A^ om. together with rest of verse* 
" abf. c reads frobrtp€u h, deg frodijpc. Ao = XcSyov. It is possible that 
A<* has transposed the words occurring before Ttjt owtfrtms and rl|r 0X17* 
6€iag. In other words guu% s \^yw should be read before the former and 

t^mmnLJipmlt =: iwTokSpf which is COrrupt (1) for ^mmJiujCm% s ffod^p^. 

^^ g reads mfdoKiop. ^*/3-ai. OC, od read /uTrpov. A^ = mSoyior. ^'(X. 
bedg, Ao read rov (nfiulov. af, S^ rov imytftW A<* adds cvl roif Afioif oov. 
Here artfiwo looks like a corruption or emendation of tnni^ov^ and may 
be neglected. But M^oXiyf and afiptiw have to be accounted for, and 
I know of no explanation. M^oX^r, of course, cannot be right, sinQO) as 
the parallel phrases show, we require here an abstract noun. Only for 
<nifuiov we might regard B^tn (= xc^oX^v) as a corruption of y^ or *tte^9 
s tvBvnirot. Perhaps TMm (ss ofifuiw ' miracle') might be a corruption 
of *)ief^. ^''d reads ravra ^Iw&fns xai fr/KNrfXMrfff. '* h. om. ^' d 
0m. /3-i^ adds cwiffTor. ^OL. i3, Aom. d adds r&ff oroXdr . '^({^ds 

Digitized by 



yut. id] 


W^". 5. *Kal aw b€ir€pos ikowri^^ ia€^ «oti 

V€pU&riK4^^ IJLOi oToX^y iyUof^^ Kal Ivto^v. 6. *0 bi^^ 

rpCros Pvca-bnjv^ *fJLOi 7r€pU6riK€v^p 6/io£ay** iif^oiib* 7' 

*0 l^i*^ Tirapros C^vriv *ijloi v€pUfiaX€v^\ iiAotav Tfop^ipas^^* 
8. *0^® vdgiVTOS *KX6ibov fioi ^XcUia; lb(aK€if vtirriTos^K 

9. 'O llCTOS 


fui fioi Upa- 
TfCas V€pU&ri* 

9-IO. Kai 6 
Iktos Ivki/i- 

9-10. Kai 6 
tKT09 iMripia 
UpaT€Ca9 irC' 

pUOriK€ T^ K€- 

<f)ak^ fjLOU Kcu 6 
ifibofAos ivkiH^ 
fKocrc rhs x**- 
pis liov 0v- 


9-10. Kal 6 
iicros Kol 6 j)3- 
hopto9 bidlbriiia 
UpaT€(as lda>- 

k4 fJLOi Koi 

iriKiv IvXripoi}' 
aav rhs \tipas 








aM. h om. next' three words. ** abe read mTitw. " e, A^. h, p, A^ 
om. e adds mu. A<* om. next three words. ** (X, 0. a5f read ylmw, 

d IcTffc » a. ft A^ add KvpUw. A« add ^w. Cp. ix. 3. ••/ reads 

wU, g itak frv. ^(X. fi-^f, A read t4 avippa. df Ty ampp/aru ^ /3-d, 
A add as in margin. <l reads €«( rov cu»mw. **a0 read «ii Ire. dr6rf^ 
A« om. "• ^ oM^. c reads «iXiy^€. e nhp^. f om. " h reads fwi. 
fom.€ adds ry. *> a. ^, A, S^ add KpUrtmt, oef xP^attn. ^ OC. ft 

Aaread6. Afi^6bf. ^e/read Aovcrcv. "^ A reads /mm. «<^add^y. 
••A« = ayiip. • *'cl reads v^roMrtr. "c, a^<)F, A. A reads f*oi. M om. 
**<? reads in dative. ^A^A. e, ft S read as in margin. ^^<)f reads 

ira^^fftr. «*A=r«aX<(r. « ft, Aft ft Aa, S^ om. «« (I reads 

fivvtrimf, ^%af, bdeg read fi€ ircpM/SoXf y. ^ A reads Sfioiog. A<> 

om. with next word. *^a, A. /3 om. *•«. a reads vfpuPoKfw. 

bdefg fiot (pc 6 ; / om.) mpuBfiK€p, S adds o^ M r& ficcrov aXXd t& Korvrtpw 
piipos Tov viparos md i( fvny i^y. ^ Ot, a<2ef. & reads wopffyvp^, g noptpv 

pibi. g adds from ver. 10 ml ^irX Kvpuf. ••A«» *^* = i «/. A**** 

«a2 6. *^ A<* = kX. ikadat vtdrjrog IdoMCf fioc A^ cV 6poimpan ikaias 

m6infTot D. ;ioi ko2 cirXiJptMray rav X'liP^^ f*''^ Bufudparos, For frior. c, M 
read voiifnyroff. S om. Aator. "<;{ reads pav. e om. "*<;{ reads 

f4viw<H^^. ^dhddBUpartlag. Cf. A***. "A reads mU. ^(X, 
<wf^ (saye that A om. /im). 6, 8 read bMiipd pot rS xt^oXg mpiiS. Upar. 
(save that S^ reads rtiujt for UpartUif). With this reading compare A*"*. 
^ onu "^ Oy 0(^1/, S. i^ read inX^ptttraw. With this reading compare 

Digitized by 




[VIII. 10 

irXi7/M0(rc^^ rhi Upareifuf fit iiiAfiOTOi &<rT€ iwv Ovixiafjui' 

X€ipis iiov iviviov Kv- UpareStu; ii€ tos £ot€ Upa^ 

BvfJLiifiaros^^, plov, ( + icali ivAir* Kvptov* t^w iviiv. 

&ar€ Uparei' tpbo^s A^) Kvplov. 
€W lu^^KvpCt^f 

1 1. *Kal Xiyova-i^^ vp6s /xc* AtvC^^, €ls rpcTy ipxis Juwpc- 
^crerai** ri (nripiM <rau**, eij** arifuiov^^ *drfftff Kvpfov 

a ft S A« 

12. Kal^^ 6 12. *Kal i I2.Kolotirc- 
vpwos Kkrjpos [vnrTfia-as] frrtCcrovo'w iv 
t<rrai p/iyav vpmros Kkrjpos wpwroiff, aif 
Kal virip airhv farai fUyav rols larai icX§. 
off y€vi/i(rerai vvip airrbv oi pos jJidyas, 

13. 'O »^' i€iT€pos i<rrai *iv Up(A<Hivji''\ 


pioff'* (read 

iv irpdrois 
ivip airiv ov^ 
Ms iiTTOt ''*. 

14. **o «r» 

A****. B'Areads ^/MOfMiiwir. ••a/om. ••«. /3,A,Som. «*a, 
<fy. a«/ read Xcyou^t d^ b, B tirm (€hn 8) di. A s ml Xcjff c. **^ reads 
A<v^ Afwi. ""A* = buupqam, ••A** add Koi ?<r|y. "A* =b jcof. 

^ reads avfutw, ^A^ = d^c wapawrlat Kvplov, Afi ^ irapovotas do{. 
Kvpuw, For iinpxo§upov g reads impxofiinit. ^e om. **€<;. So also 
& save that it trs. «X^pot l<n-at, and S* save reads mi lulC^v for 
/icy«i£. I have bracketed mtrrtvaw as an intrusion. It is found also in A. 
With its omission oar text = ot. dis conflated from the above text and 
OU It is : ni2 6 vurrtwrof vp, c^ros ^oroi xX^por ptyas icai Mp aMr crcpot 
ob yrMTtrtroc qf cany further the corruption in our text : Kal hrurrwmn' 
wp* «X$p. loTot {^artu itX^p, a) itai ficyas virrp oMr (ovrftr a) 06 yriq7<r€T«u. 
S^ Koi 6 vpmrog vurrtva'as t^arm fuyas. ^ A^* s= on. ^A^ read mp 

(= ffvfMOff) corrupt for up = ^s. Thus A is brought into agreement 
with /3. ^A^. A***= Kkfjpw avnv otM Koi vtnp at ovMs Ibroc fMc{a»v. 

A*^ s ml Kkijpof avrmf Itmu ^Myas (M<it«N' A^ and om. rest) mi Mp a^rovff 
ovdrW lirroi fi«cf«r. *•*, A^. c,ftA«, S* om. S* om. entire verse. 

''^de read ccs Upturvnpf. A^ =s 2cpc^ ft^^* A^ sz Upmawti, ^0. A, A^, 
& read mi2 6. p, A^, B* read ^. " A^ = hnkktiB^amu Spo/ta avnv but 

%apm ^ ovrov IS corrupt for %np ss jauintfr. A^ = loroi <{yof«a o^oS, where 
the same corruption exists as in A^. ^ Though all MSB. agree in this 
text we should read ip tf (A =s #« rov or ^ rf ) if /SofriXcvr • • • ciyaon^vfTm 

Digitized by 


Vm. i8] AIA0HKH AETI 45 

rpfros ^^micAi^A/o-crai airy SvofUL xaiyrfy''*, Srt /ScuriXcv? t^« 
Twt^^ 'lo^ dircumfo-crcu kclL voi^<rci '''U/Hxre£ay i^or, icara £],^» ^ 
tAv TifTTov r«v iOvQv €h irivra rh iOvq'^^' 1 5. *H Vk ^JJ^ 

To/HnNrfci'^® cAtw Ay**'!'"'!*® ioruf®^ tt9 ir/M)^^s'^ v^Urrov^^ 3-a/; A, 

16. *noi; oSi^ iviOvfiriTOP^^ iv *Ia/)a^X®^ o^oi** loroi ica^ t$ fi^/^Afi 

avipfuiTC otw;''* ^Xa- 

icol rj)r r/xiireCaj' KvpCov dtovc/ictrat'' r^ airipfia (rav^\ Ktu 4^ 

17. Kal if air&v^ laavrai Upcis'* ical»* icptTol jcol*« ypofi- inr«r3f^ 

18. *'E6iwna«ii« ofci^^o crvjmica'", »n *r<wro «uowi' ^^ ™' ^^' "*. 


fragment based onYIII. 18, 19 ; IX. i, 6, 9, 10 see Appendix. 

is genume. The corrnption may have arisen accidentally or may be du6 
to a ChriBiian scribe, who wished to bring the text into line with O. T. 
proi^cy. ^ a, fi^d, Afi, 8 (save that A** read Ibitpm (= avrw) corrapt 
for Tbmp (so A^*^) = PHUf and S^ wwrrmif rmr x^Moy for mU wawra rik I0ny). 
d reads Upaniav War mU nma rh ZBrnj. A^ == Aco£ (bnt fpm^fiMJb is cos* 
rapt for ^pm^mtm^aLpfuJb ss Upttrw) th wwra tit ZOmf r&y ^am. ^* A, 
^-d,A. c, € read irc^ipyorjii. *^Ciqf,S'. 6{%r, A read ^E^<rroc =s KUn (late 
Hebrew) cormpt for 3V1K = aymriTitSr. S^ corrupt. '^ a, A. /9-<2 onu 

<£ reads larw. •■ (X, a^, A^, S*. &2^, S' read irpo^ov. A^ om. "a, 
/M,A,S^. 6, S* read vih^v. <2, Ao om. rest of verse. ^oc 0om. 

^e^P^,AP. h, €f letd vpiA¥. ••«. jS-^, A^, S* read iroi^ AriA^/iip^. 

A^ = M4 voyra cri^fuffd. |r om. S^ corrupt. f g reads 'I«pou9oXi9|i. 

**A^ om. ** Ao om. next six words, d adds loot rov oIwpiw. ^ ahg. 
(X, e/ read flWvAu. d4>ay9c&au & tmaBt. *^hdef om. FoTfpSpdtm 

Afi reads ttmptwtlat, ^Oi. fi reads dioiwfi^vfrai. '* S^ adds roM /vrt 
02 dlr<SlrroXo^ ** c{ a^«y r= DHD. ** Qt, a/. /3-a/, A, S read dpxupfts. 

d, Aa om. next four words, e adds ol before apxuptu and irpcra/. ** a, 
/J-a/, A«* a/, A**** om. •^ a, A«, 8». /5-e, A/^, ff read ««. « ^Korv. 

**af. The same text is implied in e Xv^^ctm and h Xci^^Tcrfroi. /3-af, 
A^ read ^vXax^io'tTW. 8^ rcXcrroi. A<> ^ arairnyirfrai ^Xmo}. None ef 
these readings is satisfactory. It is possible that the text originally 
referred to the blessing pronounced by Levi (ef. Beub. vL 10 ; Jub. xxxi. 
15):' The blessing of the Lord will be given in their mouths.' Sir. 1. 20. 
** A« add rov nyMw. ^^h. c om. together with next word. /3,A,S 

read «a €(vwput6€lt. »~ A^^ (internally cormpt) =s 4fUfif6fuip. A**=» 
iicti wmjiUL A^ fmpJmgty (=s iSaupMim) corrupt for ItJmguy s: (rui^M. 
^^Oi, So almost A which :s ^y nwro fi 6pitfM 61MM09 rov wptiTcv (4-6/m^- 

Digitized by 



ftS* irp«&TOu ^ifiou^^\ 19. *Kai hpv^a KoCy^ rouro^^^ ip 

fwr&rov *ffcCT& Tou iroTp^ ^F^ *Iok&P irp^ 'lorodit' '^t&k irpoirdropa 
wpiff ^ijiw"**, 2. Kai €i\iyri<r4v /mc *4 irar^p toO vca-pds fiov^ 
Q j^a Q liorh^ *''**•' 4pa|fc<£T«r 5i>^ eI5or* *ical ovk ^^Aiycre TTopcvi^^MU 

X^Muc ^^^v^^ * wanyp fuw 'Iaicflb/3^^ Spofxa^^ V€pl ifiov, &ri Itrofuu 

nor airoh ds Itpia^*. 4. Kal Avacrray^* *t^ wpo>l" *4ir€de- 

6p^M^p Kir<Aff€ vAvra^^ iCliwv ^T^ KvpUP^''. 5. Koi '■a«ra>5""'« 

ST^mit ^^""P^ «^y XcjSfAi; iw lairafitti^ai" iKtl^. 6. Kal i^i 

ft A, S 

Upia frpdff r^ ^f <$y« afi Aa j^. ttvpiav, 

roff A^). a&^ read rovro o^ioior iuunv (ht(»f a) iini, Elo also d (save 
tbat for cVr. ^<rW it reads corW itotUav. g rwro r^ mffttloif iKulmv iariw 6/^ 
^^Wffi S. So A (save that it reads icdyA for muyc) and e (save that it 
reads rovro nuye). ad read icaty« laep. ( + iuii d) rovro. Aa= mU Ii^. rovro. 
A^ mSy^ Acpv^. ^^oc (save that c reads o^f), ft 8^ read oM (ovrf e) 
frawri Mpwr^. A^ s rufi A^, Aram, s irojrrl Mptmf^ ^^ A« s cW 

Tov wvp, Aram. om. 

IX. ^ d reads /irrA dc ^fupas, ' ot, (^<)f. a&, A, S read Mfiti/itp. <W- 
PtoMy (sic). » a, <i, S (save that S om. 'lorAp), /»-d, A"*'* read vp^ 

'loo^ fitrh TOV iraTp6s (r&r imrrpa 6) 4fi«»v. A^* ^ vp^ 'lo*. r&v vmipa ^pm9* 
A^ = irp^ 'lo*. r^ wartpa rov mtrpdr ^/mav. * (X (save that A reads irarcpa 
for irpoiniTopa), S. All other authorities om. * A^ om. ' d reads «u'. 
^ (X. ft A<*, S read ir6wras rovr Xi^vf raiv Spda^mp (r^t SpdtrtAt g, A^, S*) 
fiov {dg om.) &y («^ g). A^^ntunat r^ \6yovs itov &r. 'ft A^« 

A<i = xai ovjt tfBtX, noptv&Sfmu alfT6s, (X om. *(X, heg, adf A om. through 
hmt. For ^^ficy reads i^X An^, and for <»r dc ^ reads «^s m/. ^^ cf reads 
r<Jr€ tdrieal. A = ml f ftcv. "/ trs. before h var^p^ g, A« om. ^ a, 
a/, /^-a/ A read ffV 6pa/ian. "ot. hdeg,8^HddvpitT^ BtSp. afr^Bif. 
A cywfTiof rov ntpiov^ ^^A := a»i<mi tsaL ^^c^deg, af read dird ff-. -6 

rA IT. A rg irpoocg. **A =s irpoo-^wyxf rckr dcmSrar. "A om. "«• 

ft A om. *• 5 reads «iraXv<rai. S* = «itA dvMi|uuir. * o, A. ft S* om. 
*^ Ot. jS om. *^af read rov ^iro/t&i^fiar/oai. A s ml vfr4funj(r€, ^ de read 
fi€ (rf om.) XiJyor. »* A^ om. next five (cf. text of af, A«) words through 
hmt ^ OLy bg. adef, A(t) read cdcdo^' fu(jiotd). ^ beg^ S^ add rov 

^v. a/, A^ add Kvpiov. ^ d reads ^oc, ''A ^ Upemtti&v, ^g, A 
Itrsr A*'** =s 6Xo*c. Ml ^wr, "^ a (save that h reads ^Kovcr^r). /3-^ S» 

Digitized by 


IX. 12] MA0HKH AKti 47 

*/*€*'' ihSiwv IcpftwniJnyff**, *ft;<rwif, 6Xofcavra>/uu{twi''^y *4irap- q gi 

XW Ikouommi, ir«m|p(ou^» 8. *Kal ijv KCitf* ^#c(I«ti|V fffjjpav Uowr'mv 

avperCCoiV /yic**, *ical dox^^JMi^of elf i|ii^* *l\ry4 /aoi**' *^,**'^ 

9. IlpcJa-cxc'^ <r€aw^^ Airi rov meifiaros ttjs ifopvtCas. o ^ef^ 

Tovro yap^^ fM€k€xri i<rrivt37 *uai ^xXet fitafvew*' 6ta»» S^/^fV 

rov <nr4pfmT6s <rcw*<> *ra «yia«. lO. * AajSi o&; creavTy*^ J^ ^'X^^ 

^ywauca, Iri^' W09 £1;, ^fti^ lx!Ov<rav fMfwv /ai^c jSc^St^Am* cV<^ior 

M^w?!', M^'"* *^* y^yow** aUo^Xo)!;** i^Si;. II, Kai jn^P*'®" 

irpi^* Tov €l<r€k6€Uf <r€*^ cij T^ &yia« Xoitfov ical ir t^ 0i;€iv /v ^ *« 

<re*', vfTTTov*'^* xal iirapTlCuav irdXu;^^ T171; BwrUuf^ vbrrov, S* oBut 

12, '''Afiidcica o«if hMpw^ ixivriav ^rfAXa" dviyaye" ry" «ild»^, 
___^_________^___ • • • w* 

mrov. p-ff tivhpmw a^L 

read dm^^^r iitiawrimv^ o-airijpiW, jf Jirapx^''* ^^ =^ '"''^ oirapx^ iKOwrimf 
Koi vwnipiov. Afi om. together with all hat two laat words of next verse. 
S adds ^T9 ItpQTMUf tS KoBapAnjri wpoias rf v^iar^ ^f . ^ OCy fi~dg, 9, 

Afi = mi {A^*' om.) <nfytx&£ ovrmg Ijp awrrlC^Mf Kai ^didaaiec. dg read teal Ijp 
tmff inaarrjpt trvvwidw pn jcal fir cfw ^;f oX. (ci r Ipjk daxo^* fo\ awtriCop fu g) 
iw {g om.) fvwirioir KvpUw (4- rov ^oO (2). "ot. /9-i^, A*^, S' read kcA tit 
tfu dax^^' 9" (^ om.) tpAiriow KvpUw. For text of c2^ see preceding note* 

A^ ss Kol fUH vapfiyytXkf ipAmtm «. hut a^mmat-fiptp = ^^'vWY' ^^ COrmpt 
for t^mpm^kp (A*. A^ corrupt forms of it) =: dcrxoXovMfvor fiv, " a. 

ady Afiy S read xnl (^-cr nSs wov^enffjMvtp 9) IXcyc fioi. be read mi Atyr, 
/ KOTfXtyh fM. ^ Xrywv, ** b adds fu} hefore trpdatxt. f reads vpocxn, 
"a, of, S^ ^, A^ r«ad rciow. e, Aram. Frag. x6 rtooy o-covrf. / adds 
mil. A^ reads r«9op bat trs. before vpSatxt* ^ ^ om. " OC (for Mc- 
Xcx<V). a(2ef<;r read ^vdrXcx't. 6, S^ ^vdrXtxict A = dirar^ crc. I have 
bracketed the text as corrapt. *6 trs. after crov. '^e reads dirtf, 

'*C reads luv, *^A^ = r^ i^/«op aw. Afi s= r^r napoBffiapf crov (A"' om.), 
where qmt^uAuf. ^m may be corrupt for qma.Mt^ma^ on s di^ rov mrtppardt 
oov. ^0 reads Xo/Sc crov o^, A^ = Xa/9^ crv <roi. ^g reads fir ywauta 
Srt, ^ A =: tMi fi7 j^t pAfUMf ip vol nai ( +/ii;dffi«iy A^) /Sc/S^XoMriy mil /i^ 

j ( +yvri| A*) cM y^wvr. For fii^rf . • . fArfrt of af, fufii . . . fuyde are found 
in a& and /n^c . . • fii^rf in (2^. pr om. fu^rc Ptfiffk^fUpfpf. ^ Of, e^. /S-e, A^, 
8^ add f , Aa fiiydff or M^^* **^om. ^oc,de, abfg om. **(X. /3 om, 
^ a, e give the form v^irrov, g as pomu (bis), a reads tU oML A = iyiatnif 
fr€aur6p. OL, d, A^, S^, om. next six words through hmt., and A^ om. the 
rest of the chapter. ^ e trs. after BwrUxp. ^ (X. /3-^ read d^rjta 

eM. ilcl ^x- So nearly A^ = <ic rmp d^^ica [+iml A^*"^] da 4(<W<*r. 
^ ddUWca dcyd. dirfxoi^«»i^* ^OL^ <^^fg* & reads Awyt. A^ s= Mi^iu 

^ M om. ^ a adds mi2 irdo^w ^vo-uiy dXari dXicir. ^ e reads m) cfv* 

**ou p om. '^ ((/^, A^ om. next three woitls through hmt. A om« next 

Digitized by 


48 AIA0HKH AEYI [IX. it 

P, S^ ^vplf ^^&s Kiiik ^^ 'kfipahiJL iithaSf. 1 3. Kal ^jc ^* vam-bs 

or omit ^4" ^^ *w«^iff flr/)«Toy€ifyi7/MM"& orcv^^ koI olvov^^ vp6<r» 

KOI... ^pe *4wapx^« «i5 (?iKr£ay Kvp(y^^ Wif $€^^^\ *KcU 

«lXw«r. TOO-cw BvirCav 6XaTi 4Xi€&**. 

fi, A, S^ riKva, iireiHi S<ra iyii ilKCva-a vaph tw var4p<av fiov ^ivrfy 


^^ li€yaXa^^ *vaph Kvpfov". 3. Kol ayoft^<r€Tc" *<r t$" 

fi ve words. * ft S* read as in margin. " adef, A***^, &. ab Kvpt^^ 
g r^ ^f . c a^f . A^ om. to rf ^<^. *® a, a (save that A, a om. crov), 

hf read ir. irp«»royn^fuirof . c2A;r vfwrov ytv^parot (yov. ^). A^ s: msFrwi^ 
len/vtty ical oird mprnw, but mpfmitM^ in. jmpJmlrugg appears to be cor- 
rupt for moMt^jfitng mpJimlrmg = wpvToy€P>nifuin»p» ^ a reads otMiv. 
^ (X (save that c reads dpxas). af read a>r. ^iriair r^ (/ om.) icv/m^. & dvap-' 
X<iff. c{ jcvp^^ atrapxas. eg, Afi mrapx^ r^ jcv/m^. ^ OL ft A^, S^ om. 
j3-M/ read rf «. & om. ** fi-d (save that reads dX/accf), A^. cf read« 
Koi naaap df ^. ^. SXantit. Qk. Frag. 29 (see Appendix) supports text. 

X. ' c. A reads koI o&r. ft A rw oft^. '& reads ^vkd(aa6€. 'at 

(save that h adds /uw after tmcmi). jSh2 agrees with text (save that beg 
om. ry« after 6aa^^ and /3-if om. cyw after 6aa^, and for €radj9 read ^i). 
d, A agree in omitting dpf/yy^ika viur. d, Afi read Wicmi fiov jSn (A^ om.) 
&ra ^wwra fnp6, t&¥ vargptatf fuiv circXXo^uu vfuar. A^ ^ oora yvir ciTcXXuyioi 
iffwf 6au f leovcra fra^ r&y varipwf fiov. A^ contains racM also but has tnk 
it before ^<Sfn-€. ^ ot. ^, A. om, ' ()f reads v^mt. A adds oir' cmdrnx, 
*0i ftA,S read ir<i<nyr. ^c^ reads dduuas, ^g trs. after irapoft 

* 0, ft A reads xol its dunP^utw. A^ = «a2 vapafiammp. A* om. but not A^ 
as Text represents. ^° o. A, 6 read r^ (e om.) crvyrrXc^flv. /3 (nnrvXeif. 

" e reads roO aUwog, " Bracketed as a Christian interpoktion. The 
last word is found only in e. ^'(X. /9, S^ read dmfiowns (cS^crovrrtr 
a, S^) frXoMviTf s (e^ om.) rhv *Iap. (0 om. r. 'l.). A := datfiovvnt nkapon n^ 
*t<rp. A om. next thirteen words through hmt. ^^Asscvvyci/irre. ^c. oft/^^ 
S' read a^. d avrdp, e iavrois. A := vfuir. S^ cm. ^' A := {nl>ddpa fteydXo, 
<£ adds ^px<W>^ o^^« '^ i<(fj/> A c, a read vaph ttvpU^, e om. ^ /3-dL 
c reads iiyoftcun^rc. d liyo/iijirff c. A := oiw^rrr. ^* c ft A, S^ read <rvv, 

dMV<«u^ ^ = 3 yete. "^e om. next ten words. A resumes with &(m 

after its lacuna. ^ A. afg read fticmtoiai. (0 PcunA^au d, A dumcr^ 

Digitized by 



ivcv T7J9^ vovripUis iii&v, iWh ^ta^arrdi^^ ri ltaTa-^-^»S 
•whuoyM^^ row vaov, oWc {lii icoX^ai*'^ r^v*® icryrfiAOir^v nj^ua. 
ifimv. 4. Kal** »uunrop^<r€a-^e*^ oixM^^woi" fo^* T049 j3, A, S« 

yip 04X09, hv iuf^ iKkd^erai^^ KiJpioy'*, * *IepowaX^/ut icXi|^- durji^v 

XI^* *Or€ oSv ^ikaPov ywauca, iy& etfcoo-i ical <5icr5> jcal e^t ! 

h&v ivijpxop^ * V M oiriB 3yo|&a McXx<&'. 2. Kai <rvXXa- «»Tawci- 

pmkra lr€K€v vUv^, koI iKik€(ra^ rb Svofxa avrov^ Tiypo-ci/A'', -p^'j^j^ 

Srt^ivyi tropouc(ai IjfjuevK 3. *Kal €tbov^ vkpX avrrfy^^ maio 


Pragmente based on XI. i, 5, 6, 7, 8 ; XII. 1-7; XIII. i, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 Greek 
flee Appendix. /3-e S^ i Spoita McXxa. A (A)3) B^ r^ yj ^ft&v wdpoueoi. 
After 7ficy hd$f A, S^ add Tifpfr^ yap wapauda ypoKp^rai, 

fiamdottu "/om. "A^ read *I(rpa^X. A^ add vAii^. **&. ^ am. 
'"c, d) A. h reads gyur ^ ftf o inrot. a&, S irxUrm, e axMrt. / <rx^<ni» ff 
(rxiycrlrf . ** C A reads learaircrdo-fioTO. fiy A, S^ Mvpa. Since iMdvjMi 

is neyer used as a translation of n^^fi, the veil which divided the holy 
place from the holy of holies, nor of t|DD, it is poesible that rov vaov is 
an interpolation and that the text spoke merely of the rending of the 
garments whereby their shame should be exposed. Cf. lea. xxii. 8. But 
if Karmnraa-fMi is original then rov vaov is so also. A^" add K^pav before 
rov Miov in the sense of ' ornament.' ^ ot. ^-^ read jcaXvirrriir. 6 xaro- 
mXvrrffcF. ^ (X. j9 om* " d reads Ktu oh is6vw ravra ytvrfatrtu ovrwt 

aKkk Kok vpatu '^e, dbg. h reads liitumaptiaBat and om. next six words 
defread dtatnmpi (t/ d, 17 e) vtuBau ^ d, kP om. S* (t) reads 5^vXoi4 
"A adds 9ra<riir. '^OL. fi^ Afi, S' read cVcI (b om.) th ^iharphv kuX tU kotA" 
pt» {g om. Kok ftp mr.) sol tls KorairaTfipa, Afl reads *k Kordpap Koi tlf 6ptt!k 
Koi *l8 KttTtm a nfiMa iiXXor/Mvr. 8^ th Svttd. iral civ Koratranffia, ^ d om; 

^h,f. e reads ckXc^crai. od^ cirXc^ai, & c^Xf^ffTOi. fffcXefcTYU. A 
c^Xc^oro. A<» add ^ovrf- •*« om. "(7 reads 'I^X /lyioF Icrroi. /onu 
"a, i«7. a&/ read frf/ucxfc /3i0Xor. A = yiypmrnu (A^ om.) cV /S^ow. 

XI. ' ^ om. XI.-Xn. 3 8* om. XL-XIH. here bnt adds them after 
XIX. ' OL (save that c reads xp^»^^ for fVdy). 0, A^, S^ read <fX. yvraimi^ 
4li^|;F rrSom Aitiatn ittrii {tai irmv ffpfpf ade, cucoac mil orr«^ rr&v Ifpriv f), Afi ss 
^fi7V ty^ lr«y ffaB0«ri mu ^n^ Zkafiov €y& fjun ywaUa, ' OL (save that C reads 
MffX^c). e which is dependent on OC reads i^y dc Bpofta ovr^c M«Xx<». A is 
an expauasion of a. It = mil ^¥ ro <{vo/uia r^r ywaueds fiov M«Xxa. /d-€, S' 
read 9 <S»o^ McXxa. ^ tt, ^, A^*, Gk. Frag. 63. a reads wapoucrjkdt^ 

befj A****, 8* om. Ver. 2 is very corrupt in A«. It = «i« ^€ ^ptv h 
T0tripy iu vdpoucDi ^fitp €¥ rj yj tp f hf^^* Twip yap vapoucia furaypd^trai, 
^h, dy S\ Qk. Frag. 63, c, abrf, A^ read cicaXcvf* * adds vapoiHg^ 

OB. PA. jg 

Digitized by 


50 A1A0HKH AETl [XX. 3 

fi (A/9), «ri <Ak ^<mv" iv rfj" vfxiTji ri^L 4. Kal" 6 KahO^^ 

fiiirot h i¥ d^Xots tcrraTO jM<rii»r Tijt irvraYwyvis'^, 6* * Auk rovro 

^^^^ iicdXeo-a ri Svofxa avrw Kai$^\ [i iariv ipx^ ^eyoAffov icai 
fn(<ri7t 0T;/btj3ij3a<rfArfs] **. 7. Kai *TpiTOK uUr** Ireirfy /dioi riir 

T5f ovFo- Me/wpn** t$*« T€<nrapaKo<rT^^ trti^ *r^s f»§ff fuw*«, koI 

^, A rplroPt 

^ A« ss rffcrcfk * ot (Bare that h reads ^fiAv ()) for ii»tw). 0, A» S rea^ 

iff rj yS ^pMtf {avrov /• cv § ^/mt A. « om.) frdpoueoi ^/m£¥ (irapoucor ffUTy 0)* 
bde^ A, S^ add ri^pcr^ {Twifi A^) yhp wapouda yp&^mi (fittiay/xi^cnu A) 
agamst ot, 00/. *cx, M 5ef read <2Sor dc. afldmp. d Zftov >(S/i. A^ om. 
together with rest of verse. ^^ /3 reads a^ruv. ^' 6 reads Icmu, 

" a, ci, Aft /3-<i om. " d gives vcr. 4 as follows : jcal j y rf Xc ^m frdkw 
irvXXafiowra ZrtM fiot v2&y dtmpw iear& oMiroXikff i|Xaou« ^^ a reads Kotf here 
and elsewhere. A^ adds vUs /mw. ^ol. /3 om. ^*Aa om. Aram. 
Frag, ss T€T6prf, Gr. Frag. 68 reads tpuan-f cormpt (1) for rtrafrf, 
"A** om. " a. /3, A, S* om. "A« om. •• a (save that e om. tV 
before 6pdpaTi)» /9 reads cZSoy dc ^y Spafxari^ 9ti lumg (j»4<n» Q/df^ /uvAv 0) cv 
i^. ( + dpvo-l S^) UFT, vtunit r^r inmrywy^f . A := ml cZSoi' <y ^pcSfuirc ^rc rr 
fifV^ iroXX<»v (here prntgUmg (= iroXXtty) is a oorrupt dittography oi pmpip 
=s v^Xdf) urraro v^X&c vircp naxraw t^p aiwaywy^ (^v pct^Y *^ v^ovr ccrmro 
virtp iraffay r. trvpoywyfip Afi). It thus appears that A supports /3. With 
oar text we should compare the Gr. Frag. 'E^/xb«i on cir' a&Tf limu ^ 
9VMiy«»y4 iroyr^f rov Xoov. There may be a paronomasia in nnp and S*ip s= 
avpoytpyfi, '^ A^ read KacE^ only. For cKoXcira a reads cniXcov and for 

KaaB S^ reads Koio^ and (I Ka^. ** I have bracketed this clause as a 

gloss. Though it is found in both oc, /3 and A, it cannot be given as an 
explanation oi the name. It may, however, be a corrupt survival of the 
text which may be more* truly handed down in the Gr. Frag. «u Sn avrhs 
Harat ^ dpx^upoavpfi ^ firyaXiy* aMt Koi to mrtpfMa a^rov fvopnu dpxij /3a<riAc«»y 
UpdT9v/ta rf 'IcrpaiJX. The MSS. evidence is as follows : oc, S^ support text 
(save that h, S^ read avpLfitfiaa-fnov), Similarly /3 (save that d om. dpx4 M«y* 
and e reads ipiuivtla for apx4)* A =: o fWcy ^ apx4 pcyaXc^ (xpUrttit Afi 
by an easy internal corruption) mil x/nVcMr (but tgMtmaqmaJ^irmit may be 

corrupt for qjutuia^mpm^nL.p^lrmlt = wyfitfiaupov). " C. A reads r&v Vior 
r^ rpiVoy. /3-M, A read rpcrov. 6, S^ rpccf. For the first seven words 
d reads «cal vpoa6^<ra (sic) crcjcf fUM v2<Sy. ** Of. a« read Mrpapifp^. bf Mcpap^ 
a om. next fifteen woi-ds through hmt. ^OC,d. bef om. ^ d read 11 • 
•'A* om. "• 0, (7. A, 6«f, A« read fw^r pow. A^ om. ■• e reads nrei. 
^c,e,j^. So also Aram, and Gr. Frag. 69. A, 6(i/, A*"^, S^ read cjcdXcirr. 

Digitized by 


Xn.4] AIA0HKH AETI $1 

iv€iiri^^ lbvar6Kria'€V § M^^P atrrov Udkun^ airhv^^ Ab^l 
M€pap€t»« « i<n-t»« *irMcpMur,i^ »*. 8. 'H ^> •la)xaj3»^* ^L. 

yap ^» rrfrc & /i/croi T»y ideX^i^ fuw*''. irwepoi 

/iOV OT4 

XII. Kol ikaP^v 6^ rcpo-a/i* yvi^aiica^ Kot Irciccy* Koiyt 
*l« oWif* rbv Aofu^^ Kol S€M€§^ 2. *Ol ^i» vloi jJ^J^ 

Koa^* 'A^patfi", 'Icrox^ip". X^Ppi^v^^ ical^» 'Ofiy^X". <r^. 
3^ ^Kal ot^« viol M€/)ap€i MooXl»« jcal M»w4s"\ 4- Kal A S» 

rcra/»r^ ?m M'xB^ cv A{y» jS, A avrf • 

** e reads aurwr, A% Aram, and Or. Frag. 69 = rd Awfia a^v» ^ a. 

h reads Utpapi. d Mtpapff, ef Mtpap^¥ {'ivf)* "A s ipfUfPtvfTOi. ^ C. 
/3-«, A read wucpla /»ov. h Kpa^iJiot, e irucpair/iov. P adds on ca/yr («al d) 
oMt inrcAn^Mcv (oirctfaMy 6). ^a,£^. P-hg read 'ImxafitB (lax. af) Aa 
s= rm^/Sdd. A^* fiaxaPiB^ A"^ *Ioxa^<U ~ Ot (save that c leads iytp. 

viffirpf). A^ ss cyfm|A| (or Mx^rf) ftoi i^r^Konu rerdprf ^r*^^ (m^ /UHf, w f i^ir 
cV A2y. /8-<{, S^ read i(ifiwrr^ {4(rfKinfTa f^ ( e) rerAprf irti (rftiwi^pMr Mvf) 
Mx^ti ip Aiy, Afisz^ ^¥ i^f^i^ T€<rtrapmp irm» Mx^ H^ (A^* Om*) ^w 
Jdy. d stands alone and gives yer. 8 thus : ttai ip r^ € rwrdfrnf hti rrif 
{(w^f fuv h Aly. ovKkafiovva h'm /mm BvyoTipa lifr *J»x'''fi^* This slightly 
agrees with Aram. Frag. 71. ^h. So c (save that it reads ci r«rc cV 
§ua^), reads iffupr r^e (e om.) €fifUirf {iw fUir^ def) r. ad, fiov, A^ = «al 
Ti^f $v crd. ^y fMiry adrX^MP vokk&p. Afi := koI ^ t^^ M. iw fh rmp ad, /lOV. 
XXL 1 6 om. 'A^ s: Tc^crd^. Aa add ^ovrf . * A!'*'' add iwtkaptp. 
A** «a irvrcXii/Scy. ^S^s^ycir^. '(x,B\ 0, A read o^. A^add 
v2tfy. *c,/. A reads Ao^avj and om. next nine words, a reads Aofu^y. 

h Aeiun. d Aofur^. € Attfur^y. A^, ck^ Aovfu. A*^* Aovyyiil A* Ao/i/l Esod. 

vL 17 ^337 and BO Aram. Frag. ^c. & reads r^y 2ffic(. adfltfjuti erhv 
^•P€ip. A'=Sffit A*^2vfif. A****2f/M|/. A"«Sc/iw(. Exod.vLi7^?J?¥^. 
*c 0f> Ao read mioL ab koi. For the first four words of ver. 2 d reads 
IXo/Sc nu KM yvMuioa mil Trcjccy o^^. ' e adds c2(r/i'« '*e, (I. ( reads 

'Afifipdfi, Gf. LXX. Exod. vi. .18. aef 'AfipAfji. A = *AfipAfi. So Exod. 
Ti. 18 01^, and also Aram. Frag, d adds ml. " e, adqf^ A^. h reads 
*liraAp, A^ ^ *Ifraxcv>a. A^* laaxap xai laaxopa* d adds m/. Exod. tU. 
x8 and Aram. Frag. 75 "^nr . " b reads Xc0/h». » ot, d, A. Other 

HSS. om. ^^c h reads *0{«^. adf, A^ *OfiiiX. ft 'o{^^. s O^fi?^ 
A* = 'OvfcX. A^ 'OvCiijX. '* e, 6/ h, ah om. For the first four words 
d reads 6fUHm§ hi km 6 MtBapij KXafitp alrf ywaUa ml Irtmr. A om. ver. 3. 
^b,&. e reads Mo^i. A Mc^x'* afMoBk^. cfr^vMoaX^. aMi^X^. Exod. 
vL 19 and Aram. Frag. 75 ^|>np. ^^oc. d reads Mmnt^ ital *Aapm¥. Cf. 
Exod. vL 19 ^¥^. a/ read 'O/Mmni. b, & 'Oiiowri where the O may 
^represent the yay in the Hebrew. On the other hand^ the LXX has 

8 a 

Digitized by 



OL om. yuvoiwea in h fu^ ilfjjp<^^^ iyewi/jOtia-eof^'^ air^ k<u ^ OvydTrip 
from fun)^ 5. 'OicrA?« ir&v ijiiriv »re do^X^oy** €ls yrfv^ 

^^^f" Xovciai."- fcal *b4Ka ical iJ/crA^^ irw^* ffrc" iir4miva 
chapter. *Tbv Svx^/m®*- fcol *5^ica icol ivvia^^ irw^'' Icpdrcwro" 
^»A ««! *e&co<ri ical <$«•«*• frfiy*^ IXajSoi;" ywcuica* ical r€<r<ro- 
niicupi^ /xlicojfra** («al iicrob)*' ir»v** clcr^X^oi^ efc Alyuwrpy 

jicarooT^ *3>^y koI deic(iry fiov Irci^*^ iiriOaiffv* 

XIII. Kal *vvv, riicya fiov^ Jvr^XXofiai iz/iU'^ 

^)3€icrd€* *Ktf/)toif rii; ©civ vftwi^* ^ii Skns rfj? KopbCat 

-Opowrtl also. reads fiovtniy. ** 0, d Other MSB. om. A om. to cr»« 
indasive. ^* 5^ om. '^ e. 80 also h, h (save that h om. m«v and & trs. 
it after ^1). e reads q^ ^i M^nMh}. of hf^wtiit. ?rc« /uw <ruy rf rtn^pry 
(itql T€taprff). d i»9iniK, frtc r^r f<»9« fiov. S^ o(nmpt. ^e^ bf. Other 
MSB. om. ** a, de. a/ read *Afipdfi. b *Afi/9^ A = 'Afipofi. c^ adds 
6vttfK<S^. **a. reads 'Hoxo)3<X. &'l«>xai8«X. if, Aa**^** 'l«»x^^* « 

•l*X«/3». afloxa^ A"* = 'Oxo/Sftf. »*c,A Other MSB. om. *o,a4/^ 
Att,**. & reads a^. ^a^y. i.A'^^'^om. ••A^sslw. •'aom. 
rest of ehap. " e reads ff. Aram. Frag. 78 AcrMMudrjeo. '^ ^ reada 
fk&t¥. ^ ag om. '^ A^ = Xwfoanrm^, d om. next nine words. " a/^. 
i, A read oKrmmOkKa, « in, "/ om. •* A« s ^/ttyy ^f. A*** om. 

g om. next nine words. "A = rovs luofdras. ^af, de read e^. 

b, A ivwwKaUkKa. ^ bds, af read Inj. A*^ add ^/'Ti' ^* "a/ A<> 

add rf Kvpi^. **/ A. a read k «ii 17'. c20 kh. bg tUoomoKrm, S^ cZmNrc 
^A*,** add iliui9 «r*. «A« add 1^ ^deresdp. «Added in 
accordance with Aram. Frag. 79. ** A«, "^ add ffufp fe. ** aef (sare 
that a/ om. iari and reads liirnu). Bo also A^ (save that A^*^ add viuh 
after c<rrf). 6, B^ read ical Idov, r/ icmi /mv ^rrv, r«JCMi futv, rplnf yfwo. <£ xnl 
iidov ioTt aprU^s rpirri ycrccS, v/iccr rcicpa fuw. A<> = itdi ww 2dov €<rrc tcjcmi fiov 
trpcirt. ^ reads mu Ido^ tkmi riiam rptU ytptai, *^d reads *lM<r^ yifi 

4 adffX^f fjLov. Afi := icai 'iwr. g, A^ om. this Ycrse. ^^ od/ S^ (save 

that a and S^ om.). b reads 3icr«»iccudcmSrY ^<. c^ i' Mt¥. Afi itak dcniry 
Ircc ovrov ^, thus agreeing with d, 

XIII. ' ^ om. B^ om. next two words. 'oc,/, B^. a reads ^o^ffi^tfoa. 
(0^, A iM 4>ofi€ttrOt {4>oPfi<rBai e), d tva ^o^^cr^. ' OL, ad/g^ A, S' (save 

that c, o^pr read ^funi). e reads r^ ^cAv vfi&if, b r^ k^ & row jcv/mov ipm^. 
^€, af read ^( ^17^ 1^9 Kapdtw, beg i$ Shfg mpb, d ii SKifs xapb, i|/M»y. 
h, A om. * ag add jcapdoif (-|- vpov ^). d Kvplov. e V^x?^* -^^ ^ '^^ 

Digitized by 


xm,6J AIAeHKH AETI 33 

ftol vope/kfrOi bf iLvkdrtfrt^ ^Korh vAirra rbv v6yoov 
2. *AiM^T€ ^ Kal iiA€i$'' rh riicva v/jAv ypafifxara^ (X om. 

IiHX tx!^a-i^ <Fiiv€(riv h *vour[i if fcog aiT&v^\ * ^®'' *• 

iva'YiPii<rK0VT€S^^ 2ScaX€^7rra>9^^ rdv v6yuov rw ©eoO^^ 

KOL hrtOvfii/i<r<nHn iroXkol t&p iofSpAirmf dovAevo-ai air^ ^^ 
ical dKOVcrai v6yx>v^^. Ik tov^ <TT6yjiros avrov*'. 

5. IIotTycrarc JcHv^^ biKCuoirinniv^, riicva /xovy iiri t^j yrjSf 

ha t««^P»|Ti** & TOtff abpovoh. « vyiii- 

6. Kol cnrc^are^^ fc *rat9 ^fvx^*** iftfiv*' iyoBh V!^ 

*'Eai; 5i oTrtCpffrt vovriph^ 

*ira(rav rapaj^v koi ^Xi^iv 0€pC(rer€^\ 

rfgrty Afi mikinfru 'A^ = nark irdirat rhf cyroX^ avroO. A^ r«y yd^r 

ovroC. <{ om. rvdr, and 6 reads avr«y for avrov. ^ e reads Miffarc mi vyM<r. 
A<i = «i) did^jarf . • * g trs. before to rcVuo. */ reads tx'nwvf, & 

IXTTv ^^^ i^&d ^<^ f* oMiv. ^^obfg, A^, 8*, c{ reads jmu ira yiy^ 
9XoiTfff Kol hnyunnntmn-tu e Ua yt9wneawrtw» A^^^ tufayawmcttv.. ^*d 

reads cidioXctirrwff itaiw and trs. after ^ov. " A =s «vp/ov. '^ e reads 
&or«. A** om. A^ om. next five words. " g reads 6 cWAt. *• a, d, 
A^. a5/|/ read y. Btov. e r&r ptffuii' roO $€cv, e adds m/. ^^ e reads ^<n-cV. 
'• /3. e reads ij^ tMpxprm. h tr Mpxtrau *' ^ (?), ag. «, df read jw/cw 
Tm. b KTrjfniTai. e yr (tfTtip, S^ adds Ar ^ofui^. A^ om. Yor. 4 and 
compresses vers. 5, 6 as follows : 

Imtpan IkKatoavwffp (or AfijfUKrvi^y) iw\ r^r 779 

lyd Btploifn arapa^iav. 

^g reads oirrfy. A**** =s ^/niy. A** om. " c, 3-Hi. A r^ads i^/iow. c2 
X4f)«r. »a«*om. ••A*»**»=i^»i'. "a. /3,A,S^om. »ctrs. 
after t/kmi mov. ^ 0, A^, S. d adds ovri^y and for preceding un reads 

Arait. e reads yyioir/iov* crrac (i.e. ^). Jk ^Xtatr/MPtn. All readii^^ porrapt* 
tvpigr€ = IKlRDn and vyuurpmnt, ^n = IKDnn, both of which are corrupt for 
IIXMH = On^ravpUfffn. C£ Matt, vi 19, 20. ^ Of, a/, (cf^ read aircipcTc. 
*/ reads ?;$ ^^vx7* ""^ reads 4/ut»y. "^(X (though c reads cv/n9<r€inu 

and k tvpfynfn), /3, A read mi wpfjfrn, S^ mt Btpiarrw mA cv/MTontrf . *^ ^, 

8^ om. ^OL om. S^ reads aUpi^ for vfiAv. "^ ot (save that reads 
inrci/Mrf). abrf, S^ read «&v yap vntiptfn {mtlptn rf) Kom, dg ih» yhp 
imipijT9, **(X, P-dg (save that e reads Bfpt^trai (sic), A, (f BtpUnjfn^ 

fitpl^mu), Afi. dg read rapoxiiy, ,9wra¥ (d om.) ^c^ StpUn/rt {fitpifirtTt gy 
^ oiy A^. e, df read KrUrooBt. h, Knyoiur^ ^, A^ ki^cct^. ^A^ s 

Digitized by 


54 A1A0HKH AETI txni.7 

ft 4^18 7. :^[ca, icT^<raae€^ *& ^/S^" efoC" 
^^ Sri** ihv ^yivr\raiL ci^pjOLkmrlaf 

(nrovdJTr. koL 6\o$p€V$wn ir6\€is koI x&pcu^^ 

a iMi. 4c ^^j ^(jpwrds icat ipyvpos kcH iraca^ tcrfja-is^^ AiroXctrai** 

♦row <ro<^ T^r o-o^fai;** tottcij** ^arat*^ i<f>€k4<rO<u^^ 

*^°^ Tifre** ycwjcrcroi*' air^ <ro<l>Ca^ koX *vaph roU iroXcfubi; 


Kal ii; yAarif^^ ixPpQv rf/w)ftf<rcrot*' ^(Xo?« 
^'.^ 9. *na5 hs &v bibi(rK€i itaXA ica^ irpirrfi^^ 

ml ^/3oy. ^ OL, ft S^ A^ = Kvpiov tff oO. A^, S* Kuplov. fi, A^, S add 

lurk inrovd^f. ""(X read two* ^(X. ft S^ read yiyiyrac alx» Koi vSktis 

4$oko$ptv&wn (6\oBptv&&in bf) icai xS^P^ (S^ om« k. X»pQi^. Afl = art orv 
y€ wS f9o w r m h rapajd X^P^"* *°^ ^o^pcvtfcMm. A^ s fo ccbr yoiiiTOi x^P*^ '"■^ 
vAffiff 3Xo^p€vtf8Mri. (2 adds uH fyovptu. ^ A^ om. ^ a(^. OC, ((f 

read xrunr* *' h^. e reads oiraXXcvrai. A oiroXvroi* <2 air<SXXvnu, of 

air^XiTnu. *' (X, /3-c{/ df read rov dc <ro0ov r^r (t. A^ = riyv dc <ro^/av 

T&r iro^w* Afi r^p i€ ao^Uttf. **e reads ofi. ^A« = ^i^froi. 

*• A* add At* o^tw. A^ At* aitw, *^ For rvt^X . , . &iiapriaf S* reads 

(neorta ^fioprias rvfj^Kmris ptfparot atr6 r$r c^ytyrlaf. ^A^ om. next three 

words. ^ Em, from v6ppntns of (X, e. adf read v6pm9ts. h viipwrn* 

g mtpftrw. Afi = nXi^pwcrv, a comiption of oar text. ^^ reads xap^u 
^ (X (save that c reads ^Xdfri, and h iavT6p, and trpafymp for ffipy«v)* <2 
reads ^^. dc ^vXd^ raOm. /»-<2^ A, S om. But the r^n (ex, aef) which 
begins the next line points to some such clause as the above. "' (X, aef, 
B\ hg, A read Sru d om. " e adds ci^. ** oc, c? (but d prefixes ^), A. 
P-d read nvni. A^ add ovrtn) «$ ir<SXtf IvxvptL 8^ reads iriSXcfiof and for 
next five words xaX mrdr roO iroXc /itov. "^ A, ft c reads n-c/il roifs vokt/iiovs 
Xafjarp6g, A s= wapii rf ifok4fif {rch noKipmt A^) Xa/urptSn^f. ^ ^ adds 

rijs. Aa om. this line and the next. ^A^s aXXorp^tti^. ^ a, ef. 

Other MSB. read iiiiUtrf. *' c reads ywfttrtrau For c vp. ^iXos S^ reads 
atfofrrpi^rnu^ ^(X (save that h reads didcurjcg). a« read tg iap bMcKn 

ravra mil fFparrjn {vpatrau a). ^^ f <b^ ( + y^ ^) didocrjcjy (fiMtncti d) ravra 
teal vpinjf (ir/Nnrci d), f t iiar UMaKti ravra jcol npdavtu A := crr« iitp ^ 
^dcScTKrcr sol rovro vpdrrjj£* S^ /ay dc rip ykixtirat rrjt dtdaaxoXuv ml awfiias, 
«A=:l<ri;. •« (X, /3-a6, A, S*, 06, 8* read /3a<riX«W. ««. 3 read &r. 
^ ^ reads frarpddcX^off. 8* prefixes Ayp^g. ^(X^d. abf, A, 8^ read i7fu»r. 

Digitized by 


XIV. 3] 



XIV, Kal vvp, riKva 
yMv^^t iyviav imbP^ ypa<firjs^^ 

iirtfiJiXXovrfs iv vitrp kukC^^^ 
Kal alirxvv&ri(rovTai *i<f>* ifuv^^ 
ol ib€X(l>ol iiJMv, Kcu min 
T019 l&v€<n y€in}<r€<rtfc^^ x^*^* 
2« Kal yhp 6 vou^p if jimp 'I(rpa^X KaJ0ap69 itrriv^^ dird r^$^^ Aa om, 

-JL..-.^ J-^ ^\ 2 n - ' 122 3» 4 (w> 

XIV. 'Eye!)! aJif, r^Kpa 
jw)v*, (ypfop^ Sri ivl rh riXrj 
T&p aUip<AP io-cjS^o-cTC* *iirl 
Kvp(op, x^V^^ J7i)3<iAXoifr€9^ 

fo* iro<rt Toiff iSp^cuf ycwy- 

avrw jvl rdv (rwnjpa tov Koirfxov] 

3. *X25*» yi^ toTtv 
6 t^Xioff** Ka0<Mp6s 
ip^viop KvpUw'^M 
rrip yrjp^, oCrrw ical 

3. *Ka^af)d; 4 oi- 
/xxvds ^iirif) Ti>r y§i^ *• 
ica2 iz/Mi} ol <^<rr9- 
p€S TOV *l<rpai/jX*'' , 

3« TiKpa fjLoVf Ko- 
^apol ylp€(r$€ KaOil>s 
ol oipapol iirkp riip 

yfjP* KOX VfJL€lS o\ ol 


XIY. < Aa = KoL 'Aa add dptryytlOim Ifih S. 'A^ add &t6 ypaxf^if 
(r£y cpyoM' A'') *Ein»x* *h. C reads a<rc/3i;<rou<riy. *(X (save that a 

reads m/SaXovcri). A^ =: icol x'^ip^ ^M^i' rin/3aXctr« M ff. Vfi«y. 'A<> add 

vatrji (rigfatly). ''OL, Bracketed as a Christian addition. A, /3, S* om» 
Observe addition made here by fi, A^. ' c. A onu * c reads ycyif* 

€rc<rAu (oormpt for yttf^vwBn as in of, A). % ycyijircrai. ^^0, A^. /3-0, 

8^ om. " € adds i^f . " S* reads ytitaff. *• oM, 8*. e reads tA 
TfXos* f cwTMkti^ g riXos. iifi =: hi\ ra r A7 r«y ai^y»y. ^^/. a6<i^ 

read turtfij^mjn, € tiafP^a-trm, S^ aurMfiitrovat. A^ add ica^«bs 9rouj<roi/o'iv 
irairra nk Stfm^. "0 (save that c26 read cVi/3aX^vrrr), 8^. A^ s luu x*ipa9 

vfiAp Ari/SaXrirt M xuptop. Unless we can render X'H^^ ^^- *^ vaa^ koku^ 
as 'stretching out the hands to all wickedness,' we must reject either 
the whole claase or x*H^^ ^*/^* ^^ ^ events* ^* 6^. d om. af read i^ 
vfuts and e c^' v^«v, ^ of, A. ft^ read ycyijirrrai. c2 ycv^ovrf . 6 yttnia-tirOai^ 
''(X,adefg. b, 8^ read Harau Ai8 = ?r. »• a, oM, A*^', 8^ efg.A''* 

read vo<nyr. ** C adds vfM»y jco/, "^3 ^ nn/SeiXXoMn, ^ e adds x*'* 
The claase is bracketed as a Christian interpolation. **&. c reads od, 
"* = rot? which, since ft A^ read oipap6s, is corrupt for ona^. " =s 
pKl corrupt for f TKD or pKTO = ^cp or irapa i^ir y^F. Hence read wcp 
or irapci, as in ft A^. '^ /^-iZ (save that for o^poM^f, which/ om., a reads 
17X40$). (£ om. 8^ om* ver. 3 and ver. 4 to wrtfiti^. ^ aefg, b reads 
obpamv. For KaX vikitit * . • ^Ifrpafjk d reads xal yhp ovn^ ^ f^wrnjph dmv^ 
•• A^ give the imperative here* •• c reads (ncoTMr^wrc, ^ Em. fron^ 

Digitized by 





frnjp€9 Tov *l<rpw/fX, 
vaph irivTara lOvri. 
4. KcU ihv v/M?9 

i<r€fi€Cq, t( XoiTTOV 

hf n;<f»X<iS<rct hiA» 

fere icariipair jirl 

rov vdfiovrd ho$hf fU 
ifMOTuriidv *urarr6y 
iafOp^€v^» '^Toih 

cXcu/f ipavrCaf iv- 
ToXhs Mi(rKovT€S^^ 

^<rr9p^9 f ore tov 
'IcrpaiyX. «>; 6 ^Aio^ 

<ra€. 4. Tf*"^ iroti{- 
(roiKTur iriii^a rh 

a'Kona'&/fa'€ir6€ ip 
lur^paU^; kcU iXei* 
irovTOL Koripai ivl 
rd yivoi ijjJip, koX 
rb <l>&i rd bo$ip biH 
TOV p6fiov ifUP €l9 
^<Ari<rykbp * Koi 
vovtX ivBp^jcif^ ^^, 
rouro ^€Xi{<r(rc dv€- 
Xcu^ ical [hfovrtop 
to6tw)]^ hAi^er^^^ 
rh^ ivroXcts** xo- 
rct TW hixaiiimro^ 
fuunp. 0€ov^ 

5. Ths 'npoa'if>op<ii^^ KvpCov Xp<rT€i;<r€Tc**, icol *4iri r«i^ 

Aa om. 

ver. 5 


▼er.6to ^ «^ «• / 

ptfirfXp^ TOIS TOV 0€OVOUCaU&^ 
YtT€ ace " 


tttff 6 l|fXt09 KoX 71 

(reX^PTi. 4. *T4 
Trotrja-ova-tp vivra 
ra (dpff, ibv iiM€is 
a'KorurOifT€ ip lurt- 
fi^U^; KoL iifi(er€ 
Kordpoof^'' ivl^ rd 
yipos ^fwij;**, +OTr>p 

p6iimv^^ rb boOip^^ 

ifUP^^ €ls iJHOTKrftip 
TTOvrbs hfOpiivOVt 
ip€X€lPfipaarr(as ip- 
ToXhs bMuTKopres 

*TOr> TOV 6€0V 8i- 

iroi^<r»(rcy of 6. A reads iroci^crfif. "^A adds Mp oft^. ""e. A, S^ read 
ifU»p, " &. This unintelligible phrase is no doubt corrupt for Mp &r 
as in ^ = nrM ^. Cf. Ps. civ. 14 (LXX) for Mp with genitive in this 
sense as a rendering of ^y. A^ give mu. S^ yap. ** J om. ''c reads 
BtXtrtu. A ^«X«Tf. ■•c. A reads Md$wrts. "fi^ (save that oef 

^ead (r«ori<rtfi}O'c0^ and </ vfitp trKorurBfjirtrai^ e c]ra{i;rac, / iirara$m, S^ fir<i-* 
joiMTcy). (2 reads (almost as in OC) xai iap ipAt awrurBrfrw, ri wovljtrova't nipra 
rA tStnf ; ip yip rg dirtfiii^ {f/A&p ind^trt. " g om. * d, S* read v^y. 

^^ af read vir jp 06. *^ b, 8* read ff<$(rfuiv« d jctf<r/Mw icai rov yiSfiov. For 
Uip lpr6<l>&9... boBip 8^ reads ol ^(yto< m$/coc /MVo". ^'a5e>/ add 4p 

against OL, d^g, kP^ S^ ^ 6 adds ^y. d adds mii iroirl cM/k^ and om. 
nawT^ Mpimov in next line. So also A^. ^ fiead rovro with a. ^ dg 
(though the former gives the form ^Xif<rftrc and the latter ^Xijacroi). 
«^/, S^ read ^cXovrcr. ^ reads rijr toO ^. duoniotrvi^. S^ om. rest 

of chap. ** A*' i. e. ^%^ A**** prefix Li%, text then = «ii ^^ « (1) 

or mil ovdn*. ^ Bracketed as an interpolation. *' So also d. See 

note 43. ^ Bracketed as a dittography of the last four words of the 

verse. A^ om.'ver. 4 save the following words, in ipMis ipawnop rf Kvpi^ 
btMamt ritf iwroXhs Ifi&p. "A*'. A***** = diWcricrar. "A* om. next 

mz words. **A^ read a^mmni^prnVb (=s r^ htM^) corrupt for 

Digitized by 



(uptbDUP^ airce^ icX/^cri*'' IkXcktiC, i<rOCovT€9^^ *ip Kara- H^S 
^/)oifi{a"«** fiera^ vopv&v. 6. Kol*^ ip vX€OP€^Cq ras j^p^rov 

hrrokas^^ KupCov^^ htha(er€^, *Th9 fikp^^ iiripbpovs PcPuX^S- Bwndaai 
wr€«« Koi itoppai^^'^ ical ftoixoAfcru;*® avi>a^^i{<rea"^€**, *0vy(u x^^ 
ttpas »''<> iOpw Xi{^€<r^e" As ywwLf»ii^\ kcX yeriyVcroi^* rh inr 
*ti luiis iix&p''^ m''^ *2aofM Kci r^Jjwppa". 7. Kal'« ^«^«- 

^(TUtt^crecr^c''* iwl rp Up<a<rvpri ifu&p^^ *icoTi t»j/ ipOpAtttap x^SwrT 

t7F€Up6lJL€POl^^, OV pMPOP h\ TCVTO^^ dAXct KOI ICOrct T^V iPTOX&P Ka\ nap- 

ToO 0€ae®«. 8. *ICaTa+poin4<rfTf yAp tA ftyta xXcudloms ital f^^^ 

^IprifjLOi itrrai'' *ip rfj iKCLBapaCq iix&v^, k<u ifieh o^xfui- mrc, 

A (A) yweuKas *KaBapt{oirrt9 avriig KaBapurfJtif trapap6ftif ^. /9 Fofioppa 
ip airtfitt/f, a, Afi om. icar^ . . . inatodfupoi. /3 *0v(r4Ov/icvoi Korcf 
^povifirtm^ tA ^yia** «V KartKf^poi^f.i''^ ytXotdCopns^, 

ajmmmpm^ = r^ff frpo<f<f>opSu. ^a. C reads Xj/orciMrfirr. 5c(/^ XjfOTtv' 

&rfrt. e \tj(rrtwn/Taju h cormpt. "A^ read iipjuJ-mlfb (= iT^i' ^akiiv) 

dormpt for tipatJ-fUii =: ^9 fupi^. ^ a reads ovt&p. A^ = icvpfov. 

"^a. (X,d read rXcyrcirr. 6/^ icKiy^fjTw, e xXc^nTrai. 5(20^, A^ add ml irp6. 
rov Owrtturai Kvpi^ {&€^ A^) XiJ^cr^c (cl Xi/^rrrc) ra. ^ A^ = xai Idra^t, 

**A,i3,A^y bat /3 trs. before ioBioyrtt and A^ after vopv&p. e reads ^le 
KOToft^poavpii before fifrd. ••« adds tw. ' '^ft om. •*^, 6 add rov, 
" e om. ** a. h,-bdf read dida jipv. c dcdo^cre. e didofi^nu. g htabi^tfrm. 
^(X. /3-^ A^ read rdr. « col rd^. ^Oi. fi reads p€Pfik&aTiT€. /3 adds ical 
vap^pws *lapa^\ {hg 'Iepov(raXi;fi, (2 om.) fitopwr^ {ef fudpf/rt) against OL, A^, 
^ af read froi^patf . •• e reads ^v^oXX/dotf . •• A<* = tfarm avpoy^ty^ 

Ift&p, Afi tIaopTm avpoymyai vfivp through internal cormption. ^ (X. «, 

A read xal Bvyanpat, fi-^ Bvympns, ^ d reads Xi$yrcrc. A adds vylp, 

^> Aa = yi^funr. ^ (save that (f reads Ka$apiCt<r$€ iavras xi tr. and e read^ 
«. a. KoBapuriiibp mpapofiop), A<> ^ ^» yf ^xciy KoBapiCttP tdrrhs KaBapur/i^ 
vapopofUas ifp&p, Afi ip pf ^X^tP KaBapi^tp ovr^r napopofii^ vfi&p, ''* (Xy 0- 

af, qf read y^yfrcu. A = ytr^mPTM, '''A = a2 fiiffir vfi&p ip datfi^iq. 

^beg om. "(X, /?. A =: 2odo/urMir koI Topoppai»p. fi adds /v datpf!^ 

"A^om. ''• A** = ^vcriowr^c. ~a,i,A. j&-d om. •'a,i9(save 
that a^ om. t»f), A«. A^ om. *• a. d, A read ravra im^arrt, /3-<l 

om. •• A« adds ipapriot llataB€. •* «. For yffXoid(. c reads ytXidCovrrr. 
Aa om. ^aef. bdg read <l>vfruwfUPoi Karawai(rr€, A^ = dmf/S^acTf (i. e. 

mJpmppmiratflip Corrupt for mJpmpunmt.miiiru0lip ^ ^virttf^trccrat) m2 
^larcipd^f . •• a reads tAp 6yt^p. g t6 Sytop. " A^ = KorafppopovPTtt 

KaL " d reads ycXid^orrcff as in c. 

XV. * A, 8* read ml did. •«, acf/. 6^ read tuOto. *e reads o^of. 
A« add vfM¥.' * a, (i<y. 06/ read bp dp, » a, e/y. db read licXcfp-(u. 

Digitized by 



An om. ^^^^^ (a'€<r0€ €ls irivra ret (&vri* 2. Kal ^i<r€<rOf fihtkvyiM,^ 
▼en. 2, 3. oAtoI^^^, kcX Xi7^€<r^€^^ iv^iJbo^^^ mX aLtryjivtiv aldviov vaph 
M<0 ^ * Trjs hiK<uoKpi<r(as^^ rov OcoO. 3. Kai vivT€9 ol |uopurrti ^* 

ftA/8 mV ^** 'A)3pcAfi icat 'lo-oox ical 'laKcbjS *TaK itot^k 4|j«i^ 

'^^ XVI. Kol rw *Iy*> lywiita» «ri i/3«o/Li*ficorra ijSJofwtoaj* 

{ffiA^ vkoani$i/fa'€<rO€\ Kal rrfp Ufxaa^p PfPTjkitrere^ icol *Td Oih 

e^Att fnooT^pia^ /icovcirc^. 2. Kal rdif if((fAoif d^cnjo-crc^ ical 

^'*T* a Xrfyovy irpo<l>riTw i^cviep^a-er^^ *ip hutarpoif^ kok^^* *84- 

ft A^, S 

tlyvw iv PiP\^ 'Em^x- a A^, S rAff Bwriag. 

dg f ^Xc^m {-CTcu (/)• ' e adds ri^iroy. A<* «2mii r^or rov 3i^fuirw avrov« 

^ g reada ifUffiittBtfarrm. *(X,8. fi-e, Afi read ip oKoBapvi^ {-^ ml dfmayi 

A^). € €w\ oKoBapalas. K^niih aKoBapaiq dta(l>&opa£, * fi-deg^ 8*. e reads 
0dcXvy/iia. A 0dfXvor«0^. (2d^, A^ tataB^ mU ^df Xvyfuu For T6r. 2 A<* reads 
«i2 alcrxop Itrccr^ iraat roir lAvciri and om. Ter. 3. S^ Zvanmu /SdcXvyyuu 
"a, A3. /3-« read ^y airoiff. lir' a^rovs. " S* reads Xij+omu. 

"6 reads 6p€tdurii6p. e om. following ica/. ^'A^ssrov dMotov xptroO. 
^* OCj arf, S. 6^, A3 read ^«0/iovi^9. (2 6fAvT€t. Do these variants point 
back to D^tClfiS^n and D^*in. ^* OL (save that A adds c^fXc^g ircu before 

oitmXc^?). ^, A3 read ^cvforrm o^'. A confusion ()) of nns^ and iniD\ 
8 om. ^* S om. (£ adds fiuravftani v/ttv. ^^ A om. *' A^ add canV, 
** (X (save that e reads ffktot for cX.). /S-cI, A, S^ read row mripas 4fi«^ 
(v/MH* A'**'*), cl ToC irarpdf 17/uoyy rfffl oWc. ■• A = tA iKniit6pwif, " A« 
sry^Kw. «A,c*,d,A3, c*, A« read ^M&^. /S-d,Sf*w. ••j»-<2,A. 
c reads ovK. Aov. dom. '^o^^yS'. e reads fmrcXv^^. h,f KaTaXiji^, 
d JcaraXi/nrdvcTo. KaTaKi<f>Bri, 8^ itorcXti^, 

XVI. ^a. a&efj/, A3,8readryvtty. daveyimp. A^ om. first scTen words 
pf this verse, fi, A3, S add ^r ( + t^ i2) /3//3X<p (/3i/3Xi^ he) '^^x- * ^3 

read A-c §ropls irpir^a {= Koi hnA ioinpas) corrupt for irophirpirm^tt 

(=: ifido/Aodas). For ipdofjuix. ifid, S reads ifidofioHa. 'Aa = frXoMa^ 

and om. rest of verse* * c, A**. A, read p€^\wnirt. e /3c09X«<rccrr, 

A** = p§fitiKmirti. A'** give the danse as follows : r^v p€ff^\tHrtp iv Upwrwo 
ifjAv 4vifu(tT€, S^ om. next four words. * (X. P, A3, S* read riis Bva-ias. 
• flu, 06. def fead fudvtjrt, g om. "^ a (c o^cn^ffcrcy A -lyw). 6«f<7, A3 read 
a4Mpiinir€. a, 8 difxiyUrfTw, d om. together with the three preceding words, 
A3 s o^i'f mtiitnTi. The entire verse is very corrupt and defective in 
A** which ss lod airoXovyrai i^ uiunf ol p6fioi ml ol irpo^^nu* koI (A*** om.) dc^^crc 
/( vft^y dueo/ovff, ' (Xj a. df read i^ov^tpwrr/n, hg i^jcmBtptHnftt, e ^{ov- 
^injcrmu, A3 renders €$ovd. in the sense of * despise,' *(X* 0, 8* read 

Digitized by 



kdyovs fib€k6^€<re€^\ [3. Kai ivbpa Kawoirounhrra^^ ^9^,^^ 

v6iMv *& dvvii/Mt li^fcrrov^* irX<£yoj/^^ irpoa-ayopeSa-ere, kclL (orwc) 
WAo$ t^|Ai^acTi Tou duoKTfiFcu^^ oArdvy ovK €lMr€S^^ airrov t6 airo«r«- 

ili&v di/a5€xrffX€roi««.] 4. *A^ W d|itir Sri^"^ «t* airdr" ^'. 

lorovrai'^ ra lyia ifjL&v IpriiM^ tm i^^on^^K 5. Kal A Ai3, S 

*r<fwoy ifiuf Ka0ap6s oIk (<tt<u^\ iX\* iir€<r0€^ iv rolff '^"^^^ 
i0V€<ruf ds Karipav ical* ^U hMxrKOfmiffyiiv^, ioas^ *avri9 /Upo. 

iw ^mrrpoifii. Afi om. S^ =s ip amarpof^^ ^^ OL. dg, kfi read mil diM^crt 
(ilTfrf)- fl*ef,8»readdtA{fTf (/-7T*). "Ai^ om. "a/,A3. A,% 
read fu(ri<niv* (-c trot «), c /uiToviTfr. d om. " a, fi-deg, 8. de^, A^ 

read akri$tpovs which A^ trs. after Xtfyour. ^^ a. (X, bfg r^ 0dcXv(7<r^ 

(/SdfXX- c). <{ /SdcXXv^TTf . /SdffXvfrurAu. ^ (X («oi M(/ioimi9ra (sic) c). 

0,A read ^^imiyoiroiovyra, luff, A add t6p. In A^ the clause ml Mpa . . • 
irpotr«>yop«v<rcir«i8trs.beforeTer.2. **a,0,S*. Aoom. A^ = row w^i<rrw# 
A adds oMv« ^^ A^ add mI dKdSaprop, ** a (0 reading 6piuiirtiT€, 

h -lyTf ). /9, 8 read «^( PoiklCm (a poiu^rmy f -OT^rt ) oircMerf Mtrc (d ^ojcrrum)* 
A^ ss «» voiiiim atmcrtPUTt. A^ ofrmercFrirr. The Original text seems to he 
irrecoverahle. The text of a recalls slightly Acts vii. 57, 58, &pfjLffirap 
SfioBvfMad^ in cMPf Kol . • . iXt^tfiSkoup, Possihly the entire verse is a 
Christian interpolation, hat this is not prohahle. We might conjecture 
the origin of the three distinct readings ahove. A<> =: afroxrcMirt = VTin, 
This latter word if written twice hy a scrihal error might have led to 
the text of (X and been written *XCro ^n s Spiujam rov oiroicrf Imu, or 
else have been written as JVCfl? te*VI = pofilarrt (af) anomunu which 
approximates to the text of fi. The &s would then have to be explained 
as a later addition. ^* A s= »s (A^ = co/, A^ om.) od dimifMym etdcW. 

^OCyfi^* dignity.' A^**** read ^mpn^p^iX = aviarwrw^ which seems 
to rest on a misinterpretation of Mumnuu A^ offers qmpqjmpm^^iA 
zs duuuoavpriP which is obviously a corruption of A*****, A' reads 
^m^ni.pitt.% (another corruption of A^**'*) = pUtip, " e om. g, 

A<> prefix jcai« **c{, Aadd avrov. *^Oi,fi. A szi ip icaid^ iffi&p which 

A^ tr& before rh aBfw. ^(X. fi om. "6 reads fff^aX<b. ^g reads 
dcx^'^MM. A^ add ml ivl Ktifntkiff rUpmp h/tmp, A ?s oyodcfccr^r. *' <X. 

fi^y A read koL b, 8 om. " h reads air&p. eg rovro. ^c^af. k, 

bdeg read ftrrm, *®8^om. d, Afi add icaL '* A A^, 8 add /KfuoMMcra 
(0 luittfaiifupa, g p/tfuaaiUva), ^OL. 0, 8 read odx fonu r^iror vp&p {g v/uy) 
tooBapot, A = OVK (A<* o^ff^) fcrrat vfwy r<{fro« Ka^p6s, " 0, A^ trs. after 
lAwcrty. For Itrcir^ . . . duurKoptrurfUp A« gives ip roU tlBpttruf dtaa-KopnttrBri^ 
ffwB^t *^ e reads duaKopvurfjJpoi. g duurKopwurfi6p. ^eaddz&r. ^d 
leads oMs. A^ = ndXiw 6 Kvptos^ . d om, next four wprds* ^ k, hef. 

Digitized by 



Of, ft A^, ^ii&s. 

lipirUrrti XVII. *Kal Sri, fJKOiSaaTe^ irepi t^v iphofju/JKovra^ ij38o- 

5?^ 140 fJiJi^v\ iKoi<raT€ Koi^ Tr€plTfJ9Upfoaijvrjs^, 2, KaJf (koxttov 
yap liaPrfXaxov^ lorai Up<o(r6vri', Kai^ iv r£^ vpdrff^ la>Prj\aCff^ 
6 ^ y^pfj6ii€V0i TTp&TOs^^ €ls Upoxn/m/i; *l<rrat fUyas^^, Kal 

ft XoXcti XaXiycrci** 0€^ <U9 irarpC' Kal ff Upoii<rvvrj airov TrXrjpris /utero^'" 
KvpCov [koL iv fjfjJpais^^ xapas avrov^^ ^iirl o-oiTrjpCq^^ KOiriiov 
^airrds iyoonjo-erai]^^. 3» *Ev^* r^ bevripif^ UoPrjXaCfj^ 

P-d,Afi, 6^^ ^i6iuvos h ifivB^i dyownToO*® (rvAXi7<^ftj<r€Ta4*^ *icai 

"l,*^" t<rrai^ rj UpcatrAfrj airrov niiCa^, Kal vaph urcirro)!;** 5o^- 

<rtfi7<r€Tai. 4. *0 i> rp{ro9 Upebs^'^ XtJirjy ira/xiXTy<^^<r€Tai**. 

5. Koi^'' 6 rirapTos iv ibiivai9^ farat' in** ir/xxr^o-ci*^ 

*iw* ofo-y" *^ &biKla^^ *€ls TTkneoi^* Koi m9 n<rpaii\ 

C reads ivuFKh^irai, ag ^mtrieti^m, A adds vftiSs, ^ c. & reads obmi' 
p^trai, abfg ahcntprimis {--uras f). eoUrtipas, A^ reads ti.mpiirm^{^ vakipy 
corrupt for ffimtfkmi^AB in Aa = oticntpqiras. ^adg read npoabt^erm. 

C-cirai. *»a,/3-^,A^,S. e^,A«01Il. 

XVn. * c{ reads Ka^«»r ^Kowrorc wtpi and om. next seven words. A^ =: 
&ff o^y ojcoi^T*. Aa om. XVII, XVIIL S om. first seven words. 'a 

reads o'. s^i»*«> _ Kot ^irrA i<nrtp&p but a veiy slight change restores the 
text. See note 2, chap. xyi. *a om. S reads rcimi fuiv. 'c reads 
Upoavmft, and so generally gives this word. * e reads co^i^Xaiby and so 

generally, e UafiriKtw and so generally, g lovfitkaiw. For Koff . . . 'I«^. S^ 
reads mil ^i^ r^ ytWi. ^ d reads lepMo^^^ and d, S om. next five words. 
? b om. •j^ om. "a, g, Aft /S-y read np&w xP*6fjutPos, (X gives the 
form ;(«/)tfficvor and / x«<p«/<«mk* S^ adds Kal &r ^y XP"^0 <^c[ om. rest of 
verse. "«,<%. a5/, A^ read /icyar ^crroi. "^, Aft at reads XaXct. d 
addsry. »6adds<^/3«;. irXi,>s /icnJ = D? dJ»B>. "a. ft A^ read 
^ficpf» "aaddsAu. ^* e reads <r»Ti7p(aff. A****** o-wnypia, but A' agrees 

with text. *' a, ft A'** = yf»n}cr«ntt. A**** aiwirTtyo-f TOi. " «, 6e*flr. 

a(/«y read eV dc . A^ = «i2 cV. »• g reads wir. a<!^ om. ^ a, ^. ft-<fy, 
A^y S read ayamfruw, d ayamfTOP, e* dyairi^rf . *^ & reads Xi}^Aj<rcnit» 

?• «^ om., but e adds limu in margin. •• S om. rest of verse. •* a. 

reads irao-ty. •"ft-/add/i». ** (2 reads irapoXf i^A^crcroi. A^=ir€piXi7- 
^^<rcTcu. c om. next two verses, and d om. next six words through hmt. 
^gom. »A,a,Aft /^-a read ^dw^y. »ftS. A^reads«it'. Af «>ft 
i^ reads trpoaB€ui. Here vpoa$ti<m = ^^D^^ corrupt for ^DK][ ^ crvwix^^''^^''* 
or *|D}^ = irpMrrc^tf-crot. '^ a{(f. ft«)r read rir* avi^ii. $ m avrw, h «V ovrf . 
" A trs. before fVa^y. »» A/5 =nroXX7. •'ftAft A reads p«n}<r€i. 

!• A tw. after a^ov^ 17 before iwniirwfrw. . ••y reads rf^ ^ "^ reads 

Digitized by 



IJLiai^(rav(nv^ (Kaaroi^ rbv^ vkrio'Cov airrw. 6. *0 ir4fiirro9 
h (rK&r€i^'' ira/MiA3|^^<rer<u^. 7. *12<ra^«s'® Koi 6 iicros 
Kal 6 iphoiws^^. 8. *'Ey bi T# ijSWfup*"^ l<rrai /itacr/iJy^S 
hp oi bwafjuit^^ €lir€W Mirtov^^ iv6piiir<av Sri airrol yvcS- 
a-ovTc^i ol 1rounhrr€S oAri. 9. Aih tovto iv alyjwktaali^ 

Kol kv TTpovofjy i<rovrai,* mXti yr\ oirwi;** koX *ti ftrop^iy** . 

y^if ifnjfi4i<r€a>s airrQv, ical** draicaiyoin>ii7(roi;(rii; olicoy icvpfov*^ 

II. '£]/ 5^ r^ tip8o|i.i|K«rrf ipS^IA^tfii jJ^ointu; Up€49^^ AMS 

icreXycis^^ ^oido^Jpoi^^ KTrivoit>66poi^''* r»K^ 

XVII I. Kal^ /icri rA ycvco^ai tV iK^CKqiruf oArfiif to^ ft,^»S» 

2. Kal' rifrc ^ep€i* ict/pto^ tcp^a Kauf6v^, 

^* 7r<ivr€9 ol Adyot icv^^ou'^ iiroxoXv^i^o-oin-ai^ 

Kol air^ 'irotijiKet KpUrtv^ iX7iO€(as^^ ivl rrji yrjs^^ *fo 

3. Koi AroreXci^' iirrpov avroO^* fe oipav^ &s PcunXiia>s^^ 

iriDorriliu ** cl reads vapoXci^^fnu. . ^ A reads «ff aMr. ^ A^ om. 
^^ A reads cnra<r/M(r. ^ A reads do^c/r . ^ by & adds kv/i/ov «iu. ^ (X, 
a<2^^, A^. 5, S om. a om. next four words. ^ eg reads 17 (al </) virap* 
£ccf. A^ =s 17 ivQpxia, bdef, S add avr»p. ^ ^'i ^ fOftd il^oMirAvcroiTcu. 

^^ c. A om. together with next two words, adf read koI 4p niimrji. h «• 
^fortfarrrf. eg k* 4v ttiiarrtf, ^g reads ciSdo/umuey, **A om. •*« 

reads i»p»^. *^ot. 0, A^, S read ^/SM^i^ ^^dofiarucf . ^% prefix oL 
"*«. /^ A^, S^ read 9idxii*ot, ^c, «u2 give the form ^Xqpyvpoi. "^^ 

reads oac/3ff». ^6, A^ add mL "(X trs. before &«fUM. eg om. oic^f, 
A^, S^ support order of text. 

.. XYUL ^ g om. mi ... Upwrumi. * (X, oc^e/, A3, S^ (saye that c, ^ 

read cxXif^i, and d reads rieXfi^ and om. 4, and « reads Upanla, and A3 
prefix ««). 6 reads rj Uparti^. »(X. ft A3 om. *a,.ft 8^ A3 read 
iy€ip€t. 'A3om. ^(Xjbdf,Afi, o^ read ^f. 0JI. ^ <^ reads ovrov. 
<r icvp«W^ as all other MSS. */ reads tmoicdkvfpBnirtnmu. * ^ reads r^v 
liMiaiirw. ^ KpUrof, as all other MSS. ^® Ot, /3-d^. ^^ A3 read akfiBariv. 

d is conflate and reads dXiy^iy^y akifBtias. " 6 om. " reads iforkiiSfi. 
^^daddsa^f. ^« A reads a^. ^h,dfg,Afi. c, abe, S ree^d fiwiktvt. 
^h, a^ read i^Mm'Coy. ^h, abf. e, eg.STe&dinip^if ip^pa {hl^ipas e, 8). 
d «V 19X1^ wff fiiJpat. Afi ^ ms ip pgaiiftfipi/^ iptmwp rov i^X/bv. The text ^ 
i3l%n etoe^3 which may be corrupt for W^ etoiBb = ^s 6 i^Xcos (<^*rtC«) r^i" 

Digitized by 



ft -^» S^ Kol fuyaXwOi/iirenu iv rg oUoif|irfiTi^*, 
aPoXi^ ical i(ap€l vav (tkAtos *iic r^y iir* cipiwhv^ 

Ixc^HUf, mU ^ yQ x^W<^<''****» « 

[fcoi ff yima-is KvpCov^ iKxyOii<renxi^^ M rifs yfjs «J** 
td<ap BaXjouro'&v^] 
adg mi ^koX ol HyyiXoi Trjs h6(ris roG ^ftpoa-iimv KvpUw iv^pavO^-^ 

'"*"'• frovTOA ip avT^^* 

6. Ot oibpajfol^ ivoiyirjirovrcu^t 

i7/M>av. The text of ^ «^ ten thus be explained as a conflation of the 
above two. ^P, A^, 8^ add Sm amOi^ittms tArav. »e, /3-<20^. h, de 
read outms • </, A^ jcal ovrwc. "^Z reads tbnkAforu. A^ aMI^l7<rffnll« 

8 om. next three vords, ^cg read ^ i ^ ''ot om. the next two 
lines throogh hmt ^dbfg^AP. d reads tp rj vw f/ipapitf. eivrmsln^ 
olpaw^p, ^f reedu ^XkuattPTot. ^(Xyfi,&. Afi = 4iuimug. *^adff. 
e reads xapUmnau h, hef xt^MircTcu. Possibly we should om. xap9<''«*w or 
€^pa » fty<r o rrat and combine this line with the next. See notes 28, 34. 
** dg^ A^ om. " This expression is strange, al pt<f>€Xiu ss ni3Pn, which 
may have been oorrapt for n\3yn=sdi*aMr. Of. cZ, note 35. ''/reads 
cv^^Nii^<r«*rnii, The next line is an interpolation, it destroys the paral- 
lelism and is not in touch with the context. ^g reads xpu^^^* 
'^OCy adf (saye that reads cVxir^irfTat). beg read x^fB^ff^rm, "0 reads 
wrti " d reads $aK&innop, g Bakdvaift, ^ This line would fonn the 
third of the tristich, when we omit the fourth (see note 29) and combine 
the second and third in one. The second line would (see notes 26, 28) 
be: Koi ^ y9 x'V^^^^^ ^* ^My. While afg add mu after d<^f e om. 
the next fifteen wonls through hmt. For Kupiw Afi read avnv. 8^1mL 
frpoatnrov. For tl^pwB^tromu of e we find in h, hef xo/Mi^ovrai, and x^nf^ 
vovrat in adg. c adds «Gal x^P't^^^""^*'^ after avrf. "d adds di* oMp. 
'«/ reads iJiwiyij«r«wu. •^A^ om. "A/* add «ww (+««' A*^***!). 
'* A, d read i^j}?. Ij^ovow. ^g reads dfr\ ^A^. This seems the 
best text* c, adf read ^Affpai^i irpi mi (oc^ om.) 'looiuc. A 'A/3. warpis mi *W. 
ahg 'Aj9. vorpdc 'I<r. « irf>f 'A0. Km *I(r. ko2 'Iokm^. Here «rpr is a contraction 
of np6£ not of irorptfr.^ 8 om. «« . • . *I<raaic ^'ot, ^-<20. d reads d(S^ 
ff'ir* aMir oy^crfnu, 6 ^ &S(a icvfi^ ^ir' tAr^ ptfi: Afi =: ripf i6(ap avrov cr* 
0vr6y ipavetp, ^ A^ = yWWf«ir, For koi dy. 8^ reads ^loy. c adds «a<» 

Digitized by 



7. Kai *i<{fo i\ltCaTOV ii^ cAriv fivi^/ja-erai*^, 

8. *Avroff y^p** W<r€4 n^i^ ficyoXaxni/ifipr** icvpfov*^ roij 

viols avTov^^ iv iXri6f(q tls rhp cd&POf 
Koi oifK (irrai ^taioxV* airov^ ds y€y€as *ical ycyeay*^ 
ja>f rov oZttiw^* 

9. Kol im *T^ff UpwolJi^y** avnw** *tcI Winy** vXijdwft}- 

irorrai** fo yvoSo-ct iirl t§> y^y, 
Kol 4>iariir0j/ja-ovT{u hth xipiTOS Kvplov* 
[6 Si *l<rpaiiK ^Aarr«i>^(rcra( ip iyptAfrU^ 
KcX irK€Tur$i/ia'€Tiu ip vipOet]^* 

M rrjs UpaxHfpris atrrov JxXcf^ct^^ 4^^ iiioprla fii^ 

tud ol ivoixoi * KaTaira:6irov(np tls Kcwd**, fro^rth 

[ol a bUuuoi KaTavixda'ova'Uf ip o^^]^. 
JO. Kofyc** afiris** &pol(€i rhs BHpiMs^ rov irapcAtta-ov, 

*ical 4wHm{<r€4** ttip dirciXovo-oir poii4^a(ap^ icori rcv^ 

«•({ reads oMr. % fi-€, M bA^l ip r^ i^an. ^OU /»-€, A*^, S> read 

iivr<k. €o{roff. A^^'^so^^ffOi. ^A^ read 3r^i/«»/ii«if<.f7/&i:k (= aXi(- 

^lar) Gorrapt for Ah-mt/Bmnj$L.p^t!li = /icyaX«<rvvi|K ^* & reads o^rov. 

ilom. ^ g reeAs rm¥ Mftinrmv, e om. For mtf ... dXi^^^gi A^ read 

«&n (A^*^ cm.) ot ^y 11X1^/9 mparanffrmfew, ^' reads irXi^v. "^ ft 

reads uvrf. **A,A^ read ytwAr. ^om. ** c reads r^g If/MMrvv^, 

*" h om. r^ lA^ • • . Upmowiis abrov through hint« **h reads rh Inj. d om. 
& reads r&wou **h om. next seren words. S^ reads ^MyoXvyornu. 

** These words are foand in all HSS. (bnt he) and in A, S. With the 
exception of cV itywwr!^ which it omits they are found in the margin of e. 
If they are in their original form they are undoubtedly of Christian 
origin. I have on this ground bracketed them. The fayourable references 
to the Gentiles in the two preceding lines are quite in keeping with 
tht univerBalism of the writer. For dtit x<ip<rof • • • Ufmawrit ovroS S* 
reads t^ cvXoyi^ rov tffoO *lap. ilo^riCtrm. '^h.ab. Other MSS. iicKtrlttu 
S*om. "a, A3. 0, S^ read frcuni. *• The construction is peculiar. 

It seems to be a rendering of W}f 17in^. After KorwraMnwrw d om. next 
aix words through hmt. For Korairawrownp e reads Korajr/cFovo-ii'. ^ Om. 
with « as an intrusion. So also Schnapp and Bousset. The parallelism 
is against it. Moreover, as Bchnapp remarks, the use of Karawavv in two 
dissimilar meanings in two succesBive lines would be strange. ^ A^ s 
inm. **« reads o^ow. **<; reads irvXar. ^(X,dg^hfi, fte read 

mivrittrti. afatfotrntatu **Aaddsr^« ••y reads t<5f, "^^ reads 

Digitized by 


62 AIA0HKH AETI [XVni.3 

ft -^» S^ Kol fiiyaXvv&ii<r€Tai iv t§ oUoif|UiT|^*, 

UtivQiu KoL fi yrj \apfficr€Tai^f ^ 

[jcol if yim<n9 Kvplov^ ^icxv^<r€Tai*^ <irl t^J y^J «f ** 
iS5a>p ^aXaero-w'*] 
adg Koi ^Kotol iyy€koi rrjs M^js row vpoa-Jivav KvpCov kv^pfwO^- 

'•*'^' o-on-oi ^if a*rip»*. 

6. 01 ovpaifoX^ ivoiyrja-ovrai^, 

ifupop. The text of e, eg ban thiiB be explained as a conflation of the 
above two, ^ P, A^, S^ add mk am»kii^ms tdrrw. *^ e, /3-<20^. h, d» 
read om>ff. ^^ A^ jcal ovrtir* "^Z reads oMiXafnrM. A^ ihw/S^cnu. 

S om. next three vords, ^cg read ^ i ^ ''ot om. the next two 
lines through hmt ** ab/g, A^. cl reads «V rj vtr o^popAf. e cV rote Imh 
ovpap6y. **/ reads ayaXXiao-wmu. *(X,ft8*. A^ s= /icfiitt4£. ••flkty. 
e reads xofHotwrai. A, kf xapunrai* Possibly we shonld om. x^^vvvw or 
9l^patf$iieopTai and combine this line with the next. See notes 28, 34, 
^^ dg, Afi om. ** This expression is strange, al iw^'Xm s ni3Pn, which 
may have been corrupt for n\ay3 = ^* aWr. Of. d, note 35. "•/ reads 
€if<fipa»$riirmprai. The next line is an interpolation, it destroys the paral** 
lelism and is not in touch with the context. ^g reads xP"'^* 

** (X, adf (save that reads iKx^frtrat), beg read xv^^^f^at. " c reads 
oMrvi. ^ (2 reads $aK6ffffuuf, g $akdirini9. ^ This line would fonn the 
third of the tristich, when we omit the fourth (see note 29) and combine 
the second and third in one. The second line would (see notes 26, 28) 
he\ KoX ^ yij xo^^^ot di aMp, While afg add mu after t6$tis e om« 
the next fifteen words through hmt. For lev^tov A^ read aurov. S^lim. 
vpoatnnv. For 9^pa»6rjaomu of c we find in h, bef x^'^p^^'f'^^^t and x^* 
aovTot in adg. e adds Ka\ xap^i^'^M^roi after avrf. ^d adds di aMp. 

»•/ reads dpotyiauprau •» A^ om. •• A^ add ainv ( + iciu A**** !). 

'^ A, c^ read ^(p. e rj^vaip, *^g reads ik*. ^A^. This seems the 

best text* c, Ck^/ read *APpaafi npi mi (o^f om.) 'I<raa«. A 'A/3, irarp^r mi 'l^. 
abg 'Aj9. vorpdr 'Itr. e ir/Jr 'A/3, xat *I<r. koH *I<uc«^. Here vpr is a contraction 
of irp6t not of narpdt^ 8 om. «>ff . . • 'Ivncuc. *'ot, ^-<20. c{ reads d6$a 

in avT^p oi^<rmu. 6 ^ dfS(a Kvplov «ir' ovrfl /m;^ A^ =s r^r diS^ay aurov iw* 
oMp tpovaiP. ^Afi =• yp»9f9^ For ml dy. S* reads 6ywp. c adds wU 

Digitized by 



oArdv^ [ip ry Obari], 

8. *Airbs y^p** W<r€t riip fAeyakwr6vrji»^^ icvpfow*^ roi^ 

vloii avrov^ iv iXridtCq. €k top al&pa, 
/col oiK Itrrai diodoxV^ airov^ €ls y€P€hs ^Koi y€P€as^ 
t(AS Tov al&pos* 

9. Kol M *Tris UpoMrtfeiyy" aiiw^ *Ta Winy** vXijdui;^- 

crorrai*' fr ypi<r€i hit t§5 yijy, 
jcal ^WTitrBiifroprai, 5ut xipiros xvpCov* 
[6 a *l(rpa!iiK iXarroMia'erai ip iypoiurb^ 
Koi (TKCTurOi/ia-enu ip Wi'^ci]**' 

ivl r$9 UfM><nvin;$ (dn-oO jxXcf^ci^^ 4'^ hiULprSa 0>^S 

Kol ol Svoixok * Korairceia'ova'tP tls icaica**, iraoru, 

[ot 5^ hUaioi Koraira^a'ova'tp ip airif^^^ 
10. KeUyc^^ a^o$*^ di;o£fci r&f Bipas^^ tov vapab^Urov, 
^KoX ivwm/ia'ti^ r^r iv^iXowrcof fioiuf>a(ap^^ Kara tov^^ 

••d reads iiWir. a, /9-^, A/* add ^r ry (»im. ^O, /»-€, A** 8» read 

4MMt. 4olm. A^*'^=:aMgKaL ^ A3 read ir^JS^/ii«if<.p^£.% (= aXi{. 
^lar) Gorrapt for AS-m^moMt^ltt.^ s /wyoXcMrvi^y. ^ & reads a^roi), 

ilom. ^ g TeadB rmf MpJnntv. 00m. For rotr ..• iiXi;tf«^ A^ read 

voo^i ( A^*^ om.) ot €P dXi^ig sr«fMiran7<rmwir. ^* reads irX^. ** ft 

reads uvrf. **A, A^readynvAi^. ^ om. ** c reads T;g {c/mmtvp^. 

*" ft om. rh t$wti • • • Upmvvwtis abrav through hmt. ^ h reads nk Inj. <{ om. 
8' reads rf^roc **A om. next seven words. S^ reads ^MToXvyomu. 

** These words are found in all HSS. (bat fte) and in A, S. With the 
exception of ip aypwrl^ which it omits they are found in the margin of t. 
If they are in their original form they are undoubtedly of Christian 
origin. I have on this ground bracketed them. The favourable references 
to the Qentiles in the two preceding lines are quite in keeping with 
tht univerBalism of the writer. For bth xoptros • • . Up^vw/fs avrw & 
reads t^ cvXoyc> rov ^v Vp. aaBtpiCtrai. *^ h, aft. Other MSS. iiek^u 
S»om. "a, A3. ^, S^ read ircura. *• The construction is peculiar. 

It seems to be a rendering of Blfjp ITin*. After Kormrawnwruf d om. next 
aix words through hmt. For Korairawrowruf e reads Katawtaava'Uf. ^ Om. 
with as an intrusion. So also Schnapp and Bousset. The parallelism 
is against it. Moreover, as Bchnapp remarks, the use of mrmrovv in two 
dissimilar meanings in two successive lines would be strange. '^ A3 =s 
iri ««, •" e reads adrow. •• e reads irvXar. •* a, dg, A3, fte read 
jBoi or^ci. afdwoirrn^€u **Aadd8r^« ••y reads tA», •'^ reads 

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64 AIA0HKH AEY.I JKYin. ix 

1 1. Kal $cS<r€i rois hyloa 4^y€w iK tov (6Xiov tfjs C^s, ^ 

12. Kal 6 B€XCap Sc^o-crot iv cAtov, 

Kol bdaci i^ova-tav Tot9 riicpoLs airov^^ varcof ivl ra 
irovtipii mftCyuara. 

1 3. Kal €i<l>pavBri<rerai icipios M rols rifofois aiTOv''^» 

beg, A/5 *^ €vdoici7<r€i^* iirl *toT9 iyanTp-ots"^* airov * (tos al&vos''\ 

cv^po- .14. Tot4 iyaXk^ercu *Appahfi kcA ^IctcAk «cal ^loKoip, 

^^- XIX. Kal wj;, Wicra fwv^, irdyro iJitoArarc*. 'EicX^air6€ * 

rnnKfit- Ipya tov BcXtop'^. 2. Kal * dwticfiiOiiaaK adrf ot ulol aftroO 

f^i^ X/yoirTis'* *Ev<iirioif KvpUw wopcwrf/uie^a* '"ical"'^® icari riy 
T^irarpl yrffxoy airov. 3. Kal clvcv *aiT04S 6 irar^p a4r«y^^* 

Xcyoyrcr. M(i/>rv9 icrri^* K6pu>s, ical iJLipTvp€S ol^^ SyyfXoi cAtov, *Kai 
Afth A yAprvpts ipL€is koI pAprvs iyin}^ * ircpl roO X<(yot; rcw orcffAarov 
€liro/i€F. t>M«y". Kal *€t»0K cUhn^ ol ulol dWoo^** M^fprvpcy^'', 4. 

iTPWfian 6yiijf avtnjo'tiTfu. ** e, i9-(/!0«- A reads nuvnif • de ovrovr. A^ a^^. 
^* h om. ( adds rov. ^ S om« next six words. ^ ft adds icvpcoc 

^* a reads row ayofnp-ovr. ^ Of. o^^j^r read cms r&tf tu&mv, d €is top ou»va 
TOV ai»pos» e i»9 Toy al&vog tw aUnfw. ^^ C. A, O^ read xop^M<u* <(r 

Xapla»ijuu, ''^d reads wtfkptaBxiaoinau ^^(X^ af, S^. (2 teads fV duoaio^ 

<^*V« ^» A^ cv^pmrvin;!^. The latter seems preferable. 

XIX. 1 A^*** om. ' ot, /3-a^. ag, A read oMwcrort. . e adds mi otSorc. 
.A« adds mr €fiov. • a, d. fi-dg read Ac<r^. y vtm\€<r$€. /3-«, A«,*'''*^ 
add o^v. A^* = Zdou. ^ at, de, A^ (save that d om. the first fj). ahfg^ 
8 read 9 r<^ <riM$rot 9 r^ ^ak, A^ = i) r& amSror. ^he om. *Aa read 

q^p^ (s= rh^pya) corrupt for qopyiiu = rAy w^r. ^ Ot, df, Aa. 06 

read ?pya B. 4 {gV) tpya rov B. A^= rov B. S^ adds vop h iw^n^a «lnw 
iiup and theo inserts XI.-XIII. between XIX. i and XIX. 2. * ot (save 
that c adds avr^ after Xeyoyr«(). dg, S^ follow more or less closely, d, & 
reads oirci^. ol vUA avrov ( + Am S^) rf fforpi alr&if Xcyonnrr. ^ oirciep. 
e«€tMM «ai cSroy. a5ef afrtKpiBfffUP ^fuU r^ irarpl Xcyoirrcff. A*'^= dirofcpc- 
Btvnt r^ varpi ^fUoy cXn-opcv. A** diroicpc^Wcff rf ir. ovr«y ciiror. ' A, 00. 

c, M/<)r read nopfwrmfuBtu ^^OL. fi, A, 8* om. ^Ot. dg read 6 irariip 

{ + ovrMi^ A«viff irp^s avrovs <£). a6«f, A^ fffjup (a&^om.) 6 iror^p ^ijmp, A« 
ss Afvi 6 iror^p ^fx&p ^ovt&p A**). " Ot. A = cWi po( ( + (rfffupop A<*)« 

/l^ om. S^ adds 17 9pcpa r/«ol ciroyyeXciras, . ^g reads ol ^um. ^* c. A, ^ 
read tuX paprvr cy«i «al iMoprvpts vfuig^ A^ = mil (A^"^*^ om.) fiaprvs wy^ Koi 
vp4U» A^ om. 8* jcal pdprvpts ^pc tf . ^ Ot, iS»(2^. d reads irrpc r6y X<$yov 

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Kal o5rft>5^' iircaia-aro^^ Aoil ivr€XX6ii€V09 row vUns avrov, 
♦icoi ^fA-€4i;e roiff ir6bas airrov^ ^ivl rrjf kKCvtis'^^^ koI 
itpo(r€T€Ori TTpbs rohs varipas airov, (rja-as *ln; tKardv 
rpvixovra kirri.^. 5. Kal iBi)Kav airrhv iv^^ (ropia, ical** 

Liadrjiai 'lovSa rov Terdfrrov viov *Iaica»^ icat AeCa^. 

I. *AvTCypa<l>ov^ kiymv^ 'Wda, h^ i\ikrj<r€ toIs vloiff 
airov irpb tov iTroOavew airrov* 2. *^wax04vT€9 o5v* 

^X^ov *Tr/>is airiv* koI"^ fTiro; airow' 3. '^'AnoAraTt, oj ^ 

WicKa f&ou, *loJ8a tou irorp^ dpir lyj*'^^ r^pros vlds iyt- TtrapTos. 

rov (rr. v/t, g n€pi rov X« rov ot« /iov koI vfi«y. A<* ^ irfpl r»F X<$yo>i> rov or. 
/tov, A^ irrp^ o^rov jcal irrpl rov or. avrov. S^ irrpl r. Xtfywy vfi&p, ^* OLy d, 

A^ (save that d, A^ cm. ovr^). ae, A^ read <tira/icy (+ ^^m A^). 5 «tira>- 
/*€ir. / cTiro/ACF. <jf f&roir cVcu«of . A*^ = 4/i€4ff «Zn-ofifF, *' a, /3-a. a reads 
paprvs. A<» = «rrm, forai. A^ fidprvs coroi. **A« om. A om. next 

seyen words. *• g i-eads oFiiravo-oro. »° A« om. " a, S*. fi-d, A om. 
d reads xal Uoipifiri cV e^p^i^. S adds avrov (S^ om.) Ka\ €Kotpfi0rf, ^ (X 

(save that h adds xai before /irrd). ^-6, 8 read ?ny (a om.) ^. b Uarhv 
TpuucoPTa inrh rnj. A« = 7ny pX«. A^ pKHj tfrrj. * ^ om. A^ add cV 

Alyvirry. ■* g, A« om. " a (saTe that c reads rovr^). /3 reads vorrt pov, 
" OC, i3-^, S. ^ reads Bd^vrtg iv Xcvpvv. A« = IfyryKav ambv icai tfBayjrav h X. 
A'** ^vrywur avrov cV X. ml\ HBtfKav. A^*» cV X. "(X,g. a reads opA x"pa* 
= y^ (cf. 2 Sam. XT. 2). hf dvii x^^^' ^ ^ H^^ (^ coDflation). e, A 
opA pcooy. ** g reads r»y naripmv avrov, d adds rf dc ^cf ini&v ^ ^((^ fir 
olMMir. /, S^ add Acvl vl^r 'laxcb^ f ( + xai S^) vl^r Aw f ?£i7<rcp fn? pXC (^Or 
f . . . pSijf, S* reads ywaiKhs rov 'laxoS/S). 

* Title. OL in text. 56f read d. *I. ircpl Mpttas Km <l>ikapyvpias {e, S^ om. 

ff. ^iX.) Kcu iropvfiat (/, 8^ om. k, nop.), To this / adds 'lovdar tpprjvtv€r(u 
i^puokdyrfariu a simply 'lovda. d and A are conflate, d^ A**"**'" read h, 'I. 
rov rfrapTov vfoi; 'Iok^ ^^»ii«d««» ^^^ ^^ »j^j ^^^ twdptias (A** dticawoTJnyff) iral 
^iX. icai vopptias, A^ ^ d. 'I. rov rrrdprov irtpl <f>ik. Ka\ nopv, dWh icai dixaio- 
avtnff, g stands alone : d. *I. ircpl dvhpfiai koi irrpl rov /i^ fjLfSuo'KfaBai oiv^, 
*d,A add dia^xiTf. '^ om. ^(X. fi-d read ooa. d om. together 

with next four words. ' a. o^f^ read luu avvaxB, 6, A, S^ ovmxB, d koL 
yiip ovpaxB, ol vUn avrov, g om. next word. * c om. d reads ^irio-m^a- 
cr^ o^r^. ^ g om. A*** adds oyaor&ff UdBio^ icai, ^(X, d reads 

olSarf, rcicM /lov, ori. /3-tif, A om. S^ reads rcici^a /lov, idov, Xc^ vph wpiv pt 

OH. PA, 9 

Digitized by 



1 1. Kal dcio-ci rob hyCoii {f>ay€Uf iK rov (iXov rrjf Ms, ' 

12. Kal 6 BckCap h€$rj<rer<u iv airovg 

Kol 5<ii<r€i i^mxrCav vols t4kvois airov^^ -jrarcuf ivl ra 
iromipiL TTveifiaTa. 

13. Kal c^pav^o-crai Kjipws M rots riicvoi? airoC^^ 

heg A0 '^^^ evboKjja-fi'^^ ivl *toi9 iyamiTois''^ airov *la)S al&pos'^^ 

c^po- .14. Tori iyaXXj^o-erat 'A/9pa^/i koX ^Io-cAk koX 'Iaica)j3» 
V^'^ A *^y*^ x*W^of*^*^*» *^ iriivTCj ol 4yi04 hbHa-ovnu'^^ 

*^^* XIX. Kai wr, Wjwa fwv^, ir<iifra iJicoAroTc'. •EjcX^^oifOc* 

^[^3\ iai;ro49 *^ rh <^9 ^ ri <rifrfT05*, ^ riif* v6fiov^ KupCov, ij *rct 
airffKp»- f/>ya rov BcXtop'^. 2. KcU * dTrtitpi$i|a«K adrf ot utol adroQ 

f'^'^ X/yoiTis"* 'Erciirioy KvpCov vop€wr6p46a^ '^icai^^® icari rw 
rf irorpl Wftoi; a^ov. 3. Kal elircv '''airoi; 6 irar^p avr«»v^^* 

Xcyoyrcf. M(iprv9 io-ri^* K6pu>s, Kol fiiprvpes ol^* lyycXoi airoS, *ical 
?^»^ pipTvpts iii€ls Kol fiApTvs iy&^^ * wepl row kiyov rov orrf/ioroy 
c&o)ify. vfwi;^*. Kol *€t»oKadTvoluloldWooi«- Mifprvpcy". 4. 

mfWfion 6yujf avwifirttTm. " c, i9-c/!0.. A reads n^ovnif • cfe avrws, Afi a^f. 
.** A om. ( adds rov. ^ S om^ next six words. ^ 6 adds Kupiot^ 

^ a reads rovs oyonn^rovf . ^ (X. abefg read mas rwv oiwMty. d €ls t^ ocAva 
roS a2&yoff. « C(i»9 rov ai»wo( t&p ai»tmp, ^^ c. A, abeg read x<ip^<roM<ii. ((f 
Xapltrtffjiai, ''^ d reads €v<l>pap$ii<rwTtu. ''* (X, af, S^. cl reads <V duoaio^ 

<rvi>27. ^, A^ fvfttpoavmiv. The latter seems preferable. 

XIX. » A***"* om. » a, /3-«$r. o^, A read iMeov<rarc. . e adds «u o»aT*. 
Aa adds air* «pov. • «, d. /3-c^ read Atcr^. g <fvwX€o^€. /3-«, A«,^** 
add o^ir. A'** = Idov. * a, de, A« (save that d om. the first ijf). abfg, 
8 read 9 r<^ (rie«$rot 9 t6 ^<»ff« A^ = i} r& axtfro^. "(« om. "A^ read 

^l^ph^ (= raHpya) corrupt for qop^u = riy w^r. ^ CX, <If, Aa. oft 

read ^pya B. < (^f) fpya rot) B. A^ = rov B. S^ adds fta» h iifp6rf<ra cfirar 
iiup and theo inserts XI.-XIII. between XIX. i and XIX. 2. *a (save 
that c adds avrf after Xeyoirrrr). d^, S^ follow more or less closely, d, & 
reads mrtKp, ol vioi avrov (+Arvt S^) r^ irarpl aMof Xiyoptes^ g dircKp. 
CKCiWM jcai fffiroy. abef air€KpiBfffUP ^futs r^ irarpl Xryoprcf, A^'^^ diroicpc* 
Bivm T^ varpi ^fimv cXn-o/icr. A** dwoicpiBtyTts rf ir. avrwy curoy. * A, Otf. 

c, M/^ read inptwr^fu$tu ^^(X. fi, A, 8^ om. ^0(. dg read 6 iranip 

{ + avrMi^ Acvif irp^ avrovs c?). a5ef, A^ ^iiuf (a&e^om.) 6 warrfp ^ijmp, A« 
s Afvi 4 woTfjp fifmv {tdr&p A**). " (X. A = «Wi poi ( + tnifupov A«). 

/S om. S* adds 7 i^^cpa c/«o2 cVoyyfXftTtii. . *■ g reads ol 4yioi. " c. A, j8 
read ml ftdprvs iy^ jcal lidprvpts vftclr, A^ = <al (A^"^^ Om.) ftaprvs rya» Koi 
v>»€4f , A« om,. 8* luu pdprvpts i^/ictf . ^ a, i9-<2^. d reads ir«pi t6¥ X<$yov 

Digitized by 


1.3] AIA0HKH lOTAA 65 

Kal oCro)?^* iiratJo-oro** Aoii ivT€X\6iJt€Vos rois viols airov, 
*ical i^4T€Uf€ ToifS irrfJas airov^ ^iirl rr]9 icXdnyy^*^ Kal 
irpoaeriOrf vpos rovs itaripas airov, Crja-as *hr) ixardv 
rpvixovra kTrri,^* 5. Kal i&qKOP airrhv fo*^ (rofH^ Kal** 

*ft€Ta roiJro** *lOa\lf(w airrdv iv X^jSpwj;*^ /xcra**^ **Aj3/5aafi 
icol 'Icractx xal laK<£/3^^ 

Lutdrjio) *Iov8a rov Tcrdprov viov *Iaicai^ icat Actas^. 

L ^AvTCypa(l>ov^ kiya>v^ *liriha, h^ iki\ri<r€ rols vlois 
airov vph rov iTToOavtZv ciirr6v* 2. *2waxtf^W€S oSv* 

^A^oir *Trph9 avriv^ koI'^ cTiro; avroiy* 3. '^"AnoAraTt, oj ^ 

WiCKa f&ou, *lod8a tou irorp^ d|MMf' ^y^*^^ T^rapros vlds fyc- rlraptoSm 

Tov (rr. vfi. ^ ircpl rov X. rov or. /lov xal vfM»y. A<> =: ircpl r«y X((yo»y rov or. 
/iov. A^ irrpl avrov ical trrpl rov or. avroO« S* nvpl r. Xtfywy v/i«y. ^^ (X, (2, 

A^ (save that d, A** om. o^f). a«, A^ read <iira/icy (+4/A<t( A^). ( c2srtt- 
/«€ir, / curo/MF. ^ f&ror cmu^oi . A*^ ^ ^^?f «?iro^€y. *^ a, /3-a. a reads 
fioprvs, A<* ^ forai, lorai. A^ iidprvs taru, ^A^ om. A om. next 

seyen words. ^ g i-eads wirawroro. ** A« om. " a, S*. /9-(i, A om, 

d reads ml Uoiiufifi iv ^Ip^vg, S adds avrov (S^ om.) Ka\ ixoifjiriBri, *^ OL 

(save that h adds «u before cirrd). /S-ft, S read ^n; (a om.) pX^. b harbv 
rptoKorra hrrh ftiy, A« ^ ?ny pX*. A^ pAij fri;. * ^ om. A^ add €v 

Alyvirry. ■* g, A« om. " a (save that c reads rovr^). ^ reads vfmpov. 
^ (Xy /3-j;, S. ^ reads Ba^vr^t €P X<v/h»v. A<> = fivrytiav atn^v km tf^a^av iv X. 
A^"^ ilvrfuxv avT^v iv X, Koi ?^<cay. A^^ iv X. ^ Ot, ^. a reads dvh x^^pas 
= T^ (cf. 2 Sam. zv. 2). bf ava x'^pa. (2 ova furd (a conflation). 6, A 
dvh fiifmv. ^ g reads r&v frarip^v avrov, d adds rf dc ^<f ijfMbv 17 h6^ ccr 
a<«raf. /, S* add Acvl vtoy •laic«^/3 f ( + mt S*) vtos Auv f ?foo-ci^ rn; ^ (for 
f . . . pXf, S* reads ywaiKhs rov 'IainiJ/3). 

^ Title. Ot in text, bef read d. *I. ircpl Mptias Ka\ <l>ikapyvpias («, S^ om. 

Jt, ffitk,) Koi nopvfias (/, 8* om. k, irop.). To this / adds 'lovdat €piirjv€V€Tai 
i^fjiok6yfi<ns, a simply 'lovda. d and A are conflate, d, A^*^**^ read d. *I. 
rov rfTopTOV vlov 'iwci^fi ^A"***^*** om, vl, *I.) ir€pi oyd/MiW (A** fkKouxrvvrjs) Kal 
^iX. leai vopvfiaf, A^ =: d. 'I. rov nrdprov ir«pl <^tX. xal iropr. oXXa Ka\ diicmo- 
irvyi^. g stands alone : d. 'I. ntp\ avhptia^ Koi irtp\ rov p,^ pc^vo'cra^m our^. 
'(f, A add dco^KiTf. *A om. ^a. P-d read ^a. c? om. together 

with next four words. * a. aefg read jcal avva\B, 6, A, S* <rvvaxB. d koI 
yiip awaxB. o2 vWt avrov, g cm. next word. * c om. d reads ima-Kiylta' 
irBai avrdv, ^ ^ om. A*** adds dpa<rrhs iKoBiat Koi, ^(X, d reads 

Mare, rixva pov, ^. /3-d, A om. S^ reads rUva pov^ Idov, Xc{«» viuv wpiv pc 


Digitized by 


66 AIA0HKH lOTAA [1.3 

ft ^ voiiTjv^ T^ irarpl fiov ^laK<i0^^, koX AfCa^^ *^ W"7P /xou^* 
friroy. iTr<av6fjM(riv^^ /i6^* *Iot;5ay^*, kiyov<ra' ^AvOoixokoyovfiai^^ 

daio9. T^^'' KvpC<^, Sti ib(i>K€V^^ flOt^^ ^KOp^^ T€TapTOV vl6v. 4. 

^aic«0^. vaTpCfwv Kara irivra Aoyov**. 5. Kal irlfJiMV^^ r^v iirjT4pa 
3-5,A(?) jixov*^ ical r^v d8cX<^^i; *t§9 firjrpos fiov^^. 6. Kal iyivero 
tat' ^^ V^pivOriv^' Koi^'' o ^ar^p fiou^i *,,(J«aT6 ^48^ A^ycoi;- 

avTTiv ^^' ^^^ ^^wc^ i^tot Kvpioy^ X^P^ ^^^ irao-i roiy ipyois fiov, 

€7Foirfa-a & rc^ ^yp$ f^ol iv T^ oIk<d, 2. Ot8a^ Sri avvibpafiov 

ppoaita ixiif^i^^ f^al *iiri(wra ol&i^v Kal ^iroiYjaa clM\¥ Pp»|uu& t« irarpi 
^ov. fAoo Kal l^ayci^^, 3, *T^i' 8^ BopKdSa^ *8ti r<w bp6fwv'^ 


raff dc dopKoibag, 

diro3wttv ra irpdyftard fjLov. • a/^, A add cy<&. i®a,A***. iS, Aa»^** 

S* om. " a, ag. def, A read Aw. 6, S* om. ^/ reads tJ /wp-pt fiov 

Koi. g om. ^^ OL (save that they read €irov6fuur€9). p reads uvofuwip, 

i4^cde» ^^j^ 16^^ ^y. ^^ ^^ j.^^ 'lovda. "A = dpOofiokoyrfaofJuu, 

"a/^om. «c,W«^. A,a/read8.'da)/t*. " A*^"^*' add /tupior. "^c, 
6((/^, S^. a reads icoiyc* A, eg, A om. "^ c. A reads «y^ olv 6(, ilitxiv, 

d iym, T€Kva fioVf 6(, rip., fi-d of. ^fi, A^ ^ o{. rfp. €y». A« = KoBap^s ijp, 
ry«0. S^ 9 V. fi-e, A add Jcal (nrovdacbff. 6 ical ytvpoms. S^ trmvbaios. Possibly 
(nrovhaios is au alternative rendering with 6(vs of IMD. ^d adds tJ. 

^ S* adds 6ti if dvbp€la fjv €v ToU aTrfB€<rtv kcu ^v iv iroorti' raxjos, Jcal Kpartpos 
€v r^ a-^furn tcai iroXXoc roy dy(ovi{opepo»v ovk Tfdvv^$i^<rap dW^ccr^ai cirt rovr 
fipaxlovas Koi tyiiajcra rrfv pt^atoTrjTa rov froXtrov ov^ virtUoyr6g /xoi, xal cliSey 
6 varffp pov OTi 6 SyytXos rod Kpartpov avpt/iaxtrd fiot. ** c, deg, h, S* read 

KOI vn^icovo-a. o^ ical viroKovoftv. A^ om. together with next three words. 
** e reads rpoTrov, *•«,(? read irlpavv. h tlXSyovp, ^h,f om. *• g 
reads avrijt, "•<?, 0^7. A corrupt form of this appears in A,/ rfvbpwBtjv. 
Other verbs of kindred meaning are given in b, A ^vbponBtfv. d Tfvdp€i»6ffK 
e avbpi^Brjv. *^ g om. " iS, A, S* add *Iaic<»/3. *• c, 5. A reads i/^^ro. 
adefg, A impj^ard poi (a om.) or A^ = jyw^ro «rfpl €pov. 8* «vX<5y70'«V ;*€. 
** d reads c<r«. ** Of, i3-6, A. 6 reads «cal €vobovfitvos, A unLtu^npq^^a^ 
(= 9r/K0rfvo»y) corrupt iot jutOanb-ia^_^ Kartvoboupsvog. */ reads eW. 

n. * e^, A*** om. ' g reads ry. ocfef, A add ry. • 6, S^ read &f 

tlbov, *c,h, P read rg A. ' (X (save that A om. the second aMiv and 
trs. fip&pa after fiov). fi-g read iriaorar aur^i^ €irolrf<ra fip&ixa (fip^fum d) rf 
trorpi fiov, g reads as /*-^ but trs. Pp&iM to the end. A = ntdaat (A.********* 
om.) td<aKa avrriv pp&pa rf ir. pov, ' c. A reads rat dc bopKtibau fi, S^ rof 
dopx. A = KaiV^ bopic. ^ A A trs. this phrase after iKp&row against CX. 
A adds /Mv. *e reads r^. d om. *e reads ircdi|>. / otrovdoibtf. 

Digitized by 


11.5] AIA0HKH lOTAA 67 

iKpirovVy KoL vav h Ijv iv roiy® irebCois^ KaTcXclfiPaw>K, 4. P-«> ^^ 

^T^ \iovra^^ Air^KTCiva^* Koi i<l>€i\6ixriv^^ ipi<f>ov iK roC Jg^* y"'*' 

orofjiaTOS avrovi^^* r^i;^* &pKov Aa/3a>i' Awi roO Trod^s Aire- *4^pa^a 

XwTo}^ €k *rij; Kpriiw6v^\ *koI <nii.€TpCPi|i8. 5. *T^ 3^ 

iypfoi xo^P<P^^ KoribpaiAOv^^, koX vpoikapov^^ ^iv Tto rpixciv Xa&op 

up Koi^^ KaT€(nripaia airrfi;. '^'**, 


ritiipwra}^, 4. Kal Xcoi^ra* A A, S^ *ica( iray Oifpiov^ t €ir€<rrpf<f>€ iv 
€/Af, dU<nr»v avT6 ias itvva ^'. 

^^P'Oe (save that for jcorcXo/Sov c? reads icaraXa/3«y and ^ jcorcdpafiop), S^. a 
reads icol Kpcerriaas ^fitpwra, 0, A represent a third type of text, e <f>op. 
ay. Karakafi6»£ (sic) ^fi€pwaa ntdiras hopKO^a ticvvrjyov iv rg X^^P' P"^' -^ (with 
which e is related) = <l>opadas dy, wuicras fjptpwra avrds' (aa Sypia iQrjptvaa 
h x*P^^ Z""'* " Ot. /3-cfef, S* read Jcai Xtuvra, ef Xcovro. A = icoiyt ror 

Xcoirra (Xcoiras A^) noXXatus. Vers. 4-7 appear in an expanded form in 
d as follows: oXXore iraXiy notpaivovrdt fjuw rh npdPara rov varpds, Xeuy €K 
rrjs tpfjfiov iirtkd&p {jpTraaev ipi<l>ov «k ttjs dylKfjs Koi €vop€vtro, Koi I^odv avr6p 
Zdpoftov in avrbp koL vtdcras vapaxpfipa dv€KTtwa koi df^ikdpipf rhp Ipc^oy ex rov 
vrdiMOTOs avTov, SKkcr^ iraXty SipKot (sic) €nt\6ov<nit ry noipvjj Xa/3o>y aMp otto 
rov irod6ff dir€Kvkrja-a tls t6 Kpf]fip6p Ktu nap airrii duppdyri, Ktu irap dc Oripiop 
cW<rrpc0€ir (sic) in ipi huandpaa-irop avro &an€p Kvpa, 5. Kal iroyrcXci Qif>ar 
PitTfif napt^tovp, ^(XXore OtaxrdpMPO^ icvpa Sypiop rptxopros avP€dpapop avtd* 
KoA ncLpakafi^p avrhp ip rf Tptx^of /le KaTfondpa^ avrdp, 6. AXXorc ndpdaktp 
(sic) €P XtfipiiP irpoo'ciridi/o'cy cVl r&y icvya pxtv t6p napcucoXovOovprd pot' Koi ntdaas 
avrifp an6 lifs ovpas dneicdpTion aur^p cV rj y§ koi €v6€t»s ippdyff, 7* ^AXXorc 
ndkiM dupxopivov pav tp rois dpiois Tdfyt, Btcurdptpos fiow dypi»p dyiXrjp ptpw^ 
pMPffp ini rmo x^P^^ Htckipa r^f 6dov koi npog airrovs ytpopepos Kpan)fras r^v 
/iccfoKi mrr&p dno r&p Ktpdmp, ical €p kvkK^ awrtrtlaut Koi CTKorla'as pff^g avr6y 
dycIXoy. ^ A ^ dnoKTttpas (A** dnixTtiPop), " h. C, hg read a^cXd/i^y. 

af duptikdfufp. e, A dxj^updpfiP. " A^ = uvr&y. " «. /9 om. A = icol 

rdp. ^(XjCi, g,A read dnffKdprta-a, of which I take hdef dnticvkfiaa to 

be a corruption. Then anijKdprura and dnlkvaa would be independent 
renderings of ^rhvf. ^^ A, afg. e reads t6p Kpvppdp. h Kptffufdp. e UMpop, 
^ ex. See also d in note 11, ical nap avra ^uppdyrj. fi, A, S^ read ical nav 
Bflpwp h {aby S^ f 2, c^ om.) \miarp€^p (6 €n€<rTp€<f>tf df intarptipip, e cn-c- 
TpfX^Pf g €niarpfip»p) in* (f) n-p6s, g cir) ipi^ buan^^p {bg Ikfjumup, d dicoTrd- 
paaaop, e dufonop^ f duimovPy A ^ dircicrfcyoy) aM »g [aura A^**) xvya (a om. 
MT K.) By referring to the text of d, given above, it will be observed 
that here again d is conflate, or is it alone not defective? ^See 

preceding note. *^ h, af (but a om. rf ). hefg read rf x* ^ ^^ ^ ^ 

oy/No x<>*P^« "^(X, a. /3-a read oi/ycd/xi/ioy. "A. c reads npotkafia* 

abef npoKa (Jbef om.) npokaPwp, d napaka^p, g npoakafi^p ex rov irodc^r. 
In A the text = itai Koradpapdpros pav xocfKiy ayptop Korikafiop avroy lud irora{a« 

V 2 

Digitized by 


68 AIA0HKH lOTAA [n.6 

ft(A),S* 6. *n(lp8a\i9 iv X€)3^y vpaa-eir/iiriirev M rhv iciva^\ 

/r iw? *"* "^^ ifirpav Kai Ippdyvi cl« Wo**. 

6ploig 7. *Bcwi; iyptoi; cfipor T^r x^P^*^ r€|i6(A€WK, ical Kpar^craf^^ 

^a^d^A ^^^ ^/Hirwy^i ical«* irtficX<p *<nKr(r€fo-os»« *ical o-Korr<ras«* 

S^V ' pCyjfas^^ iv€Lkov^^ air6v^\ 

wt^ III. ♦•Ort Wi *1ixeov ol Mo paai\€h rw Xavca;aCa>v 

voviKftar TfdwpaKurijJvoi^ ivl rh *voCiwui ^^ ical Kai« iroKAs* */Licr' 

'^"- ^ oirwp* *icAyi> twvo9^ bpaiMov M rhv Pacikia *r^ Iwi* *ital 

icoi or«. fif S^ ical iroXvr Xac^p. 

KaTtavdpa$a rh oara avrov. ^(X. fi om. ^ (X, /3-<l (save that 6 reads 

frp((ff for M and ^ prefixes ko/). A<> = iropdaXu ^UXorf ^ X. irpoamfiaaat 
M rbv K. A^ SKkcTt ndpb. A^^v ^v X. Ktik irpoamfddtrat M r, k. Observe 
that d agrees with Aa. See note 11. ^ag read Kparticras. ^ol 

reads avri^y. Aom. ''OL,af. /3-a/ read oupar. ""a/, a read 

diniK6irnf4ra, bdeg mr«K6wno'a. **(X. jS-cI, S^ read aM^v icol ipp6yfi {e dicp- 
/xiyi;) o^ rocr 6piois {e tptirui) TdCtft. For d see note ii. A = rai €vp4Bti 
( + 4 irdpdaXiff A**') pay€ura tv 6ptoif Tafi^ff. The fvpc^ here is borrowed 
from ver. f where it shoald be restored and read as c^poy (f^f)* The 
phrase ev Spioit TdCris seems to be wrongly connected with ver. 6. d 
connects it with ver. 7. •*•«. /3-<i, A read /Sow Syp. tv (/ «ri, 5^ om.) 
X«op? (/|7 X^S^^i ^ ^P*0 ^f^^f^^^" ^$cpanf<ra (A fcpun^craff). ^ add cff. 
'^A adds avrov, ^e om. /3 adds tv, '^h, P-e, A. e reads awrr^at. 
€ <rw<rjtras. A«,** add aMu. •* a, 6f. fi-bfg, A""*** read ical o-xoraxra^. 

g aKOToHrag. A*** = leal itTK&r^irtu A** add diyXoir<(rc tKfudvai. «5^*w» read 

/tall'pp«V'a(+€VTgy5 A*"). A" om. A*»* read ical ^'^ fV tJ yj. ^A^^ 
om. "/reads avTijy. A om. 

m. * ex. i*-<f, A, S* read ical ore d nai iv pi^ r&v Ijptp&v, • A = ^BtP 
6 ^a-iktvs r. X. TtSttpaKtafUvof. ' OL ahrfgy S^ read noifuna {e vpd^ara) ndi 

V, Xaos (g iroXXot Xaot). d noifivta tn^v rov dpirao-m avra icoi iroX^r Xoi^p. 
A voLpvia iroXX^ Xof (A** rai troX^ Xa<Jff), * A** = ^v airy. A''*****'* om. 

^d reads /ya> p^ivr. ^ ica/. A = xoy^ fiovoc $i> ica/. 'CX = ^HKH, ' the 

one.' The other authorities read nivn which is well reproduced by oa, S* 
as 'Ao-ovp, less well by hfg 2ovp. d 'AaavpUv. (Cf. my note on Jub. 
zxxiv. 4). A = Zoup. The omission of 'Ao-ovp by OL is due to its wrong (f ) 
text in iv. 2. See note 14, p. 72. ^(X. /3, S^ read avviirxov (a <rvMcxop, 
6 cru^x^*') oMy icac cVl (e om.) r. KvrifuBas {d ivTtKvtifudas) Kpovo'as, A = 
awtaxov avrhv km Kpov<ras iir\ raf Kv^fias avrov, *A = i tu i u uii u <rag. *(X. 
fi-^, A, S^ read ical rAv. d 6fioims ical Tov. *® (X. /S-*^', S^ read Ta^wc. 

6 Fo^ovr. ^ Taxf>owrt, A = rwv Ta^iow. " cZ reads iinrov ^^m». ^ m^ 

rinroir. A**»adda^ov. A*** add ^povcraf. "ft A***'***'*** add o^rfi'. S* 

Digitized by 


■^^.^ y.^ai.. i.^P^.IHI 

m.3] AIA0HKH lOTAA 69 

KaOriii€vov M *Toi; finrow^^ [AvctXov^* Koi o{!ra>9 irdi/ra rdp avrw^al 


ytyavra cilpor" 

3. *Tdi; *Ax6bp 
fia(rikia^'^'\ ivbpa 
yCyoirra ^® jSdiXXovra 

A Kpova-as, 

3. Kal *Tiy i3a<ri. 
kia Xioph] ivbpa^^ 
yCyavra "^IxovTa 

om. rest of verse. The words mwXov «i2 ovT»f . . . /ScurcXca must be rejected 
as a cormpt and in part dittograpbic addition. For since according to 
m. I and ly. I (/3, A, 8^) Jadab kills five kings and according to HI. 7 
Jacob kills one, tbere can only be one other king slain, as there are only 
seven in all. This is the King of Tappuah whom Jadab slays, according 
to onr present text in III. 2. Thas the original text cannot have dealt 
with an eighth king as the present Greek text does in III. 3-5. And 
yet these verses with the exception of the phrase t6p *Ax<S>p /Sao-iXca are 
original ; for they are found in the Midr. Wajjis and the Book of Jasbar 
-—only in these latter with reference to the King of Tappuah. Hence 
we rightly infer that verses 2-5 originally related to the King of Tappuah 
only. We can, moreover, account for the origin of the added name *Ax<»p. 
For 'Ax»p = niPIK a con-uption of "^HK = htpos. Thus r^ *Ax«^p /SooriXca 
is merely a corrupt dittography of the opening words of ver. 2. The 
earlier part of the addition arose subsequently either in the Hebrew or 
in the Oreek translation. To this addition there is nothing corresponding 
in the other Hebrew authorities. ^h,de,A^^*. c,o/5r,A~*** read 

airmv. b, B^ om. ^^ (X, A. d reads ml irdXiy SKXoTt. fi-d om. "oc, 

fi (save that g reads *Ex^P Z^*)* ^^ attempts an emendation and gives 
ffoKTikta x»pd (of. A, ver. 4). A*****" give 'Oxoaopd for X«p(S. Before 
discovering the corruption of the text, I took X»pa to be corrupt for 
X«poir = jn\n, i.e. piirma. See Jub. xxxiv. 2-8 note. " It will be 

observed that (X gives at once the most intelligible text and the most 
grammatical. On the other hand, a is defective, for the phrase IffmpoaO^v 
«u &fnfr6tv €<!> cmrov is found also in Jasbar and Chron. Jerach. ^^ An 

addition. See note 12. There is no verb to govern this accusative ; for 
a»€kS/i€¥ot must be construed with \iBop, For d see note 14. "& reads 
yiymrrinr. d addsrj Icr^vt. ^'See note 15. Observe that this order 

recurs in ver. 4. ^e. h reads dmiKdfiri». '^h. c reads XtrrpAp. 

*■ Undoubtedly corrupt. Possibly WDH (i.e. *n^n = ArdTofa, so A, S*) 
stood originally in the Hebrew which was corrupted into ^nro (i.e. ^^}). 
dc9«Mca might be corrupt for K^xpcvMa; but hde read tdwea. See note 27. 
** Though in a, d it is an addition to the text. The verse originally ended 

Digitized by 





piXXovra ro^a koL 
ivriKifjL€Vos^^ XtOov 
i^rjKovra KtTp&v^^ 

Kal iviiCT^iva airrhv 
\avv T$ fonry] **. 
4. (Wanting.) 

SvurOev koL Ifi- 
irpoaOcv t6^ov jcal^^ 
KoBrjfievov i<f>^ tir- 
irov di;6Xofi€V09 Xf- 
^01^ Xtrpwi; ^ KoX 
i,K0VTC<ras iitira^^^ 
rdv tinrov koX Ait^- 
KT€tva avr6v. 4* 
Kal iroX6/iY7(ras rii; 
Paaikia +Nax«^p 
d>f M a>pa9 8t$o ical 
€lsfjJfyq voi'/ja-asTriv 
do-TTtSa (n)viKoy\ra 
T<W9 irddas avrov, 
ical o{fra)9 dir^KTcu^a 

5. *'Ei; «i«^ ry iKh^€W*^ /i€*^ rii; ^lipoica avroC**, Vboi, 
*4v8pes +dicr«5*', iraipoi** avroi;*'^, rfp^oarro voXf/ACiv fA€** 

r J^ ifi7rpo(r0€V koX 

AreXo/uicvos** klBov 
^i^Kovra Xirpwr** 
iKOvrCaas tftwKa^^ 
*r^ f7nr<p*^ ical 
a7r^icr€«;a^» airoVO. 
4. Kal * iroXe/iijo-ay 
riv t'Axwp^^ M 
*<Spaj 8i{o»* *aW. 
jcrciva avrdv^, ical 
eJs" 8rfo fWpry*« 
irotijcra? ttjv &(nrffia 
avrov (TwiKCfy^a 
Toif^ v6has airrov. 

p.ov "^ical^*^ * •+€v8oin^ao« adrois XiOous*^ *T4<r(rapa9 i( avrw 


with aniicrtiptp ovn^v, and thns ver. 4 was lost through hmt. ^ d reads 
cinroy. ^ d reads an\»fi€Pos. f amjKaiitvot* ^ def. abg, S* read Xirp&p ^. 
d adds eytt «ea/. ^hde. ofg resA Mwca, 8^ iwdra^a, *i3-ie. e reads 
rov iinrov. (2 adds avrov. ^ a adds icat. "^ d om. ay om. next nine 

words. "^ 0-(^, S^. d reads nvfcvo-ar *^X^P ^o\tfuja'€ fur ifiov, e cn-oXc- 
^lyo-a T. 'A, 'A^c^p here also represents a corruption of "*D¥ = mpop, See 
note 15. " /»-e/, SK e/ read ^vo &paf. de add «tA {e om.) #ca/. » This 
clause, which has ical prefixed in de, should be transferred to the close of 
the verse as in A. See note 32. •*e reads «r/, ^h reads fupi^t. 
•• 80 A corruptly up {A^ om.) ttiJbtp q»f^fn^»^ a? ^d** ^^^^ 
'•A** reads nard^as and om. following koi. ^e reads koI cV. **A = 

Mv€aOai, **6om. a^faddavrJv. bgabrov, *"a,d,A. fi-^orn, a/ add 
•rat, *' a, ad, bef read 3ict« Mpts, g n-rvr^ieoyra Sv^ts, A = €<l>aprf<rap 

apdptf iirrd (A'* «iWa). cWa is supported by Midr. Wajjis, Chron. 
Jerach. and Book of Jashar, nx?B^. ** 06, A********', S*. In the other 

MSS. this word is written ertpoi. ** e reads eaurov. A* avr&v. *' a. 
/3-6, A read vp6£ fu, e fur iixov. ^ oc, (idg, hf read ipttkla-at, e rpi^^traff. 
^r, A prefix «i/. «a. jS, S* read o«f. A=Jy<i. *•«. ft S^ reads A» 
T^ X««P«- For the words r^i' oroX^y . . . fuw A reads rffp x«pa (A** tA^ 
X*ip<^r) /WW t;S otoXJ fwv. "^ a, A. /9 om. " c (save that with A I have 

Digitized by 


rv. i] AIA0HKH lOTAA 7X 

•liiiti»3<5 F^ •loK^P** aretXe rdx; tBcXl<^(l^«^ pa<ri\4a^^ irivrw^'' 
irorrjp rwi;*® fiaa-tkitov, ^ivifxP^^ yCycarra rfj la-xii Tn\xQv dcJdeica*^, 
?'*2»b qi ^' ^^^ ^Wir€<r€P*^ ^ir* avrclvs Tp6fjLOS^^, Koi iira6(rairro woXe- 
dfifpi/Iyits MoiOT€S** ^fiay**. 9. * Ata tovto 6 iror^p /aou dft^pi^Kos tjk 
?*' <S IT. ^y roU vok4fjLOts^\ 8t€«« ^yi *(rii; rots ib€k(f>oi:9 fiov ijfirjv^'^. 

iri. bwdfietos''^ *avviTr€TaC jtxoi^^ ^v too-*, tov imtj *4+oa6ai fioi'^^. 

T^^i , IV. *Kol |A€tA tooto y^oi^i' ^fAi*' kotA i'6toi'^ irrfAcfiOff* 

/If. /A€(fa)V* *Toi3 & SiK^fxoi;^* Kol TtapaTo^dfievos *aiv rots 

0-<tyi A, ibekiftots^ iwv i^^ay^y^ x'^^*^^^^ '^^^ AircicTeii^ftlicir® ^f 

8* ica2 

kotA yi^y yiyovw fifuv. /9, A-'**, 8* tbw$a, ^, A-**, 8' owexTttm . • , diaico<riovff 
avbpas Kai ritraapas /3(uriXct£. 

placed Xi^ow for X/^f). A reads a4>fpbovl<ras avroU XlBovg. ahdg, S^ \iBots 
cr^cvdoy^of (^ a^cvdwy. c{ (rc^rvdoi^a'af) avrow (^ «2r avrovr). ef \iBovs 
tnl^vbotniiras avroTr. A s= (r<ft€pdcvff(rasM ^ ^ reads rodr d^ avvcXoy. A = 

ovciXoir ff avr, Mpas (A*** om.) r^xr<rapag, ^OC. g reads <cat o2 Xoiiroi. 

/8-^ ol dc ^Xoc. ** a. d reads ry xaip^ cVcii^ 6 w. /uov 'I, fi-d, A, S* rai 

•j. 6 n. 17/A&V («, A******* /Aov). »"CX, a/. 6 reads B^cXara. d BcXwr. d B«€. 
XflirdB. g B€€\urdd. A' = BeXiatra. A^***^*» BcXiacraU S* 'EXicrdi^. These 
seem to be corruptions of ti^lsH^V^ = * Lord of Sliilo/. " e trs. before 

B«X. «^c^ reads AraiTTa. »« om. "•«. jS, A, S* om. *^c,/. A, 
e read Wca duo. oW^ i^'. * c, a6f. A, cfe^ read mtrtv, "d trs. 

l)efore in. A = r/xj/uof ( + f/i&v A****) «il ^xS/Sor. " e trs. to end of verse. 
•*a,d tU>eg iwid a^' i}/i«ir. / ^' ^/iSr. "a. j3-^, A•**^Sl read Kok 

ifi^ om.) d. f ovro afi. Jf 6 IT. /lov . . . iroXe^if. A***^*** = koi. g om. the 
entire verse, but adds the first half of it, prefixing irai and om. 6 narrfp fiov 
after ver. lo. d om. rest of verse. « c, fi-dg, A*»*^, 8\ h, A*^*'* read 
as in margin. ^ (X (save that I have corrected tipjiv of c and aviniprjv 

of A into rlfiip'). fi-dg read ^'wv <r^ {b cV) tow ad. /lov. " a, /3-{2, A*^**, 

B*. d reads ^i cSfP. ^ «Bcy <S wariyp fuw. A** = cBcv. A** cy« -y^ip by 
internal coiToption. ^e reads Bpapa. A***** add i^«er<$£. ''^A om. 

^ e{ reads xvpUw, A^ = xvptov dwapem, ^' CX, a/j^. 5(2 read cTrfrcu fioi. 

e i^i' m<t' ^^^'v. S^ fiorfBtt /IOC. ^ (X A^crBe pat {h /aoc) for dyjfa<r6ai pot, d, A 
read ^curBai pt, fi-de, S^ ^aaBai, e ffmBripai pt. These appear to be 
independent renderings of two difierent moods of y3J. 

IV. ^ (X (save that they read vAtop cormptly for wdrop), abf. A, S^ read 
mi Korh v6rop yeyoptp ffpip (for ^plp A****** read p^tj* d irdXi» oZp yey. 
ifitp. e Kal Jc. TOP p6rop ^pLtp ycy. g ripip yry. ^g adds icara row vcurov. 

*0 reads ficIC^'i'. c{ ora. ' a5^. ef read rov cV Siie^fUMr. (X tm^ eV Si^K^/ioir. 
c{ om. '(X. /3 reads ficr^ t&p ab^ki^p. • ^ol, A^* (but this reading 

Digitized by 


72 AIA0HKH lOTAA [IV. i 

ftS» air&v iuunxriout*. 2. Kol ianjKeov^" lyii^^ M *toS 

ISJr.- "^xows". Kol" *ar€0^ov +Tir p<MnK<a odrfi^t". 3. Koi 

I't^r TO(rai» W)i» olx|MiX«<r{ar". 

dXXovff V. Koi^ Tji i(fjs AwifX^ofAW* cly 'Aperdv', 7r6Xw Kparaiiof^ 

T€<r<ra- *cal 6' T^d'' 7rpo(n/i(afi€V^ * iirb ivarokQv ttJ9 irrfAews** 
P«^- 'Pavpiiti bi^^ Kal 6^1 A«;l" iiri bwrfi&v^\ 3. Kai 

A, S^ alx' r&v /3a<r(Xcfl»if. p-^, A, S^ Tftxipii mi atrpoatyyurrw, 

seems corrupt), ft A^****^^'', S» read ;^«fi, A adds ii oin&v Mpas. 
^bde, & add &vdf)as. g Mpag xai wcrapas fiofriKui. ^(X, A^* (seems 

corrupt), ft A******"** read afr€icT€ii«. •«. d, A read Mpat buucoaiovs. 

p-g, 8* add Spdpas {d om.) Kal rta-frapas (6 rcacrapcr, «f rcotrapcif) jSao-iXccr. 
^ ai^/>af. A icac /3a<riXtiff rtaaapat. d om. ver. a through hmt. ^^g reads 
avrX^tty. " a, A. ^ om. 6, ff add tV a^ovf. "A reads r&v rcixcW 

avr»y. "^om. ^*(x, i.e. the King of Hazor, who, however, was 

already slain by Judah (iii. i). P-e, S^ read SXXovs dvo jSoo-iXcIs ovriXor. 
e OM iXoir di»o fia<r(Xfis, A = dvcIXop SXXaw Uri /SuaiXcif rtirirapas, where 
PatrtkfU is corrupt, but riffcrapas is right according to Midr. W^jjis. For 
/SooriXetf we should read laxypwf = Dm32, as in Midr. Wajjis and Chron« 
Jerach. Dmai '1 DHIK^ nn. " a, ag. bdef read Ik^ve^pwrofitp, Text 

= ID^^fin corrupt for l^rDTl = (rvvfXii/Soficy, or for )^33 (verb used in Midr. 
Wajjis here) = KoreKvpitvaaiuv, Corruption due to corruption of *A<rovp 
into Xffip&p. See note 17. "d reads Ti5r. " Corrupt for 'A<rovp = 
"livn. The whole chapter relates to Hazor as in Midr. Wajjis, Chron« 
Jerach. zxxvi. 6, Book of Jashar {Did. des Apocr,, ii. 1 176). ^e reads 
tvnopUof, /3-{2, A, & add r&p fiacrikt^p, d avrwv, 

y . ^ &, S^ om. Instead ofKairj , , , l<rxvpdp d reads vdkuf odp SKkjf n^^t 
Kparat^ itai anptHTtyyurTot 'Aptrii ipopaCofitPff* ' efg read mnik$afji€p. ' be* 

c^ reads *Ap«*a. ^'A/Sera. «, 06* (over erasure)/, S» ctc/hw. A******"** = A^to. 
The original word was }0*1D (see Book of Jashar, ii. 1 176 ; Chron. Jerach. 
zxxvi. 7). ' g reads Kpanu^ and om. koI following. A^* = apakvrw 

Kparatdp. * (X. /S-ity, A, S* read Ttix^ipnj {ef r^ixtP^) ""i* airpoafyyump 

(a npoaiyyurrop ^fiip), g rj x^^P^ '^ ^ irpoarjyyUnfmp, For text of (2 SCO 
note I. *a reads Bom, mr, g dn, ^fup Bopdrf, A = icai ^irciXovv ^fup 

BopoTop, d adds &pyiaB€pT€t o^ ^fuU eV* avr^v ^iroptvOtifUP tls avr^p, ^ OK. 
ft S^ read 'Eya> o^y mil Fad. A = «u n$rc (A*' 2dov) /ytt «u T. 'eZ reads 
vfiotTfiv(afi€P. * A = ccff 1^ rcix<'^ ^9' ir^cttff an6 dporok&p, *^ e om. 

" a. ^ om. ^d reads Acv/r. " b adds coi wJrow. "A = ovt»s 

Mfufoy and trs. after rc/x<wff. ^Jom. *'(X, a5/. (0^, A read ciri. 

For r. rtixovs Afi read r«y rfix«»v. "A adds mul ^ ^^cXxcw is used 

Digitized by 





4* Kal ofiro)? Xcl- 

SfMl ol Aib€k(lH)C fWV 

i( kKaripoav r&v /ui€- 
p&v TOV reCxovs (la-- 
rikOoix€P cJy rriv 

4. Kal o{fr6>s Xd- 
* r«v yL€p&v^^ wa<r- 

voXlv iyvooAvT(ov 

4. *AX\a** irim-es 
ib€\<f>ol ffiJL&v i^ 
kKoripoiv T&v fiep&v 
iraa-friXovs ifivrj' 
(avT€s *• €lcrrikOo' 
fuv^'^ eiy rifv 7r6XLv 
iyvooiSpTUiv airr&v. 

a, A SI 

5. *Kal icar€X(i)3o/[X€i'^®avr^y 

iy <n'6iJLaTi paxalpas, *icai 

yovras *i¥ wupl |ycirpi^<raficr 
Kol <Hh-«i$ inCrros IXf&^o|Acr ical 

5* Kal tki^oiMV avrov9 & 
aT6iJLan fiaxaCpa^, koI ol iv /S ^^n-pf 
r^) refx^i** KaTi(f>\r/ov [ical «^««^j 

icai *rrfre ^ftci; ip,vprio'avT€S avroU 
Tobi TTupycvs a-ifv avroh iki- ^ 
fioiM€V^. *"" 


as a rendering of the hiphil of I^K in Num. ix. 19 and Jos. xxiv. 31, in 
the sense of 'to prolong' in the latter passage. A s= c^tXjcvoray rh» 
nSkffioif, This suggests the idea that as i^kKuvBfivm = 13*)M) the latter 
may be corrupt for 0*iy , whseh with or without non^D = ' set themselyes 
in array ' — ^a phrase which occurs several times in the Midr. Wajjis but 
not exactly in this place. ^(X, a/, hdeg read c^'. *6 reads Xo^paioi. 
^ b om. For c/cor/pwy S^ reads irdifT»p. ^d reads m^tray rb rctxor. 

& om. ry re/x'c " a reads ijXAw, ■• g trs. before ayy. a om. " 80 
A*^** ^ ^ luii ol SKKoi {ki, myi). A'^* = d*'. "A** adds iTir r# rc/x«. 
"A*^. Cf. a. A*^**^* =r ^iinik6oP. "A. c reads KmXdfiop^v. p ical 

iXaPo/up, ^d reads roi^s dc. ^fi,(X reads rocr irvpyois, S^ om. 

''(X. ^ reads iiivpturam^ {bdf tfjkvpi<ravr€s) r^v wvpyov aw cAroU ikafiofitv 
{-^n^prasf), 8* reads €v€vpfi<raftep only. "An error for irvp)^. "A 
dittographic rendering. »* 80 A****'*, save that A^*" add koi before Ad. 

3ofMv. The Armenian text (note 4, p. 80) wrongly omits in. ufojug (=: ical 
Ao/Soficy) after tn^o^ in giving text of A^. The in. is here an intrusion. 
The same mistake is made with regard to A*^ in the same note. A^* is 
corrupt. * Better form preserved in fi. ••«,«. "h reads eZWrcr. 
"«. 6readseo^ow. adf eaxjioxm. g Oafjfiw. A'^'» e€«ic^F. A*** e«icW. 
* J^. a om. df^ A read MfiaXw M (ft* f) rfiv atx* ( + tov a^Xca^c oMjp 
€$d)^fmp. esot. ^^ A adds i^/Miff. A^ om. next five words. ^^6 reads 

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74 AIA0HKH lOTAA [V. 6 

p. A, S^ 
6. Kal iv T^ iiTrUvai fifj&s, 
ivbpes &a^<f>ovi^^ ^iir^PaXov 

irapab6vT€S^^ avr^v** rois vtoiy 
^/A«i>i; (Twrfylrafi^v *wpd9 av- 

*K4K€&cwy4ir€Kr€&afA€i;*' Kal 

ical*« irawa r^ *^if airj}*® 
ia-tcvkeva-aiMcv ^\ 

a om. VI. Kal «9 ^/xiyv ft; T019 fSdaa-i Xwft/Si^, ol Awi flcojS^X* 

vera. 1-2. ^^^oj; ^<^'* j/^xay els irrfAefior. 2. Kal * <n;i;<i>^arr€S irpi- 

Yer^T' ^<*/*^''* avTOVff* '^xal Toif9 iiri 2ikii>fi (rvftfidxov^ avrwj; 

i'tr€KT€Cva4Ji€V^^ Kal ovk ibfiKUfjicv ^airroLS^'' hU^oiov^ *tov 

6. *Ei; bi T$ iLTtUvai fjiias, 
&8p€9 tBa^ovi^* iirekipov' 
To^^ TTiv alxfiaXoia-Cav fjpiMV 
Kal ttorrcs^"' ^/Afts tTwrjyffafiev 
vSkcfjiOv iA€T avT&v, 7* ^^^ 
i7r€KT€CifaiJL€V vAvras koI iriXiv 
i\ipofjL€V rrfv alyjMXiAtrlav 

irapdkafi6vm, ^A = r^v alxpuik»alap. b adds avp. ^6 reads irp6g 

iatfTovs and trs. before crvy^^/Mv. ** 6^, A, &\ «/ read cV t^, d «V. 

«fly. 6read8e<«^w. adfea4>ov€. A = ea<^. «A^*^. A*^ = oitckt. 
^Kf/yovff, but not A^ as Armenian text represents. cZ adds iravrar. *^^, 
A*** add avr&p. "a reads ifinpriacufrtf. * *»/, A. fi-fonL '^p. 

A*** = avr&F. "^o^. ftcty, S* read (ncvktvaavrts. A = cir a(x/M^«»a^u>i' 


VI. »«. a reads XwftScJ. W, S* Xovft^a. / XoftW. ^ XofijjSci. A** = 
XwCifP^ A^ XovfijSa. This town is probably the Mltb mentioned in 
I Ghron. iv. 22 as belonging to the descendants of Shelah, son of Judah, 
and named ^^13 in Gen. xxxviii. 5. Chron. Jerach. xxxvi. 8 speaks of 
the * waters of 31B^, north of Tappuah.' The name here is corrupt but 
the position assigned to it, * north of Tappuah/ is right if we maj 
identify it with *Ain el Kezbeh' {Encye» Bib., i. 37, 38). •& corrupt 

possibly for 'ApPrjX or. 'Ap/3a^X. The inhabitants of this town were 
destroyed by the sons of Jacob at this time according to the Book of 
Jashar (op. cit., ii. 1 1 78). «/, S* read *lm. dg 'iw^X. e 'I^^y. A« gives 
'IttiXaro/ as equivalent of ol Mt 'I. ' bd«g. af read vp^, * b reads 

irvinp^aptv. A = crwa^aiTfff vphs avro^s erptyftofup, • af add Jcaiteiww 

6wtKrtivatJL€P, *i3-/(save that a reads SoXdbv, b St^Xwfi, e 2iXa»ir, instead 

of SiX<&/x, and d reads aimvf instead of avr&v). f,A om. entire clause. 
This reference, however, to the people of Shilo is found also in Chron. 
Jerach., xxxvi. 8. See also III. f above. ^g reads avT&p. A om. 

*g reads bu^dboif. ^e reads frp6s ^pas ik6€LP. ^a. odtfg, A^ read 

ical oL b KoL The words oZ dc . . . ^ptp^ appear in d as follows : rg dc 
e' ^pipq, hniK&op fipuf ical ol cM Mfx4/> P<nik6fUPoi, ^g reads ciri. "c. 

Digitized by 


Vn-i] AIA0HKH lOTAA 75 

clircX^ciy irpiy fj^sK 3. *0l U irAn^i^ iirJ" Maxi)p" ^-^ Ai3 

oiroiy^* *& itparai^ fiaxaip^" ir€ptey€i'6(A€0a cifiT6v^® '^<*i 4^e^ 
&v€KT€CvafJL€V * KoX avTcifS^^ vpb Tov ivafirjvai r^v ivipaaiv*^* Xaptly 
4. 'XI9 5i ifKOnev^ iv^^ rfj irJAe*^, ol ywauc€S avrwi; ^<rt;Xioi; ^^^^. 
*\Wovs iif>* fffias^ Airi r^s K0pwf>Ti9 tov Spov9 iv ^** *^if <riav. 
^ 7^oAts*^ 5. Kal ^oic/rtf^as*^ fycJ re icol SvfAea^v d~4/i '^ 

ifMri<r^«;2« ivfXafiSiieea^^ twv v^Aw, ical * iJoXoOpcAroiwir ^^^"^ 
ical TaJn|r T^r iroXir^^. fidxo 

VI L Kol T^ i^s lpp40rj irpis ^/ias «ri *raa9 v6\€m 5 ^^ap 

jSacriAevs fo AcmS iroXk^^ ipyjerai^ vpbs ^/um9. irX^dor 


^p avroir. fi, A, S^ 0X71^ r. irAiy »KoOptv<rafi€P, 

dg, ah read M<x«p (Ma^cp &). A, ^f read Mexcip. Tn Jub. zxxvi. 2, 4 
I have taken tbis word to be a compression of MaxmwraKip, which is 
actually found in Jub. xxxiv. a. This latter form is an inversion of 
loKipfjuixaift, in other words, Shakir of Machanaim, as in Chron. Jerach., 
xxxvi. 8 ; Book of Jashar, ii. 11 74. "c reads djr^Bnp. "a. iS, S* 
add as in margin (save that g reads ix^Pp^v for alxfiaXwriap). d,A = \. 
jijp alx. fjp&p {d om.) a4> ^p»9. " a om. next six words. ^' OL bef 

read avrolf, dg avrovs, *' a,/, bg, S* read ip xaprtp^ (g Kpartpq) fuixV' 

d h Kparm^ x^ipi Koi ^vpa/ui furh fuixalpas. e, A KQprtphv lidxtP, d adds fierii 
fiaxaipat. ^(X,f,A^*. a reads ical ovrwi*. /*-a/, A****^ om. /3,A,S» 
add ^ )<''<»' irX^^ SvpooT&p (6, S^ dvyoroi, d bvpaar^Py g bvporbp) ip avroig, 
" Of. iS, S* read a^n-oCt. A = iroXXa wXiJAy. '•A = 4/iO£ tA inftrikd, d 

adds TOV iJXibw. ** a, flk^. «f read ^leafMi'. W ^Bon^p. " 5 om. "* a. 
^, A, S^ read vSKti avT»p. ** A, c2e/. c reads Xi^y ^^* ^ftor. oij/, A, S^ 

^' i7/Mff X(^ff. *^, & /3-« read J. ''^ adds avr&p. d reads ^ nSktt 
a&T&p, *'c,af, h reads dirorpt^^r. 5{/^ vrroicpv/Scyrcs. « cnrotcpvpivret, 

"A adds ri^f ircSXcwff. "'^e read inCKcfioiktBa. A = ai^XA>fici'. ^OC 

(save that A reads SkoBptwraftMp). fi, A, S^ read ledi Sktiv rijp ircSXty mXo^/xv- 
(rayATv (6«f oXo^p. c^ t(o\o3p,). 

YIL ^(X (save that A reads 0aprt for troXXf). a«/ read Taiis ( + 17 e) 
ir^ir fiaatkwp ip Hx^^ fi*M^'^> d agrees in substance with (X and reads 
6 Paaiktvf Ttjt iroXnir Vas cV i^x^V ^^ (sic). 5, S^ al in^cir r«y dvo jSoo-iXcW 
ip S, fi, g 'Payaia frSk€m9 /Sao-iXcMP ip H, fi. A = Fof fnSXif crvy /SaoriXci 
dvMirf . * 6 reads fyxoprat. ' j3-^, A, S^ (save that ^ reads yow for o^). 
at reads de jcal 6 Tad (A Aay). is conflate, odp rai Tod. '^-(2 (save 

that e reads avikpAx^p and <; irvfi/iaxovr). c2 reads npofnronjcdpwpot iavrovg 
Apopptuovs vwdpx^tp Koi !ptK€P TOV avppaxjjiriu avrovs ^pat, A = irpo(nroi« 
iloApMOa &f *Apopp. (A^ vpoinronfiraptpoi ttp 'A. A* irpo^aci) ( + <cal itrxtpo' 
TurdpiAi truppaxpi cku avr&v A***). '(^. e reads tUr^X^ptp, abf i[k6op^t 

Digitized by 






fcai iv TJ 



ftiiov Par 

ft A, SI 

iroirio-ifjifvoi ^AfiJoppaCovs &9 
(rififiaxpi^ €l(rqk$ofi€V^ els r^v 

3. Nwwl ai iSatfefa *A^oV- 

TJvoC^afuv rhs mJXa?^* av- 
ToTs^^ Kol TTcbras avrovy *icai 
ri oAr«v** 6ko$p€6<rap,€v^^ 
Koi *irivTa ra^* avror irpo- 
vopLeia-avT€S^'' ri^* rpia rc^x*? 

4. *Kai lirpoo-cyyuraiJicK t^ 6d|JLKf'^, *fr ^*^ tjy iracra tf 
ivoa-Kevfi^^ ofrrwK^. 5, *T<fr€ oSp ifipiCSfjiOfos Trap* 

avTcSv &pYl(r$rjv^^, *ical &pii,i/\ira^ *iv airoifs M rriv 
fKopv<f>i^v*^' KiK€woi, * i(r<l)€vb6vL&v ix€ iv XCOois^ *#cal 
t6^ois^, 6. Kal el /li) Aov 6 iib€\if>6s fiov aw€fiixria-iv 

2. '£ya> 5i icol 6 Fad iropev- 
64vT€s vpbs ^AfioppaCovs icol 
vpoa-voirjo'diifvoi avrdis avfi- 
fjiAxovs etaijA^ofnev el9 rifv 

3. *Nvicr^ bi fioBtla^'^ ^\0ov 
de ^ KcX Treivreff ot ddeX^f fiioi;> 
KoX ivol(avT€S rhs iriXas (A- 
Tols, iripras avrcvs i^oXo- 
OpcHa-ofjifv^ Koi iirpo€vofiei' 



d adds avv rf Xof avr<Dy. *A om. ^e. h reads lowrl fioBtuf. *h om. 
* A reads km rvk avrwi^ SKoBp€wraiu¥. ^^ h reads ^npovofuwroftep, ^ a(f«f. 

5^ read A^ovo-i rolf odcX^oIr. For iXddvmv • . . nvXaf avrocff A gives 
dvaardpTts fivoi^afiitv rots ^ficrcpoir ddcX^iip rht irvXac. ^* (]{ reads n6fyra£, 

g om. next eight words. *' a«y. W«*5f om. " d om. e om. next five 
words through hmt. " a reads ^XoBptvvapMv. ^' cZ, A read t& vinip- 

Xorro. ra. ^^ 0^(2/. «, A read in-powiuvaafuv, g irapopoiiriatfifTts, e, A 


"(2^^ om. 

^aefg, b reads KoBtiKofAtv, d jco^tXtt/Mv. 

(save that for inpwrtyy. h reads ir/xMrcyy.). /3-{iy A, & read km €P rS Bdfuf^ 
npoa-tyyiatifuv {ah wpoafiyyJ), d dttpx^fuvoi dc dcA 1^9 Qdp^ia irpoarfyyta'afitp, 
" a. /^ read o5. g Sirou, Aij, ^bg read mrofpvyff. A = ^pt " ^« 
P, A read rov ndkt/iimp fkunK€»v {d om.). S^ th v6\tfiop, **(X,de (save that 
c reads opyia^ and <ie om. o^y and read €$vfJM$fip for »py.). a&jj^, S^ read 
itJTf vppi((&p€Pos apyiaBifP {bg iOviiMOtip, f ^pyio^^v). A'**^*' ^ ical vfip^C^P^i^ot 
T<$rc imp' avTtti' koa &vfiovptPOi. ^<^t^f read aral Spfuiaa, A := &ppfi(rapMPm 

^ e, /3-/. / reads irpos ovrovr M r. icopu^v. & c'trl r. ic. irp^p ovrovr. A cV 
avTovt cittr f X^i> cirl r. xoptHpffp. g^ A add rov jlpour. Since the Midr. 
Wajjis has rxowb \\Wr\ H^ • • • )^Bp, it is possible that as our text = 
Wrb DiTi>P '•n^Dp, the two last words are corrupt for pjWT Ttcm b}^ and 
that we should read therefore Apfuia-a (or ovcir^diycra) irpttror M t6 relxor. 
^OL^af (save that of om. /m). 6 reads €ci^fph6pow hr €fi€ XiBois. deg a^ciM 
dopovprts {e (r^#dor7aajT«$) ^ay (^ om.) cV €pe \i$ois (e Xi^iv). '^ 6 om. 

Digitized by 


Yin. 2] AIA0HKH lOTAA 77 

fA€^*, *erxrf»' M^ iv€k€Lv^\ 7. *'Ain{\V«y oSi^« *^w' 

V aXXi|s 680U irp^ rir rraripa ijpjy jSc^OricraK o5t»** ical s^^^wX^ 
l«oii|<raK^ €lfr^vriv ficr' adroG*^. 8. Kal oiic ^irotij(ra/ui€V^^ ^dvrfs^. 
airoi9 oi5^i;«« Koicrfi;, aAA'»» *€Txo|16k adrods 6ir<H|KJpous*^ j^^^^ 

a p, A, SI ''^'^^ 

9. OlKobofATfiraiifv Si koX rfjv 9* * ^^^ oUM^ria-a iy(ii> i^v ^^^r ^i 
v6Ktv air&v* Sifivav koX 6 vaTrjp /utov rfjv tnolrjtr^p. 


oSros*®. 1 1 . Kal ^(rav ol Xai^cu^aux ^jSot/fxci'oi * icol eVouJira- 

^^« Koi *rois d8€A4)OtJff«0 IMA)^\ ^"^ T 

VIII. **H(rav 8^ /lot^ jcnyw; ttoAX^ ical *€lxoy ipxyaol- tm6v^ow. 

Bapaa^a^ rbv'^ paaiX4a^ 'Obokifi^* ^ml ik(liXrj<r€v vfuv'^^^ \pZ. 
AssKoi T6(a €r6(€vop iw i/it, ^OL. fi reads ftoi. ^ oc, /3-«. e reads 

tffuXkw fu dpfXecr. A := ^x^tv ( A^* iKuvoi Xa/Sdvrcf) dwiXdi' yue. These WOrds 
are found in Chron. Jerach., xxxvi. 11 m^rr HK pj^Yin Vn. '^c, ^. 
fi-dfg^ A read ^mikOofUp ovy. A eir^X^. dc. c2 dvifitjutw. / S^ rir^X^ov o^v. 
"* a reads nr' avrow. c^ wp6s avr, fi. Oufutv, g fi, Bvfiov tir avrow. "^ A = 
^^vyodcv<ra|iC9 avrovt, ^ (X. fi-d, A, S^ read dirXA$yrc£ di SkkrfS 6hov (a di' 
Skktft 6, ikB&pT€s, 6 fticX^i^iTCff) ittffifiaav rav irarpds /jlov (6 om. A ^ ^/mop). 
d dicX. di' ^Xijff 6dov oir^X^y vp6t *Iaical»/3 r^y varepa rf/i&p MfiOfoi, '^ (X, ofi 

hdegy 8* read imUitnp, A = tno^vaiiMv. *• a, a. /3-a, A, S* read avrS^w. 
» A = iy€i^ero. « 6e^ read olOh^. » i adds ^oXXw. " a. Cf. Midr. 
Wajjis DD Dn7 UJIJ. /3-^, S^ give a different text, «roi^<raficy alrovi {mo- 
<nr6pdovg {e etfttnrMovi), d virooirdydovc a v. tirou^ofuv. A=(nroyd^r rmuiaeifuv 
np6t avTovs. With the latter text cf. Book of Jashar (1689, fol. 79^) 

trh^ n^ni apjr '►33 dwb^i and n)b\t^ nnn onb wd^. "^^ reads B6vTts. 

**Py S^ add tfotrop against (X, A. ^^ reads €xtPp»tf- A= acx/ioXorov^. 
** a, d, A. i&-<i, S* om. *^P^, S* (save that for edfj»ap of cw^, 5 reads 
eofMrn, and for 'Pa/3a^X of aefi 8\ b reads 'Pa;i/3a^X and g 'Po^a^X). c2, A 
read T<$rr (A = rai furi. rovro) oiKMixtfo-a (A*** iitvfnt6vtva'a by internal 
corruption) ^yw r. (+9rdXftv C?) Bd/miff (A ed/iiya) Koi 6. ir. ftov n^y *Pa/3^X 
(A 'Pcm^tX). *• a, fi-dy A read cueoo-i cVw fliajP. d ^firjp dc rrfrc ic ir&v. 

^'^ dg resA ytyoptp, *^ d TesAa kqI €lprfv€v(rafMv. *'c. A leads jcai c/mm. 
fi fte. ^h reads in dat. " d adds a<f>6lipa, 

Vm. ^a ft A, 8* read ?F ic' (A om.) /*o* (+ica/ oft/ A^ ff). «A = 
j|r <{m)^ rov dpxtiroliiMPas fiov. 'ot, Odf. 5 reads *lpdp. dg *llpdp, A*^^ = 
*lfidt. A****** 'Ipd^. *a,a6sr. d reads 'OdcoXXafiiV- c/ 'odoXa/^^Tiiy. 

Digitized by 



/5-M ^ Koi^^ ivobq<r€V fjfuv votov^^' koI tTrapaKoX^cas^^ bibc^Ki^^ fioi 

ft*T*'qi' '^v Ovyaripa avroi)^* *dK6fiaTi lagd" els yvvaiKa. 3. 

5^,^ AW)" hcKh iwi rhv *Hpi8 Kal rii;" 'Aii^^i. koI rii;«<> 

itmra 2TyX<iS/x*^. *Ka4 Tovs fiiv 8i;o^^ iofukof^^ Kvpwr 6 yip 

5^^ I X. *A^ica Kttl dicTcb^ *ln7 ^7rof7?(ra; Vk^ elp^vriv^ 6^ iran^p 

i8 A S* /jwv* fiera rov ddeX<^ov avroC ^Ho-oO*, icai ol"' viol avroO fieff 
(T&v i» Tjfi&v ficra® rd ^X^cir ^/utay Att^* * Mfo-oiroroftfay Airi Aaj3<ii;'^. 
TyTfci- 2. Kal TrkriptoOivTOiV t&v'^^ betcaoKri) iwv^^ iir(wr]k0€V^^ rjfuv 
icooTw *H(ra{; 6 ddcXc^d; tov irarpSs jxov^* iv XoS j3ap€4^* iccu loxvp^. 
tT€iMs 2. Kal *lTraMrcr ^k t^J^ *laic^P r^r •Haoo", ical" ^^^t;^® 

^fi-dg, A, S^ <?^ read irp^f oi^ cX^^v (^r om. icai) Ibotv ix€ {g om.). OL reads as 
in margin. ' ot, a«/ &(2 read Bopcrdy. ^, A Bapcrd. ^ ot. om. ' c2^ 
read ^ucrtXcw. *(2 reads '08oXXd/Li. A = 'OboKoparw. ^°c. A reads 

€\akri(Tw ovrdv. ^, A om. Perhaps we sbould read «cal tKaK^afv ^fias, 
^d om. ^'^ reads rovov, h adds 6 fiaatktvs, ^A adds fif. vrapa- 

Kakiaas has no intelligible meaning here. It = DnSD corrupt (?) for ^Qa, 
*when I was heated/ i.e. by wine, or nDn^3, 'when I was hot with desire.' 
Cf. XL 2, XIII. 5-7. For the same corruption cf. LXX on Is. Ivii. 5. 
"a, g. /3-«, S* read did«crt(ir). e bibovaiv. A = ibibov, "a om. "a. 
af read Buro-ovc. 6 Bi/o-o-ovr. c2 fioo-cc (which it trs. before rrjv Bvy.). t rrjv 
Bficrov€. g Bttrow. A = Bcpdove. These are all corruptions of S^e^ru. 
See my note on Jub. xzxiv. 20. ^"^ d reads koI (rvXKafiovtrtu A = xoi 

avTfj, " /8-a, A. Of, a read tip, " M om. ^ ahefg om, *^ c, {ig, 
A^*. h, fi-ag re»d ^iXmp, A*'^ 2v\afmv. '^Ot^A. abdfy letid &y raitt 

bvo ( +*Hp Kai Avvop d). € obs tov^ bvo, 6dfl, A, S* add mKvavs, " ^ ^ 

add 6. ** c, a, A. ^, /3-a read SiX^p. "^ 0, A, S^ add JcaU rh tckmi 

avr^O (a om.) vptls dart {d om. v. e.). 

IX. *cx. ^ reads d€icao«r«. «a, a/ A, S^ (save that a/, A, S* om. bt). 
bg read ^n; eiFoanraiktv, d ivoififraptv rnj. hii €irovi(raro» ' </ reads ptr^ 

rb iXBttP ffixas asrb Aafiav €k rrj£ Mco'oirorap.tW iv ^Ip^vg btayovrts, ^ d adds 

r(. S^ om. with next two words. *a. (2. /3-c{, A read ^fM»y. ^cf add 

ml tipMis, *c reads 'lo-av. ''a om. "c adds d«. •«, ^. A, 06/ 
read cV. (2 om. together with next seven words, e adds rfr. ^^A = 

Ao/Sair fV MciTOirorafiuw tw 2vpi»v. " 6^ om. "ft A, & add ry« (3-«, 

A om.) iv Ty (6« om.) rtatrapaKoaT^ ( + niiiwmp d) hu ( + r^ cwf ) f«5^ /""'• 
» a. /3-/ read imjxetv. f di^\6€v. "A = ^fi&v. « c, d read /Sopw. 

^*a. So also ex,/ (save that tt inserts 6 before 'Ickcd^ and reads inmatv, 
and / firco^cy'fer thraiatv). c{ also (see below) substantially supports our 
text Either liR-co-cy is simply a corruption of hraurof or the latter may have 

Digitized by 



^v€Kpb9'^^ iv Spn -Li^lp^^ 4. *Kal ^/X6ts Kare8tc4fapi«;" ft S» 

rfivvridr\iuv flo-ekOeiv ^iv airg^**- * Trcpwca^fo-cun-cy 8i^^ ^iro- mpos €v 
kiopKoviuv airriv^''. 5' ^^^^ **^ ^* -^voiyov *fjfia; fiera {^^ovipafi 

fj^pas efcoo-i^® ^dpdvTtov air&v^^^ Tspoa-iyia^^ kkipxiKa^^ koX ^^^%v^ 
vapdh^oras'^ *t^k dinriSa iiii rrjs K€if>aXTis fiov^* 'f<*^^^ftA, S* 
ianjkdov^^ * &vob€\6iJL€Vos rodsKtOous^* ical®*^ ^ciAoi; ^ritraapas ttoXwkoI 

aptwp Tpi&p Ktu avtkd&v (A om.). 

been only a happy emendation in the Greek, and (imvw or Mnto-ip may 
have been a rendering of Ton which the transktor took to be n|f1, 
whereas he should have read it as HSn . The Midr. Wajjis and Chron. 
Jerach. have here Itry!' nsn = ' smote Esau.' Similarly Jub. xzxviii. 2. 
Of the other authorities bg, A, S^ read matv iv t6(<p ^Icuc^p, d firccrc rf 
'Ho-aO €9 t6^ 6 ironjp fwu 'leue&fi. e €ntcr€v r6 fvXoir. h om. next twelve 
words through hmt. ^d adds cv^cW. ^e reads ^\Btv. d adds »s, 

A**= ifpoK crfrcJir. ^g reads 'HcraO. A**** trs. before ^fpAy. A^ om. 

yf jcpdff = npa? which is corrupt for H^nj » Ttrpavfiaeriapevog. Owing to this 
cormption e om. the following clause and A, while preserving it, wrongly 
alters it. In the Midr. Wajjis and Chron. Jerach. ver. 3 appears as: 

T'^i'ua tx^ ntDi ii>m . . • nn imxc^a }^n p rbro m . . . ^^b rom 

■•c, 5^. a reads Sotd^. df'^np* « Scfwyx. "/3-W, S* (save that eg read 
*A»opijpafi). hd read xcu irop€v6pfvo£ Mlv» Elppofivd ("Hp<iy c^) M0a»w, A = 
leal vopwofU»»p avrmp h&ifni ey 'Avopipa/i. Of. Jub. XXXviii. p. This claUSe 

was omitted by e owing to the corruption pointed out in note 19, and 
altered as above in A for the same reason. *^c. af read fifuU di duo^oyrf r 
ivL beg, A ^/Mcr dc idim^fKP M {e €VcdMo(aft#y). d fffuls mrrd. tnL For r. 
v2ovr following e reads ^/(r«» rfiy vl&p. ** c2 reads avrov km Kori^vyov tU njv 
wdXa^ a^&p, ** A. c reads xal 7 rovntp nSktg lirxvpa, ft-cf, A rovrocr frcSXis 

(A irAciff ( + ^xvpcd A***)) «i( T«xos vi^ffpovp {rtlxn {+avTmp A***) <ridijpa A) 
jcai iruXo* ( + avrfl»v A^^*') x^^^*^'* ^ ravrrfg Tttxo£ 6xvp6t Koi irvXoi x^^^u* 
S^ ovnocff ir^tf (rtdffpa Ka\ nvXat xa^iBac. "^ (X, bd. ef read c2ff avri^v. g ip 

avyg. a, A om. " of. c, « read ntputaffrja-atn-ts di. h ntpucktiaSiiawms dt. 
b Kok mpuooBiawnts, dg vapoKold^craPT^g roivup (dc g), " C, A. h, ahdf^ S^ 

read avroCt, e cV oMfp. g airS, ^h. p reads ittrh tjp^pag tUoai {tU, 

illUpas f), e ff/jup wf ^n, €&. A = ^fUP rat nvXat lura 17/i. cue. c, d add 
Koi. "A om. ^d reads npoadynp, A = irpotniyayofup. n^vht 

vpog rh Ttlxfi aurmp, A^*"^ insert these W4>rds before jcX/fuuta according 
to Armenian text. " d, A^^'*. A*** = napaBvftraan^t. This participle 
is necessary though a, ft-c^, S^ om. it. " (X, ft-c^* d reads acnrida cv rg 
K€<fiak§ puov, g r. acnrida hti r. ic€(fMiXi}i' ^ov. ^*>*»««(»«*') ss dcnrtda firi t«f 
M^oXAr iiimp. So also A^* but that it trs. ocnrtda after fiprnp, ^Oiy 

Digitized by 


8o AIA0HKH lOTAA [ix. s 

ft(A),S» T&v bwacnw oirrQv^. 6. *Kol *»» 'Povfilfi Kal i^ Thi 

l&il^ifir ^^^^^'^ *^^P.^^ ^f"- 7- '^^'■^ "^^^^^^^ aJrowrti;« ij/iu;** 

fidvrts. Th irpdy €lprivrjv koL * y€V0lUvrj9 fiovkfjs fA€rct** roi3 varpis 

ftA,Si ^^fii; ib€(ifi€0a a*TOus*^- 8. Kai Ijcav bibovr^s^'' rffuv 

SSr^'- wpw*« fcrfpovs" irc^Toitoa£ous«^ ical" Mafov tu+tjs" 

pov9. vevraKocCovs'^^, icol** ofcov ^ ixirpa ircKTCuc^oia "^Iws too XijMNi^ 

W«,A 3Tf«* Kar^XOofuv'^ cJs Alyvirrov. 

diOICO- . 

ctovff. ^-a/, A fi«B, /3, A x^*^ irryrain^ia cW ^, 

/3-rf,A^. (l,A^*«om. »A*»* read ain}XA>/i€» cVl tA TfTxof. ••«. 

Here the text seems to mean ' sustaining the assault of the stones.' In 
this sense we should expect {mobtx^fi^vot, but Polybius ^iii. 43. 3, y. 51. i) 
uses afrodcx<(/Myoi in this senee. fiy A, S^ read mrobfx^fitvos {{modtx^fuvot e) 
XlBovs ( + cirl T^ff icc^oX^r P^^l + fuyaKovt A^')*****", but A** om.) tt»s rakavr^p 
rpmp (ms rakarra rpia e). "/3-^, & B,ii dptXB&p. gtltrtKB&p, *c. h reads 
rc(r. rovr dtworovr qvt&p. fi ria: rovt {d om.) dvporovs 4^ avr&p (0 dimcSirrar avrov). 
A := avr^y Mp<u Tttraapas bvporovf, ^ (X (save that h om. 6). €Lfg read 
«ral €^ff. &(^ Koi rj7 c^. A=ical fier* rftc. /3-a(2/ A, S^ add ifi^prts, 
dikBovTts. afa»aPdvT€s. **«. 3 om. **6reads^f^Jcoirra. "a. d 
reads ol XoiTroi. iS-<2, A, S^ om. ^ 6 reads ain^o-arrcr. ** 0. A reads ^/i^y. 
P ^ixas, ^ oc. fi-de read yevdfitpoi PovXrjs (cf. I Chron. xii. 1 9). d ytpofuvw 
fiovkrjg fitrd. e y€POft€ini Pavkri, A^ reads faUq-pb-iua fuputfu ^ airiycrayrcf 

IKapolf where however fupatfu is corrupt for fuputm = /SovX^k So I have 
just found A*^ reads. Thus A^= turfjcravrtt fiovXrip, a good rendering of G. 
The text of A(^^)^ is not recorded in the Armenian text, but only that 
of A****^**. In these M8S. ^ptufu is corrected into %utfu = irpitrop. 
Hence their text = alT^a-avres irp&rop, *• Of. /3-«, A, S* add vvo^povs, 

e iin<f>6povf, ^ A adds dtc. *^d reads crlrov which b adds in margin, 
g ffvpovi. *• h, fi-t =113. c reads k6kkov£, e <f>6povf, ^OL,f. a reads ^'. 
bde, A buiKwrlovs, g om. "a, A. /3-gr, S' om. g reads <w. "*o. 

^ reads v<^ctr, 0/ ^cvr. lliese seem to be corruptions of PID'^iC, which is 
transliterated in the LXX as ol^l and oi^mI. But the use of this word 
as a measure of liquids is without parallel. We might, however, defend 
its use here by appealing to a similar use of HKD, which though all but 
universally a measure for grain is used in a few instauces as a measure 
for liquids. See Jer. Targ. on Exod. xxix. 4 ; Lev. xi. 15, 27 &c. (Levy, 
ChalddischeB Worterbvch, p. 136). It is possible, therefore, to regard /3e0 
which is the text of bdeg as a correction. A***^*^*** = fiirpou ^46 (sic). 
" a, ef. ahd read 0', g ^'. e om. rest of verse but ^ adds twp 5r€ KorrjkB. 
ffc My. at foot. A*^*^** om. next seven words. " a, A***. iS, » om. 

" ex. abfg, A**, ff read yArpa {afg, A** om.) xtXw (S* om.) ntprtucdata {4> ag) 
C(B0f &r€ (^v a), d reads perpa a0 xal ravra tkofifidpofup 4( avrw cittr &nv. 
^g reads rfXBofUP. 

Digitized by 





2. *Hr bi 6 Etp 
vovripds, KoL lOavi- 
TftMrer airrdv iyyc- 
Xo9 KvpCov. 4* 
Kai Aa>Ka airrriv 
Avvav T^ bevripi^ 
\iov vX^y ical Vbdv^ 
avrhv dvctXcr 6 Kv- 
/>io9. .3* ^^ 

avro9 ovKJhyvm ovnyr 
Kar^ voa^ovpyCav rriv 

2. t^Oy V* wrrr 

rrjs&apAp, &n, ovk fjv 
iKXavavaCtav. Kal^® 
iyycXos KvpCov Ar et- 

rov Oakifiov avrov 
yofippeva-ai airniv 
T^ Avvdv KaCyc o5- 
T09 fo trovrjpCq oifK I- 
yyo) ®^ *iroii}o-ay <t{^ 

X. *Mcri 8i rcarra^ *Hp^ 6 vWy ^uw iyerai ttiv &a[xhp A ^»S' 
iK Mfo-OTrcTOfiCas Ovyaripa *ApA|i^ t^ainrf el$ ywauca^. ^*^* 

2. **Hi; ai *Hp^ 
TtoirqpSs, Kai^ffjr6p€i^ 
irepl T^s* (drnpAp, 

*iyy€kos KvpCov^^ 
ii'ctXev avrdi^ r^ 
rpCrri^^ wktL 3. 
Kol ** avTOi oijK 
typo^ ainrrjv, Karh 
vavovpyCav rrjs firj- 
Tpbs (xirrov^y ov yhp 

va^^ Air'" airnis. 
4. **Ei; rals fjixi' 
paiy Tov OaKiiwv^^ 
^iTreyifiPpeva-a av- 
rfi t6v^^ Aiviv^^^ 
KaCy€ oJros*^ iv 
TTOvrjpCi^^^ OVK (yv<o 
avrriv^^, ironrja-as 
aiv airrfj ivuwrSv, 

X. ^ oc, a. hef read ftcrA ravro. dj^, A xiii fierk TCttjTtu * reads Eip. 

^ef reads *A/9ay, ^ *Apa^. *a. /3, Aom. ^h&ddsKot. •aom. restof 
vers. 3, and 4, 5. ''d reads ?»' « ^ vWi fuw •flp. • h reads ^p«iTo, 

Text may be a mistranslation of IDth liT, which should have been rendered 
?^Ai/3e lifp e. or iJxBpaw€ rj 6. Cf. Jub. xli. 2 (Er) * hated and would not 
lie with her . . . because he wished to take him a wife of the kinsfolk 
of his mother/ ^g reads i^r. **« reads tvtyyvs. " d reads 8ia 

Tovro KoL ^d reads 6 Syy, Kvpiov and trs. after aMv. ^ h adds 4/«'p? 
tJ. " S* om. " a om. ov yap . . . prjrp^t avrov (ver. 5) through hmt. 
^e reads rcoa Ix^w. ^de read «f. "c? reads «v rms ^fi. tK^ivats rou 
, ov, g om. ^d reads cVey, avr^v rf, g tmyap^ptV' 

"^S add rhp Mrtpov vUw pov. See reading of (X. 
^ e reaAs wapovpylq. d a^AdB vnApxwf. ^gom, 

"* Here tp (i.e. *Hp) has fallen out before 4/» ( = ^i'). 
* A******* read ^uimirui£j^= rivkaPtlro) which may be corrupt for afuiptu^ 

>^«Y.= jj«^p#l. A'<^ ^«*»ar^ar%ib'ar^=r C*%p€l, " A****** add 4. "A* 

&akapov avr^f ciriicf i . 
itat t€ Mil avn^y. 
*^ g reads ml avrtfr. 
next eight words. 

Digitized by 


82 A1A0HKH lOTAA [X.g 

ftA'S' AA, S^ 

ftA,S* /i^y^fi avTji, *bU<l>e€ip€ bk ri oiripfM^ 

^J^Yk^ ^m*^ r^i; y^y", Kari r^i; ivroXifv Trjs 

S' om.) finrpbs ovrov**- xafyc oSros*^ dWdovcp*^ 

^; M«'^» fo Trojn]pCq^\ 

I'^Qi 6. ''HdcXov «i *ical rij; SiyAi/x Jowo* avrn", AAX' ^ *|i<- 

Vp^ iic *TW Ovyarifxav t^v Xoa;<wal<av^^ *«s icol avn}*®. 

^^^- XL Kdyo) jf^uf^ &"t vopripov^ yipos Jji/* *T«jf Xoihi- 

frpAff itdbwaiv /Aov''. 2. Kat idir® oMiv vivoxnoihw^ rjTran^&rip, 

T^y v2((v funt *Hp. '^ Here irp^pttp^M^aP^ ^nrnp^ is COmipt for trppii^^ rpirji. ^Ct b (see note 13) which pointB to exiBtence of 

17/MP9 here. After 9/icp? A om. ver. 3 and Brat three words of ver. 4 
through hmt. '•A'*** = ifB^XMP. » A** = ^&*\€w. A^ add e«vap. 

" So A*^"'*^ (save that these MSS. read noujirat instead of iroc^iw). A^ = 
Koi ovK €l<ni\$§p €tg oMfp, ^ d reads yvovt ey«. ^ For lyirc/Xiyoia . . . 

avT§ S^ reads mnfyipfwra avrhp fui avptivai aurj, d adds r^n, */ om. 

^d reads «4il di/^ifMy* to dc awtpiMa' g adds avrov. ''/reads fir. 

**{£ adds tppi^p. ^A^ adds Brfptrovf, *^abeg, A. (f, A** read dXXa 

((£ om.) leal otros, f wjTctt. ** 6 trs. after iropifpii^ 4t^*«in ^j^ awroO. 
^c2 reads avri^y doDyoi Koi r^ 2iX«b/u c2r yvvauccu For S^Xttfi of e, 6, we find 
ZiXV in A, fi-^, A^*y ItkofMkP ifi, A*^, ZykapAp in A^ A^ S add r^ rplrw 
vlAp /tow. For aitrS A** reads Bofidp. ** OL ft A, S read yw^ /mw. ^^f, 
S add Brf(r(rav€f d BoiHTcc, / Buro-ovf , A Btipa-uvt, ^ (itf, A add /<« ( + rovro 

iroi7<nu d). *• C, «f. A, ahdg, S* read iwovfiptUro yap ( + w/)As rijF Qapap 

bd, S). A om. 6 adds cv ea/Mip. «7<2 reads duSrt. ma*"*"* add ec^uip- 
*• a, A. e reads tS»p {ahf om.) Bvyariptiv Xowuf. *• a, a«f. 5jr, A*"******, 8 
read «f ovn}. <i, A**'* om. c^ om. next two verses (xi. i, 2). 

XL ^^-de. c reads tt^v, h idi^y, e idoy. *6, A, 8^ add r6. 'tx, A. 
j9 om. * a, A. P, S^ read Xavoov. " a adds r^s ^v^^r xoa. "A, 8^ 
add fiou. ^(X, A (save that e trs. /«ov before r^v). 0^17 iread ri^* Kopdlop 
pov (but ^ trs. ftov before n^y). 'e reads cZdwc. 'a. We have tiiree 
distinct readings. A, 8^ = o^ /m% (+fiov A\ H-ou'ou 8^) = ^nra or 
nntStoS. OC reads olpoxoowrap = npfiTD. But as ^mn^^y (a crorq^v) re* 
quires some such expression as cV fUBu^ we might assume that np(£^ is 
a corruption of nnB133, or else adopt the reading of ft oImxcovoov &r 
/M^ oiM>v, which conjoins a and A. After fpranjBqp 8^ adds fu3vatt6ti€Pog^ 
^oc. ft S\ and A read as in margin. How are we to explain these 

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XI. 5] AIA0HKH lOTAA 83 

*AMi »" *i7F6vT09 ^fun)" i'jrop€A&ri Kal *tkap€ r^" 

hk iy&^^ h iirolriirf Kanjpaa'dfiriP aMiv^^ iv idvvri ^vx?^ 

fiw. 5. Kofyc*® iTT^doFcv iv Tfi^ vovr}pC(^^^ oWjs '"ficiA J|^ ^' 

strange variations t first we shall consider fi, & tnn4m<ra irp^ a^^y. 
This peculiar clause recurs again in ziii. 3, 7 ; Test Jos. ix. 5. So far 
as I am aware, it is not only quite unexampled but quite impossible in 
Greek. Nor can it be explained as a corruption native to the Greek. 
We must therefore have reoourEe to the Hebrew. Yet the sense of the 
phrase is obvious Irom a comparison of the three passages. It denotes 
a licit or illicit sexual connexion. Now 0, 8^ = (n3 or) iT^ ^n^fiS, but 
this Hebrew cannot yield the needed sense. Hence I coigecture that 
W&3 is corrupt for ^^, which in later Hebrew has exactly the senses 
required by the three contexts. Now turning to A, which = oWircoa 
wp6g /SovXAr avr^f, we observe that it agrees with /3, S^ in attesting the 
corrupt mnfwfira, while it approximates to a in vp^ fimXas avrov. For, 
if we compare A and oc, we see that A — irp6f /9ovX^ airrijf (nnws) and 
OL — fft9 fiavktwraiUmv rov waTp6g fiov point to a common original lost in 
jS, 8*. The Greek of a =r < my father not having counselled (it)/ Cp. 
2 Sam. xvL 23* But probably we should read fof irviJL^Xfvad/juiPos rf 
warpi fiauj as in xiii. 4, = ^3M tVgp Mi's. For phrase, cf. i Chr. xii. 19. 
In xiiL 4, Judah says that he wished to consult his father before taking 
Bathshna. Since the context does not refer to the machinations of 
Bathshua, we conclude that oc alone is right here. Our author is fond 
of the phrase. Cf. ix. 7 y^poitdvffs fiovXfjt lura rov varpin ^fiAv. See also 
reading of d in note 15 below, and also in note 33 on xiv. 6, where it 
reads Awv /SouX^r rov warpdg yjov. Finally, tKafiw avrrip (=r iTHMC^S, a 
phmse denoting marriage) cannot be explained as being derived from 
or in any way connected with w]n, of which ^^D) (i. e. mnftntaa) is 
a corruption, a as it stands represents faithfully the original (X recen* 
sion, as is manifest from xiii. 4, where it actually recurs : oviifiovXtvvofMM 
T^ mrpl i»av koH aSr^tg X^i^^oiuu rffp Bvyartpa trov. ThuB we have here 
an original divergence between the two recensions, a is truly repre- 
sented in our text: j9 {ftrvprntira wp^ avr^p) when emended = inmy€tfifufp 
ovrg, whilst A borrows partly from ^ and partly from a, and from the 
latter in a corrupt form. " tx, fg. abe read avni, d koL ^oc. p reads 
aw6»rog itau {d om.). A^ trs. to end of sentence. "(X, ade. b reads 

eXa/3cTo,/j7ffXa0rvror. ^a,«. /3-^ SiX^fi. ^f reads Mpa, i adds 

xApu fioukii pou (sic). "a. /3--d[, S^ read y^ X., c2, A tm* XatftmaUp. 

^OL. /3 reads yvovff. "cx,ti2e^,A. 06/ om. ^0t,^9* areadsovrfff, 

G a 

Digitized by 



P-rf,A,S* XII. * Merck bi raXha^ *xrip€Vo6<ni9 r^s* QafiAp^ ^furh 


X&vow ^'^ ^^^ iLKoHiraa'a &n iipipxpiuu^ tov^ Kcipai'' ra irprf/Sara*, 

rovrovs, Koa-fjarfO^Mra K6iryj^ wfuj^iK^, iKi$i<r€V^ *iv *Evav^^ *t^ 

Jixt'ir^' ircJAci*^ *irpds rifp irdXnr" ""tw »ai««xe£o«". 2. N<f|«>ff 

AS^Yflfir y^p *iji' T«y^* *Ap,oppala>v^^ r^v txupeAniaar^* TrpOKaBiC^(rOcu}'f 

owrav, lpi9 TTopvei^""". 3. McevtrOfU o8v ^yol> <k*« oIk^" o6k 

fi^mV ^»^y^" aH•'^^ «ai ijiranyir^" fi€ ri ic<iAAos air^j iiA 

^wra Tov axj^fMLTOs^^ TTJs Koa-fi^a-eoas^ 4- ^^ iicicA(vaj^ irpdy 

irvAi^v. t{ fioi 8<i<r€t9^^; icol d^dcoica'' avr^ r^i; pifibov fwv Kol 

fwi '^^'^ ippaP&va}^K Kal *&s ovi^Adoi;*' airp <rw€(Xl74»«;*^ 
(ou^ / A^) Xtt»{i70 o^ic Mymp aMiP airi rov ou^v. ft A, S^ cIircX^M. A A, S 

beavTj. *^(x. fi^, A 9kdd avTtf. ^ om. with rest of verse. *^(X, /9, 
A om. "#-«, A, S* add vlAr, e vlov. »•«. ft A, S* om. 

XII. ^ (X, d, /3-€l, A read f^roi dc ( A koI iytpm f^ra) rovr Xdyovr rovrow. 
«a,/3-€^,A»^»»*«*-* 4V,A* read ;r7P€uov(F« )» (i} ^). »««, A add koI. 

^ OL (but A reads ^irc for /mtvS). o^j^ read 11, dvo ^, d M, hvo trti) e km fura 
Tpia frif, ^ h reads iLpxoitau *(X, P om. ^ e, def read ic^pcu^ * e adds 
cj^ cy av rj voXci irp6r t§ wvkji pdpos yap. A add ftov. ^ om. the next three 
words. 'A prefixes koI^ and for cV 'Ew . . . wapdoxticv reads vp6£ rSfp 

nvkffp iv fieajf rjj irdXft. ^^ txaBifa'^v and trs. after 9r<$Xci. ^®c, 0. This ifl 

Enaim {O^TV) mentioned in Gen. xxxviii. 14, where the LXX has Au>av. 
g reads rnva am, A, a IfpoPTi, bd, S^ aircrairt, / «^. " c2 reads rijt wSKfms^ 

g om. h adds r«v 'Apoppalw. " (X, M. a«/</ reads irap^ {vp6f efg) rj 

nvKff, ^ (X. ft A. om. A om. next verse through hmt. ^* (X, fi om. 
^dgTe»d*Apoppalois. ^*0L. ft S^ read as in margin and rightly. ^''a,a. 
hdg read frpoKoBunu, ef irpoKaB€<r6ai, ^d adds r;$. ^OL. P (save that 

d reads ^fupas inrd, and o^j/ rg inXii)j A, S^ read as in margin. ^ d reads 
cf A om. '^a. <2 reads oUov, f, A^ lA^ XoCifid {XovCdfi A^). fi-df^ 

^ahb»od.» gi ^^^^ x«ft/W (X«fi3ii a, X«ii}e 6, Xoft ^, Xot;ffd^ A^*****^. 
d om. next three words and inserts di6. ** e reads €ireytm, f typw, A 

€ivvri6rfp imyp&vai. ""A** = Oafuip, Here fi, A, S add oiro rov mvov. 

«* A, A read Aranyaf . «» A*** = coXXowr. •• cu^ read ?icXiva. " oi 

read WirAr. »a. ft A, S* read «i*r€XA». »A, A read 17 di. ^bd, 

S* add fMM. •* a. i8, A, S* om. "A** = BiXtu iovvai. »» a. j8 reads 
IdoMca. »« CK = Onn. But ft A, S^ read r^y C<^w7f =r ^na. The latter 
is right. Cf. xv. 3. ^g om. •• = DTQ or *tfJ3. It is anknown to 
Jub. xli. II, 18, where the same account is given as in Gen. xxxviii. 18. 
Vol, a. /3 om. «»«. ft A, S^ om, ''o, adef, A**^«^ S». A reads &t 

fXiov, b awtXBmp, g, A***" ov^jX^r, ^ a, fi-dg. A***', .d reads mtpaxpwa 

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ill.Sl AIA0HKH IOYAA . 85 

5. ^Ayvow i\ ty&^^ h inoCriira*^, *H^Xoi^ AkcXcik tMiv^^' OLtntix^a 
* 'ufyj^fQjmi Sc iv Kpinrrf tcm^ dppaP«i>i^as KOTQcrxuri fic ^^, 1^^ ^ 

6. * KaX^<7-a9 h\ avrriv^, ^Kovo-a ical rous iv fivarripltji ^q{^ 
X6ycv9*^ *oOs Ka$€vb<av <riv airrfi iv rp {jJOy /mov '^^Ai- appo- 
A»;o-o^*''. *Kat oix ijdvi^^i; &i;eX€iv avrifr, Sri iraph *2^^^' 
Kvplov iji;*^. 7. *''EX€yo]; ydp*'- Mijirore ^r bokiAnjTi vers. ' 
imb\iT€ vaph iXXrjs^ kapovtra rbv iippa^va^^. 8. ^-lo- 
♦'AAA* ae^i*^ r)yyura«8 airg hi^ Iwy *r^5 C^^y m^", 
mmtkaPtw, g om. A^ = ml <n/^i\ff(f>«v, A*^*^ = ^ xol irvivtX. : A adds dv 
^Mw. **a. /9 rea^B dyir. «€, A** == ^y»A;aa «i ry». *»CX,(f^, A. ofie/, 
S* read ciroiiTo-ev. ** 3-i^ (save that a reads avt^i' oveXfii'), A, S^ a, dg 
om. **i8-<ty, A (save that / reads Koriaxwrtp for Koriirxyt^, and A** 
Oofiop dc ircfi^ffacra for vrcfi^. dc, and A r^ appafi&va\ SK €{ reads irc/i^aaa 
<V Kpvirr^ row dp. Kar0<rx. /a«, ^ mzl wifiy^aa-a tKpv^ty roits ap, xai Koria'x* f(€. 
Here <x omits vers. 6-10, and in their stead sahstitutes the following 
passage, which is an abbreviated form of the LXX of Oen. zxxviii. 20, 
24~~30, in part adapted to its new context, "^ntfx^a rw (A dc) Xo/Sciv rovt 
ippafiwas, Kal oi^x ^pcnf avrfp^, Koi pjtff rjptpas riwas rJKovirdri Sri Oapap cWc- 
w6pptvKt (e eKir€n6p€VKe) koL {^-^IBov h) ip yatrrpi tlx'i, ^hKowras dc cyo> criroy* 
*£{ayayffr€ (r(ayaycr» c) ovr^y (ovr^ e) mu Kav6^», 'H de dn-cVrciXc 9r/M$ff ^ 
XryoiKra* Tov Mpwrov wripos {ftrivos e) rovrd thriPj iy^ eV Tuorpt ?;^tt* 
iwlytw$i ody tipos 6 daiervXux Koi ^ pathos icol r^ Uddripa {t6 d. ircil 17 p. A). 
*£iriyvovff dc cy& ciirov* Af diJcaiWoi Oapiip i) cyoo. Kal ov vpoo'^Bipj/jy m rov 
yMOKU avri^v. 'Eycycro dc cV rf Tucre«y o^r^r (A om. eytPtTO , . civnjv); c(r;(C 
( + yow A) didvfia, Koi 6 pip cif t^ffvtyKt lifp x*H^ avroO, ml Xa/3ovo>a 17 fuua 
Df^afy M r^r X'H^^ airrov kokkivop Xcyovcra* O^ror (A om.) c^Xcvo-croi npSrros' 
6 dc Inunnnfyayt rijy X'V'^ o^rov, ml fi&^r €(rj\B€P 6 ddcX^6( avrov. Kcu 
itcaKtirtP rh ipopa avrov ^ap€S' Koi pera tovto i(rj\$tp koI 6 M rij^ X^^P^ airrov 
fycrp Koi (A om.) TO K6Kiapop' Koi fJcdXco-fy t6 tpopa avrov Zapa^ *^ g reads 
icai \wra^ dc o^r. A^*^ add vp6s p€ koI. *^A adds wap* avrrjs, ^ O^fg, 
& (save that (, & trs. ovg after fU&s pov), d reads otg cXdX^cra koB, npos 
oMjp €P rj ptBff puov, A = cV f «r T^ piBfj pov €KdBtvlkiP aifP avrj (A^*' 
om. <r. avri). *'This clause is trs. into ver. 7 by d • See note 51. 
For dyfXciy A^*' read litip. After ^p A adds wIpo. ^*/3-&. 6 reads 

IXcyov de. A***^ == Kal €P€$vprfiffP, but iw^^it/^ is comipt for ji#«4-/^ s= cXcyoy. 
Hence A**** := ml IXryoy cV t;^ icap^, ^b*** ^ i^aj popia-as {Mpi^op ml /|;y) 
IXcyov. (2 adds irp^ rov *(tin«ip pt atrrfip rovt ip pwmipl^ \Syovs pov on 
dvcXw aMpr Iht, '^ bde, &. afg SKkov. A may be either so &r as form 
goes. "c? adds ml circid^ cfirc ^mh rov* tp pvaxfipU^ Xdyovr, o^« ffivpr^Bfip 

mXtiP avri^v* ^1 irapA xvpfov Ifp. See note 48. "c2 reads ml ovxm, ^^ 

^a]ib*od«% ^ ^^^ ^ reads <rvptytp6p;ifP, "A adds ml avptarakpat, 

d om. next five words, g next four. "* aef, S^. 6 reads c«( ^drov pov, 

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86 AIA©HKH lOTAA Ixn.8 

^-^'.S «n fibiXvyim imln<ra^ ''rouro'"" iv ^vavr?^ 'Icr/wi^A**. 

/K^r" 9* ^^^y^ ol iv T^ iroAct fkeyov, fiil *€haL Iv rp irtfAp 

fi-bd T^Xta-KOfUmfv^^y iri {( *4AA<w x««>P^" iXOowra irpds fipaxi 

dicowroTc iKABiaev iv Tp" mXjf. lO. *Ko4 forfpuCov** 8n ovMs 

]!^v!^ fyvd^ in ela^kOov vphs^ avn/jv. II. Kal fifrh ravra 

ftA,S* 7ik$oiA€v^^ €fe Aryuwrov *^vpds 'IftMn)^"" ftict Tdy** Ai/uwJy. 

»rog«w- 12. ♦•'Hfiiyi; ii ^yflb ^rw rccro-afxiicoiffa koX tf*^ ical {/Sdofi^- 

(-^K^* XIII. *Kal ifw Jrr^AAo/uuu 4|itr, Witw ftmi, dKovcraTc 

&vtui<nai '^'lovJa^ toC varp^ t5/ywSv^* koI <^vA<i^a<r^€^ rovs A<$yov9 fwv* 
dui^ov- T-oO 7oi€ty^ iTiivra' ret diKaui/uuira Kvpfov'' icol inaKaifUf 
VU&9 ivraXh^^ 0€Ot;. 2. Kal fiij wowipcrfcoOe* 3ir^(ra> rw ^t- 

ip vwtfur &vfimv ifimv^^ *lr uircpv|4av«(^ K«pSCaf ^^^ ical /bii^ Kovxatr^ iv 
(pavwf *|pyots Kol Urxii^^ rfjs vf^rrfras iyJav &n* yc rovro^^ vovrj- 
1^9^ pov fo<iJir40v" Kvpfov^* i<rrf". 3. 'Eir€4»i> jc4y«b^^ 

but Judah could not say this whilst still alive, nor yet ^/upas tfoMirov fiou^ 
asinA**^* A^*^ sz rrjt ^^pas ravnis. »^ reads ?r. "d,Aom. 

" d adds r^. A om. "* (£ adds mil M'x/^ow /um c£ avr^f 4>apf r ibcu 'OCopa* 
^yovy vfM» WicMi /tov, and omits ver. 9, 10. ^fi-^ (save that for r«XMrn>* 
pivfiv (ufreeA rtkttpovfUvriP, and for irvXg 5^, S^ read iriSXct). A= fu) rfXco-^^vm 
roiavra ^ t^ vvk^. ^g reads AXjyf x^P<>^* ''^ o™- **^i7> A. 

a reads yofu'(«v. A adds ovrtis, 5, S^ read cW/ufcv. "* a reads ctV. 

*" d reads fZoi^X^/tftcv. **/ reads r^v. (£ adds r. ddcX^ ^fi&p after *I«<r^. 
'^ at (save that e reads 3irr» for cjf), S^. 2^j7 read vapaKopra i( ir&p Ijiuip^ 
ode /i^' hSiP ijixifp ( +TOTf rf). "a. /3 om. ••«. a5^. A, S^ read Iftou, 
(f tCrftrofAtPf g tifd, ''^OL, A. /3~<2^, S^ read cW, <;{ ficr^ ravm, g &dc. a 

adds ?n^ 

XIII. ^ at. oef read k, r. «»( Xryto {f om. mp Xryw) &/ur crrtXXofiai, dnniaafv 
rcicwi /lov *!., bg, S^ jc r. &ra cy^ vfiiy (^ om.) cyrAXo^uoi, oicova'orff rcxya ( + fuw 
*I. g -^Koi *I. 8^). d pvp odp T€KPa /mov dKoCaar€ *I. A = c. vvy axovoxirff rcKwi 
fiov o<ra fWfXXo/ioi vfuir. 'A om. 'ot. /3 reads ^Xojarf. /3, S^ add 

vavTas» ^ A adds koI riu tprokdt ftov. A = 'lovda rov narp^g (fyAp, * A 

reads mtXL^jss^ txnp^ but this is comipt for maJukiJ^ = iroicir). *6, 8^ 

om. ''A = htmwp Kvpiov, d om. next four words. *(X,af, b reads 
^vTokrjs, eg tPTokais. 6,8^ add Kvpiov. "Ot. fi,A^& read 9optvta6t, 

^^(X,ag. p-ag^S^ read ipAp ptfii €p6vfjaf<rtiri (+r«y de) dtafiovKimp vpAv, 
A Kapdi&p Ifi&p ptjM ipSvprta-tin {ffjmp. " Ot, 0-a. a om. A =s cV virc/19- 

iJHtptt^ Tw duifiavXu^p ^fA&p ffurnrrcrc, /S-^^ 8^ add d/i»v. '' Ot. a<2^ read 
lo-^vt (+'cal cQ ?j(70ftSy b ^jpyocr {o*xvoffy ^ cV laxCft ^pyop Ifmp, A, 8^ = lax^ 
tpy»p, ^e^a. h reads rrf, 6(i«f jca/yc rovro, g yt xal rovro. A =s twro 

tw. S»om.fri..cW(. "a,My,A***^r 2y,A'*^read€V3^^/«Hg, 

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Xin.5l AIAeHKH lOTAA 87 

vp^oimor *Y«ww«^ €^fk6(4o»^\ *Kal AwftiCoi'** 'Pov^l^^^ J^*^,. 

liov, Kai^'' rb mevfjM *rov C^Kov Koi Ttjs vopveCas*^ vaperi- ^-rf,A,S 
^apTO^^ *iv i^U^, ((os^^ tmircrAecra cfe 'AKaK T^r Xoi^cwaia- ,rc(ra <tr 
Tn^^ icol cfe 0o/ictp Tj>r i^uji+nr^ /xov. 4. ♦''EXeyov B^o-owe 

yctp r^ V€v6€p^ fwv ft-i irvfi)8ot;X€t;<ropuu t$ irorpf /aov ical JJLp. ""^ 
aSrtas AiJ^ofjuu** r^if Ovyaripa <rov* *4 Si odK l(0cXci^, dXX*^* AA, S* 
l^i^*« lijot, *€h SvofM^'' T^s tfuyarpiy cdrrov *x/n;<ro{; irA^^oy ^i^^l^ 
ivfipov^' ^Pactk^ yhp ^'•. 5. *Kol^KArfiT7<r€i; v^j^p. 

avrjyi^*** iv xpwrCt^^^ Koi pMpyapirais, *icai iTrohfa-ev airrjv fi-d, k^ 

S^ ICOi. 

^h reads tfcoO. ^"(X, A. P omit. ^^0/^, A. A reads cy^, &, S* 7^^ ry4. 
e, od om. ^c h reads iicaCxn^^ f*oc corrupt ()) for €KavxTivdfafp^ fi^, S^ 
read i(iav;(70afif mw. ^, A Kavxn<^i»epos ^fofr. ^* c trs. before on. d reads 
ml voXffturr^ff ^ raxa. For these and the next six words A reads ovken 
fgtranfiriv iv wokt/tots ^^j^*^^^ om. ip iroX.) tvpMp<l>i^ [tvpopt^ A^) yuniuraov 
thpu&p^w (A**** om). */3-gr. a reads winji»nj<r^ ^mm — apparently a coi> 

raption of oar text, g reads ifmiatP /u. For ^irdn^erf . . fi^p^ov 1^ 
reads o^ twhvxSp itm ^Upoptpoi yvpaUts, For A see preceding note. 
d adds Ap^ptiirot ^v xf"^^ '^^ ^VVi^*^ ouftc, ^ SpBptviros fj tU xpvcr^p ^ppt^ 
ikCw ovdc fiff. *^ a om. *■ a, ^, A (save that a reads 6ptli. for i&ycid.). 
<2 reads Zn di ml iM«lli(o», a 6p€MC'>y, ^» S> <&M<d«Co^ ef 6v9(h^op. " a, ocl. 
/9-<ul read 'PH9^ ** ^ reads t^ <Sd<X^. "rfi/addrSf. ••a,cty. 
06^ om. ^ h om. d adds ravra xavx^^'^^y '^ ^'* "^-^ ^^ ^^ iropi^. 

Kcd rov C. For {^Xov c reads fi^Xovr. ** 6 reads irapcnifam. *^ a. a60f<^ 
read h (M ^) //uo^, €? fUM. ^d adds od. **«. 0-^ (save that • reads 
DTairovc, / Bca<Fouc for Bi/trouc), A, S^ read as in margin, d reads iptvww 
tU Bvffovf ripf TL neii fKafiop aM^ yvpaum 6iioUn. evprriktau seems to be 
a cormption native to the Greek. ^oc, /3, A, 8^ (save that A, 8^ =s 

4^ vl^) read as in margin. ** OL (save that e om. rf warpi /lov Ka\ ovrox 
^^ofuu), fi^y A^*^, 8^ mil tfktyop r^ ir. pov ^vf*fiovk«wropM (6 avpfiov 
XcvfTM, / o-vfi0ovX€V(r«»fuUy J^*^^ irvpfiovknkraif bat A*^ =s (Tvp^ovXcvtrofMu) 
1^ warpi pou col ovn»ff Xij^fuxc c2 reads mil ydp Br* fm^co-c fioc BofMr^ 6 
tnp$€p6s pau ical e£rr fUM mpi rijt Bvyarp^s avroVy ovk cfiror a^r^* BovXcvaofioc 
mpl Ttwrov n&r vmpa pav mil ovrwc X^^ficu. A^ = mil IXryoy r. mpBtp^ ft€v 
^p)(opm fiovktvopm mil Xeytt rf smrpi fiov vpwrop mil rdrc Xij^ofuu. A adds 
«2ff yvpauca. ^(x. d reads ^XXci, /3--d[, Al,B^ mul ''e reads fdcijo. 

*'0L fi reads ^* ^Mffiorft, 8^ cM r«y cr^/uoiw. '^d reads x/^vcov irX^^ff, 
/ xpMTior Stntpop irX^^r, <|r xp^aiop irX. Stntpop, •• a, A'***"*. /3-d[,A***, 8* 
read j(v T^p /Su^ffw. «? om. ^(X, A-^ /^hI, 8^ read md ovr^y mMrp^ovf, 
<2 MKryi^irac M mil a^r^, A^ mil r^y ^t7or«jpa a^v Biipo-ovc iio&apspr^. ^c^ 

Digitized by 


88 AIA0HKH lOTAA txiILg 

ftA, S* ohroxofuf fjfilv^^ iv r^ Seeing *•. 6. Kcu 6** ohos 

^^^^ hUarpfyjfi fiov ^roiff i<^^aX/jtoi;s**, ical rnuaApwri fwv rifP 

KokXti KapdCav*'' *ili iljSoin^**. 7, Kol ipa<r$€is avTrjs *<rtW- 

^"^i* TTCca €ls avnjv**, koX itapi^r\v ivroXifv^ Kvplov kclL r^y*^ 

c (A) ^woXV *Tov warp^** ;«n;, icai fXapov avTrfv'^^ cly ywaixa* 

fVrj7 8. Kol *i Ki/pio? avrair4b(OK4 fxot^ icar& ri 8ta^ot;Aioi; r^^ 

^.^ A gi ^(^ 6^ olvos bui4n'p4<l>€i^ top vow dird Trjs iXriB^Cas koI 

Kaptias. {fipiXk€i dpytiv iTTiOvfilas, koI 6brjy€l cZy vkivrjv'' *Tovi 

6<f>6a\fioiis\ 2. Td yhp Ti^evfia^ r$9 iroprcfar^^ rdv olvov 

iy" diciicorov *^x^t irpiy riyi; ^Joot)i;" *tcw wxJy^** ori icaiyc 

^^i^/ir. A, 6 read xf^' ^ *dd8 mil tfunurpif, A***"'*'* «il ^^py^pUt* ^ OLy 
d (save Uiat « om. ^/luf and d om. mu), A^^^^ (for Juimaj9i.ui^irm£j^sz 
^npoxoowraw) is GOfTnpt for JutmoMuut^tri^ ounxonp), A*** (save that they 
add ^pS» before olpoxotuf), ahefgy B^ read ^mUffvtp i^pSp oufoxoih. ^ d adds 
Ka\ ^Buurdpfiw o(Jr«f. «i8. A******** = «ii ^p leoX^ o^po. O, A* om. 

This phrase is difficult, and its difficulty probably led to its omission by 
a, A^ and to the addition of a clause in d (see note 43), and the 
recasting of the phrase in A*^*"^**. iv naXKti ywatK&p = D^B^3 niro, 
where "Tin is probably corrupt for *Tin = < chamber/ ' apartment' Thus 
the feast was held in the women's apartment to influence Judab. 
Otherwise if Hit) really stood in the original, we should have to insert 
it immediately after papyaplrait^ where it would aptly mean : ' with the 
ornaments of women/ ^/ om. ^*A reads rhtv otpBdkpAw, g om. 
together with the next three words. *' c, cibf, A***** ff . A, cfo, A**** read 
dutpoum ( + iccu r^y KopHiap d). ^ A, aefg (save that g prefixes mi), S. 

The parallelism supports this reading, c reads cV t^ ifiopg. A = cV 
^bvvff where Mwu is corrupt for ^do^S (as Conybeare has pointed out). 
bdf 9 read ^doM^. A^*' = mil nrc^rc xopdia pov ip o^vpfi (cf. <2 in note 47). 
^' (X. j3-<£, S^ read oiwnrcao, <2 avpin, avro. A = m iriw un ofMu. d reads 
ovrg. On this phrase see note 10 on xL 2. ^(£ om. next four words 

through hmt. "oc /3,Aom. "O. /3, A, 8* read rfir (/»-^ om.) 

vartpcap. ^ A reads o^y (Bi^povw A^) /wc ** CK. 0, A, S^ read diTor. 
fUH Kvptot, "^ oc, a. /3-a, A, S^ read Kap^Uu. e om. next word. "* d, 
A** read mil, A*^****» W ToOro. *^Wread^ir(. ''c reads uvroO. A = 
pav ( + ^ ^oy CK BtfpawM A^). 

XIV« ^c. A reads Xryw vfu> and trans, after pav. j9, A om. *g om. 
'A, add fp. *h om. 'a om. *d reads anwrrpi^u ^dg add 

iniBvulas. *g om. A = r«y 34^>^aX/i«ir. 9^i»»«i.* ^^^ ^^ frkwnfs mi. 

*V reads iromypiof, g imBvptas, " e om. "(X. /3-<f, A, S read npht 

r^p ^pijp (riu iJdoMkff bg) ^x^ij d ?x<* irpdr rhs ifioms. ^ A ^ n&p yot/i'« 

Digitized by 



*Ti bio ravra^* ii^iar&iri ttiv SuCyoioK^* rod ivOpdirov, Pf,^*^ 

3. *Ehv yap-niffi^^ olvov ciy lUOriv^ *iv biaXoyia-puoh pvvafxns o^^^' 

mwra^xlo-o-ci^^ *Tiy vow irow^®, *Kal *^eis iropreioK^ ^^ iK$€p- n-Jj;. 

/lafi'Ci*® ro o-cSfia w^s *ifiov^y, itol^^ Trpi<rir€i r^v hfrnprCav^^ ft A, S 

ical ovK aZ(Txt/V€Ta(. 4, Totowrfs*' ^oro' 6 iriipoiw)s^, '^*"' ?^ 

WKva f«w, &"t** 6 /ieWwv** *ovk aldetrat ov^^va^'^. 5. jcai 

*'I5ov y^ K^fti J7A(Jb;Y7<7-6r fiff al(rxvvOfjvcu to vXtjOos^^ *t^5 (^ ^^•)* 

xdXcwy^*' iri*® fc dil>$aXixois irivroiv i^iKktva vpbs rriv ^If^ 

Sofjuip, Kol litoir\<ra * hfiaprCav yxyiXr)v *^, Koi *dreK<iXvi/fa jcat cf 

K&KviuM iKoBapaCas vl&v fwv^\ 6. Iltwj;^^ rii;^ olroi;** «'ap«"'* 

o4k al<r)(TuvOr]v^^ t^v®^ ^woA^r Tot5^* 0€oi;, Kal ika^ov ywaiKa iniBvidat 

Xavavalav. 7. *IuKia€«s '"yAp TfoXXijs''^* X/7?Cf**^ ^ irCifoov^^ atrtw, 

rbv^^ oTvov, *T€Kva uov^^, *Kal oCni i(rrlv n <rvv€iris tws ^A, S 
iff oa»o£. 

/3-&(f , A (rvvco*ec*( ydp (^, A om.). 

^*d reads oMrhd^. ^OC.A'*. ft A*»*»*^**', S read diJw^r. "A. c 

reads nuirt, abg^ A, S tk wij, d m n(p€i r6p, ef vUt. " a, /3-^ (save that 
c reads vomfpoU for pvnapoU and ^ Xoyta/joir for dioXoyccrfwcff). c2 reads cV 
btdkoyurfiMg nomfpots yivtrac avprapdaau yap, A = biakoyurpoi pvnaipowrw. 
^OU /3-<2, A, S read r6p yovy, d 6 oW r&v yovv. ^*(X. ft A, S read eir 

iropMuur mu (A om.) ^ C reads cV^cpficyi;, <{ Btppalt^i, ^ Ot. ^1 A, S 

read /xa^, kou ft A, S add d {d cAv, oef, S^ onu) maptari {d iraprjv) r6 lijs 
€fn$vfjuas {d A^tapruu) airioy. ^ a reads cVi^fiiay. ''(2^ read 6 roioOrof 
and connect with alaxyptTiu in preceding verse, and d om. next five words, 
and ^ next six. /reads ^c ot^«»ff. ** Emended from fropfip^t of a, of 

and v6ppos of 0. 6, A, 8^ read olvou Our emendation explidns all these 
cormptions. "/ adds ovt»s. •• A*** = /ic^wdf otpf. ^(X. ft S 

reads oMva tdbtirm ( + ovdc a^erxvMTOi ttff hraBo¥ xaym d), A = o!&«m aideinu. 
* (X, ^ (bnt that /3 om rtf). d reads ^c ovx gdeV^y irX^^s Xaov, oudc olcrxvi^y 
AdKXi}/x»y d^ftoF. For pi^ ahxytfO^ptu A reada Koi ofM Mfuatu ^OC. fir-d 
read eV rj7 irdXci, A = r6 fV rg'irvXj?, S cV roir irvXow. d om. ^ d reads 

wu w. "A**** = mopiav. »» A, ^ (save that h adds t»» before vi&p\ 
S^. C reads ap^KoXvppa wtaB, vl&p pov, A pvp (A^^ om.) dytieaXv^ rotr 
vUhs pav Zpya anaBapfrwLS pmf. Here ifjtph^u => tpya may be corrupt for 
mmnpnm = icaXv/i/ia. ^A reads irtcir. d gives ver. 6 as follows : Kal 
roOra irciro^iefy <S o&o; ico^tb^ ttak rh npArtpop ^pUa IXa/Sor yupauca Xopopalap &ptv 
ftovXi^ roG narpos pov' fka rovro toipvp napayytXkat vpas, TtKpa fiov, t>a pij koX 
v('9it t6 aur6 »a%f. •* oc. /3 om. »/ adds ica/, '•A, befy. e reads 
'«^->«ff<rX' "o^fOef. bg om, *^OC,fg» abef om. *a. oefread 
inWo-c«»ff yap. &£{, S^ di^ (divrc ct) infp4a'€»s. g, A^ (nW(r«tts. ^ In 

most MSB. written xp«'f«». ** « reads irwF. *« a, c2. /3-c? om. *• A, 
fini. e, d om. A trs. before 6 vitmp. A'*'' om. next ten words. ^ (X, i9 

Digitized by 



t^ olvovoirCas**- *l*t «« fx«» ««»*. *^*«" 8. 'BAr 2> 

/5-d, A wyfwjwi t§s irX<bn;;, icol »oi«? *ri» fU0v<rov tdaxpoprnMVta/ 

u€w^r XV. 'O vopveAav^ fij/AMrtffi€V09 oiie aJo^circTat* koL ibo^Qv^ 
fiaai' oiK aUrxjiverau 2. *K&v yip^ ny *Pa<nXed« ion koI 

Xcmf <(> iropKfrffi, yufirovTOi Tijs ^aalXcla«^ *d(n;Xa>(9€l9 rfj vopvcCq^ iy 

yvfuw- ri (m/jpiyiM rris i/ii}? ^X^y^*, ical r^i; C^^i^i; /lov, T0vr4(mv^^, 

%a4f Kpia^^ oi*c^^ f<l>ayov'^^ Iwj y^povs" jluw^, kqI ^ma-av 
S^ay fiippoiriivriv^^ oIk fTbov. 5. Kal Idei^ fAoi 6 Hyyckos tov 

(save that c{ om. ^trri^, and / om. rijc). A"*** = «il awny ^aih^ cwwit 
€{fif>po(rvmis. But ttt.ptti/Knt.pirufb is COITapt for mppk^fu^i^lrmli = o{m>- 
moiruiff. A^ =: diA f^fKMTvn^r m^aris eimy. ^ (X (save that A om* &()• 

/9-<fy, S^ mad Im i»s ^ (orov a) txn Mm^ wlji (6 vu^, tf vUi), g ms im 
f2d^ ITOM^ c{ ciwi fu) VKOTur^ Tit r£ airrov. A***^*' ss Spa l^r ^rc lx« oli^v 
old<K iri27. ^ (f reads ir<ifM0j7. ^ /Mi A, S^ add rovrw. *^c reads 

cfl^aXcl. For cfi/SoXXc^ . i«v» S^ reads cfMKft eZ( Tv^ iko. ^^om. ^(X, 
g, A***"*^. A"*** = avT&p. b reads iwl trotci. aef onu "d reads ry fu- 
Bvo¥Tu Here a new hand begins in A^ and Test of this Testament 
belongs to A/3 not to Aa. "A = iSiri f«;dci^. **«. /S-^readoXX^ 

(+ «cl A, &{) /)Ncavx«rAu. g om. 54^i»««i«* gt ^^^d awroO. A reads 

ddtne^a, li orofuf. "(X. /}-<l, A, S^ read rofu(ovra cimm mX^ (roXi^y n 

iroccir A), c2 r6 airoTOfua iiwuo;;(viTi»f (sic). 

XV. ^ For next fourteen words h reads itm. * A s XMrfiroi, but 

tr^o^ is corrupt for ^n^ ^s oMaMrflc For O^fuovyifrof • . . odcnfwr, 
8^ reads mil yviuwiuyot oCx (imrutrtrwraiy Micrmt, g om. next four words, 
'a reads Abo(w. ^d reads kqX yap «<bf, g i^ yAp. *0(. ^, A read 

' fiaoik€wrff {d /ScMTiXc^ rl^, ef /SnriXcvcrct. A =s fiaoikm ris y (iropiwvwv) A*^*^ 
trs. before ^oo-iXm) yvfvov/Mvor r^v /SomXcIoff tftpxtrat (A*^ om.). 6 yv^uwv- 
ficyoc r^s /SacriXr lav ovie i^^pxtrai, & Paaiktwr^ voprnvti yvfipovficvof jcai ^x 
T^ff fia&iKtiat (WJirTvi. '^j A****** read dovXoc (+f2Mtt A) t^c iro^iaff. 

A** om. »«,£«. a&e/', S* read yvfumetig, g, A ^fametfw. "o, S^ ft 

A read I3«mri y<fp. ^A*'* om. next ten words through hmt. but not 

A***^. ^^ad read ^vXmc^. ^oc, adf om. next six words through 

hmt. ^A add rrfs xc^oXfr funt. ^g om. ^^d reads iroXX^ ptrii 

ravra fitTti4ti<ra tuU, A adds irmrt. "A adds ouiclinor. A trs. the words 
€&or and ffpco, ^ttiOe/^. 6 reads «pMVy d tnVf/xi, ^'d reads o^«m. 

Digitized by 


XVI. 3l AIA0HKH lOTAA 9 1 

at ywwukcs^* ^ovk iffrlv iv avroTs vpoKovii fa)§s^**. 6. if^^^rov 

rriv^ hilv€LfjLUf, * rod Si wrwxow** t6^ ^Trjs wrax^Cas^ 
^X^urroi^ arripiyiia, j |3-d, S* 

XVI • 4^A<i^a<r^€^ cSv^, ritcva fiov, *rii> Jpor tov^ ohfov* !i^piy 
^inTUf yhp^ iv airif riavapa^ irveSfiora vovripd^' ^IviOvidas, ^oO^ 
«i;p<i<r€<it>9, i(naT(as koL al(rxfiOK€pS(as''» 2. *E4v® irinfrc* "^^^ 

^fjJOrif KoL vap€ur4px€Tai iy Araurxwria^*. 3. *El W ^*P*g^ 

*•«, A. ft S* read IXo/Sor. ^dbg read yij^f. •»«, A-*. ft A^ S* om, 
'^e reads n*. an^poavwfiw^ A^ := ^bwv iraarff tiKftpotrmnff tffyo'a koL "As: 

Kup/ov. *a. ft A,S^ add raff rov <JAyoff, which 6, S* set before ^i. 

** (X, «k^. & reads Mil ^ao-iXci »ii irr»xf > ^/ *^ fiatrCkti 1A9 irr»xv (irrwx^v «). 
For ibeee words, together with the next three, d reads icSb^ ftio-iXm i x^ 
M|pcftOff K^ «Ti»x^ ^ ^f rocovTY aKurKS/itvog ir6B€t yvpoUtg KaraKvpuva'na't oMp, 
and A~~^ ywauut mnwcvpuwrowri lAif fieuriKutv nthf irrmx&v, A^ cAv /SaaiXcttv 
jcol sT«»x^ flroppff^iur yvMUKffff KOTwafpuvawiri, ^OL^af (saye that of trs. 

rariK. after yvMucfff), 56^, S^ read a2 yvraucfff nmucvpicvoiMri. g adds icAy 
M^ ^ai«pqj)iTai. ^InOL only. A prefixes mi/. ^ OL, ff-bdg. 6, 8* 

read uA rov ^, (2 ml rov. ^ om. A s= xal rAv. "^^ om. A == fiavtXww, 
^% bd, S^. oef, A read dpiwvi. g om. ^h om. "^(X. /3 reads rov dc. 
AsrAr. "■^^om. A = ^i^M*y. "a. /^ reads koI rov irr., ^ rov 
Aff. A s ml rtfv iTTttx*"'* ** ^ /^-<(l/* reads rf . a^, A om. * A 
read an ace. by an error, g adds n$. 

XYI. *(X,/9-<{read^Xdio^(rffo^^,€{^XiMr(rfrv. *c{om. '(X,/3-5(l,A« 
Mread^^. ^dreads?x«iy^6o&or. * A trs. after woriyp^, *c2 adds 
SrofA ^n rovra. ^OL,fi (save that o&e/^ om. koC), A = hnBviua^ nvpwrts 

{wvpA^nmt A^*"^^, KtA itn^ria, airxpoKMpdia {al<rxpoK€pdiag A^*^*). *g adds 
dL ^h,abdg. e reikda vu^mitf ef niptn. ^^gom, ^ForcVcv^^^or/ 
A gives icai {A^*^ om.) ^cXfrr tiKJ^pdavpoi t&wu. " (X (save that h reads 

rov Kvp^ for ^cov). /9H^, 8^ read fierh ^43ov ^cov olftov^Mvoi ( + C7<^«o^ 6). 
A =s M«rck ^fOov Kvpjov JWi a{doi v(Mrf . d om. " Otff, A, S (saTo that / 

reads «M Apov ^ ^ojSot, ^ m^pwnnnif a iw6 for airoar§ 6 rov, and S^ om. ydp. 
and adds mm before dvooT;^). 6 reads •&» y^ irinTrc ftij atboCfUPoi koL mroorg 
^ rov tfcov ^6fios, d reads ttai tnnpoi 6 ^o^of rov 6€cv di^' hf^* ^ cfaroor^ffffnu 
6 fuoAtmKos atf/ vpAv mu. The olause is omitted by OL through hmt., 
reading only koL ^d reads fUBti air6 di r^r ftciA^ff trap€tar. 4 ipaurX' g u 

utterly eorrnpt : 6 rov ^oO ^^jSor ip rak KapbUus vpSuf. Here c adds 6 ^i^ 

Digitized by 



iifjLapTdvriTe^^ iv X6yois iipp€(as^'' ical^* pLi)(ai,9^^ kcu^^ avKOipav* 

h-d A,S* "^ovK^** iv Kaip^ ifiMV. 4. KaCyt^'^ imrnipuL 0€ou ical ivOp^- 

Xav, TTiav^ AwoKoXtiJwrci** 4 otvos, &s^ Kiyii ^ras ivroXhs tov^^ 

o''a**'ci ®^^' '^^^ juwcmjpta 'IaKa>)3 tov iraT/wy /yiou Air€K<iXtn/ro** rfj 

5. •Kal XoKOK^TiSiM *4 Mot»* cfeci; *3 ecAy'* /i^** diroJcaXi^^/rat^^ 
noUfwv XVII. *Kal wi^ hrriXXofuu^ i^w] riiwa fiw, /i^? 

*»^**'* «Tt KAya>« »Ml xP'ww''' «ai* €ifiwpif>Cav^ ^irAowJV^® ^^^ 
ofvw". Biyo-ou^^^ T^y Xovovo^. [2. *Kai oZ5a" fci 5 A ra bio 
/5, A, S* Tavra (arai^^ rd yivos /aov" *€l$ dirtiXciaa^ iropKcio«^^* 3. 
apyt^iov. g^^ Kai** a-oifxnfs Aydpa; t«i; vlw jbMW AAXouSo'Ovo'ti; Koi 
notnfpiif. )8a<7-(AeCtu;^^ 'lot^a ^ (TfUKpw^vai Troirja-ova-w^^, ^v tbu>Ki 

wltwv t6p t^ov furh <l>6fiov &€ov. Is this the lost clause in a t See note 13. 
"OC. aef read re d^ Xcy«»; /A^d* ISX«»ff irtVcrt, ^ €i dc fu^ oX»r (fi^ ddX^ ^) 
iricrr, (2 cyw d^ Xr^tt Ifup ihv cWtv v/itv dvMzr^v yaijff Skm irtcty oiM>y. A = 
xoi JcaXdv c'oTft ^ttff iiri itimw ofyov. S' Xcy«» dc ft oX«»r fuj irtm. d adds fi^ 
frt«r«. ^" A. c reads dfiopravtrt. fi dfA^pTfirt. For the next nine words 
S^ reads cV fuiep^ rouivrd tirri vfipis kqI napdpeuris. ^ g om. ^ ^ reads 4^. 
^'tt) ^* i^9 A read /uixiyff. *^e om. d reads ij, and so also for the 

next Koi. ^h^g* CjjS-jr, A read oi/ico^cnr^. "A. «,ftA reads 

napa^ir€»s. ^d om. ^ reads ^y ir^€i» "^d reads rov ^oO, A* 

#tvf)iov. ^adefy. a, 6 read oitoXcmf^. "A om. "d reads col 

yap. » ft, A***^** add dXXorpfotr. » c reads «iKi«iXvfrrct. ~ d reads 
Koi ydp. '^(X. P reads erraXar. '^fi-ubd, add Btftrovt {Btfinrovt 6, 

Burawt f), '^bd,A,& add Bijirovt, « Bia<rov4, **(X. fi reads o£p* 

A = ^. "A = Kvpiof. A adds /lov. ''c2 reads fui^ ^cm. ''d adds 
rtyi, #eai ov fu(yoy rovra wdyra rh frKovbaka voUi 6 o&of. ** /3-^ (save that b 

adds d€ after iroXc^v), A (but reading noKifUMf yap icaL rapax&p for first 
four words), S^. d reads iiXXA vcXtfuw xai rapaxijs airtoc yltftTau OL om. 

XVII. »(X.S«. a«f^,A^*'^** read ^itc'XXo/ku, M,S» cWA. oftr. A* = 
<W(XX({/tcyof /iTcXXoficu. * ^ adds to, ^g om. next nine words through 
hmt. ^c. A, ef read intffktwftv, ab ^/l^Xc1^clv, c^ ffkmiv, '(X, ft. ae 

read clr niXXi^, <2/ cy miXXca {d jcdXXiy). « a. /3, A read leaiyt (+ cyw cQ. 

' a. ft A, S^ read dfryvpiop. • oef add d«£, • A~* add ywwtiwiF, A*' 

yvvoix^f. ^^^ reads wKmmiBtm m leoyw and om. next four words* 

*^ fi (save that reads Bi^o-o-., / Bio-oovc). a reads Avmjt. A =s Bi^fxrovc. 
"a. Ofte/, A-*, S* read «n oBa /yA, ^ ^4 o2la. A*" = leal y^ otSa ry«b. 
For these and the next five words d reads : biii roGro tls ravro ra dvo oSSa 
^iiSrt. "a,a4/;A,S». ft<5y read ?cr*(r^. "A = roi5w. "a. i8, 
S* read cV nomipt^ A = eV troppti^ " a, A*^*, /3 reads ww'yf ( + mu cQ. 

Digitized by 


XVin.3] A1A0HKH lOTAA 93 

lioi KHpios iv viraicoj) irarpos fww^^ 4. **Eyi oZp oifbi- ^^f 

TTOTC*® *irap€Xtfin|ao *laiciiP tAi' var^pa fjtov*\ 8ri" ircivTa / +'^^" 
*«<ro fiot lA€y€j;*« iicofwv^*^ 5, Kal 'APfMiV* ijfjXcJyoF 

*ical 'laico^jS cvXrfyiyo-^ ftc oft-a)s^^ 6, Kal^^ iyi) oI5o ^^^ 

art ^f iixov <mfi<r€rm *ri fiaaiXeiov^. •icradic. 

XVIII. *Kal V«cai foa* icaica iroiiyVcre* fo» ""rois^* J^^^' 
T^y *7ropv€Ca9 koX rrjs (fnXapyvpCas'', ical' iLKo6a-aT€ *Ioijba ^"^ gi 

TOW TTOrpOS VJJL&V *• 3tc (^-W 

3. 'Oti^^ ravro" A^^mtt^^^ *^- ^j^ ^^13 ^^^^ om.)^ 

/3Xocr *£»!»;( rov dixaiov. - 

^*^ om. "A, ^ read jScKriXfip. *•<£ read a/yuiywfwvcri. For the 

passage ^¥ I8<mcc ftoi • , . tnoiovp, g reads irciyra ^a ruTfir 6 irar^p 'laxtt>/3 
«r«aw /i^ Xwr^t oWr. "a,A******. ^, A** ff om, »•« (save that 
A reads dc for o6y). /3-^, A, & read ovdcR'orc ^dp. ^OL^a (save that a 

reads fXvinifra), A^. 5(2ef, S^ read cXviri^cra (+r^v ^) X<^y lax<l)/3 ((2 trs. 
^fter ftov) Tov inirp<(9 fu>v. ^»^*^*' ff'Xviri7<ra "Icuc^^ r^ varipa fiov X&yotg 
(A*^ trs, X^ff before laKoiS). ^ nndoabtedly presents the harder text. 
If it goes back to the origioal, then fXvn^cra r^v \&y^ » *\yifp ^niion 
corrupt (1) for "inS ^fP^lDH = rprtiBtjira rf X<(yy. 1313 also would explain 
the text of A, ^d reads oKXd. ^h. o(A1) reads p>t 6aa jfXcyrir, 

die/; A, S^ i<ra (+ ical A) €^v, c{ ftpoirarrl fiM. ^f reads moufaa. d adds 
di^ rovro iK^fHnfdfirfaa lijp tvXoytaw *A/3pa<^. *" ^, A read 'lo-cuuc. ^ Em, 
from vpovamrovs of c. A reads vpojraropof, fi. A, S^ irar^p ( + narphv e) rov 
irar/MJf. " = ^3313, which may be corrupt for OIPQ = tfcX/firo fi*. 

But it is better perhaps to supply Xrytor after verb. See i. 6, '^ c, et 

om, "^ reads 'itpovmiX^fi, "^ OL (save that A adds avrds after 'l<uc<»0). 
O^f, A*^***'* & read «, 'icroAic 6fio^f in€v\6yr,a€' ^fiXify. / S*) f** (A om.) 
ovrms (A^*^*^ om.), d 6iioi»s Koi 'Iokoi/S tvX^yrjat fu^ h k. 'laaiiK cVcvXoyi/crc fi€ 
6fWiM ovr^t For last two words in 5, ^ reads 6 iror^p rov narpSs fiov 
€h\&ytiatp fu /3ao>iX<vcty cV *Irpov(raX^/A. "^ (X, b. oef, A read dt^ri, dg bt6, 

S* Tocrovrw yitp imU •• A** = ij €vXoy«a. 

XVnL *«. ft A, 8* read «n (i»-W om.) iro/yt (^« A) aWywr 
(^yr«v ^) cV j9t/3Xocff (/S^SX^ <fy) *Erfl^x t<»v ducaiov. *ae read mKoiroi^o-crf. 

•ftreadcV. *a. ftAom. "d reads ^vXdforc, g ^vKatnreaBf. 

•rf om. ' d reads <l>iXapy, Koi rtjf nopv, g om. t^s before <^tXa^. A*** = 
vopp. ml luBift luA (fHkapy, 8' ^iXa^. Ka\ fUBtfjf. ^ c, A, A^ i9, S^ om. 

/ adds oSp after djcoMriirc. g om. with rest of verse. * d adds mI yiM»- 

<r«r«« ^•<laddsTAaiJoirdtf7. "A**** read i^apywpi-i, "dreads 

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94 AIA0HKH lOTAA [xvnr.3 

fi-g, 8^ ''t^t Jhrror IkSmUa dv odrwi'l ^, 

^^'^ ical** KaTobairaifq^'^ rhs^ <ripKa9 aircv* 

vtnfop 5* *^wr(as 0€oG ifjLTrob(i€L^^, 
airov. ^KoX eifkoyCap G^ov oi iuniiJLOV€6€i^^. 

^Ilpo<l>i/fTov AaXovin-09 oiic d«oi/ct^^, 

6. '^*Avo-l yap viOfiru; ivavrlois bovkeCti^, 
*Kai 06^ wrojcowrot** oi dvwiritt*^, 
&-t M<l>XM(r€v^^ TTiv ^Injx^v airov 

ctdttXo. XIX. TiKva fiov, ^ <l>i\apyvpla irphs^ clStiXoXaTpciar' 

a^unauatif. ^ OC. fir~d read vrffiou, d owd i^fuw dbov r^ iptf^tNror. A ^ 
Twv MJ^Mtr. ^^c? reads rv^XoGot. "c{ reads itAMffmavau ^e, 6^. 

A reads 0^07, a asfUiiin, d atl>UnHnw, e af^t. ^''g trs. after avrov, 

"A******* = Towf. **d reads vartpovvi yap, e tntpn koL *d om. 

^ hg read defoBotnnftfg. " oef om. ^ d reads mnfixownp oMy r&v 

MpoHToy. ** X /3-^ read ^x^<^ "^^ iniwMr, d ir6w^ mi fi^xSf' " A* 

O&sf, S^ read «al d^or j vn-yor ( + av* /) a^v, d ani af^urrStVL rhm vnif09 airov, 
A om. Here a^Htrrdmu, and ficdu»xciv appear to be aliemative readings 
of '111 Cf. Gen. zzxL 40. For still another rendering see Sim. iv. 8* 
The phrase is found in Sir. xlii. 9 f lUpipva avr^c (i^Mrrf virMir. ** a om. 
"^ d reads ^icdairaMMrft. **a, d /»hI om. ^OL, p-d, 9 (saye that fi-d, 
& prefix mu and g reads Kvpiov). d reads ica2 7^ 19 <l>iXapyvpUi Owiap 
€fMroiiC€i, A = JKol Ovaiat Kvpiav x^cvofcc, bnt frnmnauajbt is Corrupt for 
^mt/tmbt =^ tpurMCtu ^ <X (save that A om. «ai and reads /unffiomcriu), 
06/, S^ (save that a, S^ r^ cvXoyuic). ^ read mi cMoy^s ( + ^ov d, + Kv- 
plav g) ov lUfunfTot, A om. "^ (X (save that c reads ir/w^Trv XaXovirri). 

fi. A, S^ read kcu «rpo^ip7 XaXovm ovx vircucovct. * O, A. /3-^, S^ read 

X^yy, d \6yw, ^f adds ov. ** (2 reads oirodM»x^i»- A = ayA'orarai, 

but i§bi^tJ^ i^ajbuy is COrimpt for gfittfJi^J* t^ajbmLmy = wpoaox6i{tu 

*^(X,f (save that for dovXcvci «u / reads ^X<v«y). oe, S^ read dwrl ^c^ 
vaB^irut ipatnUns rwt ivniKSur rod ^«ou ^vXfv«*y. hg read dvo yckp ira^ 
tvatrria rwr crroXttv roO ^«ov (citoX$£ ^ov ^ ^ ^) dovXcufloy^ d dvo y^ miAf oiruini 
rovra. ^ ot, /3-6, S^ (save that /3-6, S^ om. »u, and a reads (^O). b reads 
^«^ ^ov viroffovctv. "^ d adds ^ Toiovroff. ^ OCf fi-bd, b reads rrv^»ow, 
cj offorv^Xovon. 

XIX* ^ d reads onS. * (X (c gives the form ^oXot/n^). 0, A, S^ 

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XX. i] AIAeHKH lOTAA 95 

ifi7r€<r€Uf. 2. Aia rd^^ ipyipkov^^ iyil> ^rtKva fiov dwrf- j8-/, A, 

ircicroff clxoir dffo^i^cu;. 3. 'AAA* 6 0€d$ rav varifxav 3, Sr^r 

,«n;*® *4kXA|arf jlc" «rt fo ayifowrf^^a ^rovro'^^ imCrifrcu ^x5* 
4. 'Errf^AfiMTC** ydp^^ ft€ 6 ^x^'' ^^ vAcii^s*®, ical rtyvSrja-a « i g 
is ivOfHoiros^, Kal *»s irhp^^^ iv^^ hfrnprCais <l>Oap€Cs^^* €vxal 

vAiiinys ®« e om. «ral 

Z ; Vv \ iyv6ti<ra 

• . . Tfjs vkamfis (XX. l). 

readfO^Xo. «^ adds r^v^X^r. *^oin, »ft S* add »««. 'A 
adds &tovs, ^ A reads rovr (fxovras, *e reads avnfir. *^ reads 

florcuv. '^ a, A. /3 om. " dg read dpyvpiov. A^ adds Btfpaovi lijg 

yvfauc6s /lov. "a. ft A, S* read air«bXc<ra tA T«»a ftov. i3A»^*e*«f ^jq,^^ 

bat not A^ as in Arm. text ^^g om. /, A^ read f/if 17, and/ om. next 

four words. *•«. /3-/, A, S read r^f (6 om.) crapjuk fAov. A"** om. next 
hmt. four words. A^ om. next ten words. ^* a. /3, S read Tfjg {b om.) 

^X>f»v. "^,Aom. "ftA^^***** S*add*kiic«i/3. »a. ^oiu. 
^ftb«od«ik = f <7«>Cor, A^ = odie iy cW V ni(. This passage iUustrates well 
the respective values of our authorities, vwibpaitw = wy, cormpt for 
ir>3 = Mx^tfam. Or possibly for nty = ificififiaar. (Cf. T. Gad, v. 9, 
note). /3 simply omitted avptdpa/Mw as unintelligible, while the reading 
of A may represent attempts on the part of Armenian scribes to give 
sense to the text» or tvmCop may =: XHtV, as it does a few times in the LXX. 

* A^ = i^fiMv. *^ OC, fii A, S read 6 {aef om.) oUripiimv mk ikttni^v awtypn 
(A <yv«»). ^ c, h, fi read ayi^. ^c h reads t6 arairw, ft A om. 
** A =5 i<nuurdaktat. ^ af om. ** e om. rest of verse together with 
XX. I through hmt. *' h om. rest of verse. ^ beg, A, S. a(?)/ om. 
d reads »s Aira(. ^g om. ^ d reads ^ut^BaptU, A = ^vpccs or 
4nfp6fUf a corruption of t^aptU. A om. rest of verse. *^4/i7 <»i^* 
"a reads hteypw. ^d reads fv MfuCw. 

XX. ^A. ^j7 read iiriyiwrt, d yufvHTKm. a om. entire chapter. 

* ^ om. ' A adds ^y. ^ A = cic r^r oXij^fcay. ^g reads r^r, A cir 
T^y. *^ om. ver. 2 and first eight words of ver. 3 through hmt. 
A = irXai^v. "^ A. reads /mVmv iari tfjt oinnyd^o-cttr. OC defective and 
eoiTupt ia vers. ^-4. ' Corrupt for <> 5^ t * A = pitr^ iwr&v ( -f dwoiy 

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[XX. a 

2. Kal ^fjJcov larl <rw€i^ifi- 
<r€6)y^. 3. Kal Sv (Koarrov 
avT&p yviapCCii 6 KHpios* 4* 
Kal oifK iarl Kaipbs hs ^ bwrj' 
a-erai kaOciv avrip rh tpya 
tC^v ivOpdvoiv, Sti koI rh 
arrfdri t&v darioiv avr&v vapa 
Kvptov yiypairrau 

ft A 



Kal KOTff- 


P. A, SI 
2. Kal pJa-ov^ iirrl *Td rfj^ 
(rwi<r€(as^^ *tov V069, 08 i^ 
eiKji, Kkivai^\ 3. *Kafy€ 
ret rrji ikqO^Cas koI to, t^j 
wXciwjy yiypamai IvX rh orri}- 
Bos Tov iofOpdirov^** Kal h^^^ 
(koxttov airwv^* yvimpCCei *6 
Krfpwy". 4. Kal ovk iirrl 
Kaipds h f ^hwi/jirercu, Xa$€lv 
ia/OpdvoiP fpya^^, Sn Iv tor?/-* 

$€1 ^JOT^O)!;^" oiroCt -8 iyyi. 

ypairrai^^ ^ivdviov KvpCov^ 
5. *Kol'' To^^ W€viJLa T?s iXiydffay*^ Kanryopcl** wiwa)!; *col*^ 
ipLV€ir6pi<rTai 6 ^/maprcDXiy** "^iic r^s ttfoiy ica/>d^aff\ ical *5/9ai 

ft A, S* Trp6a-Qi>Trov ^irpds tov Kptriiv oi tivarai **. 

'SmT XXI. Kol vvp, T^KPa iAav\ *npayyiKk^ fijuK, dyamrt^ 

A^) ^® A s= (rviw<rif. ^A reads ^p lj[m% iru ai.%fiii K^mg = 179 

eWi icoi tx*^ yow(?), corrupt for t^mmg jnp ^mJ/Hh jir^L.£{^) = VM^, off 
car BiXjf xXiMU. "6, S* (save that 8* reads tfriKKhfom for yfypatmu). ef 
read muyc ( + t6 rrjs oKrfBtias koi e) r^ rrjs vXdmfs irapafidXXti cirl r6 or. rov 
iMpMov. The text reflecta the language of Frov. iii. 3, Jer. xxxi. 33, 
Jp bv 3n3, 'to write on the heart/ <rnj$o9 is a rendering of J? aa in 
Ex. xxviii. 23, 26. dg om. first «ight words as we have seen (see note 6) 
and read ravra (g om.) yfypanrai ( + yop g) M, t6 {g om.) <rr. rov M. 
A := OTi dlkKia Kcu aKrfi€Ui ytypafifuwoi. «l<rl ifri t6 ot. tov opB. ^ (2, A := cwi. 

^^ (£(;r read aMw, A = (Mp«ir«r. 8^ hopelessly corrupt in this clause. 
"a, g. a(?)W, A read Kvpwt, ef Kvpwp. " 6<ief, 8* (save that / reads 

paBtaf), g reads dvin7<r. AvBpwrov tfpya avrov \aB€i¥, A******** = dvvrf<r, avBpwnos 
Kpv^jtmf A^ SpBpwrot dvi^<r. Kptn^i tfpya avrov. Perhaps we should read 
Mpumov in the text. Cf. g, A. ^^A om., because unintelligible as it 
stands. But ev irnjBti 3(rrca»v avrov IDVP 3^3 = ^ on the heart itself,* or 
(less likely) it is oomipt for cV o<rrciip or^^ouff avrov = U^ D^3, which 
has the same meaning : cf. Ex. xxiv. 10 ; Job xxi. 23. With the former 
construction, cf. Keth. 77* "jovy niaa b^2^t^ ntry = *do it on account of 
thy own honour.' " 6, 8* read avr6f» " {£ reads ytypanrai, * /k 

reads tA W, "A adds ««', "a. ft A = fiapTvpti vavra m {ef om.) 

Kanjfyopn, 8^ dicovfi ^<^ ical Kartiyopfi^ ''A adds mctcu '*0t. breads 
Aftapffjaas, *^ Ot. P reads ipai ir. ov dvy. npos r. icpin^v. A := ov dvv. 2ipa% 

TO npoawrop avrov, 
.^Xlj^O^Om, 'ex. ft A, 8^ read aycnr^crare. *<l reads AtfViV 

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TOP Acvl* fro^ itofuCmirf^ koX^ ^fiif iva(p€<r0€'' ^iv 
avrAf*"', tva /x^ i(oko$p€v6fiT€^. ^2. *Efwl yip^® Idoojcer 

ihr4Tai€^^ t^v PcunX/f(av *rj} Upawrtfiny". 3. 'Efwl j8-«/, S* 

a^iccv Tft ^irli« yfjs, ^Kcfcip ra^^ & oipwots". 4. * 03t«s J' J^'^ 
Y^p^* *thr€p^€i ^ U/KiTcia row dew*® T§y ^Trtycfou*^ ^l>Aff 
^ourcXc^tif ^, ihv ^ bi hfJMprCas fcir^cny" ivb^ KvpCov^ koL ^ Vi^» 
KVfHtvOS^^ *awi TTjy*^ ^mycfov PcunXcCasl 5. ♦'O y&p ^'V 

ftyycXot Ki^Kou cM |mh, 5t* oirii; vv4p <r€ i(€>JiaTO Kiipios^^ koL yAp. 
vpoareyyCCfiv^^ awr^*^ koI tcrOUiv^^ t^v^ rpivfCoaf avrov, /3, S* 
jcol ■'diropxAs *odT¥ wpoo+^iirM'' iKr|M4i|fuiT«>K^ vlw 'lapa^k. 7^^ 
*SJ^5Wcn,i3a<riXeis'Ioic<ii3W. . ^E*^ 

6. Koi ^cn,»« f^fo oirois"'^^ »s«« ^^« ^(tXcurcra. KodiTrep*® hdeg. A, 
yo/)*^ ^v oir^ Siimwo*** x^H^Covtol^^ ^ol liip alxiiaK(M-iOipL€voi ^^^\^ 
*oI W wXouTawrcj**^ ollra>$ icol *iv col mv y^roy** ivSpi- iduun. 

^i adds dt* avrov. 'Af^/S, A. c reads /Mtnjrv. A adds cis r^ aldia. 'Atom. 
* c reads Mp€<r6€, hi MptaOai^ d eircpcrv. ' 0^ /3-af. a reads ^* avry, / c {« 
avrrfr. * A (Bn. next three verses. ^^d reads iUp. ^eh. i,P read 
6(/3om.)Kvpcof. ^'d reads eKff£iYdc,(eicfiiY. ^Ot,a^,S\ (Z/readlcfXMrvn;^, 
^ *2p^mpf, g om. next six words. ^*e reads inmit, ^Oi reads 17 Upwrvmj, 
^•Atyd/Siaddr^. 'Utreadd^r^/rov. ^creads o^/ku^ »eA. 
/3-af, S^ read &s {(&<nrtp ydp d) virepcx«t ^ (^ om.) ov/mu^ rijff y^s ovrtfff 
(rocrovror cQ, a wrms^f i/wrtaty i od yap, *C. /U' read vtrtpania (sic) tov 

tfiov, /3 vwtpix^i Bum {g om.) Upar^ia (Upantas (2). "^ /3 reads rirl y$f . 

**&! om. rest of verse throagh hmt. " e reads cWcW, ^ airon-cVck ** (X. 
/3 om. ^hi read rov Kvp^ (t Gfov). ** reads KvpuvBtU, g KvpuvBtt, 
"c. At read itri rijfy efg read vn6 rrjg, a vtr6. ^(X (save that hi add ^ 

before ILvptos). 0, S^ read Ka\ y^p oMy vircp <rf (^ om. vir. o-«) d(tkf$aTo 
(+ ^ cQ Kvpcof. A =: c^cXcfiro >^p oMr Kvpioc vircp vpor* ** OC. /3 read 

iyyiCiUf. A = iyyiaan. ^ d reads avr<5i^, S* avroif . " A = ^oyiTC. 

•■ a. om. "a (save that W read alfTov). 0, A, 8* om. •* 6 

reads ivrpv^pma. h adds rw. '" oc, 0^, A, S^ (save that d reads 

7<rtt and (f, A add ip before 'lax«/3 and At om. *Iax.). ^ reads ipi M 
/SairiXcvcty cV'I. ( om. *" <l reads ccrci, ^ ciMu. ^OCfrfg. 06 read avToiff, 
d ^ir* avrrfi^. •• reads «Mr«/, "a, adf. g reads ^i^ {Bakdatni)' he, A om. 
*•«. /3 reads £<nr«p. <»a,ftA\ A"* om. ^d prefixes ol. Wegr, 

A, 8^ add «iS (+o{ <i) JiauGoi. ^ A read t^pmp» (= /SoirrcCoyroi) corrupt 
for Jpp^pli = x'^^'""'^^''^ 9 r^ads axnparlCorrtu. A om. next six words. 
^0-^. (X reads ol dc vXovrovo-ty, ^ irXayovrrcf dc. J om. ovrcK ml . . • vXov- 
rtwrtw by hmt. (1), and reads koI instead. ^/M» A. e reads ccrv (sic) 
^1 T^ >«M>f rdr, At <r^ ya«r. ^ A^ 'itrpa^X. ^ adds fycw ipjoL ^^(X, 

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98 A1A0HKH lOYAA [XXL 6 

tr<if0VWf. ^^^^y48 d^iilOKTfS *tA dXX^pMl«\ 

&ixf^ 7.•'Ort*pt^«alX•i9&s«4Tt,laorTat«^ 

oiT€f (+ * icarairfvovT€9 Av^pcSirwy" is IxOia? 

ilo^at^ *«tod« ical euyaWpaf ''Aeue^w'' " icaroSovXiiStrowiy «» 

wff K^. * oUovs, iypcrt/y, voCfivta, xptfixara lipTri(rov<nv^. 

''tulf*' 9- K*^* *<^ovrat ^&s^ jcaroiyftcy*^ V^€va<wrp<H^§^at«^ 

cxom. 'f^^ iriin-as^^ bucaCovs bui^waw^m 

oUovs,,» XXII. 'Eirifct* hi airoiS^ Kvpi09 huupia'€is ^kot iXkrj^ 

ico^ TrJX(fu>( '^(n;i'€X€&^ (covroi iv *I<r/)aiJX*. 
^, Kal Iv dXXo4»i;Xots* crwrcXeir^o-CTai ^ /ScuriXcia fuw*, 
fws *TW iXiJeuF^ *T0 <ra)nj/)40i^® r<w* 'I<rpa1{X^^ 

2^^. CM read ot ficv KUf9vv€wnwip. A s= iccvdvMifart mil impafifjo'iTai and om« 
rest of yeree. S^ = irccrovyrai cZ; art/xtaff. Instead of «ydvFcvovcny the text 
requires some word the antithesis of nkovrowrtp. Now ittr^, = ^|D^ (or 
^??-) (^*^*^ Hebrew) the former of which in earlier Hebrew = irrmxtwnxn 
(cf. Is. xL 2o), or text = D^JSD? corrupt for D^33W? = irr»x«»w<rti'. The 
latter is a rare word : cf. Eccles. iv. 13, v. 15, ix. 15. The former word, 
though found only once in O.T., is coQimon in later Hebrew. '* be, S^ read 
nkotfrltrova-af, i vXovrlCwnw. *• Ot. ft S* om. ^01. ^, A read 61 {a om.) 
/3(urcXcvoM-ef ( + ^i' o-o\ A) tfaoprai &s k^, S^ = ^omp /SacriXcvovrvf taxnmu «off 
KrjTtf, ''^ A := fcol icarairioiTm *I<r/xi^X its Ix* S^ iaBioprts IxBvas tcai mSpJiWcvs* 
w a, A (saye that A** read avr&p and A'****'*'*om.€X«;^ep«r). ft Spread Bvy. koI 
vlovg€ktvB€povs{d om,). ^6^ read iearodovXot)<r<v. ^5. Tliis line is omitted 
by a but attested by ft A, S^ Likewise the parallelism supports it. 
$-h, A, 8^ read (+<tai A) oUovg {^fwaiov d) Koi ay pots Koi (/3-<2 om.) 
voifUHa Kol (ft 8^ om.) xP^fwra (/3-6, 8^ om.) ApwaawHrof {&pwaawnv /, 
apndCovo'iP g), ^ g prefixes jcoi. For voXkwf . . . xopraotwovy 8^ reads 

9roXX^ <r»fiaTa t&p odiic»r xSpaing Jtal KaBapi»aTotf>ayov<rm Upw&ts xaprdo'ova'iw, 
^ a reads K6paic€g, " fi~g, c reads ^/Sccf, At icm icwtt, g Ifitig, ^ d reads 
Xoprda-oHn, g x<*prdCowri, ^ e reads vpoa-Kd^lnwrtp, '^OLyaf, bedg read r6 
fcaic($v, At KOK&p, '^ 6 reads irarcuyidatf , ^ fcoroiyif, S^ airoanmii, 

^A = fTpo^^rot. •/reads ibrapras, d adds Tovf. **b reads dM»$ovra«, 
/ d(tt(»(riy. For vdwras . . • ^(cvatp A reads iroiTCf o2 bUmoi himxI^h^roPTm, 
XXn. ' ^ reads tnavafyi, • ct, « read alrw. *ht, A om. *a om. 
next two lines through hmt. d om. next line, 'A adds koI and thus 

connects kqI cV dXXo^. with what precedes. *A s avr&p^ ^d reads oj^ 
?A^2;* '.A^= 17 fturiXeuit ' ( om, ^® (2 reads jc(S<r/iov and adds icol ^y 

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Google A1A0HKH lOTAA 99 

^€(AS T^s^^ irapovo-£ay^^ ©eov rfjs biKaioaiSvris^, 

3» Kai ovrds ^^vAci^ci k/xItos^'' fiaaiXeCas ixov (a>s^^ olwvoy^^ 
opK^ yap iiwai fwi 6^* Kt/pioy ^* /yt^ ^foXct^cu^^ *Ti fta<rCk€iov 
{k tov <mipiuiT6s fjLov teas alQvos^^* 

XXIII. IloAXV ^^i^ Ai;iny2 fwC itrri, rixva fwv^, bih /9-a/, A, 
Ths ia€Xy(Cas^ koL yoi|T€£o«* &s voirja-ert ""dy ri /3o<r£\€M)>'^ •, iy- S* yo»;- , 

2. Tas Otr/aripas ifi&v fwvfriKas icai hrnuxrlas^^ woti}<r€r€^^ XoTpfw. 

&v ivi^i'^^ KHptos *i<l>* vfMi^'' Atfiiv koI Aot/UMJl;^^ Bivarov . 
icol popLffnilav [iKbiKOvaoai]^^, iroXiopx^ [koI Kifms els Stqr Xiopx/av 

aXXo^vXoif crviTfXco-^o-rrai 19 /SaoiXeux ftov. "Of. /3 om. *^/3-^ add rov 
"A = Koi TfSrt oiV^crci 'l. {'lapa^X ncoiSH^ A^). ^' Bracketed as an inter- 

polation. It is foreign to the context and A om. c om. the rd, h om« 
next eight words, ^g reads r& Kparw Trjg. ^^b adds rov. " t om. rest 
of Terse. " c. Other MSB, om. " d adds tov. ^ch,aef, b reads 
/xXec^ctv, d ^xXci^i, ^, A liKXffi^iv natffomf S^ Xafi0ai«iy. '' cA, A (save 

that e om. «Vc rov cnr. /aov). 0, S^ read t6 ^<r[K€t6p (r^v Patriktlaof d) fiov iK 
(fcac bg) rov fnripiua^^ (rf trvippari g) ftov n-ao-ar rciir ^fiipas (/ om. ir. r. i}/i.) 
f (»ff (^ om.) TOV (a om.) at&wn, 

XXin. * c reads iroXXv. • g trs. after c<m. • <w/ om. * c, b read 
car€\ytas, f aXytf^vm, ^hom. jS-a/ A add icaWZdttXoXarpcW. 'A reads 
KOiy <2 M t6 /ScuriXffvffty. ^ Ot reads cV yaarpl fivBcvs. ^ b reads dicoXov^ovyrcf • 
' 6, A So also g hut trs. kX. and d<up, v\ain)s. This word is written yarioosly 
in the M8S. c reads icXvd»<rf, At xX^tto-c, d leXvdoo-c, e icX^d»<r(y, / icXc/doo-iir, 
a om. '® c, 6 read haip»irt». ^^ i9^ A c reads irXava>y, At iriiprtty. *^ S^^ 
6pxn<rTplbtts. " At, (Zf read woi^mp-c . A*** =iro«€iTf . " (X. /3-gr, A****** read koi 
(otf/om.) /irifuy., ^ tiri y?^ f(rt<rB€, A****** = iniptrfyrtmai. *' a reads 3deX vy/iari, 
^ »€\Cypara. ^*0U fi-d read agci, d i^fc*. " A»»»»»^*<^ om. but not A**. 
^* A*^ read umumUaupfitA (= o-CMTfuSv) corrupt for upmh-aup^iX = Xoi/i<$|f, 

^bb^edec „^gg,%„g^p^^^= ff^pop, hi read Xoc/iov and om. preceding koI. 
dg add mi. \oip6p may be a corrupt dittography of \ip6p. Then Xi/uSf, 
AiMirofy and popxlxua would be the three destroying agencies so frequently 
mentioned together in Jer. xiv. 12, xv. 2, &c. ^' Since A om. and the 
word injures the parallelism I have bracketed as an interpolation, 
A adds Kal, *® Since a, A om. and the phrase seems alien to the 
context I have bracketed it as an intrusion. It is derived from 
Jer. XV. 3. By its omission tx^p&p is rightly made dependent on 
miktopidaPf and this phrase is balanced by ^tX«y ^pttdiafioCg, a om, 

H 2 

Digitized by 



(At **'«^X^'^<»»' Viray7}i;«S ^aai)" Sew iiJivpna,uiv^^ *yijs'^ ipii^ 
<tal<rv/*- MftMTiy^*, *i;fx«i; J^*^ ovrwi;^^ dovXeftu' iv l$V€(rtp. 4. Kol 
^"•>' iKT€iwva'i *ToifS vlovs^* iiu&v cZy*^ €bvi3i6xws * tolls yvvai^^ 
^^" a^w. 5. "Em^ &P *<wurit^Tiu icdpias 6iiX^^\ *iv 

Pf A, 8^ ivwTpv^€ vfAs Kvpiop, 


next five words. *^h reads ixBpw, With iroXiopKuiF tx^pSnf cf. Jen 
xix 9, "a, oM, A* (Armenian text wrong here). So also A"*** 
with words transposed. A^ = t^wf th ^tduriurvt, efy read 4^»p 
6p€tdurfUv, ** The text is here uncertain. A comparison of the adjoining 
context suggests that dir«Xciay uu {r^MK, itpBdkfi&p is, if original, thoroughly 
corrupt. Thus if ifjMkfi&p is original, it is unlikely that it was preceded 
by two accusatives, as all the adjoining parallels are against this. But 
o^pSakfiAp cannot be right The preceding genitives and the following 
one (two )) relate to persons. Hence 6<t>3akfjAp is either interpolated or 
corrupt, (i) First if ^^daXfuov is an interpolation (Af, Aomit it), on-^cuv 
Ktd o^MueeXio^^v = n^3l T\nt ; for oipaKtXiC^ in the only two places where 
it occurs in the LXX (Lev. xxvi. 16 ; Deut. xxviii. 32) is a rendering of 
nb^. Now this phnise could be an easy corruption of nra HriK^ = dnaXetop 
pvn<l>&p, 'the destruction of brides.' (ii) Again, if 6<^akfjMp is inter* 
polated, the interpolation may extend also to the two preceding words. 
The phrase Kal cr^KcXia^^v o^daX/ittv would be then an addition to thq 
text like tud kvpos els buMowao-fiSp above, and afr«Xciair might be taken as 
a marginal gloss — explaining the rare word ir^aJccXur/uSy — which was 
subsequently taken into the text, (iii) Or finally, if o^^oXfUov represents 
some corruption in the original, cr^acrXio/i^v dtpBakftAp = t^TV n^3| where 
U'Ty could be corrupt for tXyW = mUiwp or ptprUp, In that case (r^o*. 
to^ttXft^v (Le. pipri^p) would be simply a dittography of the following 
clause pt/rl^iP avaipea'tp, aniikttap having been originally as in (ii) a marginal 
gloss. As I think we should adopt either (ii) or (iii), I have bracketed 
the clause ofrflkXeuur , . . d^tBaXfM&p lou as an addition to the text. ** Cf. 

Lev. xxvi. 16 D^yy ni^3D • « • DDne^, also Deut. xxviii. 3 a. hi, A om. 
oifMKfi&p and d, A the following mu For atpoK, a reads X^fu^y and d 
tFKJxuctkifjLovs. S^ reads Kal npo t&p 6<f>6akfiSip, ^OLyP, A om. /3, A, S^ 

add Koi iFvyfimp a^ptaip {g dpaiptauff A budptmv), ^ hdg^ &, «/read 

imapx^VTWf atrapx^m^P* a oin. e reads vtrapx^prt^p dnapxi^p, hi mrapx^iP t&p 
atrapx&p. A =: ical (A**^* om.) Mfiov (but u^ut^utuHL.^ is Corrupt for 
^utuimmJA ^ Apfirayiiv) \mapx^^»^: "At read wwr. ^<x,adg. For 
€finpti(riJL6p of Ot, adg, iymvpuryiop is read by p-adg. ** a trs. before vaav. 
g reads €ts 4pSip»irt,p. ^OL /3-(£, S* read iip&v, d, A xai v/m!>p, " h om. 
next eight words. A adds tU. "a. ft A, S* read cf. ^g om. "a 

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XXIV. a] 



rcAcff icapJf^'^ *|i€TojiAou|i^WHif riu nopcuofUKMif^ h Trda-ais A -^^ ®* 
- ~ - fitraiAit' 



a. AS 
XXIV. *Kol fUThraiha^ 
^orcXci i/fuv' iarpov 

ical ^u^aoT^o-crfiu ^ ivOfHA- 
vos [Ik tw a-vipfwrdf 

§M3v] ^*m ^XlOff b^KOW' 

irviAVop€v6ii€Vos'^ Tols ^- 
Ofnivois^ iv irpadniTi 
Koi buccuoirivTi. 

*Kal m(ra hpaprta ovx 

2. Kal iufoiylja'ovTai iv* 

XXIV. Kal furh ravra 
ivaT€k€i rb Harpov el- 

KoL avfiTTopeiaerai ivOpA- 
irots *& irpairriTL xal 

ip i\€fi 
Ka\ aifo- 



2. Ka2^' ^o4yif<rorrac a^$ 

reads nit Timukaf. A r= tls bovkfiop yvwaue&v. •■ «, fi^, S*.' 5^, A read 
ml «f. ''oty save tbat c gives form ciruncc^^ffnu. The constraction is 

irregular. We should expect liMt, 0, A, S^ read htiarpv^rjfn irp6£ Kvptop 
( + irai A). **(X, /3-M, A. ( reads fvrcXft^ Kopduu, d cV rAci KopHiat. 

^ (X. 0» S' read fcfrofieXovficyoi jcol vop€v6ptvoi {d om. xac irop.). A = 
fitTafiitXit<n<r&€ Koi nop€wrt<r6f, '*(X, A. /3, S^ read rm) Gfov. ^OC 

(bat with the form ^raydyf c). /S, A, S^ read xal (A om.) hrurKc^rfTag 
(jtwtnu^tTQi a) vfuit {fipag d) Kvpcof (A"**** om.) h Awi «a2 difay6yji 
{dwaydy€i dg, ip ayAiqf b), ^Of. reads dtr<(. ^ /it, /3-5 (save that for ftfywy 
/ reads XaAp). e reads t&p i$»wp r^r alxMoXflMriar, 5 r^r alx» r»v ix6p&v vfi&p^ 
XXIV. ^e om. mu and trs. pera ravra after *lax«0. A prefixes as title 
of chapter wtpi rod X/nvtov v&t fuXXci ytppti^rpfai, * g om. Cf. A. 'In 
T. Levi zviii. 3 we have wpaw^. * e om. • Interpolated probably 

by the ecribe who added verses 5 and 6. Verses 1-3 refer to the Messiah 
from Levi. '(reads&r6i9Xiofr9ffdMaioirvri7r. A'^om. The phrase is drawn 
from ICal. iv. 2, and avaariivrrat Mptrffot recalls the peculiar text of the 
LXX of Nam. xxiv. 17. * We should expect to find mzl avpwoptwnrat as 
in A, 'a, arf, hdg read vUhs t&p avdpwnup, ' There is no adequate 
ground for rejecting this clause as a Christian interpolation. Cf. T. Levi 
xvii. 9 ; Pss. Sol. xviii. 41, where the ICessiah is to be xaBap^ vmh Apaprlau 
w 6« read o^nfar, S» aMit. " A^ Rest om. » Emended from A*****» 

which = ^crvx^ mil ducoMNrviT;, for ^mltq.mpmau[^lruiJ^ is corrupt for 
^a%utp^nuplrmtlfL =s vpa6Ttp'i, A^ ss ip ffavxiqt A** tlp^^ Ktii ^o^X^?* 

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[XXIV. 9 

ft, /3, S 

y^ Trarpiy Ayfov^*, 
fcal avrds ^icX€€i weviia 

3. * Kal lac<F«€ adr^ els utoi^^^ 

* Kal iropc(^ca6c ^' iv vpo<r- 
Tiyiia<ruf^^ airrov irpd- 

4. [OSros 6 pkaarbf &€ov 
fcal atrri if myy?) *w&«n 

5. Tore ipakifxylf€i^^ atajv- 

Tpov Pa(n\€(a9 fwv 
Kal iitb T^y pCCl^ iJ/ut4)i;** 
yevria-erai miOjiilJK**, 

6. Kal *i{ oWjs pXcurr^ofv** 

pifibos biKoioavjnjs ** 
row i6v€(nv 
^Kpufai ical o-fio-a*** wiy- 
Toy Toi)^^'^ iiriKoXoviJLi'' 
vovs rip^^ Kvpiov, 

xal iicxy0ri<rovTaL €v\oy(ai 

irarphs iyCov iv airr^ **, 

Koi ovriy ii^f^'^ ^^' 


» Kal ta'((r$€ avr^ cIs vlo- 

0€a'Caif i\ri$€Cas 
Koi iropeSa'€a'$€ iv tots 

irpoardyiiaa'af airw 

ir/xiro($ ical bevrdpois. 
.. [Tcfre ivafirfa-erai fiXaurrbs 

M iiMv\ 

5* Kal * ivdKAii.y^€t, ckjjV' 

Tpov^^ ^curiXcfay fxcv 
Kal ivb Trj9 fiCCrjs ifi&v^^ 

itvatmija'erai irvBiiriv, 
6. Kal iir* airov ava^'fia't^ 

rai^^piphos hiKauxrivris 

Tols iOv€<nif 
Kpivoi KoX a-Qcrai vdv" 

ras Tov^ imKoXaviiivovi 


"A*^. A**^*'*om. " c reads ^icx«f (sic). "a,i3-*^. i^, S« read 

vvtvfutTos. Though A om. there seems no valid ground for marking 
it as an interpolation. Gf. Ps. xL 2 ; Joel ii. 28 for the thought At, d 
om. next seven words through hmt. '' g reads airov, S^ ical dynSn^ra. 

*'' oc om. ^' (. deg read leal voptwaBe^ a, of om. a om. rest of line. 
^•At, </&r. c, W, S read vpwrraypan. ^OU fi^B read w M^ 

vcurtft {g om.) <rapK6s, d th Mv alvvtov, a om. next two verses together 
with XXV. I have bracketed o^ros « . . C»v^ as a Christian interpolation 
though some defence could be made. '^ g adds dcvrrpor. ** hi read 
^fjMP, ^fi~ag. OL reads trrjyfii dg voifjJfv. How this impossible 

reading arose I cannot discover. *^e. finig read as in margin, 

hi iv avTJ dvaPfia-fTOi, g ip avrf ycn^o-crai. ^g adds eV. *• hi, /3. tf reads 
ical (TflMrci. ■^fl/om. ■"«. j3 om. ••A* adds 6s iari Xpwros, 

WA*»"C") but i},*af is corrupt for {-AW. A^'^^rzMp^ovs. "A**, A^i»»cdg_. 
^oXXijcrffc d]r6 aKfjmpov^ "A* adds oirA vpo^rfvw^ ""A** adds 6 aircaraX* 

Digitized by 



XXV; Koi^ iJL€Th raika * ij;aoT?7<rcrat *Appahfi koI 
^la-aaK kcu 'loiccajS €ls C^v^, ^ Kal iyi^^ Koi ol ib€\<f>oC fwv 

Koi" 61* KtJpios €fiX^Yn<«i* riy Acvt *i i'^^^ «yy€Aos rou /S^^ A 

6 oipavbs t6v *Fovfilii^\ tov *l<raxhp *^ yrj^^, fj Odkaaaa 

ol <fxa<rnjp€S t6v Aiv^^, *^ trpu^^^^"^ rbv Nc^^aXeffi*^ ^^4 
5Aios«» rii^ Tib, *fi a€\nvq^^ rhv 'A<njp, 

a, i9, S^ 

. Kal *la«a«c cts Xo&k" 
Kupfov, ical^* *yA»<r<ro 

KoL oiK iartu iK€i^ *irr€u- 
fAa vkimis ^ tov B^kCap, 

Sri lixfiXfiOrjo'erai, * iv irv- 
p\^ *ciy tAv alwa^"^. 


Kal fa-ovrat cts XodvKvp^vi; j3 tarak 

Kal Ilia ykQa<ra *^ ^«^*- 

icoi o^K lorai ^r iiuv W€V' 

IM TrXamii 
Sti ififikqO'/ia'erai fJLiaph 

m/eifiara ^ ciy KpCtrtv 


XXY. ^hif g om. 'A=eoTOi ^loKofi C&v xai ^la-paf/K tt¥aaTfj<rmt, 

e adds «u after 'IaK<tt0. » a reads «oy«, ^ ry<i. * A*** = 9(apxog. 

*OC,d, bf read aiaprrpw ^ft&v (vft«v /), «^, S^ fncfprrp^p ^/uoy. The translator 
should have rendered D^DSe^ here by <l>v\&p, but A understood peculiar 
kneaning of aiofnrpop here and rendered by f^vk^p ^/i&v, *c reads cV 
'Iffx>v<raX^/ii. *c,((freadc(rV^* *CX,A. ^ trans. The numbers are given 
in throughout this verse by the Greek letters. ' c, df, hi, bg read Btutafitv, 
t Biptafuh. "/3-/(8aye that d reads 'Hcra^ap), A, S^ OL reads ZajSovXMi^, 

f Ivfuw. 6, S* add C Zcfiovk&v. " a, «/. ^f, S* read ica^. irajrrcff. 

A = vdpTtt. S' adds cV Vpa^X. " i reads rdrc " ^ om, " a, 6, S*. 
0-5, A read c^Xoy^aei. ct trs. before Kvpiw, ^^<x, d reads xac 6, /3-c2 J. 
A = xoi. *• d reads irarpds pav. *^ 0. OL reads «Voc. *• A = ical 6 

oyycXoff. ^•A*'* adds auTov. ^d om. next four words. " ex. 6/gr 

read •PwjS^fi, e 'Pov^^f. »• rf trs. before top *I<r. •" ^t add Bcyia^iiV. 

**A=aI atajptu. ^^e,df, hg read r. Beyio/uVy e r. Bcvui/MiP. Atom. 

*« d reads 'AWf*. "'A = al rpw^/. The original was rj? ' Eden.* » a, 
oftgr, <fo^ read Nc^ciXi^/i. *• A**^' = bvpdfitis xac OTffpiyiwif A****** dvvafut 

«al (rnipiyfi69, ** «, /3-aJ. 6, S* read Aoio. A = ol cXauu. •* a, A**: 

M<7 read Ibnu c& Xods, «^ ftrro* f Jj XcmJi^, A******** taopvai €lg \a6p, S* Ioto* cV 
row Xootf. •*5', S* om. ••/ reads y\wr<Tap luav, •*«. 6^, S* read 
Iri, « owwVc, dfoixL " (2 reads tJ irXoiTy. '^(X,df, he read «V ry irvpl, 
g tls t6 nvp, ^ g reads t6 td»vtow. dg add xal ivituwa, " A^ adds 

Digitized by 








OP • 

ahg, A, 



o-opref ivaoTi{(roifr€u 
KoL ol 5(ct Kt;/Hoir diro^m^- 


a, ft SI 
*Kalol»» fo A% TcXfv- 
n^aavTis ivam/i<rovTai 

ptov** irXavrurOi/ia'ovTat 
fcal ol ''^ iiroAnio-fcoifrcs diJt 

TOt *€!? fa)l{y*^. 

bpaiAovvrai iv iyaXXt/^ 

icol ol ierol 'Icrpa^X^* ire- 

rcurdijcrovrcu*^ & Xap^ 
\ol bi i(r€fi€ls V€V0i/i<rcv<n» 

Kol ol hiiafiTiakol KkaS- 

o-owot] *^ 
KoX 7rivT€S ol Xaol io^d- 

a-ova-i Tov^^ KHpiov cZs** 


XXVL *vA<ifoT€^ oHv riKva fioti *ir<Jvra rhv^ v6p.ov 
Kvpfov*, ft-t* ^(rrbf *«ao-iy iXwiy* rots itaii^ooair' *rcl$ 

Kol ol IXa<^i roO laicct>/3 

ical ol dofwiXciy** row "lo-- 

pa^ 7n;&ui<rouaru; 
fccu ir<ivr€S Xool Sofeiirov- 

o-u^^^ K-Cpwv €U cimva. 

TQv ironypov. ^ c£ reads ica/, ^ «x. *^h om. *^ or. 0, S^ read or frrii>x«if« 
«' hi add T«(y. «* S^ adds «'£vfrvur^<roirroi cr^ («^v mi/: ^ /3-^, S^ (save that 
for wtivjn dby S* read ircr/i^ <l iruio, ^ ir«tiu). ef trs. this clause after {o'xv«rov- 
ircr, and S^ trs. it after i^vinwyB, tk C*^* A) ff, A om. An interpolation. 
**P-^j S\ OL, d, A om. An interpolation. ^(X (save that hi add rtfy 

after dia). aMg read fii^ k, dno6ai^rr€tf ef ^h k, dnoBiniamwr^s, ^(X,d. 

MreadcVC«»ff. ''a,<20/. o^, A, S' read 'Iaic«&/3. «• ^ reads 'lait^/S. 
"^if reads irci^ijcroyrai. " I have bracketed this clause as an interpola- 

tion though found in or, P, S\ It is omitted by A and is against the 
parallelism. ( om. ol before AfaapToXolf and g reads coXcur^<rovntt for 
icKaCaami. "«. /3 om. ~ «, <£ add roif . •*A'^. A»*^*"*^* = 

vvtpritpaiH^, "" A*" om. next line. "* I do not see how this reading 

can have arisen. '^ A}* = rw 'l<rpafjj\ €h\vyfi<Fovirt9^ 

XXVL ^hi read tf/vKa^frBt. *hit aefy A*^. e reads irdirorr n$y, 5^ 

v6rra. d, A"*"*** tiJf. ^ om. *A reads &. •«. ft A read 

iXvis vaa-u * (X. fi, S^ read Korcv^vMwow. A = tiSv vtparaTownp a free 

rendering of ft The genitive avrw that follows supports or, which s= 
0^*^010^ of which D^e^O = Kanv6ww<ri is a corruption. But corruption 
may have originated in the Greek. ^ or, fi-b. b, 8^ read rijv 6d6p avrov» 

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3« Mi;8€&** fi€ JiTa^cii(r€i ip 
Kol ol vceripks yav. 

Oi. )3, SI 
4. *Kai Touro ctir^l^r Ikoi- 
fu^^Ti*^ ical hroCfi<rav ol viol 
airov Kara viirra 8<ra** &€- 
r€(Xaro a^o7$, * ical iBay^xw ** 
o^ir** * fieri T«i; TtaripfAv 
airrov^ * h X€Ppiv^\ 

A A, S^ 

Tca}TafjJXXov<n iroicu;^* *ol )3a- 
<nXcl$orr€( ^^\ ical ^* ivaydyeri 


4. ''^ Kal iKoifi'/iOri *Iot^s /xcri 
itarifHAV airov kcX lirolqa'caf 
KaOiv€p hfer^Oioro avrols^*^» 





AiadiJKTf ^laaxap rov iriiiwrov vlov ^laKo^fi Kal Acta^ \ 

I. *AprCypa<f>ov kiyonv *I<rax<ip. *Ko\€<ras y&p rovs vloiy 
airou Att€V airots^* 

A = jmt' oMp. • a. a«/y read mil tbnv Sn (g om.), 6, S* xai ttm irpif 

airwk, d om. *a. aefresA pi0 {pi md cma a) ir&p iy», hg ^titntwia 

ir&p 4yw,dpiff ir&p irlffitpov iy^. A = «il wvv (A** om.) /yi (A******** om.) 
iKorhp dcfca mil cWa ^A******** cWa ml ^Va). S* iitarhip mPTffKOPTa Ka\ hvia 
but the right number is given by S at end of yer. 4. ^^d trs. before 

ryw. See last note. 0, A, S^ add as in margin. " c adds dec. ^ A 
reads mikaaeai (bic). ^'5. OL, adefg read hroKfimtu ^^ade. bfg read 
voXvreXJ. " bdefg (save that « reads opappify and ( cbfop^gic), A. a reads 
flmo^^ n^y jc. pov. ^ d reads iroc^o-ai. ^^ ^ reads jSacriXcir. ^* P-d, 
d,AreadiJXXa. »/5-d <i reads cV. "W^, A*'****' trs, before c^f. 

a^, A^ 8^ om. '^ ot, (saye that d om. ica/ and fi^g, S^ add 'lovdar 
after iKotfifgOrj, and <l adds 'I. rolt vlois ainvv before it and iv tlp^vn after it, 
while g adds 'I. before it). " a, 06. efg read ^. For it. w. Baa d reads 
ito^. '^g reads tfc(^ayrer, c2 icol \afi6pr*t aMw iBw^ aMv, ** fi, S^ 

add cV Xr/Spd^p. **^ om. ^ j3, 8^ om. f, 8^ add *Iouda( v26ff 'Iaic<b0 y vlor 
A^ y. «a (/ om.) Ifoacr ?Tiy ^. " A*. A******* read jod An»Va^ o^f 
(A' om. ?) KoBawfp ivtniKaTO avrotg Koi €Koip:i$ri 1ovda$ ficra varipwf ourov. 
I. ^ Title, a in text, hef, 8 read A. 'I. mpX mrk^os {SyaS^ose) (+ 
*l<rax^ ipiuiPtvenu /iurBdt f), g X *I. t, a 'laaxap. d is COl^flate : A. *I. vUr 
*lwcibfi Koi Mas €' vfpi Mi^rnros. A'^*'= A. 'L (+vtoO 'laicA0 ^•). ««. 

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iKoiaaTe^ rixva^ *l<roxap rod irarpis ifiQv^ 

ydp. 2. **Eyi> MxOvjv ^v4fiirTos vlo9 t^ 'Iaicai/3^^ & fiiaO^ t&v 

P-* ^ioifipayrfpcow®. 3. *FovpliA^ *y^ ^4 dScX^ |ioo"'^<> ^pcyicev 

fl gi a' /xorJpayJpovy^^ *^ic row iypov^^, kclL^^ wp<MrawaimJ<ra<ra^* 

SUi 4 *^ *PaxiJjA" ^a^TAK"*" IX«^€v" airov'j^^. 4. "Eickaie^^ bi 

r*^M i*o 'Pw/Sffx", ical iirl rf} 1^1^ airrov i&jxetp^ Aela fg 

AA,S' f^l^Tip iiov^\ 

Sn-i (A 5. **H<ray bi ravra fifiXa^ eio^fxa^^ *lw€p ywwmu.^ 

aXXA) *4k T^ yg Xopdi'*^ viroiciTa) <l>ipayyos vdirwif. 6. Elirc 

^. hi 'PaxiJX- ofi «cS<ra> *<roi raCro", *dXX' Im ox^ Toum" 

^, A, 8^ ^l riKViAV* ^vofMiSc ydlp |m 6 Kiipiog, koI Wicva odic fy^Kn|aa 

Lo^ " A& ''irpJy •Paxi}^''^*- **Iicwot5<r^« o-ot»» «ri *Xa/3€5 rhv 

P, S^ (save that 0, S* om. yap and g adds o^r before KaX. and om. avrou), 
and c2 adds vp6 rov ^noBoptw cAt^ before cfircv). A^s^ koI (otc A*') cMrty, 
A^ ileal ffirtv *I. ToU vldit atrrmt iv Tf xP<Hp ^^^ rcXcvn}^ a&rov, A^*' ore cpcXXc 
rtXcvroy njy Cmipr avrov, cmiXcirv rotvr viow avrov km c&rci^. Probably the hist 
fiye words belong to A** also, but the notes are nncertain. ' A* = imuvw. 
^ d reads rcxy/a. h adds pov. A**"**^ om. " ^ om. next line, * ct, 

(irff A A, rf, S* read ^ymnifUva, hg t/ymnffupoi. ' (X, /3-^. ^ reads ireptrrot 
vl6s mx^9 rf 'Iax^/3 and then om. to end of Ch. II. A = ^ MxBtiP, 
• c writes /uafdpaywpcip and so elsewhere. • 6 reads 'laic»p, *® a. jS-ii, A, 
J3* read yap, d om. " a reads fjuufhpaydpop, "A = f ic roO Acpov. ^' A 
adds irpcarw, ** 6 reads wpoairapr., d airairnf<raara tovtow, " OL. odef read 
•paxiiX, 6 'Paxi^X. " ot. Cf. <i in note 14. abef, A, & om. "/reads 
chrcXo/Sev. " W, hefy B*. c reads tovj ftavdpayovpovs, a avr^v, (£ awrA ef avrov. 
A*^ = f f a^ow ( + Towff poydpayv^povf A\ Cf. J), A*** cic k Airov o^v, A^' om. 
*• (f reads IjcXowc. * a. /3 om. "a reads 'Pow^ir, abf 'Povfilfii, " A = 
ijficovac. "a. /3-d,S*. (f reads avrov mi jpov. A*^'=a^oi). A***om. Aadda 
ical fiircF rg 'Pa^^X. d6f ro^r poydpoydpovr. c2 adds leai t &•«» airri' tm ri cXo/Ses 
r& [uufdpaydpa rov vlov fuw; ^OL (save that e reads pvXa for fujka here 

and later), a reads avn; d^ l^r M^^9 bdef ravra hi ^<nuf p^Xa («l>f poXa (2), 
A = Koi ^tratf ol fuufdpayopoi fujXa, ^ (zef, OL, d read wCwrfta^ b wAtrifia, 

*• ex. abd read A /iro/cc, «/, S* 4 iroccT. A = luu yitwrau ^ OL (Bave that hi 
reads XoMOir). /3, S^ read 17 yiy 'Apdp ('Apdy <f) cy 1^1. K^hri vkg cV r^ 
'Ap<(p, and om. next three words. ^e, At, c^^read otw avr<i, 06, A ovr<S croi. 
^a. 0, A, 8^ read ^c (As aXX^) 7<mnrac pm. '^oc (save that A» read 

poi and iyivti for pc and iyevwrfoa), 0-^, A read i^coy dc r^ (6 om.) fujXa 
(fivka (sic) c2) dvo. A^ adds «il efircF avr^. 2^ vlovt tx^if iroXXow, icat cya» 
ovK Jx« «»i '"Tci^* "^a. om. *•« (save that hi read njv 'Pax»i}X), 

0, A, S^ om. ** A=o^ic foTcy huu^p aoi. ^ M, A add r^t (&, A om.) 

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I. 13] AIA0HKH I2AXAP 10/ 

Totfrp*^ irrl r»i^ iJtavbpay6p<av ^*tov vlov** crot;^. 9. *El7r€ ft A, 8^ 
yvvfi^ ycrfnp-os avrov. lO, ^Kcw ctirc 'Paxi^X*^' *M^ m^'JL- 


II. '^'Kol €i M^ ^ S<^Ao9 
^irAi70W€V ^irl t^j yrjs koI rj 
vovripCa tQv ivSptaTtaiv lyii- 
pr]<r€Vf ovK &v ct <rif 6p&(ra rh 
vp6a'<t>Trov rod *Iaic<iS)3 **• 

P, A, S^ Jll^lJ'^ 

II; TC (Toi 7on7<ra>, Sri ^ttA^- «ay«. 
^wci; 6 b6kos ^Koi fj iroofovpyCa ft S^ f d^ 
T&v ivOp^vtav Kail 6 b6kos K"^P\, 

TTpO€Xi»p€l ivl 7719 ytlS* €1 0€ o^y ; ore 

fit}, (TV OVK ir jfy 6pQ<ra Trp. *!• '/J* ^''P**"' 
12. *0* yhp ywfi ovTov ct <«;", iXXa^^ doAy Ain-l ^/xov ^X*^p; 
dai/JX^s^\ 13. *Kal ^/mi ^irAoviyo-ci;*^ 6 iraTiip iiov, poimi. 

irap$€wias» ^A= ro^ lutpdpaySpmt, ^hi,ab, c, cfo/readX^^». "(X. 
ft A, 8* om. "a (save that At read 1} 'PaxiiJX). o^/, A-^ S^ read 4 di 
fSrw, c^ A* fjrt d^ 'P. •• OL. «/ read jcoI ?<7t«, W, A, S* IM ^arm. *• c. 
i, p om. . ^ OK. reads n^r vvxra ravnjy. ^e reads vlttv. ^A, A. e om. 
a&^/ read c7irc dc (kqI itmwf) Ala wpU avriip, abdef, A add fu) Kavx& iJtrfii 
i6(aC€ crcaunfr (fuyd^ ^(dCov d, A^*\ leol /ii) do^Cov b, A^). ^c. At read 
4fi6s icTiF 1. o&fe/, A, S* read i/x^s ydp ifmv 6 {de om.) 'I. ** OL. ft A, S^ 
read idy^. ^ hi add cV. *^ a (save that A reads •Pax*^^)' «^/> -A. read 
^ d< 'P. ffirf, d thf d< 'P. *• a (save that e reads /ii} for fuydc). This phrase 
has already appeared in in the preceding verse, ft A read W o6w; 
*'(X (for lfpf»6aaTo c gives the form tlpfi^aaro and for tfti hi read ry«&). 
^f. A, S* read ^r* €fu {ifuA b) vpmipcof {vpSirop b) (Tov (6 om.) rfpiuxmu, d oix^ 
irpwror i/U aav ^ppoat; * ^•«>*«» trs. after cdovXcvo-f. " t reads t. n. v/m&v, 
d,A^r^vaTpliunf{'^AaPapA^). A****** om. *« (J read Iri »«» corrupt for 
htf id'(f). '*(X (save that for t6 irp6awrw rov A reads irpJnfP vpdawrop), 

ft A read W ow (<rv «) n-oc^o-M (A**** cVoiijo-a), 0T4 iifkrfiwftp 6 WXof ( + crow A) 
I'xal i^ iravov/yyta r«M» apBpwrup ml 6 d<SXoff (a om. preceding eight words 
through hmt.) vpox»pu^ (npwrx^pti of, vpoxopovfruf d) inl rfft y$f ; £{ dc fi^ 
(ci dc vpO€X»povp d) <rv OVK ^ ^ff 4p^^ (^^"^ ibf js trb 6pwra be, ov y&p oAcr 
ov r& cQ vp6amtrow 'U For «< d^ . . . 'lax«»/3 A reads c{ h dkiiBtt^ &v $o^a, ovk 
^ i»pas t6 vp. 'I. S* agrees with /3 save that for ndi 6 tSKot vpox^p^i • • • cZ 
dc ^ it reads mi €l pij 6 dAos vpoex^p^i M rijs yrjs. ^(X, fi (save that b 
reads <rh #7 and d tl for c7 (rv). A =£ yvin) yap ovrov ovk ^Ba» "^ cx. read 
oXX* tp. •• ct, a6«/ A reads cZa^Xder , d iZcrfWx^* "vry. A*^*"* read muLjmp 
s cd<$^( (A^ A^M«»iL/» = ia«»ieaf) a^f , but both these verbs may be cor- 
ruptions of tiuf&p = 9lafjk$ts or tlarjxBqt, ^ OL obef read nu hrXanjiri ^ 

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108 AIA0HKH ISAXAP [1. 13 

K^J^ II. Trfrc '"o&f"'^ 6<»^ ry« •laicA/3» ^iyytXas KvpUw 
•p. Aa/5f X^ywi;^*, *8ti riKva ri^u 'PaxijA.*, *lw«iS}j waxhnww^ <rwi3V- 
V^*^ <rCav'^ ivbpbs Kol i^Xiiaro i^j;« iyKpireuw. 2. Kal» c! 

{aom.\dy AiwKdnfirt yap it€. A' om. next niDeteen words. ^(X. abdef,S^ 
read mu fMTCurriio'af (jcorcMrr^o-of d) ftf (a om.) rg i^ktI /m u^; (r^ vvicra ^cciinp (i), 
A om. ■• a. aheff S* read fu Ibtw Jr* «2 ff/ufp ^nt X, d ^ yyttwi/ tovtct Xcyn 
ydp otH ^t cc ifiaip cKct A = ^«€c (+ c{ ijffup ^jcci A^). ^ (X (saye that & om. 
avTf and t reads aM), abdef, A, S^ read ovk r/utro ( + (roccf) rovro ( + oSrmt A). 
*^ (X. abef, S^ read (oormptly) <cal f Zrc 'P. Aafii era (a ititw) itaffyay6paif {j/iwftpar 
yovpov f) Koi wfrX rov iv^ {amrX ravrrfg a) iKitufBiwm (cnyiurto 6/, 8^) croc 
( -f ovitSy (} pUof PVKTa (cV /*i{i pvktI b\ d icaL tppr/^^ avrj rtft If pavKpayovpw 
Koi thrtp avTJ* Xa/3^ t6 h Koi oprl t6 h tfx* t6w 'I. ti^p yvxra rovnir. A*^ = Aafii 
cfircr (eiti A^) taf pawdpaydpctv ( + ml t6v mi A^) mil q9t\ rov €vos ^KfucB^m 
irw 'loK^fi cV T^ wjcri {ssravrjf A*). A**"*'= «u vpoviBtpsM 'Pax^X XoXcur KOi 
cZirry. 'Era r&y pa^par^pmw Xif^pM^ naX awrX rov Ii4p *KiuiF6wr» <roc ^p rj 
WCT-il •*«. /5-ci read fy^m 'I. r^r AtW, d fyvm 'I. tJ w«rl CW177. A = ica2 
c^trijX^f 'I. irpiff T^r Aioy ( + ^v ^w^^ rg wjcti' A*). "«, rf/ A***** (adding 
avrj), abe read ftf (a om.) Irt icc. A** := iyimnitrt *L fic cic A^or. ^ (X. oMIgf, 
A,S^om. **c reads ckXt^. 

II. ^(X. /9, A, S^ om. Before the beginning of the chapter d adds: 
JMU iroXcy c«»^p aPTfCTptyfM Amy ical r& j^fpor pw/^pieyopw drntvaa rg 'Pax^X. 
Afl/Sff rovro ica2 ^KfiurBovfuu avrhp Koi rj pvktI ravrjf, km ZXafit r& ivo pSjka 
'Paxi^X, xol dcd«Mcry o^ rip *Iojcflb^ icai rg SXXjf pvktL ' <2 om. * hi read 

9rarp^ fuiv. * a, 5, 8^. a«f read dyytXas, d &yyt\os xvptov itai eZrcp. A ODK 
* <X (saye that At read 'Po^c^X). aibef read frc dvo {aef om.) rcoa *Pax^ 
re^croi. d om. A^*'**^^ ^rt dia rovro Ireiccp 'Pax^X dvo rcxM. * OT. /3 reads 
^4 dinrrvov ( + 'Pa^iyX d). A* is yery cormpt and for cVcidi) . . . /yi^rciar 
giyes mibif Kormva* avwowriay apdp^t^ Idwct avT§ iv /ueS^ Mr pwf^pay6ptnt 
KoL KaTa<f>p(miv9i ^pp6iraTo (9) Koi t^cXc^o tyKpant/aof, A~^ agrees with (X, jS. 
^ (/ reads (rvFov(r&iff. 'oc. /3om. ' Verses 2-4 appear confusedly in <2 as 
follows : 2. Tovrov cWm dvo rcxMi rc^ai, ori ^r roif futydpoy^pocv f irfcicc^raro 
avr^y ^ Kvpcoff. 3. oZ9« yap ori ftt^ rcVcra ifStXtv oifMCMU rf *IaJC«^ koI ov di^ 
^>iXrfim4ap, 2. ml y&p €< fii) Auiv ^ MTV^P M^'v o^l wvovo-^ aindmro ra dvo 
ImXo, dxri^ viovr €2j(« rexf iy« d<^ rovro €TtK€P cf , rode d< dvo Ircjccy 17 'Pax4^ 

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Tji ivwipiop dW$a)K€^^ rbv 
'IttK^Sp^^ 'Ev*roty/iai;8/)ay<f- 

ni.i] AIA0HKH ISAXAP 10$ 

liri Aefa^^ ij ^171^/) ftov ivrt (nwovaCas iiriboro^^ rh biSo ^ -^i ^* 
m5\o, [triY^ iKTil> vloifs IjieXXc " rciceu^* bih tovto If freice, J^5^* 
*itol >ax^^ T^rwcf Toife Wo^^aTi iv *roty fiavbpayipois^^ lv€(rK4' A»«>»«d«,' 
Vraro ovniy" 6" KtJpioy. 3. £»€" y^p «rt dA Wicj;a J|^ 

^^eXeif (TvrcZrcu *r^ 'Iaicd>)3^S koI ov bth <f>i\rjbov(av. (+ 4 0) 

4, IlpcMrMo-a*® yop ical*^ 4. *Kal rp ivoApwv vpoa^ 'Iqjcwft 

Xa^3 fri iUor ./xarapaycf. ^Xov' 

pOV^^, luufbpa- 


5. "Oti leaf ye vo^<raa'a rotfrovs** ov« t4>ay(v^^, iXkh *^*', 8* 

iv40riK€V^^ ravra^^ iv oU^ KvpCov^, irpo<riiaaa^ ry Icpci^* Jf^^^^^ 

ry SvTi^ iv T^ *T^ XP^*^ Pxaip^' 

. III. *"(>€ o8y^ fibpiSvOriv^ iyi>\ ^rhva iiov\ inop^C^nv^ '^^^^^ 

iv ^ei&uTTjTi Kopbtas^, *xol iy€v6iniv'^ y€Qi>pybs *t^ warpi ^^y' 

f&ou Kol TOis aScX^is fMHi®, Koi t<l>€pov KapTToirs* ^f *® aypAK^^. nmpnp 

/iou Kal 

r»v adfX^tty /lov. /3-^ A, S^ ayp&¥ Kara xaipop avr&v, 

4. €w TOit parbpaydpots nnfKOwrt Kvpiot r^v 'Fax^K ^^OC, fi reads A/a. 

^ A, q/* (a trs. before oirt). ei, e read dtrib^o, b dsribw, ^ Oi (save that ci 
read rny). 0, Aom. ^'a. od^/, A read f fx^ ^ '<^X'* ^* tx (save that 
e reads 'Pax*74^ '^0* ^"^9 A****^ read as in margin. A^ is very corrupt: 
ij tkafitp TO pSjIKa jkoI pv (rvpovtrias yd/ioy Ka\ rii bvo tckki 'Pax^jk mxav, - ^ a 
reads racf pafbpayoptut, ^* t reads rmntiv^ e avr^. A^ = n}y 'Pax^X. " Ot, 
a«/. 6 om. " <i reads olbt. w A*****"= ry aydpl avr^r, A** 'Pa^^X rf 1ajr»/9. 
^h reads npotr^f^a. ^h om. **a. 06/ read dWdoro, « dircd«ro. 

" o^y S^ add as in margin, save that for r. a. paifbpay6pmf b reads r. a. 
paybpay6pa^ f r. a. pavbpdyovpop, and a njv oXXijy pafbpay6pav. After pwfbpa- 
y6pa¥ b, S^ add duk roi}ro. *' <m/. or reads koI. bd om. '^ « reads 6 K. and 
trs. after 'P. ^ b reads nj^, {£ r^y. " c reads 'Pax»?7X, & 'Paxi^^. " A^ is 
very eomxpt and reads ml Aia ^ pfirffp pov t§ inavpwv irpocBtlaa carjjnjo't 
'Iaiw/3, inmrABrfiris y&p fp iv avr^ koi oit bih t6icop, koH ?Xa/3f y 'Pa^^X h-t SKkop 
papbp6yopop, *^hu e reads tcvtois, a avraSf bdefy A avrovs, A?^ vlovs^ 

"A** adds *Pox4X tA p^Xa. " d reads cW^iccr. A** = »««€y. » «• 

orfc/, A** read avrd, 6 ourow. A***** om. ^A^ adds erow. A adds wu. 

'^ (X. ^, 8^ read npoatpiyKaaa, af npoatpfyxovaa, A == either reading. 
» A = ^x^'P*'- ft A*^***', S^ add (^V^iVrov, A** ecoO {^/orov. »• A** adds 
opxtMptL "ff reads as in margin. A^ adds koI 9v\6yria* 'Faxqk cV bvoip vioi?* 
m. ^d adds rytf. ^ reads koI m, A = aXXck ore ^hi, dfread ^pbp^ 
•at. ft A om. * g om. " a, A. 3 reads htop^vdpxip. • A*** = 

ev^cif tuipbiq, d adds pov. ! A =: ytv6pivou * Of, A (save that A adds 

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^>^9 2. '^*Kol lyiAoyct /x€ 6 iranfip {aov /SA^Trwj; /bic^* **rt iv 
p-^!^^dp- AwArfn/n irop€vofiat^* ^Ifurpoa-dev ovtov^*"*. 3. *Kal oiic 

dp^ov, fiju^* Tr€pUpyos *iv rats irpi^fcrli; /uuw^*, ''ov5i <l>0ov€p6s^'' 
''''^v '^*^" i3<i<r/caws *t$ TrAiyirfoi; fuw". 4. *0v (carcAclAiyirii 

^AiX- Tpii/cowa W ir^rrc"'** ^r»if tkafiov^^ ^fiavry** ywcuKa", 

sT^tA *"i * K<lfwi^05 Kav^a-du rriv l(rx6v^ ftov**, icol ovic fecvoovi^*® 

ToCro. ^^ovtiv^^ yvpoiKis, ^iXXa bth tqv kSttov^ 6 twos ftoi^ V€pi* 

rl^f ey^i^cTO^*"'. 6. Kol Ix^tp^ ^irdvror^'^^ M rf} ATrAJnr^ 

tlKoppop fjLov *4 van}/) fjuw^* '^Bife'^ Koi *mv vpQrov y^vvrifia^ 

ftSVv, varpC |*ou**. 7, Kol 6** K6pios iyMpionkamwrt^ tA Aya^^ 

*laKu>fi after vrarp/ fUN/), fi^, S^ read as in margin, d rov mrp^ pov Koi 
T»p ad. pov. A^ om. rest of Testament. ' A =: irovro. ^® cigr read #« 

rMT. ^^ My A, S^ add avT&v {by A, S^ om.) nait Kjaiphv ahrw {d^ A om.), 

eg add icarA rov^ (« om.) Koipovt avr&v. A om. ver. 2. See, however, first 
note on ver. 6. S* om. t( oyp&y. " c, p (save that ahd read twXrfyiyirf 

and oMtff om. ftc). At read 6 dc irarfip pav /3Xnr»v tjl\&ytfa€ (t cvX^^t 1) fic. 
'^^ reads cV c^^vn^^ irop€v<$fi€Koy. ^'(X. ^, S^om. '*(X. a reads 

WK tlfii, hdefi A, S* Kol (an edfom.) oIk fjfifpfy g ob yhp ijpaiv. "^ om. 

A**** om. rest of verse together with ver. 4. A*"' read diA toOto mi in 
their stead. "6 reads novrip6s. ^^g reads if, ^'Of, a<f/. 6« 

read t^ irX. ^ om. ••* (X, <£ reads non, fi-d om. " d reads owic. 

" (2 adds irorc. ** /3-^, 8^ add as in margin save that d adds pov after 
^6dKit&p. On A see note i6. ** oc, oa/, S^ (save that ae/ S^ om. koi). 
M^, A om. ^t, ^ read IXa/3a. '*At, /}-^^. c reads iavrf, dg, A 
om. ^d reads i^y yimukd fuw. ^c reads ^x^»'« *i7 o"^« 

^ c, 6(2. At, a^/J^ read Ma/w, '^ (£ reads ^doi^r. For this together with 
next word A reads yd/Aw and om. next eight words. ^'g adds fuw. 

"a, ^. 06/ read fiov, {^0 /«€. "/reads vtpuyivero. g trs. hefore ftoi. 

" ft S' trs. before h^p€. A om. •« d, A trs. before Ari tJ <lirX. "^ a. 
hdeg, S^ read as in margin, af cfra yap (a om.) ZxapjHnf (?«ifuw/) iratray 
&/X1V. A = €i ri tKOfunv and om. the rest of thd Chapter, reading instead 
jcai ov di€fitpiaa bih rovro. Ilavrorc f vX<$y€t 6 irarfip ftov (A* om. ^ «*. /i.). 
The last five words belong to ver. 2. See last note on ver. i. ^e. hi 
read vpara yimnnta^ adf vop irpwToy€Vinjfui ( + vpcarop f), beg wop wpmrvyt' 
prjpa irpSrrop. S* adds Koi rh vp&ra, ^d om. bat see note 42, ^(X. 

P om. ^ g reads Kup/ov. *' (2 adds vpcarop btii roO Icpctf r. ^ £k. ft 
S^ om. ^* « om. fi adds Kal r<$re €y& ( + ^£ oMov pMT€\aiM0aPW (Z, -f on;* 

Aavoi^ ^), S* icoi nJrc ^fiavry. «*a. ftS*om. *««. ft S^ read cdiirXMrMCc, 

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IUA)^^9 &ri 6 0€Off <nw€f>y€4*' rp AirArfn^rf jukw. 8. *n<iwa 
yiip v4vrj<n Kci OXifioiiivois^^ vapclxov *iK t&v iyaBw t§s 
yrfs^ iv AirXrfnyri KophCas /ww*^^. 
IV, Kal vw ^iLKCfCfrari fiov, Wicra', 

Kid vop€6€(rO€ iv AirXonyri^ ^xopd^aff iii&v^^, 

iri €t^v iv V"'* ^vaa-ajP^ €iap4(mi<nv^ KvpCov'^^ hdg^ A 

2. '"*0 iirXow yjnxriov od' vXcoKtKTct «^- ^ 
fipwfiiT<av vouclK<av oifK i^leroL ovKiin- 
^itrOrjra bid<l>opov oi ^Xei*. Bvfut, 

3. X/xfi/wff voXkobs^^ *o*ic tliriYpd+ci toG MKt" ^/ '^^p- 
^iAXtit /uu{iH>i; iKb^xPrcu *Ti Oikrjixa}^ rot; 0€oi)*. itXcomjc- 

4. Ka( ye *Ti wrctffiara^^ Trjs vkivris ovbiv ^lirxjiovciv vphs "'• 

aAT6v^\ £2^' ^'. 

'^ti'a /iV* ^''** bMCTpo<l>^ fJiiAvji^^ Tov vouv ovrov^, 

^ (X, e. ahfy read ^ (a om.) x^pvlp fwvy d h rj x<<P* f<<^- ^ ^ reads 

ovfor/kbrct, egr vwSiprpi. ^(X, 6/ (save that At read iroo-i and ^i0o|iciY). 
ad read miyra 7^ ir«ri|iia mil iraat 6\iPofuvois (irdyra ffkifi6p€POP (2), 5^, S^ irarri 
y«^ fFtpi/Ti jcal iravrl ffkifiofuvf, ^ Ot, obef, & read r^r yrjs rh ayoBd^ dg rck 
aytM (tA aya^y ^) r^f yHs. »' Of, c%r. oft*/ S* om. 

IV. ^(2, A read ntam pav iamwrarM fUHy g iat, Wimo. ''A reads 

nqfJmna^plrmJp. = iyiAvifTa COmipt for ugmpqJmnuplrmJju *C,hg 

(save that h om. v/i^). Ai, a«/ read V^x7^ V^ (** ^A^'')* ^ i^ conflate : 
Kopdias KtA y^vjfis vp&p. ^OL,aef,B\ &c^, A read avrf. '(2,Aom. 'As= 
r& MptvTw, ^ A' s= Ofov. ^ om. A om. next two verses through hmt. ()). 
Ohserve reading of A^ ' hdeg, S^ read as in mai^n (save that g reads 
frXoiMTcor for vktitrLov). This addition makes the construction easy, hut the 
reference to one's neighbour seems alien to the context. *d reads 

^<r%aff duB^dpow oiu /SovXcnu. "o. reads fiiiicpov£. ^OL. /3-^, 8* read 
ovx (ovK «/) vmyp&^i pjv^ g ov^l ypo^i (7^, S^ ov fi/rct ^. (X is undoubtedly 
corrupt, and apparently also 0. The sense appears as in S' to be : 'he 
does not long to live for long periods.' Now imypa^t (or viroypcS^i) tt>v 
CSfp =B TWrh ngrjD which may be corrupt for Wn? (or njgD) 1©nD =b 
* desires to live.' *• d trs. after GcoS. *• A = tA vmv/mi. " /9. 

OC reads Wxwrwfw ahr^ {fp^ oMp h), A = Zir^vt vp6t oMp. ^' (2 om. 

'• «» /H& (<^ reading Mtp and At tZ), 8*. fg, A read cJ^cr (o&fF/, S^w A) 
ifnK€(p4reai, & cin^Xf irci. Possibly the original was n ntvn^ ITT K^ = 
i>vff o£l«F ivi^(tur&tu zsi * cannot have pleasure in.' " d reads 

jtdXXovr. ^' A = yupamvp, '* t reads fi^, c2 &a ^ yt. '^ ^ om, 

^ A reads /uomi, 4 pudptu ^ A = ml ov, " /3, A. « reads 

Digitized by 



pQKos* 5. Oi^ li|Xoc i^ Sia9ouX£oif 

^ir»Xt^ 6. no/)e<f€ro4«» 8i«> fo *dwX4n|Ti '"^rvx^^'^'^ 
J7sJ, gf irilin-a«« 6/4»« h *€06HTi ""KopSCiw^** 

rffu, *tpa fii Jdji hutrrpoiijUvas ras hnokh^ rw Kvpfov^^. 

^Koi iv dfcaxff mp€6€(r$€9 
fi^yroKht t^^ V€pi€pya(6\uvoi Tou^ irX77<rtor^ rct9 vpi(€is* 
Kvpiov 2. *AXXh iyaw/ia'aTf'^ rhv^ Kiipiov koX riv vkqalov'^* 
"^ ^'"- Ttiurira koL ioB^vri^ iX«J(rar€»\ 

3* ^TirorWerf^*^ rhv vQtov^^ ipu&v ds r6 y€<iipytiv 
PJpyott icol ipydC€a'$€ iv fyy^s^^ ^Koff iKiicm\v y€o>pY(aVg 

^*' i&pa lUT cixopw""*^^*^ Kvp[if 7rp(Hr<t>ipovT€S^^^. 

Ci^ti, M f^Xoi. ** ^ addfl rotf • " /9> 8 (save that for ovrov a reads adrAr, 
a^((r). (Xom. A reads /lov. ''(c^^, S read i3a4rniy2B. *^ Rightly 
omitted by A. ** Emended from ex, P, S^ ovd< (ov ex, oAv ^) vtpunnurii^ 
{iropttrp^p b) ip awXtfortif (&nMnfn c) hnmH (cr poci t). A = ml ovic 
anhiarUaf ( + x^iv(riov A***"**) Mow. Here A****** accordiog to Arm. text 
tni. i96aw before ovXiycrr. The reading of h is obrioasly an emendation. 
■*A = ^pcvV« '^e^e/. a^,A,EPread>4p. tom. *^ ex. /9, 8 read 
^vBvTrfn V^x^r (ft»5« ^)« A = ifarXdr^t. " ((igr, A prefix koU " A = 

itt/MNT. *^a. /9, S as in margin. Asstv^vnyrt. ""ci reads /i^ avodcx<^ 
^pos. For these words and the rest of the verse A gives fi^orc im^^p 
T^ i4)Bakp6t^ tU nXdpigp. ^a,fi-^,S\ i^,S^read<S^^aX/ioi£(<^AiX/iABP^) 
womripias, ^ (X, oef, 8^ (save that / reads ddovr for iwroKds, e ^uarpapfttvtiw 
for duarpapfupasy and hi Btov for Kv/mov, and oef om. tov). hg read iki fi^ 
2^9 duoTpopptpms {g reads duarpappiipa) ri (^ om.) €prok&p tov Kvpiou 
(6cot; ^). c^ om. * A = /«) idol buvrpaiipipm itai ffdkg €pi tls rapax^p avrw, 
y. ^a, adef (save that i2 reads Kvpiov for efov). ^, 8^ read p6/mop ecov 
TfCMi fiov (^ om.). A s= P^fuv KvpUtv. * A'^'" = KTrfcaa'^ r. avX^TTro, 

bnt A*^ agree with ex, /9, and A pm. rest of ver. and ver. 3. 'ex. hdg^ 8^ 
read as in margin (save that dg read ptfii tcm^ for «a2 tov and ^ koI tw), 
aef fWoX^ Kvpiov Mi TOV. ' c/^^ read ifXtfoUp. ^ a, a«/ 6(^ read 

^yairoTv. ' eX. /3 om. ^ d adds v/i«ar. ' c reads o/i^omSt. Is this 

due to Ps. IxxxL 3 ) *h reads Atorc. ^^ At read airori^c, bdg vn^crc. 
"^ reads vow, " ft A, ff add ttJt (o^om.) y5*- A om. rest of verse. 
^hi, d add r^ (but hi tr?. rf K. after it/xht^.), ^'^ reads vpotr4>*p^** 

Digitized by 



iyfovs** 4iro 'Aj3iX ^wy roO inJj;^. 5* ^ y^P 5^8orai iJ/*tv'* 
iAXiy ii€pl9 ^*€l /xV* *'^5 iru{nn-05** Ttjs yfji *lr ir^Kois j^^ gi 

sr<(yoic o2 
KopnoL ^ 

6-7» Ai* h KoiS Trarrip fjfi&v 
iv reus fvkoyCais fjfi&v (A^*^ 
airrcv) iKkqpoMrrjarf r^ Acvl 
r^ vpwrtlov kcIX ^lailbat ibo- 
(cur&ri iv viols *laK<ip. fi^ S c- 

/S-rf, 8> 

a, A S» 
6. ♦•'Ori ical«8 6 iranjp /ukw" 
noK&p^^ &" rfXoyfius '■t§s»« 

Acvi»« jcal i»^ 'W»os i«ofa. 
^Orja-iw^ vaph KvpCov Kol^^iv 
vUns *laKdp. Koi 6^ K6ptos 

Ty fiiy Acvl** ISa>Jce *T^r 
UpaT€Cav^\ ry » lrt;8»*« 

8. *ICiil diu^t '"oSr"' i»iMvt fiwoitoikT.** ical*« tJ 47rX<fn;Ti*« roS ^ ^^' 
Tfoxphs ipAv TTcpwrorfiTc*''* [*t$ W** FM iiiOri ivoX^otu ret rf . 
^iv€px6pxpa ircipanfpia^^ r^ 'ler/KnyX]. 

^^ om. ^*0K, a. /3-a(2 read np^nioytviipaxrw, d vpcymnipaxri, A^ss 

yfiw^fiacriy or tvi^pi^ ^i»*«d* (corrupt) = inSroif. "A adds Ip&p. 

^OC. /3-<i^ read yijs, g riif yfjs koL a om. h adds c^oylcv, « cvXoydnr. 
^^h, dg, C reads c^Xoyijirot. 5, S^ read c^X^crc, oe/ fvXoyi}<rcf 9«. 
A =s ffvXoyi}A7<rfrai bat by a change of a single letter A becomes ^likoyimu 
*^A om. rest of verse. "^ e reads fuXoyijacu. "e om. ^g reads 
dinuovr. c2 adds a^rov. "^^^ A» a reads ^piw, hd^, S^ iroc. OK om. 

^(X,e: abJgreadlffdwXtiw. "cfom. ^OL^o/tf. ijr, S* read as in margin, 
d om. ** a, iMj'^, A. h^ S^ read ^s d koX yap, A = di 6. "*a, c?. 
/3-<i, A, ff read i}^y. ••{£ trs. before 6 srar^p. "^ om. 

" O^ om. *" a, beg, a reads anapxi, d h airapxak, fawapx^js, ** wf 

addy^r. ^dgom, ** c2^ read Acv/r. ^h^cSbe. e^d/gom, 

"6reads«o^ir«7. ^a. ft S» om. *•«. ^readyup. *'a, A 

/S-d, 8^ read igkiipmrwp h {g om.) avrotr. ** c. ^', /9 om. ^ At, a read 
t6 Itparuop, ** a. /3-c?, A, 8* read avroh ( + o&r 5gf) virojcovo-arc (lirrf A***"), 
d dKovtrarc oft^ a^oif. ^a om. '^e adds r^v Kop^tas vpmv, h pmi, a tv, 

^ T^£ f«9ff* '"^ (X« /3 read srrpiironTO'arc. A ss ^7 (rxaydoXurtfTrf, bat there 

is an obyioas internal eorraption here, d om. rest of verse. '*au jS-c^, 
Ay 8^ read as in margin. The claase r^ hi ^ , . 'lirpoijX, which contains 
a play on the name Qad, is alien to the context and belonged probably to 
the Test, of Oad originally. It is omitted by d. Thas rf . r4d • . . r4 

Digitized by 



0. A, S^ VL *riwf«ttT€ o5k^, riKva^ /umw, Sti h i&xP'TOis K<upo{$ 

f^T KaToXeA^ovo-iv' ot viol iSfAwi; r^y AirXtJriTTa 
^^ A). '^^^^'^ icoXXi|tf^<roOTra* rrj dirXiyoTf j\ 

W *ical fcara\(/xmboinr€9^ t^s ivroXiy Kvp(ov 

^ KoXkriOirjirovTai r^ BeXfop^ 
^, Kal i(l>{vr€S^ ri^^ y€(opY€W^^ 
r ifaicoXovftyo-ovo-i^' row '^TToinj/joij''^' 8taj3oi;X£oi$ a^»i; 
Kot Suio^a/n;<rovrai Jv roi? (Ovea-uf 
Koi iovkfia-ova-iv^^ rois ixOpois oir&v^ 
3* Kal iifi€i9 oSi; clirare ravra^^ toX$ t4kvoi9 ifiQVf IhTnas, ihu 

4* *Oti ^Xe^jbuoir ^otI ical ifeXeirot*® a^oir; *tov hskfrrpi" 

a ^, A, SI 

VII. ^'iMf (Ov m 6f&T€, 
tKarhv cfKOO-i kcH i( Ir&v 
iiripX<a^p kclL oIk *iypu>v tfo 
ilJLol hiiOfyrCav 2. yvvauihs'^ 
vXrjv Trjs ffvpiPCov iiJOv\ 

VII. "EKorbv €l#coirt8A> 
irw €lfd lyAf ical ovfc iyv<AV 

Tov. 2. nxV ^^ ywaucd^ 

fTftparfipta = D^nafl ♦ « ♦ T5^. ^ Q. /9-<2 read tA wt ip. tA mpx^l^va^ 

A. =s tA irrip. A dfroKoXvim^/iCMi ^or/y ; but ji^y^lrii^g IB corrupt for 

YI. * otf/ S^ read oidort , bdg^ A o25a« ' ^ reads rcivia. * A = iro/»»cv<* 
krovo-i air6, which may have been corrupt for iroptwrmxrtp darS. ' A oii\. next 
fifteen words through hmt. ' At read «a«iav. ' e reads irpwnrtkdo'wrh 
'a. /9 read joucovpyi^ * ex, o^. 6f read miraXiiit^vivff, <2 mraXc^R-ovrcr. '^ 
prefixes Kai and tr8.before preceding line. ^^(Xreadrf. "6read8yfa»f}yciby, 
"A, a&20. e reads c^oXov^ikrc, / c^oicoXov^iraNriy, ^ ^amiX. "/om, 

c add ttoL " 6f add «V. "/ reads avrd. g trs. after v/mmp. *• W 

read d^Mopr^wri. " 6/ read rrfx**®"* " ^> ^« ^^^ ^^"^^ hturrp€^^<iwru 

" c. A», )3 om, » a reads c^X^nu. A**** add <r«i<r€t. " a. /S-jr 

reads rov iwi<rrpr^ai. g^ A read #cal iwiiirpe^i m/rovs {g obl). a om. 
together with next four words. 

YIL ^OL (save that At prefix koI and read virdpx»i' for vwapx»)* ahf. A, S^ 
read as in parallel text, d^ puff (c g) ci/xl (^i/r t) iy^ {d om.) <rrffigp<m 
{e om.). 'a (save that At read ywauc&v). p, S' read as in parallel column 
fayethat for cV f^ (c^ read itr tfU {djf ipxtCj and S^ om. cir tfararov. As 

Digitized by 



^irav iviMiMTjixa tov irXria'Cov ovk eweW/xT/o-o'"'. 
4, A6kos^ ovic iyipero^ ^iv r^^^ KophCq fwv* 

K€X 7n<ax<^ iieribfOKa ifrrov^^ funP. After 

Ewr4p€iav €iro6;(ra^* iv vio'ats rais^^ lyfi^paiy fuw, l^vfi, S* 

♦'AAi^deioj; €<l>^\a$i^\ add rU 

6, '^Tip Kt^pioi; ffyiirrja-a^iv ^pioyoU 
ical TTiii^ra 6vOpa>vov '/jyiirrja-a 

6. TAif K6piov fjyiinjira^'' 
Koi irAvTa iv$p<ii>7rop 
i( SXris TTJs KophCas^^ 


7» *Tai5ro koI vfi€is, riKva yuov, iroieire*^, 

KoL^^ vap vP€Vfia tov Be\£ap <|>ei$€^a^ i<l>* vpL&v 
Kcu irao-a irpa^is vovrip&v ivOfxiiriov ov KVpieia-H vfmv^^ 
ical" mv iypiov Oriptov^^ icaTodovA«S<rcT€^* o_^ 

lxpvT€s luff iiA&v^'' rbv 0€dv tov oipavoy ^koI rrji yfjs^^ A»cfe, S* 
* aviMirop€v6iJL€Vov rois ivOp^vois Iv AirArfrryri KopbCas^^^. w'"^**** 
$• *Kai Twrra cIv&k JKcrciXaTo tois utois d^rou^^ 27ra>9 ivayi- Tolf, 

ty9m¥wifuii6iiapTiaif. 'Aaddmul ^creado^^/if. ^6/om. ^Airs» 
after diroirXai^o'cy. '(6 read MOffwi, ' The coaplet ddXor . . , x'<^<«>y P^ 
appears in A as Ka2 MXo^ oIk a^XBt dth t&p x'*^'*^ I*"^ '^ ^^'^ i^^^wrAprjp rf 
irXi^ioy fiov. •d reads ^yi'w, '• a, cjf. o^ read ip, grj, "^ om. 
^ (X. /3*ci^ read r^r ^ov, (tg t&p Sprmpf ^ save that b reads tfpayop for 
/3ff/9p, and <2 adds irorr after /3f/9|p. and riM after IXwra, ^^g om. next seven 
words. Cf« reading o^adf, ^e om. ^*a. <i<2e/, S^ read SK. liroanea 
{e iTyoiriTfra), h jcal oXij^iav. A Koi ip 6inAn(n ijnptwrapriP* A om. yerses 6—7. 
c add tvaifittop Tfyamiaa, ^^ ^ add 6fioiW. " c, At read 2(rx^r. 

^efy, bd read cV iroiri; rg. a om. *<£ adds W, ^ * 6 reads At. 

^ C. At, ^ read xol raura irocctrf jcal v. r. pov {jgf irot^o-arv r. fiov jcal v.), 5, S^ 
roCra mil v. iroft^o-arc r. /mv* adef raura frtuijtran leai v. r. fiov, ^ C reads 

Tovra vpMit ihtf nomrf. **P. e reads dtf/ vpMP, hi vfup. ^OC^d. a reads 
vdpra Sypta Bfipia^ befg fr6m Sypiop &fjpa {^plopf, Bfjpiop 6!jpa «), ^ C. At, / 
read Kara^vXJtarirt, ah Kara^v\«Hrt<r&«, e KiarabovKiMniaBf^ g Kora^X^MnurBwy 
d 06c TkBja vp^9 vpag and omit next two lines, e adds in margin and 
hi in text vf pi tov Xpurrov. ^ OC. fi--d read iavr&p. ^ OC. /3, S^ om, 

" (X, /3-€{, S^ save that At, ef read (rv/ifrapcvdfif voi and OC adds avrov after 
tcapdiaf. »• a. /3-c?, A*"*, & read as in mai^, d, A*"** ravro 

.(+irQyra A^*^ c/ir«ay *I<rox^ rocff vIoi£ avrov ip€T*(karo ovrots« Thus thf 

I 3 

Digitized by 





/3-^,S^ yoMTUf airbp^^ &»« Xtfifniv^^ jcaicci** Oifwrip ofii^i'** 
9* Kailicre&a^rovff 
vTtvov aUiviDV. 

9. *Kal ii{T€W€ 
Tcifs ir6bas airov 

ihrvov aliviov^^* 

9. Koi iicrtlvas rovs 
vibas airov fhrvo^- 
<r€» iv *yp *Pa- 

vitrra fUXri avrav, 
Koi iv l<rx;6i i5iry<o- 
(T€v ihrvov aUivtop"^. 

Ata^KT} ZafiovkcDV rov Iktov viov *IaKO}fi koX Aeu&s ^» 

I. ^*A2rrCypa<j)OV Xrfydov* ZajSovXcii;, 5r* biiOero T0i9 vlols^ 
airrov, ^irph rj ivoOoPfiv avrdv^'^ *ir r^* iicaToor^ ^Teripn^ Koi 
fieicdr^^ fret riyy (wjs airov^, fieri *o8y 8t;o ^77; • *tov 

•*^ reads 

inferior MSS. of A agree doeely here with (X, d. 
mvrw. ^Oiybdf. aegresAtU. "* i reads Xcvp^v. 
/adddoMr. ""/S-^ tra. before ^a^o-cy against (X. ^,Aom. ff-g^A^ 
& add iif rf airi|Xii«|i (+ty durXf d, A). ''A, A om. "hi. e om^ 

*i3-<2 save that g reads fxrciMtt and onu avrov m^ (2 reads &s d« cptXt^mmtct 
f yrt XX<Sfi€ifO( rois vUhs alrav. ^ h adds ntfAims^ ^ d reads vyi^. g om. 
rest of yer. ^/, S^ add *I<r(raxap vl^ *Iaie«b/3 / (+ Ml S^) v2^« Am « 

( + ical S^) ICl<r€P trri picff. « So A*****, corruption of yffp^ «iXy. A" are 
more corrupt **Ar\ A""*^ := {ryi^s fp. " A*»* add €i'f WfiK ^coC. 
. * Title, a in text, abef, S* read A, Z. srcpl cvoirXayxMW lea) iKiovs 
{'\- ipiu)V€V€TM Z. dSpoy /), d (conflate) A. Z. v(ov *Icuc^ Koi Alas ^ irfpi 
^<rirXayxviaf »il iktffftoirwris, g A, Z. irf /h IXtrjfioawnfS ^\ h^ ^ A« Z. v2oD 
^Iff^^X vIov •l<rad«, A**= A. Z. •«, ^-oM. a reads dprlypa^ Xdy. 6, 8* 
reads dvTiypa<l>a, d reads dpriyfta^ow dio^x^s. A****** (conflate) = oirty, 
diadriKfis X6y»v. A** om. I, 2, 3*. *ci, /5-W. A reads f , 5 o, (2 5cro. 

^ (X, fi read riitpois. ^e. d reads srpi rov ofro^ancur oMr. h, fi-d, A, S om. 
* /3-a om. ' Af , (2 (save that h reads rtnaap^ So 5^, S^ pc^. e/(though 
corrupt) support text rifraofits (-»«/) «miI dcnir^, c rmpr^, a T€<r<raptmoaT^ 
Koi ^k6t^. Asz ilKoirr^ koi rrrapr^, *g om. rest of Terse. *c. A reads 
dff bvo ^r&Vy i olv en;. CLdef, A read dvo ?n;, &^ XiS'. ^® d reads r^c rcXf vr^r. 
" a. ^-dg, A*^, 8 read icol f firo.. 4, A^*»** icoXiVat (/jc^iXwc A^**) roi* vlo^ 
avrov ( + 'c<i^ A^*') kinWf g teakitiras axrrovi cfircF. "a add X<^a»y, d oL 

Digitized by 



viol ZapovXAv^^f ^vpoaixerk piqyiwnv^^ *roC ttarph^ ifx&v'^^. 
2* *Eyfi^^* ZaPovKciiv b6(ns iyaOri^'^ yiyova^^ vols yoP€V(rl 
lunr iv yhp r^ T€x$ijvaC^^ ftc, rfi^vOt]^^ i Trarrip fAOv^^ 
04^0 fcal ret vp6paTa^^ Koi ra jSwicrfXio, &■€** *iv rats ^diog 
miKCkais pipbois*^ ftxor** rbp Kkfjpov. 4. OiK fyvo>v "^^(^ 

^"fti^el g^j jjiKipTov iv reus rnUpais ijlov ^vapticrhs iwoCas^, 5. j^abof g 
Ov*^ /ttnJ<rico/uu** Sri irapavoiiCav ivoCria'a, irXiiv rifv Hyvouiv «(x*>'« 
ifv iiroCn<ra^ M rov^ ^lowri}^, &n <^c^a(ftKra»l rois AficXi^ois ^» A * 
iujv^ */xi) cfceu;'' *r$ irarpl /aov" ri y€v6y^vov. 6. 'AAA'** ffa*^r 
^icXator** ''iif Kpv4>rp^'' *fifJpas iroXkas^^ ^bih rhv 'Ia)<r^<^w. ^ ^^j gi 
*i<f)ofioAfAriv yhp^^ *roifS d^fX^s juiov, ""ft-i*^ <nwi$€vro j*>^^^ 
ir<lin-€S** *3<my i^eftrp** ri fivtrrripiov iafaip^drjvai^ airrfr**^, rvpapxiv 
7. *nXi)r &■€*• ipoikovro AycXeir avrov^'', *^ |*€tA SaKpJ«NP a^olj 
vpoorwdSXovr adrods^^ /i^ iroi^o-at t^j; hfiaprCav^^ Toifnyr. i^liorl 

II. ^HXdoif^ ya^ a« 2vfi€i)if ""icai 6 AV" «al 6^ Tbh rov. 

y om, iiw, *' (2 adds rov vaTp6t vyAv. ^^g reads ^i^r. d, A read ml 
npoa^xtrt ( + row d) pfifuuruf, *" a, ^. oJa/ A, S* read irorpos vfu»v, (? fiovk 
>• A A add ci/i^. y om. ver. 3. " A = ayoAw. " a. ft S* om. *' «• 
/9 read ymnT^yof . ?^a,<2. /*-{i r^ i;*^^. "a, <£, A,S', befy& 

read 4^. a om. /3-c^ add livf . "o^> a/« hdeg rtsA nolfipuu ^d 

reads ^1, A**'*= icaL ••a,/3-4. 6 reads A^ rols nouuKois papdoit. 

A-'^^-^sfroiJtiXoF. » a, d. /3-d, A*^', S read ^Jx^y. A** om. 

*a. ft A, S* om. 6 adds nnn fuw. ''a. ft S* r^ad oM. "a, cwgr. 
b reads fufu^cricofuic, df fUftmifiat, A = ftt'/anfir^ai bvpofuu, ''ft A. CX om» 
"^^ at, i. /3-i om. ^ a, /»-£^, S^ (save that 00/ add iirCj. bg, A read 

as in margin (thongb A adds t6w X^r after /lov). 'Eoricfiracra M^^ 
bv *n*D? oormpt for bv W>ps=//3f/3cM«Mra. Cf. Esther ix. 21, 31. 
"c2 add rov. *>A = mi o^jc cfirQif. **ft A (though A adds 'Ioki^ 

and trs. after yevt^ficvov). a read r&r imripa i^/A&y. "^ OL, fi-Mg, A^*^ 
ft^, A***** read koL d om. dXX* . . . 'Iwo^. Yet see note 45. * h add 
iroXXo. ^ OL, fi-^fg. of read jt/ni^^. ^, A om. ^ 6y om. / prefixes 
«rC •• c. W, aefg read irtpl ( + rov A) 'laMnj^. 6 om. ^g reads 

i)OC iil)ofiav,if,,. «> cf reads o^To^f^cid^ydp. «>ft S' add 4/iov. ''a 
(save that e reads cfciirct). 5^ read ci rts iitltnij adf &n (a om.) ci rtf 
f fccfflTf « ^ '•'^ fff /iroi. " c{ reads diw^cAyaira*. *• P, S* add futx"^* 
.After ptaxaip^ d adds licXaior oj^if ryi^ frrpi ^Imaif^ hl^po» iroXXar ^v i^iv^« 
*^dg, S* read irXi)r ^1. A***= jwI ^t. **« om. rest of verse and 

Ijkew • . • rov oMXciv in ii. I through hmt ^hi. ft S read as in 

margin. A =: iroXXdxM di§iMipTvpdiuiP (c/SovX^fup^ duiiiaprvpmr$ai A*^ ttX<SXv£br 
A^*') o^niif rov. "*&. ft A read dyo/iray. 

Digitized by 


1l8 A1A0HKH ZABOTAilN [tl. < 

P, A, S^ jirl tiv *iwri\^ to8 ireXctr aMr, Kai IXrycr oiTois |fc€T4 

W <nrX<iyxva* 'loicw/^ toO irarpoy fitiMV^^. M^^ lnaY^tYcrci* 
^cXciy^ 7^5 X€ipas ifJL&v ^rov^^ iKx^ai alfML i$^ov^» Sri oix ifiMprov^^ 
icalirco-**v *'^ vfms. 3. EI 5i Koi^^ ijfiafyrov, iv vaibtCt^ Ttatb€i<rar4 /x€, 
Arljrp<J<r- ''d5e\<^o^ fuw'", *tt)i; bi x^lpa ifi&v fiV^ *<F<yitoTi ir +&f^ 
JJI^V, 5 AicX+oC fl|i6Ki8 aia •laici)/3 t6p mripa iii&v^\ 4* *X2s »i 

•IXcyfi^ ^Xeyei; '"cJ^vpo/uicvos"'^® ri ^prjiiaTa ravra", *|*^ ♦^pw *jr^ r^ 
alToU\^ ^Ifuay^^^ ^^p(ifi,rii> Kkatfiv^, KoL rh rjiraTi iiov i^€xi6i\<Tav^^f 
^^d- ^^ TOcra** ri im6<rra(n$^^ r&v <nrkiyxvoi>v fiov ixawmho^\ 

A b '^'^^^ ^' 4/>M<>l rov o-cS/AarJs /«w lTpc|iOK*'^* ical ovk rjbvpifiriv 
i7r(V€y* oT^j^ai'^* 6- **lbi>v bi 'Ia)<n>^ <rvi;fc\a£ozT<i /ic'^ avr^, 


cUktov fk$ov ty^ lud. /9, A^ S^ ixawovro M rffv irvxnv fAOV* fi, S* 
IjcXoic di loal 'Iwtij^i Koyii <rvv a^f , 0, S^ ^iiimj<rap, 

ft. ^tfgr read ?X^e« 'A. ft A, S^om. *A = fir* a^<^r. ^ront 

pf OTXL next eiglit words through hmt, deg S^ add lur ipyvjs. ^d,A om* 
« e reads 4 *IflMn7<^. ' A*"*' = ^cycr fwr^ daic/nM>y. Cf. OL A'^" s /dilxpvf 
jcai KXeytk af insert ral before IXcyey. '(2 om. 'i(fy, A add t<L 

• A TeeAjuii^u% (s± rA y^pav) which is corrupt for jtuq/iuli == tA enrXoyxra. 
^^ a reads {^/Mbir. ^^ d, A read xai fii^. " ft S' add ^' ^/jJ^ A adds 

'the same phrase after liJMP. ** ^ om. ** d adds «. **/om. *• a, 
fl-M,S^ M,Aom. "a(savethat(Jom.«€'),ftA*^,S\ A*»***=icol 

.fi^ « ( + /ioi icaird A*"*). *' «. ft A*** read nrcw'yw/rc fUM (d^ cir ifu^ b om.). 

"(?,A. At, ft S^ read jjfwv. »a. p,A, S*om. » ^ reads Acctvi 

prifuiTcu ** OK. ft S^ read as in mai^gin save that d om, xo/. A = 

4)Z(ros thrt<r€P cIr Kopbiav fiov. ^dg. At, /3-ii^ read €(f\v6tf<niPy S^ i(f\vOrf. 

C reads tirjK^BriirWt fi, S^ add cn>' ^fic. A = irvmitrap hf t/ioi, bnt ^mpmg. 
jfiu is corrupt for ^aulrjuit, = ii^xy^ ft^d thus supports cE^. The text 
is based on Lam. ii.11 'and my liver was poured out ' (iDfi^^). ** g trs. 
Hfter Vfrd<rTa<rcf« ^ A reads ^mp qopnuptrmtt = virtfcrrao-cff diwdficttr, but 

the two words appear to be duplicate renderings of viF6<muns. "^ ft A, S^ 
■add as in margin (save that e om. riri, and g reads T17 yjtvxS for r^r V^x^'O* 
cxavrovro is difficult — corrupt perhaps for i^oKovro, The text would then 
be based on Lam. i. 30, ii« 1 1 no^Dn. '^ (X, A (save that A read abr^ 
for T& *l.). ft & read as in margin save that / om. icoi and d b^ koU 
^a. c reads c/Sc^/i^oi, At ilii<l>o^os ^p, hfg i^pfijj, d, A iBafip^, e €fi6pp^u 
^•jM/AjSw = iVOn, 4$afiP^6ff = npn. »hu e reads er/^xo^ /5 €$*(mjaap^ 

'*^b reads roG crr^Kri. jr trs. before ovic. **(X ft A, S* read xoi 2d«9 
(cftfv ^) fic <n;yicXaioJTa, "4, fi-^, A, S\ <?A read airr/>x. jT «*PX» ^'ff 

Digitized by 



IUV9 h€6fA€P0S ^-nit wp^ oMv Poi|tcias^. 7* ^*^^ M t$ ft A, S* 

fMTiiid diwTAf 8« Tov/3i>fi" €l7r€i;»«- *AcuTC aS€XiH>£ |iou8», ^ii «^|/'- 
iiroicred^coficy avrdv dAAi /Jf^dofici;*^ avrii; els foa r«y ^$rjpQv iiaarht 
KiKKOiv^^ TO&ra>v^\ &v &pv(av ol irarip^^ ^frnp, Kal oi\ ^ipov ^'- ^ 
WcDp*^ 8« Aict yJtp Tcwro jiccSXv<re 6** Kv/otos' *tou |ji9) aitXAo/. 

diropXiMnM l!8a)p** ^1/ a^oi? fi/a *y^i^rai Vfpiitolqfns t^** /3 tow 

III. *E{s yekp ri rCfirnia cAtov iyili ovK iKoivivr\<ra, i^?^^* 
riKva iJLov\ 2. *'AXXi Svftcwi/^ icoi *4 AAk sal A raS Kal ft^^L'^S^ 

tA Wkme oM»k^, IC04* Xap6vT€S *T^y ri/xV airov* iirpCavro^ ^^i^^ 
wo^iMO-a iavrois'^ * jcol raiy ywot^ avr&v^ ^Koi Toh tiKVois % ^^^x* 

Karavanfo-co/Aci/^^ aMlv, ivff &v eTn-fif /3a<rt\cv<roi^* ^^' ovny. 

Uddscot, ^tt. /3 read ^riV». ^(X. i3-<2, A, S< read as in margim 

c{ reads a^tr. ^OL. fi read as in margin. A = ml r6r§ wmarau 

^abfg. a, i read 'Pov/3i/i, t 'Pov^tt* ''a adds avrotr. '*at. ft A read 
jdfX^ (+ fiov ^, A). ^ c reads /SdXXoficy. ^^ (X. ft A read \6MKWf 

rwf (np^* *' 9 om. rest of Terse together with ver. 8. *■ A** add 

piy(r»fi€P oMp. e. om. next ten words through hmt. At add cV tdfrols 
owing to tf(?). ^JU, p om. ^hi, A. M, S^ read rov aMt/S^yoi (fvpc^Mu 
fi) vda»p, <m/ vdtfp ib^^rat. ^ e, ohef, A (save that e reads ycmrm and 

( Tov)t hi read y^ptnmu ntpurotrfafis r^, (2 ytvoimu fls wtpvirolrifrip rf « ^^ Ot^ 
<{, A« So also g save that it prefixes 6, fi-dg^ S^ read koI imUrfa'* Kvpws. 
**<x» fi^ read oSrwg f»s oS, g kqI tiff ounn. ^OL, bdeg. a reads 

irorpoxay^ and trs. after *Iar^ / tvpaxraif. A = iimkqvapMP^ '^ A^ = 

'J«<nf^. ^* c reads *I<r/Nii;XiVaif. 

HI* ' ex. /3-<2^, S^ read kqI yhp r& rtpxnuL (r$ff rifi^f &, rf rifiijfuiri e) rov 
^fl0cr^, Tffoo (cMf, S^ trs. after cWr.), /y«^ oIk ^KOUfVPtia-Of d Kal ^k rijs rtfujs 
airov, T€tafa^ iyii o^k in,, g r^s di Ttptjs 'l«Mn)^ iiij yvfotr6 fiot icotro»i^<ra(. A =± 
iKkh (A* om.) rh rlpxipa oIk iK. iy^ riian. fnov, ' g reads 2. dc. ' Of. /3-^, 
A^ read r^d ml o2 J(XXo« (ad«X^i £M. /om. ^IXXoc) If adcX^l ^fwy (If rAy 
ddrX^y luw d, 1$ Mkifiol A^), g ffol rdd. A^*"'*^ = r. icol ol JXXoi ddtX<l>ol. 
^ hd om* '(X (save that e reads alrSiv)* ft S^ read r^y n^v roO (^ om.) 
*I«Mn^« A = oviip^« * ^^« ^1 ^ '^^ ivptaxrairroy d rjy6paira». ^ C? trs. 
before vwod^fiarfu A^ssrots mah atrrvp. ' A^*** om. ' C? om. ^^ a 

reads icol od f^aymiuBa o^v and trs. after own; (see margin). For ovn?* 
^, A read f{ avr^f* ^ a save that At trs. cWir cufiaroff. ft A, S^ read 

atpar^s imw {tdg, A om.) tw (e/5^ om.) ^cX^ Ijfuw awny (cty, A** corir, 
A***^** ?i^)» " W, dg onu ^ a r^atds Kttnwar^^roiup. »< «. Ai read 

Digitized by 



Vims^^, WRw^ei'" rl iirri^'^ *ra hHhrvta}^ aiTov\ 4. 

|8, S^ AiJl rovro oSi;^' h^ ^ypaip^ *v6iwv M««W«« y^ypaTrrat*®* 
'^'^x(^ Toy /*^ d^Xowa *ii;o<rr5<rat airipiio,^ ry ^fX^ ovroO 

irpSa-toTTov. 5* *Kal ot ddeX^ot to6 *Ift)a^^** oijc 1)^^X17- 

croif^' tfa>^y2« iZ€\<l>ov a*r«y«^ jcoi 6" Krfptoy iniKwrev^ 
ovrois*® ri i5irrfiiT?/Dia^^ *& i(l>6p€(raif Korh '^'Iwcr^^ rou d/^eX^ou^ 
avrQv^^. 6. Kol *y^ iX^oWey h AlyAimf^ ''^eXtJ^* 

/5?/*- <ray** *vTrh r&v wafto)!;^ 'loxni^ I{«6€k** toO mKmvos, icol 
vpoc^p. ^^y87 7rpoiT€K6vrj(rai;^ *r^ *Ia)€r^^** icarct riy TtJiroif 

^gi air^** dXXtit xal '^ircirrrfor^a'av** itapaxp^iia^ m€(r6v' 

/3ao-iXcv<rct, /3-&| A ^t /Sao-iXtiMrci, ft /SacnXcuccy. ** A**"*^ = vfiof , A^*' o^ovr. 
M&t, ac20. 6 reads tUofttp, hg tS^iui^yfl^oiuw. ^^ eft,/ «, i3-/read Itrroi; 
^^'JreadgT^cirviryMw. ^oc. om. A=:k(u1 "^(X. 0^ SWead v(Smov 
((£ om.) *Eir«^x ycypoirrai, A s i^M^ vAt&v tln€P. ^ h, jS-d (saTO that / 

reads air. ciMOT^o-ai), Au c, <2 read okiot^mu rd (c om.) air^pita, ^ (X, ^. 

ft, S^ reads v9roXv^70-r<rAu, a virodijo-co-^t, «^ v9rod<^<rr<rAu, d Unkiii4^$ria'€Tau 
A^= ^oXvfu'. A^*' om. and for the next eight words A^*^ read ffurrv- 
<mvGt €ls r6 vp6(nmw rov vrrod^iuiTos avrov, A^^ om. together with next 
eight words. ** ac. p^, A om. g reads t ^ptvaif and om. rest of 

ter. 4 and all rer. $. "^ OK, iS-d (save that /S-d om. rot)), d reads «mk 
fvOror di7 rhw w6pop. A = mi y«^ odcX^ avrov, ^ OK, /3-a<£/. a reads 

JN^cXor, (f ^^'Xjyr. / om. * a, a/, S^ heg read *« fw^v, <i t^ C^ 'lawnj^ 
rov. A^= wtoX {»jff. Here I take o^ ^^'Xiycrai^ f«i^r ddcX^oC o^Ay s= DiT^nfeC 
rW\2 wen K7 where Wna may he cormpt for n1*np. Hence text should 
run ovK ffithfirap ntpmoujawrBai ildcX^dy airwy* ^ JUyd om. rest of ver. 

through hmt ^ c. Other MSS, om. ** c reads MdvatP, ^ a 

reads avroic. " A = r^ virodi7fiara. " c, (uff S\ ft reads *I«Mr^ 

A =: d i^6p€<rap kot avrov. ''^ reads ^/xfiff y^ cXASyrvr f2ff Alyvtmv nphg 
*lwr^, A iTflvrcf yiip A^. cig Afy. "^i^-^r, B\ (X reads dircXv^^ouy, 

^ vtrtkvBfiptp, ^ e reads dir^ t&p frod&ir. d add rov. ^ ac, S^ /3 read 
as in margin. '"d adds frvp€\$6vT€s, ^g reads wpoatnmfirap^p* 

*" 0, /^h2^. 7* reads r^ *I., d ain-^if. g om. ^^ 6, 0(2, S^« At read fiaaCKut^ 
rf row i3a4riX€Mr. hg rov. •* ^ om. next five words. ** «, ft^. A, a/ 

read avr<$y. d om. ^&, j9-^. read impurrvoBfffrw, g hmrwrBfiptw. 

g adds tpvpoaBw ahrw and om. this phrase at end of clause. ^ ft(f/, S^ 
(X, CM^ read vaph infipja, ^fi, & add ovrms, **g reads i<rxMrififP* 

f' c. A reads virt^,.^ Mnwp, aUf^ A, S^ IimpwrOtp, d ifp6f. ^ of onu 

Digitized by 





AlyvirrUov**. 8. ''"Hkooooi' y^ So« ImW^oito tun^ fi-dg,8^ 

a i3. A, S» yip 


IV. M€Th » rA t^pofl^. 
va«^ airhv iKi0r\<raif ot ddcX- 

iTr<nniiii<ravT€s'' ^vfu&v Koi 6 
Ahv KoL 6 Thb iofikiAVW 
airr6v. * 3. ^OpQvris fie ii 
fiil^ iaOlovra 16€pt6 fxc* ny- 
p€Uf dirbv tots oS iiT€b6$ri 
*Tois *I<rftai|\(rots^^ 5. 

Sri ivpdOri^ iTr6vToy *avTOV 
v€pi€ayJi<rafo^^ rhv \vrQiva 
airov OprivQv iXeytv^^* U&s 

A A, S^ 
IV. *M€ra bi rh piXXeiP 
atrr^ €ls rhv KAkkov^^ *iKi- 
0rj(rav ia-OUiv ^ol Ah€\<l>oC 
fiov^K 2. *Eya> yip" Mo 
fiiJtiipas Kol bvo iniicras oifK 
tyeva-ifirjv, (nrXayxv^&IJi^vos 
iitl 'lawny^^*""- Kai" 'Iw'Aos 
oi (rw4Tpoyy€V cArolr ^Trpoa-- 
€tx€ bi ^T^ XiKK(ft^^^, *5ti 
iipoPtiTO^^ fiif^^ ivovrib'qa'ciV' 
T€S Sv/utcfibj;^^ Kol Tab ia/i- 
kaxriv ain-Sv* 3* ^K<^^ 

6p(avT€S K&pi fiif iirOtovra 
idevrS fjL€ 'njp€iv avrbv Jcos 
ot iirpierj^K 4. 'Eiro6;<r€ ai^* 
iv r^ XiKKfj^ Tp€ls fffifpas kqX 
rptis irSicTas Koi oinas ^iirpd" 

navra rh 
K<iKa A 

ucr r^ 

'*^ onu next verse. ^(X (save that h adds kqL mimi after y^). dbtf, S^ 

read as in margin (save that for iwotxitroiup e reads cWdci^J/ic^), d cV rf 
dirov<rai srdira ra louc^ A frtnouiKafUP rf *I. A = ^xovo^ yap ip watn rotr 

rv. * Corrapt probably for /SXi^^mu. • c At read avrov. • At trs. 
before virXayx. *hi. reads irpo<rr<rx«i'. "At add d/. * e reads ^^<^^a». 
^ At. e reads dirofn^dijowiriir. * c om. ' At om. ^^ c. A (t )) reads 6 &rcor. 
" A. C reads airr^ frtpi€irxn<naFro. *' 0- A (t 1) reads icai Xcyttv. " </, A (save 
that for aMr A read 'Icmtt^). (2 read aKKit rcfrw ydp ficr^ r& /SXiy^iot avr&r 
c2r T^ Xomcor. abef, S^ are defective and corrupt : xai {abe, S^ om.) furh 
ravra tfiakov {efZPakkw). i« d. Cf. (X and Gen. zzxvii. 35 t3n^-i>?K^ Ufn. 
g reads ^p^avro ivBUw o2 odcX^ /aov, A 4^^cXoy ^tr^Uw, S^ iKoBtfinuf Mittw 
munu Here ^mJkfUt = ijltfcXov seems corrupt for ulj[uuihtp^ = IfpiapTo. 
abefvetA defectively i<reUtM muw^ " <2 reads d/. ^ om. ^ g read 
oMr. ^^ c2 reads 6poms bt, ^ o&tf/^. d reads dXX^ rf XiS««y npoiruxr. 
A=^(A***iiXXi)irpoir€ixc. »/3-<«,S^ c£ reads ^^ciro y^p. A=icai 
^^o/Sffcro. «• (f , A add irwf . Cf. «. •* ^ om. next four words. For 

Z. mi r» A read r. ml S. ''0 save that for rtjp€t¥ d reads Wr r^ 

bumiptip, A s xai 6/M»r /if fu) inBlovra [ml &€»p&¥ p» pij y€v6pt9w Kai\ 
lovdw fiff f^cro nypfir 0^6^, cW o^ thrpaaop aMif (A^*om.la8t clause). The 

Digitized by 





Kal ovK 
( + *Pou. 

A A, S^ 



^ A, S^ 

(ra? *Pot;)3^/Li Sri ivpiSri i,ir6v' 
Tos avTov, W€pwrx«>'<Jfi€W>s^' 

TrpSa-oairov 'lafco^jS^ roO 7tarp6s 
fwv^; 6. Kai Xa)3ft>y ri 

ipyiipiov^^ Koribpaiu^'' *toIs 
ifnt6poi9^\ *ical oibiva rf* 

r^y /x€y<{Xi|r*^ iiropeCBritrav^^ 

*& iKtbrg T^ fiiJtiipq^* *vpo<r€\OiiV oiv 6 Ahv ^tiraf airri^^''* 
8. Mif kXoU fXTiii Xuirou*'* tJpojWK*' yhp tC thvifup^ ry 
varpl 4^iL&v^\ 9. €h;<ra)fjici' ^iiaxo^^p'^^ ^xCfiappov 

il>^<Apjai^^ rh vpSa-tavov tov 
7raTp6i ilov *Iafc<i/3; 6. 
Kal Xapil>v rb iipyipiov Kori- 
hpaix€v Ma-oi tois ifiv6pois* 
lifl fipiiV bi airoifs iir4- 
<rrp€y^€i> iiivp6fuvos^* icora- 
\i7r6vr€S^^ hi ol ipmopoK i^v 
irXareuiy ilbov bMevaop^'' bA 
*T/H>yXo8fra)if iv orvwrf/xy'** 

first clause in brackets is manifestly a daplicate rendering of what 
precedes. '^dom, ** c. il reads ^V^m<m« • *" c. At read odvM{fM9or. 
^ At. e reads Karaktiirotrng. ^ e, hi read ivoptvOtfatm^ ^ e. hi read 
TpoyKobuTtty h ovtro/ug. ^ fi^fff A*°*, S*. g trs. d<riro( before ital ovrwr. 

A** = ?/icii« &rim ;«f ftr/H«ray aWi., A**** cV/jdAy *lwrni>- ** -^*^ = «"^ 
oKovtras *P. ^i iirpdOff (A"* om, ©ri cirp.) ir€putrxi<raro. A***** ntpua-xio-aro, 
f^ d, A. /9-<2, S^ om. A adds jkhi. ** g reads t^p^mitn. ** ^ reads otfUM n-wr 
l^ttipm, *^(2trilafterfun;. ""areads^/Attv. ^c2 reads nfuf/ia. ^bdeg, 
cf read mc KaTabpaprnp, " ^ reads 3iriW ror if/ar6p»v, ^ beg, A*^*^*^, 

off S* read koX (/ om.) aW^i^ cv/xur {t^p€v / S*). cf, A*** leai wx t^p^ avrow. 
^ a om« A adds ^ap. ^ d reads /3a<riXix4ir 6d<$y. A adds 4 i(r cV if 

crv»r<{/*f mil 3XXi7y iSdiSy (A*** om. AWr, A** om. «ii . • . 4Wr). "A om. rest of 
verse. ** «/, S*. M read rpaykoKokwriT&Vf d TpoykoKorniTS¥, e Tp«yoKoXi«T«F, 
g otpoytuik&p Koknij. ^ «. /3, A, S^ om« ** hi, /9-ew, A*^, SK c, oe read 
iipayip, Ay** = aiTttXcro through an obvious internal corruption, hg (on ^ 
i5ee note 46), A^add 'Pow/S^/i, A»^*^'* •l»<ri}<^. ♦• a. /J-^, Aread *V rg ^/*- '«.| 
jr T^i^ ^fupap €i:€iprip 'PovPnfi. ♦' «, /S-jr, 8^ (save that P-e^, 8^ om. 6). gr reads 
teal iKBitp A^y X€)fff«. A =s Kal irpoc-cX^tty A. ctircy rf 'P« ^' OK. )3 read as in 
margin, ^*c. At read cupwficy. /3, A, 8* read c^poy. ^h,d. e^fi-dreeA 
itnofup, ^^g om. /3-^, A, S^ add 'Iaitc^/3. ^a, /S-Mis, 8^. « reads paxaipois, 
M, Aom. wA~-*=:;^/;«,ppoi»,A'»^*«*=:rpayiVicor. •*«. SoLXXin 
Oen. zzzTii. 3 1 » 0| A, 8* as in margin* (Here A^ omit to end of verse 1). 

Digitized by 


t*i] A1A0HKH ZAB0YAX2N 123 

tMw Ty MaK^P X^yomrcs^^- *Eirfyyft>tft, 6** ^x*'''^^ ^<^ ^^ ^^v ft ^ S» 
icrrfr"; *ical iirori;<ray oirm^^ lO. ""Tii^ ycfcp x*'-^''«^^ (+1^" 

iv4bv(rap airhv ifiiriov 8ouXMt^K«»\ 1 1. ♦"EXaPc ^ lu^^v ^^' ^ 

^•^iXci^ avTOV* 12. ^AracTTiiin-ey 8^^^ *^in£Kre«"^ cTiroficK ft A*^S* 

«i^''^> &-i^' ^ii/ lAii d$ff *Tii; x*''«^<»^*» «tTW«H'«'^* ''jwiraTpl ]^J!^4 
^fij^/l76 j,.^ ^y^73 ^yoy iTTotria'a^ rb vovripbv ^tovto fo «xc 2, 
*I<rpa)fX". 13. *Kca dJrwy b4haiK€V avrbv aiTois''K ft^^^^ 

Kai^* iiroCqa'caf KoJSibs *clir€j; 6 A<{i/^*» o a g< 

V. Kal vvp\ tinva /uuw, wopayyAXw^.i^/iu; *toO ^vXcicr* Jftj-fv 
'ireiy* roy* ^vroX^f *Tot; Kupfou* '^ical iroieu; IXcos iv\^ rhv o^ X) 

iral ovjc difCiXffi'. 0, S* xnr* avrov vdyrt£ S/tov throfup^ fir-g^ A, S^ 

^(X save that e reads mnarttkoiup, p, A, S* read as in margin. ^OC, 

def. abg, A, S* read rf. •' a, /S-jr (save that j9-^ add o^s). ^ reads 

Xtrmw ioTiw rov v2ov <rov otrotf. A = o2r«$r ^arti' x"''^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 'Iomt^. 
^•6, S* cm. ^fi^f S* add tow ftarp^s rffiS>v. g om. rip . • . *l0<n7^. 

ct presents a peculiar text of this verse : ^ray bk ffpovkri^ffa'av nnrpaaai aMv 
i^bvfraw t6ip x'-fi^ ^ noixtkoy nai fWdvo-ov Ifwriop iraXcu^ ^p cxi/^art bovkov* 
^C reads t^. " a. abef, 8* read ry /lAXrur vifrpdiriKaBai (6, S* iriirfw- 

iricccir), gy^ Tf fjJXX^tP mvp&trKi%». For d see note 59. ""ex, /3-a^. 

y reads t^r 'Icmt^. a om. •■ a, fi-g, 8* save that for bw\uc6p p^, 8* 

read iraXaiii^ bovKov^ g reads iMaoprts aMp t6p x^t-dya rov varphs iptbvaop 
iraXat^p dovXim(y. ^ (x (save that hi om. dc). /3, A, 8^ read as in margin 
save that g add 6 before S. ^' A om. ^ om. together with next four 

nrords. •• e reads adr^, A =s avrw. ^ a. jS, 8^ read Bikw (+ cV d). 
*• /9-gr, 8* add tdrov. «• ^ read avrAi' bUktip optX 'Itfoi^^, «il oic f didov oWi'. 
^* a. A A, 8* read as in margin* " ci reads 0^1'. *■ a. ft 8* read as in 
margin (save that g trs. xor* a^ov after 6/toi)). A = i^fMtr «ir* avrov civroficy. 
^•flrom. '*a,A^ <i reads o^iJi'. i3-d, A"^ om. ''•W. ft A, Spread 
V/Mv/icy, c&rofwy. '^ «. jr reads ry irarp^. /3-^, A, 8* om. '^ (X, (A*1). 
/3-ii, A'**'*'*, S* read cV 'lapo^, a ipimiop Kvplov. ™ a. dbef, S^ read 

fto2 ovrtt {wrtis hf) bibwnp aMp (S^ om.) alroU (a trs. before oMp, b om.), 
d r^t ffxifirf&tlg bibwruf aur6p, g, A Koi {g om.) r<$rf bois (At6p (A om.). 
^(X, /9-<l, 8S A******* d read dn^p A. A*^ hmtkaro a^oh 6 Ady. 

V. *^ reads Ibw. 'CjA***^. At read irapayyt\&, fi, 8* <bayyfXtf« 

A**** om. • A sss (fniXeuraeT^. * ^ om. • At, A. € reads rov 

4tov, fi Kvplov, A^* add naO^t xdyi^ 4<l>vkaia Ks»i x^^ cXajSop oiri ^ov« 
A om. leai nouw Kkiog « • • ^ Kvpws through hmt* ^e reads itnd^ 

Digitized by 



irXi;<rfoi;'', icol tiairkayxvCav ^tx^iv irpbs vivras^ oi yu6vov 

yip raura cvXifyi^W fie 6^^ Ktfpioy^* *ical vivroav^^ tQp 
iltk\<l>Qv IJLOV iurSevoihrraiv iyil> ivoaos TraprjkOov^^^ oZSe^^ 
yip^* Kiipios iKi<rrov ttji; vpoaCp€0'af^^. 3. *''Ex€r€ 081^^'' 
2rJ^ IXeoy ir" inrXiiyxww 4^", &n *€! n to*^ irowJoTy^i ^ 
Tfjcfo*"' «'Xiy<rfoi; a^oO, *<HJra) Krfpios*^ iro«{<r€i*^ *fi€T* airod**. 
/«w. 4. *Kai yS/o** viol** rw ddeX^r fuw ^o^Awir koa*'' dW- 

^^>8 $pri<rKOV bia *Ift)<nJ^*®, "^fc-i oiic iitoCrfO'av l\€OS *iv awkdyx^to^ 
^ ftdrfiK""*- oi 8i *i/iol vlol^ ivoaoi at€<^X<ixft?<rai;" ica^cbs^* 
c^T oBarc"'. 5. Kai &•€ i5ffii|y ^iv y^** Xaj;aav *€Js t^p 

^^^ iropoXto" i%€Vor a^pw''* 'laicJ^iS'^ ry iroTpr fwt;»«, ical 

VI. TIpwos ^oiv^^ lyil> ivolri(ra CKJuf^os^ iiriirX^cij;* ip 

iv aifT^\ 2. Kat KoBfJKa^ (vkov (hrur0€V cAtov'', koX 

^ g adds avrov. * (X, cftf. abf read ir/)Af ir. Ixccy, g Ix^w tn\ ir. ' a. hdg 
Te&dnp6sav6p€mws,aef€lsd»$pJnrQV9, ^^eL horn, /3-^readjcaicif (+r&c{) 
Skoya (+ v/A«»if (2), ^ Kol n-p^ SKoya. ^^ Oi, g. fi-g om. ^' A=^ft navrcw, 
^^ddMrbvpiop^AifUpasfuw. ^'/3,A,S. a read cl^e. »A«add6. 
wA»^**add«ipa^r. i'a,icty,S». cf, A read ?x«t«. aom. "od^i^add 
roiff, 1' A reads ovt&p, d om. /9-<£, A, S^ add rcoo fu>v. d adds rovro 
Wdcircff. ^ a. a reads cof, 5^, A, 8^ w Sm, d wra lb, e t cov, / c? n can 

'^ A, fi-'dtf, c reads iroci}<reir, t froii7a'<u, def iroti^aci. A adds rif, i rocr. ^ ooi* 
next six words through hmt. ** c. At, /3-^, S^ read ovms {ovrm «, (2/) ical 6 
{a om.) Ku/Mor. '^ hi read trowL ** OL P-g read avrf , ^ avnSv. In A the 
order of the words is ovrtn wot^o-ci aur^ Kvpcor. >*A= duii rovro. 

S om. '^ c2 reads tijp cV rf *I«Mn7^ ytvaiuntv napit t&p varipwf avr&p 

napavoiuap. » So /3, S^ = DiTpoa. reads fifr* oM^ s= DTOJ which 

appears to he a cormption of former, hi read th aMp. ^(X, bdg. arf 
read vW fuw. A= iftoi, ^A~* dtc^Xax^o-oy. A*= dif^Xax^ipY. 

••a. /5 reader. » A reads fttcrt . "At,i3-isr, A,S^ c,6read^»rg^ 
gr c{ff y5». « a. fi-hg read cZf r^i^ {h om.) sroyMXtoy. •• a, a. 6/ read 

^po /x^Moi'y deg, A, 8^ ^pay Ix^vmi^. A^* add rpo4nip. ^ g om. ^d 
reads ^n&p. '"A* = » <rakf. A******** om. *<^ «,>&. ^fg read Jupciwii 

YL ^OL /9, A, S^ om. *c2 reads irn&^p, ^d reads nrtirXcor, g n\Uw 
which it trs. hefore vko^, h trans, after Bakairvn, A = xol arX«v<ra. 
*c,a^, At^iS*!!^, Aom. 'y reads <ro^. «. crm^iF, «i8-<^ 8*. (X rea4 

Digitized by 


ie6vriv i(4Twa iv *IWpY {JXf «pa^» *lv /a^^. 3. Kal iffinv^^ ft S^* 
^hf cAt^^^^ buiirop€v6ii€V09^^ *roij aly 10X069^^, *6Xi€fiw y!^ 

Alywrov, [4* Kal^® iic rrjs ^pas ijlov *irayrl iofBp^itt^ 4-6 in 

^I'os, rj voa^v, ff^^ yripda-as, li^<ras** Tohs IxO^ias, Kal 
*iroii7<ra9 avri iyaO&s^^ Korb, r^y jicdcrrov xpetov vpoa-d- 
4>€pov ma-if 0waky&v^^ koL irvfiviaxo^p. 6. AA tovto 

Kci 6 KHpiios *7ro\Xoif9 Ix^c^s iv4TrXri<ri ijl€^ iv r^ iypq r&v 
IxB^v^^. *0 yap /AcroftiSovs t^ irXiyerfoif^^ kaiAfii»€i iroAXa- 
irXoo-foyo*® iropet Kvpfov]. 7- *n^'^€ oJj; fri;** ^Xfowa'^ Brackeir 
[iravrl Jbf0pciir^ *ir i<apiK€Uf^^ fiercAiMls, kclL vcarrl ry olicy odwordi 
rov irarpSsfiov i^apKQp]. 8. *Ka2 r6 /x^if 64pos^^ ffKUvov, ^. 
*& r<p x^''^'^* ^^^' iiroCfuuvop [urh t&p iJb€\4>&v fuw. 

VI L [Nvy^ ^ayyfXtt ^fiuf & ivobio-cu Elbov $\ip6iuvop VII- 
fo yviip^Ttin x^H^^^» *^ (nrXayxwirdelff *iir' airSp^, nl '^ 
KXhl^as^ Ifuircor ^k tov oUov ^tov varpSs^ ijlov, Kpv4>i<as^ hdg, 
I8a>ica rf BXifioiUvt^* 2. Kal i;fi€i$ oSr, Wicva /duw, j£ 

cSi' vapix^i Vfup^ i &€69t idUoKplna^ irivra^^ airkayxviC^fifvoi 
ikAT€, KoX vap^x^^ ^vqvtX ivOpAvtf iv iya$^ Kapil^. 

Ka0rip^, d Kafi^um. As=^(r0dXi(rf. ^A^ssmmt. *«. ft S^ read as 

in margin. Assiv fu<r^ rov 6p$ov (Ckov koL ' ab read i/ifita-f. hi add 
TOV (uyioXoO, c2 avrov, A cV fMcry rov PfMf. ^*&, S^ om. " At. ft S'. e] 

Aim. ^Mreadipx^iMfos. g vopnf6fUPog, ^ht,dom. ^ reads ry 
TtHs aly. ^* ^. h, S^ reads $Xicvov 2x^., d, A ml ^T^r dXicuMr ^X^. — perhaps 
better than eg^ e Ukuimv, or, / cV. a om. ^' ft A omi ^* i2 reads 

oUov, efy oUf* ^ oc /3-5 read o^. i om. ^* Verses 4-6 are found 
only in bdg. ^hg. d reads irdyra Mpwnw ^W. *^5 reads 

^didoiv. "^ & ^ reads ft d« ^mc i$r mit, el 4 i$r 6 {cMw MHTwr If. **d reads 
r^v. ^ b. g reads iro«i»y avrod^ ayoBovt (d avroit €payaiBt»s rdcVfiara). 

"^{2. 6^ read ov96ymif, *d* hg read «roXvy lx$vp itroltfat fun (save that 
g trs. htointri fioi before voXvv). fi'nrXi7<rr = PSb which may have been 
corrupted into nk^ s ^irocTov. ^d. bg read Btfpap. ^hg, inroads 
vhfirif §utA ntunis vpoBv/uas, ^bg. d reads hrrankiatoif, " (X. /S-O, 

A, S* read irorrf In;, a ir€>jrTy ?««. "cjftA**"*. A, S» read ^X/cvor. 

A*** om. •* Jgr (save that g reads •*). d reads tA <V>«ovy. •• a, a 

(save that a om, jou). bfy read r6 ^cpo^, c2, A koI {A^*^ om.) r^ iih Btptg, e 
r6 dc Btpog, & om. next word. ^oc (save that A om. dr). /3-df, A read 
jBoi €p x^H^'^^h d T^ bi x'V^» 

VII. ' c2 prefixes xiu. This chapter only in hdg. *d om. ' bd. 

g TesidB HkKt^ ^d. bg om. ^bd. g leoda KpvtJHums $aL *d. b 

Digitized by 



3, El a firi fx€T^ bovvai, r^ XpfC^vri, (rvjuwr^tcrxcrc ovr$^ 
iv oTrXdyxvow ikiow. 4« OTda^ Sri ff X€Cp iwv *ci% 

in>fivop€AofjL€vo9 avT^ (kKcuov Kal ret <nrXiiyxy<^ [jlov ^i-^ 

^! 2ii VIII. Kal i;/x€i9 oSr, riicya /xov, ^crc cv<nrXayx>''ttif 
df Idi^v ^Kaerh vavrh^ ivOp^vov^ iv ikici, tva kcH i KiSpios *€ls 
iavXay ^^5 (nrXayxi^4<r0€i9' ikei/ftrji vfias. 2. 'On icofye* iis^ 

^*^' ia\iTo>v r»r* riy^p^v i ©eis AiroorcXcI* *ri tnrXiyx^*^* 
}/i0X#« ai&rov ivX rfly^ y^y, ical 5irou rfprj (nrXciyxra jX^ov;^ 
•rowr^ ji; ohr^ KaroiKcL 3* *0<^oi; y&p* tLvOpanTsos tmXay'- 

%ivt^i^ X^CC^c^ iU ^rhv Trkria-lov avrov', roa-ovrov *Kal 6* Kt^pio^ 
jcaxoi cb avrrfv.] 4. 'Ore hi^^ KorrikOoiAfv^^ ^cls Arywrroi;^*, 

'fr^ 'laxnJV^ *oiic i/iwycmcdioycrcy ^ifur". 5. Els" «i^ 

ftov (g i^'Wfovixpmt kpX 6|Mbs, WKKa fiou iyamT€ iXkirikovs^^, icol 
^"w'a/ ^^ ^oyrCccrflf" licooroy *icajcfcv wr6s tAt AScX+^r" avrwi^ 

rh irp6<ra>'jrov &^- 

aef, A, SI 

6 yap iJonja-CKaKOf 
(nrXdyx^a JX^ov^ 

reads wSun^ g vovrort. '^d. bd (save that b adds irp^ icmp6p after l^crc 

and om. avrf ). j^ reads rf xp^^ Zxpvri^ * c{ reads mii yap ry^ €i%fu$ 

Tt^v ^fup&p oDki^ ^ g ivB. "before ^ X*^* h n^id irpos r6 irapdv. ^^bg. 

d reads n doOyw, ^ cf^. 5 reads tru ^bg, d reads rrpc^oyro. 

Yin, ^bd, g reads f Is mtyra MpwiroVn *b. g reads cnrX. c^' vftap^ 

i{ cnrX. '^ reads yt. . *bom, ^g. bd read diro<FT€XX«». *g^ 

d reads (nrXa7;(yo, 5 t6 tnrXayxvov, ^(7 om. ^^ adds 6, ^dg (save 
that c2 reads n$). & reads rdv irXi^o-tov. "a, ^-Jc^, A, M<^ read yap, 

S* om, " h reads oir^X A)f*€i», *• oe read «V Atywrry. " a, aef, S*, 
A ^ ovK' iiiv^odti t6 KOKbtf t iirolffau ^A^*"^' iiroirjiTav) obr^y bg read ovk 
«fjunj<riKdiai<r€P iU {g om.) $m^> ^M^ ^ (^ y^p) 1^*^ iaifkayxvitrBiff d fdc^v ffto; 
irff>i^pa imrkayxiwrBif r^* ^fuv jcal odd* oXods cptn^truuLn/ovy, ^^ c om. ^* Of, 

€(e/, A (save that (Uf, A trs. mil IfifU after rcKva pov and read oyoir^flnarf), 
bg, S* read f/i/SXaroyrfr (^ /SXcirovrcr) leai vpcls dfunpriKOKoi yiwwBf riicva pov 
{(^ om. r. pov) iral ayairarr (tXXijXouff, c2 /SXciroirfff koI vfwir, r. pov, ayenr. aXX« 
afiyija'iKaKot, yivtvB^, ^'a reads Xoyt^cV^. d Xoyiffcr^, A adds /mjdr 

vofiiC^^ (a dittographio rendering), ^^ 0, A. A reads tuuajcm nv adcX^i), 
^ n)v (oef om.) iroicuiv rov alkk<l>ov. ^*A reads ti^^pnt^fiEjb =s muctfriTra, 

which may have been in the Qreek copy before the translator, '* 8^ 

feads rr^p \yiniP r^g Kapiias^ "^ S^ = diarctHi, '^ c£^^ "* d if! 

Digitized by 



*irop€A)yrai ivl to oirrf*, kCdovs, f^Xo, y^v* *Kal Irepd Tim* (a^rav) 
KaTa<ripov(rtv'^. 2. 'Eoy* 8i cfc voXXh btaip€$&<rip^, ft A, 8 

^ y5 i<l>avC(€i^^ avri, *jcal y6;oi;rat" cvicara^^/Hfi^ra". ^f*^'* 
3. Kai iSMffe ''oSv''" ia» buup€eiiT€, ^creo-flc^* ai5ra>y, 4. ^J ^^,, 

•"Ml) o5r^* *x«^^^'n ^^ ^^ K€+aXa*8"^i«- Jri irai; ft imbic^v vOffr^Mlt 

♦yip iy«b*® ir ypcuf>^ r%?^ Tcaripoav iwv, *n*' /Snf, A, 

ical Wo** )3a(rcXciai9''^ ifDucoXovftJo-crc**, ^^^ '"x«V"«^i 

conflate and to the reading of aef adds that of bg, A reads 
qyjymgm^gni-p[iijb m^uym mnltfr ^ SfioovaUnf (f ) a(l>ajnj iroMt where 
the noan is corrupt for ^igj^mi^siuPpiA = vnap^^ We have now to 
decide between vwap^ and vp6<rmirop. The former = D^^M which seems 
to be a Gomiption of D^^D, as the context here is rather in favour of 
the ktter. 

IX, *a,c2, fi-d,Aorxu A add rtjcra fuw *&^om, 'tt. a«^, A 

read as in margin, 6 in,/, S* Ih-t, dvA^irt, *a. ft A read M t6 

oM {d flip rh aitf^ A 6iioBvfiad6v) nopwoprat {b voptvmu), ' (X, iS-M, 

A,S*. &,S^ reads ri7v,c{ ml n^y. '(X. ^,A,Sreadil^r, Have the two 
readings arisen from a confusion of *V?K and T^n f A adds SfMov^ a duplicate 
rendering ff M r6 ofrd, ^(X, o^, A read Koraf^pn, bd, S* Konurvptty 

g KOT^fwaatt^ ^ d read /inSy, * (X. ^ read dtaipt^S (^ ^Pf^^S)* 

^* A reads A-w^f f (= mXvirrci) corrupt for S-m/ut = a^y/C<^ " (X9 df. 
be, A** read $(ai ytMnu, A**** jkoI yrmjacrai, o^ om, S* corrupt. " €ig om, 
A adds vfr6 vawrmp^ , "(X. ft A om. ^* A=7&f(r^ff. c{ reads this verse as 
follows : ovri» ni2 viiMis i<r9a$€ ii» diap<%f . ^^ (X. ^, S onu *' OK. ^, 8 

read as in margin (save that d adds o^v before <Ir and g reads x«*/M<r^f erf 
for irxO* *' «! ^ /*-6, A om, " a. ft S* read lx«*. A = x^**^* 

^(X (save that hi trs. hw bef. cSfuw^ and adds ical M^i)y fUay). a5ef^, S^ 
read as in margin (save that reads dvo «(/Mn«, in^r, X<V»^> S^ dvo (. . .) 
^ X^H^^ «<^ dv<> v^ff and that for aXXck trviinmrra fMMktf (a), b reads oXX^ 
frdyra ra /1A17 t^ and sf dXXik a^ vamp f^Xccny, 47 jkoI tA Xoorik ?;§)• «{ readq 
ffd«»icff iiMP yitp dvo ^fi, X* "^ viSd* <>XX& ira<r» rovrotf k^ ^i diirXa 17/14W dcdflMciP 
6 $t6gy liXX' o^ fii$ KtiJHtkj virojcovci— ^vXajoir^r o^ rc«ya fiov rov /«) diai/M^KU, 
A== ^i IdiNce di« V d^irdd. Ml r^ XomA f<<Xi7( + «ii A^*'^*«+«a2 irdirra A^) 
fi4 m^. ( + aiMt* A****) {nroKovtip. " «, A <l reads yap. ^d, S* om. 

'* (X, A P om. " fte^^r add as in margin (save that g om. mc). ^ om. 

^uup^ipX "areads'lf/NwaoXi^fi. •«A**'*om. *"ae/(S«). a support 

Digitized by 










Cf hd jco* 

ft A. S» 

icoi ir&v fibiXvyfM iroiifcrcrc. 


Tols vloT$ TW ia^Opd- 

biiri <rip( dtrtv lud TrXa- 
vQvTOi Iv Tois TFOvrifms 

OG aef. A, S^ 

T€k€l^ ^viAiii^ ^cArbi 
6^^ K6pio$,*<l>»s biKHuO' 

/3, A, SI 
7* Kol fAtrh Tovra funiirOi/i' 


iced iinarphlr€i ifj&9, Sri 
ikeiflpMV i^ KoL ev- 

*j(al liii koyiCiiAOfos^ xa- 
ic£av *roi9 vloTs t&v 
ia^pfiviov^^ buSri crip^ 

icol *t4 in^etffiara** r^y 
irX<ijn}s wXoy^** avTOWff 

8* Kal ficrct ravra dvarcXci^* 

4^9 bucaunrimis 


text but read comiptly pamkiias. i. A, S^ read fianktvav, dg fimnktU^ 
^d reads ifaKoKovB^tna&t, ^hi^Pf S against c, A add as in maigin (saye 
that A reads rii tUmXa, and A, d om. yv )• "*<! i*eads atxpakmrlaowuf. ^ hi, 
/3-M,A,S\ c,M read as in margin. ^^M^addmic. »(X. ftA^S^ 
read cy (0/ «ii) waacug. ** A"^ om. ^ reads fflJ^aiy^ Mi^ add ml Mmu^ 
in^XO^ (^ V^X^^O* '^^ reads hnarpe^tniy hi imarpiinfn a mistranslation of 
Uien which should here be rendered fi«Toi>oi}<rcrr, ** At. c reads Act^. 
firurrp€yltm «cal Ac^o-ci of (X = Dmi U1BT) , whereas fMroyo^acrt icol hwrrpe^i 
of /3, A, S^ = 3HS^ lOrun which seems to be a transposition and oorraption 
of the original of OL. In /S, A, S^ murrph^i would have to be translated 
* will bring you back/ i. e. to your own hind. But this idea does not 
occur till next verse. *^Here A agrees with ol. ^OL add mpi 

Tov (0 om.) Xv. ''atf/f S^ read lunivBontg as in (X. ^hdg, A« 

ae/, S*om. »» A*** = iXwy^c <r^ furoi^. Cf.a. **aifo/: J^, S 

read fi^ Xoy. Here A = a. ^A**^ = tw «b^p«»frMff. «rf, 

A=ro fryf vfia. *'^hg read dirar$. ^a prefixes raU. bdg,A add 

avrwir. ^ c reads roOro. ** This verb is taken transitively by A* 

«A om. 

'c. A«, A read tA ^s t$s (A om.) duu S* €r ^«tI 

Digitized by 





a, aef. A, S 

yrjp^^ ifiQv^p 

fUL aimv ^rh iyiov 


KoX fo<ris *KOt €v<nrXay- 

Xvfa*'' iv^^ raXs mi- 

fw^iv ovrov. 
Airhs kyrpfia-erai iA<ra» 

oIxM^oMrftuf vici>i; iv- 

$piv»v iK TOV B^kUip 
Kci mv irvevfjLa vXitnjs 

KoL ivurTplslr^i *7r<twa rh^ 

fiarc ivOpdvov^^ 
*hv itv iicki^riTai KiSptos 
*Upov<rdkiiiJL Svofia ai- 

9. Kal** viXtv ^iv *r^ Troyov^f^** *tw (py<av^^ ifi&v^''^ 

irapopyUrer^^^ cAtSv, 

KoX iLiroppiil>ri(r€<r$€^^ ^iir* avroiP'^^ (<09 Kcupov (rvvrcXcia;. 

X. Kol vvv riKva /xov, /xi) Xtm'€i<r0€ ^^t dTrodin^o-KOd^^ 

firjSi (rviiirifrrfT^^ in iTToXiJya)®. 2. 'AraoTi{<rofiat yip* 

ireiXcv ^iv pAcn^^ ifi&Vt ^is fjjoiiia^os *iv pA<ri^^ vVav 

dtmoownt. ^h, B^ read oyarcXXci. ^hd tAi 6. ^S^ om. 

^S^readscnorfM'^ci. " a/ read cV r^s y^t, « M i^r y$r. •* 8* 

reads ovrov. ^ a. cm/ A, S read Kv/Mor. ** c. M read ni waMiyior. 

cm/GPodu "'d reads c^inrXiiyxyMiff. ''^Z^. 6 reads rir/, ^dadds 
col ^ofiifirf^mu. ^ d reads v^ clr r^v yrjiif vitAp km, ^ d om* ^ d 
reads KvfNoir ip 'Up. h ax. M, A Christian phrase. "* 6« ^ reads tp Ay 
^icX» KvfNOfy ^v *Up, duk rd ^iwfui ovrov, d itai KkifOfffnTai t6 ipopa avrcv prydXtit 
fiovkijs SyytKos, ^d adds /icra rovra. **c. b*, ^ read t^ [fi om.) wamipt^, 
**hi, adefi S^ (save that adef om. r«y). reads r. nar€pmp, b X<Syttv, 
^ ipyaaifr^, ^e reads i^^dy, ^ vfid^. *" « reads wapopyUran. A = wapopyi- 
(fTff. **& reads avo/NT^t^ffco-^. A^s= ftorouc^o-crc o^tr* ^CX. ^, S^ 

cm. A adds ip rois ZBp^at. 

X. > As hr\ \Ayoit pav. fi, S* add iyA. g om. rest of sentence. '(X 
(save that e reads innrcV»r«). ^ reads avpnlirrrrt. If the text is right 
we should sorely supply ry vpoc^f, Cf. Gen. vi. 5, or for a different 
oonstmction Neh. tL 16 DiTl^ 1^0^. A= irvprapd<rirt<r$t, *(X,ae. 

6/^ read (SiroXftir« v^ (/om.), d /kXciitm ryw. A adds aird fw^r. *fom. 
*0C, dfg. abe read ^ppifrf. 'a, adefg, b reads ippiirf. ^h aa^ 

Digitized by 


J30 AUeHKH ZAB0YA12N [X.ft 

^"'' aAr6if\ 3. 'Eirl 8i rofty Ao-€j3€& ^»<i^i" K^pw 

iriJp alciriov, koI AiroXct^* ovrovf *<«s yorcof ycrcfir**. 
4. **Ey« fti jw" €J$ T^y ivimwrlif imv^^ 4iroTp^x«"» 
*«ff jcai^* ol iraWpc; /ywv. 5. Tfi€& di ^^€Mr0€ 

«/««»• rij^* riiUpas r^ff 0»?5 iJfwSv^**. 6. Kal ravra dwv 

iKOi\ii/iOt\^'^i%v^^^ Kokip, jccU lOt\Kav airhv *ol viol avrov^ 

gj^, A, JU^j^ ^u^ {nXCrnir**. 7. *TaT€pov 8i *dvayayrfpT€S 

Aia0TJK7i Aai^ mod efiSofiov vlov 'l(uca»)3 icat BoXXas^* 
I. ^AvrlypoK^ k6ya>v Aiv^, *&v ftvev^ roU vlots airov^ 

* A^^*"^ read rfii^pMnif according to printed Arm. text ()) bat A* sapportd 
a, ^. ^OL^ad^fg. b rtAdi i/AfUff^. ^^ou /8 reada as in margin. 

A= J^ f^uXdfirf. i^y reads cmX^'- ^*<l addanr' adrm. '*(X. 

fi-g read airoXff<r«iy ^ dirdXXvo'iF. ^^ (X. /S reads c<»( ytwtmv, A = inra 

r«v vlmp *hrpaiK. ^ OL a reads r/tt»ff dt, b ly^, defri^s oSp{+iyAd), 

g iy& Tf . " aef add ^. »^ A*'*** ohl rest of verse. " a, A•^ 

fi-d, 8^ read «», d koL ^*d (xau ^c, wrfg. ki,bd,S^ read vm**'. 
At om. next ten words through hmt. *^c p,8^ om. ^ a om. ^d 
adds ffo^ rk ap99Tii ivSmw ovrov irMcrrv. For addition in S see 8* in fee. 
f^^nyff corrupt for n^^bs^pci. The phrase is lennd correctly in 
T. Ibs. vii. 9 iKotfofiri €P ytfp9t miXf . * g reads v2oi adroO. (i om. ** e. A« 
^read cy B^ko (vKlvu, fi, A cV ft^xj; (+«u»o cV j o&dcir oMnm m MBif d^ 
V (X. d, A!"*^ (fiave that d reads a>«y.). ai«/; A*^% 8' ^Miyay. oMr «2r X« 
(«V X. a) 1^^ ( + «vnfr *^'), ^ a^iTyoyoi^ ^a^foyrvf fv X. »d adds ry df 

tfc^ i}^ cuf d^ «t> oMMtf. "Kmv.ft 8Vadds Zafimiki^ vl^ 'loicck^ ^ tittr Amw 
i (1$ rplrot S'X ( + tol 8') %<r«y ^P^{p^ 8'), A^*^add Wr dtSfn^ tffoi;. 

I. ^Title. aintext. areadsAiiy,6tf/,8^A. A.1r«pi^M<»v«ll1(rvv^ow(/^rffv- 
^ov9 icoi ^ftov* Acbf ipfUfvtv€Ttu Kpltns), g apxh k&ywr IkoBiitaft A, vepi B, «u 4^ C* 
d is conflate A. A, vi6g ipdofios 'iwcmQ, «2dr BdXXor nprnrot vtpi B, luu ifr. 
A ^ A. A. ircpl {m9pq^a»ias itai ^<rws { + Kai {ffXov A^, bat this addition is 
not in Conybeare's transcript). Here mm&£ni^irm% sz idaws is obyiously 
an error for tMuucfliriu^=^ir€vdovs, 9J^*^ add viov *Iaic^. *d reads 
ocra cXoXijcrcy, ^ &y c^ircv. * hi om. next five words through hmt. A^"^ 

add ml Bvyarpwu •/ reads f (TxA-aw, • oe om. ^ a*****'' = rwrmm. 

Digitized by 


1.7] AIA0HKH AAN 131 

WfAirry® Irci* r^y^* Ca>^5 ainov. 2. ^KaX^o-a9 yap^^ 
*r^if varp^ airat)^* ftireir**' *AK€i6^aT€ vloi *Abp kiy^v 
fiw", jcoi** vpoa4x€T€^^ A4|M>^ '^'•w varp^ iprnp^^'^. 3. ^^^^ g 

•£>«»** lirciipcura <if icopSf^ ;i<w^* icoi*^ iv vArri^^ f«jj /ww**, finfuun 
Sru jcaXiif***itaA 0c$ c&Epearoif ^ AXiJ(?cia** fAcro dcjcaiov/xi-> uaroff. 

jifbiuf (n7fA€poi;^^ riispa iwv^f Crc fo Kophlq fiov l^i|r^^ irepl Bpmjtw 
rion eavArao^^ 'Iomt^^, ""tov idcX<^ ftiw"^'^ *r<w 2ya0ov Av8f>is ««ia«ricf4. 
icol iXr\dwiiv^. 5. Kol fxaipov ivi rg vpiirti airrov^^, iitiuny 

&ri^^*iirip^liSLS^''*6 7rariipaiTdv^m''\ 6. TA y&p»* 
vvct)j|Mi rov fi}X<w*® ical rrjs iXaCovcfay** lAcy^ /«)*• Kofyc fi^ A, 8* 
<ri *airdff vliy oirov €?**• 7* ^^ *^* ^**'' in;cyf«lra>i;*' *'• 

«^ ODL rest of verse Uuotigh hmt. *QU bfxtsA h (6 om.) itforwrr^ 

^htooTf vtfurr^f d iv Ire* /mcc', 6 fy pttt thtu *d om. ^^^om« " (X, 
<^. oj/, A" Kok icoX/ffiv, I, A'^*'* «iX«Vw. " a, /3-<ty, S\ <l, A read 

To^ vMr a^v, g tArwt. ^d^A add ovrotr. *^ At, (save that At read 
wdt X<fyovf), A^*^ B^. e reads X4(y«*v Acbf roO mnpht Vfjm^. A^ a A. 
warpbfliti&p. ^b, 8 om. ^' A^ (by an internal coniiption)=irp<Mr/9Xcfarr. 
/biUb rrnff. ^''OCfdg (save that cZ om. rov). fi^g,B read or^/toror 

(-f rov 6) iniry>6f v^mv (4fM0y 0). A s on^faank fMu. ** (X| A. /3-cl om. 

<l reads &ra. ^eom. "^^om. A^* adds fyMiv. **0 adds rg. ■'Jadds 
MoH/MHr. *At readr^ jcdXXoff (f iraXft). *^e,aed. bfg, 8 re^A 6tf koX 
fMptarwf (/ 4p«<rr&r) ^ ^^y ^^ ^^ <^* 'o^ 4 <^* As: firriy ipmtnop Kvptov 
m) cMp. 1} <iX. (4 A. iBcil «Mp. A^*'). *c reads dwauMr/Mur/w. ^e,P,A 
(save that e reads ftwm^pov and A om. ^1 and adds cWi after irovi7p<Si»). 
ib' read rh M wonipdr f. »6, 8^ add ^ A^ md. d adds d«* &r Kai 
**«. ^', A read hAMxrKmwi (Mcda^rcfc A) r. <M. /3-<2, 8 read M pmraw 
(9 Mpdurmp, a om.) itcMturm {IkddtrKU f)^ d ol Mpmwoi cVdi&So'jeoKrac. 
••(X,rf (save that rfom.oeir),A'*^. /»^, A***, SreadrfMoX«o^(+o&r A****) 
mijpitp&if Vfup, Before S/toXoyA d inserts roi»w in ravra fr€ipdtrar Ka\ ypoi>t 
i/ttfii^pmprhdt^p^. **oom. «(X,S*. ^, S^ read ^M^u/v (M $Mp;ir) 
(+irdb>v d) = '*nndt eorrapt for ^nDb = iBtpn^. A s= 4^0*7 i|v. We have 
We the familiar phrase 3^ ^ Qlb. **A^om. "(X. ^^A^S^om. 

^ OCy ^. <l reads tdO <iX. <wd. jcal ay., o^^, A, S* rov M. rov ay. (<7 rov dy. opd.) 
ff»l «X., &, 8^ (S»d. aX. ra2 ({y. ^ om. next six words. "* &, S^ read *lmaff<fk, 
» (2 reads Wn^ « a, ft S^. A** = Mp V, A'**-*'* irX/o^ » a, /3-<f^ 
(save that b read a^v), 8^. cl^, A*^ read fryAim aMy 6 iran^p ^ii&p {g alroVf 
A** pay). For W^p . . . i}y«kra A****** read o^Av irX^oir (A** irXcW aMp) 
^. 4 irohyp fiov. ^d, A*** om. *•« reads fi^Xovr. * A= rod 

^ a (save that com.avrov after viuf). /3 reads vttfa^v(+«7il)k 
K a 

Digitized by 


132 AIA0HKH AAN [1. 7 

ft A. S» Tov BekCap t<rwi}pycft** iwi, fe**" * Aapi t6 ff^9 icol *"& 

^•V"' rotfry"**' ireX^ riv *IaMnJ<|^*^ icol Ayairtjcret <r€ 6 wor^p*®, 

3-^1 A,S iTroBav6vT09 avrov. 8, *Tavro 5i iji; ri irv€Vfia tov Bvfiov 

a^/ rh ir€lB6v fte*** &nrcp*« 7r({p5aXw +<K/xt;Cot;(ra*^ lpi<l>ov, 

tfVvf^' 9.'AXA*40€Js*TwiroWpa)i;** 
<^«»' /iov ovK ctacrei' oirii^ ifnr€0'Hv 

fls Tas X^^P^^ M^^» ^A Kara- 

fjL6vas €vpii>v avrdv di/eXtt, icol 

TTOiifcro)** Xv^^vat a-Kryirrpov 

htirepov r$ 'lo/KwyX. 

/3, A, S^ 

9. 'AXX* a ©cAff 'loiccbiS** *rov 

TraTp6s iJLOv^ ovk MpaXep^'^ 

airrbv fh ray X€ipi9 /yuw * tva 

etpcn ^ ® avrdv fiSvov, oiti daxriv 

ft€** *ro ivofirjfUL tovto iroirj* 

<ra*«<> &a /i^«^ Xi;d«o-i«« 8v'o 

a-K^irrpa iv *I(rpa^X. 

II. Kal in}]/, r^Ki^a ixov, Ibov^ iyii ivoOvrjarKio, Koi iv 

ikriO€l(^ Xeiyoi ifuVi iri^ iav^ pri (fn)ki^€^ iavrois iirh *rod 

weifMTOS^ *Tov ^cv8ov( koX tov dvfwv^, Koi iyair^oTyre^ 

A^vl6€4abrtw{A^*lmK6p). ^(X. /3-<2, A read cy rdy w. The former, 
however, is a familiar Hebraism, d reads t6 frvtv/M. ^a reads 

<rwi7/>y7<rf, Text = ITr contipt(l) for IDK^ if a is right. *»«. hdeg, 8* 
read Xcyuv, /, A «ai rXcyty ( + M<>* ^)» ^ Xcyoi'. ** «. i&-^, A, 8* read Xc?j3« t. 
(ii^off rovro jcat cy avr^ (df, A om. ^v avr^), <^ rd (. rovro \afi€ Koi iv ovrf . 
*' d adds ^v o^^. « /3-<7, A, S* add crw. *» «, a6<5^, S* (save that ahef, 
8^ read rori for dc f r). ^ agree with c but gives a difierent order : rovro 
d^ ro wuB6v fu npMVfia ^p tov Ovfuw, d ravrd fioi t6 nvtv/ta tov Ov/wv ^{jSoXXcy, 
g, A rA dc (rode r6 A) irvcv/ia rov ^vyiov vaKuf (A om.) tlwttSfP fie, d om. rest 
of verse. '^c. hi read ir y«ip, af Ijp yap &<nrep, heg Ua &(rv€p {fig »(). 

'^ 00, S'. o, / give the form iKpiCoiwra^ bg, 8^ cV<^f?- Conscious of the 
impossibility of the text A restored it as follows : {mz €Kf»v{jfa» al/ta *IaKn7<^, 
ms €Kftv(a irc^daXiff alfia ipl4>ov. But we can hardly accept this restoration. 
The corraption lies in iKfivCovaa which = Y^ corrupt for YT^ = ^rwrpi- 
povaa (in late Hebrew), Similarly for ^icfAv^oi in the next line we 
should read awrphlttu^ **(X {c giving form iKfuCrjaM, hi ixiivCowra), 

fi~df read eKfutCria'^, f iKfuCi<r» 8^ e^tiivCna'a. For the corruption in text 
and the reading of A see note 51. '^e. hi read tov narpds. ^e. hi 
read froi^croi. " heg, A, S*. adf om. " ^~d, A (save that h, A read 

ilJMp), S, d reads r£y nmpt^p /aov. "^ <2 reads c/3aX«, " 0, S^. A 

reads km ovx elpap. " h om. •* 6j^. a» read rovro r, ^if. irot^tntt, rf, 

A iro(9<rai rd ay. Txn)ro, *^ i^ om. ** c2 reads KorakvBwnp. 

n. ^6, Som. 'e reads ffoi. 'o^/readti. *hi,eg. o,aftead 
(lrtf\ai€Tt, b dta^vXaf;r«, (i ^vXdfire, • a om. • A = rjf ir\6piis koi rov 

Hffcvdovr. Here tnt£npau[Ui%t (= irXajnyy) is undoubtedly corrupt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


r^i^ iXi/i0€iav Koi ttiv fiaKpoOvidap, diroXeurdc^. 2. Tt;^Xa><ri? 0, A, 8^ 
*ydp loTiF 4 6u|A^s Kal oAr If dpcbr vp^mnr^ nros i¥ dXtiOcif ^ <<7^ '\ 
3. ^•'Ori"', lAv Ttarfip, * ^ ft^p^® ^irrfi; ", ""iy irokfidois ^* 7rpo<r- ^^ij'^' 

oi yviApl^ii?. 4* * IlepijStfXXcrat yip '^avr^r^ ri ^n^ev/xa irp<((ra»- 

row ^/xov ri hUrvov t§5 irXdnjs*^ ical ir^ot rods** i^ak- ^^, 

luws avrov, koI^ bia tov y^eiSiavs tncoroi** t^i; inivouuf ^^ j^ 

^airrov^^\ Koi ttiv Ibtav Spaaiv TcapiyjEi airr^. 5. *^Ev 8* rovt 

rb% hk^ ir€pifiiXk€i Toifs 64>0aXfwifs afirow**; *Ik |a^^ ^*" 

KopSiOf'^ Kara tov id^kifxn) airov^^ *eb <l>$6voV'^. 6«,A,S* 

III. *Kat yap vovrjpds 6 evii6s\ Tixva fiw, *6« Kal mM\¥ '' '^'* 

T^jr +uxV litTopdaiFci*, 2. Kal ri /yiiy <rca/xa *l8ioi; woietrai* lloflSSi- 

roS ^/x«idot;$S *t§5 8i ^^^x^J* icaraicvptclJci, icol vapix^K *r^ <ruroiTy 

. Kapdia9 

idiop (A vok€pia» iwarrlmPf 8^ Om.). /3-a, A, 8^ nai yhp avrj rj ^X3 
mnhs yiyf roi V^x4" 

^ a reads dyair^<rcrc. * At, ahef. e reads lih'iSXXvo'^acy <2 mrnkti^ AiroktiirSi, 

gunp^ dirdXXiMr^. * oc. ^, A, S* read as in margin, saye that af om. 

ffWur, / om. r», ^ om. fiov, 5^ add BvfjMifs after nr, and A trs. cV 4X1^19 
before ^v. ^* e, a«/J|r, A. b reads ic^ m^P> ^ 4m«^ ^ v^. " ^ om. 
^*/ reads iroX/ftiov, ^ iroX</M09. ^*P. e reads vpotrtxtofy h vpoa4xwf. *^ 6 
reads ^avroir. ^"^ a. /9-/ read «av ( + d^ a) J adcX^r, / c'ckv dd«X^^s cf (sic)^ 
A=radcX^y. V^'^A^^"* "(X. breads c*ay. A =«ii: ^*A = 
wptKftfjfrov Kvp/ov odic ^ovci. j^ om. Kvp/ov, and rest of verse after vapoKovtu 
"c reads diica/ou. A** = tA» d£«uov. A***"* tow* tuuuow. ^h. e reads 
9 ^ovff, 9, EP ^'Xoi^. "i a (save that c reads auT6). fi, S^ read irc^i^ciXXrc 
(irrpi/3aX«i tf) T^p avr^ (a^f ^^y ''^^ ^) ^^ v* ^^''^ ^. itk d^xnia r^ irXiSvf;r» 
A = irrpi/SaXXffi y&p t6 nw* rrfs wKeanft rii d. r^ mrcXyfiW. ** At, a. C om* 

jS-a, A read as in margin. "^ (X read crirorci, cf o-irorwft. ** d om. rest 
of verse and cV ri^i . . . Kopdlat in ver. 4. "a reads iprtiptu A = leal 

r<(rF, S^ fV a^. "A adds KoX kvkXoi, a daplicate rendering* "^ At, b* 
e, ^ read tU iiitrovt Kap^t^ ag iK placvSy. f cV pUnvs icapbtaw (Jy/utrtts e) 28tay. 
^ A, S add as in margin, d jmiI did«»o-iy avrf Idmy KopUam tuy^lp»v avr<(y« 
"6 om. ■•A**= «u ^^wff, ^b««*e* ^ flie6¥9pos and connect with 

next chapter. 

ni. * a, /3-W. M read irowypAr 6 A;/«{ff. A**** = vmnjpds iirr% Bvp^, A^ 
(internally oormpt) ntptfioKkfi Bvp/&w. On A see also preceding note 
' (X. /3-a<^, A, S^ read as in margin, save that d adds mu before o^. a om* 
g reads a^ 17 V^x4 o^rvv yap ^x'^ff. * 6 reads Itumomrau ^ e reads 
fiwrovs. » a, p (save that A, ag om. ^c), A****. A***** = t6i^ «^ ^X»»* 

' At read r6 o-A^mi, ^ a, ^. /3-^, S^ read as in margin, A= lUiav bat om. 

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134 AIAeHKH AAN [HT. s 

P-p, gi (rtifAOTi^ ''Swropr^, &a iro4^(rj;' mtrcai^ &H>fi£oLV*. 3. * Kol 

dvpufwf Stop raura 'vtfrm vptfifig t& vfifui^ Sucoiet t& vipftx^^*'^^ '^^ 4 

irpax^cy. *T«y ihr<w/jyoAfr«v"' *5€^€popd>^*84iTWirXotfrou*ir€tf«y 

ftA,S* fccu viK&v [cAr^v] ibUm^* *rpfrop t^r** ^vfru^v Ix'^v 

fiUtr^i. * Srfwipr V adt^ 8p^«« ri icaicrfy» 5. '¥Ap » a<rff«rj>j 

J^^f Mf»''. 6. ToOro Td 7n^«^ i^l iierh row i^d»ow" *"lic 

A j^gt Sc^cdir ro9 Sarova «o/>€t;rrai| &a *lv AfuSrriTi kqX '^^cuftct 


^hi^bdg (but ^ tr& after dMyiXv). e,^iead 
VM^i, a mufej/t, ^d readb wa/Nwofi/iw, A^^ rht Wag om^iuw A****' r4v 

2d(ai^ oyofi. ^*(X (myo that c reads vpofc* for vpafy, and r^ vfMx^ «al 

*^ for fA . . • V^x9). /»-rfi A^ S* read Kok 5tw ( + r4 A) ir/Nifiy {e/wp6^i. 
A om. according to printed text, bat A^^^attest it at any rate), 4 (^» A^odl) 
^X4 (-^^ om.) dueaiAc tA wpax^, d nSrt ^ ^x4 ^mmmm r^ npaxBiw. u^i>*4 

read d«* «. "« At read ^^t. A^*"^^ add fori.. '* a reads 46m ft^, /«A» 
m4 if. " a. A A****** read ftwmrrff. A*»* om. " a, A**»*** ft 8> read as 
in margin, sare that / om. r^ and g reads iroXXi^y for r^frX^v. A**^ s dvnoytiff 
cV ry 6vfaif. ^d reads «u ^v. ^b, 8* read diA rjff dvK^iMw «ai. 

^ dio. ^Asr^ff inmpyownis. d adds avrf. ^*<fy read Umptm^ 

$ dtvripa. A = iral MrtptiM. ^(X. /3-a, A, S^ read wapamtStUf (a tn^Do- 

ircitfciy, +fl^ ^ M^ MRMi' (a raeay) 4p ddtof (ll, A ^r aduaa). I have 
bracketed the uMm in the text as an interpolation. '^ a, ^. fi-^tdg 

read r/>/n7v r^ir (^ om.), d, A rpiTov dc rtfv, a om. ''(X. 0, A, S^ as in 

margin (save that A reads fySat), ^ d om. next Tcise. *^g om. 

^c reads motfuoCfkont. '^ou P-d, A, S^ read as in margin, save that 
for napii . . . ifivirtMt A reads km §1 waph i^wnrng (corrupt). *' (X (save 
that Aft read oMt). ^-d read y6p tArois 6 B^s, A*"*'*^ = ain^, S^ ahrws. 
A*^ om. e adds o^f. * A adds 6vf¥m. ^ A reads vpmJmna^lrmJfL 
( s ^vfioG) corrupt f<Nr umtfupkmJfL = V^ffvdovff. (X, A om. next ten words 
through hmt. ^ a^fg. h read h hpimfn^ d tV hyM/nfn^ S^ ^vl r^ vXcoy 

and om. following koL *' 06, A read yumprau ^g reads avrmr. 
IV. > (2 adds mya fiov, *c{ adds «ai ^ffvytrc o^v avnyvw *^ l^eadr 

Digitized by 


IV. 5] AUeHKH AAN 1 35 

iirr[v\ 2. *Ejf yhp kSyf wopojrfmtii* Trp&roif ctro* *& WMiS^ 

Ifiyots'' tStnfo^i' rdi; d^iC<(MO^<^^ ««*" ^^^ *CnfM(ais micpcu? ^j] 
ftiara/Mi<r<rci rd biofiaikuw cdfroS^\ koI aSrm buytCp^u iv Ovfuf 
l»ryi\<^ T^F yffvxnv airov. 3. 'Ore" o8p XoXci riy *jca^ ifi»y^*, 

W^"* w W/i^uf H»re cfc ai;«(w«». 4. Opwroir yip** "^^'''• 

r^^€i ** 771V iuanjv, Koi otrti^s ^* i^vn rdv vow *^ * rod voijaai *® ^^ gi 
TO iipfOureiv**, icol^® ^/M>^€l9 void(€i^^ biKoUas ifyyCC^a-Bai^^. luu r<^€. 
5. 'Ecfcy »8» *fijfi6j § diraxXer^ rivl 7r€pnriinjr€^, Wkvo", ft£^ 
V^ Mpo€ure€^^'^* Sri '"air^"^ ri wwfia" *TOi€t ^7r4^M§<rat»» a^HoO 

dcAatrxiiX/o irapck ^ftov. * ^t fu eortV = 73n *3 Oormpt (t) for ^rf *3 = Sri 
dta4>&*tp€i. * (X, aef, hdg^ A, S^ read as in margin. ' A = ml crni. ^g om. 
• =n33^ comipt(?)for llpjrr^frypjoi (cf. Dan.yiii. 7). • h reads ip^H^pitpw, 
^* A om. " hi, P (save that for wucpais 04/^, S^ rmul fturpaif, and c2 fuupotf , 
and reads rapdaatt). e reads vucpms {. dmropcMrrvi r^v ipt6t{6ftemp, A=s 
f. faKptutnpmr4fan^ t6 d. a^v, bnt^c^^f f w corrupt for^yifc^=Tap(S(r9«c« 
a om. rest of Terse through hmt. ^g reads iru ^*d reads itaff ^ft&^, 
A = fw^ vyiMv. " 5 om. ^*a, /3 (save that fi reads ^/u$y for 6py^p): 

A=z KUftitr$m If Mpdia {ffi&¥ tk BvfUy, ^*a om. ^^A. e reads imu^ti^ 
obg €vaui, de 'inrnptl, / twaun. "e om. "oc, a«/. W^, A, 8* read 
dyoMg. **A adds fir ^Mrff«pMrp(y(f). ^(X,d^. abg read pxjdi. S^om. 
''A adds fi4 htaipwe*. 8^ om. **a4^. (X reads Hhm^ t iciAboy, ^ oldfiW 

whieh ai^ corruptions of the form in the text. & emends into cid«iK 
A reads mJ^n^u (s= rapaxk^ which may be a loose rendering of axfim. 
8^ =: imBvfump dopft, d adds KCTwafptMV€vSt imh row X(fyov. ** c reads fi/r* 

*^^ reads rpcws perhaps rightly. A s W/i^tf wv^^paimi. ^ A'^^srr^. 
A*** om. together with next three words. ^e adds iJ^mmt. *"(X. cf 

reads irp6t r6 ra^mu, /3-<i i^croi. Ass Jcoi avwtridiu ^Oi^ fi-^g* dg read 
pi^. If <fy is not right) we should emend 4p€Biir6iP into ipM<rm. A = 
tev/SovXiov rov iptBivcanw ()). (2 adds wo^ drof Knjtm oM. ^ (X, A. ^, 8^ 

read mi (J om.) rt^rt. A adds 6, ^d adds j(ti. ** a reads 6pytC6fiitp09, 
d6frytCmi. A** Mn. rest of chapter. ''^om. »*Ai,ft A******* 

(save that At give accusatives instead of datives, 6 cov for 4^ and mpmtaji 
lor irc/MirccFfrc and g om. rm and A^*^ trans. CnpW ^^ <>'*•)- ^ reads fofiuir 
9 diraXctf Tiwt ntpiwwti. ^ bde add fwv. ** e* A, /3-^ read BpottaBt, g 
npoUoB^. i7^b«o«.* j^^^ irXoOT^. "a. abeg, 8* read Am^. irotfc, cJfP 

mBuiigim <r€ iroif <, A******* = mBvprfirt iroifcr iwrti (A* om.). •• jjf. « read 
ifaroAXofUPov, b anokm/UpoUf df imXX«i^cMN;, tf tarmkovfUwoVj a, S^ airaXoBXdnx. 
A*^**'* = «ii €lt rb nkuovw (A**** riXM^cnifi) t^ tar^fiap. *•«. 

9, 8^ read as in margin (save that d reads BvpnB€is). A^*'^''^ Xinni^ 

Digitized by 


136 AIA0HKH AAN [IV. 6 

6. Kal*^ tip ClfjLm$fiT€ iKOVO'lios ^rj a/cover W^' *fA^ 
Awireio^e**- ivb yap Xv'inyy** iyfCperai^^ icol*« ^fiis*^ V'"^ 
yjfiibovs^. 7- ^''EoTi 8i bi7rp6(r<oTrov KaK^v S dvfi6s y^rh 

6^^ Kiipio^ dir* adn;? ical icvptc^ci air^? 6 BeAici/)* 
b<%r, A, V. 4>i;X<lfar€* oSr, *riKva /xov^ ^tijr ^rroXV' rov* Kvpfov 
1 xL *^ '^^'^ I'rfM^y avrcv n;/OTj<rarc** 

Kol /xi<n{<rar€* rd ^cvdos, 
tpa^^ *K</pM>5 icaroi«n}<ret fo v/xtv^* 
KoX <^€v'f€rat" *d<^' *fMaif" 6 BfkCap. 
2. 'AX^dcioi; <l>04yy€<r$€^^ licooToy irpd? rdy irXrycrW airoS 
fcol ov f*^ ip,ir€(njT€ €ls fjojvtp^^ *koI Tapaxis^*> 

ical *ov /A^ jcarujx^^''*^" v/aw*® irciXcfio?. 

(bat A* over line &vijm^) b%h ir6^ rov dfnkmk^of, a om. rest of chapter. 
«c. h, ft A*'*«*'*om. «6om. «A**''-*=ifoi rapax^*. ♦^A**'*** 
by easy internal corraption = Ovpov. *^ (X, d, A, S^ fi~ad read rye /fMi. 
♦•«. At,ft A^^^'-^om. ^(X,A. /Shi read A;p(J». «rf«, A*»**^ (save 
that d read irpda-Mirov). 6, S^ read dur/xto-flMnw muc^ ^/t^r (6 Bvft^) /icnft 
^rcvdow. (X,/|7 cm. through hmt. ^ (id. At, /read avwup&ynu, c crvHiuwirro* 
(sic), 6^ awtpiumu, which are corrupt forms of the word- in the text. 
innfaipowrai dXX^Xotf means 'unite with one another/ 'assist one another/ 
and is so rendered by A^*^*^. S^ = aviAfuayoprai and accordingly supports 
reading of bg, which it took to be from ovrcpaM. It might be possible to 
regard wvtpSiprM as a present middle Attic form of avptp€», * to support,' 
'advocate/ but this is unlikely. . ^(X,b,g> dereBdTapd(ovatp,fvpd(ownp. 
A^ irpow€fiylt»(rty. Same corruption as in ver. i. **(X. ft A*******, S* 
as in margin (save that ef read rii dufiwXta), dadds r$r V^x9^* ^tti 

dg. bef, A om. 

V. *df read <^uX<(o-<r€rf. •a om. •«, a«/, S*. W17, A,8*readasin 
margin. * dg om. * (X, a^. d read ^icfini9<rarff, ^ n;piy^<^^* A = /i«4 
tKKklvm. ' 5^ add d/. ^ (X, e. /3-n0, A om. * A read umnupHrYtt 

(= ^fvdovf) corrupt for upmtlmnL.fHr%k = ^poO. 'At read fucrcirr, 

'® At, ^ add 6. ^^ A*^*^ trs. Kvpcor . . . v/itv and ^(crat . . . BcX/ap, For 
icaroift^a-cft which c, / read, we find mroMc^ in At, /&-/. a om. next line. 
** a. bfg read ^wyjy, c/« ^cvycc. *• At om. * ** c, /3-a. At read ^^^r«, 
a XoXcTrt . » 6, S* reads ^^owj^. " A*** om. " A adds i«baw. 

^•A = r^ tlptfpowoidif. a om. rest of chapter and vi. 1-7. *'c reads 06 
fiMf KoTTfaxriirii. A = icorairav<rcnif. * c/^, A = ^i' (<l om.) vfilr. " 5^ 

read icai {b om.) oyairarr. »»d reads ^iif. " c, befg (save that ^ om. 

Digitized by 



4. **EyiiMa^^ihihTW^^iaxirai9rlijipaisivo(rrifi<r€<re€^^ ^"?- - 
TOV Kvpfov, airo- 

fcol Trpoo-ox^tctTc'^ r^^^ AcvC *'^'* 

*iyy€kos yap KvpCw d5?yy€i iKaW/xwy", cSiTiroi- 

5. Kol *6*aF d»o<rT^a«F6€*o A,ri*i Kvpfov", *& vifrji ft f S» 
icoicf^** *iropcu^roi voiiljocTC ro fihtkiyiMTa t&v iOvQv iKv^p- ^fg^ j^ 

iv€pyoiivT(iiiv *^ ^tv vp,aP * rw inf0>yATmf ** t^s voKi)piaf **. g, ^j^,^ 

6. ['AWyva>i; y4p*® & )3t)8X^ 'Ej;^x*^ ''w duofov ""icai rd itmv- 

ifri** tA «Kc«{|MiTa 1^5 voM|pia«^ ical t^s iir€pri<pav(as wopvtUut 

ti)y A, 8^ A, c£ read 1^ (A om.) ^xS' **/ i^^b i}/«&v. ^hi, P (save 
that/ om. jciu)i A. e om. *^ A= xo^apf. ^a (save that A adds 

yap before ofila), A. 0, & read as in margin, ** 6» h, fi^ A om. 

''tf reads osroanirc ain{. "^tf, ie^. A reads vpo<rJ»x!^*9 df vponx^^'^** 

A = €thmun^tfr&t. ** fr reads nJy. •• a, ^ om. "• a. ^ reads 

'louMy. >* (X (save that e gives vnpara^ur^), ef (save that / gives 

wapoTa(¥iff&t), bdg, A read dirrird£«cr^c. ** e reads dvy^orfiroft, ^ bwavB^. 

»• a, ft A\ A'*'***'* = fAr6p. " At, A (save that eg om. y.ip and g, A 

read ^dTyi^trft and for haripovt A*** read avrwt, A*****a^K, A' ?n). c om. 
Ataddavrwr. •• A'***'*=avr^. ••cx. ^ om. *•«. 9 reads as in 
margin (save that g om. A'). A = oirooTayrfff. *^ <; adds roO. ^ A^ s 
ovrov. ^A"' resAa joJ-auptBupiruttip ^ ini&vfii^ corrupt(t) for 

jimpm^phmJpL = fV inue^i. This phrase A trs. afber next word. ** a. 
ft S^ read wop€v6pgvoi {froptv^a&t b) kqI (fig, S^ om.) iroioviTcr ^Xvypara 
(ffiSkvypa g) iBimw^ iiaropptvoPT€s {(iicwoptvoims b, S^, coi iropcvoircr ^) cV. A(*^^ 
= «V|pcvirr<r^ ^voptvta$t A^) ml irocovM-cr jSdcXvyfia inroprnvom'ts iv tfBiftaiP 
ip. A**** = iro/MWTfa^ ical iroioviTfr ^5. /r ?i^. iicnopvtvovTtg ff, A*(*) 
0dcXv(nrtffim>i /3d. fV ?^. cmrapyrvoyrff cV. ^6, S^ read dMffu>ir. ^c?^ 

read npiWf. *»«, /3-^. A***** read «A^j^«nt«f/_ (= a^fwpoCrrof) 

corrupt (f) for m^j^mmlrui^^ivtpyavwTos. A^ (i.e. mj^^ tlfuv ififlr^) 
s= ?Awi AXXop yu^vBai (f ). A* = /M»v (t) yiv€<r6ai aXXos, ^ At om. A =s 

row invvfioror. *•«. ft A*^* 8* read as in margin. A***= vopvtias ml 
wXapifs. '^e om. ^ (2 trs. after ducmW. "■ c. At read m< c^pov. 

We^,A,8»om. "^om. ••<iom. ••«• ^ trs, before 4 2. A,S» 
= iarau ^f, A'**** S» read &n. A*** mi'. 6(2^, A, S» add irorra. 

•*«,/• 6^ A, S* read fnppfias^ dg vK&mit ml {d om.) r^t iropMw. A* 

Digitized by 



hdg, A tjhwi wrf rar re t** * rov irapcdpc^cir'* rots tiloty Acvf, roC nic& •^ 

w Afwi^ avrow? i^afULfrrivfw ivAmov Kvplov, 

cZrat!^ 7- Koi *oi jfiol viol** trwryyCCovrh^* do-i nw** A«;i 

icol (n;ya/Aapr(iyovr€9^ airoiy** Iv ttoitiv. 

*ol 8i viol Tov^ 'Io«$da iaovrai & irXcovcf^f 

4/)7rifoin-€y*^ JiXX<(rpia •»•• Xfovr€s«] 

8. '"Kal''" dia rovro Awix^irccrflc ^« [<r*F airoty]'* *€ls 

icAiccr 4iroXi}^€o-fc^* *ir<lo-a5 rity TrXtyyi? Alyrfirrov^* 
ical iria-as rJt$'' voviyp^y^* rfiir iSv&v. 

9. Kal ofJr»s^^ ^urrp^^avr€$^* ir/>iy Kipum iXci^ftJo-c^c^ 
Kol A^n i/fAay'^ €h ri iyCairfui airov 

*icol Wo-€t®* t>/x4if c{/n(in|v'^ 
10. Kal ipaT€k€l iiuv ^iK rtis 4^V^ \^la6ba koI] rov Acvl 
fi. 8' Kol ^ inoTi/ipuiv Kvpfov** 

cm. nert three wordB. ** A<fy, A~^add t^ Acv/befbre this verb. A^adds 
•£• If the former is a later addition (a, ef, & am. it), vvojBoimrrcii can 
hardly be right Probably 13^B^ to which virairoiMro9rm goes baekia^ 
for ^"1^ = awTfM^romu, ' will con^ire.' S^ vfraxovco-dlai ip^tmm. ** A 

^ leal vc^d/Mvcrovo-i, S^ ical apccricccy* *^ A, c2 read rov wot^otoiy A toaX 

woufaown, ^(X. fi read at (6 om.) vio/ fiov. . '^a, fi reads iyyiCwnt. 

** (X* /3hi/, S^ read rf , /, A roit v2ot«. ** c. At, («/ read ovpcjapapravoprvr, 
dg kiofiaprawopm {-^tUri g). g, A* add ff2<ri, A^^ Irorrac **d trs. after 
nturtw, g om. For oMis A^*^ gire 2«/)€v<rcir. " OL i reads mu vini^ 

d ikU Kai ol viol, efg, A lad ol vUU. ^hefgvAdf^ ^dtMnol. 

*' (X. 0, A, S^ om. ^ A s= Afvtrco^. g om. next six words. ^ added 
by interpolator of verses 6, 7. ^'(X, d. («/ read «v oIxfuiXtNrftfL 

''0 reads iSiraX«i'ifrca^. ^A^*'^''^ <r^ya^u vXin^rcVAlyi/rW. ^''iom. 
^*d reads mpMitK. ^ A = /actA ravra. The text requires some sudi 

expression. ''*hi,befy^8, c reads €wurrpiy^B(u, d, A flrunyicfcTr. 

^•A = »iU*A«i;(m^/iaff. M^addsM;pwff. V'^>^^- The same text 

is implied in all the other M8S. but b. e ml ddti, h, t Mil ^^9, d xol dcm, 
g tuA d6tni, b /SoMr. ** hi add itc/m rov Xpumv as title before yeraes 10-13. 
A adds tig T^ aUofo. •> A^*' = awr^ptw <( oUov *I. ml ^ic ^vX^f /iwL fi om. rov 
before Acv/. For kv/»m>v 47 reads rov ^ov. Here A adds ml d<^« fipitfmf^ &« 
rov u/mmw ( + T-f *l<rparf\ A^*) — a doublet from the preceding verse. I have 
bracketed 'lovdd nu as an interpolation, for if it were original we should 
have ^X«r and not iniX^s. OL T. Sim. vii. i, T. Gad viii. i, T. Jos. xix. 6. 
** OK. P, S^ read as in margin. A s mU. " A"^ trs. before 9p6t r^. 

Here A^*^ add ml ^^^r ^«m» frp6t iaurmf jcoXco'Ci, mil emarpo^u tuMpdiag 
mntBwf vpU r^ tsvpum, which are drawn and expanded from ver. 11. 

Digitized by 


y.ij] AIAeHKH AAN 1 39 

Koi iV MCKrftrw T€v vUavs M<r€i to&** ^irarpAa-tv^ 

11. Kol r^jr alxfUiX»(rCav Xif^crat*' hr6 rov BfkCap, [rhi 

icttl ^(lia-ci *roi9 lirucaXovfi^i'Oi? avrdi^*^ €lpj^v alivwp* 

12. Kol ^^vaircriNromu ^ 'EMfi Ayiot^ 

ica2 h[\ ^1^9 Wa;^ *Ic/M>vflrciXi^/r cv<^paif^<roi;rai hUawi fi-wli A, 
♦iJTit km B^ ecoS «a4wot»^ ^*^,fc 

1 3« Koi WKin ihrofMV€t *^ *l€/iav<raXi)/i ipffiimew do^ov^a 

*(i*5> olxfiaXa>rwr^<r€Ta4 *I<rpai{X^*, ^^'^ ^«»« 

«ri»<><> K<?pioy ;(7Taii<^^ *fo /A^(np^<>« air^y*^' [row irflpci- ISror. 
«045 (nnHwaiarTp€^iuvos\ *^ /3-«, S* 

A** om. next sixteen words. ^tf om. " 6 reads wtpaau^ — a bad 

emendation of warpaatp fouod in all otber MSS. and in A, S^. But 
varpdeiF v/t&p, which is impossible, = D3^D13M which is corrupt for t33^?)^tC 
siroXcfidMf vfi&y, and the lines 'and he will execute an everlasting 
vengeance on your enemies' (i.e. bD^a^K3 nV3 nopj ]m). For text 
of A see note 85. **df. (X, beg, B^ Te^d, ift»p. Asovrov, ^dg 

which g trs. before r^v ai'x. e reads Xa^c (t), At, (i»f \dfig. ^oc. p reads 
^X^* ay/!»», S* ^x^^ &yl»p. A**** read jtol rA^ V^, r«»v dy. See ver. 10, 
note 85 where A**** wrongly insert 1 1***. I have bracketed w . • . 4y/«»ir 
as a Christian addition. */om. •'cf reads ^X*^^* ^Ar^szmni6C»y, 
** A trs. after a/«Mov. "So A***. Possibly also A*" though printed Arm. 
Text represents A*^ as iv *E. a»mr. Sy. A}^** ^ imrft Sy* ^ '^« '^''**'^- 
** hg. A, S*. c reads rrfs paa-iXtias, hi, ef r^f war ayios (^laff jcol v/or <, dy£iiff 
Wflf, /), d rijy Syiop Koi ^ucaiap, S' rrjt ieflas. The reading ayiar may be 
due to thn being written corruptly a second time as fc^5- ''^ ("^^^ 
that A reads Kv/mov). hefg^ A, S^ read as in margin (save that ef, A,S^ 
read iari and ^ St^ atmyi^), d €«»( roO ai«»yw. *"/ reads inroftMu^. For 

vir^ *I. ipfifjuMny A gives *L tfttiiAttBriarraL ^ d reads o< 5c a^^/^*^^^* 

<ro»Tiu. For alxpakmriaBijatTai b reads oixfuiXfliri^fntt. At add 6 before 
liTAo^X. '••(« reads i. >« At read fWi. »•• W read V/i^/cry. ^"As 
ovrfty. ^A Christian (f) interpolation. In T. Jud. xxiv. i this is said 
of the Messiah. The phrase is used with reference to wisdom in Bar. iii. 
37. A = jcal TDCf dv^. orvBiaMKrr/M^^a-crai. ^••i om. *"• A = /3fl<riX€uw€i. 
^ a, «/ A. d read «V aM^p, 6, S* in tAroCs, g h aWoit. »««, ft A**^ 

(save that hdg add iw before irrwx"*?)- A****'= tlpnpg* *••<?, bef. hi 

t99A itt aMp, dg iv tAtf. ^^*(X. bdeg T^tA fimr. iw aktfe. {+ Koi g) ip roU 

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140 AIA0HKH AAN [VI. r 

VI. Kcu vvv ^it>opi/i0TiT€ rhv KTSptov\ riKva iwv, koI 
irpoo-ix^^ iavroiy* iirb rod Saroi^a Koi *r«v iiT€v/i<lra)i;' 
offaptiro- ^^^ 2. 'Eyyfcarc* r^ ^e$ koI r$ dyy^Xy *t^ 

v/xiy. vapaiTOVfUi^ dfuis^* Sri oirSs i<m fietrCrrfS 6€ov koI iofSpdviav 
fi-ah. A, icol^ Iwl Trjs cl/Jijnjs rcw^ 'I<r/wx^X KaWroKn* *TrJ9 PaatK€(as 
r/i^"' ''^^ '''®*^ <mJ(r€Tat»' 3. Aii*<> rwro (nrovdiC^t 6 ix^p^s 

d^(A),S* vTTOo-iceXffeiy*^ 7r(ivra$ Tohs iiriKoXwfUvovs *riv KtJpiov". 
•Vpow. 4. OUe yip <ri *^v ij ^/x^p^^* liriorp^cii* 'IcrpaiJX, crw- 
ft A, S* Ttk€<r$ri(r€Tai fj ficurik€Ca rov ix^pov. 5. Avrds yhp^^ 6 
v^u iyycAoy *T^?<JpiJwys** *ipi<rx^<r€i rov 'Iirpa^A^^fi^ ^/xvccrciv^® 

ovpuKoir. fiv dkfi$. fiaa. iw r. ovp. M^^fimr. ip akrf$. ims T&9 avpeamv, 
^b*ed««r ^g^^^ ^>y ^^^ 1;^^ ^^ al«Mff. The oonfuBion of ovvo*? and oMrvtr 
could easily arise. 

y I. ^ c reads ifHtfitirt r^ ^<^v. ' e reads ^avrovr. A adds icai ^tiXd{ao^ 
•—a doublet of vpow, im/vois* * A = iriutot) vPtvftaros^ ^ (X, /3-M. fr, S^ 

read iyylCtr^ dc, d cyyurarc dc. A = «u fyyUncn. * /3-<£. The other 

authorities divei^e from /3-<2 and from each other. (X reads rf waptnofUp^ 
vfU9 dftas hi), Cf. (X in T. Levi y. 6 : <2 reads avrov rov ^^ imra^ vpar tU 
tmXos, For r^ oyy. . • • vfias A reads 6 Syyt\os ovyyivwo-xct tt/xiy. Here fuiiu^t, 
which = ^tdcroft or uvyywwntti, may be a misrendering of irapofrrirac, 
since in late Greek vapalrfi<n$ = ' foi^veness/ or fuituijt may be corrupt 
for ^ttmsPfr = <^poirri£ci, ciripffXctrai, which would point to DS^Py ]}U as iu 
T. Lev. V. 6, 7. ff = ^ dcdepom cWc. Li T. Levi v. 6 we have followed 
)3-<£ and taken it to be a rendering of Dy^ paiB. The text = * who 
intercedeth for you' = t33^ Pjb or Dai>a^^D in Mishnic and Talmudic 
Hebrew. See note on T. Levi v. 6. We might perhaps assume different 
Hebrew originals in Levi v. 6 and in Dan. vi. 2, on the ground of 
the divergence of d, A()), S^ in the two passages. But ihe fact, 
that (X gives vap9w6itt90£ and /3-c{ vapairwfuvos in both passages 
implies the same Hebrew original in both. Hence the text is 
doubtful. *& om. ^a. om. *(X, & /3-a5, A, S^ read as 

in margin. Text = ^^th which may mean ' in the presence of * or after 
noy ' against.' * OK, def (save that d trs. arnvtrai before rifs and / before 
Tov), hg, S^ read rfp pac, rov ix^pov o i i/ ii f t m {g or^ov ir^f ). Is B^ov right t 
If not the &lse text might be explained by a corruption of 3>M into ^M. 
Though ix'^pov is weakly attested it gives an excellent sense. It has the 
support of A, though this version is here corrupt, reading ?x^p<v r&v 
ftuTftXfW. ^^g^ A read ml dm. ^^ d reads viroirjccXXio'lu (sic). ^*A= rh 
6vofjui rov Kvpiov. A*****'* om. next eight words. *' c, b. A, ef read fV j iip 
TfiAtp^ {e ifupap), dg ^p {S d) iuf ffptptv, " a {hi inwrpv^jn). hfg read 
irurrcvcrci, de nurrtvirff. A^ read ^utummmku^ (= dvMip«»^<rcrai) corrupt 
for ^Mr«L4tfav^r«,^i|. =s iricn-cMrci. **6/, S* ODU "^ om. "c reads 

Digitized by 



avTov cis riXos^^ KaxQv^\ 6. "Earai H ip Koip^ rijs*^ 

ah&v^ *6 Kv/Jios*"', icai*® * ii€T€X€va-€rai iv Wwi l*|Toum rd P+ff*^ 

04\rilia avTOv^, iri *ovb€U r&v iyydkmf tarai t<ros avr^^^. ra*t*'*' 

7. Td di A;o/xa avrov'^ ^^ *7raj;rl r<f7r<p 'Icrfa^A^* ^jcal iv |3 AS* 

T04S »5 JeKfini^"' 3*. f <^Ta» cV. 

8. Aiariy/j^crarc oSr** lavrotJy**, Wici/a fwVj ivi vavrds ^» S* 

*i(ryav ,rov,po«»«. g:;^ 

ical aTroppC\lfaT€ *i<l>* i^v riv Ovfidv Kal ri ^evdos'*' ^ - ^-^^ 
Kot iyaTrrja-aTf rip; iXrfOciav kclL rriv yjOLKpoOviMW^. 

fimrrpc^rc rhut Icr/xuJX «cal ipurxytru^ A adcU koi according to printed Arm. Text 
but certainly A*** do not. "4 reads titntmp, "it, befg, A. c reads 
Xf yar, (f /3oA>ff. ■* A = KaK6v. « «, A**. /J, A""** om, « d reads 

ofOfuiKtas. " At read avrov 6 *Icrpai}X, ^ 'icrpai^X. ^ I have added these 
words. If we do not bo the loss of ont or more clauses must be assumed 
before »i) /licrcXcvcrfrai, for yer. 6 deals with th« restoration of Israel 
through the angel of peace* *" A = dnovTTiatrm, " hi read air ovrov. 
g trs. after Kvpiof, "OLy g, 0^, A, S read Kvptos, We should perhaps 
bracket 6 Kupios as an interpolation. This verse relates to the action of the 
angel of peace. See note 24. But the avrov after ^cXi^/m supports it, 
*• a, A. &, S om. "• c (save for the corruption of cSwy for Ift^i). Text = 
^TT\ n^ ^ l^i^V f*^3n is of course very unusual in this sense in 
Hebrew. It is probably a corruption of *^^)f = irocoiWa, which is the 
reading of all the other HSS. hd, hrfg read fMrrXcvcrcrai M t^ (6 ^icr^c) 
mtovvra t6 $, avrov (r^ ahiOh SkufXfxa g), d fAtTaaTpa(firja'€Tai trrl r^ ZBpti 
noiovPTa r. ^. a. A =: iMMTtkevarrai cvrl rik ci^ Koi rh Bikinia avrov rfXft«»<rf 1. 
S* corcu <V fBptatp wot&v t6 BiXrjfM airrov. Here c alone is right, in reading 
the singular c^ct. The other texts did not arise from a deliberate 
transformation of the text in the Christian interest but from the 
miswriting of l^vri as tBvtj, We have seen above that /urtXtvarrai (fiera- 
orpa^^fffTOA d) = *]fin^, which is here to be taken transitively = inurrp€^€i, 
* he will transform.' On the other hand, if we do not insert the negative 
before ant^nrraiAMvogy we must assume the loss of some words before Koi 
/icrrXf vo-crai referring to Israel's repentance or conversion. If in these Israel 
was the subject then nfiiT would be rendered ' they will become a nation.' 
"•a, /W, A, S* (save that A, e read Umt^ % Tay, d trs. forai after avrov, and 
A, S* om. carol), h reads ovdcyl rw ayy. corm »s aur^. ^^ ^, A, S* add 

loTOi. ^ a, 0, 8* (save that g om. nSiry, d om. 'Icrpa^X, and A adds <V bef. *Icr.). 
A= cV irooj yg KOI ^i' 'Ict/m^X. ** g om. **ft S add a^r^p {g mmjpia). 
After this a resumes. ^ a</ om. ** oc, ^^ A (save that e om. Ipyov 

and d reads iror. Ipyov). •'a. ft S* read nir ^. kqI iroir ((;r t«J) V^f Woj 
(-f d^' vfM»y (£)• A ha9 elements of oc and /3 and =: d^* vfi&y ^cvdoc naX 

Digitized by 



A A, S^ 9* ^^ ^ ^K€i6<rar€^^ vofA tov var ftbs iii&v, iieri* 

(J^^) 5ar€** '■|cai*<> i^Attf"'' rott Wiciroiff ifjL&v^\ [ha biSnuu^ 

^v. ifMt 6 ^tur^p^ rmv iOvmv* *iin\ yhp dXi^^f Kci fiaKpo^vfAtn, 

ft ® itpfos fcot raircirrff **, jcol** jjctiddcrxttj;^^ dtit rw l/>ya>v *tiW 

<rvv27 rov f^*^ •^''P*^*^* lO. 'Awfon^re ofo iiA vdmis iiucCas 

•'4^ jcal «coXXij%-€** if SiicaiocrATi tou*<> 0€oi;*^ md l<rrat rd 

^'J^i;. Wwf *ji6r«* cl( (rcnrfpfop *im rw oWvoy". 1 1. *Kai 

ft A, S* Oiyfrari fic** iyyJrs r«i^ varipiav fJLOv. 

^7w VII. Kal rawr« ciirort^ *ic«Ta+iXi4<ra« adrodf^ *ftw«<r€r 

a{> oi^ff tihn^ KoXf • 2. Roi' lOa^ airrbv *ol viol avrov. 

ft A, S> *^^* '**^* *^''^ air^KtYicaip* ""^ dorE adrou''* . . . *lr«« V^ 

t^y *AppaiLix* Koi 'IcrcutK koI *Iajc<iSj3'. 

p-a, Af 

8^ Tiwru av^ptyK/uf ^r^ oora avrov'' ( + Mu aanBrftuuf f (d^X A, 8^) otirryyiir, 

mSira ^juiSv. "^ ^> A read offovtrc. ** {2 om. ^ At read dc. ^ d adds 
iroiCirv OMiyyf iXoTf d^ aura koL ^ a adds a^dv, ef avra, ^ omyyv tXorc. 

*' At add KOi, ^6 reads mtnip. The clause tya . • . cMmt in its present 
form is obviously Christian. The words that follow might be taken as 
referring to Dan. (Cf. L 3), but it is safer to bracket them as an 
addition, ^d reads carl yitp oX. km /i. cV noiri, wpaw re Kal Tvnrcu^r, 

ff ip vratn yap aX, kcH fi, cVrri, roir. col wpSof. ^ g om. ^^ 6 reads dcddcnwr. 
*•«, ft A, S* read as in margin. •At read KoXkti&fiatiy^. ••a, A. 

ft S* add p6fiinf TOV {hg om.). " a, iS-6, A**^****. 6, A*** ff read wpcW. 
A* om. h om. rest of verse. ••«, A. At read ^ft&p, ^, S fwv. "^ reads 
€« TOW «»Kiff. •*«, 3-<ty, A****, S*. {2 reads 6. «« f»€, ^ ^a^romf o«ir, 
A*^ Koi wi^, rcnwi fiow, Ai^arc fw, 

YII. ^ (X. ft A, S^ read as in margin. ' c ft A read vwpwrtp vnvop 

Oi«yior, At ^KOtfAffOff. d adds trpeafivrrit tuu nkripiit tfiuprnp vwapxi^* Here 

e = raiD njns^n nstS^, where m^tr Is corrupt for ro^tr. Cf. T. Zab. z. 6. 
ft A = nbw T)y^ ^r, which I take to be a corruption of c (emended). 
The addition in d confirms the emendation of c. ' This verse appears 
in d as follows : xa) ipryKOPTts ol vUA avrov B^tajp ffikwf do^nrmp KaTtirKtvaa-fUprfp 
MTtBtPTo oMp €P avr§, fMMrh roOra dc aptyKOPns tfBa^^op aCr^ cV Xcv^y futra 
r&p variptotp ovrov. Kol o^roc iUp civiy ol Xc^yoc o6ff c rcrf Aoro A^ rois v2ow 
airoi). *^om. »a,A*. i8-<i read roiJTa ainji^tyicai'. •/, A********* 

S^ add Kxu KariBtiKOP ( + avrdf), g adds ^crrtr. Such an addition is found 
in d (see note 3), and is needed. Hence with / {dg\ A"^, S^ add iok 
jcarc^Koy. ' a. ^-d, A, S* read avi^yyvr (^ «'yy<^). 'i^ om, rest of 

chapter. * This forms the natural close of the Testament. Verse 3 
is the addition of a later hafid. It is still more severe on Dan than v. 
5, a. ^^ OL adqf om. b, 8^ read «w. '^ d reada iv aurovs. A =: ntpl 

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k.3] AIAeHKH NE«eAAEIM 143 

Auiff^KH) Nc^oiXeifi rov oySoov viov *IaKO}P koX rcXcv^. 

I. *AvTfyp€ul>ov iioB^Krfs Nc^^oXcVa ^J* iJi^tfero' Iv Kaip^ J^J^^"*^*^ 
'"r^y ItAon''^ avroO fc Irci *lKaro<rr$ ical rpiaxooT^^ T^y* ovtw. 

iPh6iijf fiffpl, fw4" ''^ |*1»^"> ivobio't b€imop dWott**. ^oi . 
3. * Kal rd irp«l** fieri rd i^inrvur&iiviu^^ aMv €ttr€P oirow** «»^«i«. 

ovrAy. '* A, d, A om. '* 5/ tt, 00 read twiXMmrai, d ^wtKifffOtfaaifnu. 

" tt, S^. M, A read as in margin, arf om. " A^*' om. next five words 
throngli hmt. '*(X, abi, d reads ofn^XXorpM^^a-oiraiy f aKkvrptM&rftr^wrm^ 
i^i, <2 om. ^<2 reads Kktipws, S^ om. **0L cufe/ &P read as oc but 
prefix airmw xai h reads aurmtf ovrms koL yryoiwr. d adds oirfp «al yryoftp 
^w* airwt, A is here wanting. Of the above readings the hardest is that 
of a, adef, &, If this verse was added in the Hebrew, we might regard 
tont which is presupposed by rw av^pfwrot avr&v as a oorruptiim 
of T^ = Koi lUaanapiiaotfTai or DK1Q3 s yvyoprir iw avrm as in ei But the 
text is quite uncertain. At the close d adds rf $t^ ^ftw C19 do^ c2r 

L ^ Titk^ Ot in text, a reads N«^daXf//s &0f, A*^ d. N. (+1/ ») irvpl 
^vrw^t oyoMipoff, li (conflate from (X and oftaf) d. N. vf&c *la«^0 f/ 
«2^ BaXXaf p wtfH ^v^. <lyatftfnpM, ^ d. N. ircpi vAcotf^Mif i|'. A^s A**' 
(f save that for ^vir. liyiMnjTOf it reads ^^«r ^Oout), A^* = d. N. vlov 
*IaKmfi w€fA ^wucov ilyaMf, A' d« N. / adds Nf^AiXc2fi ipftrpftvrrai w\arwrft6t* 
*fr,S^readftr, jri^« ' d reads litffro. «e. Ai; flulaf read t^ (^. om.) 
rcXcvr^r, 6^, S^ rcXovt. Aom. 'A, oe/ (save that/om. nu and m read 
^')y A, S^. Cy ff read imroar^ which ^ trs. before mt. 5 reads 4Karoar^ 
rpmcoarf htmp^, d fikff. * ef om. *c om. ^d adds >dp. A^ 

adds a doublet awmxBwwrm^^ or rather its ^wnjK^v mnnixBtftrat ol Mi a»rw» 
For verses a-3 and the first three words of 4, ^ reads iroi^cnxf dnmmf 
9¥mift rwt vio^ tdrrw jcol t^ vp6t aimvt, * d adds np6t a&r^. ^* 0(, 

i{. 4Mbef om. ^* (X, iw/, A, S>. </ reads cV i/M^p^ pn^ h rwrApfr^. ^'^fi-dg, 
A, S^ add as in margin. '^a. fi^, A, S^ read as in margin (save that 
h reads ciM£ ior oMis and A mt^pmfgmiLp/iMA (=x<ip<> corrupt for 
fmpm^mupfiuli =: JCflttfura), d avroit Ktu ifirpimfat koitApu mil hmpafBtftrov^ 
^^oc (save that reads rf), I (save that it trs. tA ir. after oMr. a reads 

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144 AIA0HKH NE«0AAEIM tl.3 

ft A, S* ^^^'' 'ATTotfinfcTKO)- ical" ovk ivCareva-av^^ air^. 4. Kol**^ 

^^ S*^^ iciTTwy ri x^*y * dir^eaKiK ^ i«£p{ jmhi**. 5. *"'Hpfaro 

•ffev. ^i** A^y€ii;^*' 'Ajcoi;<raT€, r^icva * /uuw, viol Ne^daXeifiy iKov<raT€ 
ft S' A((yov9 Trarprfs iiiMV^. 6. *Eyi> iyarvrjO-qv iird BclAAoy**, 
airo<9airfi- r^^jl2» g^^30 ^ -ffaj;ov/)y(^ l7rofi|<r€" •Paxii/A**, Kal ib(OK€V 
^^^ *Ai;r' air?s»« BaX\ay»* *t^ •laK<4^«\ Kal *allXXa^oiM^a Itck^ 

A, S* fit iirl TWI' YOI^TMK TTJS 'PttXi^^^, ^KOl^'' hA TOVTO *U6>Jifr€ 

•'^^ r^" '^ ^•^Ht F»«*^ ^€<l>eak€Cfi. 7. * 'Hydmyo-c y(ip»« fi€ 'PoxiiiX^o 

Tox^X ir<lw*^> ft"i ivl *r»v "yoi^TwK** avr$9 iycvvi/jOrfv^, Koi In*' 

?T€M>€. 4iraXdy dWa */x€ *caT€<^a€4** X^yovo-a- *Aot*| |&oi dScX^K^^ 

^Is ^^ ^* '^^ KOiXfas /iou Kar<i <re. 8. "OOtv kcX ofioi6s /ywt;** 

' '^''''* jji^ ^ara wcl2;Ta^« 'Ia)<rJ)<^" Karh rhs ttfiXoYtas** 'Paxi^'X. 

Koi, ef Koi npaU, (7, A rf dc (aeol r^ A) iiravpiov. ^ d reads t^vwpurm, 

^*d adds rtKina fwv, ypwrrhp Vfiuf turm. ^''d adds eyw, A^*^ 2dov cy4». 

^' ^ adds iropfvofuu 6d^y vartptfr fiou* o2 df dKovfrawrts ravno. ^' (X, C?, A*^« 

dbef, A^** read hrlirrfvov. » <£ reads 4 «€. " a. fi-g, A, 8* read as in 
margin. •■A = Bt69. " a. ft 8* read as in margia A ^^KparawOii 
Mvfiovfupof, ^(X. ft 8^ read as in margin. A=: airoBvff«rK». ^(X, 

fi~dg read ^pi, o^, d, A koi iffi^aro, ** b adds roif vloZr avroO, A ovroir. 

•^ a, fi-dg, d, A read pjv (A***" om.) N. tov irorp^ff vfwr (<i ij/Mor). rf adds 
ivurla-aaBf oca €yi» cyrcXXofioi v/ily, ^ a reads BaX<v. d adds *liiica>0 rf 

irarpt fiov, vl6s Hy^oot. For BdXXar ... to end of chapter g reads B. rrjs 
irai^tcicrfs *P, Syboos vtoff Ty 'I. ry irarp/ pov. * d, A om. '^ c^ reads ore. 

•^/ adds 4f*a*. •■ a, a, hdef read 'Pox^X. A' om. next two lines to 

'Pax^X (see margin) through hmt. "6 reads ov^ iavrrje. d adds r^y 
vaidioioiP. b add r^r. •* A^ adds r^i^ fo^rcpa /»ov. 86^*b»od ^^^ 

d adds di^. ^ a. P^, A, 8^ read as in margin, save that d reads t6p 

pflp6v and a *Pax(^i and A irix^v for Ircxf fic. A om. next nineteen 
words through hmt (1). •'c. W, 3, 8* om. "a. iS-^, 8* read as in 

margin. ••« (save that c prefixes ori). /S-^r, 8* read neol ^ydin^af. 

^•a, a. /3-a^ read (+ij «) 'Paxv^. ** «. P-^, 8* om. "a. fi^ read 
r&i^ M*7p»i'> ^ ^v MP^^' ^ ^ reads ctdc 1. ^ a, (2 (save that ^ read 

/irf^iXft). fi-~dfg, A read xorc^iXci /if, / tearc^tXci. ^ 80 I have emended 
p-g, ZSocfu adfX^v {ibtXffiovs e) in accordance with A which = boitf /mm xvptas 
ddfX^. a is very corrupt, 2ft<i (idi; ^t) /mm 6 ddfX^r. idci or tdi; might be 
corrupt for c 117, but this would not explain A. Our text = ^n^ H3 
or |n^ 1^. ^a, d. fi-dg read pot, A = /y« and adds rf 

before *l<Mn7^. ^ oc, P^ read cV iraa-ip {vdaii d), ^ At, 5 prefix 6, 

*' a, o^ =1 rhiV\ corrupt for n^fin = cvxdff which M, A rea4 

Digitized by 



9. 'H bi'^ fiqrrip lACv *BaUa *ir^^€« evyinip *Powtfaibw", 

iflUpt^ <r^X*?" i'' il ««i 'Pax^ijA^^ lO. ^O hi 'Pw^oioff** 
iK Tov yivcvs ^v** ^Appaip,, XoXdoib;* tfeoo-c/Si/ff, ^Acv^cpoy 
Kcd cvy€in{9* II. *Kal oIxMoXoino'^elff ^® fiyopixr6r\ imo 

Aafiip* teal tba>K€V air^ Evvhv^^ rriv iraibCa-icrjv avrov^^ ck*' 
ywauca, rjris^ ft-ew OvyaripOf kclL iKi\€(r€V *rd dirofjia air§s** 

12, *Kol /yi€r4 rwro ir^K^v riyr B^iXAoy^^ kiytnv* fi-ad, A^ 

« . ^ 4e/.(A).S» ^,^J 

Tiyp"' *€v^ff ySp T€x^€r<ra ^^ gj 
iTrtXaPopJvri tov paCov l<nr€v- jrrafc im\ 
b€V 07iXdC€iv''K hdg, A 

wr^V ika<l>6p p^ r)ikiyi]<r€V^. 2. Ka0i>s^ yap ^oibtv 6 ^' 


margin. '^e adds ff. " a, A. /3-d^ read <<rr2 B. d fy and tnr, 

after *Poi;^. ■•A,a, reads 'Hpo^iitw. t'Pov^fov. 6'P«^coi;. (fo/, A*Povd«ov. 
" a reads Atpfidpm. ^ e reads 'Pf/Scimr. A^ adds yvyoiic6ff *I<radic. " c 
reads ^t. For i^rir • • . 'Pa^t^X A reads ^nr leai cV fu$ ^irircpf Mx^rftrap 
avnj (4 /i^n^p BoXXap A**) Kol 'p. •• d reads cyfirT^. "a,o. iS-o^ read 
'PaxvX. 6 prefixes i). ^ a, a. 5 reads *Po^or, def 'PovBtos, ^ ef om« 
^d reads ^n« slxtu^KmriaBfi mr6 njs iovrov ir^f«»r. '^A^, f. e readi» 

*Epciy, a '£yi, be Ahfdv, d 'EdMV, A =s Ztwajf^ S om, ** d reads avr^r* 

•■ q/" om. •* e reads 5n. •• At, /3-6, A. c reads tA 3y. avrov, 6 ounjr, 

** 1^ reads Zf)3aX. <^ /3-^. reads «ir 6v6fun$f hi cirwpofuia^. *" a,/» 

/3-/, A, S^ read km/utt. ••6 reads 9xH^«»rcv^, '•«• /3-<i read m) 

(fr om.) ^{$ff (c{ lit h) UtKtp riiv B<iXXair (Aa/Sdi^ a but BaXov in second 
hand), d aaX iraXiF Trc lecr ovrf ri^r B. c^ ^s rftmnfiffP cyw« (ul om. rest of 
▼erse. ^ hf^ S'. leaivof ovovdoff pmt i) ^, A=icoivo«nrovdair/i^(f) ^ 0, /uw, 
a read as in margin. There was a play upon the name in the original. 
BiiXXav, X^y* Kaip6<ntoMs funt ^ $.=: ^nn thn^ IDK^ mb^, ^ hef, S« 

(save that 6, S^ om. ^iX. rov /ti.). A slightly corrupt = tv^ yhp rrr^^ 
(tvx^(' a*') Kal tntXapOfifvti rov /la^ov ptfrpos airr^s Kok loircvdc ^Xd^cir*' 
This clause is omitted by a, adg. 

n. ' c. At read ryw d^ «ifil mn^ff. P-^ad^ A, & as in maxgin. a hnX M r, 
ffc^y. €{ rywy rcffWa fMW, ^yc rtffu/v Kov^t. ' 6 adds pou. * e, d. hi read Uati^ 
^m£. *(X,d. /9-rf,A,S*om. *^,AonL •a,a«/ 5c/^,Areadai 
in margin« ^ c. Other MSS. «a/>c «»r. A=«f ygp. *e», a/]^. A, M read 
ff^« *For verses Z-rS g reads mil mro^ovr rar iwrpkkg a^rov iamb nijtr, xa) 

01. P4, li 

Digitized by 


14^ AIA0HKH NE^eAAEIM [Il.i 

h (d€f}\ KtpaiUin}^ rh <ricevo( v6vov x^^pftf ical vpds aurd^^ ^p€i riv^* 

^T*^*^ inyXrfr, o{fr«^' jcal 6 Kt/piot irf>dff 6^lmfrw rod vpe^fioros^^ 

bd(Ai) '"^**'" ^^ <r«fju», Kol vp^ riiP Mvapnv rw <r«J/uMiToj^* *Tid 

HA ^u ^00 jvis^o ^TpCrov rpixis*^* ^trraffii^ yap koL idrp^^ 

irXoV/aa. '^^ Kavrfvi TO<ra ^rp^ *ni{m,% iy^rtro^. 4. Kal KO^ms^ 

Idtf^k otbtv^^ i K€pafiafs ivbs iKiarov r^r xpfjirip t«5^ Ucatnf^, 

•f' oft-ft)** fcol 4 Kiipi09 oUc tA <ra»fia, ia>s rivoi hiapKia-fi iv*T^ 

Sort Aya^v'^, ical arrfr€ 2px«Tai" *& jcojc^»^ 5. •'Ori oSk l<rTt 

xa2 «ff 'i irXiiayift'''* ical 7ra<ra twoia Ijv ^aiiP tyvini Kvpioy ^viarra yap^ 

^*' av^/KOTOif^* /ktmtci; icar' cticrfi^a laww»«. 6. ♦•Q« y^^^ Ij 

avTOv* ms*^ ^ Kopdla o^rov, ovrm*^ jcol f^ ar^fui avrov\ 

crcpa riy^ voXXa ^ucnoyvM/uin. '® tt, A. ^ read 6 x. oS)<y. '^ A, a^. e, <f 
read avrfy b avr6¥. The clause itp6s ai/r^ • . . fnikAw is given cormptly 
and unintelligibly in A aM nakXov Ij ^pti r6 ayaASr(f). "6 om. 

* a, W. oe/^ read ovt»s. ** d reads o-fllfiorof. ^ d adds «it. *• A = 
irvrvfiaro£. ^OC, fi-dg read rd iry. irriBtftn^ d ri^tjin ri irvcv/io. A = rtAfcn 

f^ amfta (A*** r^y vmStrrwrty or rAv &^p«Mrov). " ef om. " c, « (save 

that c read ^i^Xctirtty), a read c. cXXciiroy, M /. Xocfl-tSrj / V. fX^<*'"'«ftr, A«(^) ****** 
ro cTttfui (repeated from ver. 2)« ** ef reads avroO <u&9of. a om. rest of verse 
together with verses 3-7, and substitutes ^ roCno, r/iaw fiov, for* vtbra ra 
Ipya dfi»v (V Td(ti €h oyoBhuf iv ^6^ ^oO, ml fu^dcr i l ni i crw iroicirc ^9 jriira<^poi>9<rrc 
^i^€ ?(« Koipw avrov which is really ver. 9 of this chapter. *^ d reads 

Tpurrix^ yap, A = ^p^X^ M*/'<w ^P*X^^' " ^9 /iM^« <2 reads oraBfi^ ml fttrp^y 
6 oraBfum y. k, firrpov^ A ^/i^ y. «. OTotfj^y. *• «. ft A om. •* OL 5, 

A = K. (rlrltFTov, def K. v^vrw. Possibly ruv^j (' was established ') stood 
originally in the text, subsequently corrupted into TTD^lVl = v^fovrm. 
^OL 6ef read KoSdartp, d m^wnrvp. "^ d om. A = wpbs huomvof rov 

wpwparog voMi (repeated from ver. a). "^ s= n^ which should here be 

rendered rL ^(X,ef. b read hcapti, d buufw. ^ol, bdf. e reads omtf. 
*^a. bef read ayaBf^ d iyaBois. "^ (X, «/• &i read as in mai^n» and 

apparently rightly, A = dpx6ft€vop iroxfi (1). " A ss rA m«(r. '^ OC, ^. 
&c£, A read as in margin. ** A ^ ical n6rrtu ^f om. *" 4f read 

mrw, " (X. bdefy A read as in margin. * ** d reads rov «Mp«Mrov. 

"^ At, ef read ovrwr. ^ After avrov oc om. the clauses found in the margio, 
which apparently belong to the original. For text of S* which Uiough 
slightly corrupt and defective supports bdef^ A, see Appendix. ** fef, A. 
A reads 1} frpoaiptins* **M. ef read ovra>ff. ••</«/, A. J reads t6, 

Ipyoi^. *« bef. d reads r/xi^. ^bef. d reads m« a»r. *• a, ft«f« 

irA read ml &«. «c{ Midis ol 3^AiXpo(i «•«, ^. hf read aSn^l 

Digitized by 





ofe-ws" Koi 6 \6yo9 avTov^^, tf iv v6iJ^ KvpCov, tf iv i^^* ktf^is. 
Tov'^^ BckCap. 7. Kal «s«» Kfx^purrai Avifxtirov *tom 

♦«tA« ical ^dfLMw Tou itimJtous** *4pi<r€«S9 r€ Kal AKO^y**, 
d^a)9'* K€x<ipi(rrai ivijuirov ivbpis koi ^di^ftp^, Kal di^dficoror 
yui^iicas ical" yvi?aiK<Js", ical o6k iarw tlircwr 8n f*i¥ ry 

M TOiS TfMMroSTOiS llJTTdfJlCKOr Vt^« 

Othioth of *'E. Aeiba" 
(ed. Jeilinek, Bet ha-Midraaeh, 

m. 43-43). 

(The underlined phrases are 

found in yer. 8.) 

8. *nii;ra Vp""*^ ^'^ Ta^« 
ivoCrjirev 6 Scbs Koki' ray 
w^rrc a2(r^<r€i$ ^v rp #c€<^oXg 
*icol rdv rp(ix^^oif awiy^as 
Tjj jc€^aX^*\ *irpoa^els dJig 
Kal tpixas CIS cdvp^irciaK koI 
W&ir«2- cTra" jcapifoir *€ls 
^p6vr)in»^, KOiKUuf ds ^hiAr 




n5> D^*ni> rpnni> ooim . • • jnoe^ 

mpniBv D^ltS^ /3KD ^yt) D^yt) 

h, A xol 

^A=: mil «ff. ^d adds leol fropcvmu clip ^coirrof. ^' (X, M^. A 

reads Ipyoir perhaps rightly. Cf. T. Levi, zix. i. **& om« "/S-c^, A. 
<{ reads &<?ircp. (X «iff 06, At ov. ^ a. ftc^sf, A, S read as in margin^ save 
that d adds arafMaoy before aK6rovt, *^ hi, 60/ (save that befom, n). 

reads mil omi^r. A =: mil dm>^ mil dpdirc«w. <2 om. ^(X, ef, bd 

read ovr«ft. a adds o6. " bdefy A, 9. a read as in margin. S* om« 

^ <2 adds KOI vapra cV npoaipitntH yuftrm ^i^rcpMr. ** (X (save that A read 
^Toviuvot, i nrwiitos). ^/support text, save that for ^rr. i» b read i) rAr 
6poi»», e 171x61^ i^rroiiy ifjuHOP, f Jfrrop {[yovp iftotop, d reads iv r^ ^i{2) avro«r 
wpoaJawois fgrrum imufirtp 1j IXarrov. A*^**^^rf M ^yi i) upoirAfrow ^ *^ oj^Mf. 
For odx Ifanp • • • l^v A^ reads o^x Torn 6fUHos th rf ^1 irpocr^ots $ mm. This 
is defective but right apparently so far as it goes, and in A*^*^ we are 
accordingly to read rf '^l «Zp« ** d reads rd vdyro, / mwro. *^ oMef 
(save that df add cV before t;^). b, A read mil rdr rpdx^Xov cniwiirrf » (A 
m^f) r0 fr« (X om. through hmt a add mi/. ^(XyOef (save that ^ 

read irp^ for tk). d reads ir/MMr^lf a^r^ f^i rplxat irp6r M(. mil c^p. 6, A 
read as in margin, S^ mil r/M^aff trjt KtiftaKrifirpU tinrp, r. dd^« "Ass koL 
^ A :7 etc €v^poavpnwy KoL ^ Probably corrupt for diax^pv^m Thus 

^totklcv cf( lkax»pn^i9 would = nir*lb D'lS which is found in R, Akiba'tf 
list of the senses and fiiculties : see JeUinek's Bet korliidrttteh, IIL 43^ 
4 idds rpo^c. * i{. All other MSB. and A, S* read vnyidxov. Supply 

Digitized by 


148 AIA0HKH NE*0AAEIM [11,8 

rJTrap^^ wpis Ovfidv, xokifv irp6s 
viKpiav, ^Koi?''^ ^airkrjva irpAs 
y^Xwro^^, V€<l>poh9^€ls 'aavovp- 

vffKffVt - - 

^-g, S* v/buai^ Iv r(i^€4 els iyaOov'''' iv ^fit^ ^€w, kcI yaifikv iraicro]; 

iroc€<>. IO» *''Ort Wv clvrjs t$ J^^oX/xf, "Anout, oA Sutn^otnu ®'« 

ilXf ir/MSy. Thns aroitaxow ds akwii&p = ni^nDH? fSpUP the phrase which 
occurs immediately after njT*!? D*^ in R. Akiba's list of the senses. 
See note 65. ^a, 06, S*. d reads Kokatrfnov, e Koi Xc/mSp, / Ka\ 

Xatfi^y,- A =: coXofiovf ( + ^>' dvArtpop Ka\ roy itarmT€pow A^), S^ = r& 
<r«»/Mi KOI icoiXuiy. itaXaiunf =z T]ip which should here have been rendered 
Xapvyya. •• ir/)Aff vytiwf = DvBv corrupt for TWfftP as we see from 

R. Akiba's list *]ie^^ njp. Hence we should read here np^ cl<nrvoi}v. 
••a reads vvap, - ^^d/, A om. ^c (save that it reads inrX^vay). hj A 
read enrXl^vaff (c{ oTrX^ray) cl^ <ycX«9ro, a&ef, S^ fcf yeX»ra oirX^va (« cnrX^Miv, 
fuifkiya). "rsiTOiy 'prudence' or ny J 'counsel.' "^bdf, (X 

reads V^t&ar, a irSat, e iroias. Text = D^iJD3, '*«. /9-^, S* read 

irXcv/xbr {vXwvpaf hdj S^) fir ^m^r. A = ctf r^ n^W ocr^Or. Printed 
Arm. Text here wrongly trs. oir<liv£ and irXcv/xiff. Here vktvpas seems 
secondary to n-Xcv/Miy, since the converse change is unlikely. Bat 
vktvpop gives no good sense either in the Oi or the fi text. It is 
therefore probably corrupt for irXfvfu>Mi. Accordingly a s irXcvfioKi ^h rd 
MoBfvdtip = y\^\sr? HKn, which, on turning to Akiba's first list, we see is 
corrupt for aiKB9 tlKn^ for that phrase is found there, and different 
forms of it in the Akiba's second Ibt, Berakh. 61^ and Hebrew T. Napth, 
wis ri rt$€P(u in A points to QIB^ or a^tVt^* ^" d reads 6(r4>vSf A irktvpas. 
'* Verse S is here omitted by m, having been trs. by that MS. before 
yer. 7. See nete 20. ^^At. e reads rem fu»v^ Ifarmvtaf iroyra v/A«oy cV rd^i ccV 
QyaB6p, g reads reVcva luw^ xai vfUlg wdvrm rit Ipya vfM»y cV tki^c irocf crc r& 
ilyoAi, 0(^0/; A ( + ^ rovro a) rcicya ^lov, C0rr«ft irapmi t^ Zpya v/»&tf cr ra^i c^r 
oyoASy (^, A «iya^ «u), i,S* wcwi fiow, «Vt. Jotc woyaAL ^'a. 6-« read 
iro«ffiT«, e iroc7rf« A adds rac, **At read fiff, ^d adds rov. "^As 
Kocpair v^«v, but iirpntf (= VfiMv) is corrupt for p€.pfftf (= cfproC). 

•• a, A. /3-«ki, S* support text (sav^ that for ^Attovt, ov ivw. they read as in 
margin), a reads w hwarm oZp thw fMri/t rf o^. dicowrai, d Sn &(nttp 

Digitized by 



oSroif olfbi ^ip (TKcfrei*^ *3irris StSKOvfc iroteiK** ipya^ ^»^. - 
J J icaivoU. 

III. Mi> ovv <nrovft<£f€T€ ^ *fo TrXcovcff^* *Jia<^^€iipairi5 a-Konmp- 

ft-i* ounrtin^f* jy * Ka$ap6TriTi Kapdlas'' cn;inJ<r€T€*Td BiXrjfia dia/ijXov. 
row 0€<w* KpaT€Tv^^ icol ivopphrr^iv t6 OdXruxa tov BcXCop^*. ft ^\ ^' 

rijv^^ ri^LV air&v* oifro)^* icol ifuli fii^ AAXoMJcnp-c ^* vJfiov '«^«o~ 
ecoC" ^ Aroff^ T«i^" Trpd^ccov iiiQv^K 3. "'E^ wAa- ^J^^f. 

VfiOivra *koI i<f>4vTa KiSptov^^ rjXXoCaxrav^^ t^v** rci^u; avr&v, 6ois Kok 

*T/ui€4j 5i */*^ oiJrws**, Wicva fxov, yivctcricorres** fo Ty*'' Xoi^« 


**(X. /3-^, S^ read as in maigiii of page 148 (saye that for voutp bd read 
vocllffai), g woi^injn* A := dvtfarai iroMur. *" ({ reads tpyow, 

TTT. ' (f reads (nrfvdcrc. 'A trs. after biaffiBtipai. *h,fi (saye that 
A reads 4m^')} S^* ^^ reads dia^^a^pot v/M»y ro^ wpa^it, A = bwn^upai yfj9 
ffV racff vpd^ttrt v/t&v, dg om. next eight words through hmt. * c, abef, 

Ay S^ (save that e, ef read nuyotr for lecyoir). At read X^ icai k€p6i£ 
Mimt inar&prtf, ^d reads dXXd. • Of, a^, S, c^, A* read <rjcofr»w€f , 
A****** viHTJcooi but this text is merely a corniption of A*. ^^r, A read 

KoBap^ xapd/f. •«, a«gr, A. 6, S^ read ivwrjatrt, d foi^aoTt. • A'* = Kvptov 
^ov. ^'^ A, /3-^, S. e read KpaT€»s, t Kparai^s, g, A iroiciy. " Ot, d. fir-dt 
A** read aai/3rfXov. A*****=2aTaj«. Ataddicatf«r. "a. Pom. ^Soa 
which =ieo^ (i.e.^MJ) corrupt for «?^=<iXXo«ovai which is read by ft 8\ 
A =s iC«iXvov(rcy but ^uu^uultbh is corrupt for tfiafglr% s <^otov(ri. See 

note 16 where A^*"** giye rightly the hitter yerb. "a, d. /8-rf om. 

"c, d. Other MSS. oiJr«»r. "c, 6 read aXXoumrcrr, A**= ic«Xv<n;Tf — the 

same corruption as noticed in note 13. A***** — HKkoianniTw. *'A' = 

Kvpiov. e adds icaL >' a. 3 om. ^* ({ reads 4/iwy. ** d reads dir^ 

KVfMov. A = dif^tcap Kvpiop, b adds r&y before xvpiov. "^ ef reads ^XXotWc , 
g ^WoiMjaap. ^e. g reads kotA njir. At, /3-^ om. » a (saye that At 
read UBois xaX (vkois). ft A**"****, S* read as in margin, saye that d reads 
imiKokovOiiat, and for £vXot« / reads {vXa, and for tiaitdkov&fiirams A****** 
read koI cfwoXw^cur. A^ reads as A^***** but adds \itrptlas after (CKoif. 
The text of ft A, S* is unsatisfactory. Possibly neither text is original, 
and we should read vin}««w^a» ffkois Ka\ XiBoit i^oKokov&ffoayrwg. 
»*A******=inpfv/iar», A* irpwr&gms. **d reads ovrwt fiif wtHftrc. 

••a. p^dg, S* read yv6rr€f, dg, A ( + aXXa ) yv&rt. For ^i^ ry orf/nw- 
/um . . . inbra cf reads ^k t&v hiipMVpyrip&r»v awA irrfp^mparo^ Kok awh 
ytis ital AoXiitrfnyf koH dnh narrmw r6v Kvptop dijiuovpyfiamfTa mi voc^ovra, 
and A crrtptmpa ovpatni Ka\ AakAamit Koi ip vam rtis diifuoupyfjpaatp (A^*^ 

Digitized by 


Of d 

150 AIAeHKH NE^GAAEIM [ni. 4 

c«n oTfpcrffxart, iv yjj icol** tv^ ftoXArp, koi" fo'* lra<n roi» 
/r^XXo- ^fuovpyrjiJMa'i *Kvpiov rov^^ von/ja-avra vivra^^, tva firi 

5. •d^owos »^ ai " Kal»» ol *Eypifyopoi *« foiJAAofiv Tiifur 
^t!<rcA)s a^ttz^^ ois^^ fcanypicraTo** Kv/)io( ivl rod KaraKkw 
(r/Aot)*', 64' oOff** *47ri icarodnycrfas icol £icap7roi; ri^as r^y y^*' 

6<^,A,S» IV. Tavra^ \4y<a ifi,tv\ riKva imv, »ri lyvwr' ^v rg* 
^'^^1 ypa4>^^ 'Ey»X» ^* KaCy€* iz/mcis diroonjo-ccrtfe Atto Kvpfow', 
jcor^' vop€v6iuvoi Karh va<ra» iarofiCav * iOv&v ^ fcal voi^crere ^^ v&ooy 
irmrav. ^oi^iyp^^^ SoWfwov^*. 2. Kol lir(ifc( K^piof vfxu; alx^- 

irairra r& diyfuovpy^fiffra). Here irp^lifi (^ ovpovoO) is cormpt for irp^^ 
s y^f. Although the cases of the text are not in order, A clearly goes 
back to a, ^. ^ot. 0om. ""yom. ^e^^f, At\/om. See text 
of d and A nnder note 26. ^ c, g. Other HSS. om. *^ <2 reads t^ 
KvpuMf ^nnumfpyiffrwTa koL A=r&r (A*^ om.) Kvpcoy ntfir. ^OL,g. 6, 

Af S read rnvra iriiyra. otf/ r^ irovra. <f om. ** aheg, e reads y^Mfr^f. At,/ 
yoftvBai^ d y/vffo^c. ** hi, fi-€ul, A, reads ^4. <2 oirivcf. a om. 

together with next six words. '"At, befg. c reads as in maigin. 

d iJXXafav. ** At, p^, A, 8^ c, ({ read as in margin, d adds o^s leal 

Mif>pwrt Kvpcoff. "^Z reads ofuts. ^e,d om. ''a adds ««. For 
the rest of the verse d reads M tov mmucXv<r/M>v ott jcon^/MMraro 6 Kv/mop. 
*^(X,aefg. h read iypnyopts. a om. next four words. ^^ add mi. 

''At read Kon^py^craro. ^a om. rest of yerse. **ot, ef. hg, A read di* 
avnvs, 8^ lycjca y^p a^«y C^^» ^^ (save for aroieorocia^fraff oi OL 1 read air^ 
Korouaiaias as in 6{2«/^. 6 reads dci^ar for Ta(as which is found in At, bdefy). 
dv6 KorouafvUn s !l(:^^v30* Hence douairop (before which (X adds koI) is 
bracketed as a dittography. bdefg read as in text, save that for mr6 
KOTouaiirias luti g reads aw6 rt oUlas dn6 rf and bdefg read KOfnr&v for ixafrnw), 
A 1= tU (A** om.) ^(XXijir ^wiy KOfmw rd^s koX n^y ai^i;roy (A*^*^* irpooiroiijri^i^). 
But pirmi-p/nL% ( = 0vo-i») is COrrupt for pjbm^mg-p/tjlt = fcoTOun^o-iay and 
«rlEr^«rf «rlEr (=: wpoairoufrdv) and cvlr^uiflEriirfiirlip (^ di^TToy) are COmipt for 

mltplim^ = doustfroif^ Thus A does not imply a text different from O. 
8^ =: cVccXcvcTfy cimu icaroxXv(rpoy. 

IV. ^{faddsdc. *^, 8^ om. 'ot, ae/\. 5c^, A, S^ read asin inargin* 
'c, A. At, fi, S om. ^bg, A add dytfi. *a, def. b, S read mryc «u« 

,1^. yc ica/. A == KOI. ''d reads 6coO. S' ^^ ypatpijs rov p6funf rov Kvpiov. 

' M read vwnipiap against all other MSS. and A, S. ' At om. rest of 
verse. A**** om. next four words. '•ft A, 8* add «mi. " bd read 
ayo|uoy against all other M8S. and A« 8. ^*y reads daifi^ywy, A^ (Arm. 
printed Text) iBpmif but A^*^ give Zoddp«»y. " d, A, 8 om. '«<£ reads 

Digitized by 


V.2] AIA0HRH NE4>0AA£IM 151 

ivak^ati,^'' KipMS vivras v/xay. 3. Kal a|uicpuK0^inrcsi* w^c 

iwurrpiylf€r€^^ Koi iTnyviia-€<r$€ Kvptov rhv 0€oy v^mv^^ kcX ^^^^* 
hiiinpiy^€i vfMS €ls riiv yrjv ifxmv Kora*^ to voXv avrov t\€Oi^^. crcir^cf?), 

4, Kal loToi &rap^^ *4{A$»«r €i$ T^r y^*' wk»* iraTifmv ft A, S* 
avrttif, w<iXw ^TriA^croirrai" rw** Kvp^ Kal 4<r€j3^<rov<rtv*^. Jj[[l^*.^ 

5, Kal dicunr€p€4** avrovy Ktfpioy^® iirl Trp6<r(AVov^^ -wdoiys ,^, j^^ 
1^5 y^j, *4xP*5 o« IX^p" *rA (nrA(tyxvor Kupfov*^, ivOfHovot fol^- 
*7roi»y biKOunHivriv Kai tfomv IA€0S** cis vivfas tovs ^iiOKpbjf JJJJ[ ''^ 
fcol Toij fyyrfs**. 3-a, 

V. *Ev yip *TY Tca^opcucoflTT^ It€i Tiis^ fo»}s fiov, fttov* ^^ 
* ^SpoficL^ iv r<p opcc rov 'EXaiwros' Karct iparoXhs ^UpovcdKrifi, ip yg^ 
«n* 6 ^Xios ffol ^ <r€X^wj i<m}Kav\ 2. Kal {5ov 'I<raa*c* p.^ 
i variify ^rov varpis'' /yuw* IXcyiV* ^fAur Upotrhpap^vres A, S* 

TOW ix^pavs. ^*hi read icaici^ " a, adef. hg read irvyicaXu^crcir^. 

A rwKttPi»Bnat969 or <nfyKafi<t>Ofia€ir&€, Original doubtfill. If auMiwx- 
irrpaipfi<r€iree^'ye shall wrestle with' (of. Gen. xxx. 8), it may = 
^5>™n which is unlikely in itself and may be a corruption of vBB^n =: 
TOKfiMtB^taBf (A), or avyKaiJu(l>6^«ir6€. Then crvy«iXv^>^€<r^« would 
be a corruption of <n;y«v^^^<r^. These Greek words are con- 
fused in LXX of a Kings iv. 35 ; Ps. Ixix, 10, 23. If, on the other 
hand, irvpapaoTpa^^cBt = M«m, the latter may be corrupt for ly^Dn = 
TWfiwo^crca^, and avyicaXv^ir«<r^f = ^DSTI a corruption of )y33a " 6 
reads Ar ^Mi^^aj,. A^*'**= ai«yi^€» but A»* support text. " a. ft A, S^ 
read as in margin (save that y om. oXiy«i>^. Ituis koC). " a, bg. ae read 
im9rpr^<rB€. df cir»oTp«^c. ^e reads jjiiwy and om. next seven words 
through hmt. ^Atreaddul ^ om. « a om. rest of chapter. "A reads 
«n. •*«. hdefg^A, S* read as in margin (save that y reads tXBwrw). ^dg, A. 
a, e read «riXdA»Toi. 6/ «riXdA»vTm, »• a. p om. " A^**** = «nr*p4*««* 
Zawrai, but the corruption is native to these MSS. A = text. a, 

A. be, S* read duunrc/pfi. <i diaoirapci. fdiaavapuh ^d om. At prefix 6. 
•• a, g. bdef read irpoa^ww. For vpAawrw iroinys A reads iro» tA irp6<rmroy, 
"6 reads ^XP' ^^ A^^- "A**' = Kupw. A****** Kvpiof cnrXifyx'Yt 

»• A reads »oi«> IX. ml a«caio<ri^y. " <2 reads ryyvp ml rwf poKpop. 

V. ^ a, A /5-d, A, S* read as in margin. « def read »or. a adds iw 

^w^lpif Sti. »a, A (save that A om. Spapa). aheg, S» read tV Sptaip 

ikahv (ae ikamw, g «Xf&r). df h 6p6au {-^pov d) fXtop. *a om, 

^d reads unapro iw^iow ipStv. g ctfriyrw. A adds ml vamf (+4/*«tt A**) 
vpovwdpdpoptw. 'y reads 'I«cA0. '^ om. 'Ass ^f^^'v *0l,A. 

Digitized by 


152 AIAeHKH NE4>eAAEIM [V. i 

ft S* ^Kpan/ia'aT€ tKCurros^^ Kara bvvofJLiv^^, ^kclL *tov wuio-awos^* 
J^T; ierai 6 ijkios ical ^ ircXW- 3- Kol" *iV»«^'' iw^^* 

M**"- <l>Si<ras iirCaa-t riiv ^rcXifinyi^^^ jcal v\lf<iOrja'av i^Artpot <nfv 

XouAcv/. v^os*^ *ris ^TTi^fiaMTtJ/" air$ )3aia (fHJwlKOiv h(ib€K<h ««* 
ftS* *Ioi{>aff *iy4v€To kaimpds^ iff *^ <r€X^in|**, Kal *^<ra» ivo 

i>iafi^'i^. Ijl6vt€S *ol fti^o 5t€29 Aful'^ jcol lot^os" iKpiTr)<r<w avTois^^]. 
^ *" 6, Kal teov favpos iiri t)}s y§s, ^x^*' Wo** Kipara fuyiXa, 

dcur^ Kal TTT^/wyas** dcTou iirl** vcStov airoi)* ical ^^Xoi/rcy ^/ui€?s** 
PnfP" wuicrai" avrrfv, oifc ^iwij^pwr. 7. *IXe;iK W Mwo^ 

u^Q4,rc^ itaTAoPeK'** avr<b;, «cal crvvavrjkOcv^* avT^ «is to** i!^09. 
Xa;i^aio« 8. Kal cKoif *&'i ^/xijy vofMKci*^, ical {^ yf^h *^6» 
1£'^' &<^ W"'". \4y<^<^*^* 'Ao-irtJpiot**, M^«04*«, n^p<Fiu«, 

i&-<2^, S' read as in margin, dg Xry»r, ^^g reads fraorof itpari}mM. 
c adds T«5i», A TOi "A adds avrov. "c, P-o^, S. At read toCto 

iroii/cravroff. a rou «cpar^irainno(« y cm. ^*d adds 4^ rf ^<^* '* ^« 

ft S' read as in marg^. A =cV rf inirpixtw iftas. ^^d adds npwrbpaiMv, 
'* a cm. *'' « reads AcvcV. " c, (save that adf om. 6, and for Mam 
u reads €Kpania't, and ^ era. ical 6 and trs. ^^« after cVioov), A*". At read 
T^i* »€ ctXffVfiw 6 *h 4^3. Maer€v. A^ = Kal X lf<t>3agrt ivlairt, A*** KtA X rifP 
crcX^B^r. *• S* reads jy/iii'. ^fi-^, S. a reads ( + ovr»s Kai A) ^ik. 

g ytyov^Tos. A = ?x<^ynw. c&ac «>r = 9 njn. " a, g. fi^g, S read «>* 

^Xtov. e{ avr ry 17X1^. A == riy ^Xioir. •" a. ft A, S* om. " «, €uf. 

hd read woitmw. jr i^owr. S* om. •* S* = 466^. " a. ft-<, A, 8* i-ead 
f y (e om.) \afinrp6s {d \afjurp6v ^v). ** e reads ^ ^^uw oyer an erasure. 

"a. ft A, S* read <m6 r. n^bas at^&M {hd, A, S* aUoO) ^croy (A***** om.). 
** At, /read rcWy. ••c. At read ifrt. ft A, S* as in margin. Ver. 5 is 
bracketed as a dittography of ver. 3*^. ^ fi-d prefix 6. de read Afvir. 
" eg prefix 6. ^ hi, /. c reads aMs. p-fg, A^ S» 4avrovt. g, AT^*^* iavrois. 
'»d,A^*"** read eft. »*a,rf^,A. a6«/, S read irrtpwycs. »i3addToC. 
'^ (X, A. ft S om. ^ a reads K/mr^o-ot. a«f trs. after oMv, ^ (X (save 
that At om. df). p, 8 read as in margin. A = *1. df <Xaj8^f . *" o^ read 
avv5X^ir. ^p om. « a. /3-rf, S* read ^Iri ^/du^f ( +irap»y aef) ««« 

( + irov bg, S^). (2, A represent a different text, d Sri ^ft^v §p Kvinus 
(corrupt for Kiwois * gardens '). A €At6p ©r» ?r cV ( + t;J ^bi»#cd«j ^fapabtiv^* 
Possibly vap€Kfl and irapcliir cVcI and cVci irov in (X, /3-^ are different 
corruptions of ^ iFapadti<r^, **B* = rir avrf. ^A steal IXfyi. 

** A (corrupt) = 'A<r«aTacot. *•*, ft ff. c reads M^dwt, A M^de. A = «il 

Digitized by 


TI.4] AIA0HKH N£^0AA£IM 1 53 

XoXdaioi^'^^ 2t;/x)t**, KXrfpovofiriiirova-ip alxfMXdttaCav^^ th p,A»^,S} 
bM€Ka a-Kfjirrpa rod Icrpa^A- f^^^^l' 

VI. *Kai vikuf^ ixerh ^fU^o^^ iirrh clJor *fc» * iran^p ^*ar4pa 
|io«*laic&P IvraTo' fo rg Bakianrri 'Afu/c&is*, koI ilijms* crinr jf*^'^* 
oir^*. 2. Kal Z&)i; nXoiov i^PX^o^ h,pyi€vlCov^ ^hnh/i o ^gi 

rauTwr* icai Kvfi^pvrrrw^^' iirryiypairro *di t^ 7rAof<p*^ *&•* ^^li 
irXowj;" *IajccJ/3. 3. *Kal A^y€i^» ffiuv 6 irariip inx&p^^ ^J^^ 

• raplxmy 

^KT^ twiT&p, fi'hfff A^ S^ apap&ftof. 

ndpSoi, ^A*^ om. Here 0, A add agamet a 'EXi^uuoi (cf, A 

*EXafup'ai. ef *EX( + X e)oifupoi. A!* sz Aifim^i, S^ 'AXX($4vXoi. a om.), 
TcXaxouM (a«f XcXmuoi. ^ TtBytoi. AssFoXarcu which it trs. to end of 
MbL 8^ = XfpovXMfi). The latter appears to be a cormpt dittography 
of XaXdoioc. *^ Seems lost by A unless we tiJce TaXdrai to 

be a corruption of XakMoi, See note 46. If this word is original 
it should be restored before M^doc. *^c, d read iCpiou A = 

^AofFVfWH, The whole text in A s ^Annarutoi, Km Udp^ot, Utpaat (A*^ om.) 
KM 'EXafi^oi (A** Aifui^), *Ae<rvpmH Kal Takdrai — very corrupt* *•«, <(/; 

abe^ A, S^ read ^v {ae om.) qZxfMiX«irif. g om. 

VI. » a, bg, A'^*'*, ». a«/, A*' read irakiP. d raOra llSoir rdrt mSXiy ^'. 
^OL fi, A*^ S^ read as in margin. A^*^^*' = ^ti^. The confusion between 
ft^pat and ifupas arose in the Greek. ' QC, A. 0, S read as in margin (save 
that b read iimiK^a for i<rr»ra). * «,y. At read 'A/irrif . o&^f lafu^^.. ^(^^) 
'la^pfMit. S^ Xofvfiw. ^o. /3, A, S^ add as in margin (save that g om. o«). 
* dg read fur aSfrov. ''d reads fpxom and trs. before irXoibv* g trs. 

after ApiUPiCw. ' «, c(f read api»MWiCw. S^ adds vi^y i<rriotff. * (X* 0, A 
S^ read as in margin (save that S^ reads ^priov for n^Ax^v, and ^, A 
Mvrov for yovr&y). As Qaster has pointed out luirrhK raplx^p = DW^ H^O 
a corrupt dittography of D^nfe «&a = cct^ rwrSut. ^OLjf. fi-f, A, S* 

read Kvfitp^au. " c, A, B\ A, ^ read dc t^ irXoior. t ri dc irXoIoy. "a. 
fi-hd, S^ read vXoior. if ovtik, irXoioir. 6 om. A s roO. ^' <£ reads tm dc. 
^^ odf om. g om. next six words through hmt. " a (save that At read 
IX^M«y)* ^>^> ^ ^^ >^®^ ^^ ^ margin, b iiifi&fMP. ^* (X, /3 (save that At, 
d} read ifXBofUP for ciai^X^.), S. A = ical mn^Xifo/ACir, d adds f y avnj>. A^* m^ 
avrf ciff Mivr. ^^ d, A read koX {d om.) tytptro, ^ g trs. before x^^fM**"* 
^b»«dtr_ ^^^^ ^j^^Ij ^b»cd ^yg^ j^f^j, XaiXaVr. A'^ om. with next four 

words. ^* At read ip^pog, A = M rg tfaXcScroi^ but ^^n^Jb may be 

corrupt for ^nqJiy = aWfuw. * a, a«f, A*'. W, S* read fwyoXov. g 

ittyaKq, According to printed Arm. Text A******** omit but not so A*'. 

" a, P-bg, S*. b reads f^^immu . ^, A ( + •£ c I A) a^'vrarou Bab. T, Napth. 

Digitized by 


154 AIAOHKH NE«eAAEIM [yi. 4 

hd,B |»^a«^, KoX i^forarot*^ 6 varifp fjfi&v^^ i(f>* ffiiMPy 6^ 
/wyoXov. icpar&v *Tovs avx^voff**. 5. Kai^* fHieCs^^ x^H^&l^''^^^ 

Siri1!rl ^'^ rA TfiXayos *i4>€p6fi€ea, koX^'' ivkJipABri rd vkolw 
axariov MLT(ap^\ *iv T/Jiicv/*faiff*' V€pifni<ra'6iuvov^, &ar€^^ 

^^a^^ 4vopcMi|^- ^ficit S^ SiCX«ipMi|fM^ <«i <'«^'^«^ 4iWa», A«vl 
d^ ml ft^ KcX *\ail6as ^croif * iwl rh avro '*. 7. Kal '"^ bieaviprnifv ** 

ft^\ " W€pt)3aXX<{fiepo5" <ri#cicov*' iWtro** *tcw Kv/jfou**. 9. *lis 
/3-^,S* 8i iirwiaaro 6 x<*M<^»'» *l<l>Oaa'€ rb a-niilfas iirl rrji y^y**, 
»r€>ara. T^oTTCp^*'' llf €J/)i}vi|. lO. Kol Uioit i}X^€l^" J irai^p 

^a5^«^^* ^M^i^** Kal irc4rr€ff»* 4/ioft;fia5Aj; iJyaAX4a<r<£ft€^a", 
i7fM»y cdcrro. 

V. I reads 1^^ D^^^ Possibly the reading of bg^ A is a eomipiion of 
that of a, jS-ftgr, S* which might be a rendering of W^^yo (r6yn^ or) n^jT. 
We might then explain nbv as a corruption of rhV' " (X, A* /3, S om. 

■• A A, S. a om. t adds xpaCmv koL »* B* = tA Urrla. »rf reads 

rorc. **^ adds of. ''i reads ^pSfuvo^, ^g prefixes r^, d trs. 

before ri irXotoy. ** 6 reads rpucvfuaf, *^ b^g, A, S. a reads w^pipfnfv6fuww. 
d ir€pifl>€p^fi€pov, f w€punr^ii€po¥, ch (fitpofuvoi, % <l>«p6p£Pw, Perhaps cv 
TpucvpiMs wtpipt)a<r4tA9P09 = DVr ^^:il ni3*l * pounded by the waves of the 
sea/ Rab. T. Napth. v. 5 reads yi>D ^ DNT ^^3 ni3^m 'and the 
waves of the sea emote it to the rocks,' where m^^n should be emended 
into n)rr*jn = * drove it' or 'dashed it/ if xho ^ is genuine. 
" Perhaps corrupt for ccn-c = * until ' or a mistranslation of IXnK ly. 
•■ (J, A read avmrpifirjvai. "A = tA irXotbv. •* a (save that h reads 

'loic^iS for *I«o^). 0, A, S* read as in margin (save that d reads t6t€ 
for ffoi). "^ 6 (save that I have corrected the vox nulla ncunandw into 

aavldtip), hi support text (save that for traM»9 /ma they read vaxrap 
Mv ol m€a). ^, S^ read as in margin (save that d om. ^' and g reads ivi 
irawibuL pea). "• d reads W rh avrh 4» crai^dc. A = *» ry |ico^ but 

A *^ir3^ ^^ corrupt for fi a^mupt ^zMrh avr6, ^ a, A. /3, S^ om. 

"a, W^, A. wff S* read du<nrdp7<ray. ft S* add oJ?r ol (a«/om.). def 
add o^p. •»«, dg, abef read C4»ff cI*. **0t, A. <2 reads irawi. /3-rf, 

& om. ^^(itf read Acv/^. ^5 reads ntpi^6fupo£, ^ At, d read 

^xH^. ^ trs. (racjcop before ir«/N^. ^ a. ^, S^ read as in margin (save 

that d reads vircp for frefM). A = c^cro mpi ^fwr. ^d reads t^ «cvp^. 

•• a (save that At read «irl rijp y^r). ^, A, S* read rA <rie. ^ao-cy cirt t. y^r. 
•^ (ty, A om. « 6 addfl 'Uko^ « (^, A add 'lawift » At, A (though 
A trs. after 6fio$vpa^), e reads iraXiv. ft S^ om. *^0(. /3 reads 


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Yin. 2] AIAeHKH NE4>eAAEIM 1 55 

VII. ToOm» tA Mo hivpM eTwoii* r^ mrpl iwv^ icai* ^f^' 
€M fioi' Afi *Tavra vXfipwdfjvai^ Karh *Tohs icaipois* 
airw, *iroXX4 tov 'lorpoi^X i^ofictiHivros^. 

li€$* riiJLmv. 3, Kai KXatoDif IXcyc^** *OtjiOi, tIkiw yaou *l«Mn(^, 3-^ 
lis", icol *ai iaX^iroi ere", *ical cri o*x" ^P?^ "1<^^P riv ^\ 
y€VvfyrauTiL a€* 4* *'Ewo6y<r€ oiv koI 4|U boKpwrai^^ iv^^ rtiaw 
T0& Xrfyoty TOiJrotf". *'Ey«b 6i** *<*coirffW|ifro4jorirX(lyxP04j** '*^' 
Mou** cboyyciAat" fri itivparoi^ '"'Iwcn}^''"- *aXX' i^)©. J;^;^ 

VI I I. Kal* ISoU*, WKra /yuw', vWdei^ iSfiu^ Kaifiohs ^-* 
i(TX<i'"wy +ft-4* iriiirra ycr^crcrat ^i^ 'IcrpolfX. 2. Kal ifuls i^^^ 
^oSp^^, ivT€{Ka(r0€ Tofy riKvois iyMv^ Xva kvwvrai t$ Acvl 

Vn,»a,A. /3-<f,S*oin. <ircad«T«frf. »il, A = «ii;yiy«rrff*ip. •A*add 
'lmr^» * A om. * om. to wriip i»av {jet. 2) inclasiye. * a, hg^ 8*. 

mtf read avra trkifptiBffptu, d y^p wXijptt&rjptu ravra irAvra, rttam fiov. A => 
TAvni iRiiTa irXiipttd^MM. * «, A a«f read Koipovt. hg, A, S* rhv (6, A, 

8^ om.) Kakp69. ^A = m) iroXXa rhv *I. virofi<mu(i). 'Ot adds <^v. 

*g reads jr^irrcvvor. ^*CX,d. A=r^ Kvpff. /3-<i, S^ om. €{ adds 

iwa /lov. " At, g add *. d tA Wxiwy ;tov. •» A adds jco) /y« o^x ^p« 

aWr. '»A» read irdrra. **c, A. At, 0, 8^ read irvyicrtn^fwi. 

*• A adds vwfTVTi here, which it om* in previous verse. *• a. /3-y, A, 8* 
read as in margin (save that iMJ^f trs. *I. after rtitpw fuw). g reads irov ft 
rrcvoir fiov 'I. v' d reads o<h-c (r« /3Xcir« ryw. «, A*** om. rest of verse and 
^b*€d«r ^j^ j^ wrongly after towtow in ver. 4. See note ai. ^d reads 
olPrc <rv irdX<r. af Ka\ o^x* '^ ^ (save that At om. o^r). /3-cI, A, 8* read 
( + m/ a) tnoiijat Hi {af, A om.) ita) lipas dcncpvo-ai. <i r«n)ra Xryitv mil i7fAat 
KXnvirai imitimv. ^ a, af. hdeg read M. ^ t, aefg^ A. At, d read 

avrov. 6, S* a^TOV rovroip. Here A*****^ add xak wdktp thn' Ktu ir^ oix *pj« 
'I. tAt ycM^oyriS w. See note 17. "ot. /3-<i, A, 8* read koL d ryw. 

• A fWMTo tA ovXiiyxMi. •*«, A. ft 8* om. d, A add ml 4/3ovX«Jfiiyr 

( +fmr d). » A adds irfTf . ••^ reads irarpacrm. "a. ft A, 8» om. 
**<! reads #^o3. d€. **e{ adds fu|irorf yp6in^s awoKnamHrl imm, 

VIIL * a, d i^-J, A, 8» om. » d, A add o^r. •g om. * Text 
reqnires v«f. Hence, since Sn = ^, the latter may have heen corrupt 
for "pK. » d adds riian fiou, • A** add ml rA rcwa ifnw rw T«Vi«ff 

«Mif. '<2 om. a om. next nine words. A adds wtpi tvv Xpurrcv befora 
following verses. *Bead aM»v as Bousset suggests. Text due to 

Christian scribe. Salvation proceeds jointly from Levi and Judah : ef. 

Digitized by 



M,S |i^o«^, ical 4<^f<rroTm" 6 xan^p ^^v" A<^' 17/iSir, A** 
/icyaXov. i^par&v *rov9 avx/i'os**, 5* K^«*** fffi^is^* x€ifjLaC6fJL€Pot 

flrwirl '^^ ri WXayor **<^^fi€«a, ical" iirkrifHierf rd vkoiov 

*«^«»- *ical tnwTplp€ireai^* aM^. 6. *'0 M *l«a4)^ M a««T!v 
^X^P'C^ l«o(ic<$ei|M- 4|Mit Sa Sicx«i|»(a«i»Mr M MrtSMr iiWa^. A«vl 
SJ Ml «i jcol 'lovaay ^<rajf * ^»l ri avro *•. 7. Kal*^ »t€<nr<i/)iyfA€» " 

i^'lltp '^*"'^^ ^'^" '■^ '^'*^ *^* ^**^* ^' *^ ^* ^^^" 

d^a\ ' T€/»t)8aXXrf/i€V0£** o-iicicov" ^Wtro** *ro{; Kv/>foi;*'. 9. 'lij 

^-^, S* b^ ivaiaaTO 6 x^iiuivt *i<^0WT€ rh a-Kiiffos ivl ttjs y^y**, 
tr^^ra. T^^^^^^O ^^ ^J^^j,, iq. Rol ttoi ^Xd«;*« 6 VOTifp 

V. I reads 1^^ D^\ Possibly the reading of bg, A is a corruption of 
that of a, /My, S* which might be a rendering of Vf^JfO (n^JT or) n5>xr. 
We might then explain thv as a cormption of rhv* "or, A* /3, S om. 

^fi, A, S. (X om. t adds itpaCmif koL **9 = ra l<rTui. *<l reads 

nSrf, **(/ adds ol. ''i reads <l>tp6fA€POi, ^g prefixes rSm. d trs. 
before r^ irXotoir. ^ 5 reads rpuofiuas. ** 6#(/, A, 8. a reads wwptpfnftr6fixtfw, 
d ir€pi<l)€p6fupw, f mpunf^fttpw, eh <l>€p6fttwoi, % <l>9p6p4pw. Perhaps €w 
TputvfAiMt fKpipfivv^iiww = DVl ^^33 TX)Sn * pounded by the waves of the 
sea/ Rab. T. Napth. ▼. 5 reads y^O ^ DM ^^a TtO^m 'and the 
waves of the sea smote it to the rocks,' wliere mSM should be emended 
into mmn = 'drove it' or 'dashed it/ if pfe ^ is genuine. 
*' Perhaps corrupt for TtFrc = ' until ' or a mistranslation of *1B^ *iy. 
** (2, A read ervPTptfitjvat, " A = n& nXotow. ** (X (save that h reads 

'Luedb/3 for 'Iomt^). 0, A, 8* read as in margin (save that d reads r6T€ 
for Koi), ^ e (save that I have corrected the vox nulla mnrandaov into 

aaMd«y). ^t support text (save that for vapiUvw tvpia they read irmrav 
6Mv o2 ffma). /9, S^ read as in margin (save that d om. de and g reads M 
aojnridia wio). ■• d reads W ri ahr^ «V ^ai^dc A = fr ry ft«(rf but 

A '^trd^ ^° corrupt for /& i^muflt = fVl r& a^riS. " Of, A. /3, S^ om. 

••a, bdg^ A. a^, S* read hu<rwapfiva». ft S* add oJ» ol (a«f om.). rf«/ 
addo^y. "Ot, cty. a5ef read ««r f Zff. *•«, A. <£ reads irivm. /9-cf, 

8^ om. ^ (itf read Acvir. ^ 6 reads ircpt/3aX^fWK>ff. ^ At, e{ read 

ffaicK^. y trs. otifficov before irf/N/3. ^ at. /3, 8^ read as in margin (save 

that d reads vircp for srrpQ. A = c^^o vwp\ fuMP, ^d reads t^ f^p^f* 

^ OK (save that hi read cirl r^v y^y). /9, A, 8^ read r& air. If<f>$aat9 inl r. y^y. 
<^ (^, A om. ^5 adds *Iaie»/3. «• dg, A add 'Iaie<^. «> hi, A (though 
A trs. after SpioBvpMp). c reads iraXir. p, S^ om. *^(X. jS reads 


Digitized by 


Yin. 2] AIA0HKH NE<&0AAEIM 1 55 

VI I. Tawra^ tA 8im> Mkvia tlvov^ r^ TtarpC /xov* ical* ^,^^ 
tltri fJLOi* Act *TavTa vXtifMOfjvai^ Korh *Tohs KaipoifS^ 

2. Trfr€* X/y€4 fiot 6 -narlip fiov' UiaTem^ *t^ B^^^^ «n ^'^* 

/xctf* 7ifJL&y. 3. Ral icXaiwy iXcyc^** *Ot|ioi, Wicror fiou 'Imti^^, 3-^,^ 

yewi/ia-avri (re. 4, **E7ro6y<r€ o3v icol ^ 5aic/>u<ro4*' iv^^ rUpo9 

TohkiyoiSTOiuTois*^* **Ey«b di** * iKai6firjv toU <nrkiyxPois^ '**^' 

MOV** dyayy€4A<u«» «r4 vdvparai^^ '"'loMn}^''*'- *aXX* *4m>- J;^^ 
/3<rtf/iiyv*' rows ddcA^ovff fMw**. 

VIII. KaP ISod*, Wfcva fwv*, thr^ft€4^ ifuv Kaipobs P-^^ 

iaxiTovs +&-4* 'nivra ytvifiaerai iv *I<r/>ai}X. ^. Kal iffAe?; »^^^ 
'^oSv''', ^vrc^^cur^e roii rixvois iyAv^ tva kvwvrai r^ \fvL 

Vn.»(X,A. /»-rf,S*om. ilreadflrf^. »<i, A = aijn«r«n^iy^. 'A^add 
'ImPK^. ^ A om. t om. to itariip pov (yer. 2) inchisiTe. * 0(, 69^, S*. 

Mf read aCra nXfipttfitfptu, d yiip irXifp^Ciipai ravra trarra, rtnn /icv, A ^ 
f«vni widvra trXiiptft^Mii. * (X, d, aef read nmpovt, hg, A, S' n&v {b, A, 

S^ om.) Mi^v. ' A = Koi iroXX^ r^y *I. viro/i<iKu(t). ' ft adds o^k. 

*^ reads wiartwnm. ^*(X,d. Assry Kvply. /3-c{, S^ om. 4^ adds 

fwcm fiov. " W, ^ *dd ^ <i tA rcjcyoir pw. "A adds <ca« ^ ovx 6pA 

oMp. ^*hi read wdwnu **e, A. /it, i3, 8^ read cnTicarapi^fifi. 

^' A adds fTibrorf here, which it om. in previous verse. ^ (X. fi-g, A, & 
read as in margin (save that adefin, 'I. after rfow poo), g reads irov $r 
Wooy fftov *I. >^ 4^ reads offrv trc /SXcm ry«»b (X, A*** om. rest of verse and 
A**"'*' trs. it wrongly after tovtok in ver, 4. See note 21. ^d reads 
ofrc irv mSXiir. of jcai o^x* ^ ^ (save that At om. o^v). j3-hI, A, S^ read 
( + «a/ a) mUffcrt M (of, A om.) xal ^fMf daK/>iHrot. cl rovro Xry«fp Koi, 17/ior 
KXuMrat dmitftnp. ^OLtaf. hdeg read M. ^ e, aefg^ A. At, d read 

avrov. ^, S* avTov rovroir. Here A*****' add kcX woKip fhtr xat <rv ow^ ^p^ 
X T^ ytwprfirwn'd m. See note 17. ** Ot. j3-hI, A, S^ read koi. d iyA. 

^ A imUmo rh cnrXdyxva. *'or, A. 0, S' om. d^ A add mi fifiovkoiiiiv 

( +M«' <Q- * A adds avrf . **^ reads irnrpmcroi. ^'Oi. P,A, S^ om. 
^d reads ^0o3. dc. **€{ adds prprort yp6ms awoKrtiwowri pM. 

VIIL »a,A /3-i«,A,8»om. 'ijAaddo^ir. »^om. *Text 
requires wm. Hence, since in = ^3, the latter maj have been corrupt 
for *1^. ' d adds rcVcMi /lov. ' A^ add ical r& rcnwi Ifiw rdis rixpoit 

airmp. ^d om. a om. next nine words. A adds irepl roC Xpurrov before 
following verses. "Bead ovrAv as Bousset suggests. Text due to 

Christian scribe. Salvation proceeds jointly from Levi and Judah : ef. 

Digitized by 



AA yhp trw *Io1»a+« irarcXei* ^^ <ra)Ti?pfii" r$ 'lirpa^X^^ 
Koi fo tavr$" rfXoy?y^a-€Ta4" 'IaK«S/3. 
/9, A, B* 3. AiAi» troi; VKfynrpw) airov^* d^^iya'crai 4" ©c^y [icarowwv 

Aric^' 4. ♦•eAk ro&f ital ft^€«"»>» ipyia7i<r$€ rh icoXA.**, 
fac. ciXoy^o-ovo-iif i^ULS *ol ivBpfn^iroi koI •! SyycXot'^, 

hda k^B^ [#cal ol iyycXoi ivBi^^ovru v/uwii;]'*. 

liyai^y. 5. *'12ff 4y T4S** rUvQV^ "^UOph^^^ icaX»y'* /w/cfdiF Ix^t 
o&nas^ KoL *iirl row icoXot; ipyov fiv^fir} vaph &€Ov dya^'^. 

T. Sim. Yii. I ; T. Ley. ii. 11 ; T. Dm. ▼. 4 ; T. Gad yiii. i ; T. Jos. 
xix. 7. •e/addv/iir. "«. /3 om. "e/read o-amjfj. "iom. 

next line and to rod *l<rpariX in ver. 3. " Read <i^<m(. See note 8. 

"^ om. next seven words, h adds t^. "a. /3-^, A, S read as in 

margin. '* Bead rwy vk^p»p avr&v. See note 8. ^^ c. Other MSS. 
cm. ^«^» S read ov/xivoTr. The clause in brackets maj be an addition 
of the Christian scribe who made the changes in ver. 2. ^*(X. /3 om. 

••c. AreadsyfWT^. ft S* tA y/Kor. Asiroirr^y. » ^, A******' read 
cirtirvNi^di. A^ ica\ cfrMn/no^. Perhaps we should read «u nr«avKi{aft. A 
lidds ndwrm. ^g om. " a (save that c prefixes *ca*). o^ read cdr yap. 
iS-a^, A, S^ as in margin. ^g reads dyodiib'. ft A, S^ add as in margin. 
* a, abeg, A, S^ (save that abe, S^ pr^x icm), df read rai ol ayy. km ol &^. 
A*^ om. next four lines and Koi ol dyycXoc of fifth line through hmi. 
^ b om. "h reads dt' futmw, d fV vfi<^* i<2j S^ ii^- ^* ^M^'' tmd h vfi»» 

respectively before ^i' roif. ••A,S^om. "cy, A****^',S. A*** 

wanting through hmt. See note 25. This line is original though 
it is missing in OL, abdf. See next note. "^ Though om. only by a, 

I have bracketed this line as an interpolation. The preceding line 
forms the proper end of the stanza : compare last line of ver. 6. The 
interpolation arose apparently from a corrupt dittography of the pre- 
ceding verse. The text = DDUrttO D^3«i>D1 a corrupt dittography of 
DSnnK^ a^rhny " OC, aef, A. b, S^ read w &p m yap. d &an€p yhp tap rit. 
g »syap av ris (?). •* dg trs. after cic^pc^ec A reads tckwi and trs. after 
leoXttf. For Mpo^i we must read Mpi^as with A***"". " abf, ol, deg read 
ticBptfti. ^c reads iuiK6w, h koK&p. A = nrc/AcXw^. ^oc, arf. bdg, 

Digitized by 


E"] AIA0HRH N£4>eAA£IM 1 57 

6. Thv Si fi^ ^vounhrra rb^ koXop, 

KorapifrovTai tdrr^v^^ xcu^ *ol SyycAot koX ol ipBpotvot^^, 
^KoL 6 Sfis iJk^a-fi iv tw l$P€fn» hi ovtov**, 01^^' 

*jcai 4** 5ui/3oXo9 oiicciovrai *«wroir «9 Bior iricfiJos**, ^^^ 
jcol irajr 6i)p(ov KaxaKvpi€v^€i avri^^ ovroG. 

icoi** 6 Kiptos iAUTiia-€i avriv. vAf^* 

7. Kal yikp*^ al ^vroXcd row »©;««;*• SiirXai clo-tv ( + ^o« 
''icai^** /i€T^ rixvri^ vkfipovvrai^. <kf). 

8. Koipor yap cnwoMr^as*^ Ywroutfc** A^* 
Kol iccupdff iyicporefas*' d^ irpoo-fVxV «vToii**. rapcxow 
9. Rol *al 8uo Tou ecou d<n**, kojL c! fi^ iyivovrc^ iv w* 

Tp'^ Tofci a^w iiMprlav *^/tyiTn\¥ vopcixor Tot« dvOpihrois* 7|^ 
lA dW«« icoi *ftrl TW AoiTOV ^yroXw*' ^oti*^ IO. /3,A,S* 

*4yainJa-€4 i/fia? 4 Kvptw^^ €»&■«£. 

A, S* read aa in margiiu ff adds vtpl ovrov. d om. next line through 
hmt. **€ reads ovr«. "A = t6 ayaS^ tfpyw mipa Off ayaB^p tfx^ 

(A**** «f«) pipfiov. For e«w 5 reads Btf. " af read irouwrra. a &to. 

^ Of, A. (2 reads roOrw wliich it trs. before KarapAor. j3-hI, S om. ^ OK, oef. 
ic^, A, S^ om. '^Of, (ufyy A (save that d adds Kvpcov after ^yyrXoi). 

hef, & read o2 £^. ml ol ^. ^/»-(f, A, S^ (save that b reads <Sdo(i^ 
and g om. 4 before em). OL om. «{ reads ical 6 $, dofurrtcv ovrf. **<{ 

reads 6 hi. A=:6. ^'o, hdg (saye that ^ reads ovr^). oe/read ovr^ 
<»9 ^'^ mxvtu *^e,d. h reads ovrov. abeg avrov, **d reads ?n 

hi mi ''A**'** add ir«roi. ^•AswpMw. «* a reads axx^ leo/ and 
trs. these three lines ending frpoa«vx4i' ovrov after waptxpwuf (ver. 9). 
** A read ^utpffi (= nS^^s) corrupt (1) for ^mmmpp% = rXi^povvfvu. *^ ct 
adds 6 jDiipdff. "'(X, a. /^-€i, A, 8^ read as in margin. ''/reads 

ipyaaias, ^h,P,& (save that g reads frpo<rcvx90* ^ reads «ir <rcvxi|* 

ovrMV. A = Jcol rov irpo<rfvx^r vouiv, " (X. 5<;{^, A, S^ read hCo ( + o^o* A) 
ivToKai tlai {^-{^rov ecov d). Here d is conflate, ef read o2 dvo cvroXol ecod 
cMFi. a om. together with preceding jco/. " (X, ahg, A, S read yipwratn 
d ymoTot. e ycVopmi, f ytpokrau "^OC, A. 0, S^ om. "(X (save that 

/I reads pcydXipr). fi-^, A, 8^ read as in margin (save that / read wapi'^ 
XM^iy). a reads wttp^xavauf and om. rest of verse^ d reads vapixovauf vaot 
ratt pi) irpffin(m»ff oXX^ Korci^povfjiTumt rovro wpamuow ovntc df ^<m. ' "* A^^ 
ssircHrm tWoXo/. ''OL /S, A, 8^ om. *> OT (save that c trs. cro^' after 
69^). ^, A, 8^ read as in margin, ^OC,g. id-^, A, 8^ read as in margin, 
•* A* ss tPTokijf, •* ^ reads 0f ov, ••/ trs. A =: wamwv npayp^rmif. 

" qcy a(20/j7 (save t)iat <2 om, 6). (, A, 8^ read 6 K, ayawivn vpot. 

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253 AIAOHKH NE4>eAAEIM [iX. t 

IX. ^Ral iroXX^^ rocavra ivr^ikifuvoi* alrrois irapt^ 
KiK€^€V &a fUTOKOfiUroM-i^ rh 6<rTa avrov^ *iv XcjSpciir, koL 

*ical isiunf^ iv Xkapimffrk ^vx?^* <rw€ic<lXi;^€ ^^ rh irp6<rmmv 
avrov Kol iv4$a»€. 3« Kal JvoAyo-oif *ol viol airov^^ 

♦icora xarra" «<ra" focrciXoro airofe" Nc^^oXclfi^* 6 

AiaOi^mi FaS roO iwdrov vlov *Iaicaij3 iccu ZA^s^ 

I. 'Avrfypa^i^ biaB^Kris T6h\ ft* iXi£Xi|<r€* roiy viois 

airoC* fo *r^ jicaro<rr^ cIicootA ir€/i^n-y Irci r^y fa)^?^ 

ftA,S o^ov^ *k4y<AP airroLi^. 2. * ' 'AnorfottTt, Witra |iou''' fyjb 

vtoT^i. ^^^^ «^w •»«• r# 'laicii/S*, icol^* lifirjv^^ ii^pelos ivl 

vifiifir. r»v voiiufttAv^K 3, *'Eya> o8v^* ii^ikarrov ^iv rg^* 

IX. ^ A = iroXX^ oj;v. For imi iroXX^ « . . naptieaXwfp d reads touni /inriXo- 
|icPM N. rocr v2oif avTW xol ^Xa troXX^ rotavra dcrra^oro ovrvlff, 'A^ 

ss /vvTfftXoro. A^*' doyyTcra/Myof (through an internal oorraptioo). *deg 
read ft/traKOiu/intwrw. g adds amv. ^ ^ om. * a<i^ (save that ae read 
«cr and (20 AKfrovircy). 6^, A, S^ read flf {g iv) X. nu d^^^«<rt (g ew^vai). 
a om. through hmt. (?). • ^ adds h Koi imUfftrw. * A****** according 
tbo printed text om. but not A*' */ om. d adds vol miyra. j;r aifp avrois, 
* i adds npd(ag, ^* « reads crvMmXv^aro. ^^ ^ om. " /3-j)r, A, &. 
&t read irovra. c, pr om. ^i reads 1 gsAdsAmrKoL ^*<2om. 

^d adds Tf de e«f ijfittv r.r.X. /, S^ adds N«^AiX<V« v2dff 'laici^ ff, vi^ 
B^kkas fl (S^ reads mX A^Sat for V v2. BoXXar)* tfCnvw rnr pX/S". g ovrm. 'Afup. 

>TitIe. ocas in text. /3-hu{, 8 read Aio^joy rM ^ (^/, S om. ^ trs. before 
AtaBtiKii) v«fA fiitFtnfg ( + Tith ^pft^Mvcrot frcipanj^y /). a T6b, d T, vUr *I. »lif 
Z. a mpl fjuaous vtipanipunr, A = A. T. vfpi 6pair««f, bat mtlrmmuplrtA is 
oormpt for mimir^i.pirui% =s ^/oovf . ' At add rov ^mrov vUw h A^* 

adds v2ov *laKi»/9. * <2^ read ^a. tx adds nro/f^ac m/. This may have arisen 
through "DT being repeated in the MS. as nisn. *fi^f S add cMt. 

*d adds ir^ roS dvo^avtlw aMw, ' a, A (save that h om. cIcooty)* ^i S 
read thti cKoroo-rf thcoarf wtfurr^ {b 4ff66fi^) (u^^ aeg IVct pxn' (+T$ff <r^) 
fa»9f. d pKt trn r^ff (tt^c . * (X. A**^ = ml <£rcy ovrtur. 6 reads X«y«M'. 

<2^ icoXttfof yap fftrcv avroif (j^ xtvTout ff&rfy). 06^ 8^ Om. A^*sE(rv»7yayf row 
t;2our avrov ml $vyaripat tuii iUnp ovroif. S' ixeXiiFaTO yAp ro^t v2ov( avrov 
Ml ttntp. Here S* agrees closely with dg, A^*. *(X. iS, A, S read as 

in margin (save that d prefixes iy^, rian /tov, b reads €fidof»ot for hporot^ 
and bg iytuofoip for iyanniStpf), *d adds ^ M fHynip /uw ZcX^ waMtnoff 

aAip. ~ilriwids€V. "A^^^'-'om. »*d adds ct^mM^. A"* om: 

next eight words tbrotigh hmt ^ (X. A^*"^ c «o2 V|.db. A S ^ead iyA: 

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hi] AIA0HKH FA A 159 

k^Kop^^, *^ mv OupioK^' ivl *Triv iroC^univ^^, icarcSiw/coy" S* § wop- 
aM^, Koi ♦♦•cWr iKfxCTouK^s *rdif wc»a airoC rg x^'pf JJ^'^^ 
/Aov** KOi ^^K6¥Twa odrA 6aci XtOou PoXi^i^, ic&l** * iarfipwv nav Bn* 
avr6^. 4. *0 081; 'Iwo^^^ '"i dd€X<^os /utw"*" iwof/iatrc ^**»''- 

/i€^ ^fi^v, ^los^® TiiUfM.'S TpidKOvra^^, Koi *u»c£px«»' I'^os^® S^^nrld-' 
ifuiAoicftr^'^ tiwi*^ rov icarf<ra>w)9". 5. Kat** xmi<rrp€>^€V vau 
iv^^ Xc/Sp^r wpAj riv iraripa i^yAp^^' Kal iviickaffv *avT6v 3-* (A), 
irXriaCov airov*'', ftri ffyiva avrbv ircbv**. 6. Kal cTircy pj'^^ 

'l(Airii<l> T$ warpl ^fjifiir»», «Tt ol^^ viol ^Zi\<t»as ica^ BclAAas*^ cWiJtovi. 

yi/cijutiyv **Poupifi Kal •loiOa^. 7. ♦^Hir yAp tWnr*« «r4 Xl^^l 

_____ 010V9 

(-^ Kal by S) ovr«»r (^ om.)* fi, A rf^v<l>tp6s &p, ^ A, S^ avrov, 

ft S* 'I. Jcoi/P. ft A, S €B€F ydp. 

>^ ac. om. ^ ^ reads r& irpttroro^iov and trs. before ip tS pvktL 

^g reads ^c ^^a, h. fi-h om. ^ot. 0-ad, S^ read 9 Xvicor. <2, A 
omit. For X««y ^ \vkos a reads XvKor i) X<«y. ^ a. i3-^/, A, 8^ read aa 
in margin (save that g reads ^pm-of )• d 9 ^ptw 4 ^^o n Brfplop, f fj wapOfip, 
a cm. A adds r^ 6pp(kiupop in\ r6 noifuftop, ^c reads t6 mlfunor. 

" A*** read in 3rd plaral. •■ 1, a read aMp. A =oiTo. " a (save that 
e reads ^opwp). j3-a, A, S^ read as in margin (save that h reads fl-ia(<»y), 
a reads irporijirar. ** «, jS (save that c om. pan), 8*. A = tJ x« (A**** 

ttSs x*P<^0 /"'" ^^^ *^ a^»». d adds i) riip ovphp avroO. *« (save that 

they give the form i^xdin^Co). fi-d^ S^ read as in margin (save that (, 8^ 
read yvpevmp and aK6prt(op and a oMp). d yvptaas oMy ivKAravp, M ovrwr 
JutopriCttP ovt6 €v\ hvo araiiovt tppiirrop xal ovrms, A s= yvjpiaut trtpH ipov 
ifntAravp {^ + it^uilpas A^+ovra A^**'*') teal ^ie<$i^i(ov ttf dvo oradtovr, ovriir. 
^(X, c^sf. a reads av. ovnfor. d^f, 8^ ai^povy. A s dm^p i^v iym — an obvions 
corruption of our text. "a. ft A, S* om. "a. fi-g read &f. g om. 
" (2 reads «'• "^ a, 8^. ft A read as in margin (save that «f read Tpvttttp^- 
Tfpor). Here text='TJ3 and fi, AszAlj. « a reads tiaaviuxriaeri, " a, a/. 
5c^ read dirrf. "5 reads leavfAarDf. •*rf om. "c, ci. *t, jS-d read cw. 
••a, /9-d. 6, A, 8* read as in margin. "A= vkiiaiap tw irarp^ a^roO. 

S' om. rest of verse. " OK, A (save that A trs. bef. rfyA^ti), ^om. For 

next three words t reads 'I. *lnw. ■• a, ft 8*. a (over h¥^)$ A read o^O. 
^ 6 om. ^ a reads BdXiv. For the next eight words d reads Kartortf/ovat 
^mifiPtop. *•«. ftA,S»om. «A = «dXXurTa. **0L ^ read 

Karwe'wwnp. ^OL^ A* ft 8* as in murgin. *• c. A* read tp yhp ld6^€9, 
ft A*^', 8 r^ad as in margin (save that dg read o«9f and « Zto for f ftcrX 
A'^^'rsdidn. «^c. Other MSaiV'»»^ ^ trs. before ^1. I'oc,^. 

Digitized by 


l6o AIA0HKH FA A [l. r 

/3,(A),S iOavinairaf *riv d>*' ipvhv (Bwra* *irc/)l ol ikwaifitiv^^ 
««i Jri otfK *i}«t;yoro {§!;**• ical" ^^Kiyoftev oirrfv**. 8. *K«l 

ircpirov oUltoC^^ 9. Kal TO wevfia r<w** /utfcrovy ^r ^v ^Mof"*, #cai*^ 

i^Hi;, ^** n««^oi;« *ofc€ tSi* dicoiif fOrt hC i+aaXjiAif** tt^Ii; rijr 

p gi ' 'IaMn}<^, *Ti«* Kardi irp4<wMiw«* ijk€y(€V ^fioy '"X^ywr"'**, or* 

ovroSffiV x^pi^** *Io^a*'^ fja-BiOfi^v *Th Opimtara^^' ^vivra yelp** &ra 

AS oCt€ 1 1. *Ofu>Xoyca roCvw^ t^v hiiaprlav fwv, riicva^, Jr* 

Aco^r, ♦"X^t*. 2. Ro^yc fti^ rh iv^hsvia^ * Trpoa'€$4fU}y aihtf lA 

A A, S^ leai (A^« ore ({ di^n) mr^ ir^Mroy ly^y. 0-^, A, S^ Srt 

€t»g (ix A) V^x^ tftiaovp aMv ( + ml ^Xjk ovk 9>^ h i/MoX Unara ikiavf 
tls avr6w hg. A) 0, 8^ fM<rof • 

o reads c^tXiSfiiyir. bg ifyjMfitip, d^(t\6ijafw^ ^dresAstMjg^. ^hi^dbef. 
c reads rov, dg om. "^ A = n^ ^(pKor. "oc. 0, A, S read ml ror. 

•■ A*** om. For Awov^iyir a reads Avin}%. ^ A= «fi|. "^ om. 

f 6 adds Kol crirc rf irarpl 4fM»y. <2, A^* rovroy {dc^y *I. ioaT9\£kii(r9» ifiog 
vp69 'laje«/3, xai iiuniviMKfi<T€w (for last five words A* reads ry iror^ji atmw). 
^OL {hi reading rovrou). /9, S read as in margin (save that d om. 
icai^ fretAa p^iiaros for Xoyov, and g t6p before 'L). As ^luU iptKorovfun 
rf 'I. fr«pl roO X* rovrov. ^ /3, S^ add as in mai^. ^d reads fiov, 

^^ A^* read <tw <ra/. *^A reads l^mptl' (== ^dvpofu?") corrupt for l^mJkfi. 
^= ^OtXop. ** a. A S read as in margin {save that g reads ovd^ . • . ovdc). 
A combines the three following words (IMf r. 'I.) with what precedes 
as follows : ti ^. IMp rhp 'I. o(fr< tC dico^t dxouciir ircpl aurov. We should 
add oKoUw with A after bi cueo^. The phrase would then = Q^^ms PDr^« 
Cfi Ps. xliv. 2, &c. or ti affo$f=:VC^a corrupt for SbB^|)=«iJtt)w«jr, ••«, 
A*^. (f reads aitJri. /J-i, A******', S^ icai'! "a. j3, A, Spread fr/Kfcr.irwoMAi'. 
••a. i9,A,S^om. ••a. ^ reads a^v. " (i adds icm 'Pov/3^ "^ 

reads ovni. A^^^^opn^v. "^a. fi-^. A, S^ read mira nwmu d o^cv nu* 

d^ A add iroyra* ''^ d reads rf rarpl i^fAMir. So presumably A though 

text represents them as = 6 irar^p iiiiw. A^* add *l<Mn7^ after cXcyt and 
*lttK»fi after i^^. <2 om. tirtiBrro aurf. 

II. ^a fi reads irGy. 'A^ A add /lov, 'c2 reads f^ovX^V* ^QC 
(save that A reads ipUnttrti). fi-g, 8^ read as in margin (save that S* adds 
ndinit before ^h^Xv)* 9 ^'o^* As ml (A*' ^t) ^le V^vxv* ^M* ovr^. The c«f 
seems corrupt in fi, 8\ bg, A add as in margin (save that g om. Sk^ and 
for ^an cXMVff reads Acof ). • A*** adds owroO* • a, A (save that &, 

A om, aiiTfy Yet the pronoun seems necessary. See reading of d. 

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3. Kal Kfnxfnj vpia-as airbp 
'lot/^as Tois ^la-fuuXCTous. 5. 
Oft-ft)ff^* 6 &€ds T&v itarifKnv 
^fJL&v ipfrHa-aro airrhv U t&v 
X€ip&v ^fJL&v, Iva iiij «04^a-ft)- 
IA€P h r<p 'J<ypa)i\ ivofiiav 


ano {efg 

•Vl) T^g 

ft A, SI 
3. Aid^^a^jcolSuMcci^ifW 

V€irpiKafi€V cArbv roh 'I<r- 
/utaiyAfratff [*rpt(J#coyra )^- 
o-fwr^^ icai Tct d^ica ivoKpiS- 
\lf€arr€S rh eUoei ibtl^ofjia; 
ToU iZ€\<f>oi9 ^fjL&v^% 4. 
Kal olfra>9 rg vK^ove^Cq hrkri' 
po(ftoprqBriii€V^^ r§ff ia/aipia-fois 
airov. 5. Kal 6 ©cis t&p 
vaTip(AV [wv^^ ippva-aro avrbv 
iK T&v X€ipw ftou, Iva 
mV^ irotiycrw dwffiry/ia** ^if 

The text presuppoBes ink ifab^ftDDin. Cf. Gen. xxxvii. 8. I here foUow 
A*'; for printed Arm. Text reads irpo<rtTt04fuea {^) alr^ r. p. fi, S as in 
margin, d adds f 2r aMi^. ^ <f , A trs. after next word. • h, 6, S^ e, e 
read f«Xifdi, / c'cXfj^u which are corruptions of the text. Num. xxii. 4 
which was in the mind of the writer also supports the text. Here the 
^^^ = «rXtf«i 9 trwaytByf^ avrrf vdvras rohs levirX^ ^/i«y, ins cVXifct 6 p6<rxot 
ra xX«p^ cic Tov vfda»v. Notwithstanding, the expression put into Oad's 
mouth is very difficult, d, A, which read €$i;ikuyltai, oflFer a more attractive 
text. Of this word ««X«T^i in a and 4x6X1^ in g could he easy 
corruptions. Moreover cxXct^ could he explained irom ^jcX«/xf« in the 
next clause. • d reads ^k rijt ytj^ t&p. A^* om. " c reads fcJi^cu 

a om. rest of verse. "According to Armenian Text A**'****' add c faXfi^^af, 
but this may be an error of the editor as A*' om. ^d reads ^icX^fcc. 

» a. W. S» read as in margin, efg, A ri (^, A om.) «rl t^s y^s. With 
text compare Num. xxii. 4 mbn pl\ ** c reads oSror. »/ adds koL 
gbi. A'om, "/3-6,A,S«. 6, S» read •loiJd«. " 0^5/ (save that 5a 
read xpvo"*"). ^ reads tU rpwatovra xpvtra. d th xp^trivwt X'. The words in 
brackets, though found in 0, A, 8^ are a Christian interpolation. *» a om. 
"^-^S'j S*. 6^, A read eirXffpo(f>opri6rip. deg, A add ircpi. The expression 
is strange. It seems to be a development of that in Eccles. viii. 11 
rvkrsh • . • . ab vho. Our text = wnn$ WK^jd = ' we were bent on slaying 
him.' Perhaps 13Ki>D is defective for 133*? wi'Dss'our heart was filled' 
(Le.benton). ••/3,A*,6P. A**om. A*****' read ^M»»' m in a. »5om. 
"fg read oyo/uav. cf adds fwyo (as in a), and so originally A; for yt tikj^fup' 
(= fV fic<ry row *ltfpmp<) is corrupt for 4^ jt«p' = M^ **' *I<^/>- 

CR. PA. M 

Digitized by 


1 62 AIA0HKH FAA [ni. i 

6,A,S III. Kal vvv ajcoAraTt^ Aoyov" ikriStCai^, "^tov ttoico;* 

^Kovaar^f ^ncaioavvriv, Kal irivra!^ viyiov^ i^Urrov, koL fiii"^ ir\ava<r6€^ 
lAov, *''$ W€iifmTi^ Tov filaovs^^, Sri kokSv iariv iifi via-ats rais^^ 

Q-fg^ S* ir/wif€a-t T»v" ivOpdvcov, 2. *ndaf ft" Ihv^^ iroiei^* 4 fiurfiif^^, 

waiT" *''<>*'''0J' oiK ^iroivci*®' i(£v Tiy*^ <^/3€irai** Kvpiov ical ^Aet 

p, S* *tA SiKaiOF^^ *TOVT0V ovK Ayair^**. 3. TriP dXiftfeioj; 

*iVa*a. yj^^yf^25^ Jls^- icaTopdowT4^doi;€i*®, *KaraA.aAtav Ao^r(if€Ta4*^ 

7' i vvffnjipavlcaf iyavd^^, &ri t6 fjXaoi ^/crv^Xoi^* r^r V^V 

*5, A'', S add Tf Kpa itov, but A******* according to printed text prefix 
these words. See note 3. ' e, g» h, fi-g, A, S read \^vs. * defg 

add rcjcva /iov. ^ A reads Kai iroiijovrf. * hd^ A, S. OK, aef read vw. 

g r6», ' g adds rov. A reads XAyovs. ^ h om. ' 5, S read nkopaaOai. 
*f reads r^ irm/ui. ^^ A reads Ja^ipn*-(^^utlt ( = irXaM;r) corrupt for 
uautt^uphmli = fti(rovu ^^ <X, fi om. ^'/ reads «rap^. A = ^ iroy. 

^ c2 om, ^* c, d$f. h, ahg read iroig ( + xaX<$v /k). ^g reads dtrator. 

^*0(* ^~:/^> ^ ^^^ AS in margin, f fiMXoun tarou g ov fjJf <r^ ^dcXvo-crcrm. 
A^=Pd€\vyiid tori alrf. A*******' PdeXvicrAif (or fiUkvyiia) boK€i ovrf . Here 
ovrf is an intmsion. Hence A supports Of. /ddcXvao-crm and ^dcXvxnSy 
may both be renderings of ^V??> ^^^ ^ iSdfXvfro'frai is taken actively, as 
it can be in P-fg^ then it presupposes ayntD, *' a, A. jS, S om. *■ A, 
6^ read froij. *• a, A* fi om. *• a reads ovk cVr. rovrw. A = vA^ts 

inaufovcw aMv. h adds rh frP€Vfui rrjs wKdmis, ^C, Other MSS. om, 

'^a, ef. ahdg read ^o^^rat, h adds row, »a, A, ft 8* read as in 

margin. •* A = roiovrow rls iaruf og ovk ayasr^, h reads rovro for ttovto* 

and adds r^ wpivfia after ayafr^. * h reads Bn X/yec and trs. before r^ 

dX. A corruptly adds ot before rrfp aX, ^c om. For xorop. <2 reads 

ffara/i;(oOvri. A reads i^q^t q^wubutiumn^u /f€.p ^m/uuthift =s yJLaivtt r^ir 

6doy avrov tf>Bov*L But t^qS-t is corrupt for nt.q_qt-j before which if we 
replace the o^ wroDgly added before ttjw akffieuw (see note 23), A = r^ 
KoropBovvTi ft>6opu. A**** adds np before %u»^iulu^. "^ A = ar« (A**** 

om.) rj iiarat&nfri npotricwti ; but nAuybnt.p'iraulb irp^ptqmq.t is corrupt (1) 
.for qpiqmpiaaLpftLit phq.t9tJbh ess icarakaktiuf a<nr^^€nu. 'a om. rest 

of verse, h adds 6 ftaKpmwp dir6 frpoo-cAirov GcoO. d? adds Jcai afrX<»f ciircltr 
irfiy froinfp6v tpyop Koi nSurap SKktfP o-arayuc^v irpd^ tvunrarai, "'Of. 

6egr, A, S read f rv(^Xa»o-(. of dirorv^Xci. / dn-orv^Xoi. •* «, /. /3-a read 

ica^ttf. " A, g read «y<». ■• a. jS, A, S* om. ** d reads Irra^ov and 
trs. after 'Iw^r^. «r . , . cV ry 'I. = ^3 HtHK ^3K W ^3 which may be 
corrupt for ^*a rtl^ ^n« D3 ♦a = if «a/u* fViJ^Xoxrc fV r^ X »* a. ft A, S» 
read as in margin. 

Digitized by 


■u». — -*^— ;Tr=- 

IV. 6] AIA0HKH FA A 1 63 

IV, ^Ki(aa$€ civ, T^Kva ^jlov^, ivh tov filaovs, Sti §♦, ^IjT^ 
^KoP^ dy' avrdi; rdv Rt/pcor ivoyXav^ voi^i. 2. Ov yhp aTaW* 

BiK^i iKoHtof ^k6y(tiv^^ ivroKQv^ avrov 7F€p\ iyiirris *tqv ivaKpi$i 
ir\ri<r(ov'^ * W els ©cir Vaprcbci^ 3. '"'Eai; y^p iriirji J^J|| "^" 
4 ide'X<^<(ff"'', *<nro«Sdl€i €^\^^^ AvayyciXai roty^^ waoru;, Kal A ' 
<nr€l;d€4 *w€pl a^nu Iva KpiOcls^' ical icoXaa-^cly ivo$62ni, ?"f''gV* 
4. 'Eiif di *bovK6s Tty j}", ovjiPaXtii* avrov irpos t6v icipiov Itrixnpti 
avTov, ical iv 7ri<ni BkCyfrei^^ *iv%X0Lip€i a^^^*, clTTWff*^ ^-«/»A, 

Kara rwy €Virpayo6vT(av *iv Trpo/cow^*^ iiKoAt^v /cal*^ 6p«if avr<5F^ 
Trirrorc Aa-dcvci, 6. "fi^nrcp*^ ^ &y(iin7 '^Kal^ Tovy P€Kpois ^ 

''^^^Xei foMwroi^o-ai** xal roifs iv^ iLTro<f>ia'€(, Oavirov 6i\€(^ ydp, 

IV. ^gom. « Of. P, A, ff om. « c^ read cVr. *«, W^, S^ 

cfti^/, A read moittuf, • c, o^, S. hi read Xcfyovr. d i^poy, / X<Jyor. 

^ adds 8<oi). ' For the next nine words g reads Ocov alrov ircpl aytiin;^ 

o^ pcXXct ttVTf th TOW irkrfaiou km €h roy 6f(Sy. ^/ reads rSy irX^aiW. 

'<£ reads di^ rovro dfAOfn^u km cir Gc(Sv. *P,S (save that 5 reads imiltru 
for«-c<F27). oc, A om. but wrongly, oc/e/' add avrov. "a. ft A, Spread 
as in margin (save that A trs. the words). <nroMC€i in a = t&rr, a 
correction of ytn* =^€X€« of ft S*. " Ot /9 om. "^ (save that h 

reads vircp and ki KptBj), i9, A, S^ read as in margin (save that a reads avrSw 
and c2^ avrov for avnjs). ^ (X (save that they read cf for S and At trs. ns 
after cT). ft A, S^ read i dwXot {of dovkog g)- ^*ci- ^ P> ^ i«^ 
flrvft/SoXXfi and A*^^*^' read as in margin. A^ corrupt. Here A may be 
an unjustifiable change of the text, avfjipaku here = fl^p^ or ^], Cf, 
Jer. xliii. 3. ^d adds avrov. " OK, fi-b (save that d om. ovrf ). h, 8^ 
read hnx*ipfi for avrov (a avrf ). A = imx^ipu butnktof (or a^aipcftv) ovroy 
leal ^Acc ( A^ Xoyi (crai). It is obvious that there is an internal dittography^ 
in A. If imx^^ff^ IB right iy ndtrjf Bkly^tt is probably a mistake for watrav 
exHrtv. We should then have the familiar phrase rhv X^ nyn'^3. 
'^M read cTflvp. d Strml ^OL,af, &(20^, A, S^ read as in margin (save 
that de read ^aT»<rji), ^ a. /3-a6, A, S* read t6 yap fuaos ovvcpyc? (W, 
8^ cvcpyc?) rf <^<^ ({? ^i^). qf 6 yap i^66po% trvMpyu rf ifi6¥tf. ^ d reads 
the next six words as follows : iLcovwy r^i^ xar* avrwi^ tvirpayovmnw vpoKonwiv, 
For Korh . . . aaBtvti A = <Iyrc(rrparcv<Tai (i. e. q^t/t but A^' rightly reid 
WHSr^ « /or/) mir& r»y td itoiovptwp voptot^ Sn vpoKmripf avr&v waprort aKotwp 
mil 6p&p aaB€V€t (A^**'*' om. Ka\ Sp&if aaBepti and for rpojcoir^y A***' read 
puror through an internal corruption). ^OL. ae read rf vpoxmrg, 

hg. A, S* r^ir frpoiKoiri^y. / om. ■■«, 5/. ocfo read 1} xac. ^ f. 

"a. ft S^ read as in margin. A = ml ^&<nrf p. ••^trs. "*com. 

••At, /3-*, A, 8. 6 reads d«Xi}<rfi, c om. ''a, <2/, A. ^-d/, S^ om; 

M 2 

Digitized by 


1 64 AIA0HKH FA A [lY. « 

ipaKak4(rcur0ai, ohois xal^^ t6 /uturof rciff C^vras 04\€i, 
iiroKT€lvah kcu *roi5 iv i\Cy(f hfiOfmia'avTas^^ oi 64k€t f^v. 
7. Td yhp mtvfia tov fila-ovs *hM rfjs*^ (SXtyo^rvx^ay 
av»€pytl T^ ^Tov^ iv ma-w cb Oivarov r^v iv6p&v<Av, 
rh hi irvevfja r^y Aydinyy *& iMKpoOvfdq^^ <TW€py^l *r^ 
yjfitt^^ TOW 0€<n5 €h a<aT7ipCav tQv^^ iofOp^ittav. 

V. ^KoKhv ovv^ i<m,^ rh filavp, 8ti *lvb€K€X€i <niP€X»s* 

*r^ ylreSbfi, kaXQp^ Kara r^s* dAi^^e^;, Kci rh [jLiKph fjLeyiXa 

fi (A), S* irot€?*, TO *♦«« o-K^TOs^ itapix€i^y kcX^ rb yAvicv wi/cpdv X^yet^^ 

y'jT *"* KaK&v^ Koi^'^ lov btapokiKov ttiv Kopblav iKirXripol^^, 2. 

*Tavra o5v** iK v^Cpas^^ X/yo) i5/uiu;, Wici^a /nov, ^ircoy 

ifdSoTjrc^ ri /iuroy *Ti 5ta)3oX(icJi/^^» Koi icoXXi/^^e tj} 

fjkodBt M^ 1-w^* ©eotJ**. 3. *H«« JwcauMrtJw;^^ fc/BdXXci rd 

Sr./*i<Tor. /wo-o?^'', ff rav€(v(a<n9 hfOAptl *Ti li}Xo$*** 6 yip 5Lcai09 icol 

^ d reads rove dfutpT» tu oXcya». A =: cvfiea trptKpwf dpapri&v. ** A = MOi. 

The phrase ^ r. oXiy. = mi IXpD. Cf. Prov. xiv. 29 ; Pbs. Sol. xri. 11. 
'^As= leai fuucpo6vfUas. " e reads r6 npfvfuju *^ P'-dg om. 

V. * 1^, S* ont ■ a. ft 8 om. • A reads qop ^lAm^^iuqJ^ = avwx»0 
which maj be cornipt for ^mlUtmt^uifopti,t = MeXf^ci wptx^' *P» ^^ 
(save that 41 reads XaXoOv). e reads r^ c^ Xak&p, hi t6 y^bot XaXtZ. 
A= r^ V^doff XoXtti' (A^*"*'' XoXcur). With MfXfx«i . . . ittv^i, of. Ecclns. 
XX. 25 6 iMktxlO^ V^dci. *a reads rag. *A=: iroittr. ^a, S*. 

fiy A, S^ read as in margin (save that d, A read vk6tw in ^s). ' Id^ tf. 
c reads XoXcL 5(2, S^ read wpoaix*^ 9^ A ffkimt. S* yroici. a om. In 
Is. T. 20 the phrase is niK^ *]e^n D^tDb. Here vapix*^ might be a rendering 
of Utff bat is never foond as such, g, A jSXcVci = nyS^V npoatxn properly 
=a^Dlfe^. Perhap8rA^<r«{rw7rap€x«=lB^ni'11fc<nB^3r. 'c.-A. At,3om. 
^^ A reads XaXcl. i Kokti, " c, 3-^. At ovKO(l>apriait» a <n;ico^yruir. 

adds Tiff. **«, /3-6i, A, S*. d reads koI cwpyci. 5, S^ om. **(3t. 
/3, A, 8* om. ** a. jS, A, 8 om. " a om. rest of verse. " e om. 

^''M om. "a (save that 0, c^* read c«nrXi;pci), (2^. j3-hu2 read irXiipor. 

^'(X. /3-5, A read ravra. 5, 8^ kcA ravra. ^A reads a^anTmni-plrlik 
(=sajrXifr7ro£) corrupt for ^i/&#f<-/7i^1b4- = irfipar. "^/i^, A****"**'. Of 

reads eflk<rcr«. 6, 8^ ^v^o^e. For on-ttr . • , dio/SoXiKoy A^ reads mrm p^ 
purrjrt aKk^Xovs' fiuros yhp tfpyop rov dtu/SdXoi;. *^0U |S-6, A read rov 

bioSSkw, b, 8* om. ^g om. **a, <i, A, A, i8-<l, S read Kvpiov. 

^ d reads Sn ^ ph, hi om. clause 17 due. . . . fito-of . ** of, A add fraripv». 

"d om. next five words. A adds «u. «•«, A^*. 0(0, A**^*', 8 read r. 
fucror. fr.y^tvbot, g r^ ^6vop. ^ g redids dbiidap, *^ A reads oXXooi^. 

Digitized by 


V.p] AIA0HKH TAA » 165 

Tair€wd9 aidciTOt Troirja'ai tbiKov^^/ ^oi% vv iXXov** icaro- 

♦dr^piy 6<rfou««, ^ir€i«i> i «(>rfi3o9 rw 0€(w" *olit€i iir db^*o. ft A, S» 
5. ^ofioiiievos yap^^ firi irpwrKpowrai^^ Kl;/E)(^*^ ov WXci ri ^^9^^ 
KotfrfAov** ofiSi** j(0£ forofas** ddiic^crai ipOpanrov. 6. ff-a/A 

Tavra *iyii ^oxaroif*^ ^0)1; /xcri ro ^icrayo^a-af*® fxc »€p2** ft'^KoP A 
•l«<nj<^«^ 7. *H yftp Korh ©c^v aXiy^y" Mcraj/pw" jf* W" 

TcifS i<l>0cLKfJLov9 #cal yvQatv ttapiyj^i tj} V^vxP' ***^ Wiyyci *ri J**' ?*^' 
8io)8o^X4or" *ir/)d£ <ra>rnp[av^\ 8. *Kal odic IjaoOck ^^^ 

dwft dvOpiftTtti' TOUTO dXX* olSf Sid f&CTayo(of rods iviaTp^^orrof fo^s. 
Uxco6ai'^ 9, 'Emjyoyc y<i/)** fAoi 6 0€ds i;<Ja-ov ^iraros, 5?!,^'^ 

ical ci 

ai«^ 9, 'Emjyoyc y<i/)** fAoi d 0€ds i;<Ja-ov ^iraros, Jfj^'® 

0-a, S waTp6s pov. 

^ h reads mra rsnof xatXov/MHOf. ^ dcdaaxi^fifyof. ** For n^lrpl^ (=:ovic c2) 
read ^f^it a^j^fl pi or ^XXd. "^ reads (n/wcdftrfwr. ^a, fi-bd* h reads 
cVurjtorffi, (2 m/3Xc]rcc ""of. iS-il, A^ S read as in margin (save that 

A, B read rd dufiovXia). d <V a^($r. ** OL, hg, fi-A>g, S> om. As ourwr. 
** ^ reads mi did rovro ov jcoraXci (sic). A ^ ica2 ov icaraXaXft, "* tt^ 

/3-M. 6 reads a»bp&t, d Sa^pa oo-tov. A=dydp^ <IXi7^0r. 6 adds alrov. 
•• c, /a-fc. h reads irvp/ov. 6, A, 8* v^itmv. e Xpunw, *•«. 3, A, S* 

read as in margin, a = iron niT. A A, S* nWB^ ^31*. **'i om. 
" c, A^ A, hdfg read frpwrKpova-tt. ae irpoincpovirff, ^A adds ovtow ««'. 
«*a reads luMkow. ^p. ot reads oft-f. A****** koI. A*' om. *•«, /3-6. 
6, A, S read OTOi«if. *^ a, /»-d, 8. d reads tf ryd €<rx«ror« A*****'s= yap 
wopTa r/d wrr^pow. A^* ydp Z^y v<rr§pov, I do not see how this corruption 
in A arose. « ^b»odtf ^y^y internal corroption) = dirtfirjaai. *• Wg/Jjr add 
Tw. io^b««d»f j^^ ^ ^^ ^i«Ttiiro5(r<u ft€. " ft c reads dXiytft « . A oXjytfii^. 
•• c reads fitr^tnuu. ■•«, ft-M. 5 reads avtlBttoM. & ^x^paw. d om. 

As A omits bracketed clause and as this clause not only spoils the balance 
of tlie rest but is also actually expressed in substance later, I have 
bracketed it as a disturbing gloss. ^ A* om. A reads rf iiofiovXUf 

Ka\ 6^ify€i npr ^XV^ for t§ ^X9 • • • ^^ itaPovktop, ^ c reads r$f vwnipiaf, 

* (X (save that e reads vn6 and h om. mu and row, adds r^ after dui, and 
reads verbs in zst sing.), af read «ii oIk tpaBtv awh {ynh a) dpBpvnmw, oSSc 
did rfr ptTopouu robt ivtarpi^opTas ^x^c^ai, fi-af. A, S* read as in margin 
(save that A reads ptrdpota for d. ri/« ft. c{ reads vapA, e vn6 and g did 
r»v for mr<$). There is some radical corruption in all the MSS. and 
VerBions. "^ d adds Jjaop. "^ a reads cv;(ii/, ^ tvxn. bg, A, 8 add 

'loM^fi. '^odefdAd'ioK^. ^^at^As^^nir. a reads I^Aurav. ft-a, 

Digitized by 


166 AIA0HKH FA A [v. 9 

ft A, S iXCyov iew^^ ^ii^tivt tA irrcu|Mi (jioo*^. 10. AC &v yap 

dia^ww;- ^83 UpSpfaTTos vapavoiui, bi iK€(va>v^^ KoKiC^ai. II. 

iftov t6 'Eircl ^oZv^ Ifcctro** tcl rjirara fiov Ay(X.€«s®* Kara rod 'loxn^t^, 
TTvtvua *T^ ^iran*^ ir(i(rxa)v'® ivCkfm iKpw6iir\v iv\ *XP^w)os Wiia«»^ 

fi^iwp VI. *Kal vw^, r/#a;a fuw, ^irapair^ vyXv^^* Ayauarc^ 

^iwrfifb fop^w*^ ifi&v* dyain^^mTf* AXXiJXovy'^ iv Ipyt^ ical k&y<p kclI 

coftff (Ml btavolq yjnjxji^' 2. *'Eya^ yhp^ Kara vpSaoivov tov iraTp6s 

"^^* Hov^, tlpriviKh^^ ikii\ow Tf 'l<^(ri/i4>' *4{€px^w« U <{ a&rofi" 

B^Toy* ^^ irv€Vfia *tov fil<rovs iaKdriC^ /utov rhv vovp^*, koI iripaa-ai^^ 

ddtX^p, *jiao rh¥ \oyiuy^^^ ^irpbs rd^ ia^^keiv aMv^^. 3, 'AyawiJ- 

6(?^, A,S^ a-ar^^'^ iXki/ikovs ivo KapbCai, Kal iiv rty^* ^iLfiopn/ja'ti ciy o-^**, 

dyan&v ...^— — — ^— 

T«r. /S-d, A-*, S* Kal ff{<X^($vror /iow. ^, A, S* t^p i^XV^ f"w. 

S om. If 9(l>6a<raM here is not a conjecture of the Greek scribe, it = \^i 
as it dees generally in the LXX, Is the latter a corruption of nty which 
Ot, A presuppose here^ or of \)ro, which we have conjectured as the original 
in the parallel passage in T. Jud. xiz. 2 where Of reads awibpapav = 1V^ 1 
^ (X, adg. hef om. " <X (save that h reads f (cXcirv). p, A, S read as in 

margin (save that ag, A*^ om. itr inov and A reads €x»phBri), g adds crt* c/m. 
•* a, deg, ahf, A, S om. •* fi^, A, S add ra*. •• a, ^, A. d reads licnyro. 
a avcVeiTow ^ cWxccro. ^(2 om. next seven words through hmt. See 

note 69. •'a om. ••A= hnurxow mii. ••«. ft A, S read as in 

margin, d adds jcura roO 'loxr^^* dc^ roOrv hraxrxov avra dpiKtms. g adds 
icoi. a om. rest of v^rse. ''^(X. bd read &roy x/x^vov. 4^ Ay XP^*^^* 

'^ ^, A read c (xoi^ ( + xo^^ pifrot A). (2 trs. after 'Ia»<n7<^. "^ ft A, S add 
as in margin (jsave that d om. imi). For irpo^ A*** read arpdirafifw. 

VI. ^A** add *0 dyamiTol, akrjBfit iari 6 \6yos o^os Sn lU* &» fu\&p Ka\ 
dfjutpravtif di* ^icctWy ical KoKaCerai Kal ww, ' (X (save that e reads 9ra/>av£)« 

ft A, S om. * a, /3-<w/. 5, S* read ciyo9r^<raT«. ci^ ayatnjird. * «, «/. 

5c{^, A, 9 read as in margin. ' d adds ayain;<rar« xol r&y irXi^a joy avrov 

(conflate). * oc (sa^e that A reads dyanm), aef, S'. A, bdg, & read as 

in margin. 'd, A' add nu. *A = duk 6 joxi ry<&. * a, d, A. /3-cfy 
read ^y. g om. "A* = cV tlprfPtKois, ** a. rf reads i^pxoptpw di 
mvTov mr6 npoa&irav tov warpos ^p&p, A^ d^pxop/hov d< /<ov iK tov irarpds 
fuw, /3-<?, A******', S* read as in margin (save that g om. fww). 
i2^b*^j) j,gj^ irXovijff taK&nC* tt^v ^rvxr^v pav th fturof. For f*ov hi 
read /** vir6. "A reads^irc^/ri^it/' (= irpcKircfiirf) corrupt for jauftp 

= iTupatrat. ^^ (X (save that ^t om. fun;). ft A, 8^ (save that a trs. 
fiov before r^y) as in margin. "^hd read roO. ^'a om. rest of 

chapter and vii. 1-6. " cA, e/, A. <?/, A add 6^p, », W^, S* read 

Digitized by 



ttJ yjnjxji o'ov fiii Kpan/jtrris 

^. A, SI 
opla-as rbv Ibv tov filaovt, kcu^ «?ir*rf. 
(Tjyy dJXov Kal ihp ^SixoXoyfi- 

avTov bia-a-Qi dftaprcbcis'^ 5. [M^'^ Aicot/crp** fo /idx}? 4A.* 
Korpios^ ri** fxv<rnjpi6v croii**, *foa /n^** /niOTJo-as''' *ixOpipri 
a•€^^ #cai fjLeyiXriv h^ioprUw ipyinnirai^^ ^h iroO^^* &n 
iroAA.(iici9 *doXo<^a>m irc*^ ^ 'ff€pi,€pyAC^td o-c^^ fo /caicoiy^'] 

oyoirarff nZv (t om.). ^ Of, ef. hdg om. *• c. A«, / read dpapr^frji ut <rf , 
((i^y S ^^pdprjf €lt at, e Apaprn w (re. A = &papriftrm mU aXXi^Xovr* 
**e. ^' read cfpijin^ o'oi. '^ c reads ^fioXoyi7<rffi« ** a om. next six words 
through hmt. ''A*^ = MlpSpnfp. dg add jeoi. ^ d om. * hdg om* 

** /3-«k£, A% S^ (save that / reads fifroroi/o-fi). d ficV fUTaMoii<r]j S/ioKoy/jajj. 
Ay = ^/tfoXoyiyo-airrffr /mtowi^oiitv. A^**'* SpoKaytjatis ficroyoijoT;;* '^ A^ =: 

^cTf oXXijXocr. g om. next six words through hmt. S^ adds 11^ KoraKl^pouMi 
alm>v. «• a, /3-al, A^ S^ (2 reads Spvnrai. A»**«** =ilpi^. » cZ 

reads fu}, *® Of. &«^ read dpaprria^t. df &pa(rniiru9. A^ adds atrtoff yap r$r 
6povlag <7. ^ A corruptly reads xai and so destroys the sense of what 

follows. I have bracketed all ver. 5 except the final clause as an interpola- 
tion. Verses 3, 4, 6, 7 deal wholly and in a most original manner with 
the subject of forgiveness, and with this subject the bracketed clauses have 
no relation. Thb interpolation appears to be based on Fror. xxt. 8-10 
with possibly a consciousness of Sir. xix. 8-9, and deals with the danger 
men run, when their tempers are roused in a legal suit, of divulging secrets 
to strangers, and so of exposing themselves to attack from these strangers. 
The final clause Xo/9a>y dw6 aw r^ Uw^ which according to ver. 3 (^, A, S^) 
refers to evil of personal resentment passing from the breast of the 
oUbnded man to the offender whom he passionately reproves, cannot 
apply to the stranger in ver. 5, but follows naturally on the words 
fii^ ^ovf tW in ver. 4 : < don't get into a passion, lest catching the poison 
from thee (i.e. he too fialling into a passion) he take to swearing, &c.' 
^ df read wcovau, A^ = ixouawaip, "* g reads dXXor/M^. A trs. before 
•■' P«Xff« A*= aXX^puH, ••«. /3 om, "a. A A, 8 read Iia&w. »» A* 
= ni. A»****« om. "A = fua^ at ( A**"*' {f,iag) Kid. » «, 6, A*** (save 
that b trs. ix$. at), efg^ S^ read txjBpdyjg. d ixOpalwti. & om. following 
Kal. A*****^x^polifrc. ^A(r'^^)=:t'frydanaet. A^* om. rest of verse. 

^or. hd,8 read kotu aov. efg did aov. ^^ At,/, c reads doXo^»-$<rai. 

b d6kpfl>t$p^atti, (f doXo^Qv^crai. edokoffxriftiat, ^ doXo^i^irff (sic). But these 

Digitized by 


l68 AIA0HKH TAA [Vl.g 

ft S, *Aa)3tt«f Airo atw^ top I6v. 6. *Ehv *di i^jr^oTyrai** icai 

ftff^f'ow i y^P Aprorfjxcvoy" ficroroc? *tow vXi|fi|MXii9ai^® *€ls W^^ 
liilKfVi 4cKoa [<|Kl^«|•cl«] clfn|pci{ci<»^ 7. *£av d^ *^(n-uf awidifs^^ 
j8-a/A, *«^ fofcrrarat** if mlkU^, * koI o{fra>s" 4^s aJr^ 4iri 
8* aXXA KopbCaf, KoX My** '^r^ ©c^ r^i' iKbCKJiciv. 
fftivt VII. 'E^ *M cts^ i^^p t;/ia9 €Vo5ovnu /x^ Xtnrcio^c^ 

[^ AAA'* rfxeo^c wrip oiroO*"' tra TeX€i«$g»* 'I'affroay y«ip iirrw 

€i^ai\Ka\ ^/A"' <rvii(f>ipov^, 2. Kal ^JU; ^irl vXcZoi; iS^ourai, ft^ 

cip^i/fv- <f>$ov€lT€ ^airr^^'^, ikvr\iuOiV€6ovj€S Srt ima-a trhp^ ivo$av€iTau 
S'sW«f Kupf^) 8> {JfAvovs* 7rpoa'(l>ip€T€* r^ irapixovTi rh KoXh koX^^ 
hdeg. A, S^ tyXcimc cvodovrcu. 

may imply bSk^ ^mtovc A"^ renders the phrase together with ^ mpup- 
ysfrroi as foUoWB : irapafrKcvaffrat froXXaxtr doXo^FfiMrci/ 4rr. 8^ as doXo* 

^oM}<rffc (Tf. ^ft S. a om. ^a. i3 reads «wf. ^a, 6, A, 8. 

dsf read dirtS <roi; Xi^y. ^ diraXi^/3Mir. ^OL (e reading dpy^v«ir€, 

such itacisms being frequent in this MS.), h^g^ & read o^y a^vcirw, 
d nZv ifmjfTt (i.e. for ^pw;rai). A=s o^v 4pin}<r^. A adds rovro. ^'A = 

Mtv^tfTt (A^*^ hrCKtimfT^) iktyxi/iani. After mdnr^ d adds inr6 irov. 
^ tXy efg. b, 8* read ral (6 om.) ^ovxcicr^. c2 <2ff ffvxor. A s= ^<rvxav«rf . 
A adds Kai ^(x{c reading <XXcy{i|»). The text may be right, if i^^x- 
ft^ tkeyifjt^* cease from reproving.' hg^ 8^ read as in mar]^ def€ia^K. 
Ass dtifUHTuvfiT*, ^A adds rtuovra. *°(X. ft S^ read as in margin. 

A = Ka\ovir\rifAfi0s\€i, **A=riW. **(X. 0- a/, A, 8^ read as in margin 
(save that d om. «UX(2 and ir4 and adds ooi after ipoP^. and ftm uov after 
Mlptpf. and A gives the three verbs in the 3rd present indicative : cL a), 
f Ka\ il>ofiii3^amu mi tifnivrwni, ^o0i;^<i« or its equivalent tcai ^ofiifiiiarrai are 
bracketed as interpolations. The idea of 'fear' is aUen to the context. 
Perhaps 4^fiif^<rrrai (=K^^^) arose through a dittogri^hy of V^^= nftijcrct. 
^ OL. fi-a, A, S^ read a»a^^i8 {d dvaldtta) iarw, ** c (A t) r«ads tanartgnH. 
^f om. For this phrase together with rest of sentence A gives : mi c^ 
our«r i, Hijitt avTf dir^ ^i^c Kopbias vov^ xal 9As rau x'P^^ ovrov Ua rtXtipH 
iHtry^aufy avfi^p€i yiip oun»r. Here the last six words constitute the 
latter half of vii. i where they should be restored. mnjmf^mptilraBgt 
(=6di7yi7<r€ft) is corrupt ioT jmfmqltugfi s cvodiy^^arcTcu. Hence A supports 
hdeg, 8. ^ A om. last four words of this verse and first twelve of next. 
VII. ' c hi read lii rts, ft 8* ns, A om. • At om. next two words 
trough hmt (f). *c,/. Ug, 8 add m/. d fioXXm^. * e reads cavroO. 
• Of, / (save that / prefix ««). hdegy A, S* read as in mai^. (8ee note 56, 
chap. YI.) * OL (save that hi trs. iarof v/ity), A. heg^ & read Itr^ yap 

vfu» (Tv/i^pci ourttT. /oiJrwf y, v/mt irvitxf>tpei. d cm. ^C. A reads alnxni. 

Digitized by 



oviuftipovra *ma-tv iv6ptivoii^^. 3. 'E^iraaov *Kp^uera W9 <>* 

4. 'Eiip «i" ^K ic<uca»" Tis wXoOT^ffft, &s 'Ho-ow a itaxpii. Yt!^ 
8<X^s" fKW, M^ C'?^«<<nn-e"* «/)oi>" ''Ji''** Krpfow iKU^curBt*^. yip. " 

5. El» A^vefrot" toWl" *fo Koxots", ^ jteroro^wimM Ar^^^ 

i oMv. fiy A, S om. * 6 reads v/imv. A« add mi ^v. * At read 

npotr<tUpmiTa and om. next six words, d adds airaiWwv (sic). " ef add to. 
" d reads tpw dv^. irocriy. " At, hefg. A, S* (save that 6, S* read Kuplf). 

e reads upifui rf Kv/m^. c2 i^fta Kvpiov. ^OL h reads ovrMp KunaKuh^u 

dg ovK /yjcoroXci^i (^ jicoraXci^c). ^ ov (/ om.) Korakii^u A = owe 
cM(araX€i^ff|7 bat by a change of one letter it =s oU /ymmiXcc^ctf . S^ = fu) 
jKoroXcrf^rc. A*******^ trs. after r6 lUafiovkt^p trov according to printed Arm* 
Text but not A*'. First of all MiroX^ft {ef) is a cormption of Koraktly^t. 
There remain then KorakAfi^u of (X and some compound of Xth^i in 0, A, S*. 
Bat Kordkofiy^i is impossible. It may be a corraption of raroXc/^ci, or it 
may attest a corraption already existing in the Hebrew original : that is, 
it:snn2 Gornipt for n^|!=«iraX(i><i. Thos it appears that Koraktl^i must 
for the present be accepted. Bat this word admits of no intelligible mean- 
ing in the present context. Hence if it is rights something is wrong 
in the context. Now according to deg, A, 8^, a negative shoold be 
inserted before Koraku^w. If tiien mraXci^cif is to be retained, the 
negative mast be inserted and the claase interpreted in the sense of 
a pr<^bition as in S^: ' thou shalt not forsake,' i.e. rA KpifMora. Bat the 
absence of the negative in oc,bf makes it not improbable that the 
negative is an intrnsion in the text. In that case Korakti^i = 0^?! 
corrapt for TW ^ difuirawrtrm, which would go well with i^x<^'* = ^Sp^» 
For the coiganction of these two verbs cf. Job iii. a6. Possibly only nu^ 
alone stood in the text originally. Then this through a dittograph became 
TOnm*. Hence the Versions. "A=^x"<«>»- "/3-/, A,8*add «u'. 
**A=r nueuv. "At read odcX^s utv narpis, "«, d read ftXaaftrc. 

'• = Tmo * the time appointed by the Lord.' •• A, defg, 8\ e reads d^. 

b yap, A om. *^ A re&ds i€(aa^au <kdc(. in the sense of ^irofM/iiorr = ^. 
Cf. Ps. xxxvii. 9, lo. ^OC. beg read fj ydp (corrupt for c2 ydp). df^ A 
Wy4p. S^so^rofyv^. ''As o^ip^o^. 8^ ^p«i (corrupt). ii^oipwrBok 

seems = np7 here. A better rendering woald have been crmr^i. ••A 
reads rdr irXovror. 8^ om. " S = r^ Kax&p (corrupt), d om. next three 
words. But €9 MM0I9 mayss XS'W^^ corrupt for D^J^eHD ' from the wicked.' 
^ Em. from pimmn^as a mistranslation in oc, tf. hg, A, S^ read plaral as in 
margin. For i) • « . o^^ A reads ml fMravofrrt, ^^otp «<rrai ^/ur. 

Digitized by 


I70 AIA0HKH FA A [VU. tf 

Wifi S* i^ftjcrt" ^** dfi€Tai^i|Tos** Tupiirai** els *alfi>yfiu; icrfAao-iy*^. 
«^r"" 6. 'O yhp irivris^\ lAr d^O^i^is hA «£Un Kvpt^ €fiap€OTD»». 

P-a,^A,S t^o-os»» Aird r«v i/^x^*' ^M®*'* *<*^ iyain}<rar€*^ AXX17X0VS fe 

6A>vor eiOHrriTk KopbCas. 

iwlwatn VIII. Elirarc *'"^i"' ravra Koi iii€ts^ T0I9 riiofois iuMp, 

9vxapi(FT&if» P, Af S^ iron/p^ wtpunraa-fil^p rAv. 

•^^ om. " (2 reads koI. A =: W. ■•Em. from diurmnrirmt of a (an 

obvious corruption as • is frequently written for o in c). This emendation 
is supported by TfipttraA and by A. The text appears to be modelled on 
Job xxi. 30 in Ijbrr^ y^ w\ lefg, S^ read as in margin, d dfitrwaqroif 
phfovat* A = ^ fu) lUTWftnjiTt (= ofwraM^Troi). "" (X. A = rffpturBt which 

though difiPering in person supports O. ' The unrepentant are reserved.' 
The other MSS. and S make Qod the subject of the verb^a mistake due 
to their putting afMXTa»6tfros in the dative, hdg read rriptl (+avTvv( d\ 
ff TTipri<r€i (/ rrfpfia^), * <2, A, «,/ read tls ail&pas rilv K^Kanrw where 

al&pag seems corrupt for al&ws, beg tU (+t'^i' g) ol&ra rrjv (c2f g) nSXcurir. 
"S^ = rasrtufos but 8* = text *•« (save that h reads &4iBwos and 

cvdpfOToy). &(2e/^^y A, S read as in margin (save that g adds koI before 
iiri), A adds ^irri after €vxapiar&9, ** Em. from ovrvff of c. Of. oMt 

of /3-/, S. A= Tocovroff. A, /ourw. •• a. (fe^ read irapA ir<ivnw (/ waPT6s). 
A =: either a or deg, hg^ S read wapii natru ^g reads irXovrifft. Text = 
"^^Vv corrupt for "^^J = fuucapun^s dirru (So Symmachus renders on Ps. 
xli. 3.) The poor man is happy (not ' rich ' as the corrupt text states) 
because, as the next clause states, he is free from the sore travail of men 
(i. e. of men seeking to be rich). "^ a. fi, A, S^ read as in margin (save 
that g om. tw), noinip6y irtpunraafi^p ss ^ p^y which is found in Ecdes. 
i. 13, V. 13. '^d om. *• Since verses 1-6 deal with the duty of 

banishing envy or jealousy, ver. f which treats only of hatred cannot be 
in its right position here, if the text is uncorrupt. For the writer could 
not reasonably conclude a disquisition on jealousy with the exhortation 

* put away therefore hatred.' But the verse rightly belongs here as the 
text is corrupt, fwrog = n^jb which is corrupt for HfcOg = f^Xor. The 
corruption is probably to be explained by the occurrence of the phrase 

* put away hatred from your hearts * in vi. i. *• a, aef. hg read ayairorc. 
d, A*' om. Koi dyairarr together with rest of verse and first eight words of 
next chapt^. Kai oyain^ tU oXX^Xovs • . • KapMas ai*e added by a later 
hand at foot of page in d, 

YUL ^ h, rf (save that hi read btj). e reads ^ ravra v/xccr . abg^ A, S de 

Digitized by 


1. 1] AIA0HKH A2HP • 171 

ivois rijuwy<rft)criy t*Ioi;8o^ jcoI Acvl^ +^ri i( air&v ivaT€k€t *^ 
*^i,iiv'^ K^pioi frmyipiav^ *r& 'lapaijX*. 2. *'Eyi> yhp J^J^g 

iyvdiv^, Sti diroon/iaorTai^ ri r^icra vjuiwv iv avrov^, ical* c'w^i r«X€4 
vi(r[i irovrfpCq koL KaK^a^i koL bicul>Oop^ iaovrak dirA'® Kvplov. «w®<"''J- 

rov varphs ifi&v^^^, kclL Biy^ari /ie iyyi)S^^ r&v iraripoup ivimwv. 

ficw. 4* * ^^ iiipdS Tohs irSbas^^ avrov iKOifAiljOri iv ft ^ 

cl/wyrjy^*. 5* ^^ M^^ *^ isivT€^*^ ivj/jyayop airrbv ^^^. 

^taOi/JKri *A(r^/> rov Scicarov vtoC ^laKcjfi koI ZeX^as^. 
I. ^Avrtypaxf^ov dio^iciys 'A<nfp^ &^ iX(£XT7<r€ Tofe vloiff 

(^, A om.) «ii vfMiff ravra (^ om). d om. together with next three words, hi 
add irrpl rov XpioToO. *a. /3-{Z read 'lovday. dl r^v 'lovdav. We should read 
Acvl Koi *lwdaM as is found universaUy : cf. Testaments of Sim. vii. 2, Levi 
ii. II, yiii. 14, Ban. y. 4, &c. ^bg prefix t6¥. e reads Acv/y. ^(X,^, A 
(save that e reads 17/uv Kvpior a-wnjpla and (^, A om. v/uy). h, S read Rvpioff 
<r»Tijpa. adef vfiiv {d om. in repetition of clause at foot of page) Kvptos 
irmr^fp. »a,a6,A**,S. (£«/, A** read roS 'L g iv r^X A'^'' = irawrl *l. 
' oc. P,B read JFyiwv yap. A=ffal ryvwF. ^(X« /3, A, S read as in margin 
(save that for rcXci af read rovrov and d reads oMun^o-oirai for diroor.), 
•6, Spread At' airw, but S» = text, dhc aSn^. ^PsAdisip. ^^OL. 

fi^, A, S read as in margin. Both seem independent renderings of 
^JBD. g reads ^y oZry. ^ (X. /3-<£, A read as In margin. S^ = koI oX. 
^(ntx^trag c&rcy. b adds o^oi r. S om. next seven words. For ver. 3 d reads 
ravra ipTtCKdyxms Thli rois vUns avrov, ^^g reads ciraieovoiarc. ^' a om. 

For bracketed words A reads pov. >^ ex. /3 reads owfyyvr. " (X, 

(save that d om. xac) = \hy^ ^DM (cf. Gen. xlix. 33). A= leal Kora^ritras 

rov(vlovf,bat ^ugjp£tt^irui£^qnpiifu is corrupt for uiJfutinHrui£^qamu=(X, 

fi, S^ Koi crrciwif rovr iriSdaff. ^ (2 adds xol l^icav avr^y cV ^^«27 Koivg. ^^ (X« 
0, A, S^ reads ircyrt Iri/. '*(X, &^, A (save that i^, A trs. tls X« after 
oMp, and ^, A read KBw^y and ^ adds Stpa), tief, S^ read ctr X. itai 
t&a^ap {& =: ^BifKcm) ovt^p cVcZ, (2 jcal tBa^ap cV X. cV rf (nn/Xaif rf diirX^ 
pcrck *Afipahn kcA 'itrocUc luu *IaK^. c{ adds rf di Btf ^p&p. f, S^ Fad v\i^ 
'Iajc«^ ^y v2^( ZfX^aff a', ^{lycrff (S^ ^ fiyotis) fri^ picc'. ^ riXo; t&p X(^«r 
dco^Ki;* rdd' o^ov ^p Zikff^as frp&ros vUt' tfC/iatp hij piu\ 

* Title, a as in text, a reads 'Ainnjp. bef, S* d. 'A 4' {ef, S* om.) ircpl 
dvo wpoannmp Koidas nH dprnjt ( + 'Ao-oi^p ippxiPMroi trXovrop fj fuucdptos /)• 
d B» *A« vlov *Iaiec^ 1' vlov ZcX^af iraidiVici^ff AtW irfpi dvo vpoaAirmp Ktudas 
ml i^pcr^ff. ^ Xtfyof « d, *A, ircpl dildcunuiKiaf luA cSXiy^cuv. A= d. lA. (+v2ov 

Digitized by 


172 AIA0HKH A2HP [I. r 

airw *iv iicaro<rr<p dKOtrrf viixitTfj^ hti r^s* *0^^ ovtov*. 

riicva^ *Aarip, row Trarpds iiJMV, icol* m» ri Mis^^ iv^vtov 
*Tov 0€ov" iiroftfi^" t)fuv". 3. Ai5o iiovy *l5a)jc€ir 

6 0<d; Tols vlois T&v ivOp6v(ov^\ iccU IhSo ht€Lpovkta, ^koI 
Wo w/xi^ew, *icai ^tJo rp<f7rcw9^«"", *ical ''^A>■' WXea". 4J 

Aick rouro irivra^'^ Mo^^ Mo eicriV^*, ti^ Karivcam rov ivrfs, 

jroaa rh Wo** 5ia/3ot;\ta fo aripvois^^ fffJMV^ ^buucptpoirra avri**. 
^^« 6. 'Ehp oSy*« ^ VrvxJ) ^^X€t*^ *tK«Xi»« wopcuOiiFait, inliras 
Arni'. tA$ irfnitcis adnis -woici*® iv .bucaioa^vp^ *ic&v ifuJprp*® ridvs*^ 

*Iaictt0 A^*) irfpc ^X6iit Kok apfrijf. */ reads 'Aothip always. ' a<2 read 
oa-tu ^ (X, A (save that A om. tlKotrrf), bf, S^ read cV (5 cm.) iKaroar^ 

c2ic. cxTf (5 om.) frciy and aeg iv {eg om.) p (^«caro<jTf ^) k$-' frfi (+9^ a)* 
d €P Ty picf-' It€4 r^. *g om. • a. afg, A**"*^ read vytalpmv, bde^ 

8^ fri vyudtwv. Ay* =s a<r^fy^<raf. * A^* ^ cicdXcirc ovrovr rol fnrcF. 

•ae/ A om. 'Ass^Tf, i^sIB^ a paronomasia with "B'fcC (i.e. 

*A(ri}/>). >*<l reads xvpcov iroi^crorc koL g adds wft^F. w^**** read 

Wcd«|d. ^(JaddsaM. ^^ (2 reads vircdcc{cv 6 ^. Toir av^/HMTOif . 

^ a, a(2«f. (, 8" read «. dvo ri^irovf . ^ «. d. irorovr. B^ om. ^' A. ci,e read 
K. d. r«Xfia. hdg, 8* K. d. TcXij. of om, "efe/'read tA fnli^ni. "6 om. 
d reads cV. A*' om. next ten words through hmt. ^'A adds on. 

a om. next four words. "a. ft 8* om. A = tkriv, " At, j9-^. 

e reads air. ^, A ^. oSr refers to xakov ica\ kokov, but if oZip is right it refers 
to 6doiy which noun might again be referred to by aMs (oheg). If iy 
MS and avrdt may be taken together, we should regard them as corruptions 
of alp . . . cV avraU, Thus the text wotld imply DHS « « « ie^. ''^^ om. 
"a reads corruptly Mpois. •*At, i read v^y. *«,/. i9-<(f read 

d. avrds, d om. A=xai dioxpuitr avr&v, 8ee note 91. ''(f^om. 

" d reads ^cX^^r?; clwu. * a (save that e reads mirak), ft A, B* read as 
in margin (save that g om. aMjs). In order to deal with the corruption 
in Kok&g voptv6^w(u (oc) and cV icoXf (0, A, S^) we must observe that in 
verses 3, 5 our author has spoken of two inclinations in the breast of 
man, which are directed towards good and evil. In verses 6-8 the 
result of man's following one or other of these two is set fortli, of 
following the good inclination in verses 6-7 and of following the evil in 
ver. 8. The soul (ver. 6) has to decide between them. Now wiXfij 
ffvpcv^trcu appears to be a rendering of TTKV^ JIIDS which may he 
a corruption of niDH n^n. If so, we should read ip rf Kcikf iutfiovKif. 
In ver. 8 the corresponding phrase jnn 1^3 is likewise corruptly given 
in the Greek cV womfpf . . . r6 dutPovkuof, where the corruption is native 

Digitized by 


1.9]- AIA0HKH A2HP 173 

fUTovoA 7. AUauL *yhp koyiCofxivri ^^ #cal iiroppCiTTOva'a^^ ft A, 8* 
riiv iF&vrtplap ivarpimi ci^y to KaK6v^, Kcd^ iKpiOn^'^ riiv ^^'^ 
hlMprdaof. 8. *Ea» hi *iv '^vovrjp^^* KkUnf^'^ tri 5ia- p^s * 
/3ot;\iov+*S *7rocro wpafis air^ff iaru/*^ iv irovrjpU^, Kai^^ m^. 
Attcd^ov/ui/j^*^ rd iya$6v, *Kal irpo<rKoXXi5|*€w>S** ri kqkSv, kclL ^. ^' gj 
KvpievOfh^ vvb^^ rod BtkCap^ k&v^^ iyaObv^^ irp<if€i*^ '"^i' alrk^ls 
mvripCq^^ ovri** /i^airrp/<^et**''- 9. ♦"Ore yckp" i^crot** ««5<»- 

Aatfm^^* jirei^ 6** $ri<r<wpd9^^ rov buipovkCov^'^ irow|po«" /3-^ fov 
Wf^fiaros 7r€7rAi7/>a>rai^^« iroy^pov. 

to the Qrtek. * M«, A, 8*. a, afg read ml ^ (^ kAjt) Apapria. * A reads 
o^y » aMjt, ^O^g (save that c om. ytip), ahef^ S^ read y. Xoyi^(5/ifvof . 

(2 y. Xoyifdffic^a. A = y. Xoy^froi. ^OL^Q* ^9 read airopplnrnp, A =s 

oiroppiWci. "A adds dir* avrov. •* c om. * (X, rf read cxptfcc. *• (J = 
^<n\ vwiip6w. See note 38. ^h, ae, A***^. M/^, S read kXu*«. ciKKkt^ti. 
A^ XoyMTfrot (by internal corraption). "" Bead t^ dta/SouX/y or rather read 
the whole clause thns : Ouf df Kk'uni iw r^ mmfp^ dm/SovXif . The ^x4 is 
her« as in yer. 6 the sabject of kKu^. Obsenre the ainifs after wpa$is. 
This verse is concerned with the evil inclination (y%l niT* = t6 wovtip^y 
lkafiovKt€»)f which natnrallj porsnes evil, as the good inclination pursues 
good. '^g reads ira<rai ai ir. airf, d, A^*^*' om. avr^s in this clause. 

^ ^ reads StikoL ^^g (though in the form mroBovpiyfi), (X, defiesA oirotfov- 
pitpot. a, 8^ oarMikiPot, h awn^/upos. ** e (reading wpoaKoKKdfiepot). The 
piarticiple shoold be feminine as ^jn^xft ^^ subjects So also KvpitvOtls, 
ft A, S^ read as in margin (save that d reads xai Xof/fiopti). cx = p3*]9. 
ft A, 8*=s b^tf . « See note 4a. ^h,g reads dir«5. • d reads 

KoL '* defg, S, A add n. ^a reads ir/Nifi;. ^g reads nopffpla iari 
KaKop and om. next two words. '*c, 60, S^. A reads aMp, a/avr^, 

d a^ov. ^OCfheyB. afrtBd t»itratrTpa4>ri<rtTau d Karraitrrpi4in, ^^a^af. 
/3-a/read Srw yap. A r= «a Srav, ^ A. reads ^/>£«crc which in this 

MS. would represent iptrrat^ fi ipap(ffrau "'(X. ft S read as in 

margin (save that g om. i»t and dg read votovfra). A = ayaB&p Zpywp. 
d adds r^f. *^a (saye that A reads oMp), ft-^, A, S^ read as in 

margin (save that dg read aMjv and ^ KOKoirottop). h, S' a^ov tic kok^p 
irmfftr mXavvri. pr, A add aMp, ^g om. "* In 6ff<ravp6s rod dtafiovKuiv 

there was a play upon words in the original niT imM. See Taylor, 
Sayings of the Fathers*, ^. 151. "cx,a(£«f, S. 6 reads dwiftJXw. ^ om. 
abef, A add 2bv. This word may have arisen through a dittography of 
the last three letters of dia/3bvX/ov or possibly it may have been lost through 
hmt. S adds niTvucv/»Mvtrctt 6v^ rov B«X^ «rc/(Ka/ S^). ""(XyftS. A^ 

Kopripw woprfpiot. ^ g reads ycyt nfnm a trs. before nrfv/ioro^ 

Digitized by 







II. ♦''EoTii; ovv^ fi^ ylnjxh *<^ ^^9 tA+icrrAaa' r^ 
KoXdi; iJwip *Tov KaKov^f koL *rd r^Xoy* *rot) itpiyiuiTos^ els 
xaxfai; tiyow^. 2, *'E<my* ivOpaytros hs^ ovk olKT€Cp€i^^ 

^XciToupYods afirou^^* KaCy€ tovto hnrpoataTrov^^, iXXh to 
S\ov Trovrip6v itrnv. 

p. A. S» 
3. KaC^^ ifrriv ivBpmvos iya- 
7r«v roir^* Trovrfpevofifvop^ *«s 

3. *'E<TTti; ipBpwiros iyair&v 
vovrjpevofi^vov tj ^om ttovt)- 

atpeirai ^1; icok^* koI orepl 
T(r6T0V(fxw€p6v ^<rrt+rA2\oyti* 
biirp6<roiTr6v i<m rd ii 
fccuai Trpa(is* 


4. tK a(y€ dydon; 
oS<ra, fo vovrfplq 
iarlv 6 ovyKpi- 
WTO)!;*^ rd Kcucdv -uvip 
rh ovofia rd koKov'^ 


vpii^ios ipxfroL ds 


4. +Kafy€ dydm; 
ovo-a, *& vovriplq^^ 
iarlv <nryKp&irroV' 

(pX€TM ds KCUcdv. 

^kclI? iiroOapfiv alp^iTai iv 
KaK^ *bL avTov^^' Koi vepi 
to6tov (l>av€pdv 8ti hittpoirvir 
Tt6v^^ ioTi* rd Vk vav kokti 


4. E{ fcai iv iyivri 
tlabf, iv TTovripCq, 
€l(nv avyKp&nTovT^s 
rd KaKov h 6v6fiaTi 
&s Kokbv <l>aCv€T<u' 
rd bi TiKos TTJs 
irpi(€<i>s t^oTi** els 

n. »a. /S-cJgr, S*. d reads ftm, g Ztrrw yap, A= mu ccmr. »a. ft A, 
6^ om. ' OC. a^iOTCMra = il^l^DD corrupt (t) for rtSDD = aPTtkappawiUvij 

'helps.' We should then read rod xakov for t6 jcoX^v. /3-^ read as in 
margin (save that d adds b^*p before ^70-1), but their text can only be 
regarded as a bad emendation of (X, or at all events a no less corrupt 
text. g reads ^70-1 Bikovtm. A = Xryov<ra. 8^ =: wotowra, tfnfo-i — all 
equally unsatisfactory. ^ d reads rd Kaic6v and om. rest of verse. ' of 
read r<p T«Xfi. • A** = rw ir/wy/i^wif. A***** cfw. ^(X, ef. This 

should be Syova-a or ayoy. oftj^, A, S* read ^t. a om. verses 2-4. • A****' 
read kqL A* icai itrruf, * a, d, A. S^ read oarer, hefg Sri. ^^ d reads 
mxroixrct/iei (sic). S^ oyofr^. ^^ (X. (save that d adds rify before X«rovpy.), 
A, S^ read as in margin. ^ d reads nomjp^ i<m icai binp6vwrov and om. 
next five words. ^ This is either a gloss or a corruption of the text 

found in ft A, S. ^* Bracketed as a dittographio rendering of 73n in 
the next clause and thrust in here by mistake. *" hdg, A, S. 0/om. 

" bdeg, 8K /, A om. *'/. d, A, S* read wr kcA avros vndpx^v iv vovffpiq, beg 
&aavT»£ €<nh i¥ novripiq. Here &t appears to be used causally. Thus 
the object of this clause is to explain the preceding clause. But since th^ 

Digitized by 


11.8] AlAeHKH A2HP 1 75 

5. 'AAXos*'' KXdirT€h MtKct*®, ApTrdfct, wXeoyeicrct**, Koi 
iK€€l^^ iTTwxo'fe* itr/K(<ra)7roi; jutjj; ^koP^ rovro, *ri ^i ^Aoy®^ /S,S*ro^ 

vapopyCCei top Q^Jv, kcI^ riv ir^wrrov** iitvopK^l koX rhv 
wrwxiv" iX€et»«- rhv hrokia^^ *ro{5 W/iaw*® Ki/ptov*^ 
A^€r€i** #cal Trapo$iSv€i, Kal riv irivrira iyaTra6€i. 7, '^T^v** 
Va;X^'' oTTiXoi, icol^ ri (rc»/Aa Xa/uwr/»t;y€t**, voXXovs ivaiptl 
Koi dklyovs ik€€i, kclL tovto*^ dtTT/xfcTtoTrrfv** ioTi, *ri hi 
Skop vop7ip6p IflTTw*^, 8, 'AAXoff*® fu)ftx^c( *fai wop- 

rctfct** Ktd Mx^rai ibtcfidTtop^^' kcX^^ pri<rT€i<ap kokovoui, 
KoX 77}'* bwcurreCi^ *tou ttXoiJtoo** TroXXoiy Jcaroa^Jp€t*^ koI ^'^^ 
i#c** r§s vwcprfyicot;** jcaxia; irotct** ^rikp^'' iproki^^^' koL ^-Xowy. 

real explanation is given in the ^i danse, Ire must regard the &s 
elanae either as corrapt or as interpolated, d adds tta\ nxrovrop, 
"A:= ovrov, ^*g reads httrp6awros. ^ iX (save that C reads (rvyxvirraiir). 
Bat 6 uvyKpvnr^v is difficult. If we retain it ayanrn ol<ra most be taken as 
a concessive clause by itself, ' though love be present.' If ver. 4 refers 
to the same subject as ver. 3 then 6 frvyicfnmrw seems wrong. This 
phrase = K^srtDn which may be corrupt for 2il^n = 6 ayaw&v. But the 
closing words in ver. 3 imply that the subject of that verse is fully dealt 
with. If this is so, then a lacuna should be marked at the beginning of 
ver. 4. ^defg, 6, S* read iroyi/pui, ^defg, 6, S* read &<nrfp. vnip 
in (X may be a corruption of ^rp, and rh ^yopa a corruption of rf 6p6fuiri, 
^ e om. ** d adds fuv, " bdg read xakf. ** A reads ^jy (=<<rrtV) 
corrupt for ^j^ ( = Zpxrrtu)* *' d adds dc. For SXKos A reads SKKoi here 
and in the subsequent verses. A adds irdXiy. ** a om. ** 0, S add 
TOW. "^A^a, Aom. *^5readB^oydc. ''^ reads iroin^pwr. •'a,/3-W. 
bd, S^ read irXtoycicrSF, AsirXcoyvjcrc? and adds ical before irapopycfct. ^(X 
reads rf. aom. "^om. "* A adds ecJi^. '^ ^ reads e«$y. ^5 reads 
iXfSL a om. rest of verse. ^d reads ironTr^i^. A*ssirro\rfv, A^ corrupt. 
^* ^, A, S. (X om. ^^ (2 trs. after iS^rci: '* A reads frw f (= V^rvdfrm) cor- 
rupt for /b«if«ff^ = decree. ''c{ reads mi i^v. ^A om. A adds mi. 
** Wjy add fifir. *• A= diirXiSi}. ♦^ c, fi-b (save that c, rf om. cotiv). 

A> 6 om. A = iiai xoxAf r^ oXov. S^ Ktu tovto x^^po*^* ^ A = oXXoi trdXiy 

with following verbs in the plural. ^ 6, A, S\ ocZe/^ read iroprrvci. 

c wopptla, hi om. This phrase is probably an interpolation. "* e reads 
•K^ttrparmp. h al^Maparw. A****''= cWcr/iaros. «<fom. Wa,a«/,S*. 

icfy, A read as in margin. A adds aur&¥. ^ oc. /}-<2 read impaavpti. 

d inurvptu ^ = ' inmiediately after' but probably ]nD (= U KaKtas) is 
corrupt for ]rO = 'notwithstanding his wickedness.' ^ c reads vn-cp oucov. 
^ If the preceding i x retains its ordinary meaning, this word can hardly be 

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176 illAeHKH A2HP [II. 8 

Twro iivp6a'anr6p ^otiv", *Td b^ 8kov^^ kokov ixrrw* 9. 
hdg «>f Oi Tounrrol cUri^^ dcurt^odcf, iri^^ i( ffiit€r€Ca9 cto-l KoBapol^ rd 
C« f/<rL y iXiy^^j** iucieaprol €Un. lO. *Ka2 yc^** j 0€Aj iv rau 

fl A 8* ^'^'^ *^/*^*^^ ^'*» *Wici'a fuw", M»> Y(vf(r0€ ^kot avrcifs^ 
oir. 5ftirp<(<ra>7roi» iyaff&rrjros koL KOxCas, iXkh r^ iyaMnp-( /M^in;^ 

ft A, S* ^coXAiJ^re, «Tt ""KiJp toy'' • 6 ©cJy * Awwlwaumi <»• ^ aMjp \ ml 
€^Sr ol i^P^^^'* *«*^^ ^^^^^^^''^^ 2. *TiiP ^bi^ kokCov ivo' 
a A, 8* ^M<''«T€^°, ivcupovvres *tA ScoPoi^ior^^ fo raw tyaOcu^ ifi&v 
t6¥ diA- vpi^€iri, Uri ol hiifpotrfovoi *odit clol toC etou^^, iXkh, rais 
^ • iTn$vfJL(ais atrr&v bovXeiiova-w, Iva r<p BtkCap ipicoito'iv, kcH 
' e " '"^'^ ijMCois^^ airrw ivOpAvois. 

IV. Ot yhp iyaOol ivOpwTroi^ *^Kal^ ixovovpoa-oiiroi icii;* 

vofuaBciin rrapa rw^ bivpociiTroiv^ hfuxprivfiv^, bkatoC €l<n 
8 S^ydp, ^*V^ ''¥* &€^ 2. IToXAol 'Bc^^ ivaipovirres rcifs^ Trovrfpaist 
adef bvo^ iroiovciv (pya *icaXo« rt ical kcikoO^^ *ri bi 8Kov^^ 
KoX^biii KoXcfv, 5ri ri^* xaicdi' ^icpif«<ra£ Air<i4\€<r€r. 3. **'Eim 

rij /utwrfiv** rbp ikcj/jiiopa Koi &biKOP^^, ^koI^^^ top fiotxpp 

right. In that case iroiift » ne^ which may be corrupt for r^^T = duurrpc^i. 
" a. ft A, S om. "A = •Xfoj. " «, A =s dowL ^ om. a, S om. 

next five words through hmt ^ adef, hg read SK09 dc. For ro dc . . . 

€<Fri» A reads «il kokI^p r6 Skw, ^ cX, S^. a«/ read ^^ r2<rt. hdg read 

as in maiigin (save that g gives corruptly wt vW €i). A o^i^ tlauf ov j^r 
dmrciff, '^S^om. *" <£ adds ciircuf. **A = di^ KOi. "^ adds ir/}dfc<n. 
S = /3i/9Xioir. ** oc. ft A) S^ read as in margin, hi add pi7r»r. 

III. * A'^**'* :s jcnl vfLut. *0L. fi,k^ S* read as in margin. • S om. 

* g trs. after dnrptftronroi. S om. ^ad^A read /ioyor. *0C. j9, A, 
S om. e/^ add koL ^ (X. ft A, S read as in margin. ' hi read avrrfs, 
A = roiovrovf. 'Ot. ft A, S read wo&ov{rt¥ (A vo^iTcrmHrur) ovnjy. ^^(X, 
j3-a(£, A, S (save that fi-ad, A, S om. bt), a reads n^y dc Kaxiaif ^f vycrc. 
ei inrodp(fi<rarc o^r r. ir. ^ OC. ft A^ S read aa in margin. " a, A^. A^ 
adds dbvXoi. ft A****^*', 8* read as in margin. "/ reads idioip. 

IV. i(X, asf. hdg read M/>cff. A adds rI<riV. 'ft A, S^ (X 
corruptly reads lAtf fiop<mp6awroi {hi fiopotrp6wtrw), ' hi tre. after 
biirpoa-^9¥. ^adef add d»6p»tr»p, *(X reads ^prMX&y possihly 
corrupt for Apaprt^koL * e om. * a. ft S^ read as in margin. * efom, 

* (X trs. before mmipovt, ^^ a. 8^ practically the same s koX^ ml nuc^y. 
dcltff read as in margin. hg,A nuAw di^ Kokw. '^(X. 6 reads SKop 
^irri dc. a{2ff<7 ^op ^ core. A^ om. together with koKAp, '* At, ^ om. 
d reads T<(y. ^' A ss xoi </criy ir<(Xiv rivtv fuoffwrtt, S^ adds dc after ivrL 
'« 6, 8^ read ddumw. hi, A read t^f ^uwr. »(X, a((f. (tf^r, A, 8" om. 

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IV. 6] AIA0HKH A2HP 1 77 

icol** W7<rr€tforra^^ *ical airrf ^<m bnrp6a'(aTrov'^\ iXXh ^rd 

v&v^ ipyov iyoBov^^, &ri /iiftetrat*® KHptov, jutV^ twpo<rS«t«5- ftA,S* 

tva iiij al<rxpav€l^^ rb a-Qfia^^ koI ttip yjnjxilP liokwei^^ ftS^ 

*KaCy€ TovTO biirp6ir<»irop^\ Skop^ bi Ka\6v^ i(mv. 5. *"*?•'• 

*0l yap^ TOiovroi bopKdci^ Koi i\i<l>ois^ *€l<rw Sfioioi^'^, 

Sri ip ijOei AypiwirM boKOva-w iKidaproi etvo*, *ri bi mp^^ fi-de.S^ 

KoOapol €l<np^\ 8ti ip fi}Ay Kup£ou*« ^irope^rroi'', Avcx^- ^^y^^' 

*A7r€^fi)j/ ri kcuAp tov iya$ov^\ * 

'* OLy A add rdir, bat /3 rightly om. '^ ( reads Xnartvovra. S^ corrupt 

^*a£^, A,S^ (Xydg read cormptlj xuV (<f^ koI) oMs iart {c om.) 
biwp6<rtnro£ {d bivp6;rwrw). »0,A,S^ add itrri ^h adds ri^v. 

" d reads ifo/. " c hi, 3, A**'*'*, S* read as in margin. A* = wpoabtxtnu 
B€6t. irpmrdoK^fMMw is a corruption of irpocrdffx<fficyo( or it is a translation 
of Wpp corrupt for /IPJ = ^P^^^'X*^'**'^' **=a corrupt for 3. 

Thus we have 'the seeming good as the genuine good/ Tet Dy 
may have stood in this sense. ^d reads aX^^wod. J^***»f= 

T^s aXff^lag. »a, A*^. ft 8* read as in margin. A^***' omit. 

^a^aef, hdg read €r€pot. ^e. A> 6, S* read W«cf ijftfpor dyaAJy (save 

that ab\ & trs. tbttp after <iya^y). d l^th ^fiipmf naaaip. wfg ay. ^fw/xv 
lAcZv. e may have been influenced by LXX of Ps. xxxiv. xa. In A, ft 8^ 
we have the technical use of 310 CTP as meaning a time of enjoyment 
or festival. Cf. Esther viiL 17. Text of A, 0, 8* is to be preferred. 
A = vfi^v (A**** om.) \bn¥ (transposing the ?d«Ir after wivmv\ *• «f. 
ad read al<rxP^* ^ XP^* 9 fuo**^- c (A t) ix^pabni. hi ^X'P^ (sic). 
The reading of OC seems a corruption of that of ft **( reads <n6fia. 

^ ft A, 8* trs. before n^v i^. For fwXvw, Ai, a<2 read fioXi^. •* a, aft«/57, 
S* (save that e adds oW and 8* vatf after tovto). d reads ro/yt 
ffol rovro oXor. ^ add rW/. A = rovro o&r dcirXd^ ^<rr/. a om. rest of 
verse. •*« read /loXXor. "c?*^ read Koxdy. •*«. 6, 8* read 

^< o2. ac&s/^ OC. A = jcac ol. ^be read dt^ir. g prefixes mr. ''^ 
prefixes roig. ^OL. ft A, 8* read S/uhm tUnp. » a, cwfo, A*'C^. ft-a<fe, 
8» read ^y^. A*^*^^ = iefp^rtrn. " A*** om. « a. ft A, 8» read as 
in margin. *^ A, /S-^, A, 8^ (save that A om. mi, /rc»v, and A reads fiurciv). 
reads &y 6 ecor fu<r«r. g oZp r6 vo9tip6y, ipyaCtadt rh KoKok, Sri 6 6c^ dc^ 
rAv ivrok&v rwv ?/>yfl»y &f /imfc c ^ayopcvci. '* /^-o^i 8^ (save that &(/| 8^ 

read dirci/iyoir). c, a om. A reads t6 koiAp ck roG ayaBw. g rh yufii/uwop 
aya66», A = ical hniprpip rh teaiAp rw ayaBov, 

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178 AIA0HKH A2HP [V. i 

V, *0/)or€*, riKva^t v&s dt;o' €l<rlv ^iv iracriy\ Jy* 
KarivavTi rod iv6s, *icol tv virh rov iris* KiKpvirraC ^Iv rj} 

dtad^;^a^ r^i^ dJ^oj; ^ ir^a, ri^r fiylpav ri vv(^, to ifAf to 
ftA,S» (TKOTOS' Th bi TtAvra^ ivh rujjpav €W(v^\ AirA mir" rd 
S*2a *^**"*' '^^^ •'^^ '^^ aSma"'!*' dc^ ical rdi/^» ddraroif ^ 

aJcirio; ^Q>^ dvafi€i/€(^^. 3* ^^ o^K^^ JoTU' clireii' r^r 

^» ^ ? ^^^ciai; ^cv5o9« ov6> *rA bCKCUMf HJbutov^^, 8ti ma-a aXrjOfia 

I^cm" oi#c iTrAax^^Tjv avb ttjs ikqOfCai KvpCxw, koL^ tcls ivToKa9 
«« r6 Tov xnlfCoTov^^ If^f^cra** Korh vaa-av l(rx6v fuw wopco6|tero«**, 

ay« oy. Yj^ JJpOO'ix'^^ OW *IC0l i/A€i;, TixvaiJJOV^, *TiLS ipTokhs^ 

Kvpffov^ lAovovpoai&vms * iKo\ov^ovvT€s ttJ iXri$€{q^, 2. 

V. » ^.A****, S» add ogp. *g omu A adds ^ov. • cZ adds 6ao£. 
^ a om. next £ye words throngh hmt ' ^ repeats. After Kixpvimu 
d adds Koi yiip Jv TJ7 fcpj(r<i ^ frpou-tnrokrp^ia, ftSKKov bi ^ dopokrp^ia xciepvirnu. 
' or, a(20f, 8^ ^save that all read xrlau for xri^o-ci except A wbich reads x/mWi, 
a om. ^ • • • irktop€$ia, d adds dc after cV i^ and 2^ and instead of 17 wrmna 
which OL sead and / om., ae, S^ read ^ dxpatrta, d ^ orcicvux}. 2^, A om. 
^ i reads irp^r rwrois ^ rijv. * 60, S^ add iroi. a om. next four words. 
* A adds ravra. ^^ bd, & add koL A om. next four words. ^^g adds f v. 
Printed Arm. Text reads r«y dueaiW for r^ dimia. "(X. P, A, S^ om. 
^' g reads ftcmi. ^^ A, fi^g^ e reads diofuvti. g fi6yti fuvti. ^'^ if om. 
" g reads &ikov ^komw. " a, hd. aefg read t^ ^p. " a, M. oc/jr 
read SKa. "a, d. /3-{£ read rAy et<JF. a/ add corir. d «VtV. «•«, A- 
^, S^om. "a. 0,A, S^om. » <£, A read dXXd. cZ adds n-do-ar. 
^' A reads Kv^ium;. ** reads «Cn^<ro, *(X, P, A, S^ read as in margin. 

VI. * a, oicf. bg, S* read rcjcwi jral vfuu, A = t««« fiov. • a, 6. 3-5 
read rdis cWoXair. • c, ^, A, /3-gf prefix rov. * A, /3, A, 8* (save that 
g reads d. ri^y iXriBtutw and A ml dieoXov^rrv r. d.). e reads frocovvrvr. 'A:= 
xoXacr^o-oiTcu. Text =: IDe^tC Or lyoPP which should here have been rendered 
dftapToFovai. The double nature of the sin is then stated in ver. a. 
There is no mention here of punishment. In i Enoch y. 9 one or other of 
these Hebrew verbs is rendered by ititapr^irw in the Qizeh GFreek Version 
and in the Qreek followed by the Ethtopic Version is rendered by 
KoKavOiiirorra^ but in this passage the former is right and the latter 
wrong. * a, adify 8^ (save that d r^ad^ Mri for ^t). hg^ A wrongly om. 

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VL5] AIA0HKH A2HP 1 79 

T& KciK jr, Kcil (FiMfcuSoieoGot TOis updinrouoir'' ^, * fitfioiificroi hg,krh 
rd irvciSfLaTa Tfjs «XdEinf|f ical kcit4 tmit dt^pcSmr cruKayttrit^CKOi ^. "'I'fvfiara 
3. ''•Yjicif o8r, Wxira iwu"*®, riy vofjiov KvpCov^ ^vAii^are* Jub^y 

rais^^ ivTokoLS KvpCov, ctr airrd^^ itva&Tp€<l>6fx€voi, Koi iv Mpi^ 
ovr^) KaraTtaAovT^s^^. 4. *'Oti ret r^Xi; tw iv0p<iTroiiv ""T "^^ 

^ewcwovo-i^^ T^if biKauxnSvriv ovrfiv^*, *Kai tyyiipitorTai^* fl A S* 
*Toi« dyyAiMsSO Kvp6w, ical rw BfXfop^i. 5. •'Ore** yhp ( + «aiA) 

twoifUpA*^ ^ ^;(^ Att^PX^^**** PcuTOvlCerai ivh rod vovripov JJ^^A "^ 
weifjLOTos, *^ Koi^^ iici6k€V€v^^ iv iviBviACais^'^ koX tpyoi9 yy»pl- 
vovfjpois. iovai). 

fi-efj S* rowf oyycXovr. 3, A, S* rtrapayfuyrf. 

this clause which states the two sins of which the dtirp6<rtwoi are gailty. 
This clause has been taken oyer bodily by S. Paul into Bom. i. 32, 
''OL (save that h reads dyttnC6iuvoi). aef, S^ support (X but differ slightly 
and gave a different order: rck mftvftara rijs vkaptis fui»avfuy<H (+Th e^ S^) 
Korh T&¥ 09$. dyo»yi((^wu bg, A owing to the loss of the preceding clause 
rewrote the text, d is conflate as frequently, combining both texts, 
bclg, A =5 r& ffptvyuara ir^ ftkoanjs fiur^oTM rh (ji Sti^ g xai rA) Korh tAp 
MpJnrw {b rhm Mpmtrw) aynvtC^fttpa {d aympiCovrai). * a, oef, S\ hdg^ 

A onu ^g om. ^® e om. ^^ (X, ag. A, S\ hef read rb kokov &9 icoXcSy, 
d rf miXf «f KOKf. " cx, otff. 6(2 reads tls. g om. ^' For Sptck koKSw 
A*' reads ducaiov X<{yov (by internal corruption). A******* dUatow ml Kak6v. 
^* a, d. abefg, A om, " fr, S^ read o^r^y. ^* A read ^atfju^irm^^ 

(=^pom{oiTCff) corrupt for ^mltifj9L.^lrmi^ = ffcrnnravoiTffs (intransitively 
used). *^ CX (for usual form b€iK¥wun), fi reads ^lannn^ ^^ S om. 

A** om. rest of VI and all VII. "a. abef, S* read yp^piCowrtt. dg 
yp»ptC&wr»r. A^= icai ytwpiCnv (z^ taii yv»pi{ova-i). But all are corrupt. 
yy»piCowTtu roig ayytkoig = D'»DK^D^ IP^V where the verb is corrupt for 
)nsn^ = 'meet the angels.' The LXX implies the same corruption in 
Amos iii. 3, Bead koI wvavrwri. ^ a, «/. abdg^ S^ read rovt dyyiXovu 
A = t6p v6/jMf. "a. ft A, 8* = loroyfl. "a,a«/. hdgie&dtdp. 

*^ ex. ft A, & (save that e reads rtrayfUvri) read as in margin. (X =: nyt^n 
which may be a corruption of Hfi^ny^ = rtTapaypiytj, The text of /3 is 
preferable, since fffrvxos defines the opposite emotion. See next verse. 
^ d reads i^pxfrai, e optpxtrm, '" c, g (omitting »u). A reads ml 70^, 

/3-^ read ^ nu. "^ c. A, ft S^ read cdovXcvo'cy. '^ A reads httBvfu^ 

^OLff (omitting imw), abeg, A read ^(rvx^f' d riirvxm tMpxfrtu koI. 

K 2 

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]f8o AIA0HKH A2HP [YI. 6 

ft A, SI 
6. '£01; hi ^<nSxm ^tv xap4^ 
"^ iyv(ipur€ TOP iyyfkov rrjs 
elpf^vriSf vapofivStiTat airrbv iv 

6. 'Eiy W *^<rr«v ^ovx^^** 

VII. M^ yifccr^c^ &J 2rf5o/Aa*, ^ty ifyyrfiycrc' *rcws 

dyy^Aov9^ KvpCov, kclI dirciXfro lo)?^ aUiro9« 2. ''^'Eyo) 

ydp o!8a^ frt iifiapni<r€r€'' koX vapa^o$ri<r€<r0€ €ls X^^P^^ 

i\Opw ifJL&p, ^KoP^ ^ yfj iii&v^ ^/wy^^o-crai^^ K<d ra 

, . iyio i^/ittr Kara^0a/>^<roi^ai ^^ koI ijJxU^^ buurKopvto'Oria'^a'B^ *^ 

gi'^'j ' *^^ '**^^ Wo-ira/xis** ycDi^^Dif *Trjs y§y'* «al fa-^cOe *€ls 

{h^ovL) btaa-iropap ^fovScrcofi^voc^* wj" Wa)p" ixpijoror^*, 3. ''Ews 

vVov *^*** ^ f^toTOff iiriffKh^Qi T^v yfjv, icol a^dr JX^oM' [is 

Tpiffmy. iy^/MDiroff** /icri ivOpiviAV ^iaOdfAV kcX Trfyoiv*^}, itat^ 

**ThiB phrase is omitted by A, S'. If it is original it should be taken 
with yvmpiini. But it seems to be an intrasion or a comiption. We 
should expect airtpxtrat. Cf. ver. 5. *^0i. fi,A,8 read tyvrnpiirtp. 

Verb corrupt as in ver, 5. See note 19. Bead wmmfyrn or mniimivM, 
"(X iJU reading avri^v). A A, 8^ read ( + «<u S^) vapaiofSurm (dg, A wapa- 
KaXouTOy h vapoKokmi) avr^r ip M (sft^e that 6 reads ovr^v and A Mv 
avTov). d adds aZMyi^ xol Artktur^. The text of (X is to be preferred. 
Wcr^/xi = nrOD, This corrupted as t^PJD explains a«/; S^ irapapvfifirai 
and &f^, A irapajeaXovimi. The LXX implies the same corruption in i Sam. 
xxiL 4; Is. Ivii. 18. Moreover in T. Be^j. vi. i reads 6 yap SyytKos r^g 
dprivffs 6^tjyti T^ ^xn^ avrov where S^t/yu = firUD or nw — a passage that 
confirms the text of (X, It is noteworthy that Symmachus renders DHJ^ 
as if it were TftlS* in Job zxzix. 25 — the converse corruption of that 
presupposed by /3, A, S^ 

YII > b, 8^ add rcicra. d prefixes a^. * A, S^ read SodofuViu followed 
by the requisite plurals, a om. rest of verse. * A*"**' read c-yvwaay, but 
A*^ support text. ^d reads oyycXovr. A:=r6v ^/yfXov r^r tlp^t, 

^hi add rov. *c. At, A reads cy^ oZHa. fi, S^ o&x yc^* '/^S^* ^ I'c^^ 
afuipi^<ri;rr. ^ ApapfrrfattrBt. • a, A om. • At om. *• 6 om. next five 
words. " (X. jS-M read icara0^ap4<rfr<u. d duM^op^o-oirai. ^' (2 adds d«. 
»<iadds€VT«H»l^w. " A*** = frd<r«. »»a/om. "a. ft Spread 
€¥ Ikatnrtfpq. {d dux^^opf) 4(ov&€9mpivoi {fufg c^vdcrwficKH). A = hiaat^apkvnt 
jral €(ovB€P»fUrou "e reads «a^(/, the €» being added above the line. 
^ d reads c&or. ** or add here wtp\ rov (c om.) Xpcorov, e in margin 
and At in text after r9v T^v. drovXpurrov, ^gom. *^A adds jca/. 

The bracketed clause is obviously a Christian interpolation. *'A=s 

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VIL7] AIA0HKH A2HP 'l8t 

ovrrpiPttr'^ rip; Kipav^ rod ^/wiicorroy *hri rw" iJSaroy, /3-^, S* 
*a5T0j crcJcrci*^ rdif 'IcrpaT^X ical wcbra rh (Bvri [^€^5** cts ««"«^*«'- 
ii^pa vTTOKptyrf/jifroy**]. 4. Elirare o8r, '^r^Kva /xou ical ^1^1^^ 

vficw^*^ ravra row riKVois iS/Lwav'^, jLt^ d»fi0i^«Knr«* avT$. yap (aef, 
5. *'EYi> Y^P W** Sri ^iir€i0wvT€9'^^^ *A7r€i^VeT€, icai ^1^7^' 
4a-€)8ot;w€S ia'€pri(r€T€^, /a^ ir/)o<r^orr€j'* *t$ v6fu^^'' O^ov, rah 
iXX* ^rroXais ^^pcSirooi; *fcaic£f bta<l>6€ip6fjL€VOt^\ 6. *Ka2 ^^"f^, 
dtck rovro** 8to<rico/MrMr^cr€<r^€*^ is TaJ Kttl^* A(b, ol IJ^f , 
iScX^of A«w", *ital dyi^acTt x^^^ adrwr*' ical i^vA^j; koI ftA,oi 

Tils** €tf(rjTXayxvCas cArov, ical*^ 81' *A)3/)acl/x ical 'Io-o^k ^^,09- 
(A fiyw6tiira9)i, jS-^ A, 8* v/m^ Kvpcor. A A, 8^ Air£(o. 

?dcrm mu ir(crai. ** e, /, S^ om. At, j3-/, A, S^ add as in margin. '^ A, S^ 
sr arwrpi^i. "ofc. % reads mafMiw, fi Kc^iir, ■•^, A'*. A^** om, 

together with Zharot, a, /3-^ read dca a change which may be due to 
Christian iDflaences, but yet dui can here mean ^in/ 8^ = rg ^ovXj^ or 
Tf uaarc. The text goes back to Ps. Ixxiy. 13 Dnsrr^y. ^OLy hefyy S. 

a reads ir^trn. d cr«Mrci otfrw;. A'**^'^ koi <r«<rci. "/reads ciur. a om. 
Mf . . . vnoKpipSfuvof. The bracketed clause which follows is obviously 
Christian. ^hi, jS-o^, S. e reads itrixp, g annKp. A = <l>at¥6fuvo9. 

"•a. ft A, S om. ^d adds tov iwniKaa6ai mroU. "a. |3-^ read 

dtrfi^o'. ^ airccrrriif. A = an-MFr^trttO-ir. •*«. O^, S* and Jtigf, A***** 

read as in margin (saye that g reads vpd(t<rt9 r&w MpAmtw for irX. r&v oipamii). 
^g om. ""(X (save that they put the yerbs in the aorist subj. and 

At add tArf after the first), f^, A, S^ read an€tBti<nn (A ctn-ccA^awcri) 
avT^ Ka\ aatfiovrrtg wr^^qvm {flb ilov/S^oip'f , A acrr/3i7irov(r(} tU avrdif {g avrf ). 
d aw€t$Tftr9in *U oMv. S^ s= o^r^ oirct^ijirf rr. "* ^ reads irpoo-cxcrc o^i'. 

"^ c, /3-6. At, 6^ read rir v6nw, hi, i*-/add row. " a (save that At read 

dta^p6iuvoi before kmI^), defy read ftonmpoa&tr^ (f /40Km/io<rwra>y) kokI^ 
^p^MM (/dici^/MffMroi). a5om. A=iKiJCif (or€tff»iJc/av)iri«Torrcir€arr. But 
it9lb^&m£^ (= ircirroprfff) may be corrupt for mt^m^lrmi^ = hia^tip6iiMvot^ 
B^^fJiovop cffrc mucMir. ** At. C reads m/. ft S^ dik rovro. A dXXa diii tovto. 
*° At, ^ read <rKopnurBfia§4r6€. *^ t reads •;. h adds «r. *'A = ^ijwp, 

**(X (save that e reads ay9miaur€ and A oyi^oi^rff). ft A read as in margin. 
8^ = oIk S^rwrm rifif x^P^ avT&9, The text of ft A is preferable owing to 
next verse. **ft A, S* add avrwy. *• a, e. /3-6, A, 8* read as in 

margin (save that A' reads vfiag 6f6s). ^* e. A om. ft A, 8^ read as in 

margin (save that / reads iXni^os), ^ a, rf. fi-d, A, 8* om.- 

Digitized by 


l82 AIAeHKH A2HP [VIII. i 

p-dflifi^ VIII. Kal* tliriiv airotj ravra iver^Oioro Xiytir** Biylfori 

airoif ^ ^yS Xe)3/HiSr*. Kai AW^wei;* +&ryy* koX^ ko(^i;0€(s^ 

o^^^ai 2, Kal* iiroCfiirav ol viol adrov 8<ra' foer^fXaro a^oi;, «u^® 

Km /MTck * dr^Y^Yoir «Ub&r <r XcPp^r koI I6ai|wr oMr^^ jmcrit rw varipwf 

ravra. airoS". 




Aia^ifia} 'loxr^^ roG hheKaTov vlov *IaKci}fi koX 

«ii odfX- i,ro^y,J<r,c€u;^ KaX^<ras^ tovj vloiy avrov koL roifs ^eA^ovr 

A j^ftbo avrov ciircr avrois* 

^% S^ 2. "^'AS^^oi |AOu Kol Wicra pw^ 

vfamw. ^EviorCa-aa-Of *^4|iaTa rod er^-rff jioo.' 

VllJL ^ This Terae d gives as follows : mil mOni t tir^y a&rots cVkm ftif^ 
^1^ c'/>7ii]7. ' (X. fi^f A, S^ read as in margin. *0f, ^. a6e/read «r. 

' A» read Xcvpt^. * h, aef add tV. * = ru^B^ oormpt for nn*»b = ripf ». 
See T. Iss. vii. 9; T. Senj. zii 2. The same corraption is foand in 
T. Zeb. X. 6. ''A s imfUfBii' 'O. fi^, A, 8^ read as in margin. 

For «iK • . ovr^ 2^ <2 reads ml ayay6rrn aMw ol viol ovrov ZBa^ffop ovrdv 
cV XfjSfM^y ^r rf (Fin|Xaif diirXf . *0f. /3-<{, A, S^ read mt. **^ om. 

'^ Ot, 00/ (save that arfom. ip X. and A, aef om. oMr 2**). S^ = oyTyoyw 
avTiSv (rest corrupt), hg^ A read as in margin (save that g reads ml 
^^raiTffs &r iUn. W,). See (2 in note 8. d adds ^r X. ^ ry afnikaUf 
durXf. " A** adds ^ X^^pUp. f, S^ read *A(nr4p vU^s laxi^ i, Mt 

Z€k4>as ff {&Z.ff ml vl^ 1. 1*) jcnl (/om.) aff^acF Ihy (S^ om.) /nc^'. ^ adds 
rcXoff dia^«7f 'Ao^p' o^roc /« r^g ZcX^f ^vT€pos t{ifa€ tfni ptc^\ 

^ Title. (X as text (sare that A om. rov before Mcmirov and adds irp«krov 
after 'Pax.), ahef, 8^ read d. 'idMr. la' (ef, S^ om.) ircpl v^poavptjs {+*i»a^ 
ip/afP€vrrat 6w€idov (sic) d^aipcaif/). (£ d. 'Iwr. rov iravNoXXoii (sic) vloi) 'loiub^ 
la'y vlov 'Pa^i^X a irfpl frm^^potrvnis, g la' only. A = dio^h^xi; 'iMai}^ ( + vcpl 
^tfiSiwv A^^^). * d adds ^ dic^o roir vUnt ovrov. * c£ adds h y6p r^ 

pi Irci jrjt Cwfi o^rov. * (X add yap. ^OL, A^ (savo that A om. K, rcoo 
pov), fi, S^ read as in margin (save that g reads T««wa and <fy add pou 
after dd.). A'**'^'^om. *S^om. ^addsmu. ^c,^om. <ladd8 

Kvplov ecov. « A** add mtrp^ ip&if. • a. ft A*****, S* read as in 

margin (save that a reads ipw, d ptfpara for rov and A^ om. viol). A^* 

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1.6] AIA0HKH mSH4> 183 

3* 'Eya> ttbov iv rfj (unp fwv rbv ifASvov xal rbv OAjhitov 

4. 01^' ib€kif>ol fujv <AiTO% iiA(aritrdv /le, *'0 W Kiifpios*' 
Airoi" t/^cXrfr /xc" iv^ktiv, *'0 8i ©cos" rw vcsriprnw 

E{$ Xcticicoi^ fA€^* JX<^^^> ^^ * ^lOTos iarlfyayiv fic^** 

5. 'EvpiBriv *eh SovXcioir", *Kal 6 wt*iwtty 8€<rwfnyy*^ 0, S.€«V 

£{( alxjiaXoia'Cav ik/i^>0riy^, Kci ^ Kparuih aihvv x^^p 

^Ev kifif <rw€ax4$qii, Kal oArbs S K6ptos hUOpe^ jlic^* 

6. 'blL6vos ^/A?yv^, icol^"0€is^ ircLpfKdkta-i lit*- 

'Ey ia0€V€l<^ ijfArp;, koL S Kvpws^ iTr€a'K4\jniT6 /mc**' 

[*Ei; JciTfioiy ical IXvcr^ m^.]*» 

^/iora /lov. ^'^d read» oXX*. » », d&f, S^ (saye thafr cis/ read ff/uroir). 
a reads aXX\ hg, A om. " ^ reads «r« yoCr o/. A^*******, S* «il ol, but not 
A** as text states. »a,d. /»-<«, A***', Spread «rf{+ 6 a«/^)K^pcof. A^*«** 
cm. together witk next two words. ^^g readff o^roc. A^*, S* read leosl 
»d trs. after ibtXcur. w c, A*, irreads ml 6 Kv^no^ . K; bdef, A»***^ iral 

6ec<Sff. "<^om. A'^ssiJfiwF. "com. "a, A. /3, Bread as in 

margin save that g reads m davkot, ** OL /3-<i6y ^*^ ^^^ ^ nxbrtfy 

Kvpcor. a mil 6 Bfit. b, S mi 6 Kvpios (+ <« irdiTMir S). A*^oin. together 
with fjKtMpmrttf . • . cX^^. ^ e, d read awX^^r. A****** om. next 
ten words. ^e reader ijuh, ^eh om. next sixteen words through hmt. 
af om. next eight words through hmt. ^6e^, A, S. <2 reads Kvpcop. 

d. A**, S» add Tov irarp<$( /iw. »ae/!! 5(ty, S» read iJ^wTror, A******** = 
ecrff. A^ss^Xof. ••aom. next eight* words. A***** next six 

words. "oty fi. We should read e^dt /uw with A*****" or Kvpwt with 

S^. g adds ip waatw, ^e reads iwu ^if om. It is found in all 

other MSB. and in A, S. A*^*"^ add Kvptos, A^' e«^ before IXmtc, but not 
A^. I have bracketed the line as an interpolation. It may be a 
dittography, and have arisen from a corrupt repetition of the preceding ki 
the Hebrew. Thus dccrfuk and ^vkaiof can both go back to "^{D^. 
cxapcTwac =5 |3!7 which might possibly be corrupted with Vin = Avar. 
ixopirm<r€ forms a good parallel to the two preceding verbs and tXva* 
does not. Finally the parallelism is destroyed by this addition, 
as verses 4, 5, 6, 7 form stanzas of three lines each, a om. 

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1 84 AIAGHKH m2H« [l. 7 

3, A, S^ >j^ ȣjr htaftoKals koL awTiy6pri<ri /xou 

^^,,. 'Elf XSyois^^ lKinrr£wr3i irncpofe** koI^ ip/)Arar<f /i€^- 

crvrdov- olkoif avrot). 2. Kal ^covurdfiiyir «y)09 yuraijca ^^oiS^ 

a!!^' iircfyiwo-ip* /utc vapavoixttv /act' ovr^;, iXX* i ©cdy *row 

ovrtn itaTp6s fu>v' ipfwaarS^ lu iK^ 4>Xoyb9 KmoyAwis. 3, 

(d/uri 'E^Xoicfa^if', M^^Br^v'^, ^i^eiWKTTiplfreriv^^ Koi l8a>W /*€* 

o^^om.) **^ KtV>«oj^^ cte oUcrtpiujifS ivfiviov rw Scr/io^t/Aoico;. 

6 c^pou- 4. Oi yip** iyicaroXcfirct** Kvpioy** rois ^fiatifiivovs cctrr6vy 

1*^1% *^* ''^ <ricrfr€4, ^ ftciTfioiy", ^ BXt^^cw, ^ Av<£y«us. 

com- 3* <M y^ tfs 2i;0pa>iro$ ivQMrx6v€TQi i &€^9 

f?Tibb ^^^** *^ ^''^^ Av«p<4iniu ^ciXi?, 

Sf'r<$,ro.f! OCrc" &9 yi?y«^s [iirdorci J>]" wrucinu", 


cV d«<r/M& -to^end of chapter. ** a, ^, S. A read pm%mu (= ^vXonuf) 

l)at this is probiibly corrupt for fuJtu = X<^r. "a. /3, A, 8^ read 

AfyuiTTiW (a AiyviTTiW). « A**»* om. » A adds te*^€y. "/, A****' 
om. next line. ^ a (save that h reads doCXoy). (2e|/, A^^ read as in 

margin. 5 iv ^B&khs aw ddXocr. 'S^=/f ^66voit vw mSi^ois. "S^scfccXaro. 
n. ^ a (save that h reads aM^). ocKs/]/ read mil (a om.) ( +fMt^ Tmra d^ 
^ovTtn ^g, <4-odrof;/) 6 €v9ovxo9 {d ohfox&os) ^. 5 ic ovt»s ^^rnnfiiip 6 apxH^" 
ycipoff 4. A ^ Kol ovr«r UtraKlip^s ( A^*^^ 4i»ri^dp). S^ = Kal ovrvr 6 fyx"^^ ^^ 
twovx^w. g adds 6 4t»rc. *f^. (X, ttdef read ^tyovoi^f. 5 miyowrff, 
* A, A******, c reads t&p mnipmv fiov, befg, A^\ S* *l(rpafiK rw irorpdc /lov 
(g, A*^ r. ir.fl. "loyKn^X). 'od rov irar/xjc /lov 'Iaicw/3 (a ' ^ 6 reads 

c^vXa^, • «. A, /3 read dv6, • ^ prefixes koL ^ 60 read AT/imi^r. 
^OL, rf, bdg. read iimKnipMvpf. a, A om. *A, 6f. c, adsg read fioc The 
words l^c /M . • clf oUripfu^f ttmnutp are a literal translation of the 
Hebrew *»^ Dnsnn^ *nK jIW. Cf. Dan. i. 9. »• a. /3 om. " A reads 
ec<Sr. "a,<i. /3-J read fi4 ydp (tf/j/ yA/> fii^). "a, A. o^, 8 read 

^nmaXcr^ct. i»^ ^KoraXisrj; ( + irorc [jr). d ^ymmiXrifur^i. ^^ (X, ac{«^ A. 

i;^, S om. d adds fr«irorc. ^^ A = ovdc ^Mrxorci dcafwlr . ^' (X, a(£^. 

&</ read ovdc. ^''OL, def. abg read ovdc. ''Bracketed as an inter* 

polation. Possibly it is an alternative rendering with srrocirai of HH^. 
'*(X. Beading of fi, A, S in margin appears to be a corruption of (X. 
w 6 (A ?) read M. A^ivyAp. " a, fi4g. hg, A'^\ S» read as in margin. 
^b*€dg _ j^-j^^ Q^^ ^ internal corruption of A***^). "a. ft 8* read as 
in mai^. A=/(m'. "CX, /J-c|f, A. a read rowotf, f vpoaJnroit^ 

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111.4] AIAGHKH lOSH* 1 85 

*Ev /Spaxci^' d+MrraTai2« *^ls rd*^ hoKLfiicrai rrji yln/xji^ ft A 

7. **Ey Wico*' wcipoo-fAofe *d<bc(fu)r iiF&ci$i ftc^* '**'^' . 

Ka2 & '3ra<ra' avroi;^^ iyMKpoMiirica^}. 
•^Ori®^ fi^ya <l>ipiiaK6v i<nrw *^ iMKpoOvfiCa^^ 

III. ITocrdicis ff AlyvrrrCa^ i/ir€^i;<r^* fxoi' Oivarov ; 
ircxrdicis^ TLfjuopCaii^ "/ac^* wa/)a8ot5<ra'' dveicaX^craro® [^al g^^ ' 

/AOi* 2. Kvpifif<r€is^^ *Kd|iol koI irdmran^ Twr iv rf otic^ |MMf ^', ft A, S| 

3. *Ey«i fti^* iiuniii6v€vov^^ ^Xiyov^ 7carp6i jiou", icol^^iol 
fX<r€pf){6ii€V09 €U rd ro^ictbr *'^kXoW^ ir/XMn^uX^W^* '?^."- 
Kvpi^>**. 4. KcU ivi/i<nr€vop Iv to& iirri lr€(r«y*^ iK^Cvois, ^'X'uw 
fccU l^irJ/iiyv *t^ AIyvnT%** c»9 & ''/w^ dwtywv' ftri*' •IaJt»^. 

5 = 3dvMiif. ** A reads mqut^fi (= irapoxoXctrai) COXTUpt for mqm^ = 

ini^MucaXc?. a om. next line. ^c^d read /9paxv. "^ (X. ft A read as 

in margin. S* = tvurrdfitpos, ^ h reads iv ry, g xat tU t6. * fi^, A. 
(X read cV ly^Ka. d lUh rovro cV. g ca>£ df iro. S^ ^ cV cvyco. ** (X. /3-<{} 

A, S^ read ddjufuSr ^ oWdrijc. (Z cdoffi/imrc. '^ |/, A reads rovroK. ''As 
€^0Kifji6a6tpf, ■■ £? reads ocda 5ri. " A"** ij wro/ioi^. A* = al vnofjumii 

(not sing, as in text). A***^ = al ftoKpoBviJuai, S om. next line. " j^»»*«*» 
om. » A***** = vwoiUwwri. 

m. ^ d adds Mffixfns, g repeats irocr. i^ Aiy. S^ reads ol Ahy, *e reads 
vfTciXi^r. 0ff$^tfa€P, S^ ss rfmSktfirQp, *g om, * g sMb ff Alyvjrria, 

*h reads tU T^t»piag, g uf»»piq, d oxrccXcus and om. next seven words, 
' (X. ft A, & om. ^ a reads vapaMvtu. A^ = irapcdttJCf • * A = irdXcy 

oivicaXcVaro. For dptKoXtaaro . . . a^ a reads dXX* 6 Oc^ dppwraT6 fu, befy, 
^.bb*od^ g, j^^^ ^^ , ^^ ^.ia,»od ^„j^ J jj^^^ bracketed «il ijirc (X^ir/ ^m 

as an interpolation. ^^(X, A^. 5(2ef, S^ read as in margin, g pr^ BtXlfiras, 
A^'^^ssdXX* ^ ovK ^cXi^ira. A* jcai (text wrong here) oi« ^Xijcra, 
" (X. ft S^ read as in margin (save that a reads yap for dc). A=iea2 IXryc. 
For following /am ^ reads 5ri. " ^f. a, / read Kupi€wyjf9. " (X. ft A, S* 
read as in margin. ^* d trs. c^y . . . c/m before Kvpuwrtw, A*^^ = jral 

(X*^ om.) iiof Kupitwffg, ^fom. A=Mov. " 6, 8* read o&r. ^''a, 

6 reads ip9tj<rK6ijajP, '*c. d^, A read Xi^y ( + irarcp0»y A') fFaTp6s pov 
(g pov irorpAf) 'loxoft These (excepting A') are right. Cf. Jnb. xxxix. 6. 
h, (»ef, S^ read \&yovs {arf \6y»») varipnv pov, h \&yovt irartp»¥ waTp6s pov 
*hucwP. ^'c. h reads xXacW tau tvxopfvot. p, A, S^ read vpompfx^f^n^t 
e adds r^ '^ A = Bt^. d adds r^ ^^f • ravrd poi tnoujo'a M tfrri Irra. 
"A ss^ptptui but the cormption is native to A. "c reads roit AlyunrUns. 

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1 86 AlAGHKH mSH^ [III. 4 

ol vri<n'eiovr€S *dti rhv Otop^ rod irpoctivov t^v x^P**'** 

B-^kJS^ iirderowrcif. 6. ^SlpOpifyv 5i" 'Jrpis K^pcoir iccU ixkakov 

tcai. irepl M€fA^(a(^ r^( MywrrtaSf Sri cilMpa^'^ iAwXelvrms 

Bwfd/^ ^W liraric^V^cws. 7. Kal** fci** Wkvoi^ ipp€v^ ovk ifv 

npj^ oiif, Kol** ir^<r€TOi€TTo Ix^u; fi€ '"J^s"'*^ wlAr«. 8. Kal*« 

dppcv. *KlLK€bni bi {artpov^^ tls vopvttop /ic c^Aict;(raro^. 

A*^ om. «il«(^M^...dcii>f«»v* "{f reads ml yiV». cadd8>iiV- **a,6. 
/3-i read dcik ^<^. fi, A, Gf trs. before n^artvorrcr. "d reads ^'flrv. 

** (X, b. P^hd read npotrka^fiaanwruf. d npokofmovaatf tcMKnpmu, " a^« 

c, g read oircdi^ /mm, a corniption of aircd^fMi. A ^d^/ict. &, S^ iwMhfi poi, 
d aindctro fioi. A^***^ read ^pP'^/'^vnipx^M' or dirvd^/iovi' corrupt (f ) for 
kppaa^p = <bvdi7/M(. * (X. A read "t-pkf (^<^) corrupt (t) for mtp ^J 
sz 6 Kv/Moff fiov. /3, S^ om. ''d reads oZrac. "^a om. A = t/iUmt 

ydp i7/Mp£y and om. followmg fuw. It would hare been better if the 
translator had rendered olrrc rpujiuplC^p, regarding the negative as 
governing the two verbs fvamp and iXoftfiapov, See Driver, ffehrew 
Tenses\ 115. But it is possible to ta&e the text as it stands. ^h{f), 
ef read ik&pfiami. g ikapfioM. ^OL, fi reads lUairwf, '^h reads 

ihMiujw. gididiw, **«. 0,A,S^om. " a, (f (save that e, (f read optf.). 
aefg read &p$piCop (save that ef read ip$.), b, SF mt &p$piCim. The phrase 
= *VllStO. A*^ adds at beginning kbA Sh/¥ lijp wicra wpwnfvx&iatiw, ^a, 5, 
A^, S^. d reads aMjt and om. rij^ Aty, ef Mcfi^ov. g Mtfi^Uu^ (with 
following two words in ace), a om. A* s;: U^itBias, A^ lAtp/f^iat. A^"^ 
M€4>!af, A** corrupt. ^a om. A adds icaL ^tfg* c reads tW^Xij. 
A, abd Mx^ti* "' A^ adds rov iropp€v<rau ^h, e^d read teal yap «u. 

/^-i{, A, S^ read as in margin. *^ bde read c&rici. ^6, S^ trs. after 

cVio-fec^cwf. ^ M add ra fifir irpwra (<f r. irp. fi/ir). 8* has Some corruption. 
^* d reads cVcidi}. |/ ^. ^ a. /3-<2 read appttwiv {g- apatpua&v). d om. 

and trs. rcooF after awrg. **c, a. A, /3-a, A, 8* om. ^'^j A om. 

^ (A f VA A, &P add as in margin (save that cf om. ko/ and efSpmp), Possibly 
this clause was lost through hmt. as Mp may have stood in c as in A 
instead of ^ppfv. Before this addition d inserts {nroKafinp iy» Sn x^ 
T€ianv rovro woUi and om. Ka\ €§h XP^"^^ • • • $y*'<^ovi'* ^* (X, A. 0, S^ om« 

•• 6, 8* add o^y. » a«/, A trs. after ir«pi€frr. g om. "• a. fi^f. A, 

S^ read miyw. / om. together with next word. ^(X. a reads «fri. 

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IV. 4] AIAeHKH m2H« 1 87 

9. Kal voi/i<ras iyw** iXvmJ^v Iws Oatfirov^' * i(€\$o6<rrj9 
bi^*^ avrris IlkOov efc ifxavrdv, jcol tTtiv&rica^^ iF€pl atrffs^* 
riiUpas TfoKKii, *oti iyviAV rip b6Xov airr}9 koI riiv wAityiyy*®. ^*» ^» 

10. Kal IXeyov *vp69 avrriv^^ prffxara vylrCcrrov, €l Spa ff^us, 
Ivurrph^^i^^ Aird rffs iitiffviiCas^^ TrJ9 iroyiypas". /3-d,A,S* 

IV. *noXXdKis oSv^ *&s&yC(fivbpl iv Xoyoiy* iKo\iK€v4^ fc^,A,S* 
fi€* ical* lAerh bokov 8ia' ^pArmv iira(v€i'' *Triv <raxl>pO' ^x*H'^ 
trCmjjV^ IJLOV iv^viov rod ia^bphs avnis^, fiovXofUvrj *icor4 '^^^ 
fiSvas^^ iiroa-KtkCaai fie. 2. *'EWfaf€ '^y^ip"'^^ |ic C09 o-oncy 


trtiippova ^ipap^pC^s, koI iv ic/w^^^* ikey4 jioC M^ <l>ofirj$fjs^^ /4. - 
ror &vdpa fxov' icoi yhp ir^wctorat^* ircpl 1^9 (rctappoaUvris ivaoKM^. 

3. **Ei; rotJroty iro<ru;" Iy**^* *x<H«HcoiT6r ib€6iJLriv tov JjJ* 

k, S' ZvxpTW, d KtmtUni pakurra htmliuro irc/MO-crorc/wp 4 l/wr auu. / 
vartpw. g itrxora dc. A ^ ical ficra roGra, ^ (X, ft^f^, 8^. But with od 

we should read c^Xjcvm. As^'Xiy^rc ippcXkiw (A^**'* f^cXjcuciy). 
^"(X, Al. /3-<^, S^ om. d reads r&y dtSXor ^yoa. ^d om. next six words. 

^OL. ^,A,B'reaAKaii(t\e. '•A'^ add icol ficXaiKro. "^^fadds 

nrc. ^ d reBjds tyvtM^ T^p nXanip atmig. a om. '^(X. /3 reads 

«vr5, **(X,drfg. areadsvir^arpc^ci. ft, ff cnnHrrpc^^t. «»/3,A,S»add 
avrijf. ** d reads iroyi;pui£, A^ adds itdi avn) ipampm tU i^Bakpain MpA» 

IV. *a. /J-a, A, 6P read as in maigin (save tliat A**"* is corrupt). 
a om. ver. i. « a, j8-a> S* (save that dg read ^Tyioir &d^). A***"^ = 

&s dyitnt X^yoiu A** dyW Xif/Mf crov. • OL^ d^. Wfg read cjroX<ucev<rf . 

* ^ reads /im. * ft, S^ om. ' d adds paroSmv, ^ a, (2, Al. ftef, S^ inaumwra. 
g itrgwtirt. A adds /m mu. * A reads rfjs att^^pwnnnit. * A adds i^fiytlro 
moL d om. rest of verse. " A** = iv Kpvnrf. " ex. /3-{l, A, 8* read 
ib6^C^ (save that g, 8^ read /dc^furc). <{, A read Koi i^ptpAs iiJkv id6(aCf. 
"c«,Aread^<VvirTy W. ^ e, drf retA fpofin^U. "c,aft«f, A, 8^. A,^ 
read irtiricrTivrai. *• d om. rest of verse. *• a. />-c?, A, 8* read thqj 
Ttsairf. ^'(X. /3-c2 read 06 ;4 mvTfvtfiy (« frc^Tfvovi). ^*<2 reads cyc^ 

dij Tovro OKOuwp ikvwuvinjp ptyakms ttal, ^ (X. fi om. '^ (X, wf (save 

that a«/add ffP* inSncy). ftc2, A, 8* read ixafumoiniv ryw (<{, A om.) ^y <raiucy 
ml (A ml cV ooM^) ^6pifp rov ^ov (A Kvp(ov). g xnpautxur&p iv troHK^ 
ib€6ptip T^ e€ov, ^e,bdeg. hy af retA pwnfral pt. bdg,& 9Ad 6 {dg om.) 
Kvptos. ** (X. /3-a, A, 8^ read as in maxgin. a ravrfft. (X = nn^*in 
or nnOlD which may he a corruption of n^*t!RDn = r9ff Alyinrriof. 

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1 88 AIA0HKH UrSH« [IV. 4 

ftA, S* W oifbiv l<rxy(r€v^ ^*iy rovry^S viXiv ivi^^'^ X&yt^ Karrf- 
Kvpiov. j^^o-€«j ^px^ro** wprfy fic rov*^ /uitffuf*® Xrfyor ecoo**, 5. 
SifL*''* Kai ikeyi^ /ioi"' EJ tf^Xps»» tva icaraXcfV^a)*^ rii eOwXa, 

irrMw. ^Qj, €Bc4Aft)if, *icai iropcvop6|M9a tii^vior Kupiov crou*^^ 

Kvpiw 04\€^^^ KiSpios Tohs trt^oiUvcvs atrrSv^ oi!rc^^ *roi9 /iotxe^ovortir 
^^^^ <t cvdoicci**, '^dXX^ roiy fo ico^o/)^ icapd£f koX <TT6iMuruf ifiuamis 
fupoi, avry tfpofrtpxoiUvois^^. J. *K4ic€£w; drre+iXorciicci irXiy- 
ft A, S» pttorot (?^Xou(ra 1^1^ iviBvfjJav avrfii^^ 8. **Eya> »i** 

om.aAXa Tfpo0-^(0ow *vy\(TT€iiw icoi** ir/Kxrcvxiyi^^ ftr«s fwreral^'^ fu 6*' 
rp;^ Ki/pios Aw* air^s**. 


hQy A itninnivt. 

^g reads Ztrxwr. ** (X. /^-d, A, S^ om. d reads dyvcraf. *" g reads cV. 
'•ajftf, 8*. a^, A read <2<r4pxc^* dtMpxtrm. *^(X, /3om. A"~*= tfeXow<ra. 
A* ica\ liet\€. « A* = d4W«nc€iF. A**** om. bat A*** read as in text; 

»• a. ft A, S* read Kvplw. » g reads Xryci. « A"* om. ■■ a. ^ reads 
^iktit, *> 5 reads «iTaXifr«. ** b reads mfwwtMtin, A} adds jcac x9P^Co» 
poi, ** (X, Au ft S^ read as in margin (save that S' adds atrut^pap before 
frc/cTfli). "* (X. om. "^ (X (save that c reads inptwr^fu$a and A cV oM^fiort 
for €Pvinop), Here both ivinttov and nr 6v6paTi seem cormpt for eV ytf/if • 
a^, S^ read as in margin (save that a reads iropcvtfficyoy). dg^KKoihf 
p, Kvpiov (A^ om.) ircw noptvtr6iu6a {d irop€Vir&fu6a ol apx^tpoiy A iropcvc oiAu). 
''ex. a«/ read fXcyor dc irp^s aenjy. 5^, S^ Xryw dc' irp^ adrTV. d rSroir dc 
aii^. A = ttii ^ (A***'^ om.) X^ irpAr irfn}r. »«. ^ reads oAie. 

S^ adds *A/iffi^pta mipia fwv. ^ A, i read Xcyri. ^ Act i. ^^ (X (save 

that h adds cy). /3 reads oudc cir. ^' A= cvdocci Kv/wos cV rws pMxtvcmnw, 
^ ex. ft A, S^ om. ^ (X (save that c reads ^mp and A om. it), arf 

read kokxIpii i<f>iKoptU€i vo&owra rtXiam r. iiri$viUap abrijs. bg, A Kwctuni 
ivUtmivM noSovo'a cn-cXccnu (4/ rfXc<rou) r. c. a^s (A*^ nil (A^ om.) rcXoMra 
r« tmBvfiunf ovr^r (A^ fu>v)). c{ is conflate as frequently and reads: Utuni 
dc ravra oKOwraaa iawnrfm pip xarh vpSamrAp pau pxfiip htpop roKfirfawra 
ffiircur* r§ d^ dcoyoift o^^v c^cXow/xct iroMcra rcXcaai r. intBvpiap aOrifg, 
S^ = avri^ dc XcSyovf iroKkovs npoctri^i, and points to orf, d, 8' may here 
be neglected, bdg, A and (X, wf only differ really in one word. Where 
the former have ItninrYrt the latter have oyn^iXowuci or ^^oi«(icf«. The 
latter = nmnnn while itrtmn^^ = nrinnn. ** a. ^, A read JBOT^. 

**S*om, '^areadspv<np'cu. ^oMom. ^ d reads « tw toO 

IkafidKov iroycdttv^ nil ^jc r^v X"/^'' ''V'^** 

Digitized by 


VI. I] AIAeHKH msH« 189 

krjf^ofuil <T€ cJs* ii/d/wju 2. *Eycb oiv, &s ^K0W<ra touto, ft A.S* 

irojfiy/wb", &a ^V* i(o\o0p€vefJ9* *lw€l ica^Yt yCwwitt «tv f°A">«*- 

"""Ivirocar rwSTt\¥^. 4. Kai * iv^X'^pria'fv, ivt$dXiFOV<rd ^vptop. 

iu tipoL^^^ Koi * duoXoArf <Ft vdUraif^'. ?'^»?* 

on iccuyc 

VI. "^Kal ficro rovro"^^ diroar^AXft^ /yioi pp^fxa iv yorir^lq «r«- 

/9-c^ S* rffy ivlpotap rfjf^ axn^ias trov ira<nr< ^-^, A, S* jcmuay ovr^r. 
/3*d, A, S^ irtfmova'a vaaaw airoKaviriP vi&w dp$pwrmv» 

V. ^ (X. Otff^y A read wdXuf. h, & wdktv 8/ . d buXS6pro£ o^ U t6t€ immnov 
dXoieX^pov irdXiv. '^ om. ' el reads fuf rdr i^/uw/Mtv irpo(rcXA>Mra, 

*(X reads djw/>d, and other MSB. avaipm, I have emended as above. 
*(X (save that h adds ourttr). 0, A, 8^ read as in margin save 
that for vo/ufjmt (which ef, A read) a reads voidaas, 6, S^ i^/i^, 
<{ poiufujf and ^ om. Here <l>apfiAK^ = noru and po/uiutg = npPD. 
* d om. ''OL, P reads as in margin. *(X, d reads irp^r ovr^y. 

/>-€?, A, S* om. •«,/. /5-/, A, 8* read as in margin. *•</ om. 

^^ A, (Uffy, Al. C reads irp. r^y wopripap, b, S^ irp. ri^y woprjpiat ravrtfp. d mvrfpap 
irp. ravnjir. "0 om. "ft (save that h adds 0^9 after cVci). 

/3>^, A, S^ read as in margin (save that d reads mc for «acyf). 
^ reads ral >dp ryw. Here yifwrKe in a =r SH. The latter word 
though wanting here in ft A, S^ reappears in the next clause as n in 
ft A, S*. See note 15. " g, A^ read ^foyytXX*. "a. p-d, 8» read 
as in margin (save that g reads vaa-op), d r^t Kapdiat vov xai dcrr/Sciac 
crov nturw opBpwrois, For frao-iy . . . Taurrjp A reads vomfpiof vpa(lp vov 
irao-ir. Here ttriPDuuf Tijt Mpttat = V^ TilCitO. See note 13. ^'A^om. 
*^ a, Al. <I reads fun. /3-if, 8* om. "«, d. A reads fuyiWV />-c?, A /ii^ftnrl. 
" tt) /3-<2^ (save that aef read amyyt iX»). d reads amr/yfiKai riyi. ^ «urtt. 
iaddsriFi. *^(X. /^, A, 8^ read as in margin. ^ d<rff?cmy r^r citcmuw 
adr^. '^ (X. /3 reads aa (X save in giving &dX3rowra (a ^cXirov<ra) for 

^1^. A = amxt^fni<nura depots ZSakni fic. *' OL (save that the M8S. read 

in accusative). jS-i^, A, S^ read as in margin (save that A reads eircfurc 
pa for ircjfiiroMra). d dirocmXXoiHrd fUM dvi frainw airt^Xinwriv. 

YL '(X. <{, 8^ read na di} or pf. fi^KoL *(X,P-ag. ag,& read 

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I90 A1A0HKH mSH^ [VI. x 

7F€4wpijJvov^. 2. **129 5i* jjAdcy 6* cfeov^oj ^ Ko^CCuar 

a{rr6^t*iLv4pXv^a icat^ tl^v * 4>ofi€p6v ivbpa^ imbMyra §jLaL 

*IUTh Tov Tpv^kCov^ fiixcLtpap" #cal avinjKa Sri^^ * tttpUpy^uoL 

^»^»S^ ioTii; ds ivoirkavri<rCv tiov^\ 3. Kai ^i^fkOovro^ avrov^^^ 

ciww ^icXoior", *|i^ y€wrifLM¥0% |t^Tt Ikcivou fi^TC AXXou Tfir 

Si*"" irprfs fic" *Kal liriYroGaa t4 PpfifMi" X^€i" fU)i«<>- Tf 
^d«<r/i, Touro 8rt 061c l^ycs*^ *rou Ppd^TOs^; 5. Kal €?7roif 

JIIII^ doriTOw**' Kal *ir«s ttiray*^ 5rt Oi vpocfyylCf^^^ tow*' 
ftA**«*J c»i4Ao«»^ aXXa r^^^ Kvpiy^« ''fuJi; y"" »» ; 6. Nw oSr 

t^^' yirStfi'* «ri 6^ 0€i9 *roi3 iraTp6s^ p,ov "^hC iyyikw airw^^ 

iriipficcu airh^^ €& ik€yx!^v irw, *elira)5 4pa** B<w<ra*' ficravoijcrcts*** 

dircoTffiXr. g adds ci'. *A^ /3-(. e reads ir€<l>apfuucitVfUpop. b imPvpaftamif. 

^c. h reads «*r. 0, A, 8' read icai &t, *eg om. */3. e reads ovrf, 

i|. avT^. ^«b*ed«ff ^y duuroy. A^ 1^ /9p&fui. a«/, A prefix fioc. S^ adds xoi 
5 Oc^ff iifna^pwri fun. ' i, A = dKi/3\c^af. "(X, /»-^. i. A, EP read 

ofyd/M ^. * 6 om. For fim g reads did and for r^/SXcov cI reads rpi/SX/ov. 
Bj an internal corruption A reads O^iajsn '^ ahg, A add $• '^ ex. /9-<;{^ 
^abh^gi y^jj ( + i} 5) mpupytia avni (6 ovr^ff^ A** om.) c/t oiroirXdnyo-cy { -}- V^fxi?* 
ft) cWiv (A**** ^p(^^)» d vfpUpyna Ijp tov 2aram ical els diroirX. ^. cWif. 
A****** ^ airoirXdin/iitff avnj cct jrtptepytuiM f ortV fu>i. *• ft reads avrjr. 

"A''* cm. A''*^:=ip(df»ip «XaiW«u'. "a. /H^,A,S» read as in 

margin (save that 0/ om. rt and trs. ytvadfupos before t&» and A reads 
iytvaofujp), g ftSfn iK€ivov fuftt SKkou tw ihttrpantip rant ycvo-d^cMX. 
^' OC, af. hey S' read ficr^ oj^v (« om.). d icai di) fwra. jjr, A ml furd. ^*e 
vehds 4$€\eowm, d a9t\0owra. "ijr reads /loi. "a. ft A^**** read 

asinmargin, A•*'^S*. om. ^ '*c{ reads cnrc. ^(x,dg. ^dg read 

irpdff /If, *^ ftdltf^ add a»d. ** a reads r& fipAfUi. d adds rovrov 

•n-r/> rg x^* W^P9 dirccrrfiXd <r<M. a om. next four words. ^g reads ovrj, 
S^=irp^f T^i' m/fHov €firfp. " <£</ read cnvi/^. For Sri ark^pwras S* reads « 
^noiffoas ifioij &(rT€ r^ir (<ii7r ftov Xa^/Sdvc ur rck aim|Mx 5ri hrtfi^as Pp&pa nXiipwraa'a ; 
'^ (X, P, A, S^ om. ** (2 reads ^avorixov ^iXrpov dia roCro ov«c t^ayop avro. 

" £? reads circid^ c£re£f fioi. " a. /3-^ read 9yyiC<». g Irt f». *• a, a(2«f, A, 
ft^ om. ^ <f adds inr^ rov vv¥, '^ (X, (2, 9-c? om. For rf K. fuSry 

S* reads Iro^m tw Kv/>u>v. ^g reads ^r^. ••<ff read fidvoy. **{| 

reads >v»^ri. ** «^ om. *• A = t»v frarcpvif. "^ a, A. /3-<ty, S* read 
hi ayytKov, dg om. '^ c reads cVccaXv^. '*<{ adds dici roOro. *®a, 
ft A, S* read as in margin. ** d irs. after crov, ** c. A, ^ read 

Digitized by 


Vn. 2] AIA0HKH mSH<fr 19I 

7. *''Iva bi^ liiOffs^^, Sti^'^ t&v^^ iv iraHl>po<rvvri e^fXT^Paiv- /3-/,A,S^ 

XaP&v^ *H adrou Ik«Svi^ vou jo#w», Kal touto dwitr lTcu{<CfACFO« (!^!X-* 
ot^Ttts*** *0 ©cAy r«v varipdDV pbov kqI 6 JyycXo; ^Appahfi^^ ovrov e) 
* ?<TTai M€t' ifuw" '"^♦aYor"'". 8. 'H U ^VMaa tooto"' " [5X1 

lw€<reK** *iir2 vpitrnyKov avr^y*® ^cfe rovs irrfda? fxov^^ rov fip^- 
KXoiouaa^^- jcal iofcumria'as^^ oMiv ivoveirrjira. 9* *^ Jf^^^^' 

5i** awiOtro fu)*** row** *fAiyicM Troi^otw*'' r^v ia-ifitiav (icnictiror 
ratJnyy•^ o^ A). 

VIL *'Ert «i^ .^ xapSfa o^i^y *lK€i70 <t« tA icoicdr icol f'^f' ^* 
Tcpic^X^ircTO iroi^ Tp^inf f&c TayiScuaOi* irrcrdltoiNro Ij f awrr^fMis ^*<rnf^ 

X^y€4* ^irpis oir^j;^« T(® <nfv4ir€<r€ ri irp6<r<av6p crov; V ^^ b A, S*' 

cWicfiro r/ff ( + ifu cZf MJ^, A, S') oJcoXacTiaF ical aTVKi(ovcra awiinirrwm 
ft A^*, S» Alyvimoff, 

cifl^. adds avr<$. ^/3-/^, S* add avr<(. ** d reaia liMnmnitrff &€. 

^><2 reads mi. A=ioilrovrD. ^a, A= yPMajy. *^grom, **Aom. 
^*A, /3-a, A, S. e reads c^(rr/9oi;yrc»y. a ^di^ vt^vr^w. ^(X, a<20. finide, 
A, S^ read jcurMrxvtc For ov . . . do-c/Sovirwv / reads ovdc v kok^it ^firrcrai. 
^' ^ reads r& jenni. ^ ot, ^. i(26 read ao-c/Sovvrwi^. af om. See note 50. 

*^(X. d reads ^a<raf« /3-d, A, S^ om. ^ a om. dfy A read mil X^j9tfv. 

"(X (save that A om. oUt^s), 80 almost / crwvri^v aov ov* avr&v i<r6i», €hr»v. 
d-iif, A""*, S* read as in margin (save that after a^r ^ adds i^ avr^r). 
<f reads ano rov 0p. w^uj» avnit l^ayoy ovrtfff ciir^v and A^ airh roO ft ^^, 
ivvfirtov avr^ff m) clircy. ^ c{ reads roiv *A. ^ 'ic/xu^X. A ^ avrov. 

•^ A = ^Xd^t ft€. " (X. ft A, 8* om. •• c? reads Mwtvtp, A = ir«roO(ra. 
•• M, S read M vp6<rtimw and d trs. after ftow, « A***^ om. For th 

d reads cWc. *" at. ft S read as in margin. As= j^ieXovo-r. ^ A^*^ 

= iyyivat. A' inmrlvat. ^(X. P reads rcu. •• c reads /*€, 5 om. 

** OL, hd, fi-hd om. ^OC. P reads /*4 iroc^<ras Ire *^d adds dXX* i^dc rf 
aT6ftaTt avrijt an^ipvuro rov ftfiKtri iv roit ovroir cv/x^^rai. 

Vn. » a, ft4rf, S*. 6 read «ri «c. d, A clXX' o^v. •« (save that h reads 
oToiV ^^^ ^ reads /mm for fiij). ft A, S^ read as in margin (save that 5, S^ om. 
Kai and read irpotrmirrcv, d adds r^ irpoo'wr^ after (rvv€tr, and c^ read 
irpiSff fif clff for Wff c/i^ ^P^^9 ^^i ^hat for orcvo^ovcra awanirrtp A reads 
irvcvftori <rvfiirrotn;<ra (for ^m%irmt is COrmpt for a»tri}i&rflii£^ ccrrcyo^c)^ 
I have obelized ovm^MM as corrupt for (rvrrorws (as alpo in Aq/s Version of 
Prov. xix. 13). " / reads ravnjv. * a, A"**. A*'**** is conflate reading 
dyi)p aimjt 6 Alyvfntos, ft A^^', S^ read as in margin, d adds oCrwt tnipw^a-oikra^ 

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I90 A1A0HKH Ii22H« [VI. c 

*fi€ri Tcv TfwpXCov^ fiixaipav^ koL irvinfKa &n^^ ^vtpUpy^uM. 
^»^'®^ i(n\v cfc airoirA<iyi;<r& fjuw^K 3, Kai ^i^iKOovros oiroS^*"' 

fi^ AcaiftdLmr avTi|s^^ 4« '*^ Mcr^t di^' /i^ iffUpap iXBowra^* 

Si*" '/^^^ M€" **«^ iiriYroficra t4 Pp&»«i" X^yct" f40i«<^- Tf 
^dccTfi, ToSro 8ri oAk ItJMy^s^^ *tov PpdfUiTOS^; 5. Kal cTiroir 

1P!^, tforirov**- Kal *vm ctiraj*^ 8ri Oi vpoartyylC^^'^ to&** 

ftA,S* 4ir<«f<5^v^^" MO* '^v KcucCav <rw'', ical *ir TwJry 4^a|a^<^ 
cnjp9<ra. airi*^ fly l\€y\6v <rw, *€lira)5 4pa** Bowa*' /Acrovo^crets**. 

dirffcrrffiXr. ^ adds ci^. ' h, j3-6. C reads w^^apfuuttviuvov. h wt4>^pafupoif, 

*e. h reads &g, fi, A, 8^ read xai &s. ' ^ om. *fi.c reads avrf , 

iaM(. A*^**^ r^ir duuray. A^ t6 PpA/ta. a«/, A prefix ^. S^ adds xoi 
5 ec^c iiHjmpwri fid. '({, A = mfikhltas. '«, /»-6. i. A, EP read 

flfyd/M ^. * c om. For furd g reads duS and for rpvpxiov d reads rptPkiw, 
By an intemal corruption A reads ^m/r. '^ ahg, A add 7. '^ (X. /9-<;{^ 
A^^'^jS* read ( + 4 6) mpupytia ounj (6 ovrSf, A'^om.) tls awmrXdviia'iw { + V^i^ 
b) cVriy (A***^ ^pi^^)' d mpUpytta ^p rov Zaram moI tls ommK ^» iarof. 
A!^**^ =s diroirXain/otff oilrny cZf vtpiipytUMP itrrip itoi, '* ( reads avr^^. 

"A'* om. A**'"=iJ^fi«r» kkaUtwKoL »*«. Z*-^, A, S» read as in 

margin (save that ef om. rt and trs. ytwrdftfpos before r&v and A reads 
€ytwrdfnjp\ g fi»fn ixtipov fiifn SkKm t&p Hkirparwp rans ytvaafiiPot* 
'•a, af. he, 8* read fieri o^ (s om.). d xai dij furA. g, A «ii perd, '•« 
reads «ffXA>wra. ddvtXBovaa. "ijr reads /loi. "«. ft A***^ read 

asinmargin* A***"*, 8^. om. ^ '*cif reads cftrc. ^(X,dg, fi-dg read 

irpds ftit, *^ bdeg tkdd and, *^ a reads t6 fipAfjuu <2 adds nwrov 

^^P tS X^^ it^P9 dircoTfiXif iroi. a om. next four words. ^g reads avrj, 
S^=ir/>&^ r^i^ KVfHOP €firfw, ** c^ read fVci/^. For ^c ^rX^ptMra^ 8^ reads re 
^noifjaut ifAoif &ar€ rijp C^nfP fiov 'ka/ipopttp rit apofia &n hrtfje^as Pp&pa vXxjp^araaa ; 
^ OC P, A, S^ om. ** d reads Baponxov ^tkrpou dii rotro ovjc €ifKtyop aM, 

" d reads tmtd^ cfiror /mm. "a. /3-^ read €yyi{m. g h-i fS. *• a, acfef, A, 
5^ om. ^d adds oir^ rov pvp. " OC, cI, 0-c? om. For r^ K. fufry 

8^ reads lirofiai rov Kv/>u>v. ^g reads ^rf. ''c^f read /i<{i>ov. ^d 

reads ypMfTi. * «* om. •• A = r«ir wot^mv. "^ a, A. /Wljr, 8* read 
di' oyyAov. J^ om. " c reads /ire jrdXv^. •• d adds dw rovro. « a, 
ft A, S* read as in margin. " d irs. after crov. *' c. A, /S read 

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VII. 2] AIA0HKH laiH* 191 

7. *^ifa di** IjMjis^^» ^ri*^ r«i;*' Iv <r(a4ipo<riinf e^fXT^Paiv- /3-/,A,S» 

Xa/3a»v^ *l{ adrou i¥fimi6¥ crou jo<m>. Kal touto dwitr lTcu{<CfACFO« (!^* 
oj^s^^* *0 ©eAj T«» varifxav pnov koL 6 iyy^Xoi ^Afipahji^^ olrov e) 
* lorai M€r* ifiw", ""^^ayorl**. 8. 'H U a8ofi<ra tooto^" f^^ 

liTfirei'** *iiri irpdacovov avr^y*® ^cly rovs w<$Ja9 /yiov^^ roO /9p<&- 
icXaiouaa^'^* ical ireumjo-ay** avriyv A^cw^^rryo-a. 9- *^ T^X*^^' 

rcaSrrjv^^. a{rr§ A). 

VII. *'Eri ^i^ .^ icap5^ airiyy *lii€i70 <t« tA icaKdr icol f ^f' ^ 
mptcpX^vcTO iroi^ Tp^'^Y F^ TayiScuaai* arwdlonva %i faurr^iMis €V€<r€p^ 

X^yci* ^vphs aMiv^* T(* crvviveac ri vpoaanrSv <rov,' ^ ^^ 3 a gi' 
€¥€KtiTo cZf ( + r/ic c2f Ifdfff A, S') oKokturlav ml aTvy«(ov(ra avnirurrw. 

ri d(pa. adds aiT6, *^fi^ff, S^ add avr<(. ** d reada putraifofivii &€. 

*'d reads uq. A= loil rovro. **a, A= ypwcriy. *^^ om, *"A om. 
**h, /3-a, A, S. c reads cvo-fjSbvyroif. a ^^y o-c^it^i'. ^(X, ade. fi-ade^ 
A, S^ read jcuriirxvcc. For o^ . . . aatfiovvrmv f reads ovdcv kok^it offTcroc. 
•* g reads tA leiini. " o, ^. Me read acrc/3oiW«y. a/ om. See note 50. 

^OU d reads Btatrau /3-d, A, S^ om. "* a om. c(f, A read Ka\ Xa/3c»v. 

" (X (save that h om. oiTrMr). 80 almost / €v«mti&v <rov dir* avr&p Mia^, thrw. 
9-df, A~~^ S* read as in margin (save that after aMjs g adds ii avrij^). 
d reads aa^ rov fip, Mmop avrijf t<f>ayov ovrns un^^ and A^ anfh rw ft c^. 
iwwnov avr^s ical clircy. ^ (2 reads rov 'A. ^ 'icr/xujX. A = avrov« 

^ A = ^Xd^i ^. "^ tt. ft A, S^ om. ^ d reads Mmatp. A = ircirovaa. 
•• M, S read «iri irp6irt»trw and <f trs. after fwv. « A****^ om. For «tV 

<f reads AriL •■ a. ft S read as in margin. A = ftcXovcr*. •» A*'*** 

= iyyivas. A' tnmritrat. ^OL fi reads rai. ** reads iit. h om. 

"^ 0(, hd. p-hd om. ^(X. P reads /*4 iroii^cras &•«. ** (2 adds dX\* ^dc rf 
ar6fian auTtjs oirt ipvciro rov fjajKtTt iv rois avrois tvptB^pai, 

VII. > cx, ft4i, S^ & read ^i d/. cf, A a*XX* o^v. *(X (save that A reads 
oToiiy and e reads fioi for ^17). ft A, S^ read as in margin (save that bf S^ om. 
Kai and read irpoahnimvf d adds r^ irpo<rttiry after avptn. and c^ read 
irpiSff fw fis for tls iyA vpot, and that for orcMSfovoti mwefrtirrtv A reads 
irw€Vfiari trvfAVtaovau (for ^m%irmi^ is COrmpt for a»tr^i&rMP^ ccrrcyafc), 
I have obelized ovirt^f as corrupt for crviroMis (as alpo in Aq.'s Version of 
Prov. xix. 13), » / reads ravrifv. * a, A"** A^**** is conflate reading 
Mip aurijs 6 Alyvtntot. ft A^^', S^ read as in margin, d adds ovrws tnpwftrowra^ 

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192 AIAeHKH mSH^ [VII.3 

A S* ^vp69 avrbv^^ €lir€V, ^Sri^'' *ir6vov Kopiias ly& ikyQ, koI ol 

yuo\ TOW ''^ wrttfiMiTOt ^nrayfiol av»ixov<rl ii€K *'0 di • i0€piir€va-€V ^^ 

sTMv- avnyi^ *i¥ X^ocf ^^, 3. ''^T^ oSr cdicaipiav Xojloimi^* 

'^ * clac«i(ki|(re irp6$ fit, ^tri Ifo) ovrosf" tov iofbpbs ain^s, md 

fi^^Ar^*^ ^^ *<n;yy«TJ /act' ^fww^*. 4. *'Eyi> Bi" vo^os «ri *ro 
fi-d,B^ W€viia^^ TOV BcXtop *&oxX€r ainyr", irpoa-fv^ifxtvos r^^ 
tcJtc*^- Kvp£ip, cliror *irpAs avriyv*** 5. ""lya tC, ^iOkla^^, 

llj^Ved. Tapda-aji^ Kal Oopv^^^ iv iLfxaprlais tu^cSttowo**; /u^ 
fj €h o-^ri** «Ti iJkif lofikjis (rcaunjr*^ *§ 'AcmytfdJ**, ^ troXXoic^^ 
<JP*«P 9 rw&dpJy (Tou, fi^ awffoXrfy" <r<w»* KOi;»vX(a€i«« *ri rixpa 
l^¥6v. o-ow^, icai'* 47roX^0-€i5** rh lunnAOirvvdv &ov ivd t^s y^s, 

*<{ reads c&v. *<l adds oroi ovW/Si? ^u ^a. ^, A, 8^ om. *(X,P (sare 
that <2 adds bw&p (big) after xapduiff and for roO ir. (mwoyiuti P, & read as in 
margin). A*^*' ^ SKyos carl jcal irrfvay^) rm; ^naT&$ ftov oiWxovori fic. 
A^ ^ IXyoff Kopblag otWxM fw. A^ Kopdias fuw Ayof corf, nu irrcpiiy|iol 
nap^ioB fuw mW^ouiri /uw (differently in printed text). * a, cK. /9-d, 8' = 
An/. ** (X, /3-5. ( reads c^ptf^rucF. " (X. ^, A, S^ read as in mai^. 
ip X<$yotf may = ^^3 (late Hebrew) whereas fi4 a<r^. = nbi^DlC 16. 
Or there may be a confusion of HTOa and nph 16. **ou d reads 
mil cV lujq, TUP hi^p*i»' P-d, S' read T6Tt, A.^ =s leal cV n^ fray>«X^lF /!«• 
^b*eit ^ ^>y drvrcpf 7/Mipf • ^ ^^ ^« ^ read ?ri ^yror ligot. d Ano^ti/amfPros. 
e om. Itk . • . oMjQ, ^ d reads r&rr. " a, a«f, S* (save that h adds 

o-oi after iyxofuu and a« read ^avr^y and S^ read roixop for i^/iv^). 
5y, A**** read ^yx. ^ *ls ^ptap ) cic Kpiffu^p €fMauTi^ plwrm (A**** ^irr« €|<. 
9 c?( icp.). el tpauTijp SiKw ayx^vf)v xph^^^^ 9 '^^ "V** 9 '^* ^- ^f*- ptrw 
A*^ = dyx* 4 *^' ^p«a/i p(fnr« dfiavrfiv, ^* Em. fzx)m irvyyn^ff fi. c. of Or. 

arf read fUM wyytpj {f ovyyciwiff). 6 fUM av/jareia^fU. d ovPtkBtft fjuH, g pM 
avyytvov. '^6, A. h reads iyA. P, EP jcu. '"a om. ^*a, (2, A o^^f, 
S^ read aMip (a alrS) evoxXci. g cpoxXcl. ^tt. om. '^ (X. reads avrj. 
•" a. ft A, 8* om. * A, /*-<fy. c reads ro^o-crci. {{ (rvprap6avfi. g rapamu 
**d reads Sopvprjs, g Bopvfiti. ^A^^dpayKaiais ^okopJpti bat ^itpna-Mt-mg 
may be corrupt for ^fvc^a»^^Mi£_= rv^wTToucra. ''A*^^: yvaNrjcw 

(A* thfpt»t) TOVTO, A****** fUf^irBr/Ti rouro. "^ C, ^ read iaurffp, S* adds rrfr* 

^KiM/wr. i^tt. a om. 6 reads ^ 2fiBw. d 4 Imi. ef, A^*' If *A<ntf«. 

g'laieoi, A***^ and S^ corrupt •* A reads iroXXoitif. ^dtMaKoi. 

*^A reads ^m^mnjut^ api^A^ {=€ifa¥riop vloO) corrupt for %mffm%imM^ftsx 
avriCoKos, ^d adds ytp^mi nvpia rov oiMw imv koL ** 06^ Al. bdg read 
icoXiM^iovi. tf Kovdi^X^tt cx<i. A JcodttX^irai ?x'*''* ^^ ^^ oiroKrcpcL "^ A^ ft C ri& 
iroidia <rov. A ^ r^ Wicvoy irov. {{ tra. r^ r. oov bef. mXa^iaci. 
**(£ adds <ri;. ^ adf. (X, s read oitoXcot^. 2^, S^ mroXctm. A = Mkkvau 

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ym.2] AiAeHKH iqsh* 193 

6. * Kal X^yci'' vp6$ lit* *'I5oi o&" iyam^s ft€* *toiW fMi j3,A-^8^ 

fuwi^, *icoi 4^0)*' vpoahoKUw diroXavo-ai^^ '^Kai^** riyy iirt- ^n (a/ 

/iW flwoy oifTiof iy«4*^ icoi ovxi** 5t' avnjr, 8. *Eaj; ^^^j,,, 

yip TW *4»aW»|| wd#€i«® 4vi(Ni|uaf ^^ jcai *dovXa>(?g avry" /3-d,A,S* 

"^ iKkafip6v€i avTo^'^ vpds *T9ir «on)pdir IviOupaK^^ !^*^ 

VIIL Aiyoa oSi;^ r^wa fjuw*, Sri &pa *j}i; owrcl* ^icrry '"^^O* 

SXtyy T^y rnUpcof kclL iXriv rriv k^kto*, irpds^ XpOpov itviarriv, {^n-oirfV^ 

■ Ovfua£ 

wonipqg, fi-<Hff A. S^ vdBot t (A Om.) ffmjrat, /3, S^ tmOv/tiap 

wo^pdi^ (nf, A, 8^ yviera ovpo^* fihd, A, S^ d^rA r$9 AiyvirWaff. 

"(X,fi-dg, <; reads 4 tr r<^. ^ttdcrirtir. » a, A**»*'*'« (omitting oJir). 

areadflcZo^. bfg,&^t^o^. dwvwMaSu. e^ldio^. **a(bothMSS. 
reading ifm^m), /9, A, S^ read as in margin (save that d adds rovro xai 
after i«oc and b, A"* read ibrtinM^, jjr, A** om. dpKtl • . /uSmt, and A~^ read rovro 
instead of ^mSpw), If the Sn is retained the <iFriiroi7<rai mast be changed 
into cumiro^ ov or iwriwoujirfi, . M^«bh ^^^^ ^^j* ^^^^^i; ^^^^ ^ qiq, ^^i,^ 
^^ a reads rwf rfow^. ^(X. a reads cZ l^w. 5cl«/, S^ lx<» (+i'oiyvi' (0* 
[jf, A lx« o^» ^ t (t) reads dpEnroXav<rcu. cf ori diroXav<ro». ^* OC. 

^, A, S^ om. ^ (X. /^-d, A, 8' read as in margin. In d the whole 

Terse reads : Koi iyi^ ibmp diik r^ ^«6y fSrov avnS* cjtfiMi Imikafkv on iiyair«v 
avriiv c&rar rovro. ^a om. *^(X, jMd, S^. M, A read ec<{y. 

*• a (but A trs. before ovrwc ). ft A, S* om. *• a, ^. /3-«/ read ov. 

^OU fi, 8^ read as in the margin (save that d reads vvorcW). For j^ . . • 
idicciviy A g^ves ihf y^ c2f ira^9 rocavra roX/iitr (}mt ^m%q.ijflfnt-pirm%g 
is corrapt for jfm%^niLpkmhjf = ariBvfump) luai nowtip&v rir vwoww/j (A^ 
vwoKta^ ruf)y Ut Kauubni^ rovTf dovX«aA|o^ffrai. "^ /3 adds nomjpas^ ^ (X 

(save that A reads o^). ft 8^ read rovry (de rovro) dovXoa^j. For A see 
note 50. ** A*^= vor. A^*^ fwptoy n^ but readings are corruptions 
ot pmpft ss 6yiMp. "^d reads dxovcm. ""a. 0, A read r<S. ^ om. 

"^/^--a^. A, 8^ add as in margin, g adds ^rrcS/iCM^. a, a seem wrong in 
omitting. '^ A ss ovr^ ccXof^SaMnNra jco/. '^OL ft 8^ read as in margin. 

VIIL »a,ad«f,A. Jy,8»onL ftAaddi^^. »a,aflr,A Md/,8»om. 
'clom. ^<2addsr^rf. *CK. o^jj^ read jc. 7<Siv jcXipttf. M, A, 8^ ffay«l» ytfnr 
xX&rar. *at, <2. /3*c2^ A, 9 read as in margin. *<x. hdg read ircpi n^. 
(Btf vp^ r^. *cl adds teal ravra iroiMr, A adds irpAs Kvpiov. *For 

oirAr . . . ovTJiff d reads tdtpvprds ftav rov Xvrp«^Mn oIt^p, ^OL fi-d, A, 8^ 


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194 AIA0HKH mSH* [VIIT-2 

P, S^ pi^ iTt^Kayi^ivero^^ fiov rav Ijiarlfov, ixerh plas i4x\K0ijJvri fu 

icparci ^Kparci |iOu t^f x^"^*^' icaToXci^)ro9 afir^ [xal jicTira£(i|ACV0$J 
vv/Ai^s^ * imiK0^d;im\9i fic* ical IXO«l»p 6 di^p dhriis ?PaX^ fAC els ^vXcuc^i" 

^^tf'^riiv Tov i^apaii €lpi^v^\ 5, *Kal is«» tJm^v ^i; 

cVvieo- *7-oiy d€<ruois**, n AZywrrfa owwycTO^ iird rns Xtfinjy. 

read as in margin. A^ adds Mt/nfiias. ^^ h adds dc. &, S^ o^i^. d pAm» /m 
€vpovaa iv ry racr«»M. A***"* fwri rom cX^ovira. A**** m«tA tovto. ** c. 

A, jS, A, S* iisCkaijfiavtrai, ^*d reads trvpowriair/t6v. A^ adds from next verse 
itat ^fl^ fforcXci^ avroO r^ 2fuiria xal c^vyoy ?^. ^* A, A om. ^ e om. 

(2 adds avrfir. g <y«. ^" A adds ccrr/. "(X. 0, S^ read as in 

margin (save that d adds oirodvoa/ifvoff after fiov and for yvfi»6s f^vyor 
reads c^vyov dir* oui^r yvfiv^). A.***** =: mtrrXcc^a tA //loria fiow jnu 
yvfii^s €<f>vyop an avrijs. A* Kparrfa'atrrit rh iftaria yuov yvyofhg €if>uyop. A^* 
om. xal tKTtva^fi€vos 18 bracketed as an intrusion. It niay be 
a rendering of ^n*»V31, a corrupt dittograpliy of *rDty = KoraXct^f. 
ajTodvaafitws in d above implies the same text as Of. From a and A it is 
clear that /5, S* wrongly omit xaraXer^ar. "a. /3-d, A** read KaKuwi. 

A****** = ifal Tore cVf in;. Ver. 4 is peculiar in d : rc^c diroKaftoOo-a cVcim; ito< 
dfl-oTvovo-a r^v Bikffviv avnjs, jcol A-i o^ irtiBofAat rf irffofrf ovr^ff rf fo/vap^ kqi 
€vaytl €avKo<f>difTur€ fit vp6s t6p Aiyvtrrtov Koi QpytaBtU kot €iiov c/3aXc fu ciV 
ffn/Xaicrjp rrfv oS<ra» tp rf ouc^ avrov, rj ^ ^^fjs fiaariy»aat fie dircWfiXc fu €is 
lijp eipKrfiP ^apaib tov /3a<riX«tfr. ^*(X (save that h reads Kparowra), 

p, A, S^ om. *^o( (save that h reads ^Wj|3aX<). /3-<£, A, S^ read as in 

margin (save that A*^^**' according to text read <rvffo^aiT^<ra(r«i fic i^likwrw 
for (avKo^apTTja-t fit, but this is not true of A***: A'** = ^ovico^dwiyo-c fie). 
Observe that <i (see note 18) supports the addition in 6, A*****^. The 
order in A*"^*^ is eh (fnik, ipifiakep cV oXk^ avrov 6 Aly., though Arm. printed 
Text represents all M8S. as giving 6 Aiy. ipifiake fie eU 0vX. cV oUe^ avrov. 
^OL p-d, S' read as in margin, d agrees rather with (X. See note 18. 

** (X. fi-hd, A, 8^ read tIjp elpicrijp tov ^pac». h <l>v\aKijp ev oue^ avrov 6 Alyvimot, 

For d see note 18. ^oc, A. /3-cf, S^ read w oZp, For ml «»( . . . Xvnrfs 
d reads Koi Zptos pov ip t§ <l>v\aKg */ Aly, tfppworei airb Tijt \vinfs xai, and om. 
i«8t of verse, which it inserts in a modified fonn in ix. 4. See note 25, 
p. 196. "(X. fi-d read ne^is. "a. /3-^, A, S* read as in 

margin, avpeixero may == HK^S^ and ^aOepet = nn^ru, one of which may 

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IX. 3l AIAGHKH mSH* J95 

/3-rf, A, S^ 

<r Kirovs Koi * iv Ikap^ (fxav^ ^' 
*\alp(Av ib6^aCov^ riv S^bv^ 

imiXkiyrjv^^ rrji AlytfirrUis^ 

iX0ov<ra ^i iirqKpoaT^ iwv nr&s 

row ^j; oiK<fi *Tov <rKrfrav9**, 
fcol IxcLipov h * Uopf ^i;^ *^ 
ho^i^oav rhv 0€W yuov^ Sn bta 
irpofpia^tos imiXkiyriv*^ r^s 

IX. *noAX(licis W^ lTr€fi\lf€ Trp6s fi€ Xiycvcra^* EvdJ- 
Krja-ov^ ^TrXr)p&(rai rifv iftiBvixlav^ fiov, Koi XtJo)* <r€ lie* t&v 
Sccr/M^r, ""koI diraAX(i^a> <r€ !«• tov (tjcotw^. 2. *'Eya) ^^^ 

>> oidi'' Jwy* twolas^ i^Kkwa^^ vpbs aMjv' *i yiip tfciy ojto. 
Ayair^^^ /lioAAov rhv^^ iv^^ XdKK<f a-K^rovs tinorAi^" fog-W,S* 
<r<o<l>po<rivri^^, rj rdv iv ra/yic£o(9 tpoaiX^a^* Tpv<^VTa fi€T* x/^i* 
dicoAao-fa;. 3. *Ei 5i" Iv <r(oippo<rivTi biiya>v *d4X€i e,h, S^6, 

be a corraption of the other. ^e. h reads rots mdrocf • ^e. h reads 
IXapdnp-i ^»$r. ** A = oiri^XXa^. Clause in A^ tarljXkaj^ fu dn6 

irpo^iurfwv T§» Alyvvrioff. "^ adds ipxopivfi iroXXaxw» " A******* om. 

. These KSS. add adMXctirrttp, a word which A^ adds after wt. ^fg 

add row. " 5, A, S^ add &v. ^g reads iv Ikap&Tffn if>wnit. A trs. 

before h ofcy. »' x****** = dofi^Mr v/iMw. » 6 adds f«>v, •• A trs* 
after next word and for fu>iw on reads &r /i^ror. ^ Here, as A (see 

note 28) shows, r^f Alymrruis is to be taken as a genitive dependent on 
irpo0airfc»ff. For dca we should expect ax6. Hence there may have been 
a corruption of D into 3. Now diik vpoft^vt^t jrjt^^RDn HJK^, 
where n^Ml is corrupt for niHTl. The LXX and Vmlgate suppose the 
same corruption in Prov. xviii. r. Hence the clauses: 'was set free 
from the lustful desire of the Elgyptian woman/ 

IX. ^a, df. 060, S^ read voKXAkiu g mil iroXXiLctr. AsiroXXaxtf yap. 
«A*"* = «il Xcyf*- A* om. A'**'* = fZff T^r ^XoK^r, but here pm%m 
( =: ^vXair^) is a corruption of pmli = Xi^. ^ c2^ add rw. *(X,ef,A 
adf & read Xvaw, b \vrp^a'w. g Xvrpmat, corrupt for Xvrpwrm (r€» ' (X, 
^ om. *0U /3 om. d adds koI rrjt bovKiat iXtvStp&am ew sSter m6nvf, 

U. Areads/y^d/. »-<;, 8^ »il o^^ d /y& dj c^ ^«ff oMe'. 'ereads^. 
* h reads mm^v ntnu '® c. &, read ttcXtm. g adds irorc. " (X. 

ft S^ read ay.yiLp6 Btdt. "A reads rSv. ^d adds t#. " c. A reads 
wurr&p. af nurrtvowra, fi--af, & read vfiartvopra. Here the latter reading 
is obviously right as the contrasting epithet rpv^dnra in the parallel 
shows. The corruption is native to a, ft ^ « reads ^f^poawji^ & om, 
next twelve words through hmt. ^' e, c2. /3-M read as in maxgiui, 

8 s= ftMriXixoir. ( om. ^^ ^. c, 6, 8^ read 5 dc. g ^ dc (i.e. 1^ corruption 


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196 AiAeHKH lasa* [uls 

(Xoldty. KcU" 8J^ itol^' otSei' 6 {\lrurTOS 8ti avfJL4>ip€h wp^ci*® 

fi A,Qt ^1^9 fww vpoatuxPfUpov^, * ical iycl^ avifdap^ *to&9 otcwi- 
*«*/^ yfioij*' lo-wSiraiv**. 5. Ka2 ''yip^ *&roff /*ov"* iv r« 

jcol o&cy ovr^f iySfivov^^ roifs ppaxfovas avr^r koI'* rhs Kir^iias^ 

j[piu'a, 'fulXiora KOiriJLOviUvri^^ irphs &TrdTrjv^ fwv» Kal 6 Kvpios 

X. *OpaT€ ovv, riofa pjov, ir6<ra KorfpyiC^ai^ ^* ihrofioi^ 
cX^ijTfT" *o^ 4* irpcHTcvx^ M«^«^ wyoTcfciff. 2. *Ofc-«5 icoi ^49 ^ 

3, SWa- '^jcUf ri^v o'(o<f>po(rihniv koL rriv hyveUw fMraSufimiTc' jy 
io 31 ' VTTOfAOvg fcal *Trpoa««xB 1"^ wj^TCias 4y mvcir^krci* Kapilas, 

forced/). ({onLYer. 3. »SsXirK«- ^^-M,8. & reads cai cc*. 
at om. "^/S-d, 8. a read as in margin. " a, (s, S^. afg read rovr^r. 
" (i om. next eig^t words. •• A* adds cV ^inrcp? /f <r«rfTfi. •* c, a/17, S^ 
A, 60, A read ^kovc. d i^iipMurM. ^^*9A ^ ^^j dyc<rr^(c. A^ sapporta 

text and A**^ om. c adds fuw. Here d adds pmt dion v/imw kuI it6(aCow n&F 

rdv ^c^, fo d«A wpofpdKrtmt aaiyXXoy^v r^s AZyimrW. irapfpxofumi bi mmtitm 
which it has drawn from riii. 5. **«, A. ^, 8^ read owltw dt cyoi. 

A^ adds fJKownf. ^(X, p, A, S read rovs vrwaypavt (/ tov 0TrMi)iytov) avrfv. 
''CX, a. Other MSS. read cVi^irovv. **«. /3 reads oiv ijr^y. *^^ reads 
cyv/AMMTc (sio). *^(X /3, A, 8^ read as in margin, ''a, /3-d, 8^. dreads cm 
tfv/ur. us iptna a^c. A= mv a-MydaXMr^ /uw, bat these words are more probablj 
a rendering of vpht anriiv fiov later, and so I have supposed iu the text. 
Here as in Test. Jnd. xi. a (^, 8^), xiiL 3, 7 I take wpmwr^w to represent 
a corruption in the Hebrew. See note in Test Jud. xi. a, ^<x. P,& 
read as in margin. A*""^ s km i^paia vamt. J^**^ om. ^ reads «i2 

Kwotrptiiumj, *"6 reads ajrari|<rir. g aymniVn On A see note 3a. 

X. ^A=scflrr/. *«om. '(som. ' ex (saye that c reads 9/ictf}. 

fi. A, S^ read mX IpMit {-^-oip M). A = ^<&v yiptiadt rotovroi. Yerses a-4 
are very defective in A which s= xal vpitU ihp yon^cr^ rouwroc air& Xun-Mr jca) 
tfXi^ttv ( + »il v€tpaep&p A*^*"') <ra»^<rf o^ dcik jcvpiov* ^ >^P ^'^ ^<^yy 9 '■^ 
dtoMM'f vapafilim<r6€, *c. A, /3 read as in margin. * (X (saye that for 
U raw. h reads «eol rmnufArffTQs), p, 8^ read as in mai^in. ^ (X. /3 om. 

*0C, bd, 8. a reads ffarouria. §fg kotoikmI, * a. /3, 8^ read as in margin. 

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^*il^i^»— ^■ 

X.6] AIA0HKH m2fl4> . 197 

w^, K&r SouXio, Rdr miKo^orna^^ *i Kt/ptoy Korouw ^'* JJX**'*^ 
avTov^^ bia rffv <ro>if>po<Hiprjv oif iiovov^ in t&v kukQv ^/crai^* Swx!£i' 
ovrrfv^*, '^dAX^ icol w/roi" koX bo^iC^i airhv &s xdft^. 4. ^ crvKo- 

*if>6pov Tov 0€ov^ iv Tj} ica/jif^*^ fiov^ jffictv** yip &-i inbrtt^ 
viirra^^ irapekeSaerai. 6. Kal *+odit ivi(pOi)r Ir newest W 4 5if- 

aXX'w Wfiow *TiA5 AdcAi^oifs /iov»\ koI 81& rbv 4>6pov^'''''' 
P, A, S^ 'MiUrpow iiunnhw lud, 

^ 8* bm. For jurooMi ae read ml oUh. ' g bm, d«. ' " (X. 0, 9 read as' 
in margin (saye that d trs. nc after irf/mrcV^ and/ reads 4>^p$ for ^ASp^). 
a om. next eight words. ^e. h reads 6 K. ^w^* a^&v mroutmif. fi~a R. 4 c r 
(K. 4w* ef) a&Tf mroucmp. ^ a reads fiwFtrai, " a. ft S* om. For « r^y 
Koirtiv . • . KOfU A reads e( dkytmp ml $kl^mv Koi irtipaap&p leai kocwv 
(A^ iXi^fut icol joucov) <rwr$ff<r€0'6t im6 tov Kvplav, ^e,d read v^ci. 

^*0(. /3*c{(^, Spread as in margin (save that of om. 6). d km yiip i Mp^not. 
g ftat y. ApOpmrot. A****** = yap. A* f Ai» ydp. "^ reads ^ iwoUtu 

"a, ««/. ftg', S* read cwixtrai. d tnrnmdptrau A^*^ ss dpapritrwa^f. 
Ay ApdpTff riff, d trs. the entire verse alter cV ij diayoc!gi /lov in ver. 5. 
If OL is right in giving the ace. Mpwrovs, wptpxtrai most represent 
a transitive verb, possibly Kt3^ in the sense of ' happens' to.' The subject 
would then be i^vot 4 tovkla ir.r.X. in ver. 3. If /3 is right in giving 
Mpwrot^ then WT may be corrupt for rns^ = twalptrM CHP wptwaipvrai as 
ind **{£adds>lip. A^ S^ ss ycv^mrf . '*^ adds o^i. '^{£adds 
•jairAp. »)9 reads o^x. "dreads ^«iV. ^ ^Trovfuyir. «6,S' 

read KopltUf. d om. next eleven words, and substitutes ver. 4+d^ rovro 
€il^vka(a cfunmSy* xoi mrd Xtfyov imi Ipyov md dcoFocqr. '^CX. /3h2 reads cSv, 

'* A, oft/l c reads 0<$/3oy $€w. eg rov ^ov ^/3or. eg om. next four words. 
" b, S* read di<p>oi>. » (2 reads ofta. *• Of, d, A. jS-d read tA (/ om.) 
voyra (+ roOro /). "* c (save that o^c in^pStiv is written « ^irc^)^). 

ft A, S^ read as in margin, h is conflate: ovk /y p^rpf wvrf aXXd 
Of these readings those of h and ftA,S^ are thoroughly corrupt, 
c might stand : ' I did not raise myself (against them) with evil intent.' 
But this is unsatisfactory. First then the negative is original or it is 
not. (i) If original, we may regard ip kok^ in as a corruption of 
ifiovr^ (ft A, S'). Cf. h 4avrf. Then ttnipeqp =s ^HDOn, which the 
translator should here have rendered actively as the Pilel tn^ (or v^oMra). 
Thus text originally ^ nrfid ^nDDYl K^ = ' I did not exalt myself.' The 

Digitized by 


198 AtAGHKH m2H« lx.6 

AA,fi* airQv^^ *ical 'nirpaaic6fMyos <<rUSirour^ cJircIr^ * row 

a'^A. a» ^^' *^"^ ^^^^ ^^^' *^^'^^^ Z*^** ^^^'■^ ^^ irdo-jj* 

f»^ou, f^aP Tifxarc* rovy ddcA^ovs {fAci>v* was yckp 6^ iroiw* j^ftov 

A-^S^* Kvpfov iyairri$ri<r€Tat w» airov. 2. ♦•Epx^|*€Kos 8c i« 

j3-<; gi* *yA€Ti r«v 'Icr/xotXirw" *firt|pi5T«K ^ XlyoKTc$ AouXos ct; 


§U ^IvboKokviras^ P, S^ fip&rctv fu Kayu cciror« 

text of fiy A, S^ ctin be ezplftined from this. Either tfurpovp sa >Tsno 
a corruption of ^nODn, or iiUrpow is a oormption of ^nertmpiCw (= ^HDOn). 
The loss of the negative would foe intelligible on the latter corruption, 
(ii) If on the other hand the negative is not original we might expkin 
>firD3 "^rxoan as aoormption of ^\tm ^flDDH, 'I kept myself quiet,' the 
phrase in Ps. cxxxi. 2, where the LXX and Vulgate render ^HDOn as if 
it were ^nt3tDn. If imperfects instead of perfects stood in the original, 
the corruptions could be similarly explained, (iii) Finally, the whole 
clause may be a dittography of ovxi v^vfujp iv rj Ikapoi^ ftov (in ver. 5), 
where snoi was rewritten as ny^. "^ A = avrovr, **& om. (breads 
qMp. ^ol. a a, S^ read as in mai*gin. **«. /3-<2, S^ read fu) (^ om.) 
ctirciy. d fu) cf curtby avroU but trs. after 'itrftaikinug, A= mu cwc cfiror. 
«<ruiwa thnip = ltt6 ^^n. * A* om. " «. A A, S* (save that d adds 
7 before ori) read as in margin, "A, fi. A*, S*. c, A****** om. «/ 

reads dcKoiov. "oc (save that h om. xai). /3, A, S^ read as in margin. 

XL » a, A &. A**^**** = Ml ^ir. A* = {ffL^U odp. « a, d, A***^. 

/^{f, A** om. •* om. < c, ckfo/^, S» (save that o^, S* om. vfiw and rf 
trs. after <t>6fiov). h, b om. ' 0, a&ef. A reads t6v ^49oy jcvp^. o^ r^v 

^. roO ^ov. ^A=: dyairart. h, d om. icol rifuirt • . . v^mv. *« om. 

• A*^^*^* read A/air&p but A*** support text • A reads Jnr\ ^ a. /3-^, 
S^ read as in margin (save that g reads 'MoKowfiv). d ^wVa dc ifXBofi^ ccs 'li^d. 
A ^ A^ttK o^K fitr avT&w tls *liftK€arowaTat (A*** 'lydmucoirciraff, A** *Ii»&cajt- 
srparar). ** A reads ol *l<rfunikiTai and trs. after inrip»rw /w. "(X. ft S* 
read as in margin (save that bdef read fip^Tow and ^ reads xa/ for Kay»). 
P, S^ have thus lost a clause. This clause is preserved also in A 
which := ifnip^»v /<€ o\ 'lirft. naX ttwop* AovKot cf ^ ikev&€pog ; Kayoi 
fiiroi'. " be, S* add avr&p. " <£ adds avry. g ey». " A reads 

fitat.pir%t (= ^vactfff) corrupt for p!bui^ni.pir1u^ = o&ov. cf, A add 
avrmp (d om.) rovro dc (A om. de and A^* om. rovro iXryop) IXcyoM. 

Digitized by 



XII. i] AtAGHKH tatH* l9p 

robs ib€\<f>on69 iwt). 3. A^y€( i4 fxoi 6 fxcffwi/ cAr&v^^' ftA^ ' 

*0{k €t SouXoy", «n Kai^» rj gyjn^ trau 811X01 ^». 'Eycl^ fci Mf* 
*A/ya) airo&«o 5ri" bovkos Uir&v'^ iit&pxi^^^ 4. 'X2y IJ'J'''"* 

d^ '''clt Atyinrror ^^^dcroiui^ i^y^ovro irepl {|mu t6^' *r(9 liirtiKti 
'ap66(As yjuwrlov Xifirj jui€*'. 5. Aid ira<riv f^fcv *ro€ f^^^ ^^ 

clvaf** /ui€ €is Atywrrov vpds *roy furdpoXov TfJ9 iinropCas^^ varovX 
outQv, (<as Stov^^ ImaTphjtovinv*'' ^^/)owes" ^fwrop&u^**. ^, A, S* 
6. *'0 e^ KtJpios ftwic^ pioi*^ X<'P«' *»' (J^oA/xofe T-ov^^^**'" 
IJLerap6kov ical iirfaT€V<r^*^ fxoi riv oTicov ot^ot;. 7* ^^ wtplifiov 

€vk6yri(r€v airrbv *A ©c^3» fo8« ^cipf ^v, Kal lirknOvvfv •/*«- 

7/;i?yv /nerct airou^* *|ii|wis rpeis'^, ^ gi 

XII. Kor* iK€ivov di^ rdif jcoipir icaT^i^ Mepi^ly^ J^^^i 

apyvplt^ xal ;ijpvor/^. /3-<?, A, S* ^. rpclr ml (« om.) v/wpop ircm. 

/3, A, S^ wapjjtu 

^*h om. d adds 6 irpcoro; rov roirov. ^''fi^, A, S* add <ru. Tot 

ovK , , , dovXof d reads o^ d. ovx c7. ^g om. **(X. )9, A, S^ read afi 

in mai^n (save that a reads ^ciXi^o-c d Bauarov for cwr ^. A*^ v€ for 
ircpt <rov, and A om. «!»ff ^.). ■"c. A reads ciiroy avrot^. 3, A, S* ^Xfyov. 
*' (X. /3 reads <?/«/. *^ a. p. A, S^ read as in margin (save tbat d adds 

iroXXoi before ircpQ. "'(X, ^, 8* (save that ^ adds tim after rtr, 6 reads 

irpoadovs and S^ vp&ros vpotrdcvs for irpodow). A ^ Kot €Kaims ididov ptpot 
ipvopias avrap ( + dyr\ tpov A*) um fu Xdfiu ( + avrX K€pdovs avr&y A*^). •* (X, 
ft S» read cW. A = il^^itW. »a, d, A*"***'. iS-i, S» read 

lAtTofidkoif tfivopias^ A = dppaP&va ptrafioXov iparopias, "(X. 

/3*a6 read o^. a6 om. ^h,bd read isrunpt^mai. d inroaTp^yfrwn, 

''A = icat o2irova-i. c adds ftf. "d reads rrjp ipvoplav avr&v, f ipitopiat, 

A^ adds icoi oura>r inoifiaw. ^OC. fi-d read xai 6 x. cdoncff /io<. (f ml cd««cc 
fioi K. "*<i reads iv^nlartvat. ' ■■«, a/. /3-a/, A, 8* read as in margin. 
•* A adds tJ. •* a, d. fi~d, S* read as in margin. A = xp^aiov kqX dpyvpimt 
avroO (A** om.). "a. ftA, S*om. fpyor here = n^blj, but we may 

assume that the translator should have read n'n3]| = < household sei-yants.* 
d om. rest of chapter. ••«, i^, A, S\ €uf read avr&p. •'a. /3-rf, A, 
S^ read as in margin (save that g reads riMtr for ircWf and A*^*^ read 

iipipas iptvriKovTa nak trciTf ). 

XII. ' a, o^ffjE^r. 6«, S* om. For kot . . . jcaTjfci A reads iropjjfi oZp kot 
tKfiPo (1). " a (though written as kotui), <uf wap€{rf. hg, A, S* vapUi, 

d wap^p. For A see note i. *h reads ^ Mcfi^/a. a(2ef^ ^ Mtfuf^U. d adds 
17 AZyvfiTca. ^a, c2e/ (though written as fV Xa/iiriVi; in h). Corrupt in a 

Digitized by 


200 ^lAeHKH IX22H« [xn. r 

3,A,S' ^ ^iitoiMri vcpl l|Mu vcip4 ju¥ cipodxMr aMjs''^ 2. ^Koi 

TOW Kkoirfi licA£^a»" aArw^* iic y^s^* Xopaiv. 3. Nw oS» 

JJf^' mbia-ov /act' oiroC^^ upfo-tv, icol A^cXov^* rip V€<w(av^^ ciy 

fwoOxoi XIII. 'O 8> 'Ilfprf^ply^^ irewr^fiy* row Arfyois 'oir^ff^' 
5!So\ *«^A«;<r€P* t|X«€ir» rdp furdpoXov. *Kal X^yci aAry«- *Ti' 
)9,A,S' «>vro ft iicoi$o '^wcpf <rov^^, Sti icX/irr€4s' V^*** ^* y^^*® 

o2K<$y <rov) ical cuXoy7<rf 1 drw, 5cl^, 8* <I;(^$yai. /9~a<f, 8^ c^ v. 


9 AXfljcir^. t^, A, S^ om. * A, g.. e reads rg ym^. i, A, S^ yvm^. a om. 
0/9. d reads fi«ra. ^c^g (omitting rot)). A, ac{f read r, ncirff^p^. 

k read r. ncrt^^' (-9 a). ^ ex. )9, S^ read as in margin (save that for 

ffVf/SoArit e reads MPaKk€w and d 2doil<ro). A reads only mi {A^*^ om.) 
cVi/SXr^^oxi f&cV /M. *c{ reads nu cXASyrov rov ai>dp6t tdrijs Xryri (wrf. 

After mi A^ adds cVccrrp/^cura. *0(. ^, A, S^ read as in margin. **c. 
Other MSS. read x«v^« " «» «/• *i « ""wid TM^df. bg. A, S* Wou riKor. 

d mtitari riw. m A***** = IXtfir but A*^ support text. " a, adefg. 

b, A, S* om. " dg read j^icXc^. " A reads owrAir. " A, ^ read t^s. 
>^ A*** = oiTwr. "A adds ^'avrov. *»<£ reads reor((Fw>r. ••«♦ «Kf, 
8^ read oIic<$y irov. ic^ oUoy6fioir aov, A = oJkow/iiqy irov, "cx (save that 
A reads <roi). 0, A, S^ read as in margin (save that d reads ^itas), 
**0, 6. A reads r&v '£. 6 6, /3-6 6 t&p 'e. e. **d reads ovroO. ** a. 
a6 reads in avrf, ifg iw aMv. d iv avrf. 

Xni. ^ (X, dg. af read nc rrr^r. b, S^ ncr«^/>& (lyt «). 'A = ija^tf . 
•rf reads o^4f. * A*^****** om. but A* supporU text. *OL,aef. bdg,& 
read as in margin. A*=^yfiF. A******* = fyoyt . c adds wp&f, iXB^uf 
is difficult, iwktwtp A^ur = K13^ nt3K. Since bdg, S^ s feOin^ and A^ 
s fiO^n^ KU^ is a corruption possibly of w:irh. * c om. d adds Tip 
oX^uv fUM X«^ cr r<ix<4 ^P^ tov ov rifMip7<r«^|iai. ^ (X, A. /9-M read ri 

roOro cixoiM» rep/ trov ; 6, S^ r/ ravra cixovv ; d iJKOiuaa yap. * 5 adds rat. 

* €{ adds iktvOtpos. ** S^ om. " i reads 'Efipaimp, ^(X. a reads c» 
iraidaf «iirrfi3roX»y. fte/j^, 8^ f if iroidaf (8^ dovXf uiy) pcrcfiiroX&y (6, S^ ficrc^mXAir). 
d tU r. fMra/3aXX«»y. A =s <29 iroidas aoi ml c2r «iud((r«os. d adds rvr o^ 
oiriSyyf iX^y |UMy tl ravra ovrwr e^iy «i^«^ff dirouw ircp/ <roi/. " «. /3-<fy, A, S* 

Digitized by 


Xm.5] AIA0HKH m2H« 20I 

|iCTdP«\o« w€vi^ d% TO«k w^Sa« adroG^^ *ii4(T0 kiy^i^v^^* fi-dff,A, 
AiofiaC o-w", KtJpte, *a4ic o»a^« »" X/yety. 3. *ICal J^^^^^" 

ivl<rT€va'€V avr^", iXA* jic^Acvo-eir yvfwbv TiJwTtaOai *•, /SoXor. 
'Ewifi^yoyros 5i avTov *Torfrois tois Xcfyols*^ A^yci*^ *^ Ar'v^^* 

*Ik dfiiSfiaTi wopa TfiK^^ ♦apcUi ''Apx^rT*iK\ 6. Kal ^ '^•^' 

iraXXoicaff jcai WivaX 

read as in maigin (saye that for maiu^ tZw A*^ read mi Ircacy, A^* n^ S^. 
and A^ £r.). d reads ir. o^v 6 fitraPcXot ijyow 6 vpayiuntvBtit iv\ np6vwtov 
avtov, g w, 6 fi/tr6fiokot tit rovs n6das avrov, tU rovr w6das avrov ^ 
rbni^, but M wpSawrw mirrw:s:Y:th. YHiich is the original f »« A******* 
= «,iX€>fi. A*=XV*e^. "A, «/om. "A***** om. but A** retain 
(printed Arm. Text wrong). " dg, A read W. »• a. &%r, A, S* read 
6 ^i Xryft (6, 6* H^, d iht). aef 6 W.* " a (save that h adds <rot after 
ccFTiV). icty, A, S* read <ro) (^ om.) 6 trais. aef 6 traU <rov {ae aoC), "•/ 
adds o^r. "As=iW. ** d adds 6 /Mra/SoXof. "com. ••^trs. 
after ii^<Sr. "a. Ms^ read o^. of om. a om. also ca^. "(X, 6. 4f i^^d 
wroarph^wrt, eg imarpty^owrt, a om. ''a. /9-cf| A, 8* read Koi 

( + IIciTf^pi7t A**) ovff. For 4 d^ . . . avrf d reads ica2 /i^ irurrcv<raff alrf 
6 Ilf iTff^p/p. * c, ^ read ovrAf and ^ adds 6 Utwrt^pi ^ c, ad, S^. h, hefg^ 
A add aMy. d reads oMr rvirr. yv/iMSr. ^OL, oe. dg read roZs \oyoit 

rovrocr. / t. roiovroiff \6yoif. b om. A, 8* support text ^ d reads I<^j7. 
A****** om. together with 6 n., but not A"* nor A* as Arm. Text represents. 
^e,af. A^dreadncvrc^p/r. i^, S» Ilcrc^piff. «nm<^pi}ff. A*****"^om. •'«. 
&fy read ax^«»- <>^> ^^ oirar/M^Ms^, a corruption of IO^s=ax^«» or 
€9ax&nTf. For "Efax^int . . . vfaM(r«(w A reads Sytrt &dr ( + l!^7 A*^***) tA» 
jWBMtnm ( + Ka2 avrd« Xry«i i^y ravra A**). ^OL. fi om. A adds «a(. {£ adds 
t^ltmpoa&tp iiov after vcoi^Kar, " 0(. 0, 8^ read as in margin (save that bd 
om. the ()• A= avrf. d adds irp^f t^ y^y. ''A reads Irp^pnpq. (= 

dcvrr/Mff) corrupt for f^pp^p^ == rpiros, ^ (X. A~^ s= irap^ rf 4* ofiw/ia 

adrov(l). A** a{. avrov ropa r. *. At any rate A supports (X against the 
addition in /3, 8*. P, 8^ read as in margin (save that d reads rov for rf and 
adds «u before fyx^Py and c^ yvMika for yvmwtat, g adds m/ before ?x^y. 
6 reads yvnaim k. r/00 «. sraXXaMS^ and 8* adds tf paatXu after ira/Nl, and 

Digitized by 


202 AIA0MKH I112)H4» [xill.6 

Xof^ ^^y«* ''■^•^> KalX^ya)*^- T»v •icrfioijXtrw. 8. *'0 «^ 

3, S* c?ir€*^* riws o^«v ^y^vou** bovkos; icol** ctwov "Or* ^ic 

"^^ V^s** Xaroav ivpiitr 00^-6^^ in. 9. *£&€ » tt/ws fi€"* 

awbpa ^ TiSTrr€<r6au 

hdg). XIV. 'H bi M€ii<l>U^ idpa^ bih *rw ^pffio)*;' ''♦Tvin-a- 

««/!«»• ^^y({y ^*^ *irAiy<rfov yap i}i; 6 oZicoy ovr^y*, xai *dWirT«iX< 

h^.AP* Kkavivra ^ikeiS^pov^ *T4|wip€t|, ^ aSiicV|<ramii<». 2. 'Xly 

p'X's* i'^^^fv<r^ *<l)vkaxOrjvaC fX€*', f«s oS IX6*iair^* ol Ki/pioi *tcw 

aMp. TOtWs". 3. *'H d^ ywri^^ IXcyc" ir/)is *TAr ArSfMn «W|$"- 

reads yvMukof jral r^ rcxya r«ir roXXcumir). ''a reads iKx^^pttras, " c reads 
fioi. «A=aeT«r. «a, A\ A 8» read fSrf. *• aefg, A*^**** om. 
^'OK, A. A 8^ read ira/. ^ d adds avrf . a om. next seyenteen words 

through hmt. **d,A add diil. ** fi-^, S^ (save that a om. the second 
Koi, and dg read criroy for Xcyw). h, A reads Ktu{'^ alris A*^^^) Xcyn vp6t /u 
(A***** om. vp^ /If)- TiWff #r doCXoff ; koI X^yw (A****** crirw) avrf (A om.). 
^ adefi 6, A*, S* mil ( + frdXiF 6) X^i ^mh. ^, A****** 4 bi Xcy«* f*« fe' om.). 
A* icol Xryf I. *• 6^, A, S\ aef read yii^y. d rytwtro, *• e/)/ add iyii. 

*• 6 reads i^r. " a, g. /3-^ read inptavro. *" 6 reads 6 W ^4aTi7<rc 

Xcya>y. ••«. 6 reads vn^ defg^ A, 8* om. •*/ reads V^cvdcu "a. 
^ reads cMc«f . 0-^, A om. ** (X, A^ omitting lou. o^^, A read yvfu^y 
fit cVffXfv(r« (^, A~* trs. ^JcfX. before yv/*ir<Si'. ocf trs. it before fw). d iKikwat 
yvfipn&tival fu Kol, S* = yvppwras ^Ktkivat. 

XIV. » c reads M^fii^l ^£. « A adds /w. » c. A, )9, A, S* read 

(+T9ff A) Ovpibos. A om. rest of verse, but inserts the latter half of it 
^dwo( • • . dbiic^trmmi after the first clause in ver. 3. ^ OK, adg (save that 
a om. fi«). hef read rvwrofitpov /lov. S^ = ir&f «tv^v fi€. * a. 0, A, S^ 
om. *(X. 0,8^ read as in margin (save that g reads itirfortiXc). 

^ 6, A, 8^ add cW/. For the position of the clause Sbumt . . . abuc^vam 
in A see note 3. •a,6,A"*,8^ /3-6, A*^**^* om. »A(1),ftS*add 
nit. ^Pj A, 8^ (save that e reads nfMtp$(r« and A oWxcts). (X reads as 
in margin. Its corruption seems to be peculiar to itself. ^ a. p. A, S^ 
om. ^CyA*^*^. A, a, A* read W Xdyor: ^-o/, 8^ X<5yor. /Xry«y. 

^'OK, 00/, 8^ (save that ef read ^pa$). b reads ^vXano^jvac /ic. dg, A 
fV (d om.) iPvkoKS /SXiy^wu ^fiaf (A /«). " cx, od, A***^, S». befg, A*** 

Digitized by 


XV. il AIA0HKH m2H4» ioj 

^TC^^ <rvif/x«5*^ rip atxfJLi\<aroP jcal €VY€vrj iraiba *foftA,S* 
h€<rfioX9^^\ Hv ftct ij&\Xov iverov clvot" ical dwtjpcTetoeot^a. ^P'' 
4. 'HOfkt yip 6fAv Mf" iv ir60if ^ifuipTCas^"' *iyi> ««• ft A,Si 

OvK iarl *touto tois^^ Alywrtois vpb i^ofictfcwy i4>aip€T<rOai M^/i^iy. 
ra axXorpio. 6, Tovro '"oSv"' " C4^€ * we/>l tw fierapoXov ^*- *^^^ 
♦•O W wols^^ *i^CXf^ iyKaTdKk€taTO$ etvai^. ' vaph 

XV» MerJt 8i^ *fifUpas €lKO(nT4(r<rapa^^ JikOov ol J-o^y, 
'liT/LutiyXSrar *l|oraK y^P* iicovo-ainrcs* &-i 'Iguc<i>)3 '^i iranyp i3-W, A 

o^y (A ^i). i9, A, S^ icai. fi €hw. 

read as in margin (saye tbat ^ trs. ^(riV before IX^«Mriv). "a, /3-ify, S*. 
rf, A** read /lov. ^, A"**** irfroC. wa,S*. ft A read <cal (rf tA^) ^ yw^ 
owroj) («/y om.). "a. /3 reads Xryti, "«. ft A, S* read as in loargin 
(save that d reads tdrf). Instead of the next clause which A cm., 
A inserts there the latter half of ver. i. See note 3. ^(X. ^d 

read diii W. d reads on t^. ** a reads avp^x^i, d om. S^ = vfipiCtiv* 
**«. ft S» om. "a. P-d, A'**** read htf ?3*t c&m (« trs. after 

fiSXkop, fg trs. after avtrov) fiaXXor (A*^ om.) aycrov. d (A*?) ToCroi^ 
(c{ om.) Sf€Top f &ai. A^*^ s= dci o^y f iMU Ofrooranji' rAy furcfioXop km 
TovTow oMToy f Iircu (t). & ^ tp tltti ftoKkop t^x^Uf ^^ roU otidjfMtn¥» 
"(X. ftA, S^ read as in margin (save that b reads aw and g trs. 
<rot before vin;pfrfiy). A* om. next Eeren words. "/3-^, S* trs. 

before 6fMiy. **e reads il/tui/jn^fMiTOf. d adds a^v. S^ om. *^(X. 

/3-<ty, A', S» read w'. c?^, A'*^'***'* «il €>. "c,ae/. A, 6cty read ^ir/. 

"A om. next seven words. *«. ft A*^*®^*, S* read as in margin (save 
that d, A*^**** read Xeyf 1 and a air^p and cJ awrj for ir. rrfp Ke/Kpip), A* = 
ffoi 6 ibn)p Xryci vp6t n^y yvpcujca. ^ C. arf, & read rolr , 6 wapd, d Z6ot 

roiu g,Atl&os{gtl$pos)napiiroig. »«. ft A, 8^ om. •*a,0,S*. 

A =: (+ Koi A^'^) 6 furaPokos, ^oc. j3-M, A read as in margin (save that 
for ar» A^^ read alrov and om. rest of verse), h /eal mpH ^pov In. d kq 
€iV€P in 6 nmt, S^ = 6 iraif, ** b reads &^iXa iyKorai^ttaTot cfyoi. g o^iXct 
KaroKkfurros «2mu. A = i^iktt tlvat ip dccrfioif. S^ = tarm waph roit dtvfilois* 
XV. ^e, M,A, 8*. A reads yap but trs, after fffu'pa^, af read o^y. 
e^ om. ' 6. So d but in figures. A reads 9/i. cixoo-t Ka\ naaapas, P-dg 
uKwririavopas (t kH) r^ft, g i^ju. riairapag, * (X. ft A, 8^ koI, *d, A 

add SwrtiP avrvp (A om. Bpt, avT») th yfjp X. *(X. ft A, S' om. 

• A Tov vlov oItw. 8* om. rest of verse. ' a, A^ P reads {+Kaid) c iiroi'. 

Digitized by 


204 AUeHKH 11IXH4» [XT. i 

fi^dg M€* 2« Tl Sri cTira^ o-covrdv' *^ovkov fZwii'; Ka2 ISotr 

0-d,A,S^ Xavaiv, «cal *6 7rar^/> <ra« ''fri'' vtvOtl mpL o-w^* *^v 

(a<f T& oirX^Yx^ P^> ■'^ 4 KOp^Mt f^^o friUi), raI {(tcXor BaKpuvm 

3ojcp^ inlrw**, iXA**^ iTrt<rxpv ^fuwrrfv*', tro ft^ oZox^w** rows 

<rai. &^€\(l>ofis fxow, '^*Kal etirov ovroty*^ *Eyol^ cAk oZBo"** dovAcfs 

^,S» ^ cl/jit''. 4. Trfrc '"oSv^" iPooXfdoarro** ira>X$o-af fA€, fca 

f^^^ fiil €ip€e& h *Tai9 x^P^ii' aJrfip«*. 5. 'E^^/Sowro yfif) 

d AS* '"^'' *w«iT^ |*o«**, fya fi^ *Mit¥ in^ ovroit woi^i** M6a^ir 

'IflJc«^. icivWi'w*^' ^Kovov^ yif) ft-4 lUyas iirrl %^ dc^** icoi'® 

ft A, 8* ^0p^iroi^ 6. Trfre X^yet * ovroi; 6 picrd/SoXos •^. M<rari 

Y'V^. Il€ ivb TtjS KpCa€W TOV^ U€VT€i>pC^. J. **EK€irOl U 

Kvpi^. ipyvplif ijyopdcr^ff" ^fiiy, *icAkcuk)S dwoXuwu 4|j&at *X«*^*» 
/9>^, 8* wpo<n\&6vT€f oSp. hdg, A^*<^ mrikvatp ipas. 

A'^^'^ss ml X/yown. •«, a«f, A*^. M^ read ^ouriSr. A**^= i^Jr. 

•«/,Aread&-»«oiSX<fc€?/a. ^ dovXor. »a,A /3-<l, A, ff om. A*»^* 

om. mil . . • iyw^icapMw. ^oc, dg. fi^ read as in maiigin. "(X, oic^ 

(saye that d adds dvnorM) jrai after <lvdptf(). e reads M. 11, v2^ «l ^ vcor 
M. ;«.c21 ^(X,def. a^Areadr^y^. 6, S^tJ. ^ om. >*a,A*{8ave 
that A^ om. wtpl oov). ft 8* read wnM ( -f irr^t ctm; aefg) 6 war^ mv, 

^.hb»c4lk_ ^^ 2^^ (^k ^„ J „^i^ ^^^j ^^' ^^^ «fl^ M, A, S» 

read ^i» auKKf, h iw Xdiac^. <2 adds irv/i/ vov. A^ adds irr/i) roil warpit pmt, 
'*(X (save that h reads ^rXviriTAi). /9-<l, A, S* read as in margin (saTe 
that h reads irdX«y for wdw). d iml ruvra axowras iy^ irap airSm mbv ifi, 
diucpvaai. >^ (X, ^. b, A, S* read «ii. d ml infiXtv and om. next two words. 
aef om« ^g adds mil «iiroi'. A^ wtpX rov mnp^ fi«v. **^ reads 

Koraiurxvvt^. ^h,d (omitting koC), e read c c£ro» o^. dbef, & c «ara 

(/ tlwov). g om. •* (2 adds towto & Xcycrf ^/ict^ |y dc o&a 5n. ■'«. 

ft A, S* om. « a, A. ft S» read as in margin. •* a. /3, A***** S» read 
X«p<rlr tnnSaf. A** avrot^. "a. /5, A, S* read as in margin. "a (save 
that h reads fndfirji aMis for h a. «r.). ft A, S* read as in margin (saye that 
df read frot^irfc). e adds njv. ''{^ reads xMump, *i reads ^mmmt^. 
^o,^- ^-flr, A, S* read as in margin. **^ adds ira^ »»«,«, A*"*****. 
/3-«,A^ 8* read 6 ft. odrotf (c^trpAffovrow). ''/Som. ^(X,d. afrtgA 

ncrrf^pi}. 6e^,S»n€rf0p/(«-i}). A*** ncro^. A**'***im^. A»**add oomipt(f) for Irp^prnpti^ft as in A^*"^^. A then = dfvrc/wv 
Apxairros (A** om.). •* «. i^-jr, S* read as in margin, g, A kbI rpoorfX- 

d^iTCff. d adds o2 *I(r;iai;Xtrai. A tfurpwritv avrov. " 0(, /3-M> A. bd, & 
read o^rovyroi. ••^om. •'a, aef,S*. &fy,Aom. ••a,^. tf^fS* 

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XYtal AIAeHKH IX22H<^ 205 

XVI. **H a Me/A^l; €t*f T^ ipbpl avrfjs^' **AY^«uror ft S'«ar;- 
tJit rtordir^ dxo^ ydlp, <t>ria'lp^, Sri vatkowrw avrSv. ^^' 

2. Ev$€m Sk iWcrrctXc eivov- 
XW iv Tols 'loftoiX^raif, ai- 
rovo-<i/Aeei$du(7r/)a<rij;. 3/05^ 
cvi;ovxo9 *jui^ dcA^oxiff iyopir 
(Toi /ui€* iaf€\(ipfria'€V vupiaa^ 
abtoiff jcal di^Aot r§ b€<nroCvri 
avrovy 8ri iroAAi)i; rft/jn)i; al- 
rotkriv Tw vaMs* 

Toif 'I<rfAaiyXiTai5*, *airowi 
fi€ eis biiirpaa-w'^* ^Ka\4<ras 
aiv ipxifJ^y^ipos Toifs 'I<r- 

3» Kol /A^ 0€kri(ras iLvexiip^' 
irofriy^^ Sri iroAAi^y airoiari 

xead iirpoBtft. h ^yopaaSri, d iwpafitf. A^ s riy6pa<rat rovrw, A^ rfyopdtran r., 
A^**'^ Ifyopa^fup r. Tbe ohief variatioDB seem to hare arisen within OL, fi. 
'^A. reads muccimv Xonrdy Xvvoi i9^f Zxti* Here XonrAr may be corrupt 
for XcMinSr. oef, S* read xamupos mnikv^u 9/Mr. M^ mUciyor ( + TtiOra <iico[^(rar 
ii^NPr d) liircXtKrc 9 17^. A mi 6 y^afioKns airA vcrcF ( + ^fiaf A*^). 

XYI. ' 0. From this point onward h is wanting, (m/ read i^f^wrt dc 
( + 4 M. /) rf ^1^1 ovr^r. i, A, EP ^ dc M. ^di^Xttac (A oir/oTfiXc) rf a. avr^. 
<f ^di7X<Mrff dff vAt^ i| yvvi) ovrov* ^ itai cd^Xflscfff rf d« avr^ f M* * ^'^ /^"^^Ti 
A« 8^ read as in mai^^in. / reads npuiaai pit. d tiarpwu avrov. But d is 
pecaliar and for ay6pa<rop • . . aMp reads Xryovcra* 'Eircidi} iLcovM oTi 
ir«»XoO(ri avr&r iiatpUnt aMn * fr, S' read t^, ^ It will be observed 

that 0, i^ represent only the eunuch as in treaty for the purchase of 
Joseph, whereas in oef, A, S^, and also d (see note 9) first Fotiphar acts 
and next the eunnch. The loss in 0, 5^ could haye arisen through hmt., 
bat probably the words referring to Fotiphar are an intrusion (see 
note 8). The fact that this addition is implied by d is discounted ' 
when we consider that d is frequently conflate. *^-d, S^. d reads 

jcal f^tfciftr* A ml rrrpor (A^ Mpcmop), ^d adds ml fyaytp avrovs, 

''fi-bd, S>. H A read ml (6 om.) iJtcItcJ fu (b om.) ( + <lir* air&y A) €U 
duarp^ffw (5 wpturuf), *aef, A, S^ (saye that A read tfiwopavs for 'Icr/A. 

and A*^**** add Ar* air&p after flt«). e, bdg om. and probably rightly as 
this clause conflicts with the words before and after. * abef, 8^ (save 

that h adds irovjeat fur* aur&p after 6t\fj<ras). g, A om. d has a very 
peculiar text but gives excellent sense : for alrmkra lu . , , wai^s it reads 
«al iTHr6 lu tit diavpwrw nap avr&p 6 TLvwrt^pU* tMrrtt dc iroXX^v r^y rtfi^y 
fwv, Ka\ fu) BtXrfirat on4artiktP ^ftav, 6 dc tvwovxot iropitf6tU idfjKwnT^ ^tanoitnj 
avrov ravra. ^ tArf, & (save that 6, 8* add dc after 6 and s reads avrois). 

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206 AIA0HKH m2H<l> [xyi.4 

/5»,A,S 4- '^*'H hi ATT^oTctXey*" *€vvovxpv erc/ooif**"', X/ywo'a^*. 

/i€. 5. •eXW»k oSi^ a cdyoux^^^ »«**' 8<ws** avTol9^ 

3y8aiJicorra** XP^*^^'^^*^ *di'«XiiPcT6 jic t{ Si AlYmm^ ctwcr 

'¥?', XVII.'Opare o5i;S rcicra fiou", voaa Mfutva tva /*^ 

T17 Aty. '^ r ♦ 1 

dcdcHT- otcrvtSKii' Tohs dScX^o^; uov. 2. Kal v/ui€i$ ow' dyairarc 

oiificr^^. JXarrcS^ra^ 3. T^pircrai yo/)' o ^cij' ^M * iyjovola 

g reads Koi ir€tpaa(k\f a^«v 6 c^, diyXot. A = ical ^dqXttcrf d rvi^* With A 
compare d (see note 9). arf make 6 tinfovxo^ tlie subject of the preceding 
verb av€x«i(nio€¥ and a/ accordingly add dc after diyXot, ""^g reads avr^p. 
''c{ reads koI ovmrrcXXcc. 8^ om. together with next three words* ^ e. 
fi-d read mpop c^v. d wrr^pop <vir, '* A = ^ dc Xcyct, ^* S^ = ttaKoaias, 
^*e. p, A, S^ read as in margin. ^' e, be^ SK /3-^, A read as in margin. 
^* c, a. 5ef^ read wp6(r€x^* d d6t avms. 8^ ^ irpo<r€Xfr€, d om. next three 
words. »c,aV,A***. oftef, S^ read ^iVaa^ai. A***** = <^«r«i. »d 
reads /i(Srop. ^e. P reads npidfA/tvot* "/S-ft. c, 6, S* read oyt£y«Tf. 

""c. (£ reads /mi koI. P-^ A, S^ xa/. Vers. 5, 6 appear as follows in d i 
Kal Xa/3a>ir 6 rvvovxof r6 x/wirtby xorcditt^ ^/laff iccu ^do^icoirra x/^vacyovff dov£ 
avrotf diTt ff/iov, icai \apttp lu trap* avrois lKB6rrmv rnkSap tU rhv ouaup iKorw 
CMTcv dfddMCffMU, Koi ctdo^ff /yo^ cfTi^iii^fra Zva /i^ icarourxvyo rovs avptovXoiw itav, 
ftrfTt firfp ttUurOxi ^ cvyoS^Of. ^ C, P^, S^, 6 reads didci, d ftidttcrt. 

A = ^ttxc » 8* om, A adds oirr* tiiov. *• c, /3 (a«^ reading «•' ), 

•A = cf ^jcorro, S^ = oxr^. *^C, J^. P-^ read xP^aivovs, e xpwriow. 

g xpvairovs (sic). A** adds ri/i^v air* c/aoO 6 fvvoOxof. ^ c, P-d, S^ read as 
in margin (saTC that h reads €4ir<»v. s adds mi before iKar6¥, while after 
MoaBai he add avr' eftoO, 8^ ovr ovrov. ^ ^aiSfV /ic). For d see note 23. 
A = Kol curcv ^t ^ydoijicoyra xf^^^^ ?d»icr ayr* avrot;. Ka/. Perhaps Dp/ 
(i.e. avfXd/3(To) is corrupt for f{?n = oi^t. ••6 reads ttw. A adds 

ravra. 5«/add ryw. "^ A adds ircpl avrov.. '^c. odf, A, & read as 

in margin, h inurBi. dg icaraiaxw^f and put last two words in ace. 
Tohs €ip. "A'^ssa^ifc. A'***'^om, 

XVII. *c, A. ft 8* om. g om. Sport . . . /ww. «c,/, A. /5-/, 8* om. 

*e, P reads as in margin. ^ c, /3-6. 6 reads fuucpoBvfAimt^ ' (2 reads 
diaycrc icpvBT«»iTf r (sic) dXXiJXow. For iiXX^Xtfy S* reads tw reW. • c, itfy^ 

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XVII. 7] AIA0HKH mSH* 207 

ideX^wv* KciP HI irpwupicfi KopiCas* ^AyM^s^^^ tcO-^,S*fw- 
WoOoir" €l% dYaWK", 4. *-Ore '"di""" iJXtfo,; ol a^cA^of J^^^^^ 
fuw €i5 Alywrrov, oOtoU* yiv<i<rKOV(nv^^ Sri *4W<rrp€^o ri ayairiyv 
ifyyipiov avrofe?*, xcU oiic iiffCwra *avrot;9, ical'^ Trap^Ki- L^/f^' 
X€<ra" '"oira^y^". 5. Kal«® /*«■« ^<ii'aroi; *'laKiftp, toO ^!2,A,S 

varp^ |MMi *^, 7r6pt<r<roT/pa)9 i}y<l7n;(ro airoiJs, ical 7r(iwa ocro «>(. 
^•fXoK«« *'fiir€p€KTrcpi€WHi''«» *iTrorow odrois"* 6. *Koi ovic fi-dg, 
itpilKa^ airov9*^ OKifirjvai *fa>s iiiKpov TrpiypLoros*''* KaCye 'i^j^Zj, 
Ttuv t fjv iv Tp*® x^*P' M^ ovrots S^Jwica*'. 7. '^Kal^®^ ^ad,k^ 

ol viol *avr«v viof ftov*^ *icai ol vlo^ ;iou w iovXot avrwy**, S* fVc- 
Kol*« ^ V^vx^ *aJwr i|ruxi^ fwow, icai iray AXyij/xa^^ airw J.^^'^j^ 

ft A, S* r^it frcpto-crotn ^iroirja'a, c, A /lov ^X*) fl^«'« 

A, S^. atifom. ''AssKvpws. *ftS^ « reads cXXarr^/tara (sio) 

ali«\<l>&p ml 6/tiwoiq. Here Aorrtffuin may = "^on corrttpt for IDH 
* kindness.' •A'^*'*' = icap«««v. ^c. ft A, S» om. The word 

may have originated in a dittography of tls aya$6v, ^e, ndoKownv may 
be cormpt for cvdoKover^r. But A = ort (A***"* at or ol) tvdoKownw. ft S* 
read as in margin (save that g reads cvdoiei^^o-ci). "c, a, A^^^^ /3-a 
read as in margin. A^ = aXAi7Xovr bnt this is apparently due to internal 
corraption. The idea required here is not expressed by dyaBov which 
may be a cormption of aymniv, and niTlN (= dydmfp) may be corrupt for 
ninte =: odfX<^n;rou ^e. iS-<2, S read Jcal arc. d orav o^v. A = ore. 

^^ c. /^-<2y A, S read «»r ( + «u A). For avro/ and the next seven words 
d reads ml artypm avrovt. ^ c, A*^*''. jd-^i read oZScuriv. 6, A^ typtttrap. 

S= opoTf iral vfw7r. "^, A* read Morpe^ rh apyvpwp airr&p. "c. 

ft S* read aXXa Kai {d om.). A =: ovrovs aXX<£. ^' d reads vapoKokiirm. 

^*ft 8. 6 reads alroiv, AC*')^ add 2dov oxovovcrt ol ilit\<pol pov ihp ^(vdcff Ti 
XaXtt f y»* ovodidoCoY cfr irp6amn6p fiov. A^^**** add oKovovcn, {dov, Jcal (A** 
om. Idov, K.) epovo-c ci ryw ^^wMt n XoXw. '^(^ reads it, irdXiV. A=: 

dXX^ m/ (A* om.). « c, A ft-d^, A*** S read loic«/3. y rov narp^ 

i/i&p X A****"* = Tov warpot pw. "c. a reads rf&iKtiirap. fi-od, S* 

read tMktvfnp, d poi sropTy/fiXev 6 irarrjp fiov, A = cVAffvcroy. The 
variations arose within the Greek or c, a = ^. The rest = Hjy or W. 
"c. fi-dfB read ^k ircpunroi). d,A om. ^e. ftA,S* read as in 

margin, d adds ^ir' avrovs. b adds ml iSaCpaCop. ^ c, <2, A. /S-c^ S 

read ovk dt^Tpca yap. ** a reads avroir. *^ S^ s: ov vp6s kokiip alriap. 

A adds Kui tfd^xa alroit iravra ^a i(rfnfavp» ^ C, jF. /3-^ om. ** C, /3-^. 

( reads ISdMcn. ^e. ftA,Som. "ftS*. c reads ovrwi', A = pow, 

viol avr&p. d om. next seven words. "* c, i3-<7, S^ (save that ^ om. ol). 

A = «al dovXoi /iov, douXo« a^»v. ** <?, A. ft S^ om. ^ ft S^ e, A 

read as in margin. A adds mt (A^ oro.) ^y^ povyrj ovt&p, a phrase which 

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2oS AIAeMKH m2H4» [XTH. 7 

hdff(A) ikyv)fAi fwv^, ^icai TO<ro pLaXoKla avrmv *Ao«lr€id fMv, itol^^ 

ft^,S* XVIII. '■•Eiv"'* o5y Jca2*f«r9*irop€v^c&Tat5» feroXoIy 

0ovXA KupCoM*, i^<ii(r€i d|ias* *i 0€d9^ ^iv iyadois^ els a2ttvas. 

TtKpa kvrp(d$ri4r€a'$€ iwi* KvpCQv\ 3. lioi^* ^yap^^^ 6paT€ in 
^y gi ''di4 TTiv *ramiim9tw koI t9|i» |iCMpo9u|uar |iou**^ Ovyaripa 

^J^^^ " jjcardi; rciAavra *x/)W<rfov bibovraC fAOi** *<rvv ovrp^'', *koI 

P aya$oiroiuf^ fi-a, S* uaKpoSvfuoM Kal» fi-i^f A, S^ KvpUuf 

(dff Kvpiov) fiOV, 0-*<M| A| S^ ^TU 

hdg (omitiiDg the «au) add after avBt^tA pmf. *' S^ s »Arof* "*« om. 
rest of chapter. "^ e» ef (saye that ef om. mi). S oormpt. hdg, A read 
as in margin (saTS that A trs. before uA inw SXytffta. See note 34). 
"0, dg, bef, & read as in margin. A'**' ssfUa^w i}^ inbrwr ^ /3ovXJ^ 
A'^om. '^hdef, 6 reads oMr. g iavr6p, ^e. Me/ read &(&v fuw. 
^ dofiy. ^^ d reads «oi. ^e, 6. defg read An^MTiorcfMr. 

XVni. * A om. and for o&r . . . xvplw read koI (A** om.) vfntU oSp t> 
avr^y oddy vopcv^^. * e, S* add tcjcmi ^iov. * rf om. ^ /3-<M, A, S^ 

add rcKMi /lov against e, a. * reads i^/uw. Meg, S^ add nvravQa (S^ om.) 
Mil fvXoyijirri i/Aos (6^, S^om.) omitted by c, af through hmt. A attests the 
originality of this clause. Thus for v^crci . . . o2«rat A***^ read mt 6 Mt 
do(d<rti {f/tiat (A* s= at f ) kqI {n^ttatt viMog (A^ om.) Avw, Here Arm. Text 
wrongly represents A^ as twice reading aw. Possibly it is wrong also 
as to A\ A^*'^s ^( Mik (A* om. on x.) 'Iit/ni^X Sadat dofdcrtt v/ia£ ical 
f^ff<l^«t Wr almwat. *e, A***. For A****** see preceding note, ft S' om. 
^^* ^-<7»S read ^^ ^Aj/ (/^'Xci) rtr. ^ ^ay ^X^o-ct. *c. /9 reads 

as in margin. * c. reads dia. For Xvr/M^^ca^ v«^ xvpiov S reads 

\vTpwnt6 K, {+vfMsS*). ^^aom.yerses 3, 4. "^r, Aom. ^e, fiyS^ 
read as in margin (save that d jidds lum before xo/). " e. So Jub. xl. 10. 
^a, A, S^ read as in margin (save that g om. /lov). ^*c, A. /S-^, S^ om. 
" 8^ add Sci^^ir. '* 0, c2ef^ (save that d reads d^dtMc and «^ dcdorai). 

6, S^ read /not xpyowv biborau A = xpw'ov Kbwtdp ftoi. ^A places after 
xpviriov. f om. rest of Terse. ** c. /J-ae, A, S* read ^ri. e om. *• c, j^. 
/S-a^, A, S^ read ftou ^ s reads aimis* ^ e, da. b reads 4bovk€va€. 

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XIX. 6] AIA0HKH lOSU* 209 

* Kol yhp SfAOi/os rliiriv^^ iv TO<rt ry*^ 'IaKcS/3. virtp. 

c. ft SI 
XIX. 'AKoiirm hi\ 
riiofa fJLOV, k<u *vcpl &¥ totSa 

lAa^oi Mfiovro^ *fo rrfiry* 
Kol ol iw4a^ bi€<nripria'caf 
* cis frao-oi; filv yrjv'^* dfxoUos 
ii^ K(u ol rptis* 

XIX. **Aic(rt;o-aT€ 081; • 
tA iviiwwv t eKov^®. 2. /9-J & 

AcS^ica Aci^^ous W/k»p" Sri J^J^^ 
iv4fjLovT0 KoX^^ i( airrm ivvia 
ii€airipfia'car ol bi rpci9 Jo'cS- 

icol a^l buo'vipria'aPm 

A (only for verses 3-7) 
3* Kal ifS/Mov ffrt rpci;^^ Ikaijyoi Tp€i9 i/jorol iybfovro Koi 
ipiriaav vpbs KHpiov jcai i^ay^ cArtAi Kipios^^ cJs r((iroy 
€vBakri Kol Iwbpov, koI ^yoye** airobs iK aKJrovs eis ^«ff. 
4* Kol ^K€( ipAficav vphs KHpiov lUxpi^ oS (nnr/ixOiiiaav *vp69 
airoifs^'' ol iwia Aa^oi ical iyCvovTO airroX &$ dcSdcxa 
''np6paTa, koI fier* iklyov yj)6vov rii^ivovro Koi iyivovro 
iFoCiAVia iroXXd. 

5. Kol** fxerh, ravra t^poav *ical I8oi** biii€Ka fi6€9 

g ibavkwFM. ** c. fi-a read xa/yf . A gives a peculiar text of ver. 4 : 

Kol ^i' ( + 'Aoxvv^ yvwfj pav A^) »pavot w S»Bos Koi ( + ^^ ^^ A^ mpaiot vwip 
( + irovrof A**) tKktKTOVf 'lopa^X ( + "^ (r^/M»» xai rairciv^f A^) virff/> Acvt xal 

'lovba Koi { + {mip A^) Nf^^oXf/^' ^<l>vKa(€ pM iw icdXXci (for ^<^ leoXXci A*" 

reads irXcoy &paiot ^p 1) avroi), iri opotos f y ey«b cy nao'i rf *laic«0 ( + ^^ irarp/ 
fuwiA**). "(breads Wd««c. **c /3-a read dic^vXaf «. "<»,«/ hdg 
read y^pttp. "^ c. /S-o^ read ^i cya> (<{ om.) 6potos^ For ^ Bee next note. 
^ dg read roO. For mi y^p . . • 'I. ^ reads cr iroo-i Spmos tov *L et/xi. 

XTX. ^CfOef^ jS-o^f, S' om. 'c. For o£Sa read fZSdv. 6 reads 2»y cZS^ 
mnpimw, ^*-6 as in margin save that d reads ^cp. S^ = &v ctSoy hnmvlop* 
rovTo Xff^ 470C '« reads vn bca^xa. *g adds ml di' cva irripfi&fiaw. 

^ c. P, S^ cm, * h adds duuptBriaav koI, ^ e, /3-6 (save that ^ reads nrt). 
5, S read Tjyj, * c,f, fi-df, 8^ om. For 6poi«as . . . rptU d reads «eal ol 
TptU pimpop ditawdptfirap, * A^ reads TkBrri cZp irdprts, dKowrart, A alono 

preserves the full fo^m of the text, but in some cases it is corrupt beyond 
recovery. " A** adds t^€. ^' A^ trs. before d^Ka. " A'**«***. 

A^ reads o! iaph ^pilt d<2»d«jca id€\4>oi, mI i&p^p yc. ^* ^ab^todefg^ ^b ^ 

cW)ioiTO ficr* dXX^Xflov. "A** om. "A^'^^om. A*^ adds ex axi^ov^ cZr ^»s 
mi fyayf avroi« and om. fiix words after hvbpop, *• A* = <&7y«y- A.** trs. the 
clause ml fyoyc.^^w before ml •'{ijyayf. wA»»»»«* A'***'*om. "A'^om. 

CB. PA* P 

Digitized by 


dIO AIA0HKH laiH* [XEC 5 

iiroUt Koi tvivov i( airov^^ al dcidcKa iro^ai koL ivrfpCOiJajTa 
irolfiVM. 6. KaX tov reriprcv fiobs ivipria-ap rh, Kipara 

lUyjH, rot; oipoiwv Kal iyivovro &s reixos r&v iroifufw, kcU ip 
lii<r^ tQv Wo** K^pAroav i^€p\&(rniiT€^ 4\Xo Kipas. 7. 

Kai apmv ^yAcrj^ov his da>&€K(£ict9 ir€pUpaXX€ aiT0V9^\ koL 

C, P, S* 
8. *Kai€aoif««*«ri[iicroC 
*Io^da iy€Wi/i6ri] 'firapBhos, 
[Ix^ovaa (TTokfiv Pwrclmiv, ical 

^ir. /xoy] *^ * ical ^1; ** i( ipKrrfp&v 

8, Kal flbov *iv pJa-^ rmv 
K€piLT(av irapBivov TUfi, [^X^- 
cav aroXriv irotKCkov Kci i( 
atnrfjs] irporjXBof Afivrfs**, icai 
i( ipiaT€p&v avrcv &p\h^v 

*• A*****' by btemal corniption = ¥tp6fuvoi (or ^cMncoumrvr). •A adds 

an adjective s= Kpartuov, or Itrxypov or dciyov. "^ A^^ L e. %JaJltt. 

A'******* read tajmht (= «^««') eorruptly. •■ A'* om. perhaps rightly. 
"A***. A******* read dWon,. w^-^)-* (g^^e that A* reads iirow^ 

for Bt, A" om. IMtKoxis and a^vr and A**^ om. Ss)^ A^*^ :=: p^irxwf d^dcxa 
oliTfpifiSaXXova^w. ••A'**^. A*»* = Vfoito. •• d reads Zdor «f. 

"^ This passage has been generally rejected as a Christian interpolation. 
But if we excise it wholly, the unity of the context is destroyed. It 
seems undeniable that the same leader is referred to in yer. 7 and subse- 
quently in yer. 9. In the former yerse as a fjL6axos he goes to the aid of 
the 0ocff : in the latter (see A) the fi6tg and others rejoice in his triumphant 
overthrow of their enemies. In the latter half of ver. 8 this leader is 
referred to as afuf6u If then the translator has rightly rendered his 
original, the symbolic designation of this leader is changed : from being 
a t»6<rxot he becomes an ^u^. A similar transformation has already been 
twice mentioned in verses 3 Aa^i . . . dpvoi fycrovro, 4 ^ma ^a^ . . . 
iyivovro «>; irp6^a. Hence this third transformation causes no difficulty. 
But some record of this transformation must have appeared. Hence the 
beginning of ver. 8 must have recounted this transformation of a f»6irxos 
into an afuf6f, and not the birth of a virgin of the tribe of Judah and her 
bearing of a blameless ci/iv<$r. Even the textual evidence points to this 
conclusion. A comparison of e, /9 with A leads to the excision of ^k toD 'I. 
iytwifiri and Sfuapos (om. also by /) as interpolations. Further, as we have 
already shown, the context requires here an account of a transformation 
and not of a birth ; hence vapOivot has either been substituted for ii6<rxos 
(=^y) or is a mere interpolation. (Indeed where human beings are every- 
where designated as animals the use of vapOmt is in itself impossibla) 

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XIX, ii] 



avrov its kimv* koI irivra rh 
$TjpCa &pfKav^^ *icaT' cdrrov^^ 

kclL dvciAeo-ev * avrh cl; Kara- 
irdny/jto**, 9. Koi ixaipov 
iir* air^^ ol *iyy€\oi Kal ol 
iv6pa>iroi^ kcH wa<ro'* fj yrj» 
10. Tavra bi^^ ycwjo-croi iv 
fcai/xp avrQv^'^ ip iaxirais 
fffjiipMS* 1 1 . 'Tfi€i$ oiv, 

riKva lAov, ipyXi^ar^ ra^ h* 
To\hs KvpCov, Kol TipjaT€^ 
TOP *A€ul Rol rh¥ *loi58aK5*- 
^ * {k tou <nr^p|iaTOs^^ airrQv 
iivaT€\€i vfuv^^ [6 ifwhi rod 
&€OV, A atp»¥ y^v dfUkfiTiar tou 

ircivra^^ r^ OrjpCa ical irdin-a 
Tck ipveri^, Kai iviKr\(r€V airrii 

9. Kol lx<upov hi airbv ol 
p6€S *Ka\ ^ bipLoXis [ical ol 
?Aa^ot]** TfyiXXovTO &fm fier* 
airQv, lO. Tavra di** 

del ylvt<r6ai iv Kaip^ avrQv. 
II. Kol i;/[A€(9» Wicva /uw, 
rtfii}(rar€ rbv Acvl koI rdi^ 
'lot/dav Sri i^ airrQv ivar^kcl 
fj^'^ awrripia rev 'IcrpaijX, 

Kal r. 
Acvl ^i 


The evidence points to the former altematiye. Finally the addition txowra 
orMpf pvatrirfip would naturally be made when onoe wapBivos appeared in 
the text The original therefore of the first half of ver. 8 would be fairly 
represented by nai cidoy Sri ip fUa^ t&p xtpdrtip i*6irxof tytinfiii ap»6s^ 
This lamb, whose yictories are recounted in the close of the verse, appears 
to have been a Maccabean, i.e, a descendant of Levi. On his right 
fights Judah (Xc«»v). For according to the true text Judah is subordinate 
to Levi. See ver. 6. The above reasoning as to the interpolations holds 
good even if verses 7, 8, and 9 refer to different leaders. '^e. 

fi~d, S^ read koI. d om. " See note 27. For K€p6r^v i. e. irq^pmg% 

(bo a***) a***** according to printed Arm* Text give irq<^pnuiu^ 
= eXd<^y. ^a, reads Bpfiowf. fi-^ &ppow, "^ ^ reads atrf, 

*C. adff, & read avra {d Siravra) tU larrandTfiinp, hef, S^ ccr xonnran/o'ii'* 
""/reads oMv. ^ g reads 3iv6, mi ol deyy. The text is obviously secondary. 
A is undoubtedly to be preferred. "/ adds dc. ^ d adds Woa pov. 
"S^ adds xa*^<''ov(n cV avr^, g trs. cV k. alr&v after iptpaig. ^d reads 
Tipri<raT€. Cf . A. •*<?. So A. 0, S^ read as in margin. *«c. ViS* 
read as in margin. *^ c reads ^/iiy. g trs. before oyoreXcL ^ Christian 
interpolations. For 6 tup^^v r. ap. r. K6<rpov which e read, A S read x^P*^* 
« A"** A*^*** om. ** For koI irdvra rh iptrtrd (= i^if^cJ^) we should 

read Wr itartmanipaz^*^ ^n^niA. 45^b*odf^ ^ab j^^^^ ^j licyow Twr 

TfMwv ffXa^Mv. A*' duo rcDK rpt&ir (Xd^«>v. I have bracketed the luii ol tka^i 
as an interpolation ; for the ^s already symbolize the Twelve Tribes. 
^A*^*** add irciKiti against A****** «A*. A'*»**^** om, *• See note 4a. 

p 2 

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AUeHKH m2H« 


12. *H y&p ^fi^ pairiK€(a^ 
4 jy vfuy JirircX€<r0^(rcrat, 

12. *H yhp PcunX€la avrw 
Paffik^Ca *lirrai aUiptos** 
Ifris oi irape\€i$<rcra4*^* ^ bi 

XX. OUa V^"*^ frt fm-ct *T^if r€X€vn(v /low* ol 
Alyifirrcoi 0\(^roiHriv' li/yiasS AAX* i ©cis* «oi^<r€4 r^ 

varipon^ iljmv*. 2. **Y|i«i« M^^ crvravofcrcrc^^ ret <J<rra 

Kipios h <ImtI lorai inff iJfiwv^*, icoi i^^ B€\Cap *iv o-xcfrei 

e, A 

3. **A<rwiO »*• r^v firyWpa 

'Paxt^X Trj£ iiqripos fwv 

3. ^KaltZcX^^r^v/Aiir^pa 
ifiMP ivayiy€T€ icai'" fyyws 
BiiXXas [vapa ^rip *lvif6' 

6iT€ ain^p^^ 

^*o. i(/y S read alApot, ttefg alApiot. ^*c, fi-ab. ab, S^ read vapturaktwrtrau 
" g adds «a/. •• af. c, 6c%f read 3jropo^., 6 &iropo(f>. •■ c. ft S* read fa. 
^ 0, ft S^ read as in margin. Here S^ makes a large Christian addition 
of several hundred words. » So A*^**** (save that A*^** om. ^fuf). Printed 
text cormpt w^bb+odt^ A*'*=s€f wfum (through an internal 


XX. ^cl^dg, A, S'om. cf^ read rcoo. ^A'^^ifU. A****'TiF 

tt(oi6v fAov. ^b reads ^(^«<rt« ^0 reads ^fur. *d adds r«9 

irarcpttv /lov. *<Z reads v/uv and trs. before ti^f ^KbUtftrtp. A = avrfir. 

a om. rest of ver. and 2-3. ^e. P reads c2<rd{ei. *c, e/J^. 5, A, S^ 

read nj* hrayytXlap, d r^r y5v i^r cfrayytXiW. • C, 6, A, ff. ^<pr read 

iJmAi'. cifwv. "c,A*. /3-a, A***^****, S» read as in margin. "6^. 

reads (nmunjovrf . d oi/Mnwarv. 6 (rvyavoto-arc. / trvpavCo'tTt, ^ (2 tlS. 

before rd. *■ <£«/57 add cW. " g reads ayayopAvw. " c. 5d!, S* read 
ftov, ^17 ftov (^ vfM^y) cW. '' c reads i^^'^i'* ^^ & om. " c reads 

i<rK6rwTat. "c. See (2 in note 23. A****'=«cai ZcX^dy. Ver. 3 in 

A**** =s KM riv ddcX^y (A* row* ddeX^ovr) v/i«F duoytfyerc (A*** diwravfrarff) 
Kol ryyvv T^ff ddcX^^f ( + /xov A****) Jcai ryyuff rjff fujrtpos Bir€ aitr6p (A* owrow). 
Possibly q^lpMtyp (ddffX^y) is corrupt for ^uathtP Juyp^ KfravkB pxfripa. 

The reading of <;{ (see note 23) favours this conjecture. ^c. A = 

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4. Kal** *Tavra dvmv^ iicreCifas^ robs wifSay cAtov^ 
^iKOiin/jeri Ihny itoX^s^. 5. Kal Mvd7i<r€v^ airbv was ft S 

'Icrpo^A ical uocra Atywrros itivOos fUya. ^^^ 

6, ""Koi y^p crii;" row Alyv- 
wrfoiy *«s lUkos hajax€^\ 
*icai cAcpy^ei'* &•• ttowI 
j/>7y *fcal ^ovX^ jcal Trpd* 
y/iari Tropiorctjuifyoy'*^. 


6. ''Kal h if j^dy rai; v\&v 
'lo-pa^X ^f AJytfnrow <n;jnj- 
yayoir rck <{oTa 'loxn^^^ jcal 
lOasjfav airbv h Xtppaav ficrct 
tQv varipoiv airov* iyhfovro 
h\ rh (rq TTjs C^rjs cdrrcv (rrj 
tKorov biKC?. 

'Pax^ifX ^ 

!• *AvTCypa<l>ov kdyoav^ Beyioft^i; ', &v^ iiiOero^ *to49 
vtots • avTOV ^, ^(ras • * ftiy ixarii; cfKOcri Tr^we •. 

opayaytrt. ^ Bracketed as a gloss from the LXX of Qen. zlTiii 7, 

A omits. "0. A^^ =s ^crc a^iSi' (A* a^o^f). A^*"^ = dm and trs. 

before irhjalw. ** brf, S^. d reads ajwyaytrt dc mii 'Acnytr ri)y fi. v/i«y jcol 
rc^t>. o^ om. entire verse. Thns d supports c. ' ** S^ = r^ iroydoxcioy. 
••d reads 'Paxi^X. "•dom. •^A* = f*€TAriii)T«, A*^*»***« om. dtAda 
*lwrii^ Koi €WT€ikaiitwos TOW vkSt avTov, "A*** = t^inum koL A* adds 

^lwni4> which according to printed text A***^ add after o^ov, ^fi-^^ 
A*******, S. c, d, A' om. ^e. iWy mXf = m\0 7Wf2 corrupt for 

m)0 nn'fea = cV yi^pn KciX^. Ct T. Zeb. z. 6, T. Iss. vii. 9, T. Assher 
viii. a. ft S^ read iKotftrtOii ( + cV ctp^ii; d) vmfOP (dmnop, A ssatrtOapt ( + ^mtr^y 
leal dcKo ^r«y A^*^). Here vn-yoy oi^yioy = D?iy fU^B^ which may likewise 
be a corruption of the Hebrew phrase already indicated. *^ e reads 
MvBtfvop. ^aef. 6 reads mii!. d^, S^om. ^aef, bg read w Idiots 

ficXcat (g VUa /uXi;) frwdnwrxf* d awtirairxf cW wdtrff rj (00$ airov. ^ fi~d, 
d reads tvtpyir&p avrovs. ^ b om. ^ fi-^, S^ (2 reads ciyadf . dt^ rovro 
mil nrhfOijaop mrbp miFrrf oi A/yvnrcoi «f frpoyoi^v a^rwy jcul Ktfd§ii6pa, g mil 
Xi(yY fEOi /3ovX§ vapun^iuws, d adds rf dc ^f ^fU0V. ^ S* *I«Mn7^ v2&ff ^laxitfi ut 
v2^ ( + «il S^) 'Pa^i^X a ( + Kol S^) %(rc Iri? /m'. g rcXof dm^nyf 'Ihmt^^. 

L * Title, c in text. /3-cfy, S read d. Bfyia/^lif {e -ttp,/^) (+i^' ft) irtpl 
diayocar (e/'cmuw) KoBaplas ( 4- Bcyca/i]}y ipfuivtwrai t€kpop ddvwtisf), g d. B. 
ircpl Tov liyoirar r&y irXi^o'coy* X<(yof ijS'. (2 (conflate) d. B. viov 'I. ijS' viov 
'Vax^ffinpihiwniisifaBafAs. A^^'^sd. B. i/T. A*"* d. B. viov *IaK^ 'I<rpaiiX. 
•c,/^-<l,S^ d,A = dwA}«;r(+X<Jy«FA*»'). »<?,<£/. ofiyread-d^. « -c/r. 
^d reads vtpi &r. ^ ^f. 'ft A^ S^ reads j^dcro (a mere error). 

A'^s^foyijiraro (but A**' i^mmAa,^ is a corruption of A'). A****** 

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fi-dg,S^ ^. *KaT84iX<aftt M atrodt^^^ ctirfir"* "Hinrep^^ ^Ioxmok 
«ai<^f """Mxeii tf 'APpoV ^"^ r^P« «Uhwi", o(!ra»9 Kiy& r^^ 

iKorotrrm Ti$vriK€^* yew&O'i ii€, ^yika oifK (axov BaXkbp oSir rrfv 
^t*/ iraiJfo-iciyir oir^s i^Aoira*'. 4. 'H ydp*® ^'Pax*^^ M«^^ 

f^^A? ''^ T«K€iv*^ riv *Iawr^^^ biib€Ka In; iorcipcwrey icoi irpo<r- 

{kSkufat, *g reads rovs vlovr. ^d adds /v ^<rxarmf i^fMjpoiff airov. A «r 
rcrdpry Irrt (A^* 9M*ip?) ^ wrB^w^las avrov. ' (i om. A*^ =5 cj^iyav. ' e,/, 

A^*^^. CM^ read hri ptsu'. h t, ittarhv cSmxn. d fP rf pKt Irvi rt^ t^t aimv. 
S^ A17 pKa\ A*^ s 1^. ^«ar^ fEOi cunnrft mi cy. ^* c. /3-c{^, S^ read as in 

margin, g Ka\ koXcoos o^rour. A***^** = c or /9-<f^. A***** t^^t avnvg. 
d reads miXciraf yap ro^f vlo^ a^ov md dtnrwrdiMtpot, A^* = jcoi mXciirar 
Tovff viovf o^rov irp^ff covr&r nal irt wpoa^Yyimuf. Thos d and A*^* are related. 
ii^b*ed ^ ^ Xcyct. d adds dfcotMrorff tckmi B. tov narpbt vfu»v ivwrUmrBt oon 
^ trnKKoiuu vfuw tniiitpw. ^e,dg, /3-^ read ^r. d adds >«^ ^ before 
'lormSie^ **c, i (save that d reads nrl yiJ/Kwr). /8-<i, A** (also A"*" but 
corruptly) read as in margin. A^ = /mh^ nA i^xoroordy cror ry *A. cVexA;. 
A*** wari^p waTp6t ^prnf iieaToirTf tint htx^» For &9inp . . . airov S* reads 
corruptly as follows ; 'Eyib B. cV rf y^/)^ nov irarp6s pov *Icumd0, iml irdyrcr o2 
adtk^poi itrcof ptavUu (t). Kal ovrms 6 iroi^p irarp^ i}/M»y (of. A*^*^ *^^Xl^ ^ 
•a/9. ifcoTotrrf Irct. A** OUL next four words. "d adds irarpt pav, 

»» 8* adds a ^ •liucA3 fy ^icor^y ^&,r. !• 0, /M^, A*****, 8^ b reads /iwi^ 
o^i.. jr, A**** Ar€4d4. " c, (£, A\ jS-rf, A******* » om. " g trs. after /ic. 
^* 6, /9, 8^ (save that c reads ccrxf v and om. r^y, a reads BoXoy and g om. o^). 
A= «iyi> ri T^Xa ( + BaXX« A*"***) mul^iaKffS {-k-aMfs A**'* + aiT^ BoXXar 
A*^ tiffKtura. ^d,&^ add fUTn^p ftov (8^ Ifp&r). For 4 yap . . . 

iartip€wr€¥ A reads i)y d^ avr^ ^ dAdaoa A iar€lp€wrt, ^ aef add cMf0, 

"c,* /5-d read Kvp^. A********* add iranip pov (A**^ om. ir. pw) 
fcal I^M lAri (+«S er6r A^*) ydXa laxop^v (A^* iroXv). A*^ yoXa iroXv. 
**«. /3, 8^ read as in margin (save that d reads ^pcpac fi). **c. fi reads 
as in margin. ''/9yAy8K com. "c. /S, 8^ read «S irar^p i^p&v (^ pov) 
fiyawa. ** c, fi reads 'Pax^^ as generally. "c, /3-<£, 8* (save that /S-rf 
read air* avr^f, a rtKMip, 8^ rx'cy for Idtip^ e ^Cxtrat, and ^ trs. Ideiy before duo 
vlovf). d reads Mr xal i^^oro Ual^gi i( m/Trjs dvo vlovf, ** a om. 8^ leads 
yrmy^iff M. * c, d (save that d reads ^c (sic) for ^. /3-<l, A, 8* read 
viA^ ^p. (A** debtor. A""*** om.) 6 {e &, ^, A rovr) €<rruf Btvtapip {e -c»V, /-iji'). 

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II. ""Ore '^'8^ ii\Ow cl« Atyinrroir tirp^s *l«<nf4^ Kal > 
irarpf f«w fcc' *fA€ ^^cSATjo-oy ®; 2. Kal tlirop ^airr^'^ 

3. Kol'X^ec fior 

&"€^^ i^ihwriv fie 

t^dcdKcti; /lic T0I9 
^lafjtatkCrcur kuI 

^wfjuz, fcol <l>payy€\' 
\ti(rairr€9 thrSv fJtoi 

3. Kal*X^y€i/UM)*"- 

* Kal yhp 8t€ IXa- 
p6v /ie ol 'I<r/Aar;X(- 
rai, et; '^ ain-Qv 
iiicMaas fie riv 

Tf^piC^yua KcX if>pa' 
ycXAcScra; /ix€ clirc 

3. *Kal \iy€i fJtot 
iropoi ^^f • 


€h AXy. 
jcol ffyy»- 

cciroy ol 

TL ^e,d (save that d reads elo^X^ov). j3-<{, A, S^ read as in margin 
(save that he read itftywrnpurt). Since most probably x. x originally stood 
before ii. x, we should perhaps emend irpos *Imo^, m) iyp^pivhr fu 6 ddcX^^ 
^v^ Xryvi fUH into iytwpian *lwrij^ r6p dd«X^((y fuw* xai Xryvi poi, and the text 
of /3-{2, A, S^ similarly. Benjamin recognizes Joseph as he had already 
seen him in a vision (x. i). Benjamin was only six when Joseph was 
sold by his brethren (Jub. xxxiL 33; xlii. so). A later account in 
the Book of Jashar {Did. dea Ajpoer.y IL 1292) states that Benjamin was 
the first to recognize Joitoph by means of an astrolabe. ^g om. 

' he read ibfrfApw€¥, For lyvmpunv . • . Xr^i fUM d reads avoyvt^pivas pt 
tkkava-M itiKp&t KeX itakwas p€ kot* tbiap tifnj pou After iyimpurtv pM fi~d, A, 
S> add •l-crij^, * eg, A"^*^ read Koi X^i. ^fg read «n. • 0, ef. 

abdg read c&roy. dg, A, S^ add ol adcX^ pav {& om.) { + mp\ ipov A"**) 
(+Ty •l««W A'^). »c, flkfo, A. hfy read «n. •<?. ft ff read cVAXi^o'i* 
fi*. A=dir«XtJ/«yr. •cM. Otf/J/ read li^por, "A***om. "c,S*, 
/9-<2 read nipn^am^s tbtw, d dinart^Kap oMy irpdf *laKc»fi XtyoyT^t, Ass 
drcoTfiXay ir/)&9 avr&y ^A.****** tAv irarcpa -f ^/moi^ A**) «il Xcyovcrc (A**** fiirov). 
" A^'^'s »# ma (A'* om.) /iri'yiN*^.. »/<>«• For W . . . o5fw A*»*"^ read 
r^ Xirmva ^ov ^ori o^rof. A*^ Stov i<rr\ 6 x"'^'^ odrot, ^*deg om. ^' ^ om. 
'*eaddsfM>ii. ^^eaddsfic. ^ cf reads c7irc /mm *lMirij^. ^*(£adds 

^yr«i»(. ^P^9 S^ (save that ^ reads ctircy fuM and a 4>payy. and S^ om. 

IStticf . . . KaC), d reads icayi^ inop€vBrpf ptrh r&v *l<rn. c7f ^$ avr&v atro^wras 
pn r6w x"'^^ ^1^ i<l>6pov¥ TSoncc fiot mpi{tapa luu 4>pay, thn rplx^iv, A ^ l«cXc^foy 
pM ol Xoyaniibt tpnopoi fii^ This clause corresponds to the first in fi~d, BK 

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[II. 4 

4. Ets a i( avT&v 

ki<ov KOi iv€ik€v 
abrSp* 5« ^^ 

otvios ol fUro\oi 
avTOV if}opri04vr€S 


4. *£ir bi ry ivi- 

airr6v. 5* ^^ 

Tnokowrt fif roi9 

4« KcU kybfcro iv 

( + icafA^fe)|jcpu- 
irroir ro IfjAriov ^lov, 
[el] iTnjvrqa-i tfioi** 
OripCop Koi ip€ik€^^. 
5. Ral oCrws^ ol 
lilroxoi airdv Ivci- 
Xi}o-<iy fi€ row 'lo-. 

A (only for venes 6-8). 
6. KaX oIk i^€va-avTO airrol ravra ktyovrcs* ^Oekcv yap 
Kp&artuf iv* ifwv *rct Ipya rw ddeX^ov ^fM»y'^, kclL 
iKi\€<r€ irp6s airbv tovs ibtkifxnfs avrov^ Koi X^ei**' 
y. M^ X^yerc r^ TrarpC fuw"* h iitobifrari ^mjo^ dXX* oifrwff 
ki^T€ Kodiis i^Yl^^V^^ '*$ Bci^iOfA&y. 8. Koi ol hrvotm 
*yivoiivrai iv vfiiv'* rotavrat'^ koX. pil lkO(o<raf oi koyoi 
oJkoi €ls Kophlav Tov irarprfs juu>v. 

III. *Nvv oiv, riKva /xov, koX ifJL€h ^&ycur^(rarc^ Kt;/>ioy 
rbv &€hv TOV oipavov *Kai r^y y^s** «ai' ^vX<£far€* ft^oXay 
airov^f * IxifioCfuvoi rbv iyaJdhv kcX 8<nov ivbpa 

n ^b»odt% ^^^^ ^^^ ^y^ ^^j 'l^Mni^). A** read Srt whow ravra €6pfiP€i *h^ 
Koi (A' om.) tDity€ /*oi. "6, 1^ ikdd ownJi^, *g reads to J/wina, 

•* g reads (bn^yn^crfy. •• (2 om. •• d adds awrov. ^ Mpoa corrnpt 

for hmpois, A on the whole supports /9, S^ How did cV omVci fM Korifrxar 
of c originate ) The ideas (in oyt act and tsaxwx^^) seem contradictorj. 
mxriax^p is probably corrupt for Kortaxov. 0, then, may = nm"D ^3n3^ 
corrupt (1) for DiTyn5> OinSD = ft S*. The tense €ir«Xiy<raF in A is preferable 
to the present in ft &. •• For q^u = fioi read ^«» = ovry. » A*!*)** 

•^add/ic. WA^\ A^^^^^^nrtrfrcoSr-f. A'*=nJrc. «A^ A*^"**^ 

om. 8i^*»>b»ad.f»^ A»»=*/i«r. "A*addflx»P^Mw. ""A* i-eai 
ip&u. MA***^**. A*^* = ?X€^. »A*»****». A*»»=/i47^Kr«. ''A*' 
adds c'y Jdf /a^ yinnnirm Btvuiphf km €(;iffif(nfT<u rf 'loKmfi, 

m. ^c, /^-M/ (save that a« read W for ww and ^ trs. jral vp^K after 
dyomio-arr). i, S^ read mil vptls cZv riicpa pov { + ayan7frd &) ayawfftran, 
df ayair^croTf oiv icdi vpxU riianL pov (/ Wjcva pou koi 6f«€ir). A =:^«u o5r 
(A'*'****"* om.) i^tf Wicwi fiw. *c,d. /3-<«,S*onL »ftS. com, 

'<fy add ras. ^A:=^ ptptiraX yip€V&t djfdpU dyoBov km Qk^Sovu 

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III. 6] 



2. Kal JoTO) ff buivoia v\jmv 
*€l9 rh iya$6v^, m Kifik 

6p0m^\ 3. 4>o/3€4<r^€^* 

Kt/ptov fcol iyavarc rdi' ttXi?- 
crfoy^^' Kol iiof rh weiixara 
rou BeXfap els vao-oi; toi^- 

VIMS, oi fiii * KaToacupiciSatMriK 

* Toi^ dd€X<^v ^"^ fww. 4. nrf- 
<ro4^® Tw iofOpiTtiAV *ii6eXoK 
oWk dKcXciK^*, Kol i 0e^s io-ic^- 
TFoaev airrov^^ / j yip f^^oA- 
yuofos rhv ®€hv xal dyavMi; 
roi; irXnaioir*! ino *To6»r€iJ- 
f&aros^^ rov BeAfop ov dt^arai 
irXT/y^i^ai^ <ric€7rafrffA€ros*^ihrA 
rdv <l>6fiov Tov OeoO* 5. 

Kal dwi** ^iri)3ovX^; dv^pcSira)!^ 

2—5- "Oti tons Oavirov airrov 
oifK ^^cXc X^civ v€pl avTov* 
dXX' 'Ia#ccb/3 yvoi^s d?rd Kvpfov 
X^yftairy* iXk* Sfuas cArbs^^ 
iiTripv€lro, *KaLTiiT^^xaX€TrQi 
8pK0i£ TOV 'I<rpa^X iveCadri^'^m 






j8-a row 



* d reads oyo^ cwr rAovr. a om. next fourteen words, vc • . • Kvpioy 
inclusive. * e^ 8^ read Sdcrc. 'c,(2. P~d om, Vor Sri ... 6p^f 8 

read oj^cor {^ jcal u/icir. * c2 adds 4avTov. ^^ c, a/ (^ read 

ayaBrjp, d KoBapav anb irayr&s Ipyov kokov koI mioi/f irpa£eo»ff vowtipSs, ^^ ^ 

read 3p^d. " <;{ adds o^ r6v. » (2 adds v/«£r. ^c. Cf . 2 Chron. 
XT. 6. fiy S^ read as in margin (save that d6 read ^fun^a-ovrm). Here, if 
/3y S^ are right, cAv . • • e^s irdo-ay wowifplap t^i^tff ff(^tr^«rrai^ 733 DN 
CDnrW )BT>a^ nplVD yn where I take nplVD to be corrupt for n|Wnb. 
Hence for Bkiyfrtm read roi) ^t/3«iy. "e. /9, S^ read as in margin (save 
that P-^f read KaraKvpuvfru and cf reads irairiiv iroi^puiv). ^ 6. o^ read 
ttff KoL 5/ S «w ovdff. d ficnrvp. ^*«, flkZe. 1^ read rov ddcXt^ov. ^ d 

adds yap. ^*c. /9 read as in margin. om. next five words. ^d adds 
irai €ppv(raTo oMv iK r&v x'H^^ aCrmf. ^c, fijB^ read as in margin. 

*" c. jS-a read as in margin (save that g reads ivmplov for dtpUv). a om. 
For vir& rov inmfpaxos . . • cvi^ovX^r MpinKtw S' read oMr ov ^o/S^o-crai 
ovdcv* ciircp iroXv mucioff avrf iroiovcriv & rivt, ov ywriyoovo't. ** dg read 

o-ffffirofMyo£. •*«, al«f. 6 reads vmJ. g i^. "A*. A******* = «oi ovr«»9. 
A**om. *•A^ Other MSB. om. "Text reads ^-rt-nriir/f^iir^ (=;«>/- 
MMTc or ovMvMnio^ff) which may be corrupt for ^wcjirlri^Mir^ s= itrwdii. 

Digitized by 


2l8 AUeHKH BENIAMHN [in. 5 

fi-dif, S tj OfipCtAV cv Mvaroi icara- 

iyinffs. dydviif ^ ijs*^ ^x" '''/^^ '^^^ 

(P^f S* vpoaeS^riTai *iiir>p r»ir dScXfdif airov''^ &a f*^** Xoy£tnn-ai 

V«» 7. Kal *o6r»s *^<(o 'laKcJ/S"' *& t4kvop XF^trrov^, M- 

ffoi^p^y ^^^yW ^j^ cnrActyxva*® *I(uca>^ roS iraTprfs <rcw ical ircptAja^a)^^^ 

o&rov. oiriir** <»l** 8vo** £pa9 jcore^(Xe(» Xiyoav* 

8» nXi}pa>^(rcra4 ** * ircpl 


8. rnXiypcdftfcrcrai jir2 cr^ 17 
itpo^ftfrtioL oifpAvios if X4y€t 

A***«*** trs. before «pitow. For VpoifX A* reads •l«ii0. *»6yre»d 

Kvpitv^vau **o. /3-c^, S read as in margin, d vw6 rifg aymnfs. 

g Iwh rov Kvpiau bih rifs ^in^s. Here is diflScolt or most probably 
oorrapt. The diiBcalty lies in C^ ilir* o^. Possibly {^y might be 
taken with fiotfioviuwot as expressing one idea = PS^, and cur* ovrff 
= n^^J^ corrupt for ^2)*1tC = vir^ rov Kvpiov as in ^. d om» this 
clause, possibly because of its corruptness, g ondonbtedly gives the best 
sense, though we should expect di^ r^ aycm^v. ^ c, /3-^. dg read 

Ijp. ^A = wKip, "c. /3-6, S read ^dfi}^ Tw irorpAff 4/Mw 'I«wrij^ 

(S^'lox^). ( reads ^dfi^y Ttn; trorp^ ^fiAir 1aic<l^. A c'dci^ (+1«Mn^ A"*) 
TOW irorp^r. •• 0, /3-6 read vir«p (^ irtpi) rfiy v2«ty ( +a6rov (i). b irtpi nfir 
iidffX^y 9P»v. For Ua irpo<rtv(, • . . avrov S^ read Xeywr, & rc/oTrc «<Srfp pov 
*Iaie«/9, vp6inv((u wtpi t&¥ vUuf irov rf ^m. ^ ^ OOL ^e,d, fi^ 

5 read avrocr 6 {aefg om.) Kvpior. '*c. p, S^ read as in margin (save 
that g, S* add 6/taprUw before ^1 (as in e). fg read ironypo, and S^ pov). 
A^'^^^s Tovnyy nji> Ksudwf, A'**'*= (rovro) fir noicioi' (4-2mi p4 odvfiAai ol 
dbtkipolA^ "e, /»-J. cf reads leal IXcycv *L ourmt. Asrxfrc 'lomi^ 
kXqiW (A^*«<«<k axouoiF. A'' om.) e/3<Sa mi ^eytw. B^^Kai ovrm (r^odp? 4>^ 
4ff6a*l, "0,00/. ( reads & rcooy *ItNn}^. d yXvieuraror, 'iMrij^, 

6 T«Vcyoy XP^onSy. ^ & rcicyoy *I. & rcjcyov x* Asrcjcyoy pov, 'I., rcaior pov 
(A** om. 1. T, p,), yXvriff iraif. S» = c^XoyiynJy. A****** but not A** 
add hdiaiirat noKltv rmw ddcX^r aov. '* d reads MicKMuras. ^ A reads 
m^irmiflb {^ yffpas) corrupt for m^mifb ^ awkdyxinu *^d reads 
frapoXa^otr. ^ A**** om. *• a^ om. ** A = rptU through an 
easy internal corruption. *^e adds in margin ircpi Xpurrov. The 
Messianic interpretation of this passage naturally led to the additions 
in brackets. ^c. bg read cv troL d M, crc. aef M vol. S^s 

Digitized by 



[irepl** Tov ifivov row 0eov 
Kal a-mrrjpos tov K6<rfiov], Sri 
&/ju»ilJLOs 6v^^' ijfSfmp itapa- 
boOrfcera^ Koi 6*^ iofoiiiprrjTos 
iirip ifftfim iiroOavfiTai, \iv 
at/Aart £10^107$ ivl traynipCq 
iOp&v Koi roO** *Iapari\ koI 
KaTaX'6(r€^^* ^BcAfap Koi rcifs 
irnipiras airov^^, 

Sri 6 ifiMiio9 ivip iv^pMV 
'^fjuav&rja-erai^ koI 6 iva- 
pAprryros iirip i<rc/3»i^ iiro- /3,Svircp. 


fi fuprr 

(h om.) 
iv ayaBi 

IV. ''IdcTe^ ofo*, ^riifva pjov^, tov iyadov iofbpbs^ ri ft S 
tAos^* |jLi|A;^<ra<rOc« >'*|y dyaOf 81A'' nyi; rf<nrXayxi;fai^'' airov, ^"^^^ 
tva ^Koi ipL€is^ frr€4>ivov9^ W^s (l>op4<rriT€^. 2. *0 yhp^^ ^-cpl 

yhp Tt&ma^, lAv *A/iapra>Aol Scrii/i^ 3. ^Khv *»i^ J^?™'^ 

Poi{X«iirTai v^l a^kov cl« itaXd^^, *aSro5 to iyaOdv voi&v^'^ pdyaBov. 
ViKq rb KaK6v, <ric€irrf/yi€yoy ^* iirb tov ecou^'^''* rohs tWiKoOr- ftf^' 

fV <ro/. <'c. ^ read (+ro5 /) ov/kimiO. S^ = roU ^pAjiwr, 

^d reads fraynl, ^c. ft S wir/p* »o. ft S* om. »'o,d P^om. 
'*& reads mropyi^i. ^e^fi-d (save that 5 reads vin^pcrovynif avr^). 
d reads rov B. jgqI roy vmy^ttv adrov irmror r^v dvM^ar. S^^ B. jcol r&v 
Innp^wwa avrf . ■* c, ft S* Seem right here. 

IV. »c,d,A. /»^€a€T#. «c,A. ft 80m. »c,d,A. /5-d, S 

readrfficMi. ^dadds ^mdvv. S 'Iakt^. '0,ftS. Apparently 

cormpt for cXfor as in A, bat rc^o^ may refer to the high position attained 
by Joseph ; thus Benjamin's sons are exhorted to imitate his mercy that 
they may attain crowns of glory. A* adds tA row *I«<r^. • 0, 6, A. 

fi read as in margin. S^ = ml fupliirmrif, ^0 apparently corrapt. 

fi read as in margin. S^ s ri^ ayaBifp didpoup itat. *A=: mt^avw. 

•«,i»-^,S. ^ reads ^/yy«(<n^ (sic). A = XiJV^^. »•«, A'****. ftA**** 
8 om. "For the expression cf. Ps. Izix. 23. Tet the text seems 
wrong. "c,/3-a6. 6 reads At?. "c. ft A***»»*^** read iirur 

attaputkoi. A^ dfuipraXJf r» ^p$. ^^c. ftS read as in margin 

(save that (fe/ read /SovXcvorriu and (Ic2rMiirW). ^c. &/ S read ovrv^ 

(S^om.)6(/om.)aya^oiroUiy. ade aMs {oSros a) ayoBoirowp. ^om. together 
with next three words. ^*c,fi^ (save that e reads irKtwaptpos). 

b reads cricciroCi^fMyof . g aKuwdCtrai. S^ adds ydp. ^* c, S. /3 reads as in 
margin. S^ adds htisa Tijs aya$mmias. ^ e. ft A, 8^ read as in margin 
(sare that 8^ om. dc). c must be oorrapt. ^*A adds ti. 

Digitized by 



C, A 

5. Kol riv ixp2n-a X^P^ 
*4yadov wi/ftJ/uuxros '* dyairf 
jcarek riiv yjfvxriv airov. 

5. *Tiy ^oyra** ^^oi^ 

Ayairwyr**^ riv ©civ (rwrpi- 
X€i^* t6v iBerovvra rbv {njfi- 
arrov vov$€r&v iwiorp^^t"" 
Kci rdp Ixovra x^^ * iycMv 

T^v** ^rvx^v ovroO. 
V. 'Eiv ""ovi; icai iix€iP^'lx€T€^ iyaSriv^ ^biipoiap\ icai^ 
ol vovripol livdpaytroi^ * flfnjveSa-ovtriv lij^ff ipMV^, kcX ol 

»• def read dofiSftnu. A** om. with next five words. ■* S* = ^. 

"0. ft A*^*******, S^ om. A** reads M, ri Wfo o^rw. d om. next fire 
words. ^e^ aef. hg read trXovr^. '^a om. next eight words. 

S = fiyXovrr, "• A*** = r^ atbfmop. A*** cormpt. d adds J. 

'* 8^ = /iracMirr. '^ e. a6^, A om. d reads rovroy and irs. before 

Araufi. A***** add koI but not A^"**. A' om. rest of chapter. « c 

/3~C|^ read irMrraMiy v/uiMi. Ass 6/tivt. S^ o ir/om /inuMtrc, / om. 
A comparison of the adjoining dauses leads ns to expect a single word 
here as in or A. *^S = cXcrirv. a om. next three words. ^c 
fir-ad read rf <ur^v«t. d rhif a<r^jr$. >^e. jS-a read crvfura^I. S^ = 

<rv/ifra^iT€ and adds ayawm rotts cideX^w, fi^ imkaMnvBt tmv yoriw. 
**c=sM*T^. /9 reads as in margin (save that d reads vfuftZ) :s^ THW 
^ c. A = <br^ Kupiov. ** 6ci. e/'read rf fx^'*^^* ^ *^ ^x'"'^^^* ^ ^™* 

entire verse. »<fo/. 5^, 8 read ecoO. ^beg. dfieadvmp' 

wmiC€Tau S*= vw^paomCrrt. h, S* add owtw, S* adds farther : t^v fuj cJWni 
r6r ^^y KoKdC€Tt (al. ivurrp^tn, dn-oorpc^crv) c29 r^y dwcotay 6d^y. *^ <{ reads 
t6v dyan&vTO. S* = mr ayawovtrip. ••/3-a6. 6 reads awtfjyti, S* = 

<n;yvf»ycire : (n;yr/>cx«A = pi* which may be corrupt for tTiTV = * has pleasure 
in,' but (Twtpyu = Tltlf^ has the support of the parallelism of the 
preceding clause. >* S^ = fu^ ontHrrpc^circ. «<» ef. bd read irmfuim 

dya^O. g Ayiov, S^ = leo} mvO/ta ayMp. *^ 8^ =: oyavorc. ^ g om. 

V. »c. areadso^^. /3-a, A**»*** W, A**** S» om. *€,d^. a6read 

rXT". ^o-x^€. A=:?T€. »A=ay«i^t * 6, 8* add Woo. »^(f) 

read Spxotfres. '/3-M, A,8^. c^ 6 read elpi^yfviwaiy viup (c om.), 

Digitized by 





ol irXfOj/cicTowrcy^^ oi ia6i;op i7ro<rrri<rovTai *ro6 iriWovs^* 
OkifioiUvois. 2. '£^ i}r€ dyai9oTOuniin'€9 koI *Th 

"^^^9% dyaOAr IfyyiMr kciI +&«" elff ^wbotav Kal** ri <ricrfros aef, S> 

jcal a-uovq^ 

5. K4j;" rw *«t 

Xerat' tl Kalirphs^ 
iklyov Tair€iv<o6fi, 
*M€t' oi^ iroAii 
if^aibpirepos^^ iva- 
ifmCverai, otos yi- 
yov€V^^ 'laxri^^ 6 

biKaCavirpoiobi, koI 
6 bUaio^ itpoiTO)' 

yiyov€V 'laxr^^ d 


5. Kal jdv r(9 

aMjjv^^^ KoX fierc- 
V€V 'I. d d8c\^9 


d €lptiP€vcwn pitff ^/i&w, * e, fi^, S^. jf reads MttfOwrw. A = olMirovTau 
' A*^ s= 9/iaf. ' c reads iwurrpt^mrw tls vpas* ^^ C, fi^ read dyaSdp^ 

d ayaB6r 6ftoim ti. "0, fi~bd. bd read irXcovffinrai, >' d reads rov 

rmoihtn; ird^ovv. S^ssr^r apmayrjt, ^'c, /3-<kI. a reads rurtv r^f. c? r^ (M* 
^* C, fi-d om. ({ reads ovXXcynra a^rois circ xp^l^ora eirr ler^/iaro. ^' d reads 
bibwrw and trs. after tfXi/Sofioow. ^ reads airodtfooiMriy. ^* d reads alriL rd, 
"i/read^ffToi. "S^om. "0. d reads dXXA /i^ «u'. /3-d, A***"*, S* 
read m) aM. A.^^*** cm. mil . . . v/mr. *<*d adds dmj/if/Mu '^ft reads 
^{fnu o^* {f/jAp <l>oPrf3€VTts, ^g om. ^c. aef^^ read as in 

margin. ( ^/Sor dya^uir ljpyt»y. d ^r ayaBhv tpyop, g <l>&s KaBap6» and 
^y for the following tU. ^e. S reads Mp^w. fi onL ''ft om. 
•• c, /^, S*. g reads ^A^. A = «&. cty, A^**** add w. "c, d/ A^ 

o&e read v/S^Majr. ^ rtfpfiawi. A"^ s= vfipiCg. & vfipUnfrt. dbe add rir. 
»d reads ^i^ ^*w- A*'* = ToCToif tA^ aXi^^. A'**'*** Mpa dXi;^. 
"•S* s= ficroMMa €<rrir. A***** om. rest of verse. "c, bef. adg read 

Xocdo/M»r. ^a om. ver. 5. d om. kS» rts . . , a»a<t>aumm. **o 

(though bucai^ is emended into bUtuop). fi^id, A^******, S* agree (save 
that A reads vPpi&), d V^. bueaiov vpobA. A***^ = irvxn^ mv (A' om.) 
v$pi{o. All renderings are nnBatisfactory. '^g om. *^be read 

fic^ o{. 

^g reads a^to^p^rtpop. 

^c adds fV. 


n^tb«od ^j^ before Tiarcw. * A is here hopelessly corrupt. 

Digitized by 



VI. Ti itafidiktov rod iyoBov ivbphs ovk laruf ip X^W 
a/, A vXiitnis^ irvfrf/maros* BcXfop* 6 yhp iyV^kos rrjs €lprpni9 

3. Ov^® rifmerai iv^^ rjhov^f ^[oi Xvirti riv vkfiir{ov], ovk 

iinrhrXaraL r/w^jj^*, oi trAoi^rai iirr^topuriAois 6<l>0aXfi»v^^^* 

Kipios yip iirrt V* fA€/)ls" oiroS, 4. Td" oyoMir 

fi^^ 8^ Scaj9oi(Aiov ''^ou Mxctm S^&|f ''ouk dTi|i{af''^lT ivOpAno^v, ^koL 

dd^^Kok ott«**' *K^p*os yip*' ^v airy jcotomcci**, icoi ^oirf^ci t^p** 
itniitoM. y^vyiiv a^v, ica^ x^^'P^*^ ^P^^ »<ivray*^ fo iraifrl xoipf, 

5. *H iyaffii hiivoio^ ovk Ix^i 8^ yk&o'aas^ iilkoylas m 
^, A,S* Karipas^, i$/3pea)S ical '^nffc^is^^S riirvyJlM mX Tapaxv^» 
^f^i^t thro«cp6r€a)9 jcol &\iy0€£(i9, [irev^as xol vAa^ov]'^ iXka ^fjiCav 
Yfl^* ^€t TTcpl vitn-ai^^ tlkucpufij^ icoi** Ka$apiv ^biiB€<rw\ 

6. OJic ^€1 *Spaa-tv oi!r< dicoi^v** SittA^if* *»air yop 6" 

VI. ^ 0, /3-«|f|7, 8. trf, A read as in margin, g om. ' (2 reads rw. 

'c. 0, AyS^om. ^^ reads mip9. For ^ . • . ^^opni 8^ reads lyc& «cr 

wfipatTft^p rovs tftSaprovs, * d retAs t/arpoa$tp. ^e,aef, hdg rok 4>&apToU* 
* Ct P-€g, A, SS eg read o(W. 'A reads f/imt (= o23f) corrupt for ^mumt 
s <rvKiy(c * Surely a mistranslation for iv ^i/dop^ ** A = ovdr. 

" c. p-^g om. ^ reads wore. " c, efy. ad read Tpv<tnjs. 5, 8* rpo^^f . 

^*The clauses here omitted by A are possibly interpolations; for Kvpios 
yap ffOTt ^ fupU airov would foUow naturally on ^f/doi^unr or ^dop^. At 
all events ov Xvirci r^v nXriaiw is foreign to the context^ and is accordingly 
bracketed as such. ^*e. om. ^^^fom. ^* a om. nA • . • ^ruSor. 
^' e. ^-<i, S^ read as in margin (saye that b reads M^iyr xdi Jtrtfuas and S' 
ciridffcTm). OVK ar^tUu may be a marginal gloss incorporated in the text 
In /3 the asyndetic structure is set right. A =: ovx oZW b6iav. ^ /3--ai, 
A, 8^ d reads frayra dc &SXoy. 00m. ^*Asica/. *^c, (2. /^-<2, S^om. 
A=ffai. ^e. fi~dyAj8^ read ml XotdMpuv {ae Xotbopiap). dom. 

» ft A, 8*. c om. ^d reads on Kvpior. •* A = tWt. » otfo/ om. 
** The context seems to require a transitive verb. Xa/pct == rnn^ corrupt 
for Vl^rr = €v<f>paip€i avrJv. Indeed tv^palvti avrdp is added in d (as 
a dittography) after ttdpoia in the next verse where it is out of place. 
"g reads irdyro. ^d adds ev^potWi avrcSy, a dittography from preceding 
sentence. See note 26. ** A = diojSovXia. ^ 8^ adds ftaxny «<u ^vios 
Kai (sic). "^ c. ft A, 8^ add as in margin (save that in 8^ the word for 
Xvmjr is corrupt, and that A reads jcoXcuccuv for ^apas), a om. next six 
words. ** Bracketed as an interpolation. A om. ** d reads vpk 

nawrat tf^u. For navras a reads miyrwy. ^ d reads c2Xi;i^n7v, A = 

Digitized by 


yn.d] AiAeHKH beniamhn ^23 

o-K^wrei** T^v** yjn/XJ^v airov. 7. Ka2 xo^cUpet r^y ^^ 

Suivouxv adroO ir/)dy** ri /ai) icarayra)(ra72'a( 4w^ *TaK dv6p«S- ^0^ 
mNr, 6fioU»s Koll 6v^ acou. '0|AOiii9 B^ ital tou BcXuip t& Ipya ir«y- jcal 
BivXa limv, ml dirX^ra Ir owrolf ouk IxouotK^. j^^^, 

VII. '^Aict r©wro"', W«rira fuw, rx^ya> iJfAUf^*, ^ct^cre r^v dcvroy 

9 K oiirAoi/y 

^<rrt, fEol 

2. *H di yAxaipa^ 
kirrii kokQv fi:fiTrip 

2. *H ii fiAxcupa 
ivrh KOK&v fii/JTrfp 

2. Koi ^ /Ailxaipi T^^^a, 

?/<ircdor or «r^9. ** 5, S> ODU *< 6, fi, S^ (save that /3, S^ read o^'). 
A^^^^soico^ ml 6pmraff but A*^ sapport 0. '^g reads fraym jL c adds eoy. 
""dom. "dreads yAp ^ft ^ ^0,fr« adef read iwunmrmt^ g iwurKotreL 
a om. rest of chapter. ^^ o. jS-a om. ^g reads c2f. ^ c (save 

that I have changed txt^^nw into lx<>v(riv). /3-a^ 8^ read as in margin 
(save that d reads tnr6 for {m6 and d^ om. ud before rov). For iroy 7^^ t 
noui . . . txowrtp A reads iros yAp ts irotrt ^pyo dcov ndi BcXuip dcirXovr «Wt ml 

YIL »c. /3,A,S>om. •«,/3,S». A^^^^^'sriropwfiB^mlicacdir. A^'^micioy 
jtal fropvcioy. A*^ iropiwW. • ft A******, S*. c, A^ read fuix^P''* dadds. 
dcOTo/uw. «A^^''=:fVxc<pi^<m. *o. /3, S^ read adr^. •Thetextis 
doabtful. Either lu&xupmf . . • pdxaipa or (n;XXiip0ayf 1 17 dfiCpoia (e, a6e^ is 
corrapt. For if the latter is original, that is, if the mind conceives 
throngh Beliar and becomes the parent of seven evil conditions of the 
individual and of society, then the paxaipa cannot be the parent of these. 
Hence if avXkafMfi€af§i ^ duama is original in the sense 'the mind 
eonceivethi' we should strike out jtdxaipap . . . ftAxaipa as an interpolation. 
Thus we should have : ' Flee the malice of Beliar ; for it is the mother 
of seven evils.' Next let us suppose iiAxaipa to be original. In that 
case we must regard crvXXafi/Sayci fi bumna as corrupt, and adopt the 
reading of A^*^ 'and the sword is the mother of seven evils, and it 
receives (them) through Beliar.' For 'and it receives ' A^*"^ reads ' which 
it has ' {qap mtJup a corruption of L mniimc the text of A*^). Further, as 
the sword cannot be said to be the mother of ' envy,' for ^^i^f we must 
read ^pof. We should consider the possibility that avXXapPwt^ is 
a rendering of r\fh here, as the text of A*^ supposes, or rather that 
Xafl^c^t originally stood here and was changed to {rvXkapfitipti owing to 
the phrase fufrrip kok&p preceding. Then the text of fi-hg, SS which adds 
fo rtKTci, would be explained as a further depravation of the text in the 
same direction* Of the above solutions I think the first is to be preferred, 

Digitized by 





votabii, rod Btkiap'' 
t*Kal foTUf vfM- 
TOP* 6 t^^i 


i<rr(' vpmnw avK- 
kaiJLfii»€i rj itiipota 
diet rov BeX^ap 

«•€* irp«roy^* t^^rf. 
vov, ieuTtpov tdiriS- 
Xciov^ rpfroi' dkCyjrtVt 
TeroffTov alxjjLokio- 
(r(a», viiAvrov Iv- 
tpioiAOV ipriiuo(ruf. 

lirJTfip, Koi Xofi- 
piv€t bih Tov 
BfXfap"- Koi fan 
vp&TOP i^Mvos, 
Mrtpov tiiTiSXeuif 
TpCrov BXC^ltis, ri- 
Toprov a{xfuiX«- 
cCa^^, vipntTOV fr- 

tphop/ov tpiipMo-is. 

A A, 8 

8€tfr€poi^'» ij" ta. 
miXcia^^ rpfroir ^^^ 
Okb^i,s»riTaprrov ^ ^^ 
tfciyXoo-fd^^ vifivrov 
rapaxjif tfibopLOP^ ^^ 

©cow"* *icar4 yJtp** *4itaToaT^ Irof** p,(av vkriyrpf hr^- 
yay€P *<ir' abrhp^ ^i^ KtJpwA 


jpt7fun)rai'^ [iirX rov Kora- 

4< Aiaicoo-W Ir&p ird(rx€t 
KoX {ppoKoa-ioar^^ (t€i iprf 
fuwrai*'- Slit yip *A^>X rbp 

and that the text ahoald be read as follows : fl>tvytrt rijp KatLof rov BfXuip* 
9iTi <rvXXapPAv9i ^ IkAmna M rov BcXcap «u ^rr^ kouAp pfMP yu'nKU* teak Han 
vpwTw K.r.X. * Cy /9-<^^i S^ (save that e om. du(). <2 reads «il irp&ror fi^r 
(rvXXofi^ayvt i} didyoia ri nomfp^p d^ r^ rojc/ar rov B^X^i^, which is merelj an 
expansion of /3-{2. g np&ros mAX. didvouuf rov B. *o, A. 6^ read €<m 

di wp&ros. ' Corrupt (t) for tftS^ot — the first eril that ensaed on Cain's 
submission to Beliar. See note 6. <t>6pog woold then be a rendering 
of 01* ^^fg read /^ and similarly use letters throughout rest of verse. 
"0. bg,A om. ^ aniXtui =: nn?a which the translator should here have 
rendered by ^»43off. "c. aef rend atxiutk^aUu^. bg, A*^ alxfuXmaia. 

A******* = rapaxn* alxfuiKwria is a rendering here of HTO = ^vy^ or 
'exile.' Cf. Pirke Aboth v. 11. ^*ae (save that « reads 6 for «v}. 

d loTi df rA npiaroy rUrti t6p, f turtw di Strap rUm wp&rop, 8^ i=z Sri 
r. trp. MA**'. A**'*** read A ?x" «*A rov B«Xi'ap, but this has 

arisen from an internal corruption of A***\ "See note 13. 

i7^b«od_3^^ A^'om. A'=«(K&. "^om. "iy, A (A'*»=: 

^xdunaff), S^. reads cieducovftcva. cKf ddueuur. (2 Muafofatp, ^ e, oefi 

^b#od«* gx ^ ^^^ wapati^ai. A*^= SXa/9€. » c. /»-^, S read TOV e^ov. 
^, ArsKvp/ov. »A**** = ic«icard. " c. ft A, S as in margin. •*c 
/3 reads avry. "rfgr om. ••c reads r^ Anwocrry. "It will be 

observed that aef here agree with e in omitting the phrase ciri rov xnra^ 
kkvafiov which is found in bdg, A. ^dg,A add yap. S^ om. duucocriW . . . 

Digitized by 





MfK^v avrov *ip ira<n roU 
KOKois iKpCvero, 6 bi Aafi^ 
iv i^hoixriKOvrdKis iirri* 

bkaiov ^ ib€k<f)ov avrov. 
**Eir Toh iirra cUv Kcucoh^ *6 
Kah^ iKpCpero, i bi Ao/i^x ^^ 
rots ipboiAffKovriKii ^iTrri^^*. 


2. *0 yap KaOapii 
V0V9 ovK lx.€i fiia- 

2. 'O yap hjfoiv airniv 
oix ^P?* ywatica 
tU '!ropV€Cav ovbi 
yi,yv^a-K€i fita- 

fif S Kal 

5. "'Ort'* *^a)S roC alwroy'^ ol dfioiofijixcvoi *Ty Kab 
'^*iirl ^((ry Kal fiuradcA^f^ TOiaJtn"' KoXaai^<rorrai '"itpuwi'''^. P^,^ S^ 
VIII. **Y^€is 8^*, *TiKva pLov^, i.'ir6bpaT€^ r^v kokCov, KoXatrti 
^^riv (l)66vov^ Koi r^r* fAi(ra8eX<^£tu;\ icoi ir/Joo'icoXAaa'de* rp »fp»^ 
iyaBSrrjTi ^koX rp Ayd^^^. 


2 . **0 ^X***' "^ "^*^ "^'^ 

KaOapbv iv iyiirp 

ovx &p^ yvvatna ch 

Tropv€(av* oi yhp 

Ix^t pLuurpijbp^ 
^ip KapbCip, Sri irairaverai^^ *iir avrbv^^ rb^^ irvevpLa ^rov 
0eo€^*. 3. ^''Q,a'ir€p^ yap ^^ 6 ^Xios oi lAiaCperai '^ itpoiri\<av^^ 

KOTOKkwrfiov, •• A***** onL but not A^*. A adds r^t Ms avrov but 

A*^* om. irdcrxM . . . ?t«. w^«b*e«_ •^^^ ^b ^^^^ ,rArx«r. A adds 
ToiJro. «A reads i/T^flBr^ivc. = ofr^X^ (+«r' ovrov A********) corrupt for 
mJuymtpmu s text. ^ M</, A. €uf rigbtly om. Cf . c. A adds xm cira^ 
rovro. •» A'^'** om. « d^, A**** (saye that ^, A**** om. 0^1.). A****** = 
Kok iv TMf krrh, KOKoit {A^ om.). a reads ^y rois hrrd, brf, S^ cV rocf hrroKwrioii 
tfmrtw {e om.). Here i abandons its allies dg, and a its allies ef. *^ A = 
fi^ftiw owi^ rfy bi (A********* om. oWr . . . d«) rots ifibopgiamaiuf top A. 
** e reads ^ 70^. a om. entire verse. A^ adds ii^udas Btw Aapix hrpa^t 
iwKalptn. ^ K^ tU r6 rikos 'nm aUi^mP. **d reads t^ K. A^^ss 

avrotr. '*«. /S-Onf, S^ read ^y ^^ry f}« ri^y fiurabek^fiiap {ef trs. cis r. /wmd. 
before ^y) rj aurj Kokdm {g KpUnt) KptB^ovrai, d iv ^. J) lutrabtK^Uf. 4 ^* 
r^ avrj icoXiCtrci jcoTOKpcATOwnu. For o2 ^fi. . . . jcp/crri A reads ol 6poiovfiMV0i 
avmt (A^ rf Kafy) JcoXoirAijcroyrai* 

Yin. ' e. ^, 8 read as in mai^^in (save that g om. o^v). A = roiya/>oOv. 
' a om. * c, «/. a reads ^vynrc . &^ diro^fMiraTv. ^ e. /3-{2, S^ read 

<^$^vov Tff. <i7 il>$6vov bi. *g om. *a reads irpocrxoXXij^r. ^^, A om. 
S^ = ml tvKapbias rf ay. ' /9 (save that (2 adds ayaBrfv xai before KoBapav^ 

rj before oyawjf and rov ^coO after it). S^ lau Ixoyrvf btav. KoBapav iv ay. 
p^l 6pan ywaUca w vopvtUpf koI fi^ ^xtT€ /luurpibv iv ^xS '^* Compare 
Matt V. 28. • A'* = iiti. »• A**'*** = iropvtiav fuafrpov. " ef read 
wfowiwmmu. " c, d. aeg read Ar* a^. ftf ev ovry. "/ om. " A=. 
aItiop. '' d om. ^'/ reads Xa^ir«y. Text = 30^"a which may be 


Digitized by 




[Tin. 3 

povs iv vols fuaciMHS^ rrjs^'^ y^y <iw€x<f/wwy*' ^fioXAov toko- 

koyltav *Evi>\ rod 
iiKcUov, *&■* irop- 

Kal irciAiv ^avcai- 
6ri<T€<r6€ koL ri /3a- 
(TiXc^a Kv/)£ov ovic 

IX. *T»ow«* 
8> ical' 7Fpi((is *ov 
icaXas Jv tlfuv^ l<r€- 
0^04 *4iri X(f/a>ir 
'Ei;a>x Tov biKatov'^' 

* iropvc^crere yekp* 
TTopvttav ^^ob6iM>v 

* Koi dvoXeicrtfc (ms 
)3paxi\ #cai *ivo- 
V€iiari<r0€ iv yv 
V€u^ arpCvovi •• 
Kol ^ /Soo-iXcfa 
Rvp^DV ovx lorai 

avr&9 Xi7^€rQU^ ai- 

IX. nx^jy ihro- 
VO& vpi^is Koxlas 

Xdytov T^v 'rariptov 
vfifls mpv€Catf 2oM- 
[Kov, ((OS * Kai vapk 
ppaxi 4iroX€4<H9€^* 
kclL iva»€(a&rf4r€(r6€ 
€h trrplvovs^^ yw- 
vaucQv ioolI 17 , )3a- 
(TiXcfa KvpCao ovk. 
l<nxu iv ifup Sri 
*iv)lp eiOifsXji^erai 

corrupt for HpB?n3 = vapaxvirmp. " d om. '•/ reads Koirp!^, *• c, 6ety, 
A, S. a«/read if. *^e, i»-a/. a reads PABww. ffiopP6p<f. ^g reads 
^aXXov dc. /adds ra. "areads^x^i. ^'^ reads nutoAyficm. 

>* c, hd{f, aef read futurpaat. ■' A** read j»^ a^m^pplb = oi owvxrnu. 

^b#ed«« „^u^ggg^f,% corrnpt. ^ e corrapt as context shows. As the 

sun looks down on mire and is not defiled but rather dries it up 
and banishes its evil odour, so the pure mind though beset with the 
defilements of earth is not itself defiled but rather buildeth than ap! 
Here we require a word signifying the cleansing action of the pure 
mind on the pollutions of the world. Bence T\ST (=: oZicodoyMc) may be 
corrupt for TtSfl s= KaBapiC^u 

IX. ^ So also df A See note 6. *d,A read wkffVy rtgrn fuw (A om. 

r. fumf), imwoA, * abdef, B\ g^ A om. ^ /3-a6. ah, S^ read h viu» 00 
(coXdff. * /9*<2) S^ d reads Zyvmif yhp anh r^f j9(/3Xov X6y^¥ *E. rov due* 

* /3-^. d, A read ori vopptwnr* (as c). ^ iropinvfrot dc. * i9 (save that 

I reads dirttXi/cr^c, ^ oirAua^f), 8^ koi oiroX. iroXv. a om. next fi^e words. 
*/3-a (save that ^ reads dva»9$i6fyn<rBi). S^ yoft^crcrc yvraimu /3d«Xvpar. 
Perhaps )BnPin (i. e. <Iya9r»(re«'^c) is corrupt for )BnPin = ipyatn^rBt. 
•<^reads4€eWjXi}^a»air<fc. wA**'**. A***** read 4f*cov«ra. «A'»*«'. 
A*^ read icai fcoc ovie(?) awoKtitrBt, A.*^ co»s mil irap4 Ppaxp dinSXXvrai. 
w^b»- A»**= «4«rrpo^.5^. WA«»»*. A-^^sri^cw XiJ^^onw irfn}^. A*^ 
«^s irouT (oMLtr^) avnjy. 

Digitized by 


IX. 6] 



c, /3, S* 
2. nXfiv hf /A€/>C5t vfmv 
yeirfynroL *vahs ©cou^*, kcu 

^vTtip rbp irp&TOv^^, koX *aw- 

?ft)ff oil 6 i^/rtoTOff iirckrrc^jy^' 
ri atan/ipvov avroC*® fo iwi- 
o-KOTip fWV0y€V6v9 irpo+i^TOM**, 
[3, Kal €l<reXcii;<rera4 ck toi; 
vp&Tov va6v, Koi iK€i KiSpios 

i\lti^(rerai^. 4* Kol 

/crroi t6 ivktAfM rod vaofi 

t6 W€viJM Tov Oeov lirl ri 

irpij'* oipav6v^, 'Eyrwy** 
8i olbs lorat'* raircivo; ivi^^ 
yris, Kal cXos ivbo(os *ip 

2. nXi)i; ^jf fitpCbi ipAv y€inf- 
(Tcroi ^^ Kkripovofila airov^'^, 
icoi'* 8i& TW vaiv Kvplov ?*^»?* 

(Tca/buu li/ avr^f ical ol b(ib€Ka 
ffwkaX iictZ atfpaxOiiirovTai koI 
vivra lOvrj^ [3* Kal Kipios 
vfipurSriireriu koH i(ovO€V<o0ri^ 
(Tcrcu^*.. 5. Kal /A€raj3i{- c vlov 
<r€rat iiri t^^ y^j w/jis riv «^w, 
ovpcaf6v, ^tywav yap oU$ 
itrnv iK yfJ9 ri otos els ovpa- 
PoifS^\ ri Koi tC fUrpov avrov 
Kol t6vos ical 6d6s]. 


• •.X. X 

• . ffldca 

^^e, j3-6. 6, S> 4 V. TOV tf. ''c, (fy (save that dg tn. lydo^or before 

hmuj, aef^ S read as in margin (saye that S adds cV v/ur). 6 &dofor 
l<rT« CV ^fuv. ^*( ouL and inserts a dittograph from ver. i : on 

oMff \f(^rai aMw* ^ c. j3, 8^ read itcu wvax^tmfToi and trs. after 

^vXfl^ " bd om. " c, 6«. a reads oyorciXjj, cK cSiroarcX^. / dmortXn^ 
^d om. "^ j3-6. e reads vJoO ovrov. 6 om. S^ reads «*( cZirov ol irpo^^nu^ 
** ( adds look i(ov6§pmBri<nTtu. Cf . A. " <2 reads M {vXov trraupovpitvos^ 

•• reads <rx*<^^*^"* ** ^'i /3-W. W, 8* read mmi/Si^affrai. •• e. 

P reads «*f. ''c, bdg. a reads x^ov. ^f, 8 XooC. *"i2 reads cWi. 

** e, iWJ/Sjr. 6, 8 read ojia/Saiiwv. i2 itarafiahmv. •" c£ reads fir*. " c, d. 

fi~d om. ** c, d, fi-d read f 2r. " d reads ovpoMvr. c om. rest 

of verse and x. i. "* 6 reads tyim. " ckty add t^j. •• i2 reads 

hn&px^i iw <Ap^. «A**om. ••A^om. •A****^. A^^'s 

TiiutBttmrai. ^A***. A****** om. According to Armenian Text this 

clause is added after Mt but Carekin's copy of A^ and A*" places it as 
in text. 

9 a 

Digitized by 



^ ^ ^^ clWoy* airov ""icoi r^y yAp^<nv^ rrjs S^«os avroC • 

before '^^ ^^ eix&v 'Iaxa>/3 tov mrpSs fjLOv^ ttbov ^avr6v, fv fiyApi^ 

ii. I. yfjiriyop^v, * Kojf h Ijv^ TO<ra^ ^ €lb4a'^ avrov, 
3,A,S^ 2. ^KaX Tovra €lTrii>v X/yci airois"''' *rirc{<ricere oSi;', 

jcai(Krv- ^'w'tt /«w# l^Ti^ 2TO0in}(rjc<o. 3. *noii}<raT€ oSy^^ i^rjBfUW 

yfjp ^iKcurros irp^ rir irXT|(noK adrou^*, ^koL rhv voiwv KvpCov, 

SToO "'"' '•** ^'^^^^^ ^^^^" ^vXdfirc"'- 4. *TafiTti yAp d|Atr 

nXi/crioy Ai^ irA<n|8 KXi|p«KOfuos KaToXcifivdKM^^* ical t^fLCif ''oSi^^ dare 

ccVirioTo- y V <wofi;<r€r^' ^Appaafi, icol •I<raAic icai 'Icuccf j3. 5. ^Toom 
noifia-ir. y^ trdrra SA«Ncar ^||Jiir cfe RXfiporofuaK^' *(MvT€S* ^Xi$aT€ 
^'-r rAs 6froXa9 tov 0eou** Iws Srov" iiroicoXtfilrci^* KtJpws" ri 
y^pdyrl <r(»Ti;/)«)j; aJroO" *waffi toIs ISkcw**. 6. 'Kot'** rrfrc 

IT. KkfipowopLas vpas dtddcrietdL 0-^, A, S^ inura ravixi ^fub KarMXif- 

pop6pii<ro», A ffV ird<r27 r$ yS* 

X. »a«/ir, A. M, 8» read ^1. *(fo, A. bfg, ff read 'L l(y cV Aly. 

(a/cV Aiy. ijv). A adds mi/. *5/^. 0(20 read Idm. * b reads fu>/i^. 

• /*H»/, A***", 8*. /, A******* read vpS». a cm. and trs. r. ir. and A trs, r. ir. 
fiov (or v/u»ir) before 'Ioxm/S. *«f read «i6' ip. * (/]/. «k20 read idea. 
A reads tldtaw (Stfrw, d adds ral 7 d<Sfi amv, 'c. /3, A, S^ om. 

• A = «il WJr. S» = apart o5r. *«cf, A**** om. A***** read i^o{,. "^ reads 
ffal iroii;<rdr«». A = mil cmXXopai vpiv woUiv, " e. /3, S^ read as in margin 
(save that a om. ko2 Kpipa tU wiarowolifmv). For aX^^uv . . • airov 
A reads ^aunnmiv jcal tlXiT^ciav jcol j^Npa th irumy (A^^ om. ml Kpipa tit 
wiartv) Kvplov, Possibly W« mtmmoufvtp is an attempt to render f^^. 
^g om. ^'0. /3, S^ read as in margin (save that ^ S^ trs. vpar before 
ilm and dgr trs* it after iMuncm), A=rovra diiSttpt vpiv oirl irocn/s 
«Xi7popDp/a9. KoroXcipirdMi = !T?9 which is the natural word for 
a bequest, whereas Mamcu s *l^|9 or T??} or H'jto is a corraption of the 
former. "a reads ravra, '*A fir ickffpopopUaf and all but A^ trs. 
before rtMf rcjoxMr. '^ c, d. |3-<I, A, S^ read rovro. ^ «, /^. 6 reads 
/froi7<rar. /^-dftf, S^ add rai against c, de, A. " c. /3-^, A, S^ read as in 
margin (save that adfre%d ravra frdrra and A adds an unintelligible ral 
( A^ om.) poXXoir f before iroira). g ravra iroira fraXm mrcicX. cv iriarri. dciS»«v 
CIS ftX. and «irtKXi|poi^pi;aoir:s WnWI. '^A^ mi tlirW Ovrwr irou^aarc. 
For ^Xdjarc, a reads t^vXa^Bt^ g ^vXafarrvr. '^ S^ read art. " c, a«/: 
/3-as/read oiromiXv^. "e, s,.A. 5 reads 6 Kvpws, dg S^ trs. before 
oiTMcaXv^i. of om. '^ A^ om. "A = cV iroo]/ rj y}. ** e. fi^ A,. 8^ onu 

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7. Tore iva(rnj(r6fJL€Ba jcol 
^/A€t9 (Kaaros ivl a-Kfjirrpov 
airov icol vpoaKwrjaofifP tov 
ovpipiov fiaa-iXicu 

7. TcJtc icai fffitU dvocmj- 

rhv PatrtXia *t«j; oipavQv^ 
[t6v iirl yrj9 4>avivTa^^ iv^'' 
fiop<^7) ivBpdvov * iv rairctrci- 

(Tovrai irifv avr^**]. 

8. * Kill ol** TrivT€9 iva- 
oT^crorroi, ol piv ds do^ov, 

K-Aptos^* iv vpdTots riv *I<r- 
parik^irfpl ttjs *a8ntios odrfii^* 
[&-1 vapay€v6ix€Vov^'' &€hv^iv 
oopKi*®, ovjc iirfaT€v<ray ai- 
r$*^], 9' K^^ '■^^ Kptvct 
ircivra ri Wwy [3(ro oiic ^irf- 
OTCVo-oi; avr$ iirl r^y*® y^y 



8. Tore Trd2;r€s" tiXAa- 
yir]<r6yu^0a^^ ol juiir cZs Wfav*', 
ol d^ €2; iriiilav* KpCv€i yap 
KiSptos iv vpdrois tov 'lo-po^X 
ir€pl TTJs ibiKCas fjv tvpa^av^. 

9. Kal T<fr€** offra>s ^din-a 

t6t€ Kai. 

th avTOp 

fi^b*«te«i _. ^^^^ M c, fi-d^ S* read as in margin, d, A xai (d, A* cm.) 
N«€. * d, A* om. '• e reads dvumfUtwp^ " c. ft A, 8* cm. •* g trs. 
before dptara/Uvovt. "0— of, S*. C,/read opatrrfiaufuOa, a apurrdfttOa, 

** ft S^ (save that (2 reads <ric^p^)« c onu *" ^ reads rov ovpoyoO. 

" e, fi(^, S*. a«f read ^u^fAcyoi^. ** ( om. "* c. /3-a, S^ read rairtivwrtiot, 
a cm. **c, ^. fi-g, & read as in margin. ^d reads clr avrcSv. e trs. 
before Mimwrap, *> c, ^. j8-^ om. ** 0. /5-di S* read trvyxaplaovrai 

{^ovT(u €ig) alrf, d a\rfx»f^H d^Sam. ^c. a«f read ore icoi. &d^j S^ as 
in margin. ^ ^ om. ^o^ add noL ^ c. /3-<2, S^ read as in margin. 
d tls 4mfT^ ytvophfjjs aHuciat (cf. A). ^ c, adeg. 6/ read wapaytpdfupow^ 

^c,8^. fi reads as in margin. S^ om. next three words. ^*c. fi~d om. 
(2 reads €h outSp, g om. next ten words. ••<?, jr. j8-^ om. •* A•*^ 

A****** read «ii 4^». "• Cormpt. The verb should be in the third plnraL 
lr«r/r«rfirtf^»<^ is a rendering of €Miayfiir6fu$a (as in i Cor. xv. 51, 52) 
corrupt for ipaarritr6iuBa or rather ipaarifaovTai, ** A^^ read rifu^y. 

'^A'^om. next ten words* "A* reads our«»r, ■•A***om. next 

Digitized by 



ver. lo. 



ex. 9 

^KxWm"]. lO. Kal iki- 

yfei iv roiy JicXefcro?; *t&v 

lOpmv^ rdv *lapa^k, &<nr€p 

ijkiy^v t6v *H<rot; iv Tois 



iovs avrmv* 

^ [yevitrOi 


biii lifs irqpv€(a9 jcol rfjs 
tlboikoXaTptCaSf koI^^ imjX- 
XoTpuiOriirav ©em)]*^ ycyrf- 

^PovpAviAV^ Kipiov* 

II. ""T/jwtj o8v. Wwa fAoi;"'*^ ibv^^ wopfv^c** Iv 

lO. Kal IX/yfet rir 
'I<r/>ai)X h vols itcKficrois 
tOv€<rk &(nr€p ^Xeyfe rov 
^Hcav ip T019 MahiavaCoiS 
TOis AyoinJcroo-iyrovyMcX^ow 
ah-Qv* yCv€a^€ oSv, riKpa fioti, 
*iv ^pCbi^^ rCtv ^PoviUvmv 

KkqOi/iaofuu Xvkos 
ipTTo^ bA Ths tip- 
vayhs ifJMV iXXh 
[ipyirrii KvpCov 
biaibib&v rpo^^v 
Tols ipya(ofi4vois to 
iyaJ96v. 2. Kal 

XL Kal ovK4ri 

ipva( bA rhs &o- 
imyhs viiMV &XX' 
\ipyirris KvpCov 
biahthoifs^ rpoifniv 
Tols ipyaCofiivois t6 
iyaB6v. 2, Kai 

XL Kai oiKiri 
kkri&/ja'erai* *Xjj- 
<rTapxo9 KoX^ XAkos 
dMt rijv ipvayiiv 

eight words. "^ reads tfxxptpra. ^g,^ om. •• M^, SP but 

a manifest corraption of dymr^trao-tr as in A. oe/read oirurri^muny (a cor- 
ruption of the reading ofd). d anwrr^aavw, *^ bd, aef, & read Mktftdw 
(ef (SdcX^ov) avT&v, ^ avrhv attk^u " d reads wTUftt koL "I hare 
bracketed these words as an interpolation added to explain the corrupt 
reading anar^ainp or air<Krr7<rou(rty. *" d reads yu^ficvoc ^ a. j^-a 

read ov, which is clearly a modification of o^. S^ om. ^ ag add nSir. 

w^b^odtf^ A***=Mcpfi?. •'c. abg,^"" read i/xw ««. cf«/ (i^i£ oSr. 

•• A adds yop. •• c. /3-(l, S* read nopewivBt (-ccr^ ^J^)* ^ iropcwo-ca^, 

''U. ft S* read as in margin. c = ^r^y, while ft S^ = *2B^P. 
■"/S-d. c, <i read icaroiiri7o-ctrc (sic). ''cty read <rw i/ioi and trs. 

before ^w tkmbi. '^c,bg^ A, 8*. a«/read irvpax^irtad*. ^* 6, S* tra. 

after *l(r/>o^X against c, 0-6, A. Acs frpc^r ^m. 

XI. * The text of 3, S is here largely interpolated, and made to refer 
to St. Paul. In c the interpolation is so framed as to refer to 
Christ. *^ reads xXijtfiTcrcTat. '/M^. 6 reads diadcddby. g btboot. 

*A*>* reads i^fi6^9ir3§, 'Evidently an internal corruption. 

Digitized by 


ivacrTrfcrirai iv 

KvpUjv [iic nip- 

Acvi]* itomv cido- 

Kaiviiv ffxarCCiAP 
v6vTa ra Iftny]*. 



ivaan/ja-ercu *& rov 
<rv€piAaT6s^ Iaov 
iv itrripois xcupots} 
iyamirbi KvpCov 

^1^1^ avTod\ *jcal 
voi&v €i6oK(av ^cXif - 
fiaT09 avTOv^\ 
[yp&<riv Kaiviiv 
ffxnyrCCmv vAvra ra 

2. iXk* iLyamjrhi 
*KvpUn) Kol vot&v 

*^«5 yif«J<r€ft)y^^, lif€)ifi<dv(av^ ^rhp ^apo^\}^ h <r<ATripb^ 
fcol ipviC^v m k^Kos iv airw^'^, koI *^iJbovs r^ <rv»ay(ay^ 
T&v iBvw^\ 3. ''Ews" <wvr€X€Cas *toO al&vos^ 

(oTOL iv (rvvaytoycus^ lOv&v koL iv rcis ipxcvtrip 
airw^ &s yMwrixhv fUkos iv <rr((fiart wivr^v^K 4. Kol 

iv pCfikots hyitus tarcu lLvaypa(l>6iJL€vos$ jcol ri tpyov 
Kol 6 kdyos aiiTotr Koi ttrroL iickticrhs ©cou*' *t(os tov^^ 
aliivo9. 5. Kal«« bC *avT£v t^oinjcrci »**• 'loK^fi*^ 

6 van/jp jMV, kiywv Avriy Avavkijpfi<r€i rh itrrfp^iwra rrjs 

* Christian interpolations referring the passage to Christ ^ c. Cf. 

^bb«o«.ik ^j^^ ^* j^j^ ^X^fiow auTov. The latter = WW the former 
VTfin. *^ reads cV ry (nr€>yiarc * &c^, S' add M 79^. ^^ocfe/. 

6yom. ^adef,8\ hg om. See note 7. «A«<V*. A^^^'s 

ml ffvdoKuv. A*^ ml ^ooTrv c^doK^ar. But all the MSS. are oormpt. 
18 ^bb*«dtik^ j^u ^^g^ e^Kiiparot aimw (A* om. ?). " c£ trs. before n^wra 

ra If^mj. 8^ :sz iv yifmni *' heg, a reads X<Sfiir«r, df im^vuv, S^ = 

€l<ray»9. ^'fi-ah, S*. oJ read t^ 'lirpo^X. a trs, after vtanjpi^. 

"fi-<iiby S^. o5 read o^O. ^' EP = irvwSy«»r r^ li^. ^ om. next eight 

words through hmt. ^* b reads ical Sms, d adds r^c. '^ adef (save that 
a om. rov). b, S^ read rAy alAvw. *^ df add r&v. " S^ adds xor^ r6 
opopa rov Kakovptpov, ^d om. **g om. "^a om. yer. 5. d om. 

next nine words. '* «f (save that reads a^dy). ( reads &* avr^y 

(rvP€Tur4 /If. ^ di^ rovro i^vauMrtr ptt, S^ ff«/il avrov yimpiitfrBt* The text 
is absolutely uncertain. ^ ef trsAfter /lov. " ^. de/ read ffocXia^ 

pw. Here strangely enough this diyergence could be explained on the 
supposition of a Hebrew background, bg = T^* drfHOlQ. 

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[XII. I 


XI I«^ Kat ravra clira>v 
iKTflvas TcHfs v6bas airov 
2. iKO^ii/iOifi tj^irvy^ KoX^ 
[koI iyaO^y. 3. 01 » 
viol avTov iTToCtiirav &s irpoa^ 
iraJ^^v avTols, koI ipavT€s t6 
<ra>fAa airov iOa^av avro^ iv 
Xffipiiv fi€Th rSof varipwf 
QVTov, 2. *0 h\ iptBfi6s 

TTJs C^iis airov hri iKarbv 

XI I. Kal« *C^9 foXl^/MMTC 

Toits kiyovs airov'' €tv€v^ 
*£rr^AAo/Mu v/ui^, *T4iufa fiov^, 
ivci/^Karc^® ri Aira fuw i( 
Aly^htrov, ical ^OdyjfOT^ [i€^^ 
cls^' X€/3/>a»v iyyvs^' roly vari- 
poiof [iov. 2. Kai^^ ivi" 

$av€ Bci/ta/iiv^^ * licarov eIico<ri 

Kal iOriKQV airhv iv itapaBriKff ^', 

^airoX KoL ol ddcX^ avrjip'^ 
iar/jyayov ro <J<rra t«i^ wot^- 
p«)y'* a^{»i/ fo Kpwl>rj *fo 
r^ vokifKj^ Xavaiv^, xcu 

XII. ' Here the two types of text run widely apart ao far as words 
go, and in ver. 3 there is a difference as to matter. According to c only 
the burial of Benjamin by his sons is recounted, whereas in fi, A, 8^ it is 
the burial of the patriarchs generally by their sons. Even A preserves 
some evidence in favour of e as it reads JAt^mv ovriSr with e; also df 
(see note 14) recount the burial of Benjamin only. * It will be observed 
that fit A| 8^ have rightly yiif^i here. This corruption has occurred 
several times before. See T. Iss. viL 9. 'A dittograpbic rendering of 
nSID. ' c reads avr^, ' e adds mil rais wpttrPMum avrw 6 Bc^r eXcr i «u 
o-ttcroir ^fub* rcXoff yhp tirx^p (sic) r«v d^dcxa waTptapxw^ al dia^mu iw Kvpif, 
' ef om. A^' adds ey«yrro. ^ i2 reads wXufpttiras Btwiofxijv Tovs X<^vff rovnwf . 
After inX^pwrt A^* add Bcvia/A^y. 'A = Xcyci avrats. & adds 6pm, 

TtKHt pov, 6au CMSfjo-a, ttirop vfih, Ka), 2dov, hld^fu ipavrbp rf ra^^. * A*^^** 
om. but not A***. "aJ^, A****,S*. rf reads a*wJyay*. ef, A*"^ ^Ptpeyscai. 

»/3-cf, A^*, 8. rf, A^** read A£^. "/J-d/. cf/read ^. «/ reads /i«Td. 
^*d gives ver. 2 as follows: Tavra ffyrctXcE/icyop Bcno/iii^ rmff vJoTf avrov 
i(apat rovff ir^r ovrov f ^curcv wpoarn&ri ptrh r&w varipwf airov, wpevfiurtit 
Ktu wkffpiit ^ptp&p ytp6ii£POf, Cv^rat trti piK. r«$rc €Woitfa'a9 oI viol ovrov wtb/ra 
6aa cWciXaro BcMOfUTv 4 iror^p ovr«Nr. This text is conflate. Its last clause 
it holds in common with e and wpoa-ntBfi . . . ovrov is wrongly added here 
from ver. 3 according to the substance of «• /om. verses 2*4 and gives 
in their stead a text that is practically the same as ver. 3 of c : Kal 

Digitized by 



A A, S^ 
*ira/A rouy irrfdas** toji^ Traripoiv ovtZv, 4. *Kol avrol 

M(rrp€ylf(w^^ ix yfj^^^ Xavaiv, kcu^ ^Kri<rav iv Alyiim^ 
i<As fni4pa$ l^6bov airSa; Ik ^yrjp AlYthnov^K 

iwottio'mf ovTtn Ka$m cytrviXaro avroZp* icai caf(pryic6¥T§i tBa^tatf aMp iv XtPp»¥, 
S adds ravra ctir^y. ^ S^ adds vUr rov *Iax«bj3 M^tKorog, ^* 5^. ae read 
pKf'. After rrwF ^•w>«*«* add f^y avTow. *^ hg. ae read irc^Koro^Kjj. 

^'&6. a reads Koi iv rf. d iv yiip rf . S^ ^y. ^ abbreviates yerses 3-4 as 
follows ; Kal ZKfnmrov irp6 rrjs i^Sfkv tdrrwv avayay6vr€s koi ^o^rovrcr iv Xtfipiiv 
4. Marp^irav €h Alyvim^. »W«. a reads T. A*^'= ^ciofry. A***^'* 

read jPt^lrpapq. ( = ffyMiry) corrupt ioTjpltltiililrpnpq. = ivtvrfKoarf, ^ bd, 

A, (S* I). CM om. * e om. " Corrupt for cio^dov. *• Corrupt for €« 
Atyvnrov, d reads airo. ** A trs. after waripttv avr&v» S^ = ical o2 dd. tdrruv, 
*» A"** = warp^t, •• ocftf/ S*. '6 reads iv rAry Xcyo/uyw Xoyaai^, A = ore 

lj<rav iv iroXc/i^ o2 Xaropotot. "As ovrcSr. See notes I and 14. ^d 

sddB iv Tf inFfikai^ rf dnrkf. "^Aslyyvr. '^abe, A,8K dreads 

avTol d< iraXir vwwrrpiyltapm. " ^i>*««^ Qm, «|£ om. » a adds 

rcXof tAv iff dioBriK&v rmv vl&iv 'Iojcm/S* d vvip dc rovrtty dnavnav 01 rf dyayiMtt- 
ajcoyrcf mil dxovoyrcff do^ avtmipy^iuv $f^ c2r aZ«Mif. 'A/ii^y, afi^i', afi^y. 
ff & Btittapfjv vlAs ^Uuei^P tff^ vlbs *Pax4^ ff* Hn^^ pioe. g rcXof r&v buiOfjKav 
T&v tff varpiopx&P vlnv *I<r/>a^X. 

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lyDn S7TTD 

(This Midrash, lAiich is reprinted from JellineVs Beth-ha Midrasch 
m, 1-3, ooatains Hebrew Fragments of the Testament of Jadah« 
These are underlined.) 

^^r DK noK • ('n irt nnwro) o^rbn nnn \ti w*i 

^ja* nm« im i6 T3^ trnhr m'^pn i>B^ Tim ^ . thm n« 
- K»nn Dy&3 onnmc ibii h^b^ ^fi hr ^« i^tdk 13W3"i .apjn 

Dae^ wai apsn nm la^o inNVc^ ^^tb .oac^ njrpaa Dnvii> ibt>3i 
K^ Dae^ *r3K i^a >nw nrh n k^ noK .«^ \xr*) w nojn 
ntoB^ in .ni'irh orr^y i»ai oha rapru •dtik nw d^bhw 
n^nna jnm dtop DiDrftjn D^^nn nanjro Tni> yep la mw 
nrruai inaa rhr\ njn levno wno iTw man i^ »B^i)T. Jud. 
V3Di> Dion ^yo in^ ^jro in^3n mu) n^m did by aan iTm jiJ' 3] 
nn^ mtaa niaj mn ^a ^idd mw DipD ba K^om k^ innxh 
rep jnnia^ nh n»D ktw Ki> mw inKnc^ iva .rr *nra 
vby na^hyni p^yi^D ^d n^peia finry p )m ^p3 innnpi^ pi 
Nini • B^^i:^ nitDK r^yp kvw Dn ^pi>n *3b^ ^^rso pirn iTh kw 
inam . nw3n mioi i^na ^i>aa oenpD mw n^np^ Ka n^n 
Dipi) nnir p^a . Dion p iJ^eni mo ^p p«n nni^a mipp 
Tojn VD KW .Y'^n p Gijw Diip unini) BT>ai mrv p 
^^w irao i>iD wao naa noni^o ttpi mw ntnp5> vi^an i^pui. 4.,. 

Greek equivalents of underlined words: lEL 2. fiaatkia rot) 
TmtJHnfi . • • leo^ficvoy c^* iinrov. 3. ral /SdXXoira didpara aitnv (for 
dopani Ghreek text gives rc^^a bad rendering) . • . d^* iinrov 
•S/nrpoo-^ Ml thrur^ . • . Tcyoyra . • • oMiXfro Xi^y • . i(qKovTa XtrpAv (1) 
<ral ^letfyrurff • • . «il ivara^ oMif, 4. xal fffroXc/ii;<rc • • • ical ctf dvo /icpiy 
inobftfw ripf atm'tjba • • • icai mmKir^ row n^daf ovrov. 

Digitized by 



yn^n i^b wo D^^vi rmm ,rnin^ wn Tinrh vpy\ lavra 
irom *i>ia mw nc^ to ^ p^^g^ pon ppsi pTan nnan i>ap 

Jud.iii. 5. nwn i^p wa i3iny y^in nMy nm le^n yopi j^fipi itid i>D3 

i>w i3*3Di iwn nK mam 13k mim ^03 ijrarw pet^vi .rvnn 

Tojn rai jran vnw ^ii>i . miOOT nKnpi> tdpi rmrr inpin rrto 

i"- ^ natpyn b^ nn mim .rya i^d pW<^ anm yro m^ i5^»c 

iii. 7 (8). ^n nxnr^ iDp Ki> Di>i3i n^^y ni>o mTTi> rw anp vabe jpyn 

iv. I. apjr ^» newi • wdot lanr mip ij^ wnn ova min^ dto a^vn 

ina omnrw ifiTni n^a pnow i^ne^ wpw p oar bno ikt 

iv. I. maa rrorho mh mn nw "wi ^acih . nw nvni> wye^ ny 

D^OT apjr nn^ .oa^ nypaa dot lon^ac^ rxarhtsn nrm p 

D-w linD *Jabb^ pno ii>D '^oiDfii nvn i>o •pnynalj rvn 

iv.a. jDW nw i«^ npin^ nbyi pwn rrn mim .mto ii>D 'Tae^ 

niiy iTw ii>5w ^i^nw iraiw onip mw oy toh^ lany omai 

.iniTK ni>yi jiap ^i^nwi &nm ^i pnitc^ inn nijyc^ onm vnmc 

:mr6 i!>^nnm roinn bwa^ ^i^nwi novm piy^ nnw npy 

Kinn wa onw i-naci ornriN li^yi uh apy^ *aa nwe^ • ona 

iv. 3; wj vna-vi K^r B^K iman nb^ D^niain i^a tnni ,nvn^ leoai 

V. X. maa top6d Doy rrn na mi pno^ iai>n ^ayn pva 

DipD mn ybi nhtK anpy np bJp nynai ma: ni>ro nmaj n^ 

5. *£y d^ rf eicSvctv r&y B^ptuca almni . • . cma /ra^oc avroG . . • 
6. ayciXff . . . Toiuff okt^, *j, 'Iojcm/S d^ 6 iror^p <ivrov • . dvcIXf . . r^ 
fiatrik^a Trjg SiXco. 8. (teal ovioiri a^ok KOpdia Tov ot^mu oXX^ rov 
<^fvye(p). IV. I. ml osrccreuv /{ ovtSf ;(tXfot« . • . iyevtro avroir 
irdXf/iOff fJLtiCmM rov . . • ^y Suc/fUMs. 2. mi *Iouda • • . ov^X^ cirl rou 
Tcix<>v^ . • . ml • • . dyt iXff row niranpas taxypovs* 3. icai • . • rnmevpicvaay 
r^ *A<rovp . . • ml t[kapov vaaav rrfv atxpakttaiap, Y. I. xol rj dcvrip^ 
i9fw/)f diTTXi^i' clff Za/yroy, irdXty fcparaiAr , • • koI <rupcrpc^ vovro r&r 
wpoatyyi^oifTa aitrj ical $y awpotrfyyiaros, Sri Wxypl^ n& TVi;|^a!r. 

^ ChroD. Jer. reads ID^ )m = ' ducked his head.' * Chron. 

Jer. xxxvi..5 innnfii>. • ^Dioi^l. * XTibn p (or pn). 


Digitized by 



DipD Tt^n.nb) TKD rrtM nnyrr gnn pmy 015513 noinn i?yte anp^ 

n^in rmry onpi nDir6 li'jn nniK ibm Ninn Dvi . nn3ii>i> JucL v. a, 
pevn p ^ ti5«5r ii>p . anpon p rhv T31 nnron p pevn 

• DB> Drrnann njno iW ir maa rtorho Dop iTh ncinn !?jn 
•p iPttrt > in3pn nx rmrr tyaay DTip i^naon i>p Dwi^ nop ▼. 5. 
•nv Dno {>T3pn a b e^K o^nwD nm ^mdh B«n5> rmn^ ni>p 
^iDD .B^ DHD vnn kH D^-naan i>a lanm rra^ nvi ^^a i>a ,1300 

^am DTP b^ man ny^K iwrc^ ^»d msn^ ibi^m DmmnK^ ▼. 6. 
iKTBf Dnc^iK inw6 tnm btonnb wo \Jm yvn nvro ^^(fh^ vi. i. 

vn nwcn nptan njn men^ la^n ns^m ova 

im^ DHc^an "vw loaaai dv nwi cmp oha lanm nnnnK itwn 

^a Mxwn m^ nJp W2 ia .11056 t pnj) laru vh'i rb^tt^ 

• . nwi 9>v^ mopi Di>»e iKa roona iww orman nrD[^] *am 

rw b^ Dn c|M lyy * Tay rwiD naa Dnaip vn vann ova vi. 3- 

1/py DTip wvn omrw i^jn nupi nypan "pn dhd w^ ^acri 

tya^yp rn prr^ pnw^ *T3b^ mnpp uwh ^HT W2 ia . rhyrsn vt 4. 

impm n«wi i>a^ iWn pniaan ^a mm w^A ora ia . D25? 

.pnpp rrw iniKi> 
igpcw D1WD wA p^n vpnn Di»a tu. t. 

1^ piT^ p^tQ vny yipiH vm p^mpw |p an py py loptoy 

2. *0 *Iovdcv • • . mfiif • • . diro aparok&v Koi 6 Fad dvf)3i7 inr^ 
^WTfjAp ,, ,Kal 6 Atvl . . . 'Poi/jS^fu 5* luirikafiiv 6 'lovdor n^ nvpyop 
• . • Kol drclKrciiv rovr Svdpas rovr cVl (r& ^po^or) rov irv/ryov. 
6. *Aydpcr Oo^^ovff i^SjkBov rov ^(aiptlirOai an6 x^H^ air&v Tfjw 
atx^Mokmeiap, YL I^ 3. *ApPa^\ • • • arft^r 2iX«* fjXBov eV* avrevr 
Wf fftSXc/iop • • . ml iw ii crf iwiy • . • SiX«# ical ov« ld«Mcay ovroiff 
frBhnx rov irr^vai. 3. Zaieip* ifrjXBotf koi avroi • • • mi oircieretvaF 

odrovr irpd rov OM^STVot r^y aifafiaav. 4. cir' a^rovf iiFt^Mpi(itm 

XWoot, 5. iw^Xmfiovn ahavs • . . YIL I. To^ . . . !h6n 

* Chron. Jer. TatS^. 

Digitized by 



iroi i»6 ^J>n ^-nenn "^Jtd ^ijr p nnw ein> m^n npm 

rhw ^»D mai)^ fe^ vh) wn nwn nr iw dp rtarbo 

jud.TiL3. vm jn^ pjnro i^nnm .nomo otb^ nom n^ m rwmn 

vii. 5. maa nwp rrni rmrr i^ inon rrhv mny nmna . ?n^ penno 

vii. 6. Mn»p3 TTD KW iifo mi Dr> i^M apy rrn* kJ) i^k rmb 

Til. 5. ^W3B^ r©^ D^33t< yi>p pa^^ rn jw p .ivoe^ joi po^ p anm 

«nDtnn p miD? pe^ao vn piai wruth pwtp t^n v^btdi 

vit6. v^ ^i>nwi .rwnn p ow oman wk n ni>y iwci 

pro TiMD vnw pt "ip D^'vi D^i dna xm hob? *p Dr6 
^a unm aTj»i> rom mw njD n^pn rrph , pro in W 
TP^ priD iB^wi tai>m ^am nn w^m wnn wa o^nmn 

^ra n)pi^ Q1B33 

*Aa oinw iKai D^wcn fa napm ^cvn ora 

vii. 7. lyp tto DvK^ wp^ pno lypai Dn? q^wis^ vm* nonbD va 

vii. 8. apy HCT nn • mnn pw i>a^ roon Dni> lanii &i^y onep 

nrwa d^3b^ dhd laens^ jtwn fa apr ^^a^ ^fai p^faf dhpp 

viL^ rrom nyprh apy nojif ^am fa pn^ nnnm dp Dr6 \3n31 

•D^nitDKH DP Dlfao nop HK^m PB1D1 *i>KanK^ 

firoiHray ^n ovmXcx^ ^'Bfi Xa^ iroXvs r«r ^/i^MOppalwf mi ippiBti Sn 
tpX^vrai wp^ airovg, 3. rpia rr(X9* 5* vppiCom ain-aU' rSrt 

ivtfifl 6pyri rov *Iovda • • . ical ikpfujin • • • irpwror /irl t& rcixoff. 
6. «2 fi^ *lajcflb0 vor^p adrov (finwrfiaxi^rffy a^rf, §txow cbtXcur *Iovdair 
CbroD. Jer.), Text is dialocated^ Transpoae 2*VU rrrr DV) 
before li>^K. 5. ia4>€MmCaif kt' aM^ XWow. 6. ^^ 6 <2dfX^ 
airov, 7. i}krfiiiacm aOriuf • • xal nfrv tnoofvav ft/tr alrmv tlp^wifp . • • 
Koi T^rt iftoiiia€¥ *laK»fi ficr avrtty cZ^injir . • . 8. ml iwoiti<ra9 

avroifg viro^povr Jtal ^cdoMcoy avroit watrap t^p ulxiMkmtrtBm. 9. tun 

4icMfuiin IcKcb^ ea/iMv ml *Iovda *ApPa^. 

» Chron. Jer. o rmm no iTH min^ntcpmn winTpi> vatc apr wa 
nK r|faf Dai Kanaka nitnp Dfai p^ifna m^ vwp tin twd app^ 
unn. * Dn^ lanai Drra^a Difa^ irpi Dna»6 DtDW notsi 

um nK Dn^ nrm D^^ea laiw Dawr fa app^ Dr6 tchtn nroo 
rmrr Dai app^ naai. Hence in text for ntaa read naa with CSiron^ 
Jer. and T. Jud. * Here Chron. Jer. add rpi^^ app^ lOtOf ntl 

^nirpai unna *nnp^ -nc xruw nrw Dae^ Ti> ^nna nan laa. 

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(Containing Fragments of the Ancient Testament These are 

^i^nw ipnn neto w •d%*6h ^hriM apjr p ^i>nw rbr^ ntnw 
nK nKw5> i>m mr ddvd nam tnnun oiv jc? naw nansa «m 
noKi win 2 . M^» mxD ib^fn lenji i«n ^» • ]rh nom v» 
mvo ^M^ .DH^ iDfcn 3 ,t3i»i n^K bJ> ^a^pb pww* mi .1^ 
rr» ^^K n«w( 'rrrayn ^3 bv nVi* ^ant h^ Ki>i ^eoa h^ k^ m^ 

• u ytorh jh^y* toy^t^ naa nan »Dan«D ^3*w .vdwi nnn Dai> 

Mn«D *rK .m^ no« 6 . w pyoir ^a i3*aK nai noK) nw va 
wn noi .li) 11DN 6 .ipann \ai mapn inw *'''• r\Rr bv nbn 
mna'fe k^jk rr^ia ^a^ t*»^ k^" k^ .on^ idh •u^miay^ ^-w 
WD^D iKYT na k5>k loiup^ nx^ inn v/> bM .i? pnx ^5^P 
OMK .1^ noK 7 ♦iB^i^ nn Ki>r no vnnb b^ rw^ K^sn 
noK 8 . i>w3n r»^ irnia« ^anitDi t^*)''*^ t^en^DB^ lai^Kn nii'a 

* Kia5> nrrnyn f>r *run^ bx wn p oa^nanac^ Daa ^jw ^"'^ nr • pb 
vh) ntsHNn ^ ^pina \J>r\ nb) na^ *» ^i>K ^nr« ipnn ^6^^ 

The text follows the Oxford MS. d. ii, pp. 32 sqq., already 
collated by Gaster bat here collated afresh. This MS., which is of 
the thirteenth century, is here designated as A. The readings from 
P and J are taken from Qaster's edition, P is a twelfth-century 
MS. now in Paris, and J represents the text of the Testament 
printed by Wertheimer, 1890, in Jerusalem, 

*J. A reads tr p^ jn^lB^, »J. Areadsrmaan. 'A. PJ 
re^i t»nH m«D, ♦A«M». PJ. Areadsnai), 

Digitized by 



.^b now 9 ,rmiT *» Djn ^b ^a w ^ninr .epi^ *ja w lannm 

.Dn» 'Tuxw^ *w ^ iyh> niwa .i3i> «{> pta raion pwn 5>po 
T.N*ph. ,jj«3 njnn ^nvro ^n^n iw< jtrnn tch w hiddk iijn n 
^' ''^' .13^ now M \y2H nam •rrwa nsjr d^i ^pik a'* mm ^nvn 2 
■WDK31 mya 3 .ipiru nVm i»m nnK ^a '^^3Bi> )pbw *xm '^n 
Myaawm m^m row kJjm D*Kin w |t« ron tnena noi ^b 
.vbv aai^ ac^ rom ^ aVn iTa yno r>pn^ ?a ^ jnoro 4 
aaTi nrn h^ y epn jmo dbtji p wn D3 rjn rn>rr ntrnai 5 

* onDBa i^tDi ua^a b aan dhd nrw i>a ♦ ff'eam ' b mi 6 vby 
nnw ^aa ,waK apxr i^ nw 7 .pjc na^ ^w* '^niiT tkwi 
irora TWfK "mi>*^ noi ^a«*i^ tdk •Tntta n^w '(k^) rei>» 

• mpjr pwn i^y pioi 
T. 6. D^ima D^^aaa ^i i^ noip maa nnn " ny mn p qov nana ni 
Dip . apjr ^b nom 2 . o^mn ^anpa pmaa rnpi nronn ^eaaa 
l^n iraK apjn .^vxn bif aan^ *im^ Dpn 3 .xbv aa-n ^m rioi' 
T. 7. mn tmms^ mm ^p rwono *|w^ rrn niw 'i mpa 4 •wno 
»|Di* oen^ .mim i^w jran nw« nr ^s^yp ia mn onDW j^m linn 
*nK .rmm 'b ^ioh 6 .vnw rmrr nn mar6 im wa -uw oan 
"^i) Din nnp* .nrw *h n\jn*» a''' fr^tsf ii> idk 6 .^aan no^ 
13DD tear ny *|di^ ")fTa\m .i^ nmb rmm "i«oi 7 ,mi>r mm 
pi) TDK 8 . ino 'a DM ^a rmm Ta iwra nb) mauaa k^ '^ 
.*•«< \ain jmnrwo no .*iin "mvrij pni> Dai) no vruc '*i> t\p\> 
»Tr« nai>i> .inn r^jo rmmi ^^ ^ no *|Dr ^dd wk lyorai 9 
IT p "^i> niKna lo ,^iin po^aa *ni>a mim Dy nnia kS .*|di^ 

»PJ. Areads^i^K. *PJ. A reads m. 'PJ. A reads 
mayra. ^ A. P J read UC but T. Naph. t. 3 reads wpo<r^paff6prts. 

* A. Possibly this sbould be emended into na ^fi^, or as Mr. Cowley 
saggests n^a^ ^fi^i in accordance with T. NapK ▼. 2 Korit bvpofjup. 
P J read fe ^aei). • P J add DTOI DH^ -»DK. ^PJreadnym. 

* P J add taar. * So Oaster reads, adding nb. Perhaps it 
would be best to read merely K^ with J. P reads 1^ only. »• P J. 
A reads mi^i). "Aaddsim*. *'A. PJnoK^. »A 
P J read im "b jn. "A. Other MSS. }WD^. «A. P J 
read mam. ^* A adds only on marg. ^ P J om. 

Digitized by 



piya .WK ftyinb "spi^ \b KOH 11 .w^7\ bm Mmn pavya 
»|0i^ W »n3i>i> nD*» {KDM .nsy nme M roij .nriK ^n« nSt ^hk 
*vntc^ "IDi^ p nnom n^a nn run dim wdto wi 12 .wn 
apjni> iniN »iDw nm pmn ^nwna *m 13 .in* D^jts^ innu «i>i 
.Kin n^B^ nb *3 Tni^ kS ni^jn nb kw Dii>n ^aa .^i> nc«i •»3n 
uina i3^sTy 2 . im prn niy •^Jitcn^ na^no pr nbn k^i IV . vl i. 
ai^a Tob\n n^^3K nom Sman 5^ b^ \n^ by la^ax apy op proiy vi. a, 3. 
OK no DHK D^Kinn jj^aK \A nPK 3 >g^K k^i r6p vh^ d^ 
.wyn pi wnn odd .wi^ ncK. 4 ,ok rwn .1^ inDK .nKin 
iDipi 6 .innK vhyi , nD^ xa^ b^^m inaa nK w^aK apjr ons^m (▼!. a ) 
'aiD ^a na^Doa nam 6 -.ddp apjri nain^ i^Dpi ni^^nn min^i "^b 
aina nD }-nnn 5)k w lo^an . iraK apjr jni) tdk 7 • ob^ar 
Mi> ^anon 8 .p^nn h? aina "nf^a w pkb^ na^Do pws' •vi'y 
B^ aiD ^ai K^n "i^Kiana pi> n^JKn 'it aina nam wn^i niwi 
• n'a'ni^ n^mn ni^pm nrp jnai hdb^ p iraK apxp jnDMi 9 , na 
.13^ iDK TD 10 .D^a Da ^aana Ki>8 pKa oanac^ ^n Ki> nDK 
^r ^i> ai>n td 11 . ipi^n Kin oiDnns^ no iroc i^ai " naann nny oa 
pinn i'y min* Da j^ap 1^ o^cn 12 . , vbv ar»i nais^ iman pmn 
**nK iKcn 13 .vby Kin oa acn ^i> b^ pini> Tioon om 
na^fion n&^b na pponapn ^a ppn lyaK apjn • iDiiwa naa iprnn ▼». 4- 
nnK Da Dim ^aa *|dv . lauK \b idk • nai> hdv iKirai 14 . jna 
Difini? rioi* naK k^ ^a ^aK niKna 15 .^di^ naK kS ,idi8W 
ne^ni "n^ac^ poonapnD inK Bieni nan ra oa .i5> ^dk ioistd 
laiD^h 16 .nwNT b» Daj?*ane^ ip moieiDa idib^ TnKi na^BDn 
i>aD pnenD Daa^Ki na^eon nK laNian naa • lai) idki inKi nnK bJ> 

. ^v 11D1?* DK nnjTD mnDi dm "hi 

^b^ ^w> DiDn^ 2 ."^la^iw D^yn^ vh iniiv^ mii^aa wi V 
omi .t*mffo ^nK nKcn ii>KDB^ nnKi ia^o*D inK poonapn 
"paimn 'a* bv ts*wr* min^i ^in 3 ^D^n ol i>y ^vni n^oKn 
. fw mm t[w njn n^nc^ njre^ i>a 4 . n«aKn i?n tit nPK niKni> 

»Poin. •PJom, »Aom. *PJtnKpai. »A.PJread 
nDIKI. * Bead nK^KI with O. ^ A oyer an erasare. P J read 

niaio. •?. Areadsni^yn. •a»«k. Paddpini>p. »'A. 
P J read i^Kana. " A m«8. P J. A Kaann (I). " A om. but 
addsonmarg. "A, PJreadora. . "A, PJreadjWJn. 

OB. PA. B 

Digitized by 


242 ApPEin>ix n 

m^Don 'na^n wi^n ^jw to^ db6 aio ttt ^ntc^ ^idt^ nnt* iTtvw 
Kin •itnrrb r|w pa nano n^M rw 'ei>^ 5 .Sboo K^a di^ 
Til HTeon i^ni .raw ^^^Hy\ vaw noKoa roiDDn «|W oaTo 

.iB^ i>y B^K tAry^rh iraiinn h» nrim ^i> nn* w VI 

• PiOTNT i»K w^wa 'f^y WDi>tD3) \30D iTOc ^a ^rw *iKB^ ru^ 
noK 3 . mn nnw mn ipw tbt^dd ukxdi i^^k apjr ta n^m 2 
*n^w nswo r\b *iki3 n^3Kn Druwn k^ txov .^3a oa^ no .13^ 

iTrvr imin ix^vot y\vp rr^i^n ir^ j6b^ nana 'yw nor ^aic 
nwn nam K-in . noipD mw "h ^tnn vh noKn 6 . orh iK3pa nin 
•wvaprui ^aic pine^i 6 .onDn ^36 by n&i rum pKna Mnvm 
^wb nam 8 •nreon hk Kunn 'n^^nna no^n ^i«m 7 .u^a vi>K 
THK 5>a "paiyr oyoa ym^ H^pb 5>nn5> ^aa «|Oin i^tc ,1^ idki 

• TT bv 
V3^y TOi^ma wtn vaa ^aK pDo .^awi* mn pmn ^nne^o ntwoi vn 
*aK T Dianw 3 ,nan ^i? not* wh ena ny f>nKi 2 .myon 
.'f? noK 4 .T^y iai>T mob ^^ nay ^ ,)^ nnoiw npe^ii^i npan5> 
WB^ ,oa ^w bv •^n^ DoinB^m* ^a^b b^ jmn i? rwxrn bif ^^ 

• mown pa^ pntftno) d^5>u dhk r|Dr ^aa nnwD ^yi oainao rnann 
*3K ^aa ja bv .wn nn« prn pr "pina ^aiwn ptwn iwnr 5 

.m)m ^b nv t6H *idv ^aa oy inannn jcins^ Da5> nwo 
jDeut. wajrni ibicm pxn n\ao aon^a *i>nw Se^r Da^ rrr^^H m vm 
xxxfi, xso j^^jjj^ Kh Da^aowa poyan kJ^b^ ^3k Dan^mo 2 .mny njoo 
HK inaw K^ 3 « viDn« ^aioo oay^atwDn ^'^ ^b hk non " nb^ 
nnnn iai>Bn3OT onnaw u^a« nna lac^ Dawaw ^niw Da\n^K *^^ 
"nnc' ^aKi>D 'y Tnim toino nDBw'pn nn^ m"*a 4 ,ybt nD^a 
mnB«WD 'y^ )iDb^v ]rro nnx !>ai> m^ "'« 6 ".pevna ivansi 

•A* prefixes 1. *A. PJ read moW. Best read mam or 

mnnn as T. Naph. vi. 5 suggests, or omit y^on ^K. ■ P J. 

A reads bn. *PJ. A reads imo. *A PJ read njn^. 

•PJ. A reads 1»3pai. ' Read n^J^nna. *A. Better read 

nafcO with PJ. • A. P J read ^wa DDVlB^. " A. P J read 

WX^. "A. PJreadbtO. "PJom. «A. P J read 

nne^. ^* Sclmapp emends rightly into DBWna. 

Digitized by 



; P)3 ^330 «iw ti^M on-OK 

bA ntDW 's6 now 'n'a'pn '>:tbo pnfi i^Ka^o Nnnn ora ui IX 
■wpn riKi cant< i«w nnon rw tanjn^ dhk 2 • novy ^3M nns 
nD ntc wn Da5> nra mjn • pKm onxn ^ariK bv Dnnrp nw 
^^ r« *^« tio*^ y^nn ninw roy 3 .onoa DairinD nsi niayn 
*IM nwyi 4 .ena jib^ rm ^ea ^noiicS ^^ ••w^«> mo hna 
nnna ntDWi hdik ba pi onw t^di fn 5>aini Dn»3i ow 
now p^a H^H 6 /rf a'pn hs^ we^ ^rro nnK nnorn Kh nani^Da 
roy ,Tnyn ^dS inan nnK nD hk Dnaw .u^aic DiTok^ 5>Ka^D 
^yoa ^nvB^ oinyn mm ystxxff n^a Ki>K nnia ^;ki nma ^3« Dna« 
w paiK \ai ninaw 1^ .mDr;i mi na b^ay\ ma ivia mti nwc 

♦ Diny nD* ba ^ynn 

npW iTDWi no^N ^ab 'i^namt 5>wm •jmi^y nnw 'w X 
DiTiaM ma ^ninr 'pno hdik ^w 5>a 'iha^n moi 2 •nin^i^i 
*aK ^3a ja^ 3 ,apyn pny Mnnw nayi) wnn by nfcW3 na5> 
ia nna» viw^ «{>» nnK i>K5> nayn kS lynn whs' oararo 
imoa ntnr ntw nD pici imoa ptw lynn yiT ^a 4 .*®Da^niaK 
w*am 6 ♦ vmmaw r\'mb k^5>b^ nc^ ^d rw pt<ai D^wa vwmi 
irKno wna 6 .ia b^ nu6B ^^b noa onwi n^nao 'hma mfpo 
.mn^ iDDinoi .pa^ imooi .o^a^ v^v^i **yoB^ wtkd ♦vi^n ny* 
real .nar wb^id) .nnrci 5>aK0 o^aa^ wemoi Sp twn* wappi t. Naph. 
waaai .pnij^ linnMi ♦aim^ labi •viai6tD nw rra >n)M^ 
.»£w^t [nicna] room .linn vf>3nai ♦wmo tna^pi .mya) 
nrw f>a i6k viuoiwd *|^nn^ vnaiKO inK pw 7 . ny^ vm^ao) 
iRna«> KV1 nD i5>^t< i»ao ia^ 5>y me^ dikJ^ njo la^eF"! ^i5w 
nwf> lOTnov Kin nsi .nwcn ^yca ntnto ne^o nvr kvi nDi 

* P J. iDserted above tbe line in A. 'A adds p aboye the 

line. • P J. A reads UtA^. * P J. A inserts above line. 

• A »•«»•? J. A cm. •A PJreadp^ijy. A supra lin. PJ 

addD^a ^Read^nam. "A. PJreadlinan. 'PJ 

add WTHK. " P J read 13^maK- " P J. A reads imn* 

»P J. A reads nnKO VW^ \X^. »Eead aiKB^. Cf. Othioth 
of ' B. Aldba' on p. 148 of text. 

s a 

Digitized by 



Tift t^iia /P *wflDi iTDyDi tfW) T)/*ni tsf^Tv n*^") v \rcn oTipn 
mni o^n nofffi u pnn .W2 ovd3 traio r^ ^^ l^^^ udd 
rwnpn ■ovii^K mn hk spo* k^ nw onx nno 9 .inwD mno 
Di^a Txtra^b rrmo mytr dm vmwo •uipa nnwi nor ttk 
rravi lemt bnnff^ p »i>nw *nn ron iy lo :a mpevi "vk 

:*D*n ptnnD neva* t*a^ 
: 3pir p ^f>nw nwv «pi>o 

^AP. Bead unm with O. ' Best nuBnng in P J. *A 

adds aboTe the line. ^Oorrapt. Bead perhaps puiD msa 

ncUD s 'with words sweeter than honey.' 

Digitized by 



Abamaio and Gbeek Fbagmekts containing Phbases and 
Clauses fbom an oBiaiNAL(l) Soubob of the Testament 
OF Levi and the Book of Jubilees. 


(First 14 lines are missing) 

(Col. a) (CoL b) 

• . ntm 1 . . 15 jny 5>3a ^rfte . . ♦ 3 

t6^ n jvnrr i6 MB^a w n k 

33 pa ^2vth 17 p ^w ^rte 

mi ^3K apjn xs no) mm 

• • n n 3 pr6 pno«i 19 ^inw kddh n(3j;) d 

(rn)K ii>i3 ^vui jn-ua p^ pav ao ppon n^K n mim p3^t< 

pa-ra rhiw nto 2 pTim ai iaiK-if> i . • r6 wi^TK ^nic 

ins^nn pnm (|nw)a p^onmi aa lim n«> . . . . noi^ n j3in« 

(p)af> ^vvi D . . • rh^2 inj<tt 33 kw pae^ (n) wonp rnin(^) 

(Then three colomns missing.) (A section lost here.) 

Where the above texts have parts in common with the Testament of 
LeTi, these are underlined. 

Digitized by 


246 APPENDIX ni 


(CoL a) 

1 wnK ntaa trton 5>3) wdIv 4 

2 Hxnt fecnn rroboh^ b^Hxh 1613 

5 pjon /itspji p^n |iDn p^n 

6 ^mn pjon Titrrn p^on nun 

7 iran pn 1^ nn pD 6 tmf ro^ 

8 dfjB' nnn i^ warn im ulna to 

9 ^n6 10 pnyae^ ni^ 7 wob 

10 p^K *n»^ p n^ynw mw t. Ler. 

^— ^— • Till. 18. 

XI TOK p31 p wi fcom moH 

I a nnoDi Kirn i>3 n^ nn^ n nono ▼"!• «9. 

13 nn^i>3 Ki> yr« bJp) nb p gx 

14 pa Kin «|Ki pny ^ax bv wi^jn 8 

15 aw ®nin na pK 9 ^X^na) 

16 nma ni> mnn no f>a nw . , . . 

17 Btoa nnp n^n n^K (nai) 

18 pip an* ^m^a ^ao *S n(n3ina) 

19 Kn^ina Bna5> n^a^Ki ♦ 5>K!i , • . . 

ao Hvbbv bt6 pna nnm ^ ^^ i^(p\) (Juk 

ai *aK^ naiai *ni;anp f^a n^aipi^^io^^ 

aa pnina piK 10 *nKf> na'iai Tivna 

83 nnD^rw *»-o KaK ^ *3iana 

* Ajs in Syriaa ^ Boot in Syriac s= < to hiss with rage/ 

o Corrapt for mn. ^ So Jub. zzxii. 3 < His Beither. clothed him 
in the garments of the priesthood and filled his hands.' 

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APPENDIX in 247 

(Col. b) (Greek Fragment) 

t H:hm 11 ^ n^na smiamp ranpr^T. ^i- **^ ov^x^o/Mt^ oiri bc^x koI 
an^H nnm to^-icn i^K n^ao ,^r^ fsi^f^ «^ '^ «^^d •a^p-A/* roo 

"■"""" , iraTp6t nu&v wapa Icocbc tAi» nartpa 

3 •Wml2 ,n3^3Kpnyni^|3nH"»5.^^ 12. .al»c.-I<raa.o.«r4p 

5 ^nb pro n3K n PT nai is nm *"* nv<l>pd»$ii. 13. Jca» ore r)nr«> ^r* 

, , ryo> upartwra rm Kvpln * dc«nr^ roO 

6 nw KW ^-«Di> n^bjr ^^5 ^^f ^, 

7 pn ^n^ KB^K^i w mpaij ix. 7. ai&io-ic«y'M€r^»>/>tW 

8 VHTK Mi> 14 ^i) nOKI tmi3n3 Upwrvvfjs * Kdi ctfTcp' H.Tficwv^Afw, 

10 b p Wn an nan KDH f>3 ^ '^/"'*^'^ ^^^ /*n«^«? «ri ?rc{(n;r 

" r^ na jyai is Kir»a ^x i,. . %- . . , /, 

I a noDK K?i li^rrw Koenp ^^ ^^- ^5^ -^ •^.a^ ^ 7 

13 n inifii^K^ tana f>a la^o I6. fr^^^^xi'^sW' «ri «r«^^ 

14 1? nrnrn pOnp? 16 Knainalx. 9. trvwovataaiMVKuXairbvdaijQ^^aKaBap' 

15 ^a \o^ HMtDDi TnD ^a p na <^"w «»* <"^ itoot^s fropvfw, 17. 

16 ^nnWW io l<nn3K nm 17 my ix.10. '^tirparog An6 rw <nrwp,^ros *^ Xa^« 

17 IK^ar Dy Tynr i>nn t6) iP aO («.9 ^'^y «"^ '^^ ^tfl„X^cr»r ri <nrcpMa 

oyiov fi, fcm ^ro aircpfta irov ayiaxrop 
>9 Pna nK Ktmp T'T 1V"Tt Ka\ r^ mrtpnarw ayiatriAOv trov itrriv. 

30 pnt ba? npJiD rPK B^p 'Itpcir lyioricXi^^<rcra« r^ *• <nrfp/iaT4 

•21 anp(i h^)h n3K anp I8 aroK ii. 10/^^^*^^ ^^- '^^^ '^ ^p^'^ •^«* 
2a ^aniK* ipa vnc^p wCJub. ^ , , -. , ,,« . 1 . 

1 f ^ xxi. KoOapos 4v rw a-muari *" otni avo iraoiv 

.3 -Ol 5'3 nWMO i.3 10 "TlBOa 16.) a«aAv<r». ^.^ri. <Wpi™v 

^Emended in accordance with Ok. Frag. «eai V^ and Jabilees xxzi. 9 
from KVH. ^ So Jub. xxi. i6 * Bo pure in thy body.' 

^ Aram. = def rf v^/ory. ' Ari^Tn. = n-o/MiyyeXXf ir fie leal didao-«f ii^. 

' So this MS. writes this word always. * Aram, repeats riicvop. * Aram, 
adds mil cbro wdtnis dfutpriof, * Aram, adds riiofov, ^ Aram. =: &ot€ 

hthwKitv Of r^r Kpttrip t^ Upvavmit. ' Aram. pref. wpwrop, * Aram, adds 
Wievoy. *® Aram. om. ^ Aram. = yrrow ftov. The Aram, here is really 
a Hebrew word. ** Cormpt for nopp&p. " Aram. = Sytov tA awtpiM 
aov »r r& aylaafui, Sri Icpcvr ^yio^ crv xkiiBffirjf rf imvrL Here rA aTr€pfia trov 
6yiaaov and ri tnrtpfia rot) <iyia<r/ioi/ aov are dittographs. ^* Aram, adds 

trawrw, ^' Aram. = riixn; yvv. ^* Here ycyov . . . a»paTi trov agrees 

with Jub. xxL 16. See note on Aram. 

line 7 p here T. Lev. ix. 9 has vditovj but Gk. Frag. Kpiirw. Cf . Deut. 
xviii. 3 for the phrase xpitrit Upwrvvfis^ i. e. D^jna tO&BID. 

line 16 nnBBID; cp. T. Lev. ix. 10 mh yii-ovv, but Gk. Frag, has 
djr6 Tov mfipitaTos* 

Digitized by 




(Col. c) 

I bn TvJp h^ob rrnp nnn ny 19 t. 

I ^trJp nnn f^io) »ioDa '^no ^ ix. ' 
3 B^3i> ^inn nDi 20 Knwro rui^ "• 

5 Knano5> anpn vbi ny T^ni 

6 nrnpnb »>aD3 ^nn nai 21 nn ^a ix. 

7 nronoi^ npo^ni^ mn n i>3 "' 

8 T^ni T^ yrn; wn to ^m 

9 'V^) frbmo pw anpno) 22 

10 Kj6\n p ri^nv^ |WK 

II ruTD nK n^K pon piai 
la nmro ^3t< nrroHb wm 

13 ntD« jw "^ro neirvi ba p 23 x. la. 

14 nnanth pmnD npon^ prn n "h 

15 r^ 24 p^i>D DHca pn^n n^n n 

16 Hr)er\ khk pnnniDr p^K 

17 •K^inmt ^Knient «MinDW h*udi 

18 HTWo w\ HTWD'i Knro 

19 r^H 26 ^Knpnt ^yw nonm Kny 

19. ml fray glinnyvfi €» ^rwr 
^y^M» ^ Xovou vdari «]p«ror * nu ron 

20. mil orov ivdMmon phmv wdku 

Koi ravg it69at won vph roG ^yytaa 
wp^ rov fimfiop irpovcvrynu oXo- 

21. ml &rap fiAXcic nftoa^^ptiw *m 

nikuf piimov nor X'^iP^ ^^^i*^ '^ ^^ 

22. ml ipai^pt rii ivka wfAim^ 
(c)a-xurficKi, ivwKomw avra ir/wror 

23. ♦iflT ft^Xa^ tlpyicfy 

fUH *iw\ t6p fit^fiov wpotnfktpt * 
&F cWur 6 mm^ avruv ^vs am- 
fiaUmw, 24. Ktd rovra rk opoftar^ 
al/rAp, Mpop ml oucdc^vM ^ 

fcal •<rx««y jcal aTp6Ptko9 * kqi ir«r»» 
ml t^d^« 

A With 19-21, cf. Jub. xxL i6 'Wash thyself with water before thou 
approacbest to offer on the altar, and wash thy hands and thy feet before 
thou drawest near the altar, and when thou art done sacrificing, wash 
again thy hands and thy feet.' ^ = jrpoaXofi/Saivif (?). Cf. Ter. 52 for 
another instance of this ^pression. ^ Corrupt for K7^3nD0tC = 

(rrpd/3iXiw (Cowley). d Corrupt. Qk. Ft. and Jub. give wirw, Bead 

MDHB^. L^vi conjectures MmB^ a species of cedar. ® Corrupt for lOlW 
= Kcdpof . f What was in the original here is uncertain. Perhaps 

^ Aram. = oUtf &tov, T. Lev. ix. 1 1 supports Ok. Fr. ' Aram. om. 

' Corrupt for 6tra dci mv€yKat (Wilkins). ^ Aram. = vKmkjptK ml rdrc Xa/3c 
avra* ovrmg yap cRoy n&y 'Afipaap t6v wmpa fwv wpwrixpunxu * Aram. ^ cf 
irdvr«>v r&y d«»dfica yiMdv (vXcpy. * Aram. r= ^{ &f (?) KoBffKtt vpoa^ptip rri 
rov /3«0fu$v. ^ Corrupt transliteration of M*T&*1). * Aram, and Jub. = 
apvydaXop nm (rrp6?(Xop, * Corrupt transliteration of M^niM. '•Here 
my is a corruption of m/ and B€XQti a corrupt transliteration of KTOMn. 
Cf. similar corruption, Jub. xxL 12 where we have ramx. See note L 

line 4 pnn, i. e. the Hebrew }Tn. Not Aram. 

Digitized by 







«al Kunapurirw Km do^M/v^^ ml 
wfiPakaBov, 25. ^Tavro cifNjfccv ori 
mvra itrruf & it€^ ilMi^prur virox ar«> 
r^ SkoKmjT&tn^i M tov ^vo-ia<m;- 

jcat rh vvp nfrc^^ ^'f'* iiacautp 

I append here in parallel columns, the three lists of these trees, as 
they help to settle the question of the mutual relations of the Aramaic 
and Qreek. The names of the trees are given in Greek so far as 
possible : — 

AsAMAio. Qbxbk Frag. Jub. zzi. 12. 

iccSpof K€dpog Kvn6fHavos 

btil>p69a d^ippdpa ^t^pAf 

dfivydakag ax^vot dfivydaXos 

OTpdfiiKoi arpSfitkog arpdfiikos 

wirvs nirvs 


SKbiva (i e. 



















Here the first and third lists practically imply the same original. 
They diverge in their order. Jub. relegates no. i of Aram, to the sixth 
place and possibly no. 6 of Aram, to its first place. Also it transposes 
the order of 10 and 1 1. 

The second list differs from the first and third in that it omits 
dfuydakas and iXala and adds axl»os. Again it gives Kuirdpunrot where 
the other lists give fivpalvti. From these facts it is clear that the Qreek 
Frag, cannot be the source of the Aramaic. 

fecSl =* plane tree/ see Bosh ha-Shan., 23 a, where ten different names 
are applied to the cedar. Jub. xzi. 12 = il>vkdtr<rov tU rh (vka vptur^pas 
vpoa^ptuf Tttvra ra (vka M top fiwfiop (so MS. A), mnrdpuraw, Uifipdv^ 
a/ivydaXoy, arpdfftkw, wirvp, nitipov^ Pvpd6^ roMuc (corrupt transliteration of 
Kn^MTl), tMpow^ ikaiaty iivpclvtiv^ ^ijnniv, nhpop 6vopa(piu¥tiP apfior (corrupt 
for diri>dkaiof) (emended text). s Bead nn = dec. ^ Bestored by 


Here Ok. om. mi ikaiop. ^ Aram, trans, before nvnapiirtrw against 

Ok. and Jub. ^' Corrupt, perhaps, for ravrd iartv {jk ttpiiMP fwi) A drt. 
So Aram. " Aram, adds mil ^< • • • cV rovtwy t&p (vK^p M rhv fi»fi6p, 

* Aram. om. 

Digitized by 




(Col. d) 

I Ktyi pimb KTWi rna wr\ pro 
a TT vm 'rm 26 wtmD ^^ma ^ 

4 t'o'^P^ PD^no ^ *>pr«w 27 •. wi>D 

5 rh mw Kin win ^dh ^mi^jn 

6 ruciv ^mnrai 28 «• t»cnin nao^t dt 

7 MIT nnai *mT mKW viai 

8 ^K^T -vol Wn p Dy KXTi 

9 iwnn nnw oy wuct 

10 M prnn ri»n muct nrai 

11 na nVoa pn^o pnSai 29 H^a'ip 
13 Kce^a run nnai so pnnoM jin5> nrn 

13 103 non «h3 -vai Kraroa Wa 

14 (f>a) ivi^ miai> jfftbv Topm 

15 KOni^) T»iip bai "poa t^^ij; 

16 (n i>ai) 31 p^y i^K dtp nm rr-i5> 

17 (moa n^)ay nn inoa Tay mnn 

18 (nrn) vh n lav nnin 16 i^pnoai 

19 •(r)y« . ♦ ftrn* pnn p nonn nh 
ao (Kn)anD^ pbo 'n bJ? na-ipn5) f prn 
a I i»pnM trb ry^ *"iaa ton Knmi> 32 
a a nn>r p^io ^TTni^a wann dki 
a3 pi>D n wn pTn ne dm pio 

^1^ avrotfyTvSrt clfp^i winwnnWcw to 
alfui Ari T^ Totxor tw ^o-iaffniptW. 

26. ml miXiy W^ <rov rvr x*H^ 
Kal Tovs w6da£ 6w6 row atftaroc^ bu 

27. riTF m^i^y owi^/iff irpAror bu 
inSXvirTff avn^ Tf crrcon. «il /i^ 
iwraPfirBm r6 oJ^fia M r^ n^oX^ 
ovrSr. 28. «il fwrJt Ttwro ror 
r/Mix'7^^ mil /iCTJk rovro row «S|aow, 
ical /MT« ravra t6 ot^Aw imtb rir 
irXffvp«9y «il /irrA mvrti r^ir iv^nm 
aim Tf vir^ 

jca2 furii ravra rovg iMag fforkvfUnxs 
<rvr roig €vdoa4€iois, 29. ml tmra 
^XitTfuva h Skaen &s KaB^ua a&rok 
avrdfUctK. 30. km fitrh ravra awfu- 

f*ero rowra otvop irwuaov ml &vfjuairw 
firam \iPavw tri ije«r«<rAut* to 
cpyor aw iw rafa Koi mura vfioa-' 
ifiopd vov tig c^ici/cny loal 6a-fB^ 
tMiias hfovn Kvpcov v^i<rrou. 31. 
Koi otra h» iroijjr, cV rofci iroiei 4 
iroigf /y ^p^ cat <rraBfi/f. leat ft^ 
mpio'fnwriit lUfBh &ro o6 m^fxcL 
«a2 fr^ ica^Tict rw oirr«w f wXiit 
fco^i^icri' avaif^fitaBaL iwi ro¥ fimfdr. 
32. T^ rovp^ rf TtXci^ niXayrop 
{vXttv ica^Mi avr^ iv araBftf^ icai cw r& orrap /j^yoy apoK^ftta^ t^ ftmr xal 
rf rovp^ ry hwrtptf ■ irv yr7irorra /ivar. ml mU r6 arwp alrrov p6vw ircrrr ^»ar. 

(The next four columns of the Aramaic are missing.) 

» Read pn^inD. ^ Emend into KB'Kn with Gk. o Gk. = nrfcH b- 
d jaead Ky^3. Cowley suggests WT. e Read pyfce n nn. 


8 MS. reads naa. 

f MS. leads 

* Corrupt (?) for rov tataBat, • Defective and corrupt. Perhaps we 

should read fiij ikarrwrffs rov Xoyurfiov rov m^Kovro^ rw (pkttv ri» 
KaBrfK6vrttp, This suggestion is supported by ver. 52 below, where we 
have XoyicTfi^v r&p (v\wp. The Aram. aljK> &vours this suggestion, and the 
expressions that follow pyw naa. Wilkins suggests that ovr»s is a remnant 
of cXarrcD(r|7f. For conjunction of the two ideas vrtpioawtip and iXarrovw see 
Deut. iv. 2 ; Ecclus. xlii. 21 ; Eccles. iii. 14. • = '»^n (cp. vers. 38, 

41) but Aram. =:TBT». For phrase c£ Judg. vi. 25. 

Digitized by 



33. ml ftr ft^oxpp WXrcoy ji impoL 34. luii W ir/x^ fV wpoParmv fj rpdyog c£ 
olyAv ri npoirff>tp6iuvo9 f^ Koi rovry X /AM119 ioii rf OTMirft rpth lOfoL 35. ical <2 
3ppa cjc irpoiSarttv i) lpi<^v c{ a2ytfv « fwai* mil r^ orcori fiKu. 36. mil c2 
iifiy6r rtXfiof ivuwatos i) tpixf^og f'{ a?y&v ii fuwu, mil rf ariaxi fiiap i)/u<ru fiMiy. 
37. Mil Aar fairodrdffucrw ^ rf rovpy rf /ttcydXy oX^crai t^ npiag avrov, mu 
OHvtyKM iw\ rh» /Stffi^v. (rorov mi^Mt rf ravp^, xal ^ /br fftpMnrtvvu rov dX^ 
^EXiyotiv f y avrf ri ^fifuu 38. mil rf i^PY *^ tmriptf rA irfyrf fK^ on^ T»y l{ 
fup&p rov (TBnov* mil rov fu&axov r6 difMOtpop rov inSrov. 39. mil r^ Kpcf 
ri iffuav rov trdrovi mil rf Tp6y^ t6 lirop. 40. m1 Tf apvi^ mil rf ^fM^ t6 
rptrop rov <rarov. mil trtidlkiXts KaOrfKovtra ainw* 41. rf Tovp^ rf ficyciX^' 
mil rf r<avpy rf ^ mil rf fuxrxopi^f aatop tre/JMitP, 42. xal rf «/Kf ical rf 
Tp6y^ rii dvo |i«pi| rov crtirov mil rf dpv/y mil rf </k^ ^f alywy r& rptrop rov 
trdrov mil r& tfXau/p, 43. «al r6 rirapTOP rov ovrov rf ravp^ dptartwoufffupop ip 
rj} o-f|uddXc4 ravri7[y]. 44. mil rf itpif ^ ^fcroy rov varov, mil rf li^m^ r& 
Sy9o€9f rov (nirov mil d/utyov mil o2w>f mir^ r& furpop rov e'Xaiov rf rovp^ mil rf 
i^Nf mil rf ^pi<l>^ Korammatu uwop^p, 45. Ai0av«»rov o*(icXoi l{ r^ rovp^ mil 
t6 ^fturv avrov r^ ic/Mf mil ri rpcrop a^ov rf ^P^^t 'e<u ircura i| atfudaXit 
ipawtwoofiupti* 46. 4(v) dy irpMruyiiynff fiiApop ovk M marosf npoawx^o^rm* hr* 
oM^p Xi^cbov SktcSj at^ktuf dvo* mil t6 rpirw rov varov t6 rplrw rov v^^ «<my. 

47. mil rA dvo lupnj rov /Sorov mil dXx^f rrjt prag v aUkt^p coriV. mil rov o'ucXiov 
ri rrrapTOP Skid^ Btpitip S fforii^* y/jvrai 6 alKkos e^o-cl ?t ^^fiol ical Skierfg /uor. 

48. mil pvPf rtKPOP pov, tUewrop roitt \6y€vg pav mil ivwrivai rht ^prokdg pav, mil 
pri JaroarrfrtHTap ol X<(yo4 pov oZroi aw6 rrjt Kapdias aov ip vdtrtus rtw ifptpais axtv, 
Sri Uptvg <rv Syiog Kvpiav, 49. mil Uptis taoprat wop r6 tmippa aov mil roar 
v2oir (Tov ovrwff ^prtikop tpa mirftnva'tp tutrh rijp Kpurip* rovriyy its troX virrdci^. 
50. Ovraiff y6p pot cvcrciXaro 6 varijp *Afipahp iroMiy «tl cWcXXc^rAu roir vtoir 
fiov. 51. Jcol wvp^ rtKpep^ X^P^ ^ ^f<^<X^^ '<^ Upoavpijp dylop mil wpoa^vtyiouif 
&valap KvpUf {f^iar^f m KoBipui mir^ r& wpotrrtraypipop rovry irotcly. 52. ^nw 
napakapfidpus Owrlap voUip hawn tofpiov tM waaiis irapichg Korh r^y XoyioTi^p ruy 
(vKop iwMxpv cvrms, mt aoi tpriXkopai, ical rb Skas mil ripf trtpMXiP mil roy 

o&oy mil r&y Xipopw iwtdixov ix r£y X^H^^ aSir&p M wdpra icr^nj. 53. ical * (Jnb. zzL 
cVl iraouy ApavMirrov rd( x^V"^ '^^ ^^^ iMas ^op fropcvci np6s r6 Bvammiipiop' ^g~'^T 

^ A oomipt form of ino^Upvpi. The context shows that an imperatiye 
is needed here. Now the and sing, imper. = rmn, which the Greek 
translator should hare rendered by /SoXXc ' Seems to be the 

equiTalent of nXW^ = V(T\ in ver. 32. • Gormpt for npoatP€x'^mu, 

* = Dfie^. * With 53-56 c£ Jab. zzi. 16-18 which I here retroTert 
into Greek. 16. mil M irturop Apap yivov KoBapht ip rf fr&parl trw mil irXvyf 
(Tfovri&y ip vftori frp6 rov iXBttp rov npoof^p€t¥ cirl r^y P«^l'^, mX yiirrov ro* 
X^y^^ ''"^ ^^"^ irddoff 7rp6 rov iyyltrai np6e r6p j3«fu$y, mil Srt rijp Bwriaip irikto'ag, 
irdKiP plnrov rAs x^'P^' "^^ ^' irodor* 1*J, teai pij 6^6ffrm wow alpa inl oxm 
pff^ nrl rj orokj otw miXvirrc avr6 rg yd* l8. mil pij ^dyt r& 

Digitized by 


2 $2 APPENDIX in 

ml crtof iiaroptvns in r&m Aytmw, war tSfta fti^ imrivBm rijt irroX^f <rov* out 
oMj^v aS/r^ tM^fupw, 54. «ii riit X*<P<*^ ""^ ^^ iMas vumv di^ woptU aro 
wdmfs T^ vaptoig. 65. ttai fi^i if^Br/rtt iwl otd fray atfM cut ira<ra ^^vx^t* ^ r^yap 
tdlta in^xi ivTUf h rj aupiU. 56. icai t ^iar iw ouof tovtr^f oiovr^ vof j^ws 
^oyriy [m jinSAvirTV t^ a3^ avrov rj yj vpmtm npiw i) ^oytor irr iM rMV cyiefif ni 
(Jnb. ovicm I99 ioBlmv iwl rov tfyarcf. 67. *ovn»ff ^c^ /toi ipmikaro 6 «or^ fiov 

^^ '0 *hfipaaii\ in ourmg ttptp hr rj ypt^i ^ fiifikou rov N«m «v/ii rov tufimv. 
58. «d yvv, ttff ox>/y rcKPoy ^yvnrTrtfv, ^y<j^ ^^)^9 igyawtifUpoi crv r^ vorpi oov nil 
Syiot MvpUfv vy^iarmi* Koi f/ytanffȣpog tdrff vtnp fnbfrw ro^ odtX^ovp viw, 59. ff 
aws^fftarl trov ffvXoyif^^croi cV rj ^ ml r& awtpiia <rov «i»« iroimr rmr oamkot 
't'Mx^9<r«rm ip fitfikl^ fiPiiiuHrwov («$(. 60. ml ovk ^£aXi}^^o-ffnu r^ &<ifM 
irov col T^ 5m^ rov aw^pfiar&f <nv JW r«v alMP»r« 61. fcol vvy, rcjcpov Acw, 
cvXoyi^ficrov Icrrat r6 avipiM (rov eVl r^f yqp dt n^tfiraf r&s yfPi^ rw at«PBP. 

T. Ley. 62. ml orr JumwXiipMiiaap ftoi ^/Sdopidcs rwvapn hf rois Irfocr r^c f«^ fiov 

^* '* /m crcirtr 3yd<^» mil niro<rr^ tfXafiop ywauea /luivr^ ^« r$f <rvyy«i«MV ^Afipaaft rov 

frarp(Sff fAov MfXydi% tfvyorcpa Ba^ov^X, v2ov Aa/3c(, adfX<^ fTp^^ f*ov. 63. 

zL a. fcol /r ycurrp2 Xo^oviro c{ ipov trtictv vt^w wpvrw Koi /rgXxra tA ^wya mrrmi 

Trfpirv^fx' cura -y^/) 2ri wdpoiMoif tartu t6 tnripfia fuv iv y^y f iytppffBrfv* ydpomi 

XL3. ifTfifv M TOVTf i^ Vi yrj "ftf lujTwpa rofufo^nyf. 64. <cal ^ roO wat^apu» 

Viop ty^ iv rf Spditari fiov, in iKP^pXtfftipos tarm aJMe koL t6 awipiia avrm oro 

rrjg dpxijg UpoavPfis Henu [n» wippa airov], 

alpa^ aM ydp iaruf ^ ^xn' o^ri t[<rjf itrBimp rh Jpa, ' fxai irwm ^^vxif 

t6 yhp atpa ^xh ^^n-cy. Here Jab. xzi. 18 ' And do not eat any blood; 
for it is the sonl/ bIiows what should be read. * Cf. Jab. xzi. i 

where Abraham giyes these commands to Isaac, and yet agrees with 
Test Ley. iz. 6 where Isaac is represented as passing them on to Levi- 

Digitized by 



(Col. c) 

65. A ir&w ^ffuip ^e tytv^ ^ 
(Two lines miaung.) t^ M Mw, uA iv r^ l fifjvl ryn^^ 

M hwTfM&s ^kiov. 66. ml irdXcy 

3 Dn n t • 66 mfXXafiowra hwip 4$ ifiov icar^ r^ 

4 "TO n(nm)T- **"^ ^^'^ KoB^KOPra Twir yvmuc&p 

5 n!>n(wm67 . nnp) ntpy ^n(Knpn) ^ 6. '^\^'^^<rar6i.o^ai^Ka6e, 67. 

8 ^n^ Mhn K3)it( njM 68 xi.4. ,^n, '-w. «.» ,* ^p^Zl 

lo Tun 69 . (k)»w rem qj> *»«V"^ 

n3^!>nTh mv mm mm xi, 7. ^®' '"'^•^*''°^''°^^^"' 
'T« niD nay vnnpi nn^!)n ^^^^2^ * '^ '''*^ m'^ m raO 

13 tS na nte mnj) >mi>p ^j."^ ""^ *r' a„r,x» jxw 69. «u 

16 mw70 nno i>M rrm sii!)y Avit^ y y^p ircpu^ 

18 nnm npy wim newK -lun 7i 

19 WTw ^nnei wia *5> fofy^ 

»o *)p^i> %i> jvr^ na (nn)DK nw ad.8. 

aa ni^ »»n!> »i> panw pny njea 72 
33 n nna JO twaef Kenifo tru 

• This is obviously a dittograph of nnD . • . ^ no preceding. The two 
words of mn? and toac^ are here (^onymous. This dittogiuph points 
to our text being a transhition. 

* Aram. om. • Bead a^ with Aram. ; ovry mi ry aw€pitan in next 
line. •Corrupt for TfTd/wf. Ct Aram. * Add fW^t fiov with 

Digitized by 


254 APPENDIX in 


I nr roea 73 tsmo(b io5>p)n 

3 w^uw nj6 ^nn roa 

4 03 DB^ 74 pa pn5> . . • . tWMf 

6 ^Knipi nnam nmn d(tdp nn)p xii. ' 

7 nsnpi ^i>no mp oa (on) it'j. 

8 ^nna naai^ Kn3t< onw r6 (3D3i) 76 xii.4, 

9 (yan)Ki rwn mw ^n wk n ly ^^ioc IVaj^m^ni ofOrigimd 

10 na DiDy n rtov wnpi 76 *^ri^ Simrce \ 

11 Ti>^ na niDK nK Dnw n^ i r— i s 1 

13 «ofcn (Koy nor) inpn(K) pa *^^ .c,^f Ufc-t ^ I^-^? 

14 nnai^ K<rn<^ . . , . ^ nn W2 77 xii.4, ** ^^ -e* •^^ ^^^ -^ 

15 r6yn mc^ n3(p)n p3r na 78 wa xii.5. ^^^ ^*-^^ ^ t-^-*^ ^— ®^ ^ 

16 n-iyy *n5(pn) p:y -lai ry^a n(Ki>) t^ ^®*» t*^ •^ **® -t^^? 
nnoii ( Da)g6 rote n^p na v^«»^^^^ '•t^^^^^ ]f^*^**^ ^-H* 

ywjwnai 79 kddh nayi) t*** ^*^® ^^ •J'?^ -t^^ 




ao nai 80 nn3K ^!> nap^ pnom l^^^* f^-^ f *-*^ 80 jU^»/ 

ai ^a ^n^n ppantci rxxon p^y ^ " > • p .^jjaaJ^ V\S ^ 

a3 lynxpa *n win yum popn •Hajl iS 

• The writing is almost obliterated, Pass and Cowley read Ttgrnx. Bat 
the r, if it is r, seems to be written oyer an erasure. 

* See Wright's Catalogue of Syriac MSS., Part IE, p. 997 [Add. 
I7>i93]» which I have in accordance with MS. corrected in last line. 
Bat I^vi's age, when he married, is incorrectly given, and also the 
number of years he liyed in Egypt. 

Digitized by 


APPENDIX 111 255 

(CoL e) 

I nK(pi >V(n)^6)ni pay ^^n ^dv te tim 8I t. Lev. 
3 ^36(m ntttp n3y)3i 82 nnnD nb n xa?. 

5 prraa(h ^i)3i> wip ^hk gov 

6 rmn C)n 5>3 p^n mpth "^rxnm 

7 03n:>r ^)3ab nnow nw 83 ^m!> oy 

8 ^Tipth inntm pauK ^5> nsmb 

9 row ^33 npBO tab ruK 84 • 5jk tn* xm. i. 

10 irxn 85 ^aun ^inro pi> Koenp pa. exu. 

la npTv.paoy d^kp *0n)< (t<)Di>y 

13 pi>j> ^iate (i«D)Knpi 86 

14 jnr n 87 Ki(nT)i tonn n^i»y 3du.6. 

15 rtt ^^ i>y3np a«o nt<o 

16 nyir a^wi wi»y c^a 

17 nolo "TDD ^;a ijd) 88 

18 nnni pyia^ hj^^pte noDin xUi. a. 

19 tibv np^f> p3»y Knoain 

ao KVrnpM tmoain gj^Kji 89 adii.3. 

a I pnra^» Knmin d^b> m na 

aa . ^nt< gjP^^i^ ^^3 ^tn 90 aiTflD adii. 9. 

a3 tCOan nOIDI nDDNB^h) xiii.a, 

^ Read with Pass 1&^^. ' Emend into ptrab. 

Digitized by 



(Col. f ) 
(Two lines misBuig.) 

3 • . acn 91 

4 ♦ • •!» • • ^5) 

5 • t . . wo nt< 

6 (Kn«)D i>35> ny nam 

7 , ♦ . • KHK nb ^ . • • ronoi 

8 na wn "22 ^^^^ £^) "^ ^" *^ ^ 

9 TOT Kh ^nD3(i> rn n)o^ «^ 
pam pnSa n . . , . *^3^ na 

pay nSa n(»c) np na n^ xiii. 4. 
la ^^ynonn 92 nnoain jo r|^KD5> 

13 panan rrrhv "bwsrt ptoao 

14 rh panvTD np* ^D-)\a f>jn 93 
,5 nnoa^n ^i>nD votn:n ^2 

16 nnoan fcon np n an nn>y 94 

17 jn KiTJP W KaKO Wym xiii. 7. 

18 an Djn i^^pn pai« pnio 96 

19 j^» pa*nni pmei i»^m 
90 nKD • . ♦ . n3D3n onoy 
31 pna \n ^a pnan m^no) 
a a pna^ t6 ttfioavi ny)K 
83 kS mntDDD pnac^ xh 

* Bead nn^ « irapoUf. 



Digitized by 




After T. Reuben tI is adds :— 

*Evv6€if 'lovdoic, &s cv ftofciful^ei TovjSi^fA X/Hordv ctvai ipxupia 
S(rTi9 vvip vivT^v iyeiaaro rdv Bavirov^ i>v ipxi^pAs fiera rdv Acvt. 
'Ef 'lovfta ctAci' i O^s airdp iSorc jcpareu/ iroirrds rod kaov kcI vpo(ncw€iv 
t£ trvipfiXiTt airoVi Sori; vvip ipL&v Oav€lTai iv voXifiois dparoU fcol 
ioparois, 'EiwJci H trif h yip iopdrtf ovdcl; r&v ittixOovlmv hivaroA 
&f^(k€iav kavTf^ Tcpoa^p^w* vm yap Mvarai M^cXeiv, fiii 6pmv rb 
ioparov; bidfiokos yitp tri fAax^^Tai, iXKcL r^ icXifo-ei rov $€0v iird tovtov 
iK y4vov9 'loi$fia y€VUti04vTO£ viKtiOrjo'eriu 6 biipoXos* Rol vpoadiv 
TWJTriv r^r <ri6^i«, fCol In fXcfcy, avrdf forai v/miif 6 )3a(riX€V( 6 
aldvioi &s T^ ^PovpTifi Ifiofer Sri 6 paaikevs i aUvios ycmfcrerai ivb 
TOV 'lo^Gu 

After viii. 3 repeats and adds : — 

Kal VVV9 T€KvCa licvy i^aicot/crc Acvl koI ^r *loiSbq Xvr/Mi>9i7<r€(r0e* 
jcal fii^ litalp€<r64 ivl riis Mo (fwXiLt rceSraSi Sri l( avr&v ipaT€\€i 
vfAiv rd iroiTripiov rov $€oi), 2. 'Aroonfo-ct y^p iciljpi09 jk rov Acvl &s 
ipXt^piOf tai JK TOV *Io6ba m fiairikda jcal ivOpo^ifeVi oSrtas o'cSo'ci ical 
irdi;ra9 ivOpAvovs^ *0/9ar€, ot ^^vyuoOyre^, 6 Kvpio^ KaOl(m\<rk Upia 
vpxif iifh Aevf, w$ hpxjLtpia ctircv ^ ^ed; on i^/yi^tco'C a^rdi; rf; o-opicl 
xal ^v &a"jr€p tepe^; jcar^ Acv^ a>9 etirei; irao-i roi9 iOv€<n jcal rd 
y^i;o; roO *\<rpa!iiK t6t€ voXXol 'IcrpaiyXiroi IctiCovTO avd airr&v. 
tQv in^irip^v ivoirrdkmv fjo-ap 5ct5cica , • jcal ivv4a r&v imOtit&v ifi€l9 
iataO^ TokabsiApoi vpopififiivoif iv ippct koI Ip aUtCq koI ip Aeyxci 
ek iritrra ri tOvrf. 3. Aui rovro ivrikXofAa^ . • . vfuvj Iva ical v/meif 
^ifTcCXija^c rois r^KVois lifjitti;, jcal & eliro]; v/miy STa>$ ^vkd^rt €ls ris 
y€P€as iyL&p. 

* The text is freqnently cormpt and unintelligible. Professor Morfill's 
rendering reproduces the text as it stands, In some passages the 
corruptions are obvious. 

Digitized by 



After T. Sim. rm. 3 adds :— • 

"Akovc, S 'lovSaic, Sri \iyti 6 SvftCflSi^, iApaKa yhp iv k6yois fiifikuav 
'£vctx> Sri viol ifiQp luff ifi&p ip vopptlq ^OcLpi/iaopTai, &s om 
€lb6T€9 rhp vldp Tov $€ov Kol hui^apipT€t ip Tois tOp€a-i» ip Am 
ibiKijcova-ip^ TOVTO i(rrL 6 Xpitrrds *lriaov9 ipxi€pm itrrl Kori rhp 
A€vmK6Pf airdp ol 'lovftoiot inipTtivap kiyyjf. 'AXV ov dvinfo-ovrat 
vp6s Acvl Sri v6K€tiop KvpCov iroXcfii^o-ci. *0/AoXoyei, *Iov2ktie, 
vp6(r(X!^ T^ vokifjjf Kvp(ou, Sn r^ Kvpi^ di^fdrairro, koI ivOioTifuvoi 
r$ aravp^ iyoiJL<^aar€ viay^ovra icarci Pa6Kr\(np avr^ ip funjfKCNi 
<r<^paYl(Tapr€S iOi/iKaTty iXXh rijt a'<t>payibo9 SXiyt ffmCofUptfi la'ryipSri 
iK TOV fApr)ii€iov ip€v iia<p0opa$, dXX* oiic ^Svtf^^i^ (repetition) fcar^cc? 
ri ^etoy rd funiiielop ia^payivpApop. dXX* &(nF€p 6 varilp 'Iaicii/3 
vpo4>TiT€iiras cvXJyijac odic i(y avroi9 cvXo/eu' ra Mi^. jcal 7rpoa-i$ffK€9 
6 Sv/mciiv ctvcii; rot; t/loi;, rovro iart^ i\€v$€povp ra? V^vx^^ 
i&^i; ivd T&p hiiapTiw^ kcX 2Sov i 'Lvikiiup vpo^rirrUi fcftl X^t t€/>1 
ri}9 i(t>C(€tiis TOV vloO rovr^ KaBa(p€i rrip V^x^^ avroO ivd r^; 

JKcSXi;<rcr SvfACfibr ro^s vloi( ovtov JSotc insorpivtip dvd (fkBopov ical 
iv€pij<f>apUis dXX' oj;K ^ft^i^aro icwXvcir, jcal yelp n(r€ 4 *Iovdato( 
j]rX77p<it^ <1>66pov Koi iv(priil>apta9 Kal iii<raPT€9 rbp *lri<rovp rjyayoif 
avrdp iFpdi rdp UiXdror vpdi riiv Kpl(rtp. kcI 6 IltXdro; cTtcp, oix 
cS/)oif jif avr^ oibtidav alTiai% 6 Sk Sv/mc&v eZircv, clirep inoTpiir€ir^ 
iv6 <I>66pov KOi iTr€pq<l>apla9 t6t€ &<rv€p ^6bop ipA doria dj^^<r€i ir 
*la'paii\ Kal &<nr€p Kplvop o'hp^ c/x^ ip *Iaic«^/9 jcal ia'ixti yuov ^<rr<u 
Baviiatrla dcrpiif, jcoi vXi/^jift^crerai J><nre/9 i/ta Kibpos. ^ yiip xibpos 
iyia 3x;o/jui^erai ^ irov vpoaOtp bipbpop iyidC^Tat ; iXXa rois 
6<l>$aXfjioi9 TfJ9 coff^Cas ol fAeyikoi isaTpiipxai ci5oif, m9 i *Ii|o-orf 
XpioT09 ^p 6 vU; roO ^€ot), <rrav/Mo^^vai Jv Kwaplxraif icat Ji^ vcnc; 
Kal ^if K^dp<{>. jcol ToiTov IpfKa 1^ K^Spo; iyla 3pojyul{S^ac, icol ir/30f 
ro^roi9 6 \6y09 piov ch Tohs alwas. touto i<rrl il vpoffktiTfla V€fi rot 
XpuTTOv (<os TTJs rcXeicSo-eox tw KX<ida>if air&p koI iioKpol laopTOL 
TovTo faTC t6 Svona tov Xp^rrov iraparci/clrai ip rw tOp€<nv. icm 
rorc loTOt <n\iUiop^ trap 6 fidya^ Kvpios 4>^lp7iTiu iiA rj y>J is 
ivOp^vos ffdC^p Tdp *AbdfjL. "OpoLf v&s iavr^ (riv^i Tbp 'Aftoft; 
in 'Abafi fjp vp&T09 ip0p4oiro9, Kal tirtcfp vapafiatp^p r^v itrrokifi 
TOV ®€ov. Kal (p€Ka To&rov 6 Gcd; iv6poiTro9 iy4p€To^ Kafii^p r^ 
oipKa iitb vapdipov, tavros (rd^^p r^i; tf^t/o-ii; Kal Tbp ip0p»vo»^ koI 
rbp 'A8a^ iytCpti koI TAr€ {eZv€p) vdpra rh vptifiaTa rfjs nXSrns 
boOi/iaopTai airrf c{( virqiia Kal ivOptairoi ip^prai KaraKvpicvcur rm 

Digitized by 



vovfip&v wcvfuiraii'. koX M rfi dvoXif^ci tov KvpUm (ir€ix\lf€v t6 
iyiov airr^ irvcv/ia M rots iy(oi9 iyyiX^ois fcal Aoiiccv airroU 
i^ovirCav Kal ivvofiiVf ical rols X<{/oi9 tov Kvplov iKwivovai weSfiard 
rrjs nXimjs Kal fjfuts (orn (n/fiupop l\ov(ra ra iyia i(rrla iv rals X^P^^ 
Irtirifjuas iafiii iucaddfyr^p ylrvx&v kqI 6 KaTtvds ivo<f>0lv€i> T6t€ fyit 
iycpoviMLi iv X^? ^^ c£Xoyi((ra> rbv iy^Krrov ifitb rmv BavyArtAv 
airrw, *OpaT€ rifv ^a>i^r rrjs Itrxvos Sri rov KvpCov a-TavpovjUvov 
rj yj} Irivia-a^To koX rii ixvrjfi€la iv€^6r\ koX ol vtKpoX ioflfnavTO jcal 
€v\6yr](TOV riv i^^torov iird r&v Bavfxirwv avTov vivr^s. &9 etircv 
6 0eJ;, 6 (rtorrip tov ivOpiivov txi^^p ttiv ordpKa koI iaOltAv avv toU 

After T. Ler. tIL 4 adds :— 

'E];v<(€i h\ oi r^tr fttpovrlba^ & *lovZai€, ical ^^KOt €k ttip 
Sy^iv tov Acvl m Tbv iyytkov Oaviidrtav ivd tw obpav&v* Jcal avrij! 
i iyy^kos €?»€, ov iyyits tov KvpCov oT^<r€i koX la-€i i iirrip4Tris 
avTOV Kal iTroKtjp6^€is rd iivarripia toIs ipOp^vois. Kal ircpl tov 
OikovTos orAC^iP Tbp '*l(rpai/jX. Kal otToas ovk ivpofiSy & 'lovdaie, tov 
iyyikov tov Gcov irpo^ifrc^ovro; roty vaTpdciv vfjL&p ir€pl ttjs 
o'torrtpCas IcrpaijA, ob yhp ri ^^M^ ^<^^ j^<£ri;, ot% iiTsb tov *\oiha 
iFiia€K 6 KiSpios iFap rd yivos ipdpAvfdP. 'EiWct yip^ S raXafir&>p€, 
5ri oCre &yyeXo9 oiSrc ipdp<iiiros ficcrirc^crai ^Xa 4 0ei9 a^ds 
irct^ci $/ia9, !2^av yiip &s ip irpciiroi; tlirofUp <roi, &; dird r^; yci^ca; 
'loiba 6 Kvpios yiyp€Tai iK r^9 ir<ip04pov MapCa^ Kal Acvl Ijp Atvlrris, 
Koi KaTi rbp Trp&Top ^6iaop Ijp Upeisy &<rT€ Ka0apC(€ip tcis ifiapTCai tov 
Xaov, Kal iia tovto Ijp UpAs hi 6 iyy€\oi cTire r^ A€vlf iK aov Kal i( 
*lo6ba 6 Kiiptos ^oinfo'crat toXs ipOpAvois aACaup koL ^ip(ap Ttav rd 
yipos iofOpdirtop ip€V atfiaTOs. *Evp6€i yi^ &s ol AyycXoi rov 0cov ip 
Tji XaTpflq T^ @€^ Ttpoo^^ipovaip oirt ri atfjia t&p ii6(r)(o»v ovre to 
at/ia T&v TpdyfAP iXX& x^^^ ^^ Kvpltf iriinrova-u* TfJ9 KaSapas Xarpc£a9. 
Koi atfrois ijfjLfU ol Kpamapol viyjfovaip r^ Kvplf^ rd aQyia kox rd 
atfxa 0)9 KaOaplbv XarpiCap KaTh ttip t6l^ip tov M€Xxi<r€d^K. 'EvvJci 
yc^/9 ?rcpl nMETTDV &XXov jcal itMov its 6 Kvpios voiti KpUrtp vtpl 
To4rmp T&p ivdpdirmp. ir^pl iyJav bi^ Z^ ToXatmapOiy oi iroici Kpltnp 
Ip T<j» wpl rf lurp4fmif. Kal r^ o-icctXijfci ijcoi/XT/ry jcal vapaaKeviCfAP 
ip&s is viTpas biaa-KopTrCC^p, iittl yap rbp Kipiov vpooTjXciirarc, Kal 
6 iikios iapiaOyi t6t€ o^x ^ ^Xiof ia^iaOri ; Src y&p ^/xcis riif Kvpiop 
iirravpiia'aT€f &s rft €ifay^\iop X^ct, r((re yap <rK6Tos fjp iirl 
vSurap TiiP ytjp ^ivb Tptnjs &pas lo^s ippdTtis t&v ibiri^p (ripaipo* 
lUpmp Kal tov "Abov alyjiaXtaTiCoiUpov. Xiy€ bi fioi, cl 6 ''JSJbris 

8 3 

Digitized by 



i7XMaX«ir4<r0i7, €{ voXifiioi &vkuryLivoi €h rhv "hiriv tlaiikOop iXk* 6 
Ofbs avrds St€ Ixeiro iv r<p funy/mcty, rore yap €Unik$€P eh top 
'^Airiv ik€V$€p&v rov 'Aftofi rdv vp&rov Kktirhv dvd roS leafuoTrfpCov 
Tov ''ASov, fiv yap 6 Kipiov ttjs yrjs Koi rijs i^vaa-ov, jcal lv€Ka nrirov 
il\0€ &(rT€ aly}iak^rLC^iv rbv "ki^v^ E2 yap fira$€V, 17 Seionfs 
avTov Ijv iv€V itaBovi. 

Ka(, IboHf €tv€v A€v(, ot€ iy€pOi§fr€s ^X^oftci^ els Be(9i7A. 

After yiii. 4 adds:— 

TovTO i<m ikoLf^ iyCtf ^ \ptovTat Xpi<mavoi aT<tiT€9 iv rff hyta 
KokvpLfii/i0p<^ paitTifTpJ^ tire hyiiCovrai r<p KvpCif koI bixpvTOL t6p 
aldviov plop. 

In vui. 5 after tkowri fu vian KoBapf adds :— 

tovt6 i<m T^ Tptvk^ fiaimfTpJ^ ip rf dvo/uuiri ro8 varpis koI tov 
vlov Koi TOV iylov vpeiipLOjos* 

and after iprop km cIpop dyta &yUȴ adds :^ 

tovt6 i<ni rrip iyCcof ei^apitrTCap ip r^ iKKXri<rli^ tov Oeov, 

and at cloae of Terse : — 

tovt6 i<m rd <nifi€iop tov hylov fiaimtryLOv' tovto yap rd IfxaTiov oi 
iyy€koi iirovpdpioi lh6pT€S fjyaXkid(ravTO* IMpTes yip tovto rd ifiiriov 
ToiTfiP TriP arokrip Ipio^op piKm(np r^; arparihi to^p boLfiopoiP. 

After viii. 6 adds : — 

KoL o6t(os Ik yj)6pov kcX ovk tU ^cl ih6Br\ fxoi Uparctfctv. twto l<m, 
Sti fjLOPos Ijp €ls rovs alQpas Koi tls tops al&pas fiipei 6 ^Iritrovs 6 Beds 
UpaTei€ip KaTit rriP Ti^ip tov McXxKrcd/ic. 

After viii. 8 adds : — 

tovto i(m k6y<ap evayyekiK&p ical inoarokiK&i^ iKo6opT€9 yap ol 
&Y101 iiipTvp€S iy4p$ri<rap iirl ttip <npaniip tov vokffiCov, 

After viii. 9 adds : — 

bii, TOVTO yap ol pApTvpes iyipOritrap Ka\ iareft^aviiOritrap ip tj} ipB§ 

After viii. 12 adds: — ^ 

tIs TtpofrtkBoip iXA* ov y€Prja'€TaL 6 X€y((/uicvos vird tov 'loxliwov tov 
/SaiTTioTou, oaris ^p ivd Ttjs ycpeas t&p Upi^P* Itrrai bi i-nd SAAijs 

Digitized by 



Tivbs fjLa$€Ca9y Sri ^ aoarripla tov K6a'iiov X^ycrat clrai dird rod Xpicrrov 

After viii. 19 adds : — 

'Eri/Jei b4^ & raXaCviape *Iov}ai€, is Koi (rol iyiv^ro ^ ^19 roO Aevl 
KoL ii iv(raipLdT(d<ns koL to vdOrffAa tov vlov tov 0€oS, iyi» <rol Xiy<a. 

After vXav&yrtg t6v *I(rparf\ in X. 2 adds : — 

TC irpotrboKas, S) 'Iov5ai€, TCva dc /m^j^ci? ip}{6yL^vov tov Aevl kiyovros 
&s ovK i7n.aT€V(raT€ iv rf ataTrjpi tov K6<rnov mi irkavoipT€s avrdv ; 

After X. 5 adds : — 

ftff yap ov vpotriy^tt, row Acfyot? /aov 6 Kil;pi09 eir • . • • rat ^V i^ii 
isvp aldviov. 

After zix. 12 T. Joseph add»:-- 

*Aicot;<roTe ydp, 'lovSaioi, fri Sr^Xoi rd ivirrvioVy ciSc yip ScSScica 
^X<i^ov9 veixofiivovs, oirroi ii IXa^of e^cri ScSieJca diroo-roXot, dyyAXoi^re? 
0avp.aTa iv r^ kJo-jui^, xal jvi^a ovrQVyKprjal, bkcairdpriirav iv S\ri Trj 
yfjy iMuTKOVTts Kal PavTC(ovT€S iv T^ dvdjiari tov vaT^pos koI tov 
vlov Kal TOV iylov irvt^fxaTos' 6peoCa>Si ^f^iy ol rpeif. 01 Tp€LS 
iKrjpvatrov jcol iiriOavop oi Xct^ourcs rd *Upo(r6\vpLa. *Q,s fj ypatf^ri 
A^yci, &9 vTtd TOV *HpibWf tov iv6iJLOv, *Iaicci»)3 ddeX^ds tov 'loxirvov 
iKTivOrj r<p f^^ei Kal oifroyp j 2W<^aj;o9 KaXov/yiCM); 6 irpQTOS tQv 
fiapripdnv imo t&v ^lovbaCiov jcarc^oifci!^ iriTpois, S<rTi9 iicoifxriOri Kiyatv' 
Kvpi€, iiii onjo-T/s airoii t^iv ifiapTCav Tavrqv, ovk otbaai ycip S tl 
TTOiovaiv* *Op(ia>, ^tr^, Sti iifjk$€ vapOivos i( *lovba, tovto iari fj 
iyCa irap$4vos (^ IJi'''/iTrip to6 &€ov) iK tov yivovs tov ^lovba ij 6vy6,Tr\p 
TOV 'ItaaxCiif txowra i<rOrJT€L pv<r(r(vriv> tovto ^(ttI ov pnavOflca ovbi 
ippvrO^laa (?), iXXh KaOapa koL <r<l>6bpa KaOapci i^ fjs 1j\0€v 6 ip,vds 
i.T€p KaKlaSy rovro i(n\v i vVbs rov 0€ov a25^/ia>i;, raireii;d; Ilv^v 
XoibopCaSy iv€V KcucCas SXoos iv€V ifiapTCas, Kal ivl ttj dpiorcp^ 
&<nt€p Ximv, ^rjfrCy Kal y&p 6 Xiyos t$9 O^drrjTOs avTov fiiyas Kal 
b€ivbs Kal Itrxypbs Kal €{iyv(o<TTOSi fcal vdvTa rd OripCa &pfjM>v KaT^ 
avTOv, <t>ri(rL tovtS Jori, v/i€i9 Kard/>aroi *lovbatoi, if^pare tov vIoj; tov 
G€ov XapifidvovTa Tait€iv6v Sy^iv, Kal vdvTa Th iypia Oripla Sppuav 
KaT airrbv \iyovT€S AajSe kafii o-ravpcio-arc, rd alfia airrov i<l>* ^plv Kal 
ivl ToU TiKvois fjpiQv* ivlKt\(T€V airovSi ^Tjal^ d d/Ax;J;* tovto itrrly 6 
vlbs TOV &€ov i(€yip6ri iird Tmv vtKp&v, ijuls bi \_ ] tQv KaK&s 
irtirpayfiivdtv ifJivrjadriTe Kal iviakiaare ovrd ^Is icaraTrdn/o-w tovto' 

Digitized by 



iarif dctirci vimls cZv icv\€Cav €k rd, tOvri Kal la-€a-0€ Kara^raToiiiepoi 
io^s Tov vvv iv rfi y^ ifx&Pm Kal ixptipovj i^^oiy iv <At!^ ot AyycAoi 
fcal ot ivOpoivoi, Kal vcura ^ yrj. i KiSpios 6 0cd( fjiAmv^ /9a<rt\€V9 tAp 
ovpavw jcal r^f y$9, rh i\^iAna fcol ra piprtpa efe fdop evdacftopuur 
TOV ivXoyuriAOV avvaycpft Tavra hi y^vrja-erai ip Kaipf airmp, 
'IaKc^/9 yap Ijp rpiQp Kal iirrii \ irmp jcal vibs tov 0cov iy€»^&^ 
ippia ir&p Kal ixcLpi/jirap Ik avT^ ip lo'^irais fffiipaiSf tovt6 jori, 
j) ^x^ '^^^ ^^ Tikos* ^p T^ vpiTif 1l\0€P iK TOV fiii y€pi<rBai tU 
TO y€pia6ax. vtpi TO^rrov (\eyop ol irpo^^rau Kal ^fifis xapfiar>iup 
iv avrf t<as t&p ia^xirmp tiyitpup. iAX' i/ftci;, TiKPa iiov, ^tiX<ifarc 
Ths ipTokhf TOV 0COV KvpCov Kcu TiiAaT€ TOP 'lotfdair Kal Tdp Aevi ori 
i^ airr^p irareXci ipXp 6 ipLpbs tov 0€ov, tovt6 ioTi, ivd Ttj^ yep^as 
TOO *Io^a jcal icarci r^i^ tA^ip tov Acvl rck v/MDreui Xafifiiprnp rjj 
iK^r^fioovpri <rii(a>p iripTas tov9 kaovs 'la-parjkf koI ipBvyiOv ov 'I<rpa^X, 
ov yc^p fAOi;<|) r^ ^Icrpa^X ^ aoiTtipla^ ikkii ircuri rots I0p€<np. Kal yo^ 
ov fxJvcp r^ 'lo/m^X iyip€To rj atarqpla^ iylpero iK r^9 iyutf rdr^f 
vap64poVf Kal lTpav€ iripTa Ti iBpr\ ck a-tarripCap. Kal ipSvfiav m 
6 ifivds TTiP TsapBipop Kr\pi<r(TUy Kal r] /Sao-iAcux airrov oi irapcuroXei^ 
<r€Tai €ls del Kal clvcr 'loxr^^. 

After fh drifuap in X. 8 T. Beig. adds :— 

ot flip OikoPT€9 €lpai ip rf fjiikkopTi fidf^ • . • del • . . pitrarov 
altipiop • • . dyaXXiMin-e^ iirl r^ iroioSin-t rd dyo^d irpayiiaTa^ ^ 
<rvP€X!&£ iTifid(opT€S ov ijl6pop dXAd Kal fiaaopCCoPTes^ ot ijaup ipOah€ 
ixiapol B€pdvoPT€9 Kal ov BikoPT€9 iJL€Tapo€iP vplp rj ipBaif ^evyeiF 
Kal i<l>iKP€urBau 6 o-KciXi/f ydp avroiv ov Xi^yei, enrer 6 Xpurros — 
Kpifia d^Kaioi^ Kal rd ^p ov c^ippvrau 
After xvi. adds:— 

Kal In (Toi X^yw, 'lovftaie, dp' iJK0V<ras Aevl X^yoi;ro9 roiy t4kpois tQv 
TiKp<ap avTov, e{ ydp iaTaip<o<ras Kvpiop SpMS olKre^ei koI de'xcrai 
Tovy ipxofiipovi irpoy avrdv fiatmaBipTas i/ftari ii^ T<p di/ofiarc toO 
irarpd; Kal rod vlov Kal rov dytov irveijfiaros Kal ippo^i Sti ovk ^orf (ro( 
trvyyvdfArj el /i?> Wioret/eis ^i; avr^ Kai bix^i rdp ^aTma-php ip r^ 
SpofxaTt avTOV. Kal ydp 6 0ed9 d K^piov a^rd; etire ip r$ ayiu 
€vayy€kCii^f e{ fx^ yeinjo-eraf riy r$ irdari Kal ry irvcvfAari, oiic 
cto'cXevo'erai el; r^v fiao'ik€lap t&p ovpap&p. 'AXXa oi^ S *Iov5al€, 
fjiij ex'i'Jet wepl rwr irpoTepop dirft)? fjii) dwoXXvp? r^y ^^^'^ <'^'' 
*A?ro5^X^v roi^ dyioi; paTtTitryidp Kal fa-€i m ptSyopos iralt ap€v 
il>Bopas KaKCa9 [ ]. 'Axove, S 'lovJaie, rov Acvl X^oi^oy, wc/k 

Ttjs tepare^z; tov Kvplov, 

Digitized by 





I. 2. 'Elf r$ Jbfwipif^ fjicr^ ravra Irct *Pov/3i)fi 6 vpioroyovos rov 
*laKii^ vlbs ippwrrQv irpo<r€Ki\€<r€ rohs d8€X<^o^9 avrov jcal r^ riKva^ 
3. Koi ^fjLriKvv€ airoU \6yov ii€TavoCa9 Kal ciTTc* 6. ijfjLafyrov avv 
Bi\\<j^ rfi boiKp Tov TraTp6s fiov, 7. koI el fxii 6 irariip vpo<nfi$iTo 
ry KvpC(^ 6 iyy^Xos rod KvpCov txr^iv^v ip. 10. *Ey5i ii ivTii Iriy 
oiK i-^vaifiriv tov otvov koX tov aUtpa koI Kpiai ovk €lfnj\0€ th 
Td (TTOfia fJLov ijiri ivTa iTti iih r^v ioiXy^iav. 

II. 'AKot!<Tar€, TfKva fwv, Trarpos ipMV *PovfiiifA Sa-a ttbop' 2. 'Eirr^ 
we^lJMTa TTJi vkimii iMOri KaTa tov ivOpAvov iird tov BikCap koI 
airri €l<n KfipaXii t&p fpytop Tfjs vXdi^9, [avr^ bi V€ipi(€Tat iKaoTOp 
avOpooirop ip vapTi t^ fil^, oi ^vo€i kyylypfrox Toma tol <rv(m(jyuira]. 
3. iXXa iioOri ovr^ cl; ai^cip btii rd cZvai ^j' airoU irap ipyop 
ipBpiivov. 4. vp&Top itPtviML C^fjs^ fi€B' ^9 1^ oHoTaois KTi^crai. 
beST€pop vpevfia 6pior€<oSy fi€d* fjs yiptTai iviOvpIa, 5. TpCrop irpevpia 
iLKofjs fitff 1)9 ylprrai hihatrKoXia* TiToprrop vp^p.a 6(r<l>prja'€<»S9 fieO* 
1i$ iarl y€Vois Mopiipri tls ovpoKktip &ipo9 Kal itPOfjs. 6. lUiiirTov 
po6\ria'i9y pLfB^ ^s ylperai ypQaii. 7. "'Ektoi; irircv/uia y€^(r€a)9 /med'. ijy 
yCvtrai fip&a-is fipmT&p jcal vormp jcal l(r^s ip avTol^ ktI(€Tm' 8ti 
ip PpdpMa-lp icrnv fj vvooTao'is Ttj^ la")(6os^ 8, "Efibofiop irvcv/ma 
truopas pL^ff 179 wv€%oip\€Tai hik 1^9 f^iKrfioplas 1} tLfxaprCa, 9. Aii 
Twro loxaTOP iorl TfJ9 xr^ea>9 koX vpmTOP Trjs pconyros, Sri iypolas 
ircvXij/Morai fcal oMi Tdp p^iTtpop i!b't\yti &s rvf^Xhp itsX fiSOpop Kal 
&s KTifPOs M icpfifip6p. IIL '£irl itdun to^ois iyioop itpevpta tov 

^ In this retranslation ibe chief and indeed most of the minor additions 
peculiar to the Slavonic Version are enclosed in square brackets. The 
text is frequently corrupt and defective, and occasionally, as in the 
Test Judah, exhibits a complete inversion of the proper order of the 

Digitized by 



tvvov iarC, y^ttt oS iKxltrOri iKorairis 4>ii(ri<as xal cIk&v too Bavarov. 
2. Tot7roi9 T0i9 irveSfiaa-i <n}fifilyvvrai to w^vfia rfjs v\iin}s. 3. Tlpmrop 
rd Tfis vopvtlas lufBdvT^rat rris ^v<r€a>s. h€vr€pov wtvfM ivXtjareias 
iv tJ yaoTpl, 4. TpCrov iFv^vfxa fiixV^ ^^ ^ KopbCq Koi rfj \okfi. 
riraprop irv€vpLa ip€aK€Cw xal pLoyyavtias, tva hia ir€pi€py€ta9 »/xubs 
6<l>Brj [ro49 dv<ric((Aai9 6p«»(ri]. 5. Uiiivrov irP€vpM ivepifiilMWclas 
i-naivovvTos iavrov Koi p.€yaXo4>povovuTos. ^Ektov vv^fia yjftvbow ip 
diTttXc^f fcal ip ^06vii^ &<rr€ v\dTT€tv \6ycvs Koi Kpfitrr^ip 2ird nm 
yipovs ticX imb rmp oIk€1<ov. 6. "Epiopbop 'np€vpLa ihiKCas^ pL^ff ^s 
fcXoTT^ KoX ypvirtapLara tpa vonfjo^ <l>ikffbovl<w KapbCa9 avrov, *H yap 
ibiKla (TVP€py€i rols XomoU irj/cv/xacn. 7. 'Eirl irao-i tovtois rd irvcvfux 
rov Hvpov (rvpivrtrai vKivji jcal (f>eanaa'C<^ 8. jcal oih-o^; diroXAvrai 
vas Vidrcpos^ (TKorlCiOP rbp povp avrov ivb rrjs dXiy^cta^, iccu /a^ 
avpCtap ip rf ]/((fx^ roS 0eot; palpcuf, jynjre tiiraKotMOi; paoB^trias 
Tf aripoip avrov' (Scrircp icdyii iiraBop ip rfj P€6TfirC juiov. 10. icol vvi^, 
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Digitized by 



fcal iv acjfiacri. 6. iCrikaxra rbv 'loxn^^, top i^ibv ddcX^c^v, 7. koI i 

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ii i$kioi iirri irpis ifipiv Kal Sv€tbos Kal ifrri itapihtiyiia irao-i rol$ 
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^fx^pf Kpl<r€ios irotfja-ai iKiCKYitnv Iv rols irv€i{fia<ri rij? vXivri^ xal 
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Digitized by 



ixaXiiraiV€ iv fifiuf VII. 1. koI etvov r<p irarpC fxov, Ki;/Jie 'Iafca>^ 
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ilJLHS yhp ol oiic Ippoiap Ixovrc; ToXcuvApf Ip iAiKlq, iUper€ xal 
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rmv iaifiovmv ip&vra ^ci/yci]. 6. *0 rplros fi%)wiin\v fic if€pUfiak€v^ 
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'lovSatc, Kal rtpa lUvta ipx<ili€VOVy roS Acvt irpo^T€flovTo% Iwcl ip tS 
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varpds K<d tcv vlov koX tov iyiov we^jMLTos^ ivv6€i.- hi Sn (Ak oZicrc/oci 
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OB. PA. T 

Digitized by 



oinw av^^aovrai h avvio'ti M tjJ yp icol tJ x^''^^^ ^^^ ®^*"' ® 
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iOafav airov iv X^fipw Sirov 'A/Spaclfi ical 'I<ra£ic ical *Iaic<i)9, 

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1. 1 y 2, 3. Mcrci ToSra *Io^2a, rirapro^ vlb^ *Iaic<^/9, vld( A^as iKoXiaaro 
Tclvi vXcH)^ aimv irpSs iavrov mX cZirc, TtKva fiov, itpb rov k-n^Bav^iv 
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iviaxop Tolfs ifwbs Ppa^lovas kcX tvUrja-a Kpiros v6k€(as ovk tUovtrris] 
III« 10. KM eZ^r J Tranfp piov *Iafccb/3 £f 6 iyycXos roO Kpartpov 
ipo'fi6r\ai /mot ircpl 1^9 ivhp^las kcX vpo<r€ix€V ovroi; rdi^ vovit. 

XVI II« I. EZSov y^ iv rdis Pipklois rov 'Eif^Xt ^o'a fcaica flrotcirai 
jj' rai9 itrxiraLs ^fi^pai;, 2. ^Xa o-cSo-arc ipJas tawoisy, riKva /mov, 
iird viLtn\s iropv€ias fcal ^CKapyvplas^ 3. ^19 dvoorepfi rov vcTfjiov rov 
KvpCoVf Kal ^icrv^Xo7 rck ivvorjfxara Trjs V^X^^s '^^^ ^'^ £^rei Hifbpa 
JXe^o-ai rdy vXy^o-^oi^ avrov. 4. Koi crw{x€^ airbv tv fufx^ots koL 
it6pol9* XIX. 2. Aii ipyvpiov ¥yi$ iir<ik€<ra ra rikva /aov, ical fl 
fA^ il pLerivoia o-opicc^; fiov ical ^ rairctvaio^cs V^?^ f^v> '^^ °^ 
cvxal 'lafCMjS rov itaTp6^ fiovj ircici^os elxoi; dTro^ai^eii;. 3. 'AAA* 6 
0cd9 rw Ttariptiiv fiov 6 olKvCjppMp Kal ^Xcit/umoi;, cvvlyviA Sn ^v 
iyvoCt^ IvoCqau. 4. 'Eri;<^Xc»(re y<(p /ac 6 ipx<ov rrjs vXivris Ka\ 
ijyviria'a mi HvOpoivoi Kal &s <rdp(^ Iv hixaprCais ^Oaptk, fcol MyvtAv 
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fuw, Kal fjiJMVpfaai p.av t^p KapbCav imOviiCt^ 7. koI irapafihi top 
vSfiop TOV 0€o9 crvpln^tra, 8. koX iarraitibtoKi piai Kvpios in ovk 
rfiit^pivOriP ivl roU riKVoii avrrjs. - 

XIV. Kal vvp, riKva funi, juii) iX€$va'K€a'$€ oTr^* Sri i dtvos biaaTp44>fi 
rbp povp ivb rrj^ ikriO€iaSy koL J/A/3<iXXcc porifia ipyfjSf koL ibriyel €h 
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iiaXoyiafiols pwapoU owrapiLirtrti, rbp povp €U voppcCav fcal jfc^cp* 
fudvfi rb a&pM irpbs fxl^ip, koL el iriptari rb rrjs ivLOvfdai aXnop 
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iirl rai9 inSXcus, 5n ip i<l>$a\ixoh vovto^p i^ikkiva vpbs rifP 0((fiap, 

T a 

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oZtrav viyL(^r\v^ kqH iiroh\(ra kfjMprlav 6. h lUBjji* ical ovic i^ofio6\aiv 
rV ivTcki^v rw Kvplov,: 5. ical djvjcd\v^a ic(iXvfifia T&ru; fo raiir 
A/uui/>r£ti(( /iov. 7. Kal irSi^, riKua, /a^ luOwnairt irop^ ^orcp r^F 

iyiw ijJOji, rd w€VfjLa rrjs 7ropv€las ^l^mopeCiTtu el; (ivOpiovov) kcu 
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iXkd, iyKavxwrdai r^ iniUi^ avrod. 

XV. Kal Karrjyopovp^vos oi rairtipovrai ilk ri)v inidap ^UyarritrB^ 
m ri, iyaOa \4y€iv. 2. €l yitp /Sa^riXc^ tk fUvfi fK0wrK6iJi^aK>s kcI 
vopv^Cq napix^i iavrdv yvpLva6fjL€V09 iK rfji ficunKcCai Tax4m jfcirixrcc. 
h, Kal ibti^ pLOi 6 AyycAo; rov KvpCov iri rmv C^vrmv Iv fidOjfy ^ 
fiaaiXitAV rj 'vr^x^^ al.yvMUJcc; KaTCLKvpi€iov<nv xal rov ijAp /Soo-tX^ttt 
alpov(riv riiv b6^p, tov Zi iybp^lov t)iv iipaynv fcal tov irraixcw hf if 
irrcuxc^f riKeiov arripiypua, 

XVI. 4>vX(i(r<rc(r^€ oSv, riKva /iov, rcl X^^^ ^'^ y^^^* ^^ Y^P ^ ^^ 
riccapa 7rv€ifiaTa vovriph iviBviiias^ wpciaca); ia-torCas, alayfiOKcpbiaif 
[ivaiMasI, 2. EI imi vIv€T€ (tvv r^ ^<(/9^ tov 0coO. 'E^ir ydt^ jjr 
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trxwrCa [xai ipxri ttJ9 a/xapr^s]. 3. Kal ylyvovTOH ivrikoyCai tt^v 
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IvTokdv &€ov Kal iarai. iiniX^ia oiK iv Kaip^ v/aoIi'. 4. is Kiyu 
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XayaviriSc, ols ctTrei' 6 0€d$ fi^ diroKaXi!^ai. 

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Kal] jui^ iyavap ipy^piov, iiriii tixfikivtiv tk k6X\o9 ywa^K&v Iv r§ 
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inkav/jdriv bi* avrriv &s iv$p(ovo9 &y iv lUSji Kal r^ J^ec oXtuk 

XVIII. 2. Kal vvv^ riKva fiov, dfcot/o'arc ^loiba tov vaTpb^ ifJL&v^ ical 
<^kd(aa$€ avb Trjs <f>ikapyvpCas Kal yAOr\s^ 3. &n ravra i^tora 
{vopjov 0€(w) ical iv€pri<l>aifCap iKbibio'Ktc 4. ical orcpftricei ri^r ^^toA^ 
avroO 2ird irciai^s iyaOo(r6vris^ Kal ifl>i<rT^iiwov iv avrov Kal KaTCLbanapa 
aipKai avrov, 6. ical ras ei^iis Gcoti iiivobCCfi Kal evkoyCas oi 
lUpvrfrai^ Kal itpoif^rirrji kaXovvTi ov\ i;iraicot;ci, fcal kiyt^ eva-cfieCas 
'irpo(Tox$C(€L» 6. KoH iv ^jJ^ipq &i iv wktI vopeiierai. 

XII. 3, 4, 6. 'Eyit bi pMpaiv6p,€VOS t^ fUBtf j5i{Att(ra tol iLvurripiA 
r^; Kapblas fxov Kal IbooKa ttiv ^d^bov Kal Td bidJbrifia 1^9 /SacrtXcCoif 
fiov TjJ ®dp,ap rg viii4>ji fiov, [rJYVoriaa yip Jn Qdiiap iji; 7r6pvriy oI 
y^ iird Meo-OTrora/A^; ^0*01^ dvyaT4p€S *Aftpadp,'\. X. 1, 2, fcal i^xa 

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:£PP£NDIX Y 277 

a^TT^i^ r^ vtf *Hp if ydfu>v koI ^Hp iiv vKoktis kal 1jfi4Xti<pe rfjs 
®dimp. airois oifK fjv ytolpa Ik ycHas \avaiv^ Kal i iyy^Xos tov 
0€o0 iKT€iv€v avrdi' iv Tjj TpCrg wktL 3. ical oifK iylv<oaK€v aMiv 
bib. rijs a-KoXiorriTos, oi yap 7J$€\€V lx,€iv l( airrjs Wkvo. 4. iv tm 
^fxipais TOV yipLOV* 1. Ijv yhp iK MeaoirorajEifas, Ovyinip' *Apdpu Kal 
IbwKa avTTiv T^ vl^ p.ov *Hp €h ydpiov. 2. ^Hi^ bi ^H/) irovripbs xal 
fproptlTo ir€pi ttjs ®ipap Sn oifK Ijv iK yrjs Xavadv, Kal iyyeXioi 
Kvptov iv€lk€V airbp rfj rpCrji wktL 3. fcai avrbs ovk iyvto aMiv^ 
Karii vavovpyCav rrjs prirpos airoS, oi yip ijOtkiv ix€U^ riKva iir 
airrji. 4. 'Ev raU fjfxipaif tov $aXipx>v iireyipi^ptva'a airrff Tbv AvvaVf 
r^ b€VTipif vl^ juiov, Kal ye cJiros iv itovripCq oIk fyv<^ oMiv voiria-as 
ovv avT^ iviavrSv, 5. ical St€ ijvtlKriira ainr^ (rvv€k$€iv Tia^rtap abr^, 
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iWi Toirris Trjs vovripCas y€vop,ivtiSy 6. f^O^Kov KaX Tbv 2iXi»/x boiuvai 
aifTfiy TOV Tplrov vUvy iW* If yvvrj fuw Briira'cvi ^oIk i^iJKtjf 
ivovrjpejiiTo y&p vpds r^v Qipiap, 8ri oiic ijv iK Ovyariprnv ^apaitv 
is aMi. 

XII. 1. [SirovSi} yiip fjy r^ Qifiap fx^iv TiKva ivh Trjs y€vw roG 
^Appadpi. *H yap y€V€h tov 'A^paa/m iji' ifpo(n€TayyAvi\ koX TivayK&(r6i\\ 
ri Qdpiap KaOrjtrOai ivl rois v6\aiSy m v6pvr]y KoapLridtia-a KoapLi^ 
wp4>iK^ [ical <t>Oi(raaa ri)i; ib6p /yu>v], Sti ivipxppMi i'ltb T^iv vpopdrw, 
3. M€Ov(T$€is oZv iyii oIk imiyvuiv aXn^v iird tov olvov^ kcX fjirirriiri 
/AC rd xdAAo; avTrjSj 4. ical /5a>fca avrfj ttiv pifibov Koi ttiv Cdpriv, fcal 
ivXtia-iAa-Ori iptoC^ [koI €tx€v iv Tjj KOiXlq ToifS bMpiovs ^aph ical *ACdp, 
fcai Ijv pvcrfipiov (l>aiv6pL€vov iv r^ refccu^ rijv &A.pjapy iit^i rd vpwov 
rixvov i^€Ti6f] t^v \Apat ^ puue&rpui ibi<rpi€V(r€ vfjpLa kSkkivov ivl Ttj 
X€iplj Tji &6r)pLivjiy <8oTc €lbivai rd TiKvov 6 irpciTOV iyivero. koX rd 
tIkvov iKiXv^€ T^v \tipa kolL ^y tol TiKpa iyytkla toXs XaoU vaXai&p 
Kal Kaiv&v^ &s ycip fjv rh iroXai^ vpb tov v6pjov Svra iv^pOti icard 
Tbv v6pL0Vy &s cl rf v6puif awrq po6pL€va, ivvSei bi Tbv "AptX koI 
Tbv 2ri$ Kol 'Evi^x ical *Ei^cis, N«»€ xal *Epip koX oUtias Tbv *A/3paa/A 
ts lAetV^e Tbv tcaiipa x^P^ ^^ 0co0, *Ici^ re xal McXxttrcft^ic, ical 
oirrox ol &XA01 vpw^ai^ ot i\ikti(ra» ircpl r^; i\€V(r€(Ai tw Xpurrovn 
iXXh is iKpv\lf€ r^v X^H^ ^^ ^ icoiX^9, oSrcDs ro8 v6piov Kpvwropiivov 
Kal iripLaCopJpov iy€vvri0ri 6 ^apii. ical rJre i^XO^v i Zapa Kal 
i<l>aiv€TO TO VTJpLa rd k6kkivov, rd <nifi4uv6pL€vov r^ al/uuin tov Xpcorot)]. 

XX. Kal ivlyvwTt^ TiKva fiov, Sti bvo iri/cvftara arxoKidovai ry 
ivOpAisif Tb Ttis iXriB^las kcX rd r^( vXianis. 2. pAaov itrri rd r^ff 
irwea-ettf roS vo<$;, iipd( ra^9 4^c( ^ c2\iK/>ii;i)s j(X^vc<r0ai ical 

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278 A»ENDIX V 

Kklverai vpb^ r^y Kopblav rov ivOpfiisov kcX tKOaros yiyv4i<ricci t^9 
ipiavi/iv. 4. Koi ovfc j<rrl Kaipdi iv f ^w^crcroi Xo^cur ip$pmitmv ipya. 
5n ^ir (m{^€i iTrimv air^^ iyyiypavrai hniviov Kvpiov* 5. icol 
i^prwXds jic r^s Kapbla9 ovrov, fccU 2fxu itp6(Tmisov ov Sto^onu 
7r/»ds riir Kpir^Vt XXL 1, 2. Kal vw, riKva^ iyycXXco i/fuir &$ i 
0€d9 tb(AK€ Ti\v Uparcfop r^ Acut, koL lyuoi Aa>fcc ri)v PaaiK^lap, 
XXII. 1. [M<y<(Xif flip j^ ^01 rapa^ii koI iutcl ravra fartu iv reus 
i<r\6r(U9 flyiipaks] iwXXol drovrai iroAcfAOi Jv ti^ 'Icrpai^X ical icar 
2AXi{Aa>if, ical iaovrai dioi/^o-cts. XXIII. 3. ical ikeitrercLi kmd^ koI 
Xoifuf;. Kal rh rinva ijiMV if^lfrerai voktopidav koL trivras rovs 
6ki6pcvs, 4« KoL jicrcfiovcruy j^ i(/uUi»i' ^cis €vpotS\ovs raif yvwu^ 
avTttv. 5. Kal imtrKiyfrtTai ifjAs Kt?/»io( &; ^X^€C, [ical loroi o-«in}p£s 
r^ ^Itrpaifik, iv rfj vap<nxriq rov 0€ov rod iXfj^oDs]. 

XXIV. Kal jieri, ravra ivartkti vfuv ftarpop i$ 'Iaicii)3 ^ir cZ/njiyif, 
ical dvaoT^crcrai &v$p(airos ix rov yivavs /mov tts 6 ^Xtos r^; biKato(rivrts, 
4TVfJii:op€v6iA€vos Tois ivOpiiiaois tv biKaio<rivii fcal vpaoniTi, jcal vcuni 
iipLaprla ovx ev/DC^crerai jv avry^ 2. Kal ivoiy^avvrai iv avrdv ol 
ovpavol iicxfai vvt^iiaros €vkaylav varpdi iylov koI air^ ^KX€€t 
vv€Vixa xipiTos i4>* ifias. 4. icol i<r€a'$€ air^ ck vlot^ ^jf i\ri6€ui 
Kol vop€'6a'€a'$€ bf vpoffrij^yLaan airrov itp^oi^ kcX iay&rois* 5. oSro; 
6 fikaarbs Qtev iyjfCoTov Kal atrri fj .90777) tk C^iiv iriaris acipKos, 
6. T6t€ ivaXdfi^€i a-Krfirrpov ./3a(riXe/a9 .fu>v, fcal iirb rifs pCCrfS viiw 
yei/^<rcrat TrvOixrjVf 7. fcal & avrf ivaPrja-tTai pdpbos biKaioaivrff 
rots i6v€fn Kptvai koL aQa-ai vivTai rohs iinKaXov^vovs Kvptov. 

XXVI. 4. Kal ravra €lvitv iiih<aK€ rifv V'vxV *lovbas 6 vids tov 
'IaKcb/9 rirapros ical r^s Afas, C^<ras (rrj iKarbv ical ^lo^^a jcal b^Ka' 
Kal i^i4^€pov avrdv ol ulcl avrov ical (Oa^av airri^v iv Xe^pikp /uicra 
rQv varipoiv axiTov, 


I. Merdt ravra 'lo-ax^p KaX^<raff r<w9 vtoi« avrov etirci; avn>&. 
iLKOvaarCi riKva ^Icrax^p rov ^rarpds v^iw^ ivforUratrd^ pr^iiara, 2. *£yM 
iri\6rjv vifmros vlds r^ ^^axi^p iv /uic<r^y r&v jiavbpayop&v. 

III. 1. {Kal irpbs roiJrotf etirct^ ovk olSarc], r^ici^a fiov, &$ f^o* 
piv6iir\v iv evOTirrin Kapblas 5. ical iras iroi^of dr^Xoxre rb ic/xlrof 
/xov. 7. Kal Kvpios J8ivXa<rfaf€ ra iya^d ^i^ X^P^^ M^^* ^orpt furv 
vav inolriau rtpitvhv ical jv ov^ei^l vapdpyiia'a rriv KapbCav avrm, jcol 
iyii [l^cpoi^] iroy rd /Sdpo? rov 0€kriixaro9 airroiv. iyi^ ijv S ^^mbt 
ivip pJrpoVi ««i ^W^i' ^ Trar^p i/ids on 6 ©eds <rov€py^l rji dirXonyn 

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liov. 3. Kal ovK ij^rfp irtpUpyo^ iv reus vpi^MtrC /yu>v oifbi <l>6oy€pds 
Kol fida-Kovos rf vXria'Cov^ 4. ov KaT€ki\ri<rd nvos, oHi l^ffa fiCov 

IV. Kal vvv iLK0f6(raT€, riKva 'l(raxcLp itarpb^ vfiw, kclL vop€V€ir$€ iv 
iirkirriTi Kapbla9> 2. 01 ^j^ AirAJnyri fiaCvovT€s oi $4\ov<r^ rd ii,iap6v^ 
OVK imOvixtrntri eipelv roh^ Orfaavpovs robs voKvtIijlovs* ov OiXovo'i €h 
'n\€OP€^Cap, Tov vkqtrCov oi KoraKpCvovaiv, Kal ovic ivK^povirL rh op€iho9 
KaT ivOp^oVy PpfniiirtAV iroifc£\a)V ovk j^^crai. 3. yji6vw)i fiaKpoh^ 
ovx irroypi(l>€L (fjv, iXXd, pjivov iKhix^rai rb $4\rifia rov 0€ov [iv t^ 
€iry€V€lq r^s Tair€Ufo4>poirivris avroS]. 4. KaC ye rh irv€ifiaTa rrj^ 
vKivrif obbiv laxiiovai vpds avT6v^ ov yap ciScv iirihi^acrBai kAWos 
BrjXtCas^ tva fii^ iv bia<rTpo<l>rj p,iaCvri rbv vovv airrov' 5. ov C^Xos iv 
biafiovXtois airrov JTrcXct/ercrar oi fiaiTKOvCa ^ki^kci V^xV oirrov oibi 
al(r6iv€Tai ret ^rraatdbri. 6. vdvra 6pq iv iirkirqTif Kal oi krjyjfrrai 
vovripbv i4>0aXfJi6v oi vop€V€Tai iv r^ ic^pSet vopeitroL iv rfj eiOvrrjTi 
r$9 ^rvx?^ ^* '^^ ^Xdrro)!; rdi^ vrf/yu>iy rod KvpCov^ Kal ip-eh^ riKva fiovt 
OT^TC iv hTrKonpri [iv voKrais biavoCais ip.&v kcX iyairare avr^i/ ical 
crv/A/SioOrc <rw avrj} ical KoK^OricB^ avrj}] Kal iic<rt;o-aT€ xAy ^in-oX^s 
Kvp^ou Kal fi^ iv€MC€T€ pLfibapL&s rf irAijo'^^ 2. Ak\a iyavm rhv 
Kipiov Kal rbv vKrialov, vivrira Kal ia$€V7i i\€aT€. 3. 'Twotferc rbv 
vi^Tov ipL&v €U rb y€(dpy€iv Tijv yrjv ipiW^ koL ivb rw ipytav bQpa 
fier' tixapiartlas Kvpit^ vpoa'<f>4per€f 4. Kal iirb \tov tpyov\ Xrjylf€(r6€ 
€i\oyCaVy m rb vplv 'A/3cX £Kal €ixapi(mCav ^^/jctc, riKva /uwv], 
7. A€xA Kal *Io^2a, Kal yitp ol bvo ibo&urBrjoav r^ Rvptcp ^1^ vaaiv rois 
viols 'IaKcf/9, Kal yap Kipios iKki/ipwrtv iv airols, koI t^ p,iv l8a>K€ ttiv 
Upartlav, t$ b^ rriv fiaoikitav. 

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y€vprf0rival ^, ifi&i^ ' irar^p fun; {(ri h rats voudtkaa piphois €7xc 
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Kvplov Kal iroti{<rar€ iXcos ^irl rdv ib€k<p6vf koL MimrkayxvCav vpdi 
vivras. 2. Aii yap ravra ^k6y7\<Ti lu Kvp(os, otSe yap Kipios 
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voirjirii im rdv irkqaCov avrov^ aSrms ical 6 Kt/pios irotif<r€i iv* abrov* 
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riKva iJLOVi iaiOrffrt ivoiroi iifb KvpCoVj ical i^/xeis avrol oI5are. 

VIII. 5. Kal vvv iya7taT€ ikXi^kovs, Kal piii koyCCiaSe KaKov ittl rbv 
vkfiaLov ipMVf 6. Kal yap if i.vix$€UL riiv V^^'' iiroxwpLCti \ivd toIv 
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twotav Kal i<l>avlC€i rr^v Ihrap^iv. 

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aZxM^^^^^''^'^^^ ^f^^ ^^ ^'^P.ol ip>w Kal KaKa»^<rc(r(9€ jxr l^pc<ri 
Kal Jv iarOtPtlai^ kcX 6ki^€<n, 7. Kal ficrd ravra iwriaBi/i<r€aBi 
Kvplov Kal ficravo^o-ere Kal itrurrphlffi ipJaSf in iketJiAtAv iarl Kal 
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4»w biKaiofrivris koX JiraifeXct;<7C<r^c eb rijv yijv ipL&v Kal S\^ir0€ 

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K^ipiov Iv 'IcpovirdXif/A. 9. koI itiKuf iv vovfipCt^ Ipytav iiiQv vapop- 
yla'€T€ airrbv ical ivoppiffnia'€<r$€ 1(09 icaipoO <n;irrcXc^9. 

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avop.lav Kal SiKaioi Javrdi^ ^i' rf) ivopin^ \oi yap oZSc rdi' vdpiov tov 

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@€ov, iy€tp€Tai iulI ^ i&lrris rod ^^ovs, eUripxerai tU riiv KC^aXi]7, 
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iropc^crai {icol ^rc 4p$ ivBpa^vov ipyi^oyu^vov vcAciC^nu ccvrf ral 
rv^Aoi ovrov t^v ^x^'']* 

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yiJLohi dpyris. 8. Tapcuraoiiivtis ii i^XV^ a^^orarai Kvpios* iir* ovrift 
Kal fcvpic^ec avr^s 6 BcAfap. 

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vofxov oifTov. iyairaT€ fcal /xtcn^arc rd V^cv8o9, ti^a ^eiyg iitf^ v\imf 
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ical irkrjyai A^^eo-^e 9. fcal otfTws iTn<rTpi\ltavT€s vp6i Kvpiap ikeifO^' 
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13. ^ri Kvpios lorai ImUin^ ovr^s (*l€pov<raAiyft) rois ii^/Mi*70if 
cvpapaarpt^Sfxtpos Kal iyios *ItrpaT/A ov ypiapKrOTJa-erai v/uiuf ^r 
ra?r€ii;fiSo-€i Kal cv irra>X€^9 Kal 6 iriorcvcoif ^* avrf oi dca^d^€&n» 
[xal Apfoi^at Aa/Setv rdi; alcSx^ioi' /9ibi; ol iyycAoi vcdrevo-aprc^ Jv' 

VI. 3, 5ta rofiro (nravHC^i 6 ixOpos inocKfklC^ip vJarras roi? 
iviKoXovfiivovs Tdv Kvpiov^ 4. Kal oi;i^cAe?rai 17 fiaa-ikcla tov lxl$po£, 
6. "^Ecrrai 2^ jv Kaip<^ ivofxCas tov *I(rpai)A i^^to-r^i/xevo^ i'lr' avrw^ 
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diX-qiia avTW^ 8ti ovdcvl tw iiyyikfAv lorat &9 avr^ 7. rd S^ &fo^ 
avrov fo-rai ^i' v&ai rois iOvta-iP 2a>rT)p 9. j dAv^^s Kal 'lepotMroA^ 
irpa()9 Kal raTrcivos Kal dtddo-Kcrai ^v irain-l r^ i^ojicp. V. 6» 6 Saropo; 
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iliQp, VL 9. Kal oCT(as iiT€<rr€ikdiAriP^ vpxpy fierdboT^ Kal v|A€ts Tcis 
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yipoiTo ri y^voy fiov els o-(aTTipCav €ls dcf. 

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VII. 1. Kal ravra clira>ir Karc^^Aiytrev cAtovs kcu jic8d«»<ri rd irvevixa 
airov. 2. Kal ol viol avrov /uicrd ravra ijveyKav aiirov tls Xtfipbv 
fcal lOfiKcof iv r<p airr^ 07n}Xa(^ Jv f 'I<raafc xal 'Iaicci/3. 3. icol ir<ii^a 
rcL irri avrov iKar^ koI clKO<ri fcal vivre* 


I. 1. ^AvfCypatf^ov Statfi^Ki}? Ne^tfoXcl/x vlov *IaiccS)9, rod dyMov 
vlov B(lAX?7(, rrjs ioiXris ^PaxifX, irepl ^v<riK^$ iyaOirriros, 5, *AKoi(rar€ 
Ifiov rov irarpbi ifA&v Xfyoi;ro9« 

II. 1. 'E7r€idi^ Ktiv<l>os "Sl^fjv Tols imvl ^wv &f ^Aa^;, ira({ fA€ 6 
varrjp fiov *Iaica»)3 clf vaaav diroaroXV J'^^*^ Ayciv ical <l>4p€iv Kal ye 
»( iyycXoi; ciXoyiyW fxc. 2. ical yci^ 6 K€pafjLm oZ5c rd <rK€vof , ir6(rov 
X<apM 04k€i iroi^crai ical oTcrcc m^Xdi; Kal ^roccur avr^ KoSi^s Oiktk <Ar<a 
KoL i Kipios vpbs 6iJLolw<nv rov irvtvfjiaTos voui rd <rSpa rov ivOpdirov 
fcal trpdf rffv hiivapnv rov a<ipMT09 rd Trvcv/ma ivrCBriau 3. ical iif 
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ovro) Kal 6 K6yos airrov tj h v6ii,i^ Kvplov tj ip p6fJLi^ B(X(ap. 7. Koi 
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ic€x<i^^toTa( ivdyL€<rop ivhpbs Kal yvvaiK^; Kal oIk larip ctTreiv Sn ip rf 
ipl TTpoa-^Trij^ SpiOidp ifrri. 8. vipra yap ip r<{fci ivolr\<r€P i &€ds 
KoKi, ip rfi fMp<t>fi rfjs K€il>akTJs trvprnxfjidvai tlal rpl\€S irpds bo^ap^ 
ctra KapbUuf €h <l>p6priaip, koiXCop cfe biiKpi<np^ oTOfjLd\ov KciXa/jtoi/ irpds 
iyCeiop, Ijvap ttphs OviiSp, xokriP vpds iriKpCap, &ko^p €ls yiko^ra, ylnSas 
€ls Mpapup, vK€vpas cts ^ki^i/, 6<r^ip cis i(TxiPf koI vdpra Kal Tricras 
Tcis alaOi/ja-fis* [4>vX(icF0-€r€ riiP iyiTniP vpds rdp &€6p, koI tl 
if>oP€ira( ris rdp ©cdif Skri r^ V'vxf} i^oX triaa^ ras attrO^atiSf Sri 6 
&€69 i<m Kal Kparc? airrw* d ris dvo/SciXXei ri)i; iyairrip rov &€ov, 
T6r€ ip r^ biaOic^i avrov ipyJiC^a-dat ip^ovctp dvpLoSy KoiZopCa, ftapv- 
KapbCa^ \6Xoif f^iiOri, iroXv^aylay vopp€lay C^Xorvir^ dirXiyaTfoi, XoiSop^a, 
fpBopos KoX vav /3d^Xvy/Aa]. 9. vAvra iroi'/i<rapras ip rcl^et ^1; ^<(/3^ 
&€ov, III. 1. K(A (riiairQpras ra p.ipit\ rris KapbCas rd Oikruia rov 
@€ov Kpar^lp, Kal ivopphrtw rb OiXriyua rov biafiSkov. 2. ''HXios 
yip Kal (r€k/ipfi Kal i<rrip€S oiK iXKoiown ri^ip abrw^ oUrias Kal 

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i284 Appendix ir 

ifuU fxii 2XXoi<i<n;r€ [v6iiop 6co9] iv ira^Cq. upa^tiAV iymv. '3. ^Edrf 
yap vXamfOivra firc<r€ kuX iififvTa rdv Kipwv 'ijXkoluirap raiiv avruf 
Kal iTnjKoXoMriirav roif clftciXot; icol i^riKoXovOria'ap W€Viia<ri vXJunis, 
[ical Toi/s ptovs oifT&v il^ywwtv h ira^lq xal ff ^^^ airmv yiifm:. 
)3/)M/uuK r^ SaroifS]. 4. *Opar€ y((p, riKva iiov^ yiyvArKere ?': 
oTcp^MfMi Trjs yfis Kai OaXicinis iv natri roi; dfj/iiOvpTj^/yuurtv, [nzl] 
Kvptoy TOP isoi^iraPTa roOra vcii^a tmi fx^ yivrfirO^ &s 2<$5ofuz xal 
ToiAoppat atrivMs ipi/jXXaiap rhs ri^is airrmv. 

IV. 1« Tavra yop ivpiri<ra h rais ypa^9 CElvcixX 8ri icaf yc jcoI 
v/ACi; &9rooT^flre<r0€ dird rov vrffiov Kvpiov, koX ip^<r6€ vopeice^ 
Karh irdurap djH>fi(ap roii^ iOvw, 2* Kal Jiriifci i$fui^ Kvpto^ oIxM^** 
cr^ai^, Kol fiouXclMrere ^«c(i rots ^x^P^^^ ifimv kcH icafc«S<rci (koI) dXt^i 
fif<r€re fa)S &J/ KaTCMpCvji K6pio9 vivr^^v ifimv. 3. ical ovr»s fn-urrpc- 
^cr€ fcal iviyv4a€<rO€ Kipiov rdv &€hv viimv fcal jmorp^ei v^s 
€!s T^i; y^v v/m*!^ Korh t6 voXv airrov iktos. 4. Kal St€ lata-O^ cr 
rfj yji v^v, it6XLP iiMpri/ia'tatOt kol KvpCov i7riXria'€<r$€. 5. Ral 
17 iMKpoOvfua Tov KvpCov ikewrerai [«(] ipQpmrtos voluv bucaioavv^f 
ivd Trjs y€V€a9 'lot^a, ical noi&p fk^as ctt vipras robs [AaKpap koI 

VIII. 2. Aih rovrov ydp dvar cXci (r^rtipCcL^ Kal ip avnp cdXoyoSrroi 
'A/9pa<Ifi, l<ra(iic, 'IaK<i)9. 3. rd irKrjirrpop yap airov ^opcirac, 6 0(6$ 
r^s C^^s Ji' rots ovpapols Kal tp r^ yr} o-ci^ct fcal jfcX^yci rm 
iylovs, [iXX' i^/icis ovk iKoiia'apT€S avrov diao^cpcur^e Kara rb 9p6<n$Te: 
viarii Ttjs yrjs* vjxib yiip ip rots vpdrois Ijp Patriktla irtayycWo^rri], 
4. Kal 6 0(ds io^iC^at iv rois ($P€a'i bC iiias' [ifuis yap iwoovpuaoi 
^Ko6<rar€ roOro] ical 6 Kvptos ^Xcei vfMis, Kal ol Hyytkoi ik€a5<nr 
[v/ACis cl 5^ fxii 2#co^cre airov^ KOiPtapol Icio^e t&p ^aaivrnp' rois fi< 
iiKoioviTi. iroifiiCovTai ol Op6poi Kal ^ b6(a ip rots ov/>avois]. 

IX. 1, 2. Kal ravra tlvitp ttip V^xV iiFiboiiK€P 6 Nc^i^oXc^s c 
iyioos vlbs ^laKoup KoJt vlds B(iXXi7S* iCn iicarbp fcol rpiiKOva kox Ivo 
Irri KoL iri^ri ip X€PpiiP iv r^ a^^ amikaUf. 


I. 1. ^AvTlypa4>op diadi^ici^s Tab ircpl fiC<rovSf iKoXiiraTO yap rtm 
vloifs airov Koi (Tire* 2. "Epvaros vlds iy€p6firip r^ 'laicfiS^, koI ^fispr 
ij'd/DCios iirl r&p TtoipvUnp. 3. *Eyc0 ii^vkarrop iv pvKrl rh vot^utof 
Kal ivil iipx^^o ip pvktI ki<ap $ trtpop 6i\plop Ixrcwa avrov, 7. koI 
Svaf Apwif i^€ik6fiTiP iK rov aroixaros OrfpCov Kal iOapdrtAtra uL 
i<f>ayop. 6« Kal 6 dScX^Js fiov 'laxrj}^ IboUp ctire r^ irarpl^ kiyttf 

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^FENDIX y ^85 

kntvas irpSfidTdp oifK Acdmc roi; vlois Zi\^as Koi BciAAas'. S, kcI 
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2. 17 biKaioaipri jfc/3<tAXei rd piicro; rou Sia/SdXov ical icoXAarai r^ dydir^ 
TOV KvpCov' 3. dXi{0€ca yap i^€kivP€i rd fiuros, ical 17 raTTC^voxriff 
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KoX fcoXdC^^rai. 1 1. T^ {irard fiov iviK€iTo iylk€oi>s KaTci tov *I(oor^^)— « 

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ical lKptv6iJLifiv iv v6ai^ {ivX fi^t^a;) MtKo: [dic^ ravv ivv&nira Srt i 
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VI I L 1. Elvarc d^ ical ifuU ravra rots Wkvois i§jL&v, &wmi 
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iv' avroO, ji; ^((077 vovriplq koI iv hia^Oop^ icovrai ivfiviov Kvptot. 
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I. 1. *AvTiypa4>ov hioB^icrif *A<n)p ircpl icaicfa; xal d/>€r$(. 2. 'Ako^ 
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biaPovkCov airw KaraKvpie^at iirb rod Beklap Kal hreirtvki/ipafrm, 
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II. 5. KXimtav Ka\ irXeorefCTttv, iXXa koL Irt JXeci tcvs m^xois. 
8iirpo(ro)iroi; fikv Kal rovro. 8. Moix€6ov<nv kclL vopve6ov(nv^ koi Irt 
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^'^ ^Vxifv, KaOapidii rh cr&ixa. 10. *Ey«S^ riKva, €vpov ip ^ifiXiois 
Tov hiKalov 'Ev<iiX' X^y^^vo-i III. 1. fiii yCyvqtrO^ bivpSo'Cinroi r^ biKaiO" 
<ruvri Kal r^ Kaicf^i iXXii rrpoa'KoWri6rjT€ r<p iya^^ c^ 6 &€hs ipairaSfTat 
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r^9 fcaK^as fA^ tdelv rf;v X!i^pw\, 2» ical irOr, r^KPa, ^ei^yerc rrjj^ fcoK^ay 
r*0 BeX^ clo-cX^ovo-aif eb r^s iyaSiis in&v irp({(€i9» 

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(ravra) iboKlpLaa-a Kal oiK ivXavi/jOriv iirb r^s iXtfitlas KvpCov. 

VI. 4. Td yap riXos beCKwai ttiv biKOioaiivfjv rj riiv ibiKlav. 
6. iirel yap Tjj ivroX^ {tov 0eov) tj ylruxv M<w ffpirdfrOii rfj x€*pl '"w 
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SyytXov roS 0€oVy Kal 6 iyycXos irapafiv0€?rai avr^v c!^ rd|r atcii^iov 

VII. ^/ACiff 8^, r^Kifa, p^ y4v€or$€ &$ 2<$8ofAa, dyifoifcraiTe? ras 
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iia<rKopvicr0iliar€(r9€ th rd cSpos r^s y^s^ Kal tetaOe iv b^aaitop^ Kal 

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ivofia] Tw Kvplov vikiv iricrrc^o-erc koX iin$ri<r€i avrois rifp 
^itrvkayxvlav avroir, 8u^ *Appah^ koI 'laajtic koI 'loicfiijS. 

VIIL 1. ^Ta tk €tir€V ain-oh' Ody^ari ijx ds Xtfip^v. fcal iKoCiaidi\ 
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ddcX^ol ir<irr€s]. I. 4. i/ji^U ipn(n/i<raTi fic, ^eX^of^ iXX* 6 Beds 
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iv€iyovarrjs yL€ vapavofielv fier' airiji 4XX* 6 ©eos 'I<rpo^X row varpoi 
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irapafcoXci irapfiv. 7. iv b^Ka irctpacrfio!; 6 ®€ds ivoCriai fie fcparepor. 

IV. 1, 6. UoadKis ^ Alyvirrla <ra(vov(rd fie elire, cfTrep o^vecrei fiow 
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Kara rdP v6nov rod Kvpiuv cov, 8. iiroKpivdfitvo^ avry clstir 

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tfPEKDix y 289 

'AfK/AC^/nf, i^ biinroufi jiov oi KoffapcL kcu 0€Of 6 Kti/pios /SovAerat 
rod; (fiopovfjJi^ovs airdif iiri rois XAypois xapl^i^fTOax, [Ai^ny Vk imKXov 

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jm^X^yei avnfv]. 

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fioi VIII. 2. Kal alpovira Ttjs i<r$fJTos l<rvpi fxc tls rj^v ico^njv a^s* 
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XVII. 1. 'HKoArar€ yAp^ rhpa fiov, ifrop iy^ btoBop \imh r&u 

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ibtXiP&v fjLov, iXXa ywdfjuvos hw\os, lUTtfikiliOtiv]' tva fx^ Karaurx!^ 
Toifs &d€X<^o^9 2. Kal v/i€i9 €Snf iyavart iXkriXovSj rixpa yuov^ icai h 
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povj dX\' ripriv iv abrois rairiivbs [xai iif^eipiipo^f ivaCp^v avrcm 
paWov rj ^fjiavrc^j;]. 

XVIII. 1. 'Eav oZv vp^ls, riKva pov^ 0iXrir€ vop€V€<rBai iv rtus 
ivToXali Kvplov [«cai rh i&pa rfjs yrjs ibeia-6^ Kal 6 trrii^aviK r^ 
fia<rik^las 7(\€%Bifi<reTai ipw, nai ivia'Kiaa'6iia'€a$€ r^ X^piTi noO @m 
Kal iv rfj tikoyCf^ rod KrCtrrcv al iKTW€S ^Atov \dp^<n)<n ^^' vpas]. 
2. Kol iiUf OiXji ri( KaKOiroi^cai vpas, ip^li [^f laxjios vpAii] iyoBa 
iroiovvr€s ^y]OAT€ air^ koL ^\t<Td€ ivip airov rf KvpC^ iv6 vairT& 
KaKov [r^ Urxjii Kal Kpdrti airoB'] 6 Ocd; kvTpdaei vpSa. 3. ^Ea^pan 
ydp 2ri [&€ds ivoCriai pot Ta'iT€iv(oOivTi Kal vmkovpiv^ koX ovko- 
4>aimi$ivTi Kal vivra haOov 177 i7Fop6viif iTfaivw rbv 0€Jj7 pav cci 
tts Kparepbs arparbs &ir\urpivos r^ aibrjpif^ 6 kiyos rov Kvplov i(l>aip(l 
p€ iK rtjs bovXfCas Kal i$ tviPovKfjs koI KiSpiov rfji AlytSmav h 
vaarais TvxoiS iTTolriai juic]. 

XIX. 1. *AKOt;o-arc, rcKi;a pov^ iviwtov h elbov \i$(a vfxilr. 2« *Ibm 
dciScKa l\a4>ot, ivipovro koL ol ivvia bi]jpiOri<rav fh maxuf rifv yipr 
bpoitai Kal ol r/9€i9. S* Kal tlbov 8n iK rov lot^a iytwrjOri vapB^vos, 
Ixovaa OToXi^v fivctrlvriv' Kal i( airrris wporjkdev ipvbi ip4»pot, kq 
vivra rcL Oripla &pp<av Kar avrov^ Kal ivCKijaev airh 6 ippds k& 
ivii\€a€V airohi c2s KaTavirriaiv. 9. Kol 4xaipov iv* airii cu 
ftyyeXoiy xal ol ivOpoivoi Kal iraa-a ^ yfj. 10. Tavra bi yein{(rcTai h 
Kaip^ ain-Qv [€v<Ppiv6f]<rav iv avrois], iv ia-xirois fipipais, 11. T/uij 
oZVf riKva pov, ^vXcifare rd; ivrokas Kvplov Kal rifiarc rbv *lavber 
Kal TOP Acvt Sti i^ avr&v ii^arcXei ipiv 6 ipvbs rov 0cou, xapsn 
aiC^v vivra rh lOvri [Kal rov] 'Icrpai^X. 12. *H ycip /SooxXfis 
avrov fiofl-ikeCa al&vos, ^ b^ ipri fiaa-iktCo^ iv iplv ^ir&rcXeirai ^ 
6viopo<t>v\iKiov* ptra rd Bipos ov <l>aCverau 

Digitized by 


APPEin>ix V 291 

['Akovctov o8if, & *loviaUi rl kiyti rd iirhrviop row 'lownj^ 'Ecipaicd 
yc^p iii^€Ka iki4>^h ^^oi JXa^o( etcriif ol dtidcxa dirc^orroXoi, evay/cXi- 
C<$/ui€roi rc^ <niix€ia i» r^ Kc^o-fi^jp xat JvWa a^Q»i^, etire, (rrpdwwrat, ivl 
vaaav t)iv yfjv hi^<rK0VT€9 koX fianrl^ovrt^ iv iv6iiau rov varpds 
Koi Tov vlov Kol Tov hylov VPeipuiTOs. olkfoi tlvov rpcir, icol oSroi 
ol Tp€is SfioUis iKilipv(<uf Kol ivdOovov oifK i(i6vT€S i( *Upov<raki/iii. 
*Q.s I1 yp<i<t>ii IXcfc Sri ^Hpcidp r$ dvJfiy 1afcai/3 6 ihtXipds 'Ifiodrvov 
r^ m>€L tia-dif&ri Koi offro>9 i ^Tiif>a»os 6 biiKOVos KaKa6iA€V09 i\i0i(r6i] 
inrd T&v *lov^a(a>p^ Saris lKpa^€ kiymv, Rt^/NC, fiii (rnfoi;; avroi9 rriv 
hfuipTCoof TailTtiVy ov yiip otiaai in iroiovaiv, koL €tboVf clircVi &s iK tov 
*loiba iy€vvq0ri irapOivoSi roOrrf i<rT fj iirjrrjp rov 0€ov iK tov yivovs 
TOV *loi6a, Ovydrrip 'lQ>aic(fi, Ixovtra^ clwtf, oroXiji^ fivfrcrCvriv, tovtS iark 
KaOapcL Kol iv€V vXiinjSf i\kcL hyvii Koi iirtpayirrj. *E^ avrrjs, ciire, 
vpofjXOev ifwds tiJuafAOs, tovt6 itniv 6 vlds tov 0€ov, ^los ical Tav€ivds 
iv€V KQKCas^ Kol &v€V vovTipCas, i(aip€iTai ovK €lbi>i rr)]/ ifiapriop^ koI 
i( Api<rr€pov airov &s kdc^v, elirc, *lho6 i<m m \6yos tov GeoS* 
fAcyciXfio; koX h^iims koI ^ofi^p&s iinaijiialviTai koL irivra rcl OripCa 
&pyu(AV {kot airrw). Tovr($ iim^ ipLtis raXa(ira>poi 'lovdatoi cIScre 
TOV vlbv TOV 0co6 Xafi6vTa Tavtivriv fxop^^i^, Kal &$ &ypia Bripla 
iKpdC€r€ Kci &pii^a'aT€ €lTrivT€Sf X((/3cre^ X<i/9€r€, o-ravpcio-ar^ air^Vy 
yivovro rd atfxa avrov i(^ rip!w koL itsi tIkvois fiixQy. 

*EpUfi<r€V avTOiS ix V€Kp&v iy€pO€U i vlds tov &€oS oS i/ficis 
KaT€<f>pov7ia'aT€, kcucQs voiovvTti^ Kal &k€cr€P aiTdi iv jcarairanyo-ei, 
tovt6 ioTi^ blhoa6€ tU bovXeCav iv6 to, iOvri* Koi KoxaitaTiltrOi f<a^ 
TOV vvy iv rat9 x^pais ^n&v kclL V€pi Toitov tiyaXXii<ravTo 61 ftyycXot 
KoX ivOp^iroi Kal ircura fj yfj. *0 Kvpios 6 &€ds fifiOv ori^^ci r^ &V(o 
ffhv roi; fc(ira> ifia iv ivl ff^aibpq ciXoyf^ rovro yhp yevi/jcra'ai iv 
t£ Kaip^ avTov. *Iajcci>/9 yip fjv iv r^ rp(r<p Koi iphoyu^ Irci, Kai 
6 vlds TOV 0€ov iyiv€TO iv ivviiTi^ It€i koI iJyoXXuio'aro iv toXs 
iaxiraii fifiipais. To&rov ianv rj ipxri Koi rd T4>iOS, 6 yoip vpmTOv 
ivh TOV iifi etvai tls rd c&at {jyaytv. Trepl rovrov ol ir/>o^^rat 
iXefoy fcal fjfjLfls iyaWitiiitOa v€pl airoO, f<AS t&v i<r\i,T<AV riiupw. 
Kal v/utci;, TlKva fiov, ^v\i^aT€ rds ivToKi^s tov Kvplov. Koi rtfiarc rdv 
*lovhav Kal Tdv Acvf, 5n i( air&v ivaT€X€l vpAV i iiivbs tov &€ov^ 
tovt6 ^oTiy iK yivovs *lo6ba ical xarcl t^iv Ti^iv rov Acvt d^ferai 
^y€novCay r^ x^P^^^ o'ciC^i^ vivTa r^ l^i^iy (koI) ^Io-zki^X. koI iw6€t 
oTi ov pAvov 'I<rpa^X ^v i <r<iC<ov iXXii vavTa r^ tOvri, ''Etos yiyv6iuvos 
ov pjivov *l<rpa^k toraore y(yvopL€vos i£ iyviJ9 vapOivov, Kal irdvTa to, 
iOvri ds awniplap Icrvpc* koI /Soo-iXcfa airrov paaiktCa aldviQS^ *Epv^i 

V a 

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hi ip ovK ijp TCf&rw itiAuov 1) vapOivat* koX i /Sao-iXcui «vrov ov 
liiToXXiffo'tTat cir tcv9 al&was* 

XX. 4. Kai ravra ctirj^y i^^ipt rohs vohas avrw iv rf X^€i kol 
iKOifirf^ iwvop al^viop. 5, 6. Kal iviv9ri<ra» airhp ttEs *\<Tpai\K kcX 
va<ra ^ Al/uirro^ Sri ms ty yAXot hoBov ahf avr^ koI ^(i? *Ia><r^^ 


\lvv€Ki\€tr€ ycLp Beviofiip rcHfS vldbs airov kcI fjp^ro Xcyciv ip 
Tols &crlp air^p, *Ey6> BeiHOfilv [ylds] rov yripms rev varpos fxov 
'IaKc«/3 Koi fjp P€iiT€p09 mipTtAP rwf ih^K^w /aov]. I. 2. ca9 ^lo-aojc, 
6 ir(iiriro9 fiV-^^^ ^'"^X^ '"V ^APpaifjL, iKaTwrr^ frci, ovrwy icdytt r«p 
'laxci^, ip JKarooT^ fret 4. ^ yap *Pax^A ftcra rd rcKCU^ rdp 
'loxr^^ dcideica In; iartCptva^. Koi vpoariviaro Kvpli^ ficrh (nrovhijs 
hdbfKa ^fiipas, Kai, <rvXXa)3ov<ra IrcK^ fjic. 5. Ai& roOro j^X^^sr 
vlds fiiA€pQpy 8 ioTi BePMiiCp. 

III. 1. Kai viA€is oSi^, riKPa /yuw, iyainfo-arc K^ptoi^ rdv ^edp rov 
ovpcofov fcal ^vAii^rc iproXhs avrov, fjupiovufpoi rdp iyaObp koI Sciop 
ivbpa 'I(tf(n{<^. 2. Kai f<rT(0 if hiivoia ifi&p fh rb iyad6p, &s Ki^ji 
oI5ar€. 3. [ofh^o)? C^t€ Koi ifitlsi] <f>op€X<r$€ Kvpiop Koi dyairorc rov 
vXriaCop KOi iiv ri irpeifiara rod EtXCap ek vaaap voprjplap ^X{^ea>9 
jftun^o-oirrai v/xa;, oi fi^ Karaicvpicvo^ v/muv ireura vonjpCa ^Ai^cco^, 
&( ovdi loxr^^ rov ih€K<f>ov fiov. 4. IlJcroi rwjr ipOpiiviap rjdiXriaap 
ip€\€iP avrhp Koi 6 &€bi i<rKiva<rtp avrop; 6 yap ipofioiifjicpos t6p 
Ocdv Kai iya-n&p rdp irXf^o-foy airov rovrif^ oiK ipdyiai ri ^o)3€Mr^a<« 

5. Kai clircp v6KXriP UPpiv ol viol rov KSa-pLOv ivKtKpova-i, ov v/iox»- 
pili(rov<ri Kai t^d drjpCov ov dt/yarat Kvpi€V^77i^ai Pori6ovfX€P09 ind rffi 
rov Kvp(ov dydm;; ^ri$ trpd? rov 0€oir Kai ^1/ f)(€i irpds rip vKtio-Iop, 

6. Kai yap ib^iliOrjp rod varpis fjiA&p 'Iwoi}^, Xiyiav* ^H iyadi vir€p^ 
*IaKcS/3, vpoaeixov ir€pl r&P v\&p aov r^ Kvp{^, tpa fxii XoyCayfrai 
airols &9 h^prlap i Kipios, ori iptOviij/i&riorap vopfipdp v€pl ipLOv, 7. Kai 
otnas ip6a 'IaKCi»)3 fi^ydXji ^wi^^ X^ywjf ^Q, riKVOP tvkoyriSeU, piKqt 
ifji rols airkiyxpois. 8. vXripfaBi/irm ip aoi i[po^T€la ivOpAviAPi i 
ifipdi rov 0€Ot) o-cSo-ci rdp K6apiOP. Sri SpMiiOi ivip ipofitAP iivo$ap€t 
ip rip atpiari rrjs diatfi^Kiys, ivi atorriplt^ iSpup koI 'I<rpa^X, Kai Karap- 
y^o'Ci BeX^ Kai rdp irnip^rovpra air^ 

IV. Kai ip&rty rixpa, rov iyaOov ipbpdt 'I«do^^ rd r^Xo9* /Mfc^ 
o-ao-^ r^y cvcnrXayxv^y avrov, fya Kai ifAth ^rtifdpovs do^r 

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ij>op4<njT€, 2. *0 iya$ds hfBpwKos oAk ^ct crKorciydv ^/ifui, i\€^ 
yap vivras, k&v &auf ifiOprmkoL 3. K&if Pavk.€wovTai trcpl a^ov 
#{9 Kcucfi, oSra^s 6 iyoBoTtoi&v Piicf rd KaK6», (TKevaCiix^vos vvd 
Tov &€ov, rfis ip^Trjs airrov xipiv. 4. *Edp ris bo^Cfai oS if>Bov€iT€ 
airi^j iiv ny irXovrf) fxii ^i/Xci^njrt . top wivrira iXulri, ry iurStvovtm 
Wfiva$€i7€, [rohs ihtXifxAs ^yairarc, rav oU^lmv ixii foiXavtfiij;c<r^c]' 
rdif &€dp iyviiv€m. 5. jcal ry ^x^i^* 4^pop &€OV PofiB€iT€j KoXd^crc 
rdp iOerovpTa t6p &€dp Koi avoinpiil>€r€ ivd rris dd6ci|$ 68ou avroO* 
dyavarc r^ dyairttvra rdi^ &€hp koI rj; V^^ Vfxdir. 

V. 2. *Eap ydp avpb€b€crii4poi itrri rfj iydirji row 0€ov rh vpi^iiara 
TrJ9 vkipTjs ^ei;f<i iiias* 3. ''Ovov ydp jori iyaOii (f>popTls ip ry 
^XV ^^ ipOpfivoVf iK€i Kal ret vpeSiwra irXJanis ^€&y€i ain-op. 
4. Koi bUaiop ipbpa iiribaii&s i^pCC€T€y Kal 6 hUaios iyavq rdp 
KokiCopra koL (ny^, 5. icUf yip tls rrjp V^V KoXd^croc, f v^dy voi&p 
fl>alp€Tai XaiiTFphs rf ^^^o-rcj). Ofra>s dd<X^((? fjun; la»o^^« 

VI. 1. *Air4KkLP€ yap rj^y V^V ^^^ ^^^ irrc^/yuiroy r^f irXciinj;, 
iX\*. fTxc riy AyyeXov t^s €l/>i(i^; rdif fc^pioi^ r% ^^^^ 3. xal 
ofrcos iSfici9| rikpa iwv, fiii Xvir^c roi^9 vktio-lovs <rov 2. /xijSi o-i/AA^- 
y€<r$€ rip vXovtop tov Mkov, iiii ripiy^(TB€ roi9 ddu(di9^ koI fir^ 
ivdyriaBt r^ ahCyixan tQp Sif^BaXfi&p [ds tjip Kaic^av] dA\* 2c(| Wicra 
ftov, (6 Rt/piof ) irvXkrivTiop vimp. [koI frv^c^x^i^rc rots 5^Kaia ^popownp 
KoX ^iy€T€^ riKpa ijlov, rj^y yA\aipap riis vovqpCaSf iii\aipa yap 
iytipoijJpri T4p,P€i Tdp rpdxrikop rod ivBp^TFOV, Kal vopripla avpaytipo^ 
lUpti ir€pl ipBpfivov BkCpei fcal th riip i^ipvyya rp^ircrat cl9 &irkq<rT0P 

VIL 2. *H hi iJidxaipa iirrit KaK&p lufirrip iari itp&rop orvkKapLfiipeL 
^ biivoia iid. TOV BtXCap. kcU (fnireiifi ^B6pop. brirtpop ttip dirciAcioi^, 
Tpbrop Bkb^ip^ TiTopTOP atxfAoXttcr^y v4iivtop lpb€ULP^ (icrop Tapax^jPt 
tfibonop iprjii^arip, 3. Aid rovro Kal 6 Kaip jirrd ilbiKlaiS 'aaptbdBri 
vird TOV Ofov, did tov at/bia tov 'A/3^X rov ddcX^ov^ Kara ydp ixaTop 
Ityi p.lap irXT7yf)v iirfiyay^p avr^ 6 Ki;pi09. AiaKO<r(o)v iT&p ivd \tov 
Xpopov] hi K<Ap iKrcufC rdv ddeX^di; o^ot). 6. *Ep toIs im-axoaCois 
frfaip i Ka\p iKpip€TO, 6 bi Aofi^ ip Toli ipbopLtiKOPTiKis tuTd. 
6. Sri la>s TOV al&P09 ol SfJLOioifiepoi r^ Koti' c!9 rrjv /ucrodeX^^tair r^ 
avr^ ^ovy Kal Trj avTfj KoXda-ti KpiBrjaovTai, 

VII L Kal ifitU c^p, TiKPa /iov, d?rodpd<rarc riyi' IxBpap Kal kokIop 
Kal yaoaJbtK^Uip Kal irpo<rKoXXdo-0c r^ dya^cfnyn Kal r^ dydirij. 2. Kal 
M^ Ix*}^^ atoxpa ip Tjj Kapblq ipL&p^ Sn avaitaitTai ivl Toioirois 6 
&€6s. 3. ''Shns€p yiip 6 ^Xios oi niaiperai mpovlx^p ivX Kdvpop Kal 

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oitfo Kal h€i rbv KoBapbv tlpcu ip vols imutiuhs t^; y^;. 

IX. ^V€v6f\ira hi ircpl rw k6yidv rev *£iffi^x ^^ hiKolav, ^\a$iaurB€^ 
rlKva iiov^ and rfjs iropv^lai ^odrf^i^. El hi vficis btaitk0€lp€(r$€ koL 
yafieirc riis ywalKOS rh,$ iPpaniKhi ical ovk larai iv vyxv fi P(uriktla 
tQv tjipap&Vj Sn €ifOvi airds Xi^^croi avTfjv, 2. koI dvcnrrcXci 6 
'T^ioToy rriv awrriptav avrov rfj lirio-K^ci rov fAovo/cvoSs, &rv€p 
ir^o^^rov. 3. leal elatXeiaerai els riv itp&rov vabv xal jxci Kvpio^ 
ippia'6i/ja'€TM ical ^ttI fi/Xov v^»^i7<rcrai. 4« Kal larcn rd &TXa»/uui 
rov ifoov <rxi(6iA€Vov els b^o koL Kara^'qarrai to wevpLa rov &€0v, it 
mp iKXw6pL€Pov. &• KoX iveXOiiV iK r&v Xam itnat ivafiaCvtu^v ivb 
yris els oifpavSv. ''Eyvoi ii olos Itn-ai raveipds M yfjs, kqI otos 
lvho(oi iv ovpav^, 

XI. 2. ^ Avaim/i(reTai ycip iv rais iax^Tais ^fiepais iK rov yivovs 
liov iv$p(0vos iyainiTbs 0c4» koX iroi&v ra ivirribeia yim<rw xaiif^v 
^iari(fAV vivra rh lOvq [dpSfiatL rod KoXovpJvov Koi l/ypd^crcu ev roT^ 
ypaff^als T&v hyCtav. Kal ipLiVy rUva fiov, Saa ivv6t\<ra elvov]. 
XII. 1. [kcX Vboi) vapaibihofMH r^ rci^^], Kal OdTrrere ifii ip Kefipiiv 
iyyifs rw varipiav pLW* 2. xal ravra elviiv iKoipn/idri BepiapJvf vibs 
'Iaiccl!)9y lwh4KaTos vlbs ^Faxi^K '(ol vdvra to, irri airov fjv iKordp koI 
elKoa-i. [ical iripres ol viol rov 'IafC6i/9 iLisiOavov iv Alyvvrt^, iibovres, 
biaOi/iKas rots vlots koX vUovols^ Scras eZxpv iv raxs Kapbiais air&v 
Kal irpoe<f>iirev<rav 'npoopQvres Kivoviievoi r^ hyd^ weipiarL. ra 
jui^XXovra ^i' r^ Kaip^ airr&v TeXeitrOai vdpra iyviipiaav ical fXeyov 
avTOis' "Ex^* iyoBiiv iXirlba 6ti 6 "T^ioros lirio-K^^rai rovs ir^w/ray, 
ical iv (Tiy^ OXCylfei rovs ipLeXovpras airbp Kal row vlovs ipi^v row 
keXeifJLpulvovs iv rols Ireai iiaaKopTntrOi^a'ovTai els ikeOpop xal ek 
rriv Sfipip Tw iOv&v']. 

Digitized by 



Collation of ihe second Sinaitic MS. i where it diverges from 
h for the Testaments of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah i-xx.^ 

T. Keubek. 

Page 1, line 3 irpwrov. 1. 4 oo-o. 1. 5 after aMv add xai cKoXctrc tovs 
viovt avrov. For cV read iw r». 1. 8 vwiix^frav^ P. 2, 1« 11 add rijv 

after //juoyo, P. 3, 11. 7-8 does not cm. as A. 1. 1 1 otis lua fifj ytmjrai 

cV 'lapoi^X wrmu P. 4, 1. 9 ylvrrat Pp&friu 1. 1 1 cicrov (sO also A whose 
reading is not given in notes). 1. 13 itrxartu L 14 ayvoias ircirXypwroi. 
P. 5, 1, 8 T€TapTO¥, fiayKoPtas, 1. 9 frtpupyittR. 1. lO tmeprjffiajnas. om. iva. 
1. 10 ofTfiXioy. P. 6, 1. 7 vovBtaiav, 1. lO o^^y ^vXdjorc. 1. 12 vpotT" 

€xtTf S^ci yvMitXf/^ P. 7, 1. 3 yvfumo'iP. 1. 4 om. «<0f 0$. 1. 5 ain6yro£. 

1. 7 9lff>aBd (A v/)^aAi— 80 read in notes). 1. 10 atir0ap6ei<nfg. P. 8, 1. 6 
dno6ainffr€, 1. 9 <Syfidi^fio^c avrwy. mnftiJ^w liov. 1. lO cXry^ct fM irf/M. 
P. 9, L 15 vpofrtKokttrty. P. 10, 1. I cd/foro. 1. 4 for iroy^poD read 

fromjpov wpayfumt* L 5 om. yap. 1. 6 om. ovdc « • • vft&p through hmt. 
1. 9 o-cavrds. 1. ID ioxvoy Koroyoi/rcvoraq-^ai . . • xoraywv/^oiTai. P. 11, 1. 3 
fjLrixap&VTot, 1. 5 r^y Iflv. 1. lO tcMrfiwruf m. !• 13 rcrypTnu. P. 12, 

1. I xal r^y vpa^tP* ^rc<r;(i7/Mn'i(oyro ydp. 1. 4 dioyoi^ r^ f^avrairifiin 1. 6 
(f>BdvovTtu 1. 8 a{<rA70r€M v/itty. L 9 auydufyctp (so also A). P. 13, 1. 3 
o^v Xcy«> VIU9, 1. 10 OTi avr^ yyo^onrrot. 1. 12 dp^upia xpitrrmf, P. 14, 

1. 4 dc^iTTv cvXoytay* 1. 7 vomt^ Xaov (so also A). 

T. Simeon. 

P, 15, L 3 vlov 'loK&p. P. 16, L 3 Tfje «f4<r€«f, P. 17, 1. 4 'Pov^Im 
fZff Aodoj]^ P. 18, 1* 3 dtroarm (so also A). L lO irdcras riis duafoUt£ (sQ 

also A)« P. 19, 1. 6 a^^, o^off. P. 20, 1. 11 rtiam fuw. P. 21, 

1. I t»£ (so also A).. 11. 7-8 Tf irJifugn, 9 «il cy (so also A). 1. 1 1 fiajvunw 

^ This MS. i was not disooyered till the spring of 1906, when the above 
section of my Text had already passed through the press. Since the two 
Sinaitio ^SS. h and i are derived from one archetype, I have given the readings 
of t* only where it diverges from A, except in some cases where h is omitted in 
my Notes or was wrongly copied or read. In these cases i and h alike are 

Digitized by 



(sic). Copy of h very corrapt but probably h = t. Since e, d read 
ivUfiirtp it is probable that OK read oU ivUaifnp tig a{rr6if = 1^ ^^ 16. 
P. 22, 1. 7 o^ dfn$ (bo A should be read). 1. 14 idSXc/aop Kvpiau mXtft^trtt. 
1. 17 Tts tU ^pairiwf, P. 23, 1. I ravra {h rovro). lUicam {h reads 

dtftyQ»f). 1. 4 6oTa ftav, 1. 7 vXifBwBrftroifTat^ 1* '3 XcrrauM jctu (so h), 

I. 14 T^f ciiXct>fi. 1. 17 froX«/uftir. P. 25, 1. 5 ryw (so A). L 13 x^ ^ 
Kvptos, P. 26, 1. 4 ouTMP. lem (so A). 1. 7 cr<iir ^v p, 


P. 27, 1. 1 1 fw iJ^/Nv Kpi<r€^s. P. 28, 1. 7 BaXfioovX (so A). 1. 9 cVi 
ravrof ro4x<>^* P* ^^i ^^'* I't !• 3 Y^^ awBpmrw (so A). P. 32; 

II. 8~9 dcor^ cWi dvw^. nrcidi} (sic — 80 h bat reads dcu^ ^1). P. 33, 
II. I-a iv huauMpurU^ L 17 ml cV. L 19 xaraXvci i|. P. 34, 1. 10 
\oyiK6v. P. 35, chap. !▼, 1. 3 ovpa»S» (so also A). P. 36, 1. 9 nu 
nri. p. 37, 1. 6 ^tov ndi v^urrw. 1. 8 jcaroatijinu (so also A). P. 39 
margin, second line from bottom, «u rh tmiia (so also A). P. 40, I. 13 
*Hc/ij3Xajc^y rhv olycm^v (sic). P. 41, 1. 9 x^fvderci . . . mrovg. P. 42, 1. 9 
nirakw r^r okifitias ml r^f irurrvwr. 1. 12 fUH iui2 cfir^v /ioi. P. 43, L 2 
6 /mV wp&rot (so also A). 1. 4 c^/aomtcv (sic) ^ov (so also A), c^op 

dyu»ir. 1. 6 6fUHa]f, P. 44, I. 6 rf mip^^^ mil ^cy. P. 45, L 10 Kpcroi 

ypafiiiortls (so also A). P. 46, 1. I txpvy^ xayii rovro (so also A, omitting 
Kol before ^Kfnn^y 1. 10 r6 wp»L P. 48, La leai ircr«»ov vp^aifftpt 

Bwrtav ovTov. 1. 4 ml ^r^ 7ftMir. 1. 6 jcal irvr (so also A). L 7 rciwa ium 
(so also A). 1. 13 fiaoraxrai, P. 49, 1. 5 tp iKKtirnu (so A). L 9 ittdXnirf, 
P. 50, 1. 6 for frcKcV /MM reads cicaXc<ra Mtpapl (next nine(t) letters lost 
in photo) McfKipl rf rMr<rapaieo<jrf. P. 51, L I 17 /*^p funt col ^ i*^f> 

a^O. 1. a iriKpa<rfM6£ (sic). P. 52, L 1 2 ^/i^v. P. 53, 1. 6 di5n. 

1. II vyuuTfUPm ^c. P. 54, L 12 irof yc^ Ss, P. 56, 1. 7 voufirftp, 

1, II l}fl»ir. L 13 TOV K^tTfMVm 1. 21 XiyOTVVai^C. P. 67, 1. 3 TOV SfOV. 

1. 9 r^ dyaBd* P. 58, 1. 1 ^dcXMro-croi. 1. 3 buutphttts (so also A). 

1. 7 JcaraXci^^. P. 59, 1. I leai oXiy^iyMir (so also A). 1. 4 ^pfc^cnjrr 

ilfroKrccyoi (so also A). P. 60, 1. 7 avrwv irX^pi^f. U. 9-10 lafirikoMf €w 

nMti ayamjiroi Xt^^triu (so also A). 1. 1 4 odweia imn^ P. 61, 1. 3 

fAiatriiht tp ov hvpapM, 1. 9 avr&p xoi. 1. 1 5 ii^P^ ^^ Xpforov «u rrfrt (so 
also A). 1. 19 cV ji^ (i.e. apBpwtf). P. 62, IL 7'-8 vt^'Xai fV< r$r 
T^ff »s vdtep dciXa<r(r«ov. P. 63, IL 9— lO ^p yv^ci /irl Ttjg yijg mi ^«mw^ 

aovrm. 1. 13 ^irl t^ y^ Upwrvpg. P. 65, 11. 1-2 mi o^^ Ircivc roi«r 

ir6^s (so also A). 

P. 66, 1. 4 vniKcvw, P. 68, 1. 2 avr^ . • . aMip (so A also in second 

Digitized by 



case), L 5 awnnunft (sic). 1. 7 ^&w fivo (so also A). P. 69, 1. 5 
Nax^p (so also h). P. 70, last line, X/^v. P. 75> U. io~ii irtfXc«»p 

/SainXcvr. P. 76, 1. 6 wkt\ df paBtl^ (so also A). Ter. 5 rtfrc o^y rya> 

(so also A). P. 77, L 5 o^y iroinfp6¥ (A ovdcy vwfifAw naK6i). 1. f om. 
ver. 9. ver. 11 ^ofiovyutpoi iiioX nai rovs od. (A 0o0. ^fiol mu roif ad.). 
Chap. YI